Changing how Muslims see America

By Amar C. Bakshijournalist Last week, the Pew Research Center released its annual survey of global public opinion, including a … Continued

By Amar C. Bakshi

Last week, the Pew Research Center released its annual survey of global public opinion, including a look at how seven majority-Muslim nations — Egypt, Indonesia, Jordan, Kuwait, Nigeria, Pakistan, and Turkey — view the United States and President Obama. The responses prompted a slew of U.S. newspapers to run virtually identical headlines declaring the “Muslim world” was “disappointed” with President Obama and “leery” of America’s global role. The Washington Post announced “Obama’s Muslim Outreach Faltering.”

Yet Obama still remains far more popular than his predecessor. Last year after the election of President Obama, Muslims around the world expressed significantly more confidence in the U.S. President — an increase of 38% in Indonesia, 24% in Jordan, and 31% in Turkey. Today, confidence in him and favorability ratings of the United States have dipped by several percentage points, kicking off a debate in the blogosphere over whether this decline was inevitable or the result of Obama Administration policy failures. This debate misses a far more important point.

In its focus on measuring U.S. popularity and Obama’s performance, recent coverage has overlooked the elephant in the data: the high percentage of respondents in Muslim majority nations who express “very unfavorable” views (the lowest possible response category) of Americans, the United States, and its impact on the world and have done so consistently for years and years. For the past eight years, around 55 percent of Pakistanis have held a very unfavorable view of the United States. Today, about 60 percent of Turks hold a very unfavorable view of the U.S., and the trend line is not improving. In Egypt, nearly 50 percent have a very unfavorable view of the U.S. – the worst rating since Pew started polling in Egypt in 2006. Neither the election of President Obama nor his appearance in Cairo seemed to have had any affect on these dismal “very unfavorable” figures.

Swings in “favorability” tell us how U.S. foreign policy in the Middle East or Afghanistan is being judged year by year. But the “very unfavorable” rating points to the large number of Muslims who distrust the U.S. almost no matter what it does on the world stage. The former gives a glimpse of the battle; the latter reports the state of the war.

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Deep distrust among many Muslims makes this Administration’s outreach particularly challenging. The White House Entrepreneurship Summit, the State Department’s Science Envoys, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s polio eradication partnership — all worthy initiatives — can come across to many Muslims as America trying to buy goodwill on the cheap, like BP building an aquarium after the oil spill.

Before seeking to be loved, the United States must first ensure it is not so widely hated.

But what can be done to influence those with the most intractably unfavorable views of the U.S.? The first step is to identify and examine their hardened anti-American narratives. Future polls should break down Muslim respondents by age, gender, denomination, and socio-economic background. Surveys should track respondents’ views of America’s motivations, not just whether they believe the U.S. takes account of their interests. The U.S. also needs more reporting from the ground on how and why Muslims feel the way they do.

The next step is to craft strategies to puncture the most prevalent anti-American narratives — such as the U.S. being at war with Muslims, or occupying Iraq to seize oil and dominate the region. This means taking actions to counter these views and aggressively publicizing these actions. The U.S. must promote stories that cause the most skeptical Muslims to pause and reconsider their views — stories such as ongoing U.S. efforts to withdraw from Iraq, the appointment of a U.S. ambassador to Syria, and America’s prolonged attempt to foster dialogue with Iran.

The U.S. should also develop a global “Fight the Smears” campaign to nip new conspiracy theories in the bud, such as charges that the polio eradication campaign is in fact an attempt to sterilize Muslim populations. During the campaign the President proposed an “America’s Voice Corps” to “recruit, train, and send out into the field talented young Americans who can speak with — and listen to — the people who today hear about us only from our enemies.” This is a very good idea, and it is time to realize it.

In the future, the U.S. must take more time to explain to Muslim across the world why we do what we do. The fact that the Bush Administration failed to articulate a clear rationale for the war in Iraq, either before or during the conflict, opened a huge lacuna that has been filled with wild conspiracy theories. This in turn has helped build up staggering distrust of the U.S. in Jordan, Turkey, and other allies.

In Cairo last year, President Obama delivered a sweeping address to Muslims around the world calling for a new partnership based on mutual interest and mutual respect, commitment to universal values, and greater engagement between citizens from Kansas to Cairo. The challenge for this Administration has been, and remains, to translate that vision into innovative ways to engage Muslim populations who are most estranged from the United States.

Leveraging America’s comparative advantages in business, technology, education, and science is an important start. But there are millions of people who see any U.S. good deed with a jaundiced eye. America does not need to sell its strengths to Muslims, who already respect its prowess. It needs to persuade Muslims who deeply distrust the United States to question their preconceptions. It must puncture hardened anti-American narratives to pry open space for dialogue where none currently exists.

Amar C. Bakshi
 is a foreign affairs student at Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies and a member of the British Council’s Transatlantic Network 2020. Previously, he reported for The Washington Post online about How the World Sees America.

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  • AKafir

    The muslim countries are mired in a war within Islam, and the muslims are loathe to acknowledge that. “It needs to persuade Muslims who deeply distrust the United States to question their preconceptions. It must puncture hardened anti-American narratives to pry open space for dialogue where none currently exists.”What ails the Muslims in the OIC countries is the lack of reform in Islam and the dominance of the religious groups that want to take the muslims back to the 7th century. The US government is not equipped to talk forthrightly about Islam and its problems and the reformation Islam needs so desperately.

  • Secular

    In my view, let the Muslim world be as it is. Does Pew foundation or the US government expend these kind of resources to see if the Buddhist world, Hindu World or any other world view US? The answer is resounding NO. Then why this special obsession with the muslim world. Does US care if the Burmese hate the US because the junta is oppressive, NO. Then why should we care Egyptians hate us? Mor attention we pay to the good for nothing countries the better we are. I say we just withdraw, social, cultural and all political entanglements with these countries. They want to buy stuff from US companies, well and good, same goes the other way around. Lets not bother them and lets not be bothered by them. They want to live in 7th century, we don’t have to facilitate that or thwart it, so be it. If Egyptians want to throw Mubarak and his family, what is to us? If they keep him what is it to us? I say we stop propping the him up with aid. It was in 70s Kissinger bought Sadat off of the Soviets. There are no soviets any more, so why bother. Enough is enough. Same goes for Saudi Arabia and the remaining 46 OIC. Deal with these 7th century nations, just like we deal with Switzerland, hands off. Once we do that the neanderthals will have nothing to rail against. IF they threaten Mohammed drawing cartoonist, we will tell them where to stick their threats. That will put a quick stop to the silent majority in those countries that hate us.

  • barferio

    It isn’t possible to please the muslims, no matter how modern they are. The US could give them everything they want and their opinion would not change.There is something wrong with them, with their culture, with their oppressive religious control of their world.We had a reformation, a renaissance, an enlightenment, and we’re still fighting against the religious nuts among us who want to revert to their own version of the biblical primitive state of some distant past. When will this happen within Islam?It cannot. Certainly they aren’t going to become “modern” from anything good or bad the US can do.We give their imams a devil to hate. Like all religions, hatred is a far more unifying force than anything else it offers.When you consider the state of Islam back in the 12th century, in Baghdad … or in moorish spain where the three big religions seemed to get along fine … what happened to Islam?We are slowly freeing ourselves from our own religious nonsense. I’m quite sure this is what they hate and fear the most.

  • Jihadist

    Let’s look at how Obama and/or US is viewed by Brazilians and Mexicans too. One can look up the whole Pew polls oneself. And Obama himself is viewed less favourably in US than in Europe, South Korea, India? Polls are like taking the temperatures of people on expectations and perceptions, especially on policies and/or initiatives, or lack of them.

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  • shaheed-yahudi

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  • WmarkW

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  • shaheed-yahudi

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