Catholic Church’s issue is homosexuality, not pedophilia

By: Bill Donohue Anthony Stevens-Arroyo says I am wrong to challenge elite opinion on the subject of priestly sexual abuse. … Continued

By: Bill Donohue

Anthony Stevens-Arroyo says I am wrong to challenge elite opinion on the subject of priestly sexual abuse. The conventional wisdom maintains there is a pedophilia crisis in the Catholic Church; I maintain it has been a homosexual crisis all along. The evidence is all on my side, though there is a reluctance to let the data drive the conclusion. But that is a function of politics, not scholarship.

Alfred Kinsey was the first to identify a correlation between homosexuality and the sexual abuse of minors. In 1948, he found that 37 percent of all male homosexuals admitted to having sex with children under 17 years old. More recently, in organs such as the Archives of Sexual Behavior, the Journal of Sex Research, the Journal of Sex and Marital Therapy and Pediatrics, it has been established that homosexuals are disproportionately represented among child molesters.

Correlation is not causation; it is an association. So to say that there is a correlation between homosexual orientation and the sexual abuse of minors is not to say that being a homosexual makes one a molester. Indeed, as I have said many times, most gay priests are not molesters, but most of the molesters have been gay. In other words, although sexual orientation does not cause sexual abuse, the fact that there is a relationship between homosexuality and the sexual abuse of minors cannot be ignored in dealing with this problem.

Think of it this way. We know there is a correlation between being Irish and being an alcoholic, but that doesn’t mean all Irishmen are, or will become, alcoholics. But it does mean they have a special problem in this area. Does this now make me anti-Irish?

When the National Review Board released its findings in 2004 regarding priestly sexual abuse, Robert S. Bennett, the noted attorney who headed the study said, “There are no doubt many outstanding priests of a homosexual orientation who live chaste, celibate lives, but any evaluation of the causes and context of the current crisis must be cognizant of the fact that more than 80 percent of the abuse at issue was of a homosexual nature.” Were they wrong to draw this conclusion?

Furthermore, the National Review Board explicitly said that “we must call attention to the homosexual behavior that characterized the vast majority of the cases of abuse observed in recent decades.” So what’s stopping others from drawing this conclusion?

One of those who served on the National Review Board, Dr. Paul McHugh, is former psychiatrist-in-chief at Johns Hopkins. He is on record saying, “This behavior was homosexual predation on American Catholic youth, yet it’s not being discussed.” And we know why: there are penalties for telling the truth.

Roderick MacLeish Jr. was the Boston lawyer who pressed the case against the Archdiocese of Boston; he examined all the files on this subject. As reported by Michael Paulson in the Boston Globe, MacLeish concluded that “90 percent of the nearly 400 sexual abuse victims he has represented are boys, and three quarters of them are post-pubescent.” Once again, the issue is homosexuality, not pedophilia.

Dr. Richard Fitzgibbons is a psychiatrist who has spent years treating sexually abusive priests. “Many psychologists and psychiatrists have shown that there is no link between celibacy and pedophilia,” he said earlier this year. Instead, they have found a “relationship between homosexuality and pedophilia.” So are all of these psychologists and psychiatrists wrong?

In fact, “Fitzgibbons says, “every priest whom I treated who was involved with children sexually had previously been involved in adult homosexual relationships.” Notice he didn’t say “some” priests.

Three months ago, the New York Times ran a story on Leslie Lothstein, another psychologist who has treated abusive priests. He concluded that “only a small minority were true pedophiles.” Is he wrong, too?

The Boston Globe, which won a Pulitzer Prize for disclosing the scandal, said of the John Jay study, which was released at the same time, that “more than three-quarters of the victims were post pubescent, meaning the abuse did not meet the clinical definition of pedophilia.” So if the definitive study, which covered the years 1950-2002, concludes that pedophilia was never the issue, then why does everyone from Tony Stevens-Arroyo to the New York Times insist that there is a “pedophilia crisis” in the Catholic Church?

I have said before, and I will say it again, that I am opposed to any policy that unequivocally bars homosexual men from the priesthood. But, knowing the data, it would be foolish not to screen more closely for homosexually active men entering the priesthood. That is exactly what the Vatican is doing.

In the end, I am not going to stop telling the truth about the link between homosexuality and the sexual abuse of minors. The evidence is overwhelming, and only political considerations get in the way of being honest about it.

Bill Donohue, Ph.D., President, Catholic League for Religious and Civil Rights

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  • WmarkW

    I don’t suppose we’ll ever get straight poop on this, since everyone’s going to start their reportage with their conclusion.

  • anna17

    I am strong skeptical of any research regarding the Catholic Church until I read it myself and know who sponsored and lead the research.

  • johnjmattras

    Most abuse cases involve priests and males because most priests, sexually active or not, are gay. That accounts for the disproportionality. Time to wake up, Bill.

  • jmdiaz10

    Men are the problem here and not gay men necessarily. Men tend to commit more sexual abuse crimes than women. Men are more sexually active and more sexually aggressive. The priesthood is disproportionately gay, so one could easily reach the erroneous conclusion–as the Vatican and Bill Donohue have done–that gay men are more prone to commit sexual abuse than straight men if one were to look solely at the priesthood population. However, if one were to look at the population at large, one would find that this is not the case. Allowing women to become priests would reduce the sexual abuse rate currently found in the priesthood. Barring gay priests would simply increase the man-girl abuse and reduce the man-boy abuse. Anyone willing to take a vow of celibacy is already in a skewed population pool.

  • peethenry

    Dear Mr. Donohue,You cite the number of homosexual men who reported having sex with minors in the Kinsey study as 37%. I’m curious as to where you obtained this data. According to Kinsey:“The record includes some cases of pre-adolescent boys involved in sexual contact with adult females, and still more cases of pre-adolescent boys involved with adult males. Data on this point were not systematically gathered from all histories, and consequently the frequency of contact with adults cannot be calculated with precision.”Sexual behavior in the human male – Alfred C.Kinsey Now here’s the 37% you were referring to:”37 percent of the total male population has at least some overt homosexual experience to the point of orgasm between adolescence and old age. This accountsThe Social Organization of Sexuality: Sexual Practices in the United States -Edward O. LaumannI’m not sure whether you purposely lied and fudged the statistics to advance your argument, or whether you simply failed to do research. Further, in order to support your argument you claim that many psychologists have found a link between homosexuality and pedophilia, yet you only cite one. But just who is he?”Dr. Fitzgibbons is an adjunct professor at the Pontifical John Paul II Institute for Studies on Marriage and Family at Catholic University and is board member of the International Institute for Forgiveness. In December 2008 he was appointed as a consultant to the Congregation for Clergy at the Vatican.”A quick google search will also show that “Dr. Fitzgibbons also believes that “there is substantial evidence based on years of clinical experience that homosexuality is a developmental disorder.”In the future, it would help if you cite evidence from a peer-reviewed professional whose views are in line with those of mainstream science, in this case the American Psychiatry Association.If you’re going to be in denial about the crisis facing your Church, Mr. Donohue, at least do so in a professional and coherent way. Fabricated data is not appropriate conduct for a Ph.D and should not be tolerated by the Washington Post.

  • micahsixeight

    I agree with Anna17 above. And instead of asking what, we should be asking why. Why are priests abusing minors? When denied a healthy sexual outlet, people act out in inappropriate ways. The Catholic Church needs to accept that homosexuals are now, always have been, and always will be in the priesthood. They should embrace them, support them, and celebrate them for who they are. Then and only then can gay priests deal with their sexuality — and celibacy if they have taken that vow — honestly, openly, and courageously. When priest attempt to hide from their own sexuality thinking a vow of celibacy will prevent them from having “those thoughts”, they deceive themselves and their community, to everyone’s detriment.Where is Mr. Donahue’s call for the Catholic Church to accept gay priests? That is the true solution to the Church’s homosexuality — and pedophilia — problem.The other question of why we should be asking is why has the Catholic Church systematically protected priests who have broken the law of the various countries in which they have acted, placing children in harms way? That is criminal. And it doesn’t demonstrate the love for neighbor that Christ taught us to have. But I don’t see Mr. Donahue touching that with a 10 foot pole.

  • B2O2

    The Catholic Church’s issue is itself. When was the last time this supposedly divine institution was right about ANY of the difficult questions facing the human race? Evolution… basic structure of the solar system… whether or not torture was acceptable… role of women in leadership positions… and most recently, whether child abuse was a harmful thing needing to be punished. They’ve gotten them all wrong. What have they gotten right? Why does this church still exist when they are taking their cues from the rest of society, and are the last to figure anything out? There’s no there there.It’s like a car mechanic who has destroyed every vehicle he’s ever laid his hands on, yet keeps practicing. Doesn’t the guy eventually move on to another line of work? Not so with this absurd institution that due to its successful brainwashing techniques just won’t die.

  • emcglaughlin

    Why is the Post publishing this homophobic drivel?! Was this fact checked?

  • snapjudy

    So Bill, Why the big argument to always be right?The issue is this: IT IS A CRIME FOR AN ADULT TO SEXUALLY ABUSE A MINOR !!They are “child predators” !!!! …and they need to be in jail and kept away from kids.WHY do you insist on talking about sexual orientation? Do you need something else to preach about… other than the crimes committed against kids and the church officials cover up of these crimes? You seem to demand to get off the real issue that is going on within the catholic church.

  • peregrina1955

    No doubt Mr. Donahue, with his self-proclaimed ubiquitous good sense, would agree with the Vicar of Rome’s statement today that Catholic gay priests should LEAVE the priesthood.

  • jontomus

    This isn’t even a good effort at diverting attention away from the real crisis here.’then why does everyone from Tony Stevens-Arroyo to the New York Times insist that there is a “pedophilia crisis” in the Catholic Church?’The pedophilia crisis in the Catholic church is the hiding of pedophiles from the law. It is allowing sexual predators access to new victims all in the name of protected the good name of the church.Just like you Donahue, they care more about their image than they do about the children.That is beyond disgusting, it is illegal, and you are an enabler.

  • skibrs

    Little Billy Donohue stood on his head,Little Billy lost his balance,

  • LyndaLBD

    Religion has been taking a beating, and its darn well deserved. Priests abusing children is a moral crime. Mr Donahue, when you finally see there is a problem within the church, and take steps to stop it – then maybe the people will believe in the church again. Until then, you will see a bleeding of believers going elsewhere. WAKE UP ALREADY!

  • glorybe1929

    Why defend such garbage when the church is supposed to be a Christian Church and it’s not. It is not Christian but a FAUX CHURCH and never has been of the Christ. The people have, including Bill Donohue, been “had” by the cleaver, liar, deciever the DEVIL since it’s inception many millenium ago.

  • Elohist

    Donohue is unable to refute the devastating destruction of his feeble homophobic argument. Pedophilia simply is not the same thing as homosexuality. Sure there are linkages…there are linkages between heterosexuality and pedophilia too.There is a linkage between guns and murder. So is the solution to outlaw everybody from using guns? Seems to me that pedophilia is a crisis that has to be treated differently from homosexuality…which is the point of S-A’s column. Donohue blusters but implodes, unable to deal with his own illogic.

  • glorybe1929

    Why defend such garbage when the church is supposed to be a Christian Church and it’s not. It is not Christian but a FAUX CHURCH and never has been of the Christ. The people have, including Bill Donohue, been “had” by the cleaver, liar, deciever the DEVIL since it’s inception many millenium ago.

  • glorybe1929

    Research on pscho babble is not the answer. Everybody leave this church of Satan.

  • glorybe1929

    Why defend such garbage when the church is supposed to be a Christian Church and it’s not. It is not Christian but a FAUX CHURCH and never has been of the Christ. The people have, including Bill Donohue, been “had” by the cleaver, liar, deciever the DEVIL since it’s inception many millenium ago.

  • feetxxxl1

    the fact that donohue is the president of anything catholic shows why pedophilia was never dealt with appropriately and continues to be mishandled by the catholic church. its top down dynamic by a cloistered elite in the walls of the vatican demonstates that such a dynamic that has no resemblance to the spirit of christ. the fact that homosexuality is even an issue shows that christendom, even after 2000 years, has yet to fully embrace the new covenant of christ.

  • feetxxxl1

    donohue’s comments remind me of during the movenent of civil rights in the 60’s there were still articles being randomly published about how blacks were biologically inferior to whites.

  • areyousaying

    My how some Catholics love their very own Fred Phelps.

  • Alex511

    fr the article:>…In the end, I am not going to stop telling the truth about the link between homosexuality and the sexual abuse of minors. The evidence is overwhelming, and only political considerations get in the way of being honest about it.Problem is, billy boy, that you have NEVER spoken “the truth about the link between homosexuality …”. Your so-called “research has been discredited and is no way anywhere NEAR the truth. The priests are PEDOPHILES, not gays. Get a life, get educated, and grow the heck UP.


    It’s his own organization and not one officially representing the RCC even while there well may be unofficial but tangible support from some of its officials.

  • r90095-b

    Alfred Kinsey never reported that 37 percent of all male homosexuals admitted to having sex with children under 17 years old. This is pure fabrication. In 1948 he published (with W.R. Pomeroy and C.E. Martin) Sexual Behavior in the Human Male in which they conclude that “the major portion of the male population, has at least some homosexual experience between adolescence and old age.”

  • Steve114z

    The largest study collecting statistics on priestly abuse, the John Jay Study (see Wikipedia), actually found that 73% of victims were under 15 years of age. The problem is that the term “post-pubescent” used in this article is defined wrong. There are three terms: pre-pubescent, pubescent, and post-pubescent. Post-pubescent means after genital development is complete in males, which is about 15 and older. If this were really primarily a homosexual crisis, most of the victims would be young men in high school and not little kids.

  • dangerous1

    Please, Listen,

  • LibertyForAll

    Homophobia is intolerance which brings no benefit. The leaders of the Catholic church have gone the wrong way, in a homophobic way, by saying that pedophilia by its priests and clergy is because of gays. Sexual orientaiton doesn’t determine pedophilia because it’s another factor.

  • Lainey26

    Using a stereotype about the Irish to justify trying to create a new stereotype about gay men is almost as insane as the overall argument at the center of this piece. Pedophiles don’t fit into the conventional heterosexual-homosexual binary because many male pedophiles will engage in relationships with adult females meanwhile they will abuse male children. This doesn’t make them straight or gay, it just makes them pedophiles.

  • areyousaying

    May your small and shallow god have mercy on the perverts in your clergy and those of you who hide and/or make lame excuses for them.

  • peethenry

    I’m still flabbergasted at Mr. Donohue’s deliberate and malicious fabrications of data (check my earlier post for details). You, sir, are a fraud.I’m even more surprised that the Washington Post isn’t doing anything about it.

  • mascmen7

    There is a certain percentage of homosexuals that prey on teenagers. It is less than 10% but a danger for all children exposed to being near priests. It is not pedophilia but homosexuality that is the big problem in priestly ranks.

  • Manwolf

    The headline to this story should read:”BILL DONOHUE’S SPECIAL ISSUE IS HOMOSEXUALITY, NOT PEDOPHILIA”

  • Manwolf

    Bill Donohue says that “In 1948, he found that 37 percent of all male homosexuals admitted to having sex with children under 17 years old.”Well, that is a LIE. Mr. Donohue has sinned. We await his apology.

  • MickeyFinn

    Kinsey said no such thing. Here’s what he actually wrote: “37 percent of the total male population has at least some overt homosexual experience to the point of orgasm between adolescence and old age.” Now that we’ve established that this defender of the faith is a liar, may I ask why such a notorious, fringe-dwelling, sputtering fabricator is being given space in what was – a long time ago – a respected newspaper? Maybe this kind of hackery is why the Washington Post is no longer respected.

  • cadam72

    There are strong studies that show that a vst majority of offedners are heterosexual men who are gatified through power. Interesting that he couldn’t seem to find these. He has an agenda, alwasys has. It is a pity that the catholic church, principled in so many other areas, has this man as a voice. He continues to do victims an injustive and try to turn the debate not towards a clearer light of power, authority, morality and jutice, but darkens the conversation by laying blame on the “scary” homosexual, despite evidence to the contrary.

  • APaganplace

    The homophobia you sell, Mr. Donahue, is the *weapon* of the abusers. The very shame and hatred, the dehumanization and demonization and social scorn and fear you promote *makes boys easier victims.*And it *is* about power and such. The abuse problem isn’t a ‘homosexual one,’ but it has everything to do with how you and your Church deal (and don’t deal) with homosexuality. You treat us as less than human and wonder why abusers pick the easily-outcast and silenced targets. Even provide the mechanisms: kids who might seem to be gay or questioning or otherwise ‘different’ are *easily cut off from peers and parental protection.* Then the threat of being identified as a ‘homo’ with all the baggage you attach to *that* is used to keep the victims silent and the community in denial.

  • thomasjoyce

    I really hate what The Washington Post has become. This vile liar, Mr. Donohue, spreads hatred using lies, and he is an honored guest in a series that is meant to spark discussion and civility. Mr. Donohue is a Joseph Goebbels like liar, as many have shown here with his blisteringly hateful creation of the “37% of homosexuals” abused children completely false statistic pulled from his imagination and attributed to “Kinsey”. Mr. Donohue is a known disgrace and his enablers here at the Post are becoming more like him every day. The current right wing appeasing and soliciting Washington Post makes me ill. Shame on Jon Meacham and Sally Quinn for giving this hate artist a welcome home time and time again, and shame on them for allowing him to make up his own facts.

  • equalrights

    Thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbor.

  • jd51

    As usual, Mr. Donohue is creating a smokescreen to cover the church’s crimes. It makes no difference why these acts were done or their roots, whether what he says is true or not. What matters is that over the centuries, the Catholic Church has harbored and protected pedophile, homosexual, predatory priests so much so that it became a haven for these types. What that means is that the Catholic Church itself is an accessory to these crimes, the worst known to man, and has lost all moral authority. The extent of the coverups can only lead one to conclude that pretty much the entire church hierarchy was involved or at least had knowledge of these crimes. Even the reaction of the pope to this day shows how high up the involvement is. Mr. Donohue is using the crimes of the church to then turn the spotlight on homosexuals when it should be turned on the culture of criminality in the church itself.

  • areyousaying

    Another poster says it well. Donohue’s homophobia perpetuates his Church’s problem. I never reported being raped by a priest because of homophobia. My father would have literally killed me and the priest both. Your pervert priest owes me a “thank you” for the last 50 years of his life.My Mormon school mates would never forget the story either and would have called me same names their fellow Republicans typically call gays.May old Bill be reincarnated as a lonely, awkward, 14-year-old by who is befriended by a “kindly” priest, groomed and finally brutally raped while authorities of a different religion than his look the other way and pass the pervert to another parish for “health and family reasons” to rape again. Then he can simply blame gays ad dismiss his experience as “man-with-man” sex between a homosexual 14-year-old-boy and a 35 year old man.

  • manderso1

    Mr. Donahue ignores the abuse of little girls. Who did that Mr Donahue.

  • AustininDC

    The problem is neither a “homosexual problem” or a “pedophilia problem” or a heterosexual problem for that matter. It’s a Catholic Leadership Problem. The problem is a culture within the priesthood of the Catholic church that protects its molesters over that of defenseless children. While the rest of society seeks to identify and bring to justice predators, they protect them. The problem is pervasive and this article is yet another sign of their blindness. The purpose of this article is to shirk responsibility by attempting to scapegoat a visible minority, therefore turning it into an endless political debate that takes the focus off the church. So in essence what he is saying essentially is “yes, we have allowed 1000s of children to be molested, shamed them into never talking about it, and demanded their silence while providing comfort and care to the molesters, but the GAYS made us do it.” Who believes this nonsense?Yes you plan to kick the homosexuals out, but leave the pedophiles, and heterosexual abusers in the priesthood shines a light on who you think is worth protecting and who is not. May God have mercy, but history will not.

  • tessarants

    it is absolutely outrageous the Washington Post would print this. embarrassing.

  • APaganplace

    “”it is absolutely outrageous the Washington Post would print this. embarrassing.Posted by: tessarants””In a way, it *should* be shown just how much of hatred and lies are being used to fuel what the MSM portrays as a legitimate ‘debate,’ but, yeah, this is *egregious* and they shouldn’t feature such claims without also putting up fact-checking. Lies spread, but it doesn’t make them true.

  • 1carljonson

    I enjoy everyone’s comments accusing Mr. Donohue of misquoting and making up data. Now, I am not necessarily for or against what Mr. Donohue is saying. I am just pointing out the hypocresy in the comments. Many statements here are clearly biased against the church. I will never defend priests who commit crimes. They should be tried in a court of law. That of course means innocent until proven guilty. (simply pointing out, most people assume any accusation against a priest is true without reviewing the evidence).I just don’t understand how people can judge the church by the small percentage of priests who commit these horrible acts. This is like judging the US by our criminal population. Is that how we are going to judge the contributions the US has made? Or by the trillions of dollars we have giving to 3rd world nations. The aid we provided countries who experienced natural disasters. The Wars we have fought. No, let’s judge the US on the murderers, drug dealers, pedophiles, etc. in prison. Like it or not the Catholic Church has made major contributions to the world. I don’t care how enlightened the 21st century is supposed to be, the Church stands for its truths. Today’s society is about instant gratification and moral relativism. It feels good to me so it is ok. That is why people don’t like the Church. It stands for culpability of actions. Don’t give me the argument that priests and bishops commit crimes and sins. Yes it is true but it is falacious argumentation. Discuss the issues. Which is impossible because any statement about homosexuality is automatically homophobic. Whatever the issue there is no real debate. Nobody looks at the other side. The Church is based on Absolutes why should it change because of what year it is? The truth is the truth. Whether you agree with those truths is up to you, but at least investigate why the Church teaches what it does instead of blaming it for brain washing and whatever other comments were on here. The Church has been blessed with some of the greatest minds over its 2000+ history. don’t sell it short. What is wrong with absolutes anyways? There are too many ignorant comments in here about the priesthood to respond. The fact is there are so many dedicated priests who sacrifice their time and any personal space and ambition for the good of their flock. It is easy to point to the glamorized headlines in the liberal media than to look at the everyday pastor who may want to enjoy a dinner with friends or whatever but there is a call to perform last rites for someone dying. This happens all the time but it doesn’t sell papers.Stop focusing on the worst of the worst. These revelations are terrible but they only reflect the weakness and folly of men. The Church has so many more great humanitarians. The best of the best, our saints, are our heros. People who have done great good for humanity.

  • saintrage

    Bill Donohue: It is to be expected that you would continue to defend the reputation of the Catholic Church, a reputation that could not sink any lower if Satan himself stepped onto the balcony over Saint Peter’s Square and delivered mass with a choir boy stuck to the end of his p*nis. I will grant you a pass on this.

  • joemoprod

    Why does the Washington Post print Donohue’s opinion when Donohue lies about Kinsey’s conclusions? From the Truth Wins Out:”What Kinsey discovered, was that 37 percent of all males had some overt homosexual experience to the point of orgasm, sometime between adolescence and old age.Notice the difference? It’s not even 37 percent actually had sex when they were teenagers. But never mind that for a moment. If having had gay sex with a teenager, when you yourself were also a teenager makes you a pedophile (and yes, remarkably, some of them will insist even that is so), then tell me what percentage of the heterosexual population are also pedophiles? Is everyone who ever took a roll in the hay with their high school sweetheart a pedophile now? The line to register as a sex offender is going to be a tad long then. Maybe we can all just check a box off during the next census.”Here’s the link to the entire essay:Printing stuff that is untrue is not journalism; it is propoganda.

  • chicagocaker

    I am insulted that the Washington Post has given a podium to this hatemonger who has carved out his own little niche in the noisy world of public opinion with his self-created “League.” While I am not defending the Church in this posting, I know that Donohue is considered pure fringe by thinking Catholics of both conservative and progressive stripes. Shame on the Post for becoming another media outlet taken in by this yapping huckster of an attention-seeker.

  • mykelbarber

    The Centers for Disease Control have specifics on child abuse. Check them out. 95% of sexual child abuse is perpetrated by heterosexual men. And that is just from those that got caught. Can you imagine the real statistics?

  • shadow_man

    Homosexuality is not a sin according to the Bible. Any educated Christian would know that. Scholars who have studied the Bible in context of the times and in relation to other passages have shown those passages (Leviticus, Corinthians, Romans, etc) have nothing to do with homosexuality. These passages often cherry-picked while ignoring the rest of the Bible. The sins theses passages are referring to are idolatry, prostitution, and rape, not homosexuality.(Change *** to www)

  • Sarrellec

    Virtually 100% of those children raped, neglected, abused, tortured and even killed by their parents are the victims of heterosexuals.

  • Sarrellec

    I would also like to point out that Christians claim the New Testament is a covenant with God which supercedes the Old Testment of the Judaics. Therefore, continuing to use the affirmations proposed in the Old Testament would be…um…hypocritical? Christians separate themselves from Judaics with a NEW contract, but continue to cite a covenant which had nothing to do with them in order to perpetuate and perpetrate their continued willful ignorance and social attacks on homosexuals, who have NEVER done them any harm at all.