Freedom to wear a burqa

By Hannah Shahauthor Recently, I went to the supermarket with a Muslim friend and her 6-year-old daughter. We were in … Continued

By Hannah Shah

Recently, I went to the supermarket with a Muslim friend and her 6-year-old daughter. We were in an area of England where there were many women who wear the same style of black burqa. My friend went to the next aisle leaving me with her daughter who then wanted to find mummy. As she looked round and saw the other women wearing the same black burqas she could not identify her mummy at all and started to cry. After this, my friend decided she would wear a distinctive pair of sandals so her daughter would not lose her again. It’s not always practical or helpful to wear the burqa in public places but, like my friend, many Muslim women wear it believing they are observing what the Qur’an teaches.

In Europe, Belgium and France assume its OK for the government to say we believe in freedom, but then advocate that the laws should say what Muslim women can and can’t wear. French President Nicolas Sarkozy said the veil made women “prisoners behind netting.” There seems to be a lack of understanding of Muslim women and their reasons for wearing the burqa. What about the human rights of Muslim women? In banning the burqa will we become the oppressor rather than fighting against oppression? If we are concerned for Muslim women as Mr. Sarkozy professes to be, should we not concentrate on empowering them and giving them a voice rather than spending time making laws that threaten their freedom to choose?”

Hannah Shah is the author of “The Imam’s Daughter: My Desperate Flight to Freedom.”

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  • shaheed-yahudi

    A-M-E-R-C-A (U.S.A.) is the I’ve been visit & been To Major Islami Nations (Jordan, Aegypt, Somalia, Yemen, Saudi,Oman, U.A.E., Muscott, Kuwait, Dubai, Bahrain, IRAN, Pakistan, Afghanistan, India, Sri-Lanks, Bangladesh, Malaysia, Indonesia.) Remember, from Experience/Historic, ALL Are IMPORTED To America/USA. {NOt Made In America}. And the first 2 letters of usa is “US” = US! Not “MY RELIGION” (Prophet/GoD). But if there are ‘prophets’ HERE) then it is our [Secular] “PRESIDENT(s) whom WE. “The People” designate (VOTE) as such (King/Queen like). Thus being our Prophets like {pbu Them; our Forefather/Mothers}.The B-U-R-Q-A & Islamic-Conquest hath died & been defeated when Note: When I ride the Subway in U.S. & See “Buka/Burkah-Babes” it does Not Belong. I can undewrstand if one dresses in one for Holoween; or can use it in a sandstorm; or when really cold wind or even can be a form of Sun screen.; but In AMERICA there’s other ways(less Offensive; Hiding Faces; ALL The Time; not sometimes; hence can ‘Fool some people some time, but not ALL people all time).Ironically Democracy is ‘imported from Europe; and DEMocracy via This REPUBLIC is ‘S-E-C-U-L-A-R Based; Not SHARIA, not CHALAKAH, Not CANNON etc.., We [i] live in a i [WE] believe that U.S.A. Should start limiting the Building Of MOSQUES/MADRASSAS (Parochial, Yeshiva, Ishram..) here; and Make Very Public the Location & Names of Every IMMAM who’s So; from Experience & Loving America (As Is) that The ‘BURQA’ Does NOt Belong. Fact: i [WE] can’t openly-Worship There {54+ Islamic Nations with Islam & Allah embedded in their Constitutions; if any}; so they should not openly-flout US via Burqa Question or CARTOON defamations & other Pretexts..Soo; Think Globally & Act Locally” (not the other way around). PS: This is the Post Electro Age & Atomic-Age; So things grow in the forward direction (MINDS); Nay; Backward Thinking. Practice There; not Here. Note: And Speaking-AMERICAN is not Speaking ENGLISH; that changed to.

  • shaheed-yahudi

    Oooopss.WE [i] COMMEND & SALUTE The “DUTCH” For Getting Strong (True) against “Expontial-Islamization” via Mosque over-building, aka Scare-Creep via “AL TAQIYAH”ism. Note: From Christopher Columbus To Henry of the Hudson & East Rivers (both like Tigris or Euphrates of Mesopotamia) did not have ANY Islamics involved in Discovering our North & South of AMERICA’S. O’ Henry Hudson; our [Prophet] of Father/Mother-Landa, NEW YORK (The EMPIRE STATE); O’ Father of The Holyi-Land of lots of Milky & Honey’s so to spaketh. O’ Native [NOt Canaanites] Americano/a’s. PS: After asking some Native-American (Worship Nature); yet classified as KAFIR’s via Islami, about the Burqa THAT; They (100%) Agree ‘IT DOES-NOt-Fit’ Here. Only There (Home of said created & thus imported Religion, Custom, Tradition,). As a Law Of it’s Holyiness; ALL Imported, so called, JUDEO-ABE Systems + JUDEO-VEDIC Systems, in U.S. of A.’s must & will Blend into Native-American System Here. Hark! This is the Religion Of Secular-anity! Not Christi-anity, et al. Good News: SECULARANITY Is A Religion Here.Haloluweeyayo! Aye?

  • Secular

    Ms. Shah: in deference to your experience I shall hold my punches. I strongly admire your courage to escape the cudgels of Islam. You are probably less than one in a million with your level of courage. In addition to that you being able to articulate your journey should put all the pious muslim men to utter shame and humiliation. Congratulations Ms. Shah, all the best to you in your new found life.

  • abrahamhab1

    Ms Shah says:You escaped your dysfunctional society mainly in search of empowerment. Exposing a woman’s face is a first step in that direction. Hiding beneath a black tent reinforces the belief among Muslim men that she is an “awra”; a sexual organ that needs to be covered. What can be more demeaning to a woman than that?

  • shaheed-yahudi

    Hmm….♫..♪….72 Virgins?….O.K!…..”Al Arkbark”

  • halozcel1

    Dear Hannah Shah(Hannah? Jewish Name of Muslim Woman? Interesting,very interesting)Freedom to wear Burqa,No,no,it’s Not Freedom.*Empower Women* Yes,right.Please,please,listen to voice of your conscience.

  • yasseryousufi1

    This woman sounds confused to me. What was the point of this article? Is she for the Burqa or against it?PS: Is she Hannah Shah or Hannah Shaw? Does she keep her Muslim name to mislead the readers now that she’s converted to Christianity?

  • uzs106

    I agree with Hannah. In England a Burka ban is something not even to think about. They are not French

  • ahrj

    Whew, I would not care to be wearing that thing all year round-one good hot flash, & I’m outta there!Besides, what’s the point, how do you really see anything except whats directly in front of you, you are so limited. why would you want to live hiding in the open like that? If the men in your community want you to be covered head to toe whenever you’re in public, then let them do all the shopping, cooking driving-oh that’s right the women aren’t allowed to drive….& that’s good, ’cause they can’t see!!!!!!!

  • mariam_sh

    hello…im an egyptian muslim girl…im a second year student major economics and political science at cairo uni….i just wanted 2 point out a single thing here….i wear a veil not burqa and i wear normal clothes…jeans t-shirts normally…anyways thats not the point what im trying to say is that u could be a muslim and at the same time a social person…self confident educated sucessful and leading.another point i want to stress on is that i dont think its ok for any government to ban any clothing items that ppl in its country are likely to wear…like in egypt we cant even begin to think about banning revealing clothes for example that most tourists would wear and thats purely out of respect…anyways given the circumstances what i think is that if these women( those wearing burqa) are offended then i guess they probably should have given it a second thought as to what to expect when going to a european country and she shouldnt have taken this step in the first place( im talking about muslim immigrants) like the saying goes…when in rome do as romans do….why would such women approve to go there in the first place where they know they would be offended..and just one more question…im planning on going 2 usa for the summer vacation this year and would like to know if i would encounter any problems as for my veil….taking into consideration that i wear normal clothes not very odd looking….thnxx

  • mariam_sh

    hi…im an Egyptian Muslim a second year student major economics and political science at cairo uni…im veiled but i dont wear burqa…i wear normal clothes..jeans shirts skirts…anyways i just wanted to say that a veiled Muslim girl is capable of being sucessful leading educated and influential.another thing to point out is that its unfair for any government to ban a certain clothing item that some of its inhabitants might wear…like in egypt we wont even begin to think about banning revealing clothes worn by most tourists here just out of respect eventhough for some ppl it is insulting….another point is that i dont know why women wearing burqas did even think in the first place of leaving to europe ( muslim immigrants) when they knew quite well what to expect….as the saying goes…when in rome do as romans do…in my opinion burqas are just not suited for european lifestyles…