Obama’s religion: does your president’s faith matter?

A Pew Research Center survey showed that nearly 20 percent of Americans believe that President Obama is a Muslim (he is not), and only one-third of Americans believe he is a Christian (he is).

Does Obama’s religion, or the religion of any president, matter?

Once upon a time, President Obama was criticized for his association with controversial Chicago Christian Pastor Jeremiah Wright (note: not a Muslim). Wright married the president and his wife Michelle and baptized their two daughters, but Obama later distanced himself from Wright when the pastor’s aggressive, politically-charged sermons became political fodder.

After he won the election and moved to Washington, Obama admitted that, having learned a lesson from the Wright debacle, he hoped to worship privately:

“We were pretty affected by what happened at Trinity and the controversy surrounding Reverend Wright. That was deeply disturbing to us, and it was disappointing for us personally. It made us very sensitive to the fact that as president, the church we attend can end up being interpreted as speaking for us at all times.”

Last October, the Washington Post’s religion reporter at the time, Jacqueline L. Salmon, wrote a story about Obama’s decision to worship privately at Camp David with Navy Chaplain Carey Cash. According to Salmon’s reporting, “The White House declined to make Cash available for interviews, saying it wished to keep the president’s religious worship at Camp David private.”

The White House may be now regretting that decision to keep Obama’s spiritual life out of the public eye.

Chris Cillizza Thursday reported, “Religion humanizes a president for many people, allows them to identify on a very basic level with the most powerful man in the world. For a president whose detractors have scored political points by painting him as aloof and uncaring, religion could be a bridge by which he connects to the average person. ”

And in an age of Internet rumors and empowered bloggers, the Pew study shows that most Americans don’t understand some basic facts of Obama’s life, including his spirituality. Although President Bush also worshiped privately, the public expressed little doubt about the importance of his religious beliefs.

UPDATE: Obama spokesperson responds to survey: “President Obama is a committed Christian, and his faith is an important part of his daily life. . . The President’s strong Christian faith is what guides him through these challenges but he doesn’t wear it on his sleeve.”

Do you care about your president’s religious beliefs? Why do you think so many Americans believe (falsely) that Obama is Muslim? (See Colin Powell’s important take on this question.) Why do you think that only one in three Americans know that President Obama is Christian?


Elizabeth Tenety
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  • sirinecho

    I often daydream about having a secularist, completely non-religious president… it would be such a wonderful thing if suddenly people’s opinions about the unknown stopped being any more important than their preference for cola brands.

  • jeaninemeyer

    No, it doesn’t matter what the president’s religion is. But it certainly does matter that such a large proportion of Americans believe something that isn’t true. This is not an accident. This mis-conception is being promoted by people and organizations. Reporters should investigate who they are and how they are funded.

  • ncigci

    It will take 100 years from now for everybody’s GOD to be one. It will take 200 years from now for this one GOD to be ‘none’. It will take 300 years from now for the GOD to be an ‘human’ in everybody on this planet and other livable place like this planet. So HUMAN lets not get so consumed in the debate of place for any GOD as one day we all have to lend a place for him in our own mind. One should redirect their debate towards e.g. habits of an alcoholics, a drug addicts, a gambler, a smoker, a terrorist or a lier instead of places and people of different religion, color, nationality, gender, language or disabilty.

  • Obummer2

    Is the Media calling the Prez a Lier? He has said many, many times he is a Muslim – He even put it into writing – in his book he declares that he is Muslim! On this, and only this issue I do believe him – He is Muslim and an enemy of the US. He is the 5th plane that has crashed into DC and is eroding away the foundation of America – someone stop him please before he completes his mission!

  • richsportsman

    The notion that any president of the US might take his religion seriously enough to matter is laughable. Most of them have been functional atheists anyway, with weekly attendance at church a calculated gesture to prevent the superstitious electorate from bolting.

  • luckeysusan

    it does matter because its just yet another lie to his long list. People are tired of his spending, his lies, his back-peddling, his finger pointing. The worst president in American history and his color and religion mean nothing overall. The media, as well as this newspaper are in the tank for him , dont tell the truth, slant the news to make people believe things to be true…..but people are getting wise to it. Some people have brains and can see through the brainwashing….wake up America

  • kyfarmer

    The only things I demand of the President are:But the mighty Obama has struck out.He speaks of “transparency”, yet his administration hides a tax payer-funded study on abstinence and adolescents in order to further his political agenda and payback his financial backers.

  • handy1

    Comparing this to the Rev. Wright debacle is an apples and oranges comparison. During the campaign Obama and Wright’s religions weren’t what were at issue. It was the hateful speech spewing out of Rev. Wright’s mouth. Everyone saw the video clip. Everyone has a right to his own religion and to worship privately. What was at issue during the campaign was the spiteful, hateful kind of people that he was associating himself and his family with. It wasn’t about his religion. If it had been an imam or a priest or a rabbi spewing out hateful speech I would have the same reaction.

  • phil46

    Everything matters to people but only some things should matter to the constitution/government. Religion matters but being able to govern according to the constitution matters even more. One difference even is that a secularist would need to say the government/constitution is the highest authority, the Bill of Rights and most religions say God gives rights not subject to government objection or discrimination. The question is “what is the ultimate reality?”

  • lp71

    NO…. it does not matter what religion my president is! What does matter to me is that the president embraces ALL religions, ethnicities, education levels, etc. which President Obama does beautifully. If people think he is a muslim, then I must be one also!…. even though I was brought up Christian because I agree with his support of the mosque to be built near ground zero. I agree with all his support of muslims in our country. What people need to realize is that its not one’s religion per say that is an issue, it is extremists of any type that should to be feared and condemned……and extremists exist within all religions including christianity.

  • solgoode_56

    We shall see next election if these beliefs hold true. Had we all not been scared of the Mormon candidate last election we could be sitting in a lot better position right now. Could 2012 be the year for Romney

  • Indi1

    I am surprised to see the majority in the poll saying it does not matter. Of course it does. And Bush’s Christian faith seem to be a negative with very liberal Americans. If Obama, or any President, were a practicing “cult” like religion, it would matter. And muslims, as an example, seem to be a century behind American social issues, especially as it pertains to the oppession of women, sexuality, etc. Social issues do make religion important. Very important.

  • stevekeim

    I agree, Richsportsman, Obama is probably an atheist. And frankly, I think it’s probably the safest type of president to have. He’s probably a secular humanist who does in fact care about the state of the country. “Obummer2”, you are completely insane, and I don’t need any justification for that. Obama is not a muslim, he is not evil (muslims aren’t evil, regardless), and you’re going to have to come up with proof that he ever said it. My guess is that you’re referring that part of his upbringing involved schools with muslim majorities, etc. Even so, it’s no different than growing up in a catholic school.The President’s faith DOES NOT MATTER. It surprises me that 38% of people think it does. I would venture to guess that a grand majority of this 38% are self-proclaimed constitutionalists. Ironic, ey?

  • MikeN3

    Under normal circumstances, I would have said that it does not matter what his religion is. But since this President is selectively enforcing US laws, even making up law as he goes merrily along, he must be doing so with guidance from some other rule of law. The obvious choice for this Presiden thas to be his religious belief system. So yes, his religion does matter.

  • JimC5

    You are all missing the point.

  • terry22

    After Obama is out of office he will declare that he is a Muslim.

  • ronaldwgumbs

    More than 60% of Americans also think that the economy today is worse or the same as it was on January 20, 2009. We are either a nation of hypocrites or ignorant people. May be if the president was photographed eating pork, those who doubted his Christian heritage would probably say that he was actually eating beef.

  • saami

    I would prefer a President who was an atheist, and who respected everyone’s personal religious beliefs. That would be wonderful!

  • Edmundwkingsr1

    A President’s religion is a personal matter and of no consequence as far as his or her job performance is concerned. This controversy reminds me of the ordeal of President Clinton over his affair that led to his impeachment. His political opponents must love it when voters judge him over sex or religion, while they start wars or cut taxes for rich people.

  • stevekeim

    INDI1, I see your point, but I don’t think you should frame it that way. Obviously if a presidential candidate is (insane) a member of a satanic cult or something similar, he probably shouldn’t become president. In the sense of the poll and the sense that everyone is discussing it, faith does not matter. It says so in our founding documents.Shall we change the constitution then?

  • saami

    I cannot believe the incredibly stupid comments that President Obama is a Muslim and that he selectively chooses what laws to enforce. He is a Christian and I wish he wasn’t.

  • stevekeim

    JimC5 and Terry, you’re part of that ignorant minority that think Obama has some kind of Muslim agenda. He doesn’t. Don’t be completely freaking stupid. The whole point of this article is to point out that people who even consider that he’s a muslim are ridiculous. Being tolerant of the religion and being A SECRET AGENT of it…are completely different. Shame on you.You might learn something if you listened carefully to his stance on the Mosque. It wasn’t incoherent like the right wing talking heads might suggest. He believes in tolerance but he questions the wisdom of the mosque. That’s my exact opinion, well before he said it.

  • RickvonBerne

    What matters is whether this president, or any other, lied. According to Muslim law, if his father was a Muslim, he’s a Muslim, too. He would have been aware of a later conversion to Christianity, but he also claimed not to have witnessed Pastor Wright’s anti-American sermons during his years as a congregant in his church. Okay, he didn’t exactly lie, but we know that’s a crock. (Lawyers do that – like Clinton’s, “It depends upon what the meaning of ‘is’ is.”)A politician is representing the voters and responsible for doing what is best for them. The people have to be able to trust who they hire and you just can’t trust a liar. If Obama were really an American, he’d know that.

  • argh2

    Why would a secret Muslim president continue the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan that kill thousands of innocent Muslim civilians? It makes no sense. You can’t have it both ways, Republicans.But I don’t believe that Obama is any more of a Christian than any other president who claimed to be one. They’re all lying. They just know that American civilians are religious and small-minded, and pretending to be a Christian will win them votes. The sheep need a shepherd.

  • Obummer2

    STEVEKEIM – can you not read your POTUS’s books? Can you not hear his words – you tube (obama Muslim) to help you with the search… You do not even believe your Prez? That plus ALL actions of Obama point to his proud heritage – Muslim You also fail to see this is the worst prez ever? You must be on crack or so brainwashed – are you in a hospital in a vegetative state – then for that I am truly sorry for you…

  • thebobbob

    Religion doesn’t matter to most Americans.Hate is all that matters for the 20% of eye-bulging, teeth-barring nutjobs who can not deal with having a Black president and will go to their graves believing nonsense.

  • romulusrj

    Religion is something to be proud of, Why hide something you are proud of. His children need a good example don`t you think.

  • stevekeim

    Agreed, Argh2. Bush framing the wars on the basis of God’s will…that was the special call the shepherd uses to gather his flock.

  • KevinEubank

    It seems that 10% more of the American population have lost their understanding of values America was founded upon.

  • bm66535

    Today the United States is on a decline because we have supported wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. Two reasons for this first is for profits and to keep those who are rich and become richer.Second is because of a doomsday mentality politics tied in with the end of days Armageddon atmosphere in congress as promoted (sometimes in a stealth way) by America’s neoconservatives.God forbid they take power in our defense department and the White House. Yes the presidents religion matters, and so does it matter in congress!!!WE need some sanity back in politics and the corporate media!

  • stevekeim

    Obummer2,No, I have no urge to read his books. I have a long list of other books to read first. Apparently, you either have read them or have read out-of-context blurbs that other (slightly) more intelligent idiots have posted on the “intertubes”. I’m thinking the latter.All of his actions point to his heritage? So drinking alcohol and eating pork point out that he is a muslim? You really are silly.Oh…as it turns out, you’re right, I was woken up by the coma that I was in because someone injected me with liquid crack.

  • bibliophile1984

    Of course a person’s religion doesn’t matter. It’s only used as political tool and weapon to manipulate people’s votes.

  • 1AmericanCitizen

    YES… the religion of a president matters when he shows BIAS toward one religion. He does not have to prove his faith, but he should be required to state the name of his faith on ethical grounds.

  • sephers165

    whether he is a christian or not depends on what your definition of a christian is. If it is simply who says “I am a Christian” and goes to a church, or is it someone who holds certain beliefs about Christ, and his relationship to God. The only reason it would matter is because religion shapes your worldview, which impacts your policies. If we had a much smaller government I would say no it doesn’t matter, because the federal government is bound by the constitution and we are guaranteed to have our liberties regardless of what he believes.(Example: If we didn’t have an income tax, it wouldn’t matter if a Christian president wanted to make an atheist non-profit org. not tax-exempt, or if an atheist president wanted to make a church not tax-exempt, because our government already wouldn’t tax income)But since our government is huge, it could matter, because his policies will be impacted by whatever sect of religion he follows, and it will impact us.

  • rmonaco

    Look up at the gap in the sky over the World Trade Center site and to paraphrase John Lennon – imagine a world with no religion.

  • argh2

    “My feeling as a Christian points me to my Lord and Savior as a fighter. It points me to the man who once in loneliness, surrounded only by a few followers, recognized these Jews for what they were and summoned men to fight against them and who, God’s truth! was greatest not as a sufferer but as a fighter.”Spoken by a true Christian leader: Adolf Hitler.

  • whiteobsidian

    I care only if he’s lying about it. I specifically recall an interview during the campaign on ABC-TV where Obama referred to his muslim faith…. I’m not convinced.

  • rmonaco

    I don’t care if Obama is a Christian – I just want him to act like one.

  • ib422000

    America is no less fundamentalist and prejudiced than those we accuse of the same. Labels of muslim, christian, black, white, immigrants, are like meat and potatoes for the knowledge starved populace.

  • diagasi

    Awfully irritating how the Washington Post implies that it’s “incorrect” to think that Obama is a Mulim.Obama was registered as a Muslim as a child in Indonesia and prayed toward Mecca. This is a matter of public record.The thing about Islam, though, is that once you do these things, you’re NOT ALLOWED to convert out of it, even if you sincerely wish to. It doesn’t matter what you say, and it doesn’t matter if your Shahada (Islamic confession of faith) was years ago. Obama may honestly believe he’s a Christian, but Islam doesn’t work that way. Once you’re in, you can’t get out.Conversion is not countenanced. As Mohammed himself said, “If someone leaves his Islamic religion, then kill him.” Sahih Al-Bukhari (9:57)Therefore I think it inaccurate that USA Today is proclaiming that many Americans “incorrectly” believe Obama is a Muslim. He is one, whether he wants to be or not.I realize this might seem ridiculous to Americans: after all, your religion is what you say it is — right? But no. In the Middle East, once you have embraced Islam (or had your parents induct you into it), you are forever after a Muslim. Thereafter you can’t really change your religion so much as be an apostate.This is the dominant thinking among Muslims — that once you’re in, even as a kid, there’s no getting out. This absolutist thinking may seem strange to us at this point, but I predict it will increasingly be considered normal as we are forced to adjust to more and more to the trigger-hair sensibilities of Muslim immigrants.

  • stevekeim

    Dear god, this is crazy.The whole thing about Obama being a muslim because he was registered as one as a CHILD…and that you can’t convert out…How is that evidence? People convert, often, out of the religion that they were raised under. Just because you’re not supposed to according to that religion…what does this prove? That by breaking out of the religion you broke a rule in it? So f*ing what?…stop with the muslim stuff. This is completely ridiculous.

  • sephers165

    “The United States of America was NOT founded on the ideal of being a “Christian Nation”. It is NOT a Christian Nation. It was founded on the ideals of religious FREEDOM and FREEDOM from tyranny. Tyrannical Christians have missed the boat… again.”Agreed, but that doesn’t mean it was found on the ideal of being a naturalistic humanist either. And the reason it was called a “Christian nation” wasn’t because it was meant to be a theocracy, it was because a majority of people in the country were Christian.

  • portlandmainerox

    Please. The President’s religious beliefs clearly are blown out of proportion. He’s the President, his decisions are impartial because he speaks for EVERYONE. Political influence will come from any source, religion or financial or what have you – and THOSE are the places we should scrutinize, not the leader (who makes choices that appeal to the largest number of people in his constituency). Relax folks, who cares if he is a Muslim.

  • JimboCutter

    I will believe President Obama is a Christian (Christ follower) when he publicly acknowledges Jesus Christ as the son of God, his (Obama’s) personal Lord and Savior, the one and only way to God.

  • tinyjab40

    Oddly enough, a president’s faith matters more now than it did when JFK was running. While JFK was studious not to impose his faith’s stances on others of different beliefs, I get the impression that it might not be so with today’s Catholics. The same for other faiths. As a person who favors gay rights, I could not vote for Mit Romney. The Mormons are too homophobic.But, and this is the crucial point, you have to have a realistic view of the president’s faith. Clearly Barak Obama is a Christian, probably a rather moderate straight-laced Christian just as he is a moderate straight-laced father and family man. The religious brickbats thrown at him have been thrown strictly for political reasons.

  • ascpgh1

    Faith (in whatever) is unwavering. I expect to see in a president this recognizable trait which I can quietly assume him to possess in critical moments as the commander in chief as well.This waffling and flip-flopping to suit the immediate audience, as seen through the teleprompter, is a continuation of greasy, snake-oil-vending campaign behavior. Obama has never been clear or consistent on the message of his faith. (20 years at Rev. Wright’s church but never really listened?)I need an attribute of character to feel safe with this POTUS at the helm and if a religion is the only thing left to speculate as to his true belief, it is his own fault for being such an inconsequential individual under public scrutiny that nothing has come up otherwise for us to believe in. He does have a reverence for golf and vacations.Oh, he is black and that divisive visual attribute has negated three decades of work by greater people than him. That he does nothing to discount this identity devotion (he’s black, nothing else needed) ought to additionally inform citizens of his other unspoken beliefs, mostly that its good to be king. However it becomes necessary.

  • mmagliaro

    The press, the politicians, and the public are total liars when they claim it “doesn’t matter”. When a candidate runs for the office, there is the press, happily and eagerly reporting on what religion he is, what church he goes to, what church his family goes to, and who his preacher is.They did this with Obama, Bush, and every President before that.And all of them will stand up there and say it doesn’t matter what religion they are, and then go pandering to their religion’s churches to “get the word out” about their candidate’s faith.No, it doesn’t matter. What DOES matter to me is how Obama (and all Presidents) use their religion as an instrument to pander to voting blocs and garner votes. If Obama really does believe in God, there is a special place in Hell for him, Bush, and all the rest, who use God as a way to acquire votes and power. Almost without exception, no matter what faith you subscribe to, using God as an instrument to increase your personal power is a big-time no-no.

  • Eddo1

    Yes, the religion of our President is important to me if it is a way of life and a religion that seeks to dominate our country, as does Islam.Islam was founded in violence and the Islamic Bible (the Quran) promotes violence against non-believers: Christians, Jews, Budhists, any person who has not become a Muslim.In invite all readers to view this video:

  • sephers165

    MMAGLIARO that is the reason I really started to despise Republicans, was because they just pandered to Christians without acting like it themselves.Mind you that doesn’t mean I like Democrats, because I don’t want large government who thinks they can spend my money better than I can.

  • KevinEubank

    If Jesus (The Jew) were here today, I have no doubt he would turn his back on all of you self-righteous, moronic, bible thumping, hateful, bigoted, hypocritical, so-called ‘Christian’ people.

  • wdalton1us

    I find both fundamental Christian religions and Islam hypocritical and repugnant to the point of being loathsome. Although there is no “religious test” for any political office, nor should there be, I would not like to have a Muslim president, nor a “rabid” evangelical Christian, for that matter. Both religions can be violently radical and untrustworthy.

  • DLB10

    It does matter what anyone believes, whether president or not. We are all motivated by some ideology. Hitler, Mussolini, Marx, Stalin, Mao, and many others have murdered millions of people because those people disagreed with them or were just to be treated as animals. It always amazes me that the most prevalent “religion” is secular humanism. These people think they are “god” them self and that anyone else that does not “agree” with them and their religious views are some how deluded. Scientist all over the world acknowledge there was a “beginning” or “creation” and that there will also be an end to the universe. Yet, the secular humanist think they are somehow above all these facts.

  • mesaguy

    “The facts on Obama’s faith”I am sorry but most of the statements are not “facts”, they are statements from, in most cases, one person. A “fact” has to be substantiated. You can say that Obama is left-handed and that would be a “fact” because it can be substantiated. He never uses his right hand even to place it over his heart during appropriate times. A “fact”.

  • TimothyCrowe

    Addressing the question! Knowledge is a True justified belief. You can not claim this is false with out justification. Justification is non-fallacious logic. However this claim is a base assertion fallacy. Defend you claim.

  • goggo

    Indeed, a president’s religious beliefs do matter. Also, John Lennon overlooked the Soviet Union when he proposed a world without religion. The Soviets, after all, solved everthing with an Atheistic state; hunger, inequality and class injustices, corruption, persecution, alcoholism, despair and hopelessness. … Oh wait, no, they didn’t.

  • steveblue

    As a comedian stated days after the election:We now finally have a smart president, now we just need smart citizens.That people can be so manipulated by fear and lies it a new low for the US.

  • sephers165

    KevinEubank – I don’t think you understand what Christian believe.Christian’s are terrible people who have sinned greatly, and have no righteousness on their own. What they do have is faith in the one who was and is righteous, whose righteousness is imputed to them. What a Christian should believe is that he deserves to be tortured and murdered on a cross, and rot in hell, except for the fact that God had mercy upon him.Paul the apostle even said, of sinners I am chief.I in no way think I am superior to you, in fact I probably think I’m worse, because I sin even though I have knowledge of the truth of Christ, but you sin in ignorance of the knowledge of Christ.And sinful acts are only proof of a sinful nature. It is the nature that condemns you and I, and I admit too many Christians point out sinful acts, as if not doing them, would make them righteous. They are wrong. Not being a homosexual (as an example) doesn’t make someone any more righteous than another.

  • peterb37

    I would just once like to read an article that concerns religion that didn’t make the word faith synonymous with religion. I have an abundance of Faith, and none of it is connected in any way shape or form to religion. I have faith in God, and absolutely none in religion. Religion has nothing whatever to do with faith. Religion categorizes their so called faith, and therefor is an absence of faith, not faith.

  • robbshelby


  • mosthind

    Religion means nothing to me. Personal behavior of a President is important. I didn’t like:Eisenhower wanting to leave his wife for his enlisted driver who we assume he was banging.Kennedy banging Marilyn Monroe and many other easy women.Nixon banging America.Clinton having oral sex with a young intern in the oval office.Bush banging America.As for Obama…… seems to be a great family man who rose from poverty and prejudice through hard study and work. He’s got a difficult job, due in great measure to the harebrained agendas of several of his predecessors.

  • karth500

    Wow. Most people here are insane. I believe Obama when he says he is a Christian. But even for those who believe he is a Muslim, why is that a problem? Why is that a smear on his character? The constitution clearly states that the POTUS does not have to be of a certain or even declare a faith. If you have a problem with his policies, or his decisions fine, but religion? Who cares what he is, and why is it such a big deal even if he is a Muslim? India, in the very recent past had a Muslim President, a Sikh Prime Minister, and a foreign born Christian woman as the head of the largest party in India (the Congress). This despite the country being more than 80% Hindu. All it mattered were they could do the job.We claim to be a civilized, first world country with religious freedoms and yet are still so small minded, and petty compared to a country that has been independent for just 60 years and yet seems to be light years ahead socially. I am truly saddened by what I see here.

  • iamerican

    The faith of the POTUS is of no importance unless it isn’t interpretable as Whiggism, the philosophical, theological, historic and scientific foundation of American Exceptionalism and of G-d’s covenant with The Founders’ whig party. Stupidity makes those Mr. Jefferson termed “the real Anti-Christ” “winners,” usurping Our Nation and Creed…as if their provable, known victories weren’t obvious at Dealey Plaza, Memphis, ‘Bush v. Gore,’ and on 9/11.

  • steveblue

    Aren’t you exacerbating the falsehood of the believe and therefore contributing to the ignorance of America by this headline and subject of this article, right after this poll came to light. Try informing and educating rather than sensationalizing. Since Obama has always been a practicing Christian – one of the major faiths in America and the faith of every president – what is the point of this article at this time other than to take advantage of rather than informing the ignorance of the poll.

  • nancyz-ncc

    His religion…..I’d be happy to see a Birth Certificate!!!

  • wannabersc

    Considering that the so called “religion” (as represented by this new mosque in NYC) is no “religion” at all, but a social-political system… another fascist ideology.

  • KevinEubank

    sephers165: I totally agree with you. That’s why I am so appalled by the abomination that main-stream Christian society has become in this country.

  • karth500

    @WANNABERSC Church sanctioned wars don’t exactly scream separation of Church and state. If anything the Roman Catholic church is the largest, most powerful, example of this socio-political ideology that you claim Islam. I think most people here forget that there were Muslims who died in the 9/11 attacks. America is full of peaceful Muslims going about their daily lives. Heck, I work with 3 of them. They don’t seem particularly threatening to me.

  • savagejoes

    per the last question in the article “Why do you think that only one in three Americans know that President Obama is Christian?” the reason is that his actions speak louder than his words. he might say he is christian, but everything he does says differently. he supports abortion, supports homosexual activist agendas, won’t stop the silencing of christian military chaplains from praying in Jesus name, coddles, hosts and strokes the egos of muslims worldwide, lies in just about every speech he makes, demeans those who don’t agree with his worldview….. all in all if you ever do get a TRUE christian in office you will have the best president the world has ever known. Lincoln was and he was the best so far…..

  • Notliberal1951

    The author makes a statement about his being christian, and expects the statement to be considered fact! Her bias shows thru clearly.She did not listen to his comments during the conversations with Rick Warren at Saddleback church during the campaign!! he does not respond to the questions asked as a someone who is saved! He is ACTING in ways to conceal his beliefs. Does he have to be christian to be a good president, CERTAINLY NOT!! He does need to be truthful, and there is doubt about that!! this is the foundation for everything he does in his life: Remember, he is POTUS 24/7/365!

  • hamishdad

    I’d rather have a Muslim than a Mama Grizzly in the White House.

  • scarywoody

    The bigger issue is Obama a serial liar? He says one thing, does another then blames someone else. I think he has some mental issues.

  • phil46

    No one can say what should or should not matter to any person. They can only say if it should matter to the government and religion should not! Obviously for some it will matter and for others it will not. This is fine. Kennedy was elected because most Catholics voted for him. Romney received a disproportion of Mormon votes. Blacks voted disproportionately for Obama, etc. People get to use any and all criterion they want for voting. The government only is restrained.

  • Naoma

    I was always a tad suspicious when Obama

  • bloommarko4

    Here’s a more fundamental point:At least 20% of Americans are as dumb as rocks.

  • jvoran

    I am always deeply saddened when I read the comments to the “On Faith” discussion. Do many comments are so full of hate, prejudice and bigotry. If this is faith, if this is religion, then I guess I have to say…count me out.

  • walter-in-fallschurch

    this clearly illustrates the effectiveness of the crazy right-wing religious non-reality-based community’s disinformation efforts. due to this group’s effectiveness many americans don’t believe in evolution or global warming either.

  • dgilbreath

    The presidents religion doesn’t matter to me nearly as much as it a appears to matter to his advisers and cheerleaders(such as the Washington Post). The added confusion about his faith since the election is probably more a matter of observing his actions. He rarely attends church since being in office. He has celebrated Islamic holidays and tends to down play Christian holidays.There is a common phrase amongst church going Christians (I’m leaving room for the fact that there are those who are Christian and don’t attend church very often) which goes like this:I’d say Obama is clearly innocent of all charges.

  • bsrasmus

    I don’t believe that there is anything more important than the god that the man serves. If he claims to be an atheist then he has no bedrock moral foundation that can be counted on when things get complicated and difficult. If he serves an enemy of the true God then even if he is unaware of it, he will be working for Satan and against the people of this country and the world. If he serves the one true God then the world will be a better place for it. You know a tree by its fruit. If the tree is rotten then its fruit will be rotten. But if the tree is good then it will bear good fruit.

  • RUListening2Urself

    The only time a presidents religion matters is when religion is at the center of a military campaign which conflicts with a nations cultural and national interests. We are in a war with militant Islam which has the stated geopolitical goal of establishing a pan Eurasian caliphate and killing all the infidels (Christians). When the majority of Muslims fail to put pressure on their militant minority to conform to the true teachings of Islam, they are in effect tacitly supporting the militant view. If OUR president is Muslim, then it represents a clear conflict of interest as we, the United States are the intended targets of said militants. So yes, religion is important. We can’t trust Obama to come out and admit his true religion because there is to much to lose politically, and we can’t rely on the left leaning media to give us the truth, because they’re, well, democrats. If Obama went to the BBC or Al Jazeera and said, ‘I’m Christian’, then I’d believe him.

  • Rearden_Metal

    Obama’s faith does matter. If it’s irrelevant then what was the intention of using the Lincoln bible during his inauguration? Maybe it’s an old fashioned idea to fulfill on one’s word or oath. For all the complaining of former presidents, Obama doesn’t get a pass for not honoring his word. This is an issue because his true allegiances are unclear.

  • rryder1

    We need “freedom FROM religion,” not freedom of religion. Separation of church and state does not go far enough. We need to tax religions and other lobbyist groups. Get these people out of here. This thread is kind of ridiculous in a way, since Obama obviously didn’t win on the religious vote, so what’s the point? It must be August and we have nothing else to do.

  • kristoff4

    “Faith” is defined by Oxford’s dictionary as: Belief that does not rest on logical proof or material evidence. We had that way of thinking in spades with George W. and look where it got us. Personally, I think that the president having his decisions guided by faith in ANY metaphysical being or supernatural powers is scary, but this is America and it is what it is.

  • kchen1

    This should say it all:”No religious test shall ever be required as a qualification to any office or public trust under the United States.”Get it? It’s in the Constitution. Keep religion out of the government and keep the government out of religion. This is meant to protect both religion and the government from corruption from each other. That said, no one should care what religion any government official practices. Christian/Muslim/Jewish/Flying Spaghetti Monster… Doesn’t matter. We’re all free to practice the religion of our choice and that carries to the president. As for this president, he’s Christian. Period. He was married in a Christian church, his children were baptised in one, what more do you need? I’m sure there are plenty of other VALID reasons to malign our president. More people would listen to those with valid reasons then those who make these kinds of things up. Those spreading the rumor that he is Muslim are automatically pushed out in my mind as a nut, despite any other valid arguments they may have.

  • bsrasmus

    I will believe that President Obama is a Christian when he urges non-Christians to give their lives to Christ and loudly proclaims that one may only be saved through faith in Christ.

  • CharlesS

    Rick Vonberne said that Obama is a Muslim because Muslim law says that if his father was Muslim then he is a Muslim. Hey Rick. He doesn’t care what Muslim law says since he’s not a Muslim. Dbag.

  • artofruth

    So, 18% believe they know that Obama is a Muslim. Big Yawn – this is the same percentage and group that also believes that Obama wasn’t born in America.The problem isn’t Obama’s religion, or birthplace. The problem is the 18% of our population that is so very willing to believe any lie at all as long as it supports their own prejudices. Keep in mind, this is also the same percentage that willingly believes a variety of other conflicting information about Obama, i.e., he is a radical militant Christian as well as a Muslim radical. He was born in Kenya and Indonesia. And the state of Hawaii, which has virtually no Muslim population, is helping perpetuate a 40+ yr conspiracy to put a radical foreign Muslim in the White House. He is a corrupt Chicago street thug and a Harvard intellectual elitist. He is a dangerous liberal progressive who wants to turn this country into a socialist state at the very same time that he is in bed with the biggest capitalists in the world – Wall St. bigwigs. These people are the personification of cognitive dissonance.According to these fools, Obama is a Communist, a Socialist, and a Marxist. Never mind the fact that none of these three are compatible belief systems. Never mind the fact that if he were a practicing Muslim, he couldn’t also be a Communist or a Marxist. Never mind the facts at all. And that’s the problem – the 18% never let facts get in the way of their loudly held opinions. Where is the truth?The truth is that as long as Obama is black, this same 18% of the population will continue to grasp at any straws at all which will allow them to continue to hate him while never acknowledging their own bigotry. Look at the nutbags who have posted here claiming that they know for a fact that Obama has actually claimed to be a Muslim. One loser claims he read it in Obama’s books. Now, I don’t know what books they read, if they even really read Obama’s books, but they KNOW it now, and everyone else is wrong.Bottom line, these people are a very bad combination of bigotry and willful ignorance. When the people they support get into office, the country suffers. They want to destroy Obama and if they have to bring the country down to do it, they are OK with that. Shame on us if we let them.

  • ronhende

    Ordinarily it does not matter what religion a man is; however, in the case of Barack Hussein Obama is matters tremendously. It matters only because Mr. Obama tells us that he is a Christian; but all his actions, some in a very hurtful way, seem to indicate that he is a Muslim or more sympathetic towards Islam. And we all know that Islam, radical Islam if we can say that, has attacked the US and has caused untold damage to US interests. And in spite of this attack on the US Obama and his administration with their eyes closed are doing everything to exonerate Islamic terrorists, even to the point of not designating them as terrorists. Mr. Obama makes every gesture to run Islam rough-shod over Christians and everyone else that they may achieve their means. He wants Islam to have a mosque close to Ground Zero, even after they wiped out 5000 odd US citizens right on that spot virtually; he seems to not give a hoot about Iran and the ‘bomb’, even though they have threatened to ‘wipe Israel off the face of the map’. His revealed documents list him as a Muslim, maybe that is why he so defends Islam over Christianity-no Christian day of prayer as all Presidents have done, but thumbs up for Ramadan. It matters not to me what a man believes, but when a man says one thing and does another thing, and when these things are inimical to one’s own country and people, then watch out, you have a sinister situation brewing! Honesty is always the best of policy-and we thought he was!!

  • ableman

    I wonder where Obama’s baptismal papers are? I still have mine, there should be records at a church somewhere.Oh wait, this is Obama we’re talking about. Nevermind us lowly citizens aren’t allowed to see that information are we?

  • bsrasmus

    Faith defined:Hebrews 11:1-71Now faith is the assurance of things hoped for, the conviction of things not seen. 2For by it the men of old gained approval. 3By faith we understand that the worlds were prepared by the word of God, so that what is seen was not made out of things which are visible. 4By faith Abel offered to God a better sacrifice than Cain, through which he obtained the testimony that he was righteous, God testifying about his gifts, and through faith, though he is dead, he still speaks. 5By faith Enoch was taken up so that he would not see death; AND HE WAS NOT FOUND BECAUSE GOD TOOK HIM UP; for he obtained the witness that before his being taken up he was pleasing to God. 6And without faith it is impossible to please Him, for he who comes to God must believe that He is and that He is a rewarder of those who seek Him. 7By faith Noah, being warned by God about things not yet seen, in reverence prepared an ark for the salvation of his household, by which he condemned the world, and became an heir of the righteousness which is according to faith. Faith is not believing a lie or making up what you want to believe. Faith is when God tells you something and you believe Him *because* you know that He is trustworthy *and because* you know that He knows what He is talking about. That’s how Abel offered a better sacrifice and Noah built the ark. They believed in HIM.

  • Doctor_Evil

    Well done my son Obama. You are crippling the great Satan. You have running the Americans into bankruptcy. You are encouraging Americans fighting among themselves while the rest of the world is passing them by. You have exceeded my wildest expectations.

  • dgilbreath

    The reference to the constitution seems to imply that someone (other than the Washington post in this article) is questioning his qualification to be president based on his religion. No one really is. They are simply responding to questions in a poll that asked them which religion they believe the president is a member of. Simply answering a poll question is not an attack on the president. Even those who believe he may be Muslim are not necessarily attacking the president. They were minding their own business when a poster asked their opinion. They call up a pollster and say why don’t you ask me what I think about the president and then get the WaPo to write a story questioning the presidents religion.The big attack here (especially in the comments) appears to be coming from the very angry left at what they perceive to be people that have the audacity to sit at home and peacefully hold views that differ slightly from their own.

  • twoasperin

    Well the way I see the question is a might different than what seems to be acceptable. Namely he is not the president. Smoke mirrors and downright refusal to be “transparent” as he promised have kept the general public from knowing what this impostor is. That being said and forgotten, yes it does matter what religion our leader is. Our foundation is christian based and was for a few years and then these people that say it does not matter have allowed us to lose OUR right to worship as we choose. Personally I do not care if the muslims worship a goat,cow or allah if that is what they choose. That piece of ground is a horrible reminder of a fallacy purported upon us as a nation. And I believe the people who died so awfully there would care what use this ground gets. Most of this frenzy of emotion is media whipped bs. What does matter to me is that I am not allowed to worship as I choose when I choose. My religious holidays are waved aside by an impostor president and In God We Trust is being slowly removed from sight. We allowed one slob of a woman to highhandedly remove prayed from schools. I remember when that was all the exposure a lot had to God and His word. Our basic rights as humans much less citizens are eroded daily by the powers that really are not this sham of a man who supposedly leads us. This flotsam could not lead a thirsty animal to drink. No one listens to the older folks anymore believing their personal knowledge surpasses that of the sage folks who got us this far. All I talk with urge us to gather the young and usher them to vote all incumbents out and retake an amount of control again. A real true leader would show us the way, not prance around vacationing while we continue to nosedive into obscurity. Watch what he does closely….he spends millions to transport around the world and ask our military to pay their own way as they are volunteers. Answer me this o glorious one, are you not a volunteer? If not who is forcing this upon you? We should look back to the days of President Truman to see how a bonafide leader behaves and find a clone maker…………IN GOD I TRUST…

  • antikythera

    The President and other Muslims have nothing on me. I am white, male, Christian and Republican. In other words, I am the most feard and hated person on Earth.

  • Thependulumswings

    A good portion of the folks who say he is a Muslim know that he is not. The Republican agenda is to distort any and every thing President Obama says are does. The level of misinformation has destroyed the credibility of EVERY Republican I know. I do not know a one that speaks the truth.

  • diagasi

    I repeat:Mohammed himself said, “If someone leaves his Islamic religion, then kill him.” Sahih Al-Bukhari (9:57)I love how everybody’s ignoring this!

  • humblesage

    Religions, especially those religions such as Christianity and Muslims among others are used as tools to bring social fabrics together. Sadly, the country of pragmatism, still this religious manipulation occurs especially near the election time. It binds the lowest common denominator of people…By the way, the way it is going with the NY Muslim community center reminds me of persecution of Japanese US citizens during WWII. What are we fighting against? Against Muslim? Do muslim in this country be hated? Most of muslim in this country are not even from middle eastern origin. I am deeply surprised that nobody talks about those muslim victims in 9/11 2001. There were muslims who were killed then there too!. The terror was not targeted against Christian. It was against what they think is the enemy, the US prosperity, and domination. They were against anything happy. We should focus on our enemy, not tricked by who you think you don’t like.

  • antikythera

    The President and other Muslims have nothing on me. I am white, male, Christian and Republican. In other words, I am the most feared and hated person on Earth.

  • artofruth

    Ableman,I was baptized, but I have no papers stating it, they were lost decades ago and the church is no longer there. Since you have yours and I don’t have mine, that obviously constitutes iron-glad proof that I was never baptized at all. I guess my whole family must be wrong about it happening. Thanks for clearing that up.I have no original birth certificate either, the hospital doesn’t keep originals from that far back – because, according to them, since I can get the legal state issued short form birth certificate, that’s all I need to prove my birth. I guess you should let all Michigan hospitals know that they are doing it wrong because you don’t agree with their methods. I’m sure they’ll change policy based on the amazing strength of your arguments. You really believe that if Obama and the rest of us can’t jump through your ever-shifting hoops that we must all be illegitimate? Or does your logic only apply to black presidents? Have you never let yourself consider the possibility that you have allowed your hate to send you over the edge into irrationality? I went to Ellis Island last week. I wanted to see my grandmother’s name on the wall there. She immigrated in 1903. The other side of my family has been here since the 1700’s. But, according to you, I can’t be a real American either because I can’t provide what you would accept as proof.The sad thing is that you probably thought you were being so clever with your flawed baptismal theory – when the truth is all you did is make yourself look like just one more idiotic birther bigot.

  • Pourlavie

    With the current idiotic focus on religion today, one of the greatest individuals in history could not get elected to any office in this country. “History, I believe, furnishes no example of a priest-ridden people maintaining a free civil government. This marks the lowest grade of ignorance of which their civil as well as religious leaders will always avail themselves for their own purposes.” –Thomas Jefferson to Alexander von Humboldt, 1813. ME 14:21

  • pferd


  • HilaryLo

    If you’re an uneducated yokel, then it matters.

  • kibbutzpost

    All presidents are secularist. You have not and will not see one who is not. They are all corrupted by duty to party as history testifies. Thereby unable to affect any lasting or helpful change. The have lulled the multitudes into sleepwalking all the way to the polls every election day with false hope for empty promises. God is not a politician who is obligated to any party. No party is better than any other. All governments are subject to the sovereignty and swiftly coming judgement of the Almighty.

  • ronhende

    It is very sad, unfair, and a Media tactic pushing for Dems and Obama, to take the simple opinions of those who disagree with the thread on Obama given by the Media and make the people of these opposing opinions racists and bigots. Why must we believe that Obama is American when he refuses to show it properly, and when Kenya and other countries admit that he is African?Why must we accept US birth for him when his Occidental school records show that he got scholarships as an African? Read the Manchurian President if you want to get the real information that the Media are hiding. Why does Obama pay millions of dollars to a law firm to hide his identity? The stupid media think that this behaviour is kosher and acceptable for Democrats but not for Republicans! Can you remember: “I did not have sex with Monica…?” And: “it depends on how you understand ‘is’?” Such are the Dems! Sooner or later the truth about Obama will come out. Why then can’t we discuss these enigmas without being branded racist and bigot? The Dems and Obama thrive on such conundrums to fool the people! They must blindly brand their opposers as bigots and racists, even if they (some that oppose Obama’s media information)are themselves black!!!Let’s back up and discuss civilly and seriously-I guess Dems can’t do that!

  • scarywoody

    The Dude lies about everything!

  • tlwinslow

    If Obama had claimed all along he was Muslim during his campaign, and was voted in office on that basis, that’s one thing, but he claimed and still does that he’s not Muslim, and is a Christian to boot, which makes it a political issue. Furthermore, since the U.S. is at war with al-Qaida, the question for any Muslim in office is whether he has loyalties to a foreign power like them. Either way, the evidence has been mounting that Obama’s a secret Muslim who might one day come out openly, but only after he’s out of office. Not that it can be proven in court yet. One indicator is his close associations with Black Muslims, who routinely claim to be Christians, explaining that to them Christ was a Muslim who believes in Muhammad like they do. Scope all the key facts about Obama’s Muslim rabbit hole anytime with the Historyscoper free at

  • doylespar

    Religion is the opiate of the muddled masses and since the Dems took power in Whitehouse and Congress the repugnicants have tried in every dishonest way to make them look bad,particularly Obama who has 54% of white voters against him to start with.

  • fernie1

    It matters a lot, and here is why: Anybody in a position of power needs to believe that one day, he or she may meet their maker and at last be held accountable for how they have lived their life. Without that concept of being accountable at some point, the most powerful person on earth has to be completely incorruptible by nature or they will be corrupt, because it will enrich them personally.

  • yourmomscalling


  • CatManDEW

    I’m with Bill Maher on this one. I wish President Obama was a Rationalist (a.k.a. atheist or agnostic) who based his decisions not on the superstitions of mysticism and magic, but on logic, reason and fact. We’ve already seen what happens when “people of faith” get put in charge of things: we get wars and pestilence. We need people of science and people of knowledge in charge. People of faith should go back to their churches, synagogues, temples, mosques, tabernacles and cathedrals and practice their rituals in private like the Constitution intended.

  • houstonian

    These are the facts. Obama was born and raised with the fundamentals of a Muslim, not a Christian. Obama won’t attend anything in this country that has to do with Christianity. He has attended more events dealing with Islam then he has dealing with Christian. The facts speak for themselves.

  • Athena4

    That headline should read, “One in Five Americans Believe Right-Wing Smear Machine.” Now we see what the whole “Ground Zero Mosque” kerfluffle is all about. Muslims=evil. Obama=Muslim. Therefore, Obama=evil. Oy… What does it matter? Number one, he’s not the type to wear his religion on his sleeve, like so many others before him. Number two, he and his family have attended the church across from the WH many, many times. He’s come out and said that he doesn’t want to have a “home” congegation because he wants to be fair to everyone. Just because someone isn’t a Fundamentalist Evangelical or Baptist, it doesn’t mean that they’re not a Christian.

  • Athena4

    “I went to Ellis Island last week. I wanted to see my grandmother’s name on the wall there. She immigrated in 1903.”Neither of my grandparents or great-grandparents are on the wall at Ellis Island, either, even though at least one set came through there. I asked my Mom and Dad about it, and they informed me that people had to pay to get their ancestors’ names on the wall. Both sides of my family felt that it wasn’t worth the money to do it. BTW, my great-grandmother never became a U.S. Citizen. She couldn’t speak English well enough to pass the test. Yet, she raised two boys that fought in WWII (and three girls). How far do people want to go back to deny citizenship?

  • Jsuf

    Who is to say he isn’t a closet muslim? Just because his public life portrays a Christian does not mean his beliefs lie there.

  • RainyDayIntern

    Does religion matters…for anything?Religion is a crutch used by those who seek to justify actions which they don’t want to take responsibility for to those whom they don’t care about.

  • rryder1

    Which means that 53% of Americans are idiots. It could be higher!

  • gsprins

    As I read this poll, 61% do not care about the religion practices of The President and 39% care. If 61% don’t care either way, I would think it would be in the best interests of The President to cater to the 39% who do care.

  • divi3

    The reason people think Obama is a Muslim is because he’s really an atheist, but unlike fellow atheist Clinton, isn’t doing the entirety of the dog and pony show the public previously required. Wonderful to see the American people caring so much less about which fairy tale their President professes to believe in.

  • KevinEubank

    Christian Republicans are the REAL problem in America.PS

  • aschau66

    President Obama is such a relief from the previous 8 years. Intelligent and caring, he had to dig us out of such a deep hole that two years has not been enough time to even scratch the surface. Unfortunately on some really critical issues such as global warming he doesn’t even have support within his own party to get the job done. Meanwhile the clock is ticking. His religion is irrelevant to most of the crucial issues, but for what it is worth he is defintely not a Muslim. But so what?

  • AJBF

    It’s disheartening that anyone in this country could be so uninformed and/or deceived to believe that President Obama is a Muslim. Worse is that those very same people (and probably many more) see being a Muslim as something negative. America, the land of the free – as long as you are not different from the majority!

  • RaceToTheBottom

    I think the media are missing the point and shirking their responsibility.The American public used to know the facts a few months ago. Only now with fake media outlets like Faux news filling the air about the Muslim Obama this, and the Muslim Obama that…. it has an effect.A corrupt media acting like a terrorist organisation have very detrimental effects on the US.

  • isthisajoke

    People. This board should be taken down immediately. We deserve to be invaded by any number of thinking nations on this planet if the totally ignorant, ridiculous, insane, bigoted comments here represent this country’s collective thinking. Thinking: I use the term very loosely…

  • LillianJPrince

    What disturbs me is the fact that Obama is religious at all. Tyranny, whether supported by religion, capitalism, patriotism, or a myriad other tools mustn’t be the basis, cannot be the basis for a civilization that isn’t faulty and destructive. If people can’t even abandon religion how will they take the next step and the next to expunge tyranny from this world?

  • pervleft

    First muslim trained US president. Anyone want to disagree?First black or white president who spent 20 yrs in a hate and despise and damn to hell American church? Anyone want to disagree? Jus reporting what DUH media reports. He is a christian like kerry is a catholic.

  • pburgdon

    I would not care what religion the President of the United States is normally. But this president is abiding by Muslim Laws. Bowing to Muslim Leaders and talking out of both sides of his mouth at the same time. Why didn’t his wife accompany him to Muslim countries? He only lies when his lips are moving. Anyone can call themselves a Christian, Obama seems not to be leading a Christian life.

  • pervleft

    A Pew Research Center survey showed that nearly 20 percent of Americans believe that President Obama is a Muslim (he is not), and only one-third of Americans believe he is a Christian (he is).LOVE TO SEE ANY, ANY EVIDENCE OR PROOF. He was trained in muslim schools, peace be upon him. alli akbar aho!

  • pervleft

    His actions speak much louder than his lies and those in the media who lie for him.

  • rmonaco

    Reply to GOGGO:As you can see from the rampant fanaticism (mostly) in this thread, religion can be pretty devisive. Shatter someone’s deklusions at your peril. The Soviet model of atheism addressed the “opiate of the people” concept which made religion a threat against the politcal structure. No theology just one form of political system versus the other.Christian: I will die for my faithMuslim: You will die for my faith

  • eezmamata

    Religion is not a crutch, it’s a disease. A true mental disorder passed along from generation to generation like a parasite – a parasitic disease.I truly wonder how many presidents we’ve had who were actually atheist – every single one of you christians gives the president the religious test … why do you hate our constitution so much?As for this guy being a muslim … It’s hard to stop laughing long enough to type this. What an incredible stink of retardation is sweeping across our country.I don’t like this president at all, I didn’t vote for him and I won’t vote for him in 2012. I don’t like his political party or his politics. But I don’t have to talk myself into believing he’s a muslim … man, you people are beyond stupid.

  • samshark00hotmailcom

    The editor of this story is one of the main causes of all this hate.

  • BadKitteh

    No, religious beliefs don’t matter; intelligence does. And from what I’ve seen so far, religious faith and intelligence don’t travel together.

  • phil46

    The choice is still, vote based on personal prejudice regardless, or outlaw choices not considered acceptable by who ever has the power to decide. The religious wars were fought to gain political control. If the secularists, atheists, or a specific religion attempt to force their ideology on others, watch out for more wars.

  • eezmamata

    atheism isn’t an ideology, only a boob would think that.I want you to be an atheist, I don’t care what you believe and I’m making no effort to convince you on anything.I just want to be free of your religious nonsense. Keep your stinking delusions out of my front yard.We haven’t had a better example of how truly stupid the religious can be than this issue in front of us now.Why can’t you people grow up already?

  • eezmamata

    uh, that’s I *don’t* want you to be an atheist. You aren’t smart enough to deal with it, you don’t have the backbone to deal with reality without your delusions.If we could prove to all the believers that their gods are phonies, that they have been told a lie, that their priests and pastors and leaders have been leading them around by the ring in their nose … what would happen?You christians would probably go even madder than you are. So keep believing this nonsense, you haven’t got what it takes to live without it.

  • useridforme

    What scares me the most is that any President believes in any Religion. I think all Religions are a form of brainwashing. They are all cults, just bigger and more organized than the smaller crazy ones we hear about. Religion is a taught subject like math or English, not something you are born with. How anyone can believe the nonsense in the bible is beyond me. Its time to wake up and actually see all the proof that has come along to disprove anything the bible has to say. Where is any proof that God exists? Would there really be wars in Gods name? Why do Tornadoes, Floods and Fires always seem to take out churches? Would that really be Gods will? Most religious nuts would say it is to make your faith stronger, I say enough already its time to see things as they are, not as they are in fantasy land.

  • SamUSA

    This is good news. It shows that only 20% of us (American) doesn’t have brain. I was thinking it is more than 50% e.g. when Bush was saying Iraq has weapon of mass destruction, and when Bush was projecting Iraq as big security threat, most of the American believed that without applying their brain.

  • muawiyah

    ATHENA4 ~ how far back? Hey, we have Scanderhoovians still POd over the Dutch attack on Fort Christian. I know I’m upset.Those people have no business here. And the English? There were Scanderhoovians all up and down Chesapeake Bay long before they thought about it.Maybe the Spanish, or some of them, got here early enough, and maybe not.Is that far enough for you? Hard to go back much further and have records and such, but it could be done!

  • Testamento

    It’s another example of the 80-20 rule; 20 % of the people account for 80% of the stupidity

  • superfred911

    I can’t say that I’m surprised that 20% of Americans believe that Obama is a Muslim. What does surprise me is that they aren’t being prevented from contributing to the gene pool…..Can you say mentally defective? I knew you could.

  • Elisa2

    Tom Cruise, don’t even think about becoming the next Reagan if you are looking at that poll. Not that you couldn’t win with the candidates the two parties have been getting.

  • lbjack

    What a foul, dishonest, manipulative piece! A stealth polemic tries to indoctrinate the readers, then has them take a test to see if they’re indoctrinated.Religion may not matter to the Constitution, but it sure as hell matters to me! OF COURSE I do not want a person whose religion is hostile to everything civilization stands for to be president. And this obviously means I want neither a Muslim nor the brother of a Muslim!Well, apparently not obvious to those moral cowards who would rather preen in their cloak of Constitutional piety than acknowledge the barbarity that defines the Muslim world every day across the world.Obama may be a Christian, but when he kowtows to the Islamofascists, from the Saudis to the Iranians to the Egyptians to the builder of this Muslim provocation, when he honors Ramadan in flawless Arabic, he becomes their brother and is thus unfit to be my president.

  • eezmamata

    LBJACK, you can kiss my dog’s testicles, every christian day of your life.Screw the muslims, and screw the christians. I want my constitution protected from religious fanatics like you just as much as I want it protected from those crazy lunatic muslimsJust where in the hell do you get off claiming your delusions are more important than the constitution?

  • DwightCollins

    if religion is being used for political reasons…

  • circle8

    I don’t know nor do I care what religion he follows. He is such a liar whatever his says can not be believed. I do notice that he rejects Christians and their beliefs which makes me wonder why he claims he is a Christian. But I ask the question Do Communists have a religion they believe in??? I thought they only want power and more power. That is their religion.

  • eezmamata

    no one has to do something as complicated as faking a religion to get over people like you Dwight. You were born with a hole in your in head, and whatever religion was around you at the time rushed in to fill it.Like a baby duck following whatever it sees first as its parent.You’d make a great muslim, Dwight, and everybody like you. The islamic world is full of people just like you, never questioning the bs forced down their throat.Seen any bigfoots lately, elvis?

  • orion700

    He’s Luciferian, not Muslim. He’s also a CIA creation:

  • eezmamata

    Communism tends to occupy the same hole in the head that religion does. It sees religion as a competitor, it requires of it’s adherents the same kind of unquestioning blind faith.They don’t espouse atheism for the sake of atheism, they do so to replace the faith of the mindless peasants, from christian or muslims or whatever, to communism.You believers might just be surprised how many atheists think communism is as much a religion as whatever tripe it is you believe in.

  • tehart1

    The Constitution specifies a religious test, which means that the government may not require someone to make an affirmation that they believe in the Trinity, Jesus, or in the teachings of Mohammed. You can hold any religious opinion, no matter how bizarre or foolish, and the government may not deny you an office on that ground.None of that means that I, as a voter, may not take those religious beliefs into consideration. I may be acting in a bigoted manner, or I may be acting in a prudential manner. If the candidate believes that the tooth fairy will leave enough money to pay for a next generation carrier, and proclaims that is his religion, then it is a matter of prudence to reject him as looney tunes.Obama’s church, despite its acceptance by the larger denomination, maintains as one of its core tenets that there is a difference between black and white. This flies in the spirit of Galatians (I think) in which Paul asserts that there is neither Greek, nor Hebrew, slave or free, and so on. The assertion is made that all are one in Christ. That, and the resurrection of Christ are fairly central to Christianity. To deny our oneness in Christ, as Wright does, is to deny one of the founding stones of Christianity.If Obama is a Christian, he is an heretical Christian. As it is, he continually panders to the lowest and worst in us through demonizing the rich, inciting envy and resentment, which Jesus did not do. I’m afraid that his real view is that he is, as Oprah christened him, the One.May God have mercy on us all.

  • zickzack

    Personally, I don’t think he’s a Muslim, but when someone writes “nearly 20 percent of Americans believe that President Obama is a Muslim (‘he is not’)” in an article, I say show me the proof. His behavior in Israel, the US, and the Middle East certainly don’t support the assertion that he is a Christian. However, I think it better he be a closet Muslim than a Reverend Wrightian. Is there any more blasphemous religion from a Bible perspective? Is there a more provocative religion from a secular perspective?

  • eezmamata

    Obama is as much a phony muslim as he is a phony christian.Hey, believe what you want. Don’t you ever have a feeling that the more intelligent, the more powerful, the more connected people in the world are playing you for a fool?Well, you are a fool.

  • F7711

    How stupid do you have to be to believe in the magical b.s. that is religion ? A Soul that lives forever ? Where’s the proof that some Supernatural Spirit is running the Universe ? If any Religion were true, if there were a God we’d ALL know it, we wouldn’t need “faith”, there’d be proof. People should be embarrassed to be so gullible, so intellectually incurious, so just plain dumb as to believe in any gods. You believe the same things that simple cave dwellers invented to explain the world around them and to deal with their fears. It’s just ridiculous that so many of us hold onto the primitive concept of gods. With so much knowledge available, so many different fields of science that can teach you about people, and the world around us, the Universe even, and so many people cling to this pure nonsense. It’s really sad. Brasmus, it’s laughable that you think that anyone needs religion to have character or morality. Why are the jails in the U.S. full of Christians instead of Atheists if that’s the case ? I feel sorry for simple people like you, people who have no concept of reality, or knowledge of how things work. Read some books other than works of fiction like the bible. How convenient that God is invisible, and silent. What a crock. God is imaginary . Go to this website, Godisimaginary.com, read and take the blinders off.

  • m1kem1lls

    Stupid spiritualists! What a bunch of idiots they are. I wish the islamists and christians would lock themselves in a room and kill each other. They cause so many problems, and don’t do a damn bit of good. The world would be much better if they were gone.

  • antikythera

    I don’t disagree with Obama. He disagrees with me. Does that make him a racist?

  • rdavid1020

    While Barry may not be a devout Muslim but he certainly is a Muslim sympathizer and an overt Jew hater. I guess somewhere in there he falls into the category of being a Christian. Sort of like Satan was an angel, at one time.

  • rikwarren

    Religion Who cares, No wonder America is in the tank. I have never read a stupider group of posts in my life. He lies , they lie, he is anti American, anti christian closeted Sufi,the devil. The Media lies as if these idiots would know a journalist if it reported on them. The constitution is sacrosanct unless I dont agree with the practical implications, What drivel. Stupid dangerous but drivel

  • F7711

    How stupid do you have to be to believe in the magical b.s. that is religion ? A “Soul” that lives forever, where is this soul ,why can’t we find it ,even with Electron microscopes ? What happens when a zygote splits, where does the new soul come from, or when one fuses back together, what happens to the “extra soul” ? Where’s the proof that some Supernatural Spirit is running the Universe ? Especially when it’s clear that there isn’t one running the Universe and it takes so many mental gymnastics and intellectual dishonesty to posit that one does. If any Religion were true, if there were a God we’d ALL know it, we wouldn’t need “faith”, there’d be proof. Victor Stenger (in his book “God,The Failed Hypotheses”) taking the claims of the Big Three ( Christianity,Judiaism,and Islam) and submitting them to the scientific process proves that God as they pronounce him to be ,CLEARLY does not exist.I challenge any ‘believer” to read his book and refute his findings. People should be embarrassed to be so gullible, so intellectually incurious, so just plain dumb as to believe in any gods. You believe the same things that simple cave dwellers invented to explain the world around them and to deal with their fears. It’s just ridiculous that so many of us hold onto the primitive concept of gods. With so much knowledge available, so many different fields of science that can teach you about people, and the world around us, the Universe even, and so many people cling to this pure nonsense. It’s really sad. Brasmus, it’s laughable that you think that anyone needs religion to have character or morality. Why are the jails in the U.S. full of Christians instead of Atheists if that’s the case ? I feel sorry for simple people like you, people who have no concept of reality, or knowledge of how things work. Read some books other than works of fiction like the bible. I just can’t fathom how anyone swallows this stuff in this day and age. Kids outgrow Santa Claus, they should outgrow God and Jesus too. Jesus never existed except in myth. There is no historical evidence for any such character, or the “miraculous” events in his life, none at all. If he really existed there would be, and lots of it. How convenient that God is invisible,and silent. What a crock. God is imaginary . Go to this website, Godisimaginary.com, read and take the blinders off.

  • jaynndonna

    Please, please, please stop this thread. The ignorance, intolerance, hatred, racism and simply mind boggling stupidity of most of the comments truly terrify me, making me wonder about the future of humanity (or if it even deserves one).

  • Chops2

    Only Americans and the Islamists really give a toss about this religious issue.Australia may be about to elect a female athiest. Hope it happens.And seriously, 20% of people r total retards who think he’s a muslim.

  • asoders22

    I’d feel most safe with an atheist in the White House. A dedicated conservative Christian (see Bush, or Palin) or Muslim would be equally dangerous.

  • tmcbride1

    Wow. The ignorant and sad, and bigoted comments here show what the problem is. The people here who think Obama is a Muslim are, frankly, sick and ignorant. I am sure you are the same people who complained about REVEREND Wright. So of course it never occurred to you, I suppose, how stupid it is to hold two contradictory beliefs… that he is both a Christian (attending Wright’s Church and believing what he says) and a Muslim.

  • battleground51

    What’s the matter with that 80%??Are they so gullible that they believe what the MSM spoon feeds them??Are they brain dead and unable to think for themselves??Have they no eyes to see??Have they no ears to hear??Oh! The delusional humanity of it all!!

  • alihmcm

    I think it matters inasfar as what that religion stands for. Many people are agnostics, secular humanists, and I view those ‘beliefs’ as a kind of religion too. It reflects on the individual, what their moral and ethical standards may be, the kind of world view they hold. Of course every individual retains their particular character when they adopt a ‘religion’, for lack of a better word, but it says something about what and who may have influenced their thinking. The fact that he is a Christian says to me that perhaps he espouses the fundamental (and FUNDAMENTALIST is NOT a cussword in my esteem, neither does it mean insane radical) values of Christianity and of the Bible – which encourages me that he may be inclined to consider others before himself, make tough decisions. fight for what he thinks is the best for everyone even if it costs him. That’s good. That said, I think Clinton and other secular presidents did good jobs, and I don’t think that the most important thing about a President is his religion. He is a President, and the most important thing is that he or she can assess situations and make decisions which are for the long-term good of his country and the world. So the fact that he doesn’t ‘wear it on his sleeve’ is also good; maybe he has his priorities right. Well let’s hope so – America needs it.

  • SeattlesBest

    There is nothing quite so thoroughly un-American as questioning the president’s religion. Those who question his religion are either illiterate, racist, or both.

  • mowza2000

    This is one of the worst polls I’ve ever seen. Of course everyone cares what religion he is. If it came out tomorrow that he was worshiping trees or Satan or animals people would lose it. I don’t think that worshiping any of those things is worse than worshiping Thor, Jesus, Mohamed, or Zeus but the fact of the matter is we care what religion he is because some religious people all wear Nike’s and drink poisoned Kool-Aid when the Hale-Bop Comet comes and you can’t have that guy manning the ship. This is the dumbest question I’ve ever seen in my life. Those responsible should be sacked and if they are not then those who would have been responsible for the sacking but were derelict in their duties should immediately be sacked.

  • IanGilbert

    The president’s religion or irreligion matter only because they tell us something about him; every voter decides what matters and how much it matters.With President Obama, it matters that he attended Jeremiah Wright’s sermons for 20 years, and it matters that the fearless news media haven’t gone behind Obama’s Philadelphia speech to tell us what Wright was saying for those 20 years — this reader/voter assumes that the news media are pretty sure that that story would scuff Obama’s shiny shoes.

  • peterd

    Who cares what religion Barry Soetoro may be aligned with: Black Liberation, Islam, Christianity, Marxism? The hour is getting late …Here are some suggestions for those of us who care to save our American republic:1. Put Obama, Moochelle, Pelosi, Reid, and their sycophants on a permanent vacation. (Don’t rule out incarceration.)2. Hold your local officials, union bosses and religious leaders accountable.3. Get sober before you vote again.4. Put Islam, the race extortionists, and the gay caballeros on hold for the moment. (Kind of like the FAA instructions to place the oxygen mask on your face before attempting to help your children.)5. Get active! Now is the time for all good men and women to come to the aid of their country.6. Gather information while you still can, because censorship is coming.7. Love your children and teach them that the truth can no longer be found in the media.8. Don’t be intimidated. We must hold our ground.9. Be kind to your neighbors. We are under attack by our government and many people are suffering. We need to help each other get through this difficult time. Like WWII, victory is not assured.10. Pray to your God, if you have one. Even if you don’t believe in God, dedicate your life to defending our Constitution and the Bill of Rights.We’re not “The Greatest Generation,” but this is our moment to be patriots.

  • mason08

    Do none of these 18%ers remember the Beer Summit or all of the times he’s eaten hot dogs or BBQ pork? Clearly he holds the Muslim Halal laws in high regard.

  • KevinEubank

    President Obama really isn’t a Christian. If he was, he’d be doing everything in his power to prolong the war in Iraq. He’d be sucking up to the Israelis no matter what they do (including murder, provocation, empire building, genocide, etc) just because Jesus was one, I guess.

  • tonyr4096

    Yes, it does matter. When “Pat’s” gender was ambiguous on Saturday Night Live, it was funny. When Obama’s religion is ambiguous, it makes us wonder what he’s trying to hide, and why.

  • damascuspride04

    Any President’s religion doesn’t matter in the least to me. Mostly because of that separation of church and state thing.

  • brianoh

    I really think that the questions should be: “Does it matter if Obama is a Muslim?”. If he were a Muslim he almost certainly would not have been elected. That is not to say that there is necessarily anything wrong with being a Muslim. It would just be too symbolic for America after 9/11, and there are some very high-profile bad ones out there.

  • spencer1

    Every president’s religion matters to me. Being religious in general implies a belief (or a professed belief) in the existence of supernatural beings. But no sane adult with intelligence greater than that of a brussels sprout can actually believe this or, worse, allow this belief to influence his or her decisions. So it is clear that the time must come when a sincere religious belief disqualifies a person for the presidency. Let us hope (but not pray) that this time comes as soon as possible.

  • GeirSmith

    Religion doesn’t matter, heaven strikes anyone, anywhere and any how. Obama was striken:He’s a marked, cursed man, spread it now.

  • clark202

    I personally don’t care what religion the President belongs to. I am a Christian, and have a very open mind to all beliefs.I don’t claim to know every Muslim in the world, but the ones I do know, would never hide their faith and say there were of a different faith. The Muslim’s I know are proud of who they are and their faith and are very good people.Which raises another point, what if he was Muslim, so what? There are Muslim Americans, what type of message does this fake issue send to our fellow Muslim citizens who aim to run for public office?

  • spidermean2

    sirinecho wrote “I often daydream about having a secularist, completely non-religious president.”Pol Pot, Mao, Stalin, Kim Jong Il. You have an abundant choice and one is still living.Fly to North Korea and live your dream.

  • johne37179

    I don’t think the President’s faith matters at all. In any case, the way things are going it doesn’t look like we have a prayer anyway.

  • spidermean2

    sirinecho wrote “I often daydream about having a secularist, completely non-religious president.”Pol Pot, Mao, Stalin, Kim Jong Il. You have an abundant choice and one is still living.Fly to North Korea and live your dream.

  • gjdagis

    No; I don’t care WHAT religion a president is but I DO care when they LIE about it like Obama does. If Obama’s brand of religion is “Christianity” than I am Jesus Christ reincarnated!

  • bubba31138

    Does our President’s faith matter? What a stupid question. Of course it matters.

  • Gary12

    It really doesn’t matter what religion the President is and even if he WAS Muslim… SO WHAT!! This country is going to Hell in a handbasket.

  • bnews

    God bless President Obama.

  • kerryberger

    Those who are worried about what religion the President professes to believe in are behaving in a very un-American manner. Frankly, it is appalling that such a non-issue becomes an issue. Personally, and I’m white, I feel it is part of the latent white racism against having a minority President. Shameful to boot.

  • magellan1

    It doesn’t really matter what religion Obama professes to believe. I don’t believe he believes in anything but Obama.

  • Petras123

    Wow ! Less than half of all Dems think he is a Christian! Confusion over his religion is truely bi-partisan. Even Rush Limbaugh says “why should we care if he is a Muslim ? .. there is nothing wrong with being a Muslim in America”The real message is.. people are confused about WHO Obama is. Candidate Obama was a moderate.. a unifier.. a eloquent speaker who promised a transparent responsible Government for all Americans !But after 18 months.. Americans are confused and divided… his positions on immigration, Islam, Israel, foreign policy, economics, American exceptionalism … all raise doubts about WHO Obama is. Maybe he is a Muslim ? maybe a socialist ? maybe an Internationalist ? a post-American President ? Who knows ?The New York Times and other media sent planeloads of reporters to Alaska to interview anyone who ever worked for or talked to Sarah Palin but ignored all Obama’s Chicago people.After the election even Charlie Rose and Tom Brokaw during an interview wondered aloud.. who is President Obama ? what books does he read ?Who knew ?

  • ttsimon

    It truly doesn’t matter what religion our president professes so long as it doesn’t warp his performance & job to be the President of all Americans. Mr Obama has done nothing for me to doubt his word, although why any officeholder needs to have his faith passed on by the voters is beyond me.

  • Searchers

    The bottom line in America today is that if you have any beliefs that don’t jive with pop-culture you are branded a religious zealot and marginalized. Obama gets a pass because he’s a liberal, but let’s not forget the hell the mainstream media put Romney through for his religion. The left is just as culpable as the right on this issue. In the end, this isn’t a Republican deal or a Liberal deal its an all-around cultural push to eliminate religion in the public square. Good-bye 1st Amendment…

  • carlaclaws

    It is obvious that Obama is a radical fundamentalist Muslim, and this is what drives his rabid pro-Israeli stance as well as his atheistic Communist socialist policies as well.

  • carlaclaws

    …sorry about the superfluous “as well!”

  • carlaclaws

    Argh2, thanks for your common sense contribution.

  • jpotenza

    It matters to me about as much as Snooki and her drunken expolits. This is not an issue. Did people forget? How can 10% more people now not know than during the election?? Polls lie, politicians lie, there is no truth out there, only hate mongering agenda wielding politicans, and no one should listen to what they say. They don’t care about the american people, that is clear. They only care about themselves.

  • luzandrob

    Obama’s religion is Power and Lies.

  • theoldmansays

    You can sure see the Cristian who post on this issue most seem to think he is Christian Others have so much hate. May god help them

  • BlueTwo1

    I prefer atheists, secular humanists, and Communists. All others go fish.

  • jonstephens

    Again, we have strong evidence that a very large number of Americans are hate-filled fools. I wish these right-wing simpletons would move to Iran, where they would fit in.

  • paruliantamba

    as long as he able to create condusif circumtances and peace and does not invade our country or stealing our oils i dont care about obamas religion….

  • jeffersontao

    I prefer a president who is a rationalist. I get no comfort in the fact that the President of the United States believes in virgin births and talking snakes. The United States is a nation made up of people of all faiths, including agnostics and atheists. In fact those (of us) who don’t believe in any religion are a larger minority than Jews, Blacks, Seniors, or Gays. Why shouldn’t we expect a president who, at least, has the capability to acknowledge our existence and growing numbers. Article 6, Section 3 of the Constitution states that no religious test shall ever be given to ANY office of the United States Government. Let those who scream loudest that the Constitution isn’t being adhered to, follow this Article.

  • ramboreturns

    Religion would not matter if he was anything other than a Muslim. With Islam’s trans-national loyalties, Americans have perfectly good reasons to worry.And btw, Islam caused 9/11, Al Qaeda was only the execution arm. Islam has been doing that for 1400 years to people in Asia and now it did it to Americans. The executioners of course were different sets of Muslims at different points in time and regions. When something is that widespread, you don’t question the followers, the blame falls on the faith.Exactly like fascism or communism. There is no innocent follower.

  • luisjustin20

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  • queenofromania

    This is just getting silly. Can you people who make up things in your mind and pass them off as reality please stop the nonsense you created? What does it matter what POTUS Obama believes in his private thoughts on religion? If they are not the same as your thoughts, so what? America is a land of religious freedom and (nominally) religious tolerance. If you don’t like it, why don’t you leave and go somewhere else? Hey! Iran has a nice, monotheistic society in which you can wallow.

  • mikeb270

    From the beginning of time we can all be certain there has always been 1 thing (religion) kk no big deal right?? but how many of u actually realize that the religious sections are actually political in their vary existence if you look at religion that way make you choice on your own belief.

  • DwightCollins

    “no one has to do something as complicated as faking a religion to get over people like you Dwight. You were born with a hole in your in head, and whatever religion was around you at the time rushed in to fill it.I question everything and I read lots of newspapers…

  • dougd1

    Ive got to admit that as I skim through these comments, the conservatives seem more delusional than ever. We tend to talk about “religious brainwashing”, but the “political brainwashing” on the right-side of the spectrum is simply astounding. These people have had their intellectual integrity stripped away from continuous and hateful disinformation by the likes of Fox News and conservative radio. They’ve also lost their moral integrity, as can be seen in the arrogant and mean-spirited nature of their discourse. It’s extremely depressing to see half the country deluded in this way.

  • kchses1

    There is an expression used in the security industry that applies to those who think Pres. Obama is muslim, willfully blind.

  • dennob

    Unfortunately, religion matters a lot. More atrocities, mischief of every kind, and systemic hatred has religions of every ilk as their source.

  • Nikos7

    The Prez is a MUSLIM and that settles it. No more guessing. He is what he is. He never was a Christian. Face it! We have got a Muslim President. No wonder he favors them in the Middle East. Just watch how he deals with the Jews. It is clear as can be. He loves those Muslims!!!

  • yasseryousufi1

    The same dumb Americans who believe Obama is a Muslim, think that they were attacked by Islam and not terrorists. That’s why I liken Faux news to a Christian madrassah. Its raising a whole generation of angry, idiotic, bigoted Americans.

  • WillDraven

    “To the common man religion is true, To the wise it is false, and to rulers… it is useful” – Seneca

  • WmarkW

    Barack Obama is a Citizen of the World. Religiously, he’s a universalist, who thinks all religions are a lot more the same than they are different.I’m a lot more concerned the platitudes he recites as political positions than his nods to faiths.

  • bobmonsour

    Did anyone watch the Colin Powell video? So it’s ok for an American Muslim to serve in the military, fight and die in Iraq, but not be president? Are Muslims born in the U.S. not allowed to be President?

  • theoldmansays


  • Nikos7

    If he is not a Muslim he sure is sympathetic toward the Muslim Religion. Why don’t he come out and personally say what he is? I do not trust the Muslim religion that wants to kill the Infidel. And I don’t trust Obama period!!!

  • Athena4

    Obama eats bacon burgers and pork. ‘Nuff said.

  • cm2chapman

    HAHAHA the last I checked 1/3 was BIGGER than 1/5… yet they say “Only a 1/3 believe he is Christian… ONE FIFTH BELIEVE HE IS MUSLIM WILL YOU LOOK AT THAT OMG” They can’t even wrap their head around basic math let alone the fact that there is only one god Obama worships and that is his own power

  • areyousaying

    It shouldn’t matter in a free America but it does to the 25% of Americans who have been mesmerized by Limbaugh hate radio and RNC Fox News now that the Rovians have demonized Muslims and lied that Obama is part of them to smear him. Right out of Hitler’s playbook. Atwater, Hitler and Satan are dancing in delight. Mission accomplished!Heckofa job, KKKarl!

  • Lloyd7

    What matter what religion he professes? He apparently doesn’t practice any of them.

  • Jihadist

    Dubya Bush is a Muslim because he fasted from pretzels during Ramadan has had Iftar in the White House. Dubya Bush is a Muslim because he don’t drink alcohol.Dubya Bush is a Muslim because he believes in jihad in the Middle East. Dubya Bush is a Muslim because he spoke to God and God spoke back to him.Dubya Bush is a Muslim because nothing comes between him and God. Obama is not a Muslim because he is not circumcised. So, some Americans seem still unable to accept an African-American Democrat as President, never mind he’s really half-Caucasian, and his Kenyan father is an athiest and his Indonesian step-father is a non-practicing Muslim, and he was largely raised by his Caucasian Christian grandparents in Hawaii as a pre-teen and teen.How could some Americans not know these basic facts which even an uneducated and Internet deprived Indonesian rice farmer knows?

  • millerroberta

    I miss the good old days when we had a President in the White House who was a praying man. You knew when President George W. Bush was facing a crisis in the world that he would be consulting with Jesus as to what to do. That always made me feel confident. I knew that whatever the President chose to do in a crisis was something that he had personally discussed with God. With President Obama I have no idea where he gets his inspiration from. I suspect it isn’t from the deity.

  • jpenergy

    20% think he’s Muslim, about the same percentage think Pro Wrestling is real, think Bush was great, think Rush Limbaugh tells it like it is…and he told them so.

  • jpenergy

    20% think he’s Muslim, about the same percentage think Pro Wrestling is real, think Bush was great, think Rush Limbaugh tells it like it is…and he told them so.

  • Russell_P_Davis

    Given Islam’s official scriptural policy of TAQIYYA & KITMAN every knowledgeable American must believe that Islam is just another very toxic idea turned cult..I am listening – If I can be proved wrong it would be a great relief..If my understanding of Islam’s TAQIYYA & KITMAN is proved wrong I would be relieved of a disagreeable 18USC4 duty to expose every Musilm’s oath of naturalization and office as VOID from its fraudulent beginning.That is one very un-fun un-neighborly statutory duty I would like to avoid if lawfully possible.I am listening – Prove me wrong, Please.

  • mrbradwii

    The misinformation is really the way we approach ethnicity in this country. A muslim parent means it is inherited, like being a jew — we’ve made it an reproductively isolated sub-population, gotten “by blood”, even though it’s not.Although technically, I suppose to the “by blood” people, he’s only half-muslim and half-pagan.The reason religion of a leader matters to an atheist is that I want to know what kind of nonsense or how far of the willing suspension of disbelief goes. W, the bubble boy, lived his entire life in a fantasy, not unlike the pre-enlightened buddha. Palin, the djinn-believing, snake-charming, holy roller, has a right to organize, speech-ify, comment and do all the other things any other free humans do. But her religion matters to me and I don’t care how anti-government she is, the libertarian in me cannot tolerate her otherworldly irrationality in order gain an anti-government ally. It’s a moral transaction that cannot be justified. To sellout one value for an equal or lesser one is tantamount to surrender, moral suicide.America has better to offer, if ever there was a time to step up, the time is now.

  • battleground51

    You say, “Wright married the president and his wife”.That’s almost as weird as “gay marriage”.The images in my head are just too bizarre.

  • pkt1040

    Apparently Ms. Tenley and others failed to notice the very obvious title on the cover of the Book of Mormon that says “Another Testament of Jesus Christ.” I believe that belief in Christ is a key component of Christianity. Glen Beck is a radio talk show host who tries to stir people out of their apathy to question the false information promoted by the primarily liberal media who is more interested in “pop” anything than genuine truth. As for the 45% of white evangelicals and others, ignorance can be cured by educating oneself rather than criticizing the beliefs of a religion they have not bothered to actually investigate. If you want truth go to lds.org. If you want to be ignorant and misled read the opinion polls.