Comedy Central’s uneven irreverence

By L. Brent Bozell IIIpresident, Media Research Center Comedians often pride themselves on being irreverent, and in today’s popular culture … Continued

By L. Brent Bozell III
president, Media Research Center

Comedians often pride themselves on being irreverent, and in today’s popular culture a favorite thing to ridicule is religion. The network Comedy Central has made laughing at religion its bread and butter. Their irreverence has limits, however, and it has nothing to do with taste. When radical Muslims wrote ominously online that the creators of “South Park” could end up like Dutch filmmaker Theo van Gogh – shot eight times on the street – mockery of Muhammed was formally and publicly censored.

Within weeks of that very public retreat, Comedy Central announced plans to work up a series laughing at Jesus Christ called “JC,” a half-hour animated show about Jesus trying to live a normal life in New York City to escape the “enormous shadow” of his “powerful but apathetic father.” God the Father is preoccupied with playing video games while Christ is the “ultimate fish out of water.”

Beyond the glaring double standard there is this question: Where is the market demand for an entire television series dedicated to attacks on Jesus Christ? What did Jesus Christ do to Comedy Central that they must relentlessly mock Him by portraying him defecating and talking about his “yummy, yummy crap” on “South Park” and roast him on specials titled “Merry F–ing Christmas”? Why the visuals of Jesus Christ being stabbed to death? Of the Blessed Virgin Mary menstruating? To call these attacks “juvenile” is an insult to juveniles.

Enough is enough. Citizens Against Religious Bigotry, a coalition of some 20 organizations and leaders, some Christian, some Jewish and some secular, in all representing millions of Americans, has come together to demand that the advertising community withhold their sponsorship dollars from this show, based on Comedy Central’s documented history of anti-Christian bigotry. To sponsor this show is to support that anti-Christian bigotry. In reply, network spokesman Tony Fox declared that this show is only a vague idea and perhaps our group “should save their energy for the moment if and when this series ever makes air.” But if “JC” is too vague to deserve comment, why did Comedy Central announce it with flagrant God-bashing fanfare?

It’s amazing that the Comedy Central folks consider this putrid material to be “art” and wrap themselves with the blanket of artistic freedom of expression. Said programming head Kent Alterman: “The beauty of working at a place like Comedy Central is you can empower people to actualize their vision in a really unfiltered way.”

Unless, of course, the “vision” is an attack on Muhammed, in which case there will be immediate self-imposed censorship.

Comedy Central loves the idea that irreverence is the highest value that inspires the biggest laughs. Christians are called to love the opposite idea: that reverence to God is the highest value. We are called to take up the cross of Jesus daily, and that as a result people will “utter all kinds of evil against you falsely on my account.”

We will not be silent. This anti-Christian bigotry must stop.

L. Brent Bozell III is founder and president of the Media Research Center.

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  • thebump

    Well said. The double standard really is quite pathetic.It is characteristic of bullies that they pick on those who don’t fight back. Comedy Central has become just a cowardly bully.

  • ejs2

    Three cheers for Comedy Central. The humorless and disingenuous Brent Bozell should go soak his head.

  • ked22

    People insecure in their faith focus wrath upon the speech of entertainers.

  • mbeck1

    Brent Bozell is right about the self-imposed censorship of Islam and Muhammad practiced by comedy central (though not by the creators of South Park). Where he makes his mistake is in calling for censorship of those who use humor to send up Christianity. What we need is less censorship, not more. Before Islam can join the modern world, it will have to deal with people who mock it by not blowing them up or using other forms of political theological violence.

  • Chops2

    I am not religious nor do I support any organized religion but Christianity should be proud that it does not burn effigy’s and kill those who ridicule Jesus (in general and with the exception of the pro lifers who kill). Its just comedy, chill out. And be proud that a secular society with freedom of speech allows us to do this, unlike in Iran(so rethink your idea of a more religious America).

  • MontaraCA

    So American Christians should be more like radical Muslims? I suppose if they were, Comedy Central would certainly think twice.

  • Rationalista

    Christians love freedom of speech when it comes to to their own religious speech. Let’s see them love freedom of speech when it comes to those who wish to express the belief that Christianity constitutes a whole lot of hooey. If you can’t stand the heat, get out of the first amendment kitchen, Christians.

  • barferio

    They’re not making fun of Jesus, they’re making fun of you.And this outrage makes it even funnier. You are no more advanced than these barbaric muslims, the only difference is that we as a culture would destroy you if you were to try to do what the muslims do.You are primitive, juvenile, and most of all you are ridiculous. Why should you be surprised at the ridicule?Pa-thetic.

  • Mnnngj

    I did not know that this show existed.So why are the Christians who care, watching it?If millions of people in the world created cartoons of Muslims and Mohamad they may, just may, get the humor. How could they do otherwise?God and any kid He may or may not have had, transcends humankind, so I wouldn’t worry about the Christian cartoons which are more about jokes about beliefs and myths than anything hurtful, unless of course your life is driven and derived by myths and stories instead of the direct relationship to reality itself.

  • Blarney

    Mocking of christianity should continue, but I agree that the muslim religion needs to put on its big-boy pants and deal with mockery too.

  • swatter

    Let’s not be too tribal about this. You could always threaten comedy central with violence, after all.Taking a step back, I find the humor as described quite juvenile and not very creative. That said, the question is whether there is a significant audience for such humor, and then, whether comedy central should cater to such an audience or provide something more creative and sophisticated to “educate” our humor palates? After all, Sesame Street educates rather than catering to poop jokes for kids.

  • qrsi

    Mr. Bozell, don’t you realize how much damage, pain and death Christianity has been responsible for in the past two thousand years and yet Christians continue to hold a holier-than-thou arrogant attitude toward those of other faiths or no faith? The Christianization of children through brainwashing at Sunday school is as despicable as the Christianization of the American Indians leading to the decimation of that race. If Comedy Central’s ridicule of Christianity is a threat in your mind of the very existence of this religion, then surely Christianity is a house of cards. Is that what you are really afraid of? Christianity is not the “victim” – not now, nor ever – Christianity has always been the bully (likewise other religions) and bullying is what you’re doing in your essay. Give it up.

  • bozhogg

    Your boycott suggestion is way out of line.

  • bertimaeus

    Well, if someone with the character of Jesus is open for this form of mockery, let’s go all the way! How about a comedy show called ‘King of the Hood’ featuring Martin Luther King, or ‘Ghandi’s Candy’ on his rather unusual preference for sleeping with naked followers, or ‘Unhappy Buddha’ demonstrating frustration with his inability to reach his ultimate goal, or ‘B.O.’ featuring the American president. It’s about respect, not freedom of speech. But if it really IS about freedom of speech then we have the freedom to request a new show in honor of CC’s CEO called ‘D.H. – disrespectful hypocrite’….

  • barferio

    This is a perfect example of why religion needs to be ridiculed like this.At the first sign of anything they can perceive as not being appropriately cowed by the BS passing as truth the first weapon they reach for is not a better story, not a better presentation, no – it’s censorship!This is ALL about freedom of speech, and you christians and the rest of you religious delusionals must be resisted at every turn.I strongly suspect the reason you so vehemently resent everybody else’s right to freedom of speech when it comes to ridiculing you and your primitive myths is because you know yourself how ridiculous it is.

  • whm99

    I’d be mad, too, if people made fun of my superstitions. How dare they mock the giant invisible men in the sky!By the power of my rabbit’s foot and horseshoe I smite thee, Comedy Central!Go walk under a ladder!

  • washpost18

    Have you seen the program or are you jumping to conclusions based on what the producers of South Park have created in the past? If your faith is so weak that you are petrified of even the potential for ridicule you’ve got bigger problems than a cartoon.

  • vigor

    so shout FREEDOM FREEDOM and FREEDOM of Speech, until it offends YOU?!!Do you defend the Nazi’s right to march in Skokie?You can still deplore it, but you can’t stop it.Do you defend the KKK’s right to say whatever they want?Deplore it, write about it, but don’t even think of squelching it, or you are completely disingenuous when you speak of FREEDOM.

  • vigor

    On his MSNBC news program Countdown with Keith Olbermann, Olbermann named Bozell the “Worst Person in the World” several times in 2006 and 2007

  • smt123

    The double standard is not Comedy Central’s with respect to Muhammed vs JC. The reason they censored that South Park was out of fear of physical retribution, not out of special respect.

  • theduck6

    what a truely astounding string of kneejerk responses. The point is the double standard and hypocrisy and all I read are retreaded blah blah blah about how christianity is this and why can’t you take the criticism that. Are you all so fearful you just won’t see the 900lb gorilla or are ya just stupid?

  • barferio

    Yeah right THEDUCK6, this Bozoll guy is generating a boycott of Comedy Central advertisers because of the double standard.

  • Hillman1

    Brent:Have you ever actually watched South Park?Yes, their presentation of Jesus (and God) are nontraditional.But I’d say they are actually pretty good presentations. Jesus is shown as a real entity, and He befriends the main characters on the show. He and Chef are really the only ‘adult’ characters the kids can rely on.Are you just upset that He is portrayed as the gay-hating, vindictive character you’d like to think He is?

  • anarcho-liberal-tarian

    Quit whining. See the US Constitution, First Amendment.

  • jksesq1

    I don’t think you get it. The point of showing Jesus on South Park is to point out the hypocrisy of the lunatic fringe of Islam who use the depiction of Muhammed (“their Jesus”) as an excuse for violence. It is not intended to offend Christians any more than anyone else — the show pokes fun at everyone — it is just making a point about the lunatics of the world who use their religion as a pretext for murder. (Someone please show me the verse in the Qu’ran that charges followers of Muhammed to murder anyone who draws his picture).If you actually watch the show, you will notice that Jesus is portrayed as a positive character (as are Muhammed, Buddha and God – even Zeus has made appearances and is portrayed positively. No one’s religion is attached). Jesus has been uniformly depicted as strong, but gentle, and he is loved and respected by the boys. They pray to him and he always “saves” them (albeit often in non-Biblical ways, once memorably by eviscerating a papal usurper with a throwing star).I think there are actually some pro-religion messages in there if you will take off your blinders and give it a try. Most of Comedy Central’s fans are discerning enough to “get” this. (I don’t know any kids who watch South Park, and f there are, I blame the parents, not the media!) At the very least, don’t fall into the trap of promoting censorship or violence against views you don’t agree with. If you don’t like it, no one is forcing you to watch.

  • hbc1

    “This anti-Christian bigotry must stop.”There’s no bigotry in the show–it makes fun of everyone, constantly. Catholics, Protestants, Mormons, Jews, Muslims (the whole “censored” episode mocked them and the censors), Scientologists, atheists, Canadians, Mexicans, the French, the Japanese, rednecks, liberals, hippies, environmentalists, Obama, Bush, Clinton, and I could go on. It’s just that the author doesn’t get his knickers in a twist when those other groups are mocked, just like Isaac Hayes was fine with all the Christian jokes but left his role when they poked fun at Scientology.If the author wants to argue for a more respectful treatment of religion, that’s his prerogative. But it seems very selfish and hypocritical to only protest the (supposed) bad treatment aimed in his direction.

  • trippin

    Once again, the Christo-fascist right hinting at jihad until their brand of sharia law replaces our Constitution. They’ll seize on the most petty and irrelevant reasons because in their mind they need no reasons; their imaginary daddy in the sky is on their side, and that’s all that matters.

  • DWinFC

    If the “Father” of JC could actually do more than watch video games, wouldn’t he (or she?) be morally required to do something to help those who are suffering?If I still believed in the tooth fairy and someone made fun of that, it would be funny, not offensive.Three cheers for Comedy Central!!! (one in the name of the father, the son and the ghost).

  • DrRP1

    I’ve never watched South Park before. I guess I’m going to have to start. Sounds absolutely hilarious.

  • rannrann

    Citizens Against Religious Bigotry???I love religious bigotry, I think religion takes itself much too seriously as an expression, a belief, a practice, or dogmas. This is how it works there is religion on one side and bigoty is it’s other face, you cannot have one without the other.So, Citizens Against Religious Bigotry as long as there is Religion “OF ANY KIND” you will always a job.

  • lsf07

    Why don’t you work on stoping bigotry in the name of religion? South Park makes fun of everyone…get a life!!

  • bilmul83

    “Within weeks of that very public retreat, Comedy Central announced plans to work up a series laughing at Jesus Christ called “JC,” a half-hour animated show about Jesus trying to live a normal life in New York City to escape the “enormous shadow” of his “powerful but apathetic father.” God the Father is preoccupied with playing video games while Christ is the “ultimate fish out of water.”Beyond the glaring double standard there is this question: Where is the market demand for an entire television series dedicated to attacks on Jesus Christ? What did Jesus Christ do to Comedy Central that they must relentlessly mock Him by portraying him defecating and talking about his “yummy, yummy crap” on “South Park” and roast him on specials titled “Merry F–ing Christmas”? Why the visuals of Jesus Christ being stabbed to death? Of the Blessed Virgin Mary menstruating? To call these attacks “juvenile” is an insult to juveniles.”As I read the comments before mine, the message seems to be us Christians should be laughing out loud at this portrayal ofSemper fi

  • Paul94

    What babble this all is? Why on Earth should religion ever be off limits for comedy? First of all, religion itself, in is quite comical. Look at Christianity. A man born of a virgin, who walks on water, and turns water into wine. I find this humorous. Unfortunately, the humor doesn’t go on forever. The same humble man is also responsible for introducing the abhorrent Nazi-like idea of eternal torture.There has been plenty of Chrisitan proselytization over the centuries, and still everywhere we see people shoving crucifixes in everyone’s face and yelling these ridiculous phrases like “Jesus died for you,” and expecting pity and sorrow from the rest of us.This show is a chance for satire; to look at everything in a new light that is humorous. And most likely, the show will poke more fun at society than it will about Jesus.

  • bproulx45

    It’s about respect, not freedom of speech. The behavior of modern day Christianity leaves much to ridicule. Christians were in charge when the safety regulations for oil companies were removed; too costly. Christians were in charge when we invaded Iraq. Christians were in charge of our economy when those regulations were gutted, after all Jesus LOVES money…probably more than he loves children.

  • fuobama

    Many of you are missing the big picture – comedy central gave into the muslim thugs -they leave Islam off the hook- this is the real problem – if you are going to mock religions – do it to all and not just a few

  • asoders22

    Both extreme muslims and Islam NEED to be revealed and mocked because of the narrow-mindedness, intolerance and violence. Thdre is no question about that, and where is it going to happen if not in the free world?Narrow-mindedness and intolerance in Christianity also need to be mocked and held up for ridicule. But what the bad things did Jesus do? I agree it could be fun to see him as a fish out of water in new York – the bigoted Christian right would be the first to attack him and the last to recognize him – but it seems that is not what the intended series is about.Let’s be brave and stick to free speech!

  • mhoust

    Comedy Central is indeed managed by cowards. Image of Mohammed_-_Image of JesusImage of BuddahImage of Allah or Jehovah or Yahweh or God

  • asoders22

    Anyone got a funny story about Islam…?

  • asoders22

    OK, I’ll start with a sweet Christian story.Teacher to her 7-year-old student: What is small and furry with a long fluffy tail, hopping around in the woods?Student: I’d say a squirrel, but since it’s you asking, it’s probably Jesus.

  • trident420

    OK then, lets end “secular bigotry” while we are at it. We shall not rest until every mouth regardless of creed, is covered in duct tape. Thou shalt not speak lest ye offend… right? See how ridiculous it all sounds? Get over yourself, learn to laugh.

  • asoders22

    And now for a story than can offend Jews and Muslims alike!Religious man in food shop (pointing):Shop attendant:Religious man:

  • floydboyd

    Religious bigotry? That is funny. Making light of an arbitrary, human constructed culture of superstition is hardly bigotry. Religion is just as arbitrary as the sport of baseball. If people make fun of or dislike baseball, we don’t call them bigots. Everyone needs to lighten up and join reality.

  • haldon12

    I would point out that, unlike bullies, Comedy Central satirized all comers until threatened with death, at which point they moderated their stance. They are comedians, which requires them to mock social convention in order to commentate on it. It isn’t always polite, or agreeable, but that is the limitation of the genra.If you really want them to stop mocking Christianity, you could always threaten to kill them too. Personally, I think that Christianity (and Islam too, come to that) are strong enough to withstand the sophmoric jabs of a couple of comedians. Don’t you have any faith in your own beliefs?

  • jaxas70

    This would be high comedy if it were not so frightening. Look. Everyone knows where this wart Bozell comes from. He is in the forefront of a malicious mob that tries to fob itself off as a serious research institution dedicated to fairness in media and ever zealous on the watch against religious bigotry.In truth Bozell, is one of the most vicious bigots in the country, dedicated to slandering and repressing any group or individual who expresses any sentiment that does not comport 100% with his pathetically preposterous right wing Christian zealot fundamentalist Biblical literalist point of view. Media Matters dug up the truth on this thug a long time ago.Bozell is a hater. His one goal is to bring back that glorious, wondeful society we enjoyed at the turn of the 20th century when fundamentalism, racism, segregation, and fealty to Victorian ideals as well as plutocratic economic principles were in full wing.

  • battleground51

    The lizards that run Comedy Central are not only anti-Christian bigots but are also sniveling cowards.Not funny in the least.

  • Sajanas

    Freedom of speech is freedom of speech. It is wisely set before your opinion that God is above everything. So, your are welcome to your opinion, but it is just that. By all means do a boycott, but it is bad publicity. I’m really sick to death of this cult of Christian victimization. Boo hoo hoo, we have 80% of the population, and we’re so oppressed because we can’t force everyone to pray to our god and teach creationism. Suck it up already. There are people out there, plenty of them, that think your god does not exist. And, more importantly, you have no proof that he does. So we can’t afford to give your fuzzy notion of a supreme creator any more respect than Odin, because he could just as easily be a figment of your imagination. It is not being bigoted to critic Christianity, or Islam, or any other major religion. It is not being bigoted to portray their gods or spiritual characteristics in art or satire.Perhaps you should look at all the Christian slave owners, the Christian KKK members, and the Christians who kill abortion doctors and gays, and see what being bigoted truly means. If you actually read what Jesus taught, maybe you might learn to accept differences of opinions.

  • tojby_2000

    Bozell the Third asked: Where is the market demand for an entire television series dedicated to attacks on Jesus Christ?If the cartoon punctures Christianism’s theological contradictions, exposes its baleful history and sends pious devotees of the man-myth into high dudgeon, the market place will speak with the clarity of the Angelus Bells.

  • asoders22

    Personally, I DO hope that mockery (or self-destruction) kills Islam, simply because Islam doesn’t bring out the good in people. Mockery and freedom of common sense is keeping some of the most insane Christianity at arms-length, and I hope it will do the same to Islam.

  • Revfunk

    LOL, did you guys read this article? I did, and then I read a few more pieces by Brent Bozell III and I have to say this guy is nothing short of a LUNATIC. How is someone who has NEVER seen the shows he complains about, and who clearly doesn’t understand comedy qualified to comment on what is and is not funny? This homophobic right-wing nut claims that SOUTHPARK shows Jesus eating crap…but if he’d watched the episode he refrences he’d see that southpark was MAKING FUN OF MUSLIMS in that scene. THEY WERE SHOWING WHAT MUSLIMS SAY ABOUT CHRISTIANS IN A MOCKING WAY. Do we think this guy is intentionally misleading, or just that irresponsible?

  • kuato

    Hey L Brent Bozell III (even your name sounds pretentious).Are you serious? This article has forced me to redefine the limits of overreaction. Comedy Central has no greater potential to impact Christianity than a mosquito on the ass of some totally fictitious animal that hordes of people seem ready dedicate their lives to with no real evidence of its existence.I may have gotten lost in that metaphor, but it does clarify an important point for me. Clearly you are not very smart, which is why you have arrived at such misguided conclusions. Don’t worry about it, man. I am sure you are doing the best you can within the confines of your obvious limitations.

  • Muddy_Buddy_2000

    Note that they are not coming out against unfair mocking of groups in general, but only against religion with of course a strong emphasis on their own. They are not coming out against hurtful comedy, just if it breaks the scare cow of religion. I will have to watch the show because of this protest group, though if they had kept quiet I would not have watched it.

  • skipsailing28

    Comedy Central is showing its cowardice. This is something that the thoughtless christian bashers here completely miss. Probably because they are cowards too.No one is calling for censorship, that’s just a canard the left uses whenever an adult asks them to show some maturity. Bozell isn’t demanding that the government prevent Comedy Central from being disgraceful, he’s organizing a group to use simple economics to achieve an impact.Gosh, how is that different from the city council in Los Angeles or Columbus from “boycotting” Arizona?The comments here are just rote repetitions of the same thoughtless drivel.Once again liberals show themselves to be the cowards they are.

  • csintala79

    Radical Muslims shot and stab blasphemers while Christians boycott sponsors. The means are different, but the goal is the same.

  • Cossackathon

    The Christian emphasis of Comedy Central’s religious satire reflects not bias by the cultural hegemony that Christianity has enjoyed. Familiarity breeds contempt, as they say, and the religion that US-bred satirists are most familiar with is Chrisiianity.

  • davyc7

    The fervor and single-mindedness of the proselyte is buttressed by his fear and doubt that his beliefs are valid.So. Mr. Bozell. You’re not having doubts, are you?…..

  • Snydersucks

    Perhaps the author should look up the definition of bigotry. Picking on Christianity would only make one a bigot if one pretended to be Christian or based one’s dislike of christianity on unfounded preconceived ideas. There is no evidence of either in this case. Comedy Central never claims to be christian, and there are plenty of legitimate reasons to dislike christianity, and organized religion in general. The sooner everyone gets over religion, the better off we will all be.

  • cjpotter19

    Where is the market demand for an entire television series dedicated to attacks on Jesus Christ? What did Jesus Christ do to Comedy Central that they must relentlessly mock Him by portraying him defecating and talking about his “yummy, yummy crap” on “South Park” and roast him on specials titled “Merry F–ing Christmas”? Why the visuals of Jesus Christ being stabbed to death? Of the Blessed Virgin Mary menstruating? To call these attacks “juvenile” is an insult to juveniles.I can answer this. The humour arises because of people like the author of this article.When a subject is considered sacrosant, those of us who don’t hold that subject in high esteem make jokes about that subject knowing that it will anger those people – and that’s what makes it so funny, that something is being said or done that you know is going to outrage someone somewhere yet they do it anyway. The humour arises in deliberately breaking the taboo and realizing that what you said wasn’t socially acceptable. This is the source of all un-PC humour. In short, people (myself included) enjoy violating social taboos. Unless you’re a complete conformist, people enjoy rebelling against things they’re told are sacrosant and irreverance is one of the easiest, least costly ways to achieve this. It provides us with a little rebellious thrill. The irony is that the louder people object, the more tempting it is to engage in this sort of humour. Example, there are a group of friends, one of which makes a joke about another’s mom. The second friend acts so offended and outraged, that the first friend and others can’t resist making additional quips because their friends reaction is so hilarious. If the second friend had played along or made a joke of his own instead of taking offence, he would not have been the target of additional jokes. This example applies to comedy central. As far as Comedy Central is concerned, I think they wimped out with the Muslim issue. They should not be exempted from this treatement, regardless of whatever threats are made. And calls for a boycott? This bigotry must end? You do realize that like the kid who takes offence at quips about his mom, your outraged, offended response will only lead to more jokes being made at your expense? Right?

  • JM16

    If you live in a “free country” that means people are free to practice (think/say)what they believe freely (within certain legal limits). Comedy Central’s mockery of Jesus does not in any way alter who Jesus is/was. God can’t be mocked. The advertisers realize that there is an audience for this type of humor. “Christians” are not their target audience. I think there are more productive ways that Christians can spend their times than censoring the airwaves: like, possibly (call me crazy), in loving people.

  • mike27

    The edgey and hip comedy central folks would love to lampoon Islam since that is the religion in the news. Problem is, it could get them killed so let’s demonstrate our bravery and hipness by skewering Christianity. WTF is the Pope gonna do ’bout it?

  • luridone

    Religion = BigotryCC should have the cajones to tell the radical Muslims to F off, though.

  • RickWingrove

    Mr. Bozell’s anti-constitutional, pro-religious bigotry must stop. Without the courage to say so directly, what Mr. Bozell is really proposing here is that the congress should make laws to protect religion – his religion – from ridicule, and, by extension, from critical examination. He is proposing exactly the same governmental approach to Christianity as Islam enjoys under sharia law in Iran or Arabia. What he proposes is a nullification of the First Amendment protections for speech and the elevation of religion to protected status, immune from the condemnation which it so frequently and richly deserves. This is beyond a slippery slope – this is what lies at the bottom of that slope.That would put the US government in the religion business – something the Founders considered and utterly rejected. Yet, it remains the ultimate goal of the “Christian Nation” crowd.On one day the religious right will whine about the overreaching of the government and on the next they demand that government make people stop saying bad things about their cherished beliefs. In what way is that different from the attitude and actions of the mullahs? How and by whom will it be enforced? It appears that censorship of all media will be necessary to put the full kabosh on derision. Or on hard questions. It all begs the question – under Mr. Bozell’s scheme, what would be the penalties for persons of conscience who think that all religion is false and harmful, and who feel compelled to speak openly on the matter? A more important question for Mr. Bozell is this: what if the current trends continue and Christianity finally becomes a minority religion which a majority find offensive. Will he then think that censorship and supression are fair and appropriate? Or will he then, finally, get a glimmer of the brilliance of our Constitution which provides no role for religion but allows every person to believe whatever they want but allows none to impose their religion on another. After all, what could possibly be fairer than that?Mr. Bozell needs to remember four very important lessons: First, there is no Constitutional right to never be offended; second, everyone thinks that everyone else’s religion is stupid; third, his television has a channel selector on it and he is free to use it; and fourth, The Constitution was written to prevent people like Mr. Bozell from imposing their religious beliefs on others with the aid and abettment of the United States Government.

  • travistoni

    Galatians 6:7 (KJV)

  • asoders22

    To cjpotter19, who took the time to explain why this kind of humour is funny – you are very accurate!But let me add one observation – it’s basically boys’ humour (regardless of if the boys are sixteen och fortyfive). And it needs a society of hypocrisy – and some deep bigotry inside the audience itself – to truly function. Only if you yourself have a notion that the thought of Jesus going to the bathroom (or, rather, the outdoor plumbing) is an act of rebellion against something sacrosanct, do you find it funny and refreshing. But since I don’t see anything strange in Jesus peeing on a tree, I don’t see the humour in it. It’s not that I can’t laugh, it’s just not funny to me because, to me, it doesn’t break any rules at all. I’m not trying to picture myself as some brighter-than-you person, I’m just elaborating on a correct explanation.

  • Davidd1

    Christians(Muslims too I gather)have no sense of humor. Mr. Bozell III demonstrates this well-known truth perfectly.

  • ravensfan20008

    Oh, go boil your head, Mr. Bozell. You’re not a fan of the show, and I can understand why. A lot of people feel it goes too far, and I can’t argue that it doesn’t – and often.But I enjoy the show. If it offends you, please, don’t watch. Allow those of us who enjoy some raunchy humor – or understand that a mere cartoon show blaspheming your faith is not that big of a deal – to enjoy ourselves. (That does go double for the group that all but threatened the creators of South Park if they showed Muhammad.)

  • ejgallagher1

    A little over a year ago at this time Bozell and his right wing Catholic friends were doing their best to keep President Obama from giving the commencement address at Notre Dame based on their belief in a one issue Church.

  • farnaz_mansouri2

    In answer to the author’s questions, I think it is FEAR. However, because it is fear, it is also hypocrisy.I also agree with the blogger who says it is “boys” humor, regardless of the age of the “boys.” Boys humor, boys moral and physical cowardice.Frankly, I think we could do with less of both.

  • love80sdance

    Calling out hypocrisy is not bigotry.

  • bigfoot1

    Mr. Bozell, You have made a long career out of drumming up support for closed minded notions and silly social initiatives from decent, well-intentioned people who don’t know any better that to think you have some idea of what you are talking about. Come to think of it, it’s possible that you are also such a person. But when you step outside that box and voice your opinion to the rest of the world, you look like a fool. Whoever or whatever God may be, please stop assuming you can understand it, and please stop acting like you can speak for “Him.” No man can speak for God, but you are surely a step further away from that possibility than most. Your behavior and your public career are arrogant, absurd, boring to most, and damaging to the rest. Please stop talking.

  • Blarney

    To FUOBAMA: Geesh, stay classy.You are incorrect. You are another ignorant fool who did not actually watch the episode in question. Perhaps satire and irony are too subtle for you and your buddies.

  • lsolo

    Brent Bozell — get help! Obviously you suffer from low self-esteem, and your faith is also so low that you can’t handle anything that jostles it — even in humor.

  • joe_allen_doty

    I don’t watch South Park because I think it’s childishly stupid. It’s about kids and ironically not a show for children to see.I only watch two programs on Comedy Central regularly, The Daily Show with Jon Stewart and The colbert Report. Colbert is supposedly a Roman Catholic but, he mocks Christians while pretending to be one one his show. He might know the Bible really well in real life; but, he acts like he has never read it most of the time when the topic is about how Believers in Jesus the Christ should live. I don’t have a problem with his satire of “Christians” who are hypocrites; but, a real Believer in Jesus, yes, a comedian, would NOT use the pornographic and vulgar language he uses. Jesus did say, “Out of the abundance of the heart, the mouth speaks.” The best part of Colbert’s show is when he has “The Word” segment. He says one thing and his words are mocked on the right side of the screen. Since he is one of the writers of the show, he is making fun of his comedian self.

  • chet_brewer

    Faith means persevering in the face of adversity, and being made fun of is certainly adversity. If your faith is not strong enough withstand being poked at then you need to work more on your faith and less on your perceived enemies. You are proposing a set of taliban laws.The american christian community has become remarkably thin skinned after spending years telling anyone who doesn’t believe in their faith(including a particular baptist preacher in my youth who included catholics in this group) that they were going to burn in hell and then spent a fair amount of time describing said hell.I am an american who very clearly believes in freedom of speech and separation of church and state even for idiots like jerry falwell and rush limbaugh, in addition to colbert and crowd. Don’t like it, turn it off and stay out of my viewing habits, my bedroom, my schools, and my government.

  • spidermean2

    Comedy Central is in New York which belongs to northeastern part of America. This place is prophesied to be doomed. Wasn’t the people in Noah’s time mocking him before they all drowned in the flood. Jesus Christ has prophesied that Doomsday will be a repeat of Noah’s time – a destruction of unbelievers.Comedy Central’s location does not surprise me. The whole place will be swallowed by fire in the near future.

  • sicksidvt

    I don’t think it’s art, just hilarious. Don’t you think it says something about the good will of Christians when they don’t threaten to kill producers for making fun of their religion? Double standard? Perhaps. But it needs to be considered that these Islamic Extremists aren’t kidding. It’s seems Christians have a better sense of humor. Lets keep it that way and not get our panties in a bunch over some dumb, childish, and probably hilarious cartoon

  • ThomasBaum

    smt123You wrote, “The double standard is not Comedy Central’s with respect to Muhammed vs JC. The reason they censored that South Park was out of fear of physical retribution, not out of special respect.The double standard is yours to claim that Christianity deserves special respect over other ideologies. In a modern society ANY belief system should be open to ridicule.”Actually the “double standard” is that they will only exercise their right when it is safe to do so, is it not?To use a “right” only when it is safe to do so, is in effect to not have that right at all, is this not so?Someone once said something to the effect: When one exchanges their freedom for security then one day they will wake up to find that they have neither.Take care, be ready.Sincerely, Thomas Paul Moses Baum.

  • Luka_CS

    Making fun of Allah will get you killed by a radical moslem.Both of these are allowed by law, yet most people avoid to do either because they fear for their lives. Mr. Bozell, where is your outrage over innocent people getting killed by radical members of your faith?

  • spidermean2

    Imagine a child taunting a lion who just escaped from a cage. You know what’s the next thing to happen. Comedy Central is like that child. You feel sorry for them coz you’re perfectly sure that these people are doomed for eternity.”It would have been better for that man if he had not been born.” (Matthew 26:24)What a terrible punishment this people will face.”But I will show you whom you should fear: Fear him who, after the killing of theThey feared the Islamic terrorist but forgot whom to fear the most.

  • Luka_CS

    I posted previously, but I need to point out another issue:Is there some sort of cognitive dissonance afflicting Mr. Brent Bozo III?

  • spidermean2

    Most people who would cheer for Comedy Central’s blasphemous show live in liberal cities in America. It’s not surprising coz they are prophesied to be doomed.Unlike the AIDS victims who can still call to God for forgiveness because of their slow death, nuke victims don’t have this luxury. God is not giving them a minute or even a second to ask for forgiveness coz their death will be very quick.It just shows how angry the Lord is with these people.NO SECOND CHANCE.

  • Justice26

    Luka_CS – you are an idiot. Let me rephase to be pc – you sound like an idiot. You compare “making fun” of a Muslim – which ironically includes saying the word Mohammed (ironic since how many of you call yourselves by that name ) ignoring the millions of innocent people killed by Islamic extremist loons. Yep – “morally equivalent”

  • joebanks

    I didn’t realize the Post had started to accept advertising in the “On Faith” column. Where are the rates posted? How much did Mr. Bozell have to pay or is there a quid pro quo between Hiatt and his like minded religious bigots? Do you need to be a humorless dimwit to be able to purchase space? Or is that just a recurring coincidence?

  • tedlpearson

    “We will not be silent. This anti-Christian bigotry must stop”OH REALLY???? Isn’t that just precious of you. Respect is a two-way street and religions of the world are notorious for trampling the rights of gays and lesbians, to the point of condemning them to death. Unitl you show respect for all people and stop the double-talk then religions deserve damn little respect. Religions cannot demonstrate that their message of faith, eternal life, is true, so why should we believe them? And gays and lesbians will not be silent until religious anti-gay biogotry stops.

  • askgees

    Religion is the biggest farce and scam perpetrated on man kind EVER. Of course anyone that doesn’t share these wackos view point is a bigot. Religion should be banned as it is responsible for EVERY war in HISTORY….Don’t poke fun at the church. But it’s okay for the church to poke young boys. Burn them to the ground.

  • Testamento

    Oh, please. 2000 years of churches doing the bullying and now can’t take a joke?

  • mcriswell

    I don’t get it, Mr. Bozell. If you are offended by it, Don’t watch it! Whatever Comedy Central does or doesn’t do with Muhammed shouldn’t affect your opinion or mine of JC.

  • lufrank1

    What “double standard”? . . . us poor intelligent people have (and are being) stampeded by the likes of Pat Robertson, Benny Hinn, Jimmy Swaggart and other Christian con-artist Bigots for decades.Can’t we have ONE %$###@++ TV channel that takes OUR side?Talk about Bigotry — The “Christian” channels pummel us non-Christians All Day Every Day. Give me a Break, Dim Wits, and go sit on the riverbank and wait for Jesus. . . again!

  • spidermean2

    The Doomsday scenario is slowly falling into place. Israel’s botched attempt to stop the flotilla only increased its enemies which is an ingredient to a run-up towards Doomsday. A few years from now, those who mock at Jesus Christ can start gazing at the skies. If you see some “stars” falling at your direction, the sickle of God has arrived.There will be no escape. God’s Judgment has arrived. Nukes would appear like falling stars just as the Bible described it.

  • molsonmich

    Penalty flag – falsehood & hyperbole: “the network Comedy Central has made laughing at religion its bread and butter.”The truth is, Comedy Central makes its b&b from constantly re-airing its Stewart & Colbert and South Park flagships, re-running Scrubs & Reno 911, and broadcasting some old comedies from the 90s (also available from a Wal-Mart bin at $7 each) – and, of course, about 10 daily hours of infomercials.More truth: comedians and humorists have always made their b&b by 1) making fun of themselves and 2) lampooning their culuture’s powers, eg powerful persons and institutions. (So, you see, a joke about Habitat for Humanity volunteer Jimmy Carter = not funny. A joke about Barack Obama = funny).But, then again, a truthful premise in this column would have resulted in a conclusion unacceptable to the Upright Citizens Brigade – oops, I of course mean the Citizens Against Religious Whatevers.

  • jimfilyaw

    mr. bozell has long been known to be a narrow minded, pig headed bigot. any hope that age and wisdom have mellowed his intolerance is wasted as is amply demonstrated by this column. the only mystery is why a once respected newspaper would think this garbage worthy of publishing.

  • tfspa

    the humor in all this is how upset it seems to make so many of you. sanctimonious predictions of the fall of new york and aids victims and god can’t be mocked – quoting chapter and verse – just make it even more relevant. and funny. get over yourselves. it’s people like you that make this stuff funny in the first place. they are making fun of you, not JC. JC is probably having a good howl over southpark. so they don’t make much fun of islam? that’s because christians and jews aren’t threatening to kill them. or are you suggesting that they should start threatening for JC jokes also? citizens against religious bigotry. what a hoot. comedy central couldn’t make up something that ridiculous.

  • GDWymer

    Mr. Bozell, is your faith so week that you cannot stand someone criticizing it . Are you afraid that more people will realize the ridiculousness of it? Are you threatened, thinking that your JC won’t return on a cloud? Strong faith doesn’t need to censor. Carry-on Comedy Central, you are one of the few sanctuaries of free-thinking and satire in this backward country!

  • GarrisonLiberty

    Shouldn’t it be mandatory that when you critisize a peice of work you need to watch it first?The bozo writing this article has not watched a single South Park episode in his life. This makes him look like a rather secular silly to those of us who have. Jesus would of course be more diplomatic and just ask the same bozo – who appointed you as God (my) the father to pass judgement my son? South Park not only bashes Christians but gives fair and balanced tyrades against all organized religions. In the banned episode the writing bozo missed for example, Jesus admonishes Buda for doing lines in front of the children. Vishnu turns into Neil Diamond. Mohammed is dressed in a bear suit. Scientologist are portrayed as fools. The message is not anti-Christian, it’s anti-institutional! Overall organized religion is funny and fair game to comedy. If you can’t @#$@’em Jock’em. It’s time we get over ourselves, and do as Jesus would do and just laugh it all off!

  • apspa1

    A writer here commented, “Colbert is supposedly a Roman Catholic but, he mocks Christians while pretending to be one one his show. He might know the Bible really well in real life; but, he acts like he has never read it most of the time when the topic is about how Believers in Jesus the Christ should live.The writer then proclaims, “Jesus did say, ‘Out of the abundance of the heart, the mouth speaks.'”From that one can easily see the writer “might know the Bible really well in real life; but, he acts like he has never read it.”If the writer read, really read, the Bible he/she could not say “Jesus did say…” and claim to be accurately quoting it. All references about and quotes attributed to Jesus in the Bible are hearsay and/or creations made decades after the death of Jesus.There exists no written words by Jesus, none: no evidence whatsoever that Jesus could even read or write. But believers have no problem quoting him as if they were doing so from his writings.Their objectivity is crippled by their faith. They are unable to admit they cannot know what, when and where Jesus actually said anything. The record does not exist. Believers are, intellectually, prisoners of the requirements of their faith.To be faithful, logic and a sense of reality must be suspended.So when the faithful, with their suspended logic and sense of reality, come to us with demands that we accept their reality, yes, they should expect to be rejected and even mocked.

  • dennisnickell

    Religion on Comedy Central. How fitting. Religion is a joke. It doesn’t matter what religion you choose. They’re all a collection of the fears and superstitions of cavemen combined with the rites, rituals, and ridiculous fairy tales of our ancient ancestors. We as a people must evolve beyond the mentality of cavemen if we are to survive.

  • noslok

    If “JC” — or any other show on Comedy Central — is so awful and so offensive to the vast majority of Americans, then not enough people will watch, and the network will cancel the show.If you don’t like the show or the network, DON’T WATCH.I, meanwhile, will decide for myself what is offensive. As for what some guy who lived 2010 years ago feels about it, well, I don’t believe in ghosts. So I’m not going to lose any sleep over it.

  • dhilleub

    For all the damage you of too-much faith have done in the world, you have a lot of gall to take issue with being the subject of ridicule. You deserve all that and more. If all of you could be ridiculed out of existence, the world would be a saner, safer and — wait for it — more moral place.You would all be silly if it weren’t for the fact that the mass psychosis that comes with all that shared faith weren’t so damn dangerous to the rest of us trying to live wholesome, fair-minded, reality-centric lives.

  • chutter35

    Maybe this would tell the writer of this absurd rant that the success of Comedy Central is due to the forward-movement of this country away from fairy tales.

  • shewholives

    I agree with those that say Comedy Central is applying a double standard. Most of us are able to laugh at ourselves and the oddities of our religion. Comedy Central has not become a bully, Muslims have. They bully people all time in order to get their way and they bullied Comedy Central and the creators of South Park by threatening everyone involved.

  • rentianxiang

    This article has inspired me to write to Comedy Central and let them, and all of their sponsors know, that I fully support programming that satirizes those things which most deserve satire, religion being number one on that list. I will be sure to DVR all episodes of the JC show and I promise that sponsors that I will not even fast-forward through the commercials and will make every effort to vote with my wallet and purchase their products whenever possible. I do agree with the double standard here when Islam gets a pass because some of its adherents are just too violent and scare people into “Submission” (the actual meaning of “Islam”), but hopefully, some day soon, Comedy Central, or some other brave network can also air a show satirizing the Religion of Submission and its warmongering, bandit founder.

  • spidermean2

    Doomsday is coming. The posters here are enough proof. What is the use of Doomsday if there is no unbelievers to destroy? These people help fulfill the prophecy.

  • MarkDavidovich

    As a Christian I respond to Commedy Central in a way similar to that of Our Lord and Savior, but understandable co Commedy Central.I turn my other butt cheek.

  • EnemyOfTheState

    Comedy Central can stop ridiculing Christianity when Christians stop telling everyone who disagrees with them that they’re going to suffer eternal torment from a loving god. How’s that?

  • Urnesto

    Is this article a joke??? That is an honest question. I mean, nobody can really be so uptight, right? And nobody really thinks it’s a double standard to deal with terrorist radical Muslims differently than non-terrorist, non-radical Christians, right?

  • patmatthews

    So is this group, Christians, going to pressure the Comdeians like the Muslims? if you, Christians, use some other mechanism to achieve the same end as Muslims, how is the Christian any different than the Muslim?After all Christians have been calling Indians, Buddhist, and other non-Christians savages for centuries, just like Muslim’s have been calling Christian’s infidels.The whole things is stupid. I am a Buddhist and have a thick hide to both groups, byt still manage to respect their humanity, even when they fail to show me their humanity.I think Christians and Muslims need to take a time out and let the rest of us catch our breath.Patrick

  • wagner_cory

    Hey look! It’s the aftermath of Monty Python’s ‘Life of Brian’ all over again! Way to be.

  • Mark32

    Why is it OK to mock Christ? I can imagine the uproar if we mocked the holocaust.

  • SoCalSkins

    Please don’t mock my imaginary friends! I might have to look at the stupidity of the delusions I hold. Zombie Jesus will save me.

  • PSolus

    “Why is it OK to mock Christ? I can imagine the uproar if we mocked the holocaust.”The holocaust was was something that actually happened in the real world; it is not just a figment of some people’s imagination.

  • TreyW

    It should be noted that Muslims are equally offended by any of our prophets being disrespected; be it Mohammed, Jesus, Moses, etc. America and Canada permit it citizens to be as mean spirited as they please. While Muslims are offended by the awful depictions, most just ignore it and get on with their lives. The only two Muslims that I am aware of that get their panties bunched up were a couple weirdos in NYC. Must of us just ignored it and so should the media. It just makes this fools feel more important.

  • terencef100

    Though I’m a Christian disgusted by the religious bigotry on Comedy Central, I defend their right to air it, as long as it excludes incitement to hatred. I can turn the darned show off – as can anyone with taste. So, I will not support this campaign.The spinelessness of CC and others in giving in to fundamentalist threats is noteworthy, though – I guess that, as well as being free speech proponents, the network executives are plain cowards. At least those Danish cartoonists and newspaper editors had the courage of their convictions.

  • slim2

    Let me take a wild leap here and say anytime you encounter scatological references toward Christ and the Christian religion, rest assured the usual suspects are at the heart of it as they have been for nearly two thousand years.

  • Ralphinjersey

    Re Wagner_Cory’s Life of Brian redux remark. It’s really not the same thing. Nowhere in that film is Jesus actually mocked. It’s those who mindlessly follow anyone who proclaims to have the answer who are roundly ridiculed: “The shoe! The shoe!” … “Hurt my foot, o Master!” and, of course, the immortal, “You are all individuals.”

  • jemoorman

    I recently went to a birthday party for a friend, where one of the attendees was a Roman Catholic priest. Part of the scheduled entertainment was a stand-up comedian. While this particular comedian was specifically instructed by his patrons to NOT tell any off-color jokes, he nonetheless proceeded to tell jokes including oral and gay sex. In perhaps the most humorous moment of the act, he even poked at the priest saying, “I’m going to hell for this, aren’t I? I know it!”Needless to say, it was an awkward moment for everyone at the party, except for the priest. He seemed to take it in stride, even laughing at some of the jokes directed at him. He gave no indication of offense whatsoever. He knew what it meant to offer his other cheek, his cloak, his pride. For him, this was not a persecution like the kind he would most certainly endure in places like China, Somalia, Saudi Arabia or other countries hostile to the gospel, that would probably include beatings, torture, mutilation and/or death. Moreover, in consideration of all that he had been forgiven by God, is was not a chore for him to overlook a slight.No, for him this was merely the consequence of living in a free society. He understood that the same freedom that he has to share the gospel is also afforded to others who do not share his beliefs. I probably will never watch an episode of South Park. Nor do I rejoice in their choice of subject matter. Nevertheless, I am glad that the producers have the freedom to express their creativity. I can say this without reservation because this also means that, when I walk into my church on Sunday morning to worship God, I can do so with the reasonable expectation that I will not be executed by a death squad or hauled off to political prison. For this, we can all be grateful.Therefore, as a devout Christian, I would respectfully advise Mr. Bozell et. al., that there are other, more important battles to be fought than those that involve censorship.

  • insider9909

    So, religious comedy is OK so long as it’s qually split in its derision with christianity, judism, and islam. Maybe we need an affirmative action program for religious comedy. Dude, get a life. It’s comedy. If your faith is so weak that this stuff bothers you, then I have pity on you. Defending the faith may sound good on TV and radio, but Jehovah is big enough to defend himself (or herself).

  • ccfarris

    Merely because stupid ideas and beliefs are clothed in vestments should not protect them from satire and ridicule. If one wants to believe in gods, Jesus, angles, devils, life after death, witches, that women are not equal to men, that gays are an abomination, etc., that’s a constitutional right, subject to limitations on the conduct that flows from such beliefs, but please don’t get defensive when humorist shine the light of reason and knowledge on such beliefs. Superstitions need the critical eye of humor and ridicule.

  • skipsailing28

    gotta respond to this nonsense:Mr Bozell takes a very practical approach. In essence he’s saying that Comedy central can air what it pleases, but it must face the consequences.what the undies in a wad squad consistently conflate is government censorship and simple good manners.Mr Bozell is saying that if Comedy Central doesn’t display good manners, it won’t be invited into many American homes. It will fail economically. I don’t know if he can muster the kind of movement it would take to dissuade the network, but it is certainly worth a try.and certainly within his rights.Liberalism ain’t what it used to be. It used to stand for something good. It has gone astray. Now it is filled with nasty, angry immature people such as you. That won’t amount to much good for anyone. so I left the liberal movement and joined a group that is genuinely interested in freedom: the conservatives.As for religion bashing, well it seems to me that some of us have to gird our loins and fight for our faith.the issue above is a perfect example. comedy central lacks the gonads to poke fun at Islam, that much is quite clear. but they firmly believe that there will be no backlash if they insult christians. Not so. There is a price to be paid here and in son, I recognize your anger. I don’t understand it at all, but I see it there. Like a lot of atheists you struggle to accept the fact that you lack something that church goers enjoy: faith.

  • veerle1

    Your “God” hasn’t revealed itself since ancient times. He’s right there, along with Apollo and Zeus.Time to grow up and admit that religions are useless, antequated social controls that need to be tossed out with Monday’s trash.

  • Mark32

    “Why is it OK to mock Christ? I can imagine the uproar if we mocked the holocaust.” I askedThe holocaust was was something that actually happened in the real world; it is not just a figment of some people’s imagination. you repliedSo you can deny the Christ but if I deny the holocaust, oy the uproar. You demand to have your beliefs respected and refuse to respect the beliefs of others.

  • watchmaker

    “We will not be silent. This anti-Christian bigotry must stop.”Or else what — you’ll shoot an OB/GYN who provides abortions?Oh, that’s right, those aren’t REAL Christians, oh no…

  • grantmh

    I don’t understand anyone with religious beliefs being upset if someone mocks their religion, unless there is a real threat it will truly move society towards religious persecution or suppression.Whether or not God exists, religion is not God. Surely any deity that exists is not as thin-skinned as the humans that follow or reject religion. If you believe in an all powerful, omniscient creator, you can at least entertain the idea that religion is a construct invented by humans designed to facilitate attempts to wrap their limited brains around a limitless entity. Human beings can’t really comprehend what a billion or a trillion of anything actually is, let alone the infinite and the sublime. So we deal with the concept by attaching an abstract place holder.That’s what religion is. It is a finite place holder humans have invented for themselves in trying to relate to the infinite intellect that a deity is, if a deity exists. Getting mad at someone who makes fun of your religion is like getting mad at someone who makes fun of a picture of mount everest. Taking offense at such implies that any God you worship is as small as the humans who feel offended. One could argue that itself is blasphemy. If you belong to a particular religion, you subscribe to a particular faith without proof. That’s what faith is. That means your faith is YOUR faith. If it’s so easily shaken by someone else ridiculing what they don’t believe in, then your faith is not worth having. Maybe the real threat is not that people who mock your religion are disrespecting what you believe, but that they might actually make you question your beliefs. Ironically, faith that stands up to rebuke in my mind would be more substantial and supportable than one that can only exist in the absence of challenge. If you believe in a God, you believe said God exists regardless of what any human believes. Therefore, non-belief in your religion by someone else should be as meaningless to you as someone’s non-belief in quasars or black holes. Your God won’t judge you based on someone else’s doubts, so why should you give a rat’s as$ if they make fun of your religion? Logically, as far as Christianity goes, if you subscribe to the words attributed to Jesus, the most appropriate response you should have to someone who mocks your faith is pity and concern for what might become of them in the great beyond, not be offended for yourself.

  • docwhocuts

    I don’t see double standard… call me stupid.Which standard? not bashing muslims?… oh, well comedy central is still bashing the hell out of them… sad they pulled the actual muhomomadman of the screen, even that capitulation was too much.They have been going easy on jesus, so maybe that WAS the standard… now it sounds like time for equal bashing of all those lunatics that believe in magical powers and stuff.

  • MrT321

    Um, Comedy Central censored the show because they were scared somebody might get hurt or killed because of it. Maybe if you got off your lazy butt and threatened Matt Stone and Trey Parker with death over their Jesus poop, that would help fix this horribly unfair double-standard. In fact, you should probably start threatening all sorts of people you don’t like with death–Barack Obama, gays, women who make decisions regarding their own bodies. The liberal media might start showering you with the same loving praise it always gives those undeserving Muslims.

  • docwhocuts

    dear watchmaker.The holocost doesn’t require faith or belief…I think it is perfectly reasonable to demand that people recognize facts….To demand that people believe in magical beings… that’s insane.

  • PSolus

    “So you can deny the Christ but if I deny the holocaust, oy the uproar. You demand to have your beliefs respected and refuse to respect the beliefs of others.”The holocaust was not my or anyone else’s belief; again, it was a recorded historical event that actually happened.Your beliefs are simply figments of your, and other people’s, imagination.

  • MoonDoggie

    Cheap shots against a specific religion sell…to those that detest that particular brand of worship….and to those that have no moral compass whatever. I just chose not to watch those shows – and I chose not to purchase goods and services from the companies sponsoring those shows. (I also write to the sponsors and tell them that!)No biggie. If the brand of bigotry disturbs you, turn it off, and write to the sponsors. Money talks.

  • dotyr

    Drivel like this has the right to remain. The Constitution protects it. If enough people realize it’s drivel, they won’t purchase the products that sponsor the show, and it’ll die of its own accord. But censorship of any kind is not what this country, or its basic law, are about. Sorry, but there it is.

  • Mark32

    You simpleton,

  • Kevin71707

    I don’t understand. Is someone forcing Mr. Bozell to watch these shows against his will? I personally find it remarkably easy to avoid the programming that I don’t like, and I would never demand that all programming everywhere be taylored to fit my own personal preferences and superstitions. The arrogance.

  • PSolus

    “You simpleton,…”What’chu talkin’ about, Willis?”…let me put it to you in a way you can relate.”OK, give it a try.”Why is it OK to be anti Christian, but if you say the Jews should get the hell out of Palistine you are person non grata?”Are you aware that what you are asking about this time is totally different from denying the holocaust?”My point is you want to be respected, show respect.”Are you sure that you understand your own point,

  • MadamDeb

    So you want to blast Comedy Central for pulling the Mohammed cartoons, calling it censorship, by doing the same for cartoons about Jesus Christ. While I wouldn’t watch either (thankyouverymuch), I wonder: Isn’t that also censorship?

  • allknowingguy

    Stop whining about double standards. Comedy Central is a business, not the government. They are not bound to any code of “consistency”. Their goal is their bottom line. Obviously, a show about Christ in an overwhelmingly christian nation will likely perk more viewers than a show about Muslims.As with the muslims, the vast majority of christians are peaceful, but there are some crazies in the mix. I wonder if some sort of threat will be made over this show, and how CC will handle it if indeed it happens.

  • eSquiggy

    Take a look at this article which describes the bigots who comprise Citizens Against Religious Bigotry:

  • squier13

    Maybe if L. Brent Bozell 3 were more committed to his religion he would just threaten to kill the creators. He’s really taking the noncommittal route with this weak boycott idea.

  • haveaheart

    L. Brent Bozell III,In case you weren’t aware of this, comedy and satire are specifically about smashing golden idols and puncturing the self-righteous windbags in our society. That’s what comics do. That’s what they’ve always done. They intend to offend.The ancient Greeks, during the last few hundred years before the Common Era, initiated comic traditions that depended sometimes exclusively on phalluses — singing about them, showing them off, parading them around cities in official processionals, etc.Comedy has ALWAYS been intended to outrage and irritate at least as many people as it amuses. And in comedy, there are no sacred cows. Literally.Contrary to your claims, Comedy Central is an equal-opportunity humiliator, going after any puffed-up member of the human race that needs to have the foul air let out of it. It’s no more offensive about Christianity than it is about any other religion. It tends to go after whichever religions are currently making a nuisance of themselves in the news.Hint: That’s why there’s been a lot of Christian-bashing lately.There is an elegantly simple solution to your situation, however: Don’t watch Comedy Central. There’s so much to choose from on TV nowadays that you’re really not being forcibly subjected to programming you don’t like. Just don’t watch it.If, however, that doesn’t satisfy you, perhaps because you don’t want anyone else watching it either, then you are exhibiting the very hubris and busybody tendencies that bring the comedians calling on you in the first place.Turn it off and butt out. Problem solved.

  • vismorge

    Lots of people never watch the trash on Comedy Central.It is just a dark,dingy corner on the other side of America.It is hardly the thing to be dragged into a respectable newspaper.

  • bringingthecannons

    When Christians stop discriminating against me for being atheist, I’ll advocate for them. Until then, let them have it.

  • shewholives

    The Muslims are ranting and raving in all the articles regarding Helen Thomas and the violation of her First Amendment rights. That is rich considering a few months they were threatening the lives of the South Park creators.

  • Observer001

    Brent, thanks for the heads up on this new series! I had no idea this was coming on Comedy Central. Can’t wait to see the show!

  • post_reader_in_wv

    I stopped watching most of the stuff on Comedy Central some time ago (although I occasionally do tune in). I always surf past _South Park_, which I have found to be unrelentingly juvenile and distasteful.The fact that CC is creating a series which openly mocks Christianity does not surprise me. I don’t support censorship; as I understand it, the U.S. Constitution gives everybody the right to be offensive and obnoxious (and even vociferously so) as long as there is no danger to other persons, their property, or their rights. And CC seems to be anxious to take full advantage of the right to be offensive and obnoxious. After all, there are bucks to be made.But CC won’t be making money off me. For while I do oppose censorship, it isn’t censorship to withhold my viewership and to encourage others to do the same. My Christian faith is not a house of cards that is threatened by CC or others exercising their First Amendment rights, however distasteful and overtly anti-Christian I think those expressions may be. So I don’t need to do anything more than not watch AND to voice my displeasure, just as many writing here have voiced their displeasure of Christianity. So if I join you in renouncing calls for abridgment of CC’s First Amendment rights, will you protect my same right in encouraging others to surf past CC, even if you disagree with my position and my action?

  • lamaryates

    Bozell’s key word is bigotry. This is the power word for his argument. Yet he never even attempts to show that anyone at Comedy Central dislikes, let alone is prejudiced against, Christians. It is perfectly possible to make gross jokes about Jesus and think Christians are great. In fact, I know at least one Catholic priest who will probably watch the show, and plenty of Christians who will not feel in any way attacked by such juvenilia. Until Comedy Central attacks Christians, and does so in a way that would actually inspire someone to take action against them, there is no bigotry. Bad satire, perhaps. Blasphemy, perhaps. But Bozell knows he would have gotten nowhere making those accusations, because they are not serious charges in the 21st Century USA. So he claimed bigotry, with no evidence of any kind. And the chickenblank Post printed it.In fact, the only anti-Chrisitian bigotry here is on the part of the Post, which has such contempt for Christianity that it believes any bozo who comes down the road and claims to be a Christian, and eagerly lets them spout off. Then, the Post hopes, things can get back to normal and the Post can return to worshipping the Washington insider power and money, the only gods recognized in their pages.

  • DavidFalconer

    Comedy Central, the name is itself a joke, it misrepresents the content they provide. Perhaps they tried to appear non disciminatory after offending Muslims by going out of their way to appear even more offensive to Christians. Does this mean Muslims who may have been offended or hurt by what they heard or saw from Comedy Central will now feel less hurt knowing someone else is copping it worse? I do not think this would be the case. Does someone hit by a car feel happy knowing he was not thrown from a tall building? The abscence of an even greater hurt, or offense does not ease the existing pain, or offense. Jesus will have a word or two to these people when He sees fit, and then they will listen. Then will not only believe, but know, that He is real and not to be mocked.

  • ckenjones

    Mr. Bozell:Muslim extremists threaten physical violence in reaction to cartoons poking fun at their religion, and your reaction is not shock or derision but jealousy? How absurd!

  • spidermean2

    Doomsday is coming. The posters here are enough proof. What is the use of Doomsday if there are no unbelievers to destroy? These people help fulfill the prophecy.”But I will show you whom you should fear: Fear him who, after the killing of the

  • spidermean2

    The best thing true Christians can do is to leave the place where these mockers are.”Come out of her, my people, so thatThe nuke plague.

  • Georgetowner1

    I don’t think the spiritual sacreds of a religion are a subject for comedy. They can make fun of Hasidic Jews getting their sideburns caught in a revolving door, or Christians perpetually turning the other cheek to completely obnoxious people, or Muslims trying to find a place to put their prayer mat down in a busy subway stop, but making fun of Moses, or Christ, or Mohammed, isn’t funny. It is insulting to their believers and that is exactly what the so-called comedians intend it to be. It’s to bring knock faith down because they don’t agree with having faith in anything but the carnal. Without souls is what they are. And to top it all off, they aren’t even funny!

  • JimZ1

    Why make Mohammad taboo? To be fair, I think the new show should portray JC and Muhammad as roommates living in New York City. JC is a little older, so he can show the unworldly Muhammad (pun intended) the ropes.

  • KeithMG

    I cannot count the number of times I’ve been told by so-called ________s that I’m going to rot in hell for my beliefs. Or I’m not really a ______, as I follow a different denomination or sect. So let’s drop the supposed purity of any faith. They all should be fair game. Look in the mirror, listen to yourself, see why.

  • shewholives

    South Park, you can now draw Muhammad. The Muslims are finally supportive of the First Amendment, just read their responses on the articles about Helen Thomas.

  • Fate1

    If you want to stop CC from portraying JC in a way you do not like then do what the Muslims did, threaten violence. I mean, it worked, right? They were planning to portray M in a bad way and the Muslims threatened violence and it stopped. Do you think the Muslims were right to threaten violence when it worked to cause CC to self censor? If not then why all the fuss? Mocking JC, though you and I may not like it, is an expression of our freedoms, freedoms Muslims do not enjoy in their countries, where a lot less than mocking M will get you in deep trouble.So its time to decide. Do you want to be like the Muslims and force people to self censor through threats of violence, or do you want to live in a free society, where people can say and do things you may not like, and visa versa?Time to choose. Our forefathers chose and put their lives on the line to do so. I’ll take an America that mocks JC over a Muslim nation that imprisons and kills those mocking M any day. And CC taking their threats seriously should not be a reason to not mock other religious icons for fun and profit. In America we say:God Bless America!

  • Paladin7b

    Brent Bozell is right about the self-imposed censorship of Islam and Muhammad practiced by comedy central (though not by the creators of South Park). Where he makes his mistake is in calling for censorship of those who use humor to send up Christianity. What we need is less censorship, not more. Before Islam can join the modern world, it will have to deal with people who mock it by not blowing them up or using other forms of political theological violence. Why not have black-face minstrels as regular entertainment, why that’s not racial, that’s, in the words of another writer “satire”OK, religion, why not refer to Jewish people as having long grotesque noses, that’s not censorship, in the wordsof another writer, that’s satire.OK, sexual orientation, let’s have a flaming drag queen in the middle of an office, that’s not an attack against a person because of sexual orientation, that’s satire.Religion in another aspect, let’s talk about those who don’t believe in a higher power, whatever they may think it be, to see the deaths of their closest friends or parents as a “soylent” time. Still satire?Those examples aren’t too funny are they. Or is it that the choice of Christiantity is made because people want to be able to feel superior over another group without the risk of them fighting back.Somewhat like people did who once wore white sheetsThink about it.

  • hyperlexis

    Well said. I love South Park and Comedy Central’s other program, but the decision to kowtow to Muslims for fear of offense is disgraceful. What’s good for the goose is good for the gander. If CC can mock other religions and cultures, then Mohammad and Muslims should be fair game as well. That CC chose to cower in the face of opposition wiped out what respect I did have for CC as an innovative, irreverent corporation. Guess not.

  • papafritz571

    Did Bozell attend Dr. Tiller’s funeral services and apologize for those of his faith inciting the murder of this doctor?

  • jimfilyaw

    “We will not be silent. This anti-Christian bigotry must stop.”spin that any way you want and it still comes out that if bozo had his druthers, those of us who failed to kow tow to his version of ‘the truth’ would end up on the rack or worse. well, bozo, suck on this one: if there is a god, the last thing he needs is the protection of a pin headed idiot.

  • justkiddingdc

    Bozell –You asked, “Where’s the demand?” for this proposed show. If you don’t like it, don’t watch it. If no one watches it, it will go away. Problem solved.

  • castellina

    If you don’t like religion or believe in it, just stay out of it. Nobody should make fun of people’s deeply held beliefs.

  • kls1

    I didn’t go for Southpark’s need to trample all religions (including mine), but it used to be all about free speech. Then their network refused to trample one and only one religion.

  • gonnagle

    All non-sensical belief should be mocked. Whether its picking on the contactictory statements of an illiterate goat herder, or the dictation of a 19th century conman with his gold tablets, the faithfull who blindly follow deserve to be mocked. They have shut down their own thought process wait for someone to tell then to follow the shoe or is it the gourd. Maybe its those little things with a sort of raffiawork base that has an attachment.

  • edbyronadams

    If you think religious satire is funny, fine. The question is what kind of institution is Viacom when they censor Muslim satire but let Christian satire continue.It’s a cowardly institution.

  • ssc1

    As a Christian, I support your efforts. However, your organization should go further in its campaign against Comedy Central – target all of Comedy Central’s major sponsors. Enlist churches nationwide in a boycott of all of Viacom’s networks. Hit them in their pockets.

  • watchmaker

    Why not have black-face minstrels as regular entertainment, why that’s not racial, that’s, in the words of another writer “satire”OK, religion, why not refer to Jewish people as having long grotesque noses, that’s not censorship, in the wordsof another writer, that’s satire.OK, sexual orientation, let’s have a flaming drag queen in the middle of an office, that’s not an attack against a person because of sexual orientation, that’s satire.Religion in another aspect, let’s talk about those who don’t believe in a higher power, whatever they may think it be, to see the deaths of their closest friends or parents as a “soylent” time. Still satire?Think about it.POSTED BY: PALADIN7B | JUNE 8, 2010 8:42 PM———————–You’ve obviously never watched Comedy Central.Blackface: South Park, “Smurf” episode; Chappelle’s Show (especially the episode with the blind Black member of the KKK)Jews: South Park, Cartman calls Kyle a “filthy Jew” at least 10 times per episode, in the “Kyle’s Cousin” episode every single Jewish stereotype you can imagine is right there on the screenGays/Drag: South Park, every episode Mr/Ms Garrison, the gay/straight/transexual/un-transexual 4th grade teacher, “Big Gay Al’s Big Gay Boat Cruise” featuring gay dogs, “Cartman joins NAMBLA” sort of speaks for itself [Cartman is a fourth grader, since you’ve probably never watched the show], The Devil and Saddam Husein are in an ongoing gay relationship; Carlos Mencia comedy specials”Soylent”: South Park, Cartman has another boy’s parents murdered and chops up their bodies & makes prize-winning chili out of them, feeds them to their son.I understand you’re not wanting to watch Comedy Central, and no one is forcing you to. However, if you want anyone to listen to your “criticism” it might behoove you to actually know what the heck you are talking about lest you sound like a mindless idiot.

  • tojby_2000

    edbyronadams wrote: The question is what kind of institution is Viacom when they censor Muslim satire but let Christian satire continue. It’s a cowardly institution.Ed raises the Hydra head of the False Equivalency fallacy.- There are elements in the Muslim world that will seek out and kill those satirists. Do you consider execution equivalent to approbation, ed?