Is God a Republican?

By Elizabeth Tenety Is God a Republican or a Democrat? It seems that God has been speaking mostly to Republicans … Continued

By Elizabeth Tenety

Is God a Republican or a Democrat?

It seems that God has been speaking mostly to Republicans when it comes to the call to serve in public office.

Maybe the G.O.P does stand for God’s Own Party after all.

In an interview posted at the Faith & Freedom coalition website, former Christian Coalition leader Ralph Reed asked Sharron Angle, who won Nevada’s Republican Senate primary, about her rapid rise. Angle gave a spiritual answer to a political question:

Reed: Sharron, you really came, you know, maybe not out of nowhere, but from the back of the back of the pack to win the Republican primary here in Nevada. There’s a new poll out this week that shows you leading Harry Reid by seven or eight points. How do you explain all of this? You’re now a national story. Are you kind of overwhelmed by it all?

Sharon Angle: “Not really. I believe that God has been in this from the beginning and because of that, when he has a plan and purpose for your life and you fit into that what he calls you to, he’s always equipped people.”

God, if you believe His messengers, also spoke to Sarah Palin, George Bush and Norm Coleman, calling them to public office.

Should we take them at their word?

In Stephen Manfield’s ‘The Faith of George W. Bush,’ we learn that before his run for the presidency, Bush confided in evangelical leader James Robison about the vocation, saying: “I feel like God wants me to run for President. I can’t explain it, but I sense my country is going to need me. Something is going to happen… I know it won’t be easy on me or my family, but God wants me to do it.”

And an Associated Press story reported in January 2010 that “Sarah Palin believed that Sen. John McCain chose her to be his running mate in the 2008 presidential race because of ‘God’s plan,’ according to a top political strategist in the Arizona Republican’s campaign.”

During his 2008 campaign for Senate re-election (which he lost) Minnesota Senator Norm Coleman told a radio talk show host that “He starts every day with a prayer and that he knows ‘God wants me to serve.'”

Why God let Al Franken win Coleman’s seat is another matter.

Like many religious people, some politicians view their vocations through a spiritual lens. But in a pluralistic society, how should we interpret these claims?

What other politicians or leaders have you seen claim divine endorsement? How do you interpret their beliefs? Is God a Republican after all?

Elizabeth Tenety
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  • Garak

    If god is a Republican, he must have a lot of gay sex with hookers at strip clubs.

  • WmarkW

    God only appears to be a Republican because On Faith ignores the downside of excessive religosity in the African-American community:Low scientific literacyWhen are you going to do an article on whether blacks would be better off if they were more secular?

  • LesterB1

    You’ve got to be kidding. Christians can’t decide on the role of the pope. They can’t figure out whether God is for or against stem cell research and/or abortions. They can’t decide whether or not the Bible actually states the Earth was created in six days 6000 years ago and experienced a world-wide flood. You think religious interpretative knowledge is anything other than a reflection of the idiot making the interpretation?

  • wankel

    God is a Republican but Jesus is a socialist. Everything he teaches points toward a socialist society.

  • LOONYBIN2000

    I am not a Republican and useing G*D as an excuse for political gains seems to be not religious, but trendy!Bush claimed God told him what to do. Sheer ruination and thousands of lives lost, orphans left. mothers, fathers and wives heart broken, perhaps for the rest of their lives, is this our loving G*d image???????

  • diveguy99

    A phenomenally stupid question

  • TomJx

    i thought God founded the Green Party to take care of his Creation. No? 😉

  • regulas1

    God is neither but i ganuntee you that the Socilaist party aka Democrats are further away from him than are the Republicans.The Democrat Party is almost the same as the Nazi Party except instead of murdering Millions of Jews the Democrats support the continued Genocide/Murder of Millions of Unborn (Babies) Americans.Fact: The Nazi party were Socialists and liberal environmentalists too.Party had several key party platforms:Some memorable Nazi slogans:

  • anatticwit

    Based purely on the fact that when God created all life on Earth- he created animals with the specific intention of destroying and devouring other animals, I’d say yes, he’s not only Republican, but he purposely created Republicans. Only a God that created life, and is content with forms of it completely obliterating other forms of it, would be Republican.

  • Dokimon

    For Believers sensing God’s leading, doesn’t translate to winning anything. Any Believer who runs for office, Dem or Rep, ought to feel God’s leading. If you understood Christianity you would know that God does not plan it to be a, “Bed of Roses.” Ever read Pilgrim’s Progress?

  • tmiller32

    This is why we would have a better world without using the invisible man’s name “GOD”. I like the quotes I read from some of the people’s post here. For example: REGULAS1 wrote “It was our Lord Christ himself that said it would be better to tie a millstone around their neck and cast into the sea than face him if they harm a hair on the little ones heads.” Wow! Really? Sounds like a very angry and jealous parent. Get rid of religion and then thing will be better. But I must say this. If you were to get rid religion, then what would people do? Oh, I know, they would start acting sane. WTF is wrong with people and the invisible man? I know one thing, he is very rich, greedy, and selfish and if you read his book and fear him, you will go to a better place when your worm dirt. Sorry, I’m acting like a Republican there for second. No, I’m not a Democrat either, I’m just sane.

  • tkar

    If you answer this question are you not creating Gods will? You can’t make a perception of the world without including your own nervous system in the description. Vote for what you believe in, not for what you believe God believes in. If you believe in God doesn’t that mean his will is in you and there is no need to analyze a ridiculous question like this?

  • thebobbob

    If you hear “the voice of God” then you’re mentally ill and need to be medicated. Why not The Flying Spaghetti Monster? Pastafarians worship his Noodly Appendage? Why? Because they believe. If Jews, Christians amd Muslims can make up a religion and then use it justify stoning, murder, war, bizarre dietary restrictions, mysoginistic cultural beliefs then anyone can make up anything.It’s the 21st Century!! When are we going get over this “Will of God” cr-a-p!

  • abbydelabbey

    God is not a Republican! why do I say that?And thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy mind, and with all they strength: this is the first commandment. And the second is like, namely this, Thou shalt love thy neighbor as thyself. There is none other commandment greater than these. Mark 12:30-31 Jesus said: “A man was going down from Jerusalem to Jericho, when he fell into the hands of robbers. They stripped him of his clothes, beat him and went away, leaving him half dead. A priest happened to be going down the same road, and when he saw the man, he passed by on the other side. So too, a Levite, when he came to the place and saw him, passed by on the other side. 33But a Samaritan, as he traveled, came where the man was; and when he saw him, he took pity on him. He went to him and bandaged his wounds, pouring on oil and wine. Then he put the man on his own donkey, took him to an inn and took care of him. The next day he took out two silver coins and gave them to the innkeeper. ‘Look after him,’ he said, ‘and when I return, I will reimburse you for any extra expense you may have.’These are lessons that the Republicans have never learned…..

  • wlp624

    Wow, there are a couple of seriously sick people commenting here. And the sickest ones appear to be the most ‘religious’. No wonder separation of church and state is so necessary.God won’t save us from religious zealots (be they Republican or Democrat), so the saner heads among us had better be prepared to.

  • gamato

    Oh please – God has told a lot people in history what to do and not all of it good. In fact most of it not good. Angle will justify denying civil rights to people because she presumes to know “God and his will.” We don’t have to believe what you do Ms. Angle and the constituion protects the rest of us from people like you.

  • roscoehurst

    If god is republican, then he is also a racist and a tea bagger, and a war monger.

  • roscoehurst

    If god is arepublican then he clearly prefers giant corp. over all else.

  • roscoehurst

    If god is a republican, rush. sarah glen hannity, fox noise,and money are his deciples. They have all gotten rich using hate as there platform.

  • OldWarDog

    No, Republicans are God. At least they thought they were, until the Tea Party came along. We may be reverting to polytheism directly.

  • stimpson65

    Actually, from what I’ve read about God in the Bible, I would find it very easy to believe he’s a Repug. According to the Bible, he likes or approves of animal cruelty, slavery, genocide, infanticide, rape, incest, and torture.

  • AxelDC

    God doesn’t talk to either party, but Republicans think that He talks exclusively to them.

  • thebump

    Either the writer is a complete and utter idiot, or knows better and is merely being provocative.Saying that you seek to discern God’s will for your life, and that you believe it is God’s will for you to serve or to run, is NOT to say that you believe God is “on your side” and wants your opponent to lose. Indeed, you would hope your opponent also is a person of faith and also seeks to do God’s will, and that individual voters do likewise.Because if all involved truly sought to do God’s will, our politics would be far more edifying, far less toxic and divisive.

  • spidermean2

    Dems are for gay marriage – God is against it.Dems are for abortion – God is against it.Dems are for Darwinian evolution -God is against it.Dems are for ILLEGAL immigration – God don’t favor anything illegal.Dems attract atheist voters – God is against it.Dems loves everything which God is against with.The prophecy tells that the liberal Democrat states are doomed.

  • mibrooks27

    Actually, and I say this as a very sad former Obama supporter and Democrat, “YES”; evidently God, morality, right and wrong, are solely the domain of genuine conservatives. The Democratic Party and “liberalism” has become a rats nest of perversion, greed, dishonesty, hatred, vile conduct, that is reflective of the cynicism and self service of liberal leaders.

  • billy8

    If anyone thinks that “God” if such a thing exists, is interested in American politics, they are insanely narcissistic.

  • TidusNVA

    Their god must be the god of this world, aka the Devil. Christians should not seek political power for themselves on this earth. PERIOD. And to say that their “god” has blessed their campaign… like saying that “god” blessed them with a lot of money. It’s only a blessing if you remember to do your Christian duty and pass on the entire amount of your wealth to the “least among us”. Oh, that’s right, you don’t want to give your money to bums and drug addicts, aka the unemployed… HMMMMM

  • codysea

    Of course God is a Republican. God is dead. And so are they.

  • robertajkaufman3

    god says render to ceasar what is ceasars and wisdom is justified by her children true justice awaits us being perfectly carried about by a king who is able to discern good from evil as humans we tend to put our faith in things that offer no solutions in our life in our world or brokeness so it is a matter of faith I believe that god would certainly lean toward conservatism but remember he is a creator of all things and whose to say in which heart he is delighted being to emeshed in politics is much the same as a dead religion moving two spaces up a ladder when you need to soar on eagles wings oh boy do we need good god fearing people tending this country pray its that serious

  • Samster2

    Yes, God only speaks to the GOP. He told the GOP to kill 100 thousand Iraqis – who knows why but then that’s just like him – and to destroy our economy and environment – a lesson in humility of course. So it’s no wonder that the GOP is the party of NO. They just did what God told them to do and now this heathen Obama wants to undone all their good works.Can I get an amen?

  • kkrimmer

    It seems to me that the GOP is the OPPOSITE of Christian. Care for the poor? Not on your life…Wealth Gap Is Increasing, Study ShowsTax Cuts Offer Most for Very Rich, Study Says

  • jpenergy

    Political hacks with No real accomplishments so often claim to be in with God, thus claiming his accomplishments and attributes as theirs. Aristotle

  • Mnnngj

    //God is a Republican but Jesus is a socialist. Everything he teaches points toward a socialist society. I liked this post best. Yes, Jesus – the man who asks all to turn the other cheek and to love one another.God, as known by true Realizers, is actually not a someone apart that you talk to and who talks to you.God as understood by true Realizers (predominantly from the East) is the undifferentiated Divine Who Arises as Consciousness Itself, not separate or apart from any aspect of this One Divine Consciousness.

  • ruthella10

    I think a lot of GOP members have God mixed up with Satan! Unfortunately they cannot tell the difference.

  • DadWannaBe

    Norm Coleman… “He starts every day with a prayer and that he knows ‘God wants me to serve.'”Why God let Al Franken win Coleman’s seat is another matter.=====That’s because Norm Coleman misunderstood God. God wanted Coleman to serve…DRINKS to Congress. Coleman is supposed to be the Congressional Butler and Franken is supposed to represent Minnesota in Congress. It’s amazing how much difference on little word can make.

  • Chops2

    Is god a Republican? The most offensive question ever.Australia has its first athiest PM and our longest serving leader Bob Hawke was an agnostic. The world didnt collapse and both of them put priorities of lower income people ahead of any conservative agenda.If only, one day, America and other Islamic theocracies could elect someone who, god forbid, just happens to be the best qualified candidate.

  • detoqueville

    Jesus said “sell all of your goods and give the money to the poor.” Sound Republican? Maybe in the next world.

  • Georgetowner1

    Most of the posters on here do not appear to believe in God so I don’t know why they would bother to comment.

  • spidermean2

    Australia’s PM is an atheist and Britain’s second top man is also an atheist. That makes the Bible very true as it accurately describes the culmination towards Doomsday.Bad timing for Australia and Britain perhaps. It leaves you no doubt that these two countries are on the Doomsday list.

  • HillRat

    God is a Tea Bagger??? I hope not; I’d like to think he’s at least bipartisan.

  • dotellen

    No, God is not a Republican, it’s just that more Republicans listen to those weird little voices in their heads.

  • 85edwardearthlinknet

    If there were a god he might have seen to it that many of these commentators had learned to spell and write a decent sensible English sentence. Alas…….

  • spidermean2

    How can Jesus be a socialist when most socialist states are atheistic, poor, and always blame the rich for their poverty? True believers of God are rich or if not rich are contented with their life. “The Lord is my shepherd, I shall not want”. The true believer has all that he needs. Not begging for government dole outs.The fact remains the the liberal, gay- marrying, atheistic, Democrat states are soon to be doomed.

  • JimZ1

    Why would God pick the Republicans to represent him if they care so little about people? Does that mean that everything that Jesus taught us is lie?

  • gtinla

    I think this entire line of questioning is a waste of time. Everyone thinks God is like them: feminists, KKK members, Republicans. That God is a projection of who we are. Maybe it’s time we listen to God and quit trying to make him reflect who we are. If Republicans want to think smugly that God favors them, they are right. Their projection confirms who they are.

  • WmarkW

    God is neither a Democrat or Republican.Now will both parties please stop playing Santa Claus?

  • muawiyah

    ABBYDELABBEY ~ your interpretation of the story of the Good Samaritan is totally off the wall.The priest and the levite passed by because THE LAW, one enacted by an ancient Sanhedrin filled to the gills with DEMOCRAT special interest representatives, required them both to do certain things in a certain order, with any deviation subject to severe penalties ~ REGULATORY AUTHORITY FIRST was the controlling thought here.The LAW demanded they maintain ritual purity before rendering aid.However, I’m sure both the priest and levite INTENDED to come back later, and had every intention of doing good works in the here and now, they got beaten to the punch by the wily Samaritan.The Samaritan was not burdened by the Sanhedrin’s LAW. They had their own, and they were more flexible.Samaritans moved around in that ancient society like an unregulated oil company.The Jews had to leave a guy in the ditch but the Samaritan didn’t have to so he didn’t. In fact, he used HIS OWN MONEY, not just tithes from the Temple, and trusted the inn-keeper to do good work for the pay ~ not once did the Samaritan have to threaten him with a visit by the Temple Police should he just pocket the money and leave the victim untreated.So, yes, you got it all backwards, The Samaritan was a Republican and he did God’s own work, as do Republicans.The Jews in the story were highly regulated, and they did exactly what they were required to do by text, and not by the heart.Nothing has changed only today the Lefties pass the oppressive laws that require men to do evil.

  • chatard

    This plaintive cry from godless liberals is getting a little old, Elizabeth. Are you echoing the command from the ANOINTED ONE for people who ’caused the problem'(God-fearing Republicans)to shut up?

  • muawiyah

    WHISTLINGAnd your problem is what?The story is about a levite and a priest. They are bound by various purity laws. There’s an injured man in the ditch. There’s a Samaritan ~ a non-Jew (by some standards), but someone who nonetheless did not adhere to the purity laws of the Temple. Remember, the Samaritans had their own holy mount and primary place of worship. EVERYBODY in the story is a Jew ~ because, as it turns out interestingly enough, it all takes place within the bounds of the ancient Kingdom of Judah.I’ve served as the tenth person in a Minion many times ~ and you?

  • trident420

    Google Dena Schlosser. Yes, God told her to do it. It was all part of His great plan. Republicans who say “Its God’s plan” are either clueless or collecting easy votes. I’d bet the latter.

  • areyousaying

    With apologies to Bill Hicks, God was forced to create RepuBPlicans when he looked down on the seventh day and lamented, “Oh, my Me! I’ve left marijuana growing everywhere!”

  • muawiyah

    Democrats and assorted Leftists simply have no understanding of what God is saying.That is, in fact, the problem. God is talking to everybody all the time. Some folks understand, some folks can’t hear Him, other folks don’t want to hear. If a handful of Republicans listen that’s not making them all that special ~ the message is for all.Now, did George Bush once upon a time attend an Old Order Amish event where a Plattdeutsch speaker translated what he said into Plattdeutsch, and then that was translated back into English by someone else?Yes, that happened, and that’s where the Leftwingtards get the business of Bush saying God speaks to him in some sort of exclusive sense.Always a good idea for politicians to have what they are claimed to have said in a different language cross checked by competent interpreters.

  • Nymous

    It’s not God talking to them. They’re quite a party of evil people, filled with a lot of evil selfish actors. They lie to good people, scare them, anger them, and then fleece them for money.No, this clearly is not the work of God. Too bad more people can’t see the obvious truth.They’re like the moneylenders in the temple. More like that than anything else, except when they’re being seriously evil, like the Arizona governor choose to be.

  • tsorren

    GOD TOLD ME….he resigned from the Fox Party and became an independent. When I asked her why, all she said was ‘W, Sarah, Michelle Bachmann, Boner’ over and over again. When I asked her why not join the Dems, all she said over and over was ‘no spine’.

  • obx2004

    muawiyahI always get the impression, whenever I read about or listen to a Christian, that they have a lot of contempt for Jews. Then again, they have a very visceral contempt for anyone who is non-Christian, or a skeptic, or an atheist, etc. It is decidedly evident by their comments here.

  • MidwaySailor76

    I’m not sure if politicians claim god talks to them because they know certain people will vote for them, or because they really hear voices. Either way, we lose.

  • adrienne_najjar

    There is no god. Realize that, and your true spirit will be liberated. There isn’t some supernatural being pulling strings that control everything that happens. God was invented by ignorant savages to explain the inexplicable, and to let people off the hook for their own stupid actions.

  • charlesbsmith1

    God is not a respecter of person, nor is He a respecter of political affiliation. Neither party can claim Him as their guide. However, scripture does state that a tree is known by the fruit that it bears. Look at the actions of republicans, and democrats and see which fruit closely follow his teachings.

  • scudderj

    Yes, he is a republican

  • bigfoot1

    I can’t tell if this article/post is supposed to be funny or not. If it’s not a joke, it might be the most offensive thing I’ve seen published by this increasingly out of touch newspaper. The only thing we know for sure that made the Christian God – the one Republicans keep claiming talks to them – angry in the Bible was hypocrisy.I’m pretty sure that God does not belong to a political party at all, but if he ever did “talk to Republicans” as your headline says, they would likely burst into flames.

  • kuato

    What need does a fictional character have of political affiliation? Wonder who Bugs Bunny is going to vote for in November?

  • GarmeyT

    It seems some people must have a great deal more success at divining god’s will and understanding what “he” wants than I do. I for one have difficulty understanding what my supervisor at work wants, much less an invisible, supernatural creator who apparently put me here, yet doesnt deign to speak to me in a language I am capable of understanding. They tell me I should “listen” and he will speak to me. Somehow, when I do that I hear my own thoughts…but what do I know.Most of the time, when I hear people claim that it is “god’s will” i probe a little bit and find that there’s quite a bit of “my will” underlying that statement. And unless i am mistaken, it isnt “god’s will” that abortion be banned, we destroy iraq, rich people get richer and we all go back to 1850 – it is either interpreted from the bible BY MEN AND WOMEN, or MEN AND WOMEN claim to know what God wants, or MEN AND WOMEN claim to have been spoken to by God. The ironic thing is that our society requires a higher standard of proof for getting a driver’s license than it does for a supernatural, all-encompassing santa claus. Ugh.

  • PennyWisetheClown

    The Bible and the koran are violent fairy tales followed by lunatics and people who have no faith in themselves.One day one of those lunatics is going to have his or her finger on the nuclear trigger and say god commands it and destroy us all. Hopefully the survivors who crawl out of the rubble outlaw all religions.

  • GarmeyT

    And by the way…i for one have no desire to worship such a narcissitic creature as a “god.” Lets see..he creates me, but doesnt speak to me in a language I can understand. I am supposed to honor him, but he gives me no guidance in his own words – its ‘interpreted’ from the words of men dead 3,000 years who today would end up in a psychiatric ward – and then my job is to worship him? He’s God. He doesnt need me to worship him. And if he created me in his own image, why doesnt he speak to me in a language I can understand? Why all the mystery? That is one twisted, sadistic creature man has invented.

  • muawiyah

    BIGFOOT1 ~ not quite “hypocrisy” rather being hypocritical about the hypocrisy you believe you observe in others.That gets the Lord very angry.It’s the “other god” that gets angry over simple “hypocrisy”. He’s the one in the Koran ~ and he says “kill the hypocrites”.You have to study these things to come to an in-depth understanding. A casual skimming of a few words here and there doesn’t work out.

  • rcubedkc

    I can just hear gog talking to one of it’s favorite repubs, larry craig. “Larry, you’re a tall guy with a wide stance, how about picking up that piece of toilet paper i dropped. While you’re down there………..

  • muawiyah

    OBX2004 ~ you failed to explain WHISTLING to himself. It would appear neither of you are aware of the story of the Good Samaritan, nor even of the meaning of the words in the story.There’s no reason to be ignorant of that particular story ~ it has universal appeal. It’s even used by Commies ~ they put themselves in the place of the Samaritan!BTW, regarding using the word Jew, I really don’t think I missed that ~ WHISTLING did ~ I didn’t. Check the next paragraph after the point where I used “priest and levite” together. When I referred to them TOGETHER in that next paragraph I used the expression “The Jews” ~ because quite clearly that’s who they were in this story. The Samaritan wouldn’t have been counted as Jewish by either, and for all we know the man in the ditch wasn’t Jewish either, nor the inn-keeper, but maybe they were.The two clearly Jewish characters in the story were devout men fully in conformance with the Laws of Moses (and the derivative laws created over the centuries). They were righteous in their own minds and did everything correctly.In short, they were the good guys ~ but they still had to leave the injured man in the ditch.This happens all the time in modern society. People obey the law and others are harmed.

  • Davidd1

    Which god?

  • onthejourney

    The “God called me” factor appeals to a certain group of voters who like to wear their faith on their sleeves…To be a civil servant in order to help the poor or provide for those less fortunate is to meet a “calling” but when you don’t label it as such, your are then deemed a person not of faith. Good works are simply good works and should require a label.

  • jaynashvil

    While I certainly believe in God, I’ve learned something very important about those who brag about doing His will: RUN the other way as fast as you can! You’re about to be taken for a ride. The huge number of GOP leaders who have wrapped themselves in “Godliness” have hurt an incredible number of people with their “more for the rich, the heck with the poor” practices and general intolerance towards anyone not like them. Has the public not learned yet??

  • nada85484

    only repuglootards are hypocritical enough to claim divine intervention as a justification for their dispicable actions and pure stupiditygod told sharron angle to run for the US Senate so she could make sure that no senator helps the citizens of Nevada find jobsHarry Reid helped broker a deal to save 20,000 jobs in Nevadasharron angle said harry was wrong to help save those jobsthen sharron angle LIED, claiming she opposed the deal because it would involve stimulus spending by the federal governmentthere is no federal stimulus money being used in the projectsharron angle liedone of God’s commandments is “Thou Shall Not Lie”sharron angle isn’t hearing Godsharron angle is listening to the opposite of godand that is just one of many examples of terrorist teabagger republicans following the god of lies

  • shadowmagician

    Of all the living Presidents – I would nominate Jimmy Carter (Democrat) as the one who best understands and lives Christian teachings.The others have forgotten that “The Love of Money is the Root of All Evil”

  • kj_young

    Back in the 80’s, the Republicans learned how to “use” religion to advance their own agenda. They know that church going Christians tend to follow those who “say” they communicate with God, rather than look at the deeds of the person. Unfortunately, too many religious leaders buy into that theory and “preach” that you have to follow the Republican doctrine to be a good Christian. Maybe that’s why so many churches now preach the prosperity doctrine rather than Christ’s teachings.

  • alaskansheilah

    Abbeydellabby’s remark was totally RIGHT ON! But mine must be a little more spiritually inclined. Though there may well be spiritual people involved in politics, I don’t think spirituality is limited to the Republicans. GOD chooses whomever he will…it’s just that the Republicans choose to use HIM as a political tool. At their peril some may say. GOD IS NOT POLITICAL. END OF STORY! Jesus was neither a Sadducee or a Pharisee. It’s interesting to note the powers that be of the day of his manhood: THE ROMANS, actually found no wrong with him, a fact that is indeed remarkable considering the Roman Empire. That alone is evidence that Christ at least was never and probably will not be any sort of POLITICAL figure.Get your heads out of the smut. If we persist in the Republican/Christian correlation, we will do untold harm to Christianity. The Apostle Paul was so correct in advising us to “STAY SEPARATE FROM WORLDLY THINGS”. Perhaps the Democratic Christians have considered this. Next trick question?

  • Viewpoint2

    If you think these people got a personal message from God, I’ve got some waterfront property to show you in the Florida Everglades. Did it ever cross anyone’s mind that these politicians make up this stuff for gullible voters?

  • onthejourney

    The “God called me” factor appeals to a certain group of voters who like to wear their faith on their sleeves…To be a civil servant in order to help the poor or provide for those less fortunate is to meet a “calling” but when you don’t label it as such, your are then deemed a person not of faith. Good works are simply good works and should not require a label.

  • ethanquern

    How odd, that we should be fight a war against religious extremists half way around the world, when we have so many of them here at home.This entire topic is a symptom of a truly and utterly dispicable disease…the disease of the self-righteous. And it is ALWAYS, UNQUESTIONABLY, and IRREVOCABLY temrinal.

  • ethanquern

    How odd, that we should be fighting a war against religious extremists half-way around the world, when we have so many of them here at home.This entire topic is a symptom of a dispicable disease…the disease of the self-righteous. Just because it is an epidemic does not excuse those afflicted. And it is ALWAYS, UNQUESTIONABLY, and IRREVOCABLY temrinal.

  • Afraid4USA

    I was talking to God the other day and he said that he was sorry he created the human race. “What a mistake,” he said, shaking his head. Currently, he says, he’s working on his tan and letting man stew in his own juices. When I asked him who the Repulicans were talking to, he said “Well, Satan, of course. He’s still on the job and often uses me as a cover for his nefarious deeds.”

  • asoders22

    Seems God is only concerned with America. 🙂

  • massmedia77

    As a person who follows the teachings of all of God’s prophets and a person who strongly believes in the Lord, I would simply say this:I am but a humble servant, I would not attempt to pretend that I know what God “thinks”.Too many times, humans in their arrogance, pretend to know the will of the Lord. Even Hitler felt that his work was anointed:”I believe today that my conduct is in accordance with the will of the Almighty Creator.” I am not moved spiritually by people that claim to be led by the Lord. Usually, people who love the Lord show this love with their actions, not their mouths.

  • divi3

    God is one of the tools used by the wealthy to convince the middle-class into voting against their own economic interests.

  • geopoet

    God did this, God did that. What about the other guy? He has had a lot of influence in politics you know. Who do you really think deserves credit for Dick Cheney? Bless his old ticker. Gott Mit Uns!

  • BlueTwo1

    Which God you talkin’ ’bout? The Christian God? The Muslim God? One tries (and fails) to turn Islamic countries into women-respecting profitable consumer marketplaces. The other flies passenger jets into tall buildings.

  • pjs1965

    If God is the creator of the entire Universe, of which all of us are a part, starting with our galaxy filled with 100 billion stars where it takes 4 years for light to reach our planet from the nearest star besides our Sun, and extending from that a Universe containing billions of galaxies, that as far as any reckoning is at least 15 billion years old, and that will probably carry on for billions of years more with or without humans, then it is the height of ignorance and self-centeredness to even wonder if God is is a Republican or a Democrat. It’s pretty clear He has bigger things on His mind.

  • DrS1

    The question of relevance should be “Do Repubilicans (and/or Democrats) have a clue what God what really wants of us? When religous principles are compared against party platforms,both parties only partially fit the bill. An honest apprasial would show that both parties have roughly the same mix of saints and sinners. What really rubs me the wrong way is when folks attempt to manipulate my religous sensitivies for political gain (a behavior discribed in Mormon theology as “Priestcraft”). Not exactly what Christ had in mind when he taught to render up to Ceasar what is Ceasar’s. When that happens, I start to question the person’s religous conviction as well as their suitabity for public office.

  • TomfromNJ1

    I do not know about Democrats or Republicans, but from everything I read in the scriptures, Jesus was a liberal. So I will answe this question about the religion I know most — Christianity.Count the number of times He told us to GIVE to the poor (notice He saya “give” not “make them work for it — after all, paying someone to ork is justice but Paul tells us Charity is the greatest virtue.”). He talks about how we treat “the least of these” not how we make the wealthy even more wealthy. He tells us that it is “easier for a camel to get through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to get into heaven” not that we should cut the taxes on those who make the most. It is the Conservatives who opposed Civil Rights and helping the poor. To be sure, in the 1860’s these were Democrats. Now they are Republicans. Acts tells us the story of Ananias and Saphira to show us how the early Christians were to live. Say “to each according to his needs” and today’s Conservatives think it came from Marx rather than Acts. The Conservatives oppose taxes yet when asked about this specific topic, Jesus gave the famous line about rendering to Caesar. The liberals, on the other hand usually stand for helping the very people Jesus said we should be favoring. Sad to say, we hear the Republicans favoring the rich and the Democrats the middle or working class, but I hardly ever hear anyone advocating for the poor — yet I have no doubt that that is where God is.When is the last time you heard a Conservative quote “turn the other cheek” or forgive our enemies (to say nothing of turning swords into plows — can you imagine Jesus’ reaction to the NRA?)? Those are radical ideas. No doubt there are Conservatives who will try to rationalize away the literal meaning of these while claiming to believe in the literal interpretation of the scriptures. In general, I think “Christian Conservative” is an oxymoron. Do you really think if Jesus walked the earth today, he would be preaching for decreased taxes, no help for the unemployed, etc. Or would he advocate health care for all to “cure the sick?”

  • docwhocuts

    What a silly headline and title.God speaks to all (if you believe in that stuff)THE DIFFERENCE IS WHETHER YOU LISTEN…or in the case of obama and bush (both stated this):TALK TO GOD.Who talks to god? crazy narcissistsThe rest of us listen to him (if you believe in “god” stuff)

  • joe_allen_doty

    If you have a correctly translated from the Hebrew Scriptures English Bible, you won’t find the word “Sodomite” in that translation. Nowhere in the whole Bible is it even mentioned that anyone living in Sodom had same-gender sexual activity. The residents of Sodom are just called “people” in the original texts. Sodom was NOT even in the country Canaan (the land the Canaanites); but, every time that “sodomite” appears in the King James Version Bible, the religious practice in question is ALWAYS that of the Canaanites. And the Hebrew word mistranslated as “sodomite,” kodesh, as a noun it means a holy person, place or thing. And in the context where the word appears, the person was in service to the Canaanite FERTILITY gods, Asherah, aka Astarte and her male co-hort, Ba’al, aka Molech. The same-gender sexual activity that takes place in Leviticus was done by a HETEROSEXUThere is absolutely nothing negative about those whom we would call “homosexuals.”Jesus never claimed that it was a sin to be homosexual.

  • battleground51

    GOD does talk to liberal Democrats.Liberal Democrats just don’t listen.They seem to hate HIS advice.

  • victorlove1

    Republicans are fauxligious, the only excerpts they like are the ones which gel with their political beliefs, they cherry pick the bible and its teachings.They also call themselves conservative, when they are looking to get reelected, but in the REAL WORLD of people they are neither conservative nor religious. They don’t and haven’t toed the line on either accord!

  • iamliberal

    Jesus was the first LIBERAL. There is no evidence in the New Testament that he was anything but a liberal: help the helpless, spurn wealth, love your neighbor as oneself, love your enemies, etc. So, in a few words, the conservatives are embracing the wrong ideas.

  • RealConservative

    Stupid question…….notice that all of the idots on both sides jumped all over it. Suppose it gave HIM a chuckle though!

  • robbird1

    Since there is no god, this is an irrelevant question.

  • areyousaying

    Reed’s idea of his small and shallow god fits Republican values perfectly.

  • michael5

    The gop may well be hearing a voice, but I think it’s the that other guy, not God.

  • Bugs222

    Anyone who invokes “God” or the ancient and outmoded teachings of old books to support their narrow ideological or political agenda is immediately suspect. There is no one “true” religion or path to the divine and there is no political party that any God worth His/Her salt would support. The Divine is within us all and, as the Alpha and the Omega, there is nothing that God wants and there is no such thing as an angry, vengeful God. That’s just b.s. made up by old men hoping to control others by inventing such a God, essentially creating their God in man’s image. So, all you right-wingers should get over yourselves and live like Christ, rather than use your tired Old Testament nonsense to try and impose your Taliban-like attitudes on the rest of the world. You’re on a par with Al Quada in that regard.

  • mightysparrow

    These people are simply self-centered, ethnocentric narcisists who have delusions of grandiosity and a sense of superiority resulting from their religious views. They are to be watched closely and feared, if we value liberty and decency.

  • DonnaMariaInChicago

    God is a republican?I use to not believe in God. Now I don’t like him either.

  • gschultens

    God speaks to Republicans just like God speaks to Islamic militants.

  • jontomus

    Of course god is a republican. What metrics should we use? let’s go by level of utter incompetence.Sure this incompetent god, who is not responsible to anybody but himself, who had to kill himself to forgive himself for the sins committed by the people created in the image of himself … what utter crap.See Republican: Utter Crap.Now correlation is not necessarily proof, but really, you have to wonder.

  • jckdoors

    There is no god.

  • psst_limbaugh_keep-ranting_satan

    God has always allowed evil to play itself out in this world, and that’s the only thing involved with the self declared missions of these kooks. But that’s okay- it’s all part of God’s UNKNOWABLE plan. Anyone claiming to know God’s will, especially as it pertains to their personal greatness, should be shunned- in the strictest religious sense of that word. Just look what Bush’s calling led to. Christianity like that hasn’t been around since the Inquisition.

  • areilly13

    The republican party seems to use christianity for their own political benifit. Drop the words God, christian, and faith a few times and suddenly a wealthy, out of touch candidate can connect with a much larger portion of the constiuency. This seems to me as the way that christianity works. The attitude of “I’m forgiven, so I deserve your admiration because I’m better than you,” is what is destroying the country. This is not faith, it is pure hypocracy. One cannot have faith that requires humility, as the apostle Paul states repeatedly in his letters, without that humility.This is what christianity has become in this country though. It has become a tool for the powerful to oppress the weak, all without appearing to be doing that. It disgusts me to think that a religion whose beliefs include helping those in need and giving up wealth on this planet for something better could be used like this. When I see a politician who claims to be guided by God taking public transportation, living frugally, and using what money is left over to help the poor I could believe it. Until then, all this talk about God is proof that they are clearly hypocrits who should not be trusted.

  • LeeH1

    Spiderman2 said:Republicans are against men and women loving other men and women- God is in favor of this. Republicans are also in favor of this, really, but only if they shut up about it, keep it hidden, and lead a life of shame and repression and frustration. Republicans are not against homosexuals (after all, many homosexuals are Republican and the children of Republicans). They are just against any chance of happiness for other people.Republicans call abortion murder, and want to execute fifteen year old girls who have an abortion for murder. Christ was executed, too. Republicans seem awfully fond of executions. And they love children up to their birth, then want to throw them and their unemployed single mothers (just like the virgin Mary) away without support or education or medical care, because there is no room at the inn, or no taxes, or something.Republicans read the Bible, and insist that God is impotent in making the world in any other way than as Republicans see it. “When evolution is outlawed, only outlaws will evolve!”Republicans are against anything illegal. God is against anything illegal that is inhumane. Remember that slavery, racial and sexual discrimination, child brides, child labor, religious persecution were all legal at one time, and God was against unjust laws then, as God is now. Remember also that Christ, although innocent, was legally executed. Man’s laws, even Republican laws, are not always beloved of God.Republicans are against atheists, and hate them in God’s name, and want to persecute them for their lack of conformity and social belief. God loves atheists, and want them to live and to come to Him on their own terms, and not to be persecuted and silenced by Republicans.Republicans love everything God is against. Perhaps the small whisper Bush, Palin and other Republicans hear is not the voice of God, but of Satan. “By their fruits you will know them”, and by the fruits of Republican control, Satan’s agenda have profited more than God’s.

  • theduck6

    Of course God isn’t republican. But then again republicans aren’t trying to remove faith and God from all aspects of our lives, are they?

  • garoth

    Politicians, from the beginning, have always used the “God is on my side” argument. There is a difference between serving God and havng God in your pocket. People should be very careful before they say that “God called me.” In the Bible, they were usually people like the prophets, Jesus, the Apostles and Paul – people who had to give up any influence or power, were persecuted and often killed. Even Abraham, the “father of faith,” didn’t fare so well – had to leave his home, and wander in the desert all of his life. Moses had it right – when God called him he said, “I think you ought to ask someone else.” He was a quick learner.

  • whocares666

    God isn’t an American.

  • mwcob

    I am often amazed at how many “holy” Republicans don’t tithe, miss church regularly, don’t help teach in the religious education programs, etc. So I doubt God “only” speaks to Republicans.But I’m not convinced that “holier-than-thou” behaviour is limited to just selected Republicans. I just rolled my eyes reading some of the melodramatic tripe from the left-wingers today.Are there any sane moderates left out there?

  • allknowingguy

    There is no logic to it. Christians always say everything is “god’s plan” no matter how senseless. The GOP kisses the a$$es of the evangelicals, so they just say it more.

  • leilaash

    If it really is God that is whispering his divine plan into these political candidate’s ears than I renounce my religion.

  • cadam72

    Spidermean2 is such an intresting fellow.

  • muawiyah

    ALASKANSHEILAHYou already know very well that you can be a Democrat or a Christian but not both at the same time.That’s the fate of the Leftwingtards in this world. They have their own god, and they must adhere to him/her/it.Some of your little friends are more honest about it and actually glory in being godless commies.

  • spidermean2

    Security-wise, the dems are morons. Why? Because stupidity is self-destructive. Gays in the military; reduced budget for missile defense system; sharing sensitive military technologies to other countries; If liberal Democrat states are doomed, they can only blame themselves.God is wise and would never lean on something liberal, gay-marrying, evolutionist, pot-smoking, promiscuous, etc so He can never be a democrat.No wonder they are inclined to self-destruct.

  • markpkessinger

    It is fundamentally a heresy, according to classical Christian teaching, for anyone to lay claim to knowing the “mind” or “will” of God. But evangelical fundamentalists know little of classical Christian teaching. Their beliefs are based on a 19th century literalism (and even then it is a selective literalism), along with a lot of nonsense about “the Rapture,” which also has no basis either in Scripture or classical Christian theology.

  • muawiyah

    JOE_ALLEN_DOTY ~ if you switch off the later commentaries added to the story, the original core story of Lot’s visit to town is pretty riveting in and of itself.It begins with a man, his wife, her daughters and their flocks. One day the wife notices the daughters are coming of age so they will need husbands. As everyone knows since the most ancient of times it is the responsibility of mothers to find suitible husbands for their daughters.Mrs. Lot approaches Lot and says “Hey, we gotta’ go get some husbands and there’s nobody around here in this desolate wasteland you brought me to”So, Lot takes his flocks, his wife, her daughters and everything else and they go to a town ~ let’s call it Sodom. Lo and behold they quickly find out all the guys are gay (this, btw, is probably an Old Stoneage story and most likely people just laughed it up when the shaman got to this part of the tale ~ we can see them rolling on the ground around the fie.)So, they decide to leave the town and go somewhere else. Unbeknownst to the modern audience, but well known to our ancient Ice Age ancestors, if the mother fails to find husbands for the daughters she will turn into a stone and the daughters will end up in the sack with their father.The story of Lot then has Mrs. Lot turn into a pillar of salt (rock salt no doubt), and later on Lot’s daughters find it necessary to have intercourse with him to have children to perpetuate humanity.See, that story is in there ~ the rest is commentary. The part about the gay guys is humor ~ rough humor, but it advances the story line quite well.

  • muawiyah

    MARKPKESSINGER ~Evangelical Fundamentalists make a fetish of “No man knows the time nor place”……I suspect you are referring to a different sort of belief system ~ maybe that of folks who don’t bother to participate in the learning of religion of any kind.

  • wireman65

    What other leader/politician claims divine endorsement? Well Ayatollah Komeini springs to mind. I question the sanity of anyone who has invisible majical friends urging them to take actions, political or otherwise. The GOP can have these kooks.

  • hoya72

    God speaks to both parties, but only the Republicans seem to be listening.

  • schnauzer2

    God hates Sodomites and their sick lifestyle, Read Sodom and Gommorrah if you are in denial on this.

  • jfv123

    Maybe more Republicans listen.

  • JamesK1

    As radio host Stephanie Miller pointed out, when mere days after Bobby Jindal sneeringly dismissed the need for volcano monitoring, a volcano in Alaska exploded, impeding international air traffic for days, “God must be a Democrat”.She meant it as a joke, and I hope Tenety does as well.I am an ordained Deacon in the Presbyterian Church, and my biggest fear of merging church and state is that in all likelihood, the brand of Christianity that would regulate my life and freedoms would NOT be my brand of Christianity. Others would do well to examine their own churches’ theology and compare it to the one being advocated by our would-be theocrats.We Presbyterians do take from John Calvin the notion that we are called to do good and use our natural gifts in our worklives–teachers should strive to be excellent teachers, doctors should strive to give their patients the best possible care, politicians should strive to be ethical and do their best as leaders and servants of their constituencies and protectors of the law. Needless to say, nobody is perfect at this. We say that pastors are “called” to the ministry by God, and this notion of “call” extends beyond the church.As to whether a “call” belongs exclusively to one political ideology, please note that the roster of US Presidents who were Presbyterian includes Ronald Reagan, Dwight Eisenhower, Woodrow Wilson and Andrew Jackson.

  • abu_ibrahim

    «During his 2008 campaign for Senate re-election (which he lost) Minnesota Senator Norm Coleman told a radio talk show host that “He starts every day with a prayer . . .” »O Elizabeth, I am sure that Mr. Coleman, he does start every day with a prayer, he is a religious man, ¿do not all religious people pray every day? Please, do not make fun of him for praying every day.These are the names of the five daily prayers, Fajr, Zhuhr, `Asr, Maghrib, and `Isha’.Five times a day,

  • Chops2

    “Australia’s PM is an atheist and Britain’s second top man is also an atheist. That makes the Bible very true as it accurately describes the culmination towards Doomsday”Spidey, u r a total loon.Where in the bible is Julia Gillard? Thats our PM if u didnt know. If u wanna meet your maker so bad just kill yourself already and stop writing tripe on here u utter moron.

  • patmatthews

    Does GOD even exist? If GOD does exist would GOD choose to suport one political group over another. I believe people are not being honest about their conversations with GOD. Normally, if you hear a voice in your head and you are alone, that is called INSANITY. Son OF Sam heard GOD’s voice telling hbim to kill people and he did? What differs here?Just an observsation from a practicing Buddhist that does not hear voices in his head, nbut does hear the voices of people everywhere.

  • acebojangles

    If these are the people god tells to run for office, that’s a pretty good argument for atheism.

  • tojby_2000

    Is god a Republican?

  • davidbronx

    Republicans and conservatives are deluded idiots or at least it would seem so from the postings here. They really do believe that God tells them to support gun violence, racial violence, start wars, oppress the poor, kill homosexuals, cut taxes for the wealthy and destroy our planet by their inaction and denial.Which God do they think they’re talking to? Does he have horns and a tail?I for one am tired of the Republicans acting as though they’ve cornered the market on goodness, please they frequent prostitutes, have sex with underage pages and in public rest rooms, cheat on their wives, lie, cheat and steal just like the rest of us mortals. They’re no closer to God than the rest of us.I don’t remember Jesus having been a member of the NRA, GOP or any other right wing nut-job organizations he was in fact more aligned with socialist views than those of the misanthropic Republican party.

  • Bob999

    In general, it is generally safe to assume that when a politician of either party begins to talk about religion, it is a sign that he or she is lying.

  • andrebudianto

    Just believe in God, in any circumstances.

  • victorponelis

    There is no proof that a god exists…the burden is on so-called people of faith to PROVE a god exists, not on us atheists to prove a negative (a god doesn’t exist).”God’ is a proxy for the desire for immortality…none of us wish to contemplate our non-existence, and so call it wishful thinking, or faith…it’s the same.Politicians of all stripes are happy to use basic human insecurity with respect to “god” to further their own careers…Republicans do it better because it mirrors their politics: ideas that have no basis in fact.

  • jontomus

    over 4 billion fools on the planet I suppose. But then, you’re a fool, what else would a fool expect?How can you actually feel like an adult and believe in these fairy tales? You can see clearly how juvenile are the books of the other religions, both past and present, how is it that you can’t take that one Adult step and dispense with santa claus now that you’re grown up?

  • dave19

    If God is not a Republican, he sure is more comfortable with the actions and restraint from a political party that does not spend its time and costly lawsuits – like Democrats – trying to yank out every vestige of mild public expression of SOME religious faith by Americans who had no problem with this for 234 years until liberal militant atheists, crack heads, Sodom and Gomorrah lifestylers, throw-away inconvenient fetuses advocates, lawyers who will take money for ANY cause, and all those who admit to NO moral values (except unlimited and irresponsible political ‘freedom’), least of all wise practical rules for life from the 10 Commandments.Utter idiocy to try to remove everything from the Celebration of Christmas on public property, erecting Crosses honoring military dead, (there are no atheists in foxholes), eradication of ‘In God We Trust’ on everything including historic public buildings, stopping children learning the full Pledge of Allegiance,including the words “under God’ And even targeting the tradition of swearing in of public officials, including the Presidency, with one hand on a Bible. Anti-religious fanaticism has a big home in the Democratic Party. Why would God register under its name?

  • cjpotter19

    I doubt God would play favourite with political parties anymore than he would with football games and Grammy awards. To claim you speak or represent the will of God is an incredibly, incredibly arrogant thing to do. I’d like to think a supreme being would have something better to do with his time than actively take part in inherently corruptible activities like politics… the Devil on the other hand…

  • GregCleveland

    God isn’t speaking only to Republicans: only Republicans are speaking for God.

  • pgibson1

    Washington Post,What kind of numbskull article is this ?? Do you have any credentials on this story, and did you check your sources?So tell me, What did GOD have to say about this when you interviewed him?In MY dream last night, God spoke to me, too. He spoke with a foreign tongue and doesn’t have this tagalong prophet named Jesus always at his side.He was quite clear, however that God has asked me to tell you to STFU regarding religious favoritism toward one “group” over the other.Yup, that’s what God says to me, at least last night.I’d offer to allow you to check my facts, but really – IT’S ALL OUTSIDE YOUR ABILITY TO CHECK even for the fable you penned I call “moron” on you. One who still believes there are many paths to “God”.

  • gibsonpolk

    Sometimes, when I read columns from “On Faith”, I think they must be tongue-in-cheek, or are cribbed from The Onion. Or possibly they are deliberately placed to draw out the loonies for the comments section. This one is a classic. Is The-Man-in-the-Sky a Republican?This can only be a serious question for people who have stopped thinking. Maybe that’s the target audience of “On Faith”.

  • darkglobe5

    “What other politicians or leaders have you seen claim divine endorsement?”

  • Elisa2

    Going on the theoretical, if God were directly in communication with a group it is unlikely that it would be either the Republicans or the Democrats.According to texts, the manifestation of divine presence always shows up as a challenge to groups that are already in power, so that would cancel out both parties that have been in power for a very long time.If a divine movement is in play in the USA, it would be one that would include that which is best of both parties, strongly be rejecting the worst that is in both, and always be holding to the front a principle that could unify people of every race, sex, and economic class, probably something involving the survival and preservation of the nation.

  • qqbDEyZW

    Nothing good will come to Republicans who use God’s name for Satan’s work. Let’s look at George W. Bush who said God told him to be President and we now see the results. Cheney clearly a Satan son has no heart and has an implant like Darth Vader. Each person has to answer to their sins as God is watching. Jesus said Satan would use God’s name to gather people and we see it today. Even Israel has turned against God and is working with Satan. Churches are no longer the house of God but now the house of Satan.

  • sneeb

    Coming up next:Would Santa Claus be for or against the finance reform bill.Discuss.

  • robfield

    God can’t be a Republican. He is not even an American despite what many Americans believe.

  • willemkraal


  • tedwordlaw

    The GOP would be greatly disappointed to find out that She (God) is not white.

  • sneeb

    A more interesting question: Is Satan a Republican?But then again, I think we all know the answer to that question.

  • edog651

    God is not a Republican but Satan surely is for how else can we explain the GOP’s devilish policies?

  • Freestinker

    “Like many religious people, some politicians view their vocations through a spiritual lens. But in a pluralistic society, how should we interpret these claims?”=========We should see these claims for exactly what they are … pure fantasy, but pure fantasy is not at all unusual for most politicians regardless of their inclination towards superstition.

  • MrSunshine45

    When a candidate runs for office, he/she does everything possible to maximize his/her appeal to the masses, i.e. believes in quality education, favors energy independence, likes small business, is in favor of lower taxes – pick a cliche. That some god told them to do something is just another one of those standard cliches. It plays well with the church going crowd. The church goers vote in high numbers. God may be a Republican, but not to worry – after the election education funding can be cut, tax loopholes constructed for the builders of vehicles with horrible fuel economy, taxes may be raised on the little guy for benefit of big corporate donors, and any pretense of moral behavior may be abandoned.

  • Freestinker

    “Is God a Republican or a Democrat?”===============God is just a belief and beliefs themselves cannot be a Republican or a Democrat because they are not people. That’s just silly.

  • steve-o1

    “Or possibly they are deliberately placed to draw out the loonies for the comments section.”Hell yes, that’s why it’s my first stop in the morning. Most the time I don’t even read the articles, I’m just here for the freak show.

  • TomfromNJ1

    These politicians who claim to do what God wants are the same people who keep saying they know what the American People want. And most of the time when I hear that, it is not what most people I know want and definitely not what I want and since my friends and I all are all part of “the American people,” I know it is a lie when they say they know. The last time “the American people” spoke in a large group (and not all for sure) was when the majority of the American voters elected Obama and even that is not all of the American people.These people are like every country at war which always has a “God is on our side” attitude. If we are foolish enough to believe them, when they claim these things, then we will get what we deserve.

  • rtaylor3

    ‘God’ isn’t a republican because ‘god’ doesn’t exist except in the imaginations of people incable of independent thought.

  • rtaylor3

    I’m capable of independent thought, but apparently not capable of spelling or typing correctly …

  • squashabeans

    Assuming God is of any political leaning at all is an example the sin of pride above all else. Most of these people who proclaim they are “fighting for God” attempt to decide who is “worthy,” (i.e. “your either with us or against us” mentality) and in so doing, demonstrate that they are Christian in name only.

  • Tar1

    And what was the author of this column doing — channeling Satan by mocking God?

  • nditebeck

    Republicans talk to God by night( that’s when they are off from the brothels and sex clubs or trying to hook up with other men in bath rooms) and by day, they are busy commiting all the sins God asks them not to commit. What a bunch of hypocrits !