Gandhi said religion and spiritualism are distinct

Author Anne Rice said last week that she was ‘quitting Christianity:’ The once-lapsed Catholic wrote that she was could no … Continued

Author Anne Rice said last week that she was ‘quitting Christianity:’ The once-lapsed Catholic wrote that she was could no longer accept her religion’s teachings on homosexuality, feminism, politics and birth control.

“In the name of Christ, I quit Christianity and being Christian,” Rice announced on her Facebook page.

Can you leave Christianity and keep Christ? Can you be spiritual without being religious?

According to my grandfather, M. K. Gandhi, religion and spiritualism are distinctly apart — that is, it is possible to practice one without believing in the other. Religion, as it is commonly understood, is the practice of a set of rituals based on the interpretation made by human beings. Since we humans are imperfect, our interpretation too is imperfect. On the other hand Spiritualism, according to him, is achieved when one comes to one’s own understanding of the Power that we call God. When we truly accept all religions as simply different roads to the same destination and respect them all equally.

Ultimately whichever religious belief we may follow we are all going to the one destination. We call God by different names but that does not mean there are so many different Gods. There is only one God with many names and, according to Gandhi, God is not someone sitting in heaven but in the hearts of every being. The mind and the heart in the same body speak different languages. Often our heart tells us something quite contrary to what our mind says. The heart speaks the Divine language — the little small voice of conscience –and that is what “God” is telling us. However, our mind helps us suppress that voice when it is uncomfortable. Anne Rice heard that voice and decided to act upon it.

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  • woodstock-41

    “.. When we truly accept all-religions as simply different roads to the-same destination and respect them all-equally. ..”TEEKAE BABBA! TOOM TEKAYHAE! ACHAYE!NOMOSTAE!AHIMSA!Time For A NEW Song borneth From ALL, EVERY and ANY of our Old!Behold!: The Religion of Everything Before The Science Of Everything”!A “ U.niversal R.eligion” Book via the Amazing “United Nations” [to be created there at and there IN] ASAP!Please Hurry, Many Lives will be, unnecessarily, lost the Longer Ye Earthlings Wait/Procrastinate!O’ “IT” Do-NOt-forgive them [Humans; Not like Us Huumates] for they know’th what they art DO’n’g!Choloe, Choloe, Joul joul um babba way!Hari Krishna!

  • yogesh_cu

    The spiritual quest is often understood as a desire to reach God, or to attain spiritual enlightenment. It is a search that is often challenging, full of questions and uncertainties. watch

  • farnaz_mansouri2

    Yes, well, Mr. Gandhi, considering your antisemitic diatribe of a couple of years ago, which cost you your job, and about which you were to let us know what you had “learned,” I suspect you are an excellent spokesman for organized religious thuggery, though not necessarily for spirituality.

  • ThishowIseeit

    I agee with your grandfather. IMO all religions are human made, while spirituality we are born with.

  • AnAmigo

    farnaz_mansouri2, Mr. Arun Gandhi apologized for his controversial post, and keep in mind that “there’s never been any history of anti-Semitism in India and among Hindus,” as noted by Mr. Efraim Zuroff of the Simon Wiesenthal Center’s Israel director and other Jewish leaders, unlike the wide spread anti-semitism in the Muslim world through out history as well as in the present times.Your hit-job on Mr. Gandhi, an apparent and pathetic attempt to indirectly smear Hindus, is totally off-topic and an epic fail.

  • woodstock-41

    O’ YE/YO: Taste Sweet Sweet America’s: ‘………………………………. (;U/SA;/)G-D (if any) Bless U.S.A. & INDIA & ISRAEL & Friends!

  • woodstock-41