Christians must reject “Burn a Quran Day”

By Jennifer S. Bryson “Burn a Quran Day” is how a church in Florida is preparing to mark the ninth … Continued

By Jennifer S. Bryson

“Burn a Quran Day” is how a church in Florida is preparing to mark the ninth anniversary of 9/11. So far the Christian response to this in America has been nearly dead silence.

The National Association of Evangelicals (NAE) has issued a press release opposing Burn a Quran Day. This is good, but it is basically just a statement to assure non-Evangelical Christians that Terry Jones does not represent authentic Evangelical Christianity.

More direct are efforts by John Rankin, an Evangelical and President of the Theological Education Institute, to reach out Pastor Terry Jones in person. In addition, Rankin has initiated the “Yes to the Bible, No to the Burning of the Qur’an” collective affirmation. So far, however, John Rankin seems to be a voice in the wilderness on this.

Since 9/11 many American Christians have been asking why Muslims who oppose Islamist radicalism don’t do more to counter it. Today I suspect more than a few Muslims are looking at Christians in America wondering why Christians don’t try to dissuade the Dove World Outreach Center in Florida, led by Pastor Terry Jones, from hosting Burn a Quran Day.

What is the responsibility of religious believers in a given faith to engage fanatics advocating ideologies of hate while claiming to act in the name of this faith?

Quran burning does not equate with murdering thousands in terrorism. However, these are similar in being ideological expressions of hatred which identify themselves with Abrahamic faiths better known for their emphasis on God’s mercy toward all humans.

Both are independent movements evoking the name of far larger, broader religions. The Dove World Outreach Center is an independent church. Osama bin Laden’s Al-Qaeda is an independent movement. Just as millions of Christians peacefully attend churches with no affiliation with the Dove World Outreach Center, millions of peaceful Muslims have no affiliation with al-Qaeda and associated movements.

Among Muslims there are emerging efforts beyond press releases to engage Islamist fanatics and Muslims, especially young Muslims, at risk of radicalization. Examples include the Quilliam Foundation, a Muslim counter-radicalization think-tank in the U.K., and the video Believers Beware: Injustice Cannot Defeat Injustice, released this summer by the Muslim Public Affairs Council based in Washington, DC, featuring Muslim leaders speaking Muslim-to-Muslim against religious fanaticism.

This video is not a press release to assure non-Muslims that al-Qaeda does not represent authentic Islam. Rather, the video targets fellow Muslims.

The target audiences for countering Burn a Quran Day and Islamist fanaticism need to be, precisely, co-religionists, and in particular the enthusiasts of hatred and violence.

We need to reach inside our faiths across the lines of specific religious movements and denominations to engage those who promote and even act on hatred in the name of faith.

In the Believers Beware video, Imam Zaid Shakir of the Zaytuna Institute in California observes, with a passion emphasized in his repetition, that as for the “advocates of extremism…advocates of indiscriminate violence…advocates of killing civilians, where are they successful? Where are they successful? You just see one mess after another, one mess after another. And it is time for us to start cleaning up those messes…”

There is a mess brewing inside Christendom. Some American Christians might be thinking, “Terry Jones and his church – ahem, his “church” – have nothing to do with me because I am Catholic/Methodist/fill-in-the-blank.” And yet the only thing a flood victim in Pakistan, likely Muslim, is probably going to hear about this story is, ‘American Christians put their energy and resources into Quran burning, not into helping us in our hour of dire need.’

Moreover, if American Christians don’t try to reach out to Terry Jones, then who will? Press releases will not be enough.

We need intra-faith dialogue. Those of us inside of a given faith may be most likely to have the credibility, or at least understand the dispositions of the heart and the substantive arguments, which can counter doctrinal fanaticism.

American Muslims and Christians are people with a publicly professed interest in serving our Creator. “Cleaning up those messes,” inside our own homes, may be a great way to start doing just that. is Director of the Islam and Civil Society Project at the Witherspoon Institute in Princeton, NJ.

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  • brahman

    The Bible 1John2:22 – Who is the Liar if it

  • max21c

    Monsieur Terry Jones and his Comrades are traitors for helping to wage war on the United States. They are providing aid and comfort to the enemies of these United States. They ought be placed on trial for treason. These are clearly overt acts by 5th Columnists that shall undermine the United States of America: as well as, place further—unnecessary & improper—jeopardy upon the people of the United States. They are traitors. They ought be stripped of their American citizenship and deported.

  • WmarkW

    How ’bout if we just use scissors to cut out the violence advocacy?

  • Nabihah

    please check out

  • fredsig

    In the Bible the only book-burning we read about was in Ephesus, as described in Acts 19. It wasn’t the church people, it was the repentant practitioners of witchcraft who burned their own books!

  • areyousaying

    No surprise. Christians remain silent about Fred Phelps and the Catholic Church hiding ebephile priests from civil justice.

  • jesus4

    we the group of 38 ppl burn 100 bible on 11th sep and celebrate the bible dirty book burn and will enjoy our id.thank and join us in this holy job

  • WmarkW

    I won’t burn any Qurans until I can do it in front of Cordoba House after the next attack by a self-described Soldier of Allah. The First Amendment protects my right to protest their ideology just as much as their right to practice it.

  • ThomasBaum

    brahmanYou wrote, “Islam’s allah,islam,mohammad,muslims and quran all deny and condemn the very basic christian belief in the Father and the Son and therefore are all Liars and AntichristsAnd what does Jesus tell us in the bible in regard to our enemies?Take care, be ready.Sincerely, Thomas Paul Moses Baum.

  • ThomasBaum

    max21cYou wrote, “Monsieur Terry Jones and his Comrades are traitors for helping to wage war on the United States.”Don’t we still have “freedom of speech” in this country or do we only have “freedom of speech” if everyone else agrees with it?Take care, be ready.Sincerely, Thomas Paul Moses Baum.

  • Jihadist

    I see that some Americans do go to the trouble of buying Qur’ans to cut pages from it or to burn it. They have too much time and money, adding to pollution in the air, in words, in actions and it all going up in smoke.

  • saqibomer

    this is a great thinking of jennifer. all human being should now learn how tolove each others. this can only be happen if we learn how to respect each other and each others religion.

  • Bios

    As if one group of talibans wasn’t enough, now there’s two, right in the heart of America.

  • jgwlaw

    A bigot above wrote:Yeah so what? A person with this kind of narrow perspective is not capable of seeing beyond his own nose – yes, there are people who probably do deny the Bible or deny your interpretation of it. News flash – not everyone believes as you do. Our country had many heated debates about the importance of religious freedom. Religious freedom does not mean condemning all opinions that do not agree with yours.I can think of nothing that harms Christianity more than self-righteous bigoted Christians.

  • Chumbo

    “Dove World Outreach Center in Florida, led by Pastor Terry Jones, from hosting Burn a Quran Day. ” Oh good Lord, another blot on the reputation of the USA. We are nothing but a bunch of rubes…fools and idiots….to even allow this kind of nonsense to go on. Americans are worst kind of uneducated, ignorant, provincial lowlifes the world has ever known. The rest of the world scoffs at us, and laughs at us, for good reason. We are no better than clowns.

  • r_loveland

    Idiotic column.This writer knows full well that the occasional call for such senseless acts such as burning the Koran come from nutty fringe elements who, for whatever reason, still think of themselves as Christian.However, if she is even remotely informed, this writer also knows that contempt and intolerance for non-Muslims is growing throughout the Muslim world, due in large part to the growing number of Saudi-funded, hate-spewing madrasses.Of course she knows all this, but its so much more fun (and much safer) to smear hapless Christians.Jennifer Bryson is just one more reason why this once-proud newspaper is fighting for its life.

  • pyellman

    Utterly stupid, pathetically vile and evil strawman argument. So some little church in Fla. has a “Burn a Quran” day. Who knew? Not me. Now that I know, I have no problem saying “that’s way out of line” — and I’m not even a Christian. I’m confident that 99.99% of people who are Christians would also condemn it — but only once they knew about it.Truly pathetic, nasty, and evil.

  • pyellman

    P.S.: Jennifer Bryson, you should be ashamed.

  • r_loveland

    Chumbo – You’ve obviously never worked or lived in a foreign country. Workers in other countries generally prefer to work for American companies because they’re paid better, treated more respectfully, and most often perceive Americans to be more honest.Before you write us all off as a bunch of “clowns”, check your facts.

  • dacyzyn

    Don’t forget, fire as “speech” is protected by the 1st Amendment. If people can freely burn the nation’s flag, then this group should have the right to burn a book.

  • garrafa10

    What a load of twaddle.

  • eezmamata

    Book burnings are evil, it is thought and mind control exercised by tyrants and mobs, here in the guise of protest.It is still burning books. If I could believe in the christian satan any more than I could believe in their god, I would think he’s moved to florida.Never in our common human history has the practice of burning books been anything but evil.

  • rantingmrp

    Burn it, what’s the big deal? Bibles are burnt daily in Islamic countries – why the double standards? In any event, I see no problem – will Muhammad miss out on his 72nd virgin if some quran is burnt in Florida?

  • DwightCollins

    a muslim extremist cuts off heads, blows up innocent people and you consider them less than a few book burners…

  • yasseryousufi

    Burn it, what’s the big deal? Bibles are burnt daily in Islamic countries – why the double standards? ***************************************Looks like the idiots raised from Fox News Madrassah are out in DC and on WaPo to proudly present their ignorance and childish world views! Bible Burning is as much a crime and sin in the Muslim World as is Quran Burning. These book burning fetishes are strictly White Christian Domains. Oh and not to forget witch burning, heretic burning etc……

  • plasma411

    Course christians wont condemn the same behavior they ask muslims to condemn, because they are hypocritical and idiotic enough to think their moronic religion is any better than any other moronic religion.

  • topwriter

    And here we see the reason why more lives have been lost and more wars have been waged in the name of “God” than for any other reason.Idiocy.Do unto others … remember that?


    In the U.S. the real problem is progressive extremism, and yes America is speaking out but the media refuses to listen.

  • eezmamata

    Burn it, what’s the big deal? Bibles are burnt daily in Islamic countries – why the double standards?The muslims are having a double standard, burning bibles themselves, so we should have double standards too?Is it the sheer dullness of the minds that can produce that quote, or the intractable fervency, the heated infection of their own religious beliefs that makes it impossible for these destroyed minds to understand how evil it is to burn books, no matter who is doing it, no matter which books are being burnt?Something is wrong with you people.

  • angelsflight22

    Ms. Bryson,

  • CharlesGriffith1

    The important, essential and major point is that Islam has an institutional, inherent, ingrained, professed-from-the-mosque-pulpit ideology about killing non Islamists/Muslims and especially about banning Bibles in Islamic lands. We Christians only exhibit “Koran burning” as a side element coming only from the fringes and outer edges.Islam professionally encourages the killing of infidel non-Islamist/Muslims. We Christians do not.

  • eezmamata

    CHARLESGRIFFITH1 all of what you said about Islam is true.Yet not a word from you condemning the book burning done by these christians, not one word.You don’t seem to mind it. It’s just a fringe group, and, well, christians will be christians, what are you gonna do

  • areyousaying

    Do you think your Jesus would be there?Burning books, especially one holy to others?In your hatred and intolerance, you have hijacked the name of Jesus and now you want to exploit it on your journey to as low as you can go.What would Jesus do?

  • areyousaying

    Like “Christians” who say nothing about Fred Phelps or about Catholics who hide ebephile priests from civil prosecution and then demonize their victims, they remain silent about this vile hatred as well.Poor old Jesus should change his last name.

  • areyousaying

    Is this what Beck is talking about when he says our nation has turned its back to God?

  • txengr

    As far as I am concerned Islam itself is extremist. This country is awash with hundreds of thousands of Muslims who are here illegally. Many come here on a “visa” and stay. All need to be deported.Islam is the enemy. I recall in Houston after 9/11 Muslims at a restaurant cheering when planes crashed into the word trade center. People like that are just like the Nazis. And should be dealt with accordingly.

  • dan1945

    Regarding religion-inspired violence and related current events, I am continually amazed and dismayed that society’s leaders and the mainstream media do not acknowledge the elephant in the room: Christianity, Islam, Judaism, and every other religion containing supernatural elements were invented by our primitive ancestors to explain mysteries that are now understood by science. Human society’s refusal to acknowledge this now-known fact perpetuates tragic human suffering, including acts of terrorism, born of senseless religious intolerance and hatred. The long-term solution (decades) is science education, leading eventually to public understanding that the world is not flat, no gods exist, and there is no afterlife – there is, as astronomer Carl Sagan famously said, “not a shred of evidence” for even the most basic religious tenets, which can only be believed by suspending reason and replacing it by blind, unthinking faith. Most religions that have existed are now extinct, having no modern-day believers; unfortunately, modern ones (those invented within the last 2000 years) are especially virulent, owing to current technologies for doing violence and for mass communication of their messages. In the short term (years, optimistically), our best hope for world peace and prosperity is the courage of a critical mass of science-knowledgeable opinion leaders and the media to cease the cowardly political correctness of lending credence to religion and its spokespersons by pretending that their nonsensical pronouncements have any basis in fact. How should a responsible journalist respond to a person in high office who seriously claims Santa Claus is real? Sadly, I hold out little hope that our leaders will rise to this moral challenge.

  • gameduck

    This article is intentionally divisive and misleading. Comparing the systematic, widespread violence committed by radical Islam and two tiny, isolated, ostracized Christian groups who protest funerals and want to burn books is ridiculous. 9/11 and book burning are not the same thing. I have read the Washington Post daily for 17 years and this is the last article I will ever read. This decision was not only made because of the unending intentionally offensive articles written but also because it is clear to me that the standards of this paper have been irreparably lowered. I will not buy the post, i will not come to this website, and I will encourage others to shop for news elsewhere until the WaPo reports news again.

  • whm99

    The headline to this bit of make-believe reads, “Muslims are expected to speak out against their faith’s extremists.”I guess that’s why we see muslims in massive street demonstrations against islamic terrorism.Oh, wait. We’ve never seen this. Editor, the headline should be rewritten to read, “Muslims who speak out against their faith’s extremists should expect a fatwa and death at the hands of fellow muslims.”

  • andrew23boyle

    First off, burning the Koran is not the same as murdering people. Offensive and counter-productive, no doubt, but not terrorism by any stretch of the imagination.I am an atheist and I don’t have a dog in this race, so take it for what it’s worth, but I see Christians condemning Christian religious violence ALL THE TIME. I see it in the press all the time. For example, I’ve seen it pointed out repeatedly in the context of the “Mosque controversy” and I’ve seen it mentioned by journalists, journ-o-lists, pundits, posters and clergy.Muslims criticizing Islamic violence seem much less in evidence even though I know they are there and one can find them without too much trouble on the internet. I have a suspicion that the lack of coverage is at least in part due to the fact that such people are not given adequate coverage and that this in turn is due to the fact that too many in the press seem to think that give “moderate” Muslims a platform upon which to condemn “radical” Muslims somehow equates to an admission that Islam as whole is “evil” or “anti-American”.Basically, the left needs to stop pretending that the people who attacked us weren’t Muslims, that there aren’t people in the “Muslim world” who wish us harm and that these people are motivated by anything OTHER than their particularly sick and benighted brand of Islam. In muzzling the “moderates”, the press are feeding the impression that all Muslims are “radical”. The right, for its part, needs to recognize that there is as much variety of opinion within “Islam” as there is in every other “faith” and that saying “I’m a Muslim” means about as much as saying “I’m a Christian” (not much). Both sides need to calm down and start dealing with reality in a serious fashion predicated upon reasoned assessment of the situation in which we find ourselves rather than upon ossified ideologies and political expediency.

  • hipshot

    What we really need is an objective discussion on whether Islam is compatible with Western values of tolerance and separation of church and state. Problem is, we can’t trust any of the standard information sources to be objective, just politically correct. If the answer turns out to be “no,” then we should tune our immigration policies accordingly.

  • greeenmtns

    Evangelical christianity is rife with hypocrisy, so why should this be any different? Christofascism has been growing in this country for decades and no one talks about it in the media. The hatred preached by evangelical christians has become a part of the fabric of the culture. Where are the christian voices decrying fred phelps and his hateful crew? Where are the christian voices decrying violence against gay/lesbian/trans folks? Where are the christian voices decrying the murder of more than a million Iraqis?So far, in my 50 years of life, christianity has not shown itself to be anything more than another cult run by thugs. So the outrage of these christofascists against islam is just a lot of hypocritical tripe.As far as I can tell the abrahamic religions, judaism, christianity and islam, all have a lot to answer for.

  • kycol2

    God protect us from Christians.

  • bproulx45

    Question:Since 9/11 many American Christians have been asking why Muslims who oppose Islamist radicalism don’t do more to counter it. Today I suspect more than a few Muslims are looking at Christians in America wondering why Christians don’t try to dissuade the Dove World Outreach Center in Florida, led by Pastor Terry Jones, from hosting Burn a Quran Day.Answer: Because of the one thing they have in common, they are stark, raving, bonkers. They are waiting for the invisible man to swoop down and save the country, run the “gummamint” and punish those who dare to disagree with their version of how things must be. Praise Jeebus.

  • Beckola

    From under which rock does this question come? Many people, including Christians have spoken out about it. In fact, Christians do an enormous amount of criticism, because there are many denominations and sudenominations. The Koran burning day has been criticized, but it is also recognized that even burning a flag is protected under the first amendment.

  • m1kem1lls

    Stupid spiritualists.

  • whizzer

    I don’t mind any religion that will not kill me for being a non-believer of that particular religion. Let me see:Buddhism -> noThe killing of innocents (including those Muslims deemed apostates of Islam) perpetuated by those that follow a certain “brand” of Islamic religion rages on today. The numbers killed in the name of Islam by these zealots far supersedes all the other religions combined. That’s just a simple fact.So, I totally agree that burning of the Q’uran is wrong and stupid. But lets not compare apples to oranges. If Islam cannot reform itself from within, then its death-wish for infidels makes it unique and incompatible with life for the kafir like me.

  • JilliB

    You’re absolutely right – true christians would have taken a stand against the foolishness in florida. True christians would also protest Fred Phellps and his pathetic displays of hatred. But hey, they’re just exercising their first ammendment rights, right? True christians and Americans also wouldn’t have a problem with the islamic community center – honoring their first ammendment rights, and their right to practice the religion of their choice, right? Wrong. Organized religion is a cancer to spirituality, it becomes more evident every day.

  • shovandas

    Nails removed from ‘tortured’ Sri Lankan maidDoctors have removed 13 nails and five needles from a Sri Lankan housemaid who said her employer in Saudi Arabia hammered them into her body.LP Ariyawathie, 49, told staff at Kamburupitiya Hospital her employer inflicted the injuries as a punishment.X-rays showed that there were 24 nails and needles in her body. Doctors said those remaining inside her body posed no immediate threat to her life.The nails were up to 2in (5cm) long, a hospital official said.”The surgery is successful and she is recovering now,” Dr Satharasinghe said, according to news agency Associated Press.Ms Ariyawathie, a mother of three, underwent a three-hour procedure.Doctors said they would carry out further surgery later to remove the remaining nails.’Deeply traumatised’Last week, she flew back to Sri Lanka and was admitted to hospital in the south of the island, where she told doctors she had undergone abuse for more than a month.The doctors found 24 metal pieces in her legs and hands.She could not sit down or walk properly, doctors said.They said Ms Ariyawathie was deeply traumatised and unable to give full details of her experience.Meanwhile, Sri Lankan authorities have launched an investigation.”We have launched a strong protest with the Saudi government through the external affairs minister, but there has been no response yet,” Kingsley Ranawaka, chairman of Bureau for Foreign Employment, told the BBC.Around 1.8 million Sri Lankans are employed abroad, 70% of whom are women.Most work as housemaids in the Middle East, while smaller numbers work in Singapore and Hong Kong.Even with such horrible actions, no one should consider burning the holy book of ANY religion. That is plain wrong.

  • Smarg

    Islam is a gutter ‘religion’ that glorifies death, violence, and the subjugation of women.To try and project Christians as violent and intolerant as the Muslims is absurd.

  • Afraid4USA

    The FL pastor who wants to burn the Koran is a whack job seeking publicity. I as a hereditary Christian with numerous Congregational ministers as ancestors, and whose ancestors fled England in the 1600’s to pursue their religious freedom, hereby reject, renounce, refudiate and repudiate this man and the burning of a book which another religion believes it, in and of itself, a holy object. It is insensitive. That being said, the whole book burning thing is an example of a cavernous divide between Christianity and Islam. In Christianity, God’s word transcends a physical bible, a bunch of paper with ink on it. In Islam, God’s word is embodied in the physical book itself. This is a very primitive notion. Another difference, in America, this loon has the 1st Amendment Right to burn this book. In an Islamic country governed by Sharia, with no distinction between religion and government, he would be subject to some sort of hideous death for blasphemy. So, once again, I hereby stand up and denounce this so-called Pastor but celebrate his right to do it. I just have to wonder where he’s going to hide after he does it. Maybe he should talke to Salman Rushdie first.

  • MidwestVoter

    I object to “Burn a Quran Day”.

  • GNIS

    Read, do not burn. Not necesssary to believe.

  • kerryberger

    Burning books is what fascists did and do. It is un-American. Burning the Quran is sign of rampant intolerance, and that is unacceptable in this nation!!!

  • papafritz571

    I was awake very early this Sunday morning watching God hawked on TV. It is amazing how many circus showman are out there preaching how one can reach God through them. Joel says God wants us to be rich, Angley can heal us all just be swatting our foreheads. The others stand there with their Bibles in their hands telling us how only some of us are worthy in His Eyes.

  • bigbrother1

    If there are any sane Christians left, then they are letting their faith be hijacked by a lot of insane and evil people.Either they need to stand up and say that the Robertsons, Becks, Palins, etc. of the world are NOT Christian (and then show us what real Christians do) or get lumped in with them. There’s two ways about this anymore.I find I have to be very careful around anyone who claims to be a Christian in this country. Most of them are a hateful sacks of violent neuroses. And people like that are dangerous.

  • st50taw

    Only one kind of person burns books. I invite you to review the history of the world to determine just what type that is.

  • WmarkW

    Do Christians need to reject burning The Protocols of the Elders of Zion, The Communist Manifesto or Mein Kampf?

  • colonelpanic

    It’s not enough that these racist crazies want to re-write the constitution, now they want to re-write Luke 10:25-37.It doesn’t surprise me. I hope they build a very strong hand basket for their trip.

  • colonelpanic

    Islam is a gutter ‘religion’ that glorifies death, violence, and the subjugation of women.To try and project Christians as violent and intolerant as the Muslims is absurd.POSTED BY: SMARG——SMARG —Oh, just go burn a witch, or a heretic, or a cross for that matter.And be sure to torture them before you do, like a good Christian.

  • ravensfan20008

    All these hate-filled people will burn in hell anyway, so it’s no skin off my back – unless they change their ways, but I won’t hold my breath. For me, I’m going to try and love my neighbor the way some bearded dude in sandals told me to.

  • peterroach

    Burning books is a best childish, and at worse Facism . There is a huge lake of natural law that Islam and Christianity have in common.Now, we have often tried to cut each other’s throats since the Middle Ages. Both sides have legitimate grievances. Both systems have been exploited by Tyrants.

  • samwoods77

    Repudiation: As a Christian independent voter, I repudiate what this whack job is urging his congregation to do. They have every right to burn whatever they want, but this is a publicity stunt for personal gain. It is wrong.I also expect Muslims to repudiate their intolerance for people of other faiths in their home countries. A group of Jews was recently attacked while crossing a courtyard in front of a mosque in Israel. Groups of religious minorities are persecuted in Muslim countries on a daily basis.Bottom line: America needs to keep to the high road no matter what goes on in other countries. While it’s not sexy to report on what the majority of Christians believe, my guess is that most of us do not believe in or support the Koran burning incident.

  • carlbatey

    Christianity became more peaceful when government became secular. It became more true to it’s original message and it’s creed. Islam hasn’t made this transition, and may never. It remains angry, oppressive and violent and anyone who tries to change that can get murdered.

  • dnjake

    Even a cursory reading of the comments here and elsewhere on the net makes it obvious that no group has a monopoly on extremists. But, the basic principal of our legal system is that a person is only responsible for what he or she does. Unless there is some real evidence that someone is actively involved in some extreme activity, they have no requirement to answer for that extremism. Perhaps, in the case where some person wants some particular social role that is going to involve combatting some particular kind of extremism, there is some justification for being sure that they don’t support it. But, there is no general obligation for either Muslims or Christians to define their views towards the more extreme elements of their faiths just in order to please their adversaries.

  • areyousaying

    Satan and Abraham are dancing in delight as they look down at their evil spawn eternally squabbling among themselves in the gutter.”Christians” who want to burn books are no better than the Taliban.Abrahamic religion, be it Christian, Jewish, or Muslim, is the root of all evil in the world. They create hell here on earth.

  • reston75

    Until you managed to find this atypical incident, I would have never heard about this.On the other hand, it’s pretty easy to find Islamic hatred in the rest of the world.Ever tried to get a Bible through customs in Saudi Arabia or any of those other bastions of Islamic intolerance? They get confiscated and then they get burned every day. It’s just old news because it’s so common.You hypocrites don’t report on this.

  • mooncusser

    Ever tried to get a Bible through customs in Saudi Arabia or any of those other bastions of Islamic intolerance? They get confiscated and then they get burned every day. It’s just old news because it’s so common.You hypocrites don’t report on this.The KSA isn’t a democracy, bozo. No comparison here. Saudia IS an Islamic country, period. Their laws accommodate them, not you.We live in a country that guarantees certain rights via the Bill of Rights/U.S. Constitution. We are a republic. Religious tolerance is part of who we are.Don’t draw comparisons that are downright stupid and irrelevant. And, btw, DHS will challenge you if you have a book written in Arabic in your carry on. Things have become THAT effing stupid in this country.It’s time for an enlightenment revolution in this country. Yes, we should go back to our traditions and more compliance with the Constitution. No, not the Nazi Beck nonsense.

  • joehorn

    I find it unfortunate that churches have not taken a stronger stand against Terry Jones and his hateful event. That being said, I would refer you to a recent press release from The United Methodist Church on this issue.

  • thebump

    The analogy — between a handful of kooks and a well organized, well resourced, state sponsored ideological movement comprised of tens of millions — is utterly false, preposterous, offensive and idiotic.

  • creeper92

    This piece seems to equate burning a Quran with blowing up thousands of people. I fail to see the comparison.

  • corintonic

    There is a very useful quote from Susan B. Anthony “I distrust those people who know so well what God wants them to do because I notice it always coincides with their own desires.” And besides that, imagine the so called compassionate Christians of today will burn and stone to death Jesus himself, because he would try to protect the poor and not the very filthy RICH.

  • newsboy3

    It seems I am the only one who understands the point of this article and I agree: who the hell would waste good money on a Quran?

  • bn0424

    How can you compare well organized, well funded Muslim extremists who have slaughtered millions (mostly other Muslims) through violent terrorist acts to fundamentalist Christians who may be tiresome and overbearing but are at least peaceful?

  • bn0424

    Typical make a book burning morally equivalent to mass murder. Pathetic.

  • mmreay

    The author said,”the only thing a flood victim in Pakistan, likely Muslim, is probably going to hear about this story is, ‘American Christians put their energy and resources into Quran burning, not into helping us in our hour of dire need.That’s what they’d hear whether we gave them a trillion dollars or nothing. The Pakistanis generally HATE Americans. Many people conducting humanitarian work in Pakistan have said that the Pakistanis look at them with obvious hatred. They’ve bombed our churches, burned our consulate, and killed stray Americans for years, in spite of our generous aid to their country. They burned the consulate in the 80s because an imam said the Americans invaded Mecca. So it really doesn’t matter if a few dozen people burn korans in Florida. Besides, we DO live in a free country, and they can burn korans. Really, just get over it. And quit equating the burning of that book with killing innocent civilians. Honestly, people like you make me ashamed to be a liberal and a Democrat.

  • garrafa10

    “Well, let’s see, . . . I remember the Crusades, the Witch burnings, and those little religious meetings of Conservative Christians called the Inquisitions, where they pulled arms out of sockets, broke backs, burned alive, and hanged others. I was unaware that those were Muslims in those Holy Robes, frying poor folk for the joy of it.And I always thought that it was the Conservative German Christians who committed the mass murder of the Holocaust. I guess we’ll have to change the history books to please our Christian Conservatives.POSTED BY: GKAM”You are a mongoloid. The First Crusade occurred between the years 1096-1099, more than 300 years after the Muslim invasion and occupation of Spain. Can you name any events within the last four hundred years? How many total victims do you think the Inquisition has to its record? Why don’t you read Dr. Kamen’s work, a Jewish scholar with hardly any pro-Inquisition sympathies, on the subject? You are too stupid to understand text without pictures, but perhaps you are unaware that National Socialism was and is an openly avowed anti-Christian ideology? Your stupidity is breathtaking.

  • observer1776

    Christians already the Washington Post and other liberal media that speak out against all Christians.

  • dotellen

    “Typical make a book burning morally equivalent to mass murder. Pathetic.” POSTED BY: BN0424The point is that America, as a country, has higher standards than the theocracies of the Middle East, and the planned “Burn a Quran” event is a discrace to our higher standards.

  • gkam

    garrafa10: Can you name any events within the last four hundred years? You sound like the conservatives who started counting how many days Bush kept us safe AFTER 9/11!Let’s ask again, who were the folk who ran the Nazi Death Camps, . . Muslims? They were conservative Christians, Toots!You cannot find anything to match the pure hate and genius of making others suffer that we get from conservative Christians.

  • eezmamata

    Mommy? Can we burn books? The saudis are burning books, why can’t we?

  • zakaria_belal

    God is creator.Creator gave Quran Bibcreating own :’as judge jury executioner amid comments with sweeping statements- that god does nothing to help but such and such rev Imam or saint or such leader or such extremist suggest we should do .i.e (he is god or he himself is god judge jury executioner).Real God is running own show.Anti God is running own show amid genuine prophecies.Fake prophecies people follow ignoring real one.Such people constitute almost all (contrary to own belief amid man made stuffin circulation).One God’s current event is Islamic: sun rise from east and sets in west when one day it will be other way around. Do you believe Quran of such material origin need burning?Burning of people(bulk)is likely?Sun is 90million miles away.Earth rotates towards east making sun look going west.Sun sets in after america and rises from past australia.Mind Boggling.God attain affairs of universe galaxies and requisites of billions of people insects animals and trillions of thing simultaneously.It is arrogant people including holy or none holy making a mess.

  • docwhocuts

    Why all the muslim support?Why call on me to support a bunch of crazies that believe their little man in the sky is more powerful that someone else’s little man.Problem with a few muslim crazies is that they are responsible for some terrible actions, beliefs and threats.And not just a few… there were organized rewards given for the murders of civilians.There was a govt organized conspiracy to get al megrahi released…so please don’t ask me to support any religion… but have some respect to not ask for support for this one.When they do something worthy of support, I will consider it THEN and only THEN.

  • Skowronek

    Well, they intended this Quran burning to be an offensive act and one that is intended to intimidate fellow Americans, particularly Muslims. The question becomes not whether it’s offensive to Muslims, but whether they succeed in intimidating them. I find the idea of burning books, any books (or records [a la Beatles records]), incredibly offensive. But if they want to spend their money on purchasing copies of the Quran for burning, then I hope they have the backbone to do it in broad daylight and don’t hide their faces from witnesses to the act. I mean, they’re proud of this idea.

  • seattle_wa

    I don’t want to burn a Koran. And I don’t want you to, either.I want to draw a cartoon of the god Mohammed. And his prophet Allah. (sic)And I want you to draw cartoons of them, too. Lots of cartoons. Zillions of cartoons.Post them on the internet. Xerox them, and toss them out the window like a ticker tape parade. Email them to Saudi Arabia, and Afghanistan, and Denmark, and Yemen, and Holland, and Indonesia, and Algeria, and Israel, and Phoenicia AKA Palestine, and Iraq AKA Mesopotamia, and EVERYWHERE. And make sure to include a message to forward the email cartoons to 100 of their friends.The only way to stop the madness.

  • kgblankinship

    Here’s a Christian’s comment: This “Burn a Quran Day” business just shows idiocy, ignorance, and militancy all in one act. It is an inflammatory act, right out of the Rev. Ian Paisley’s playbook, where in Northern Ireland, he would organize Protestant processions through Catholic neighborhoods.Being Roman Catholic myself, I would wonder what the Rev. Terry Jones’ views are regarding my religion. But if this is the Dove World Outreach Center’s idea of ‘outreach,’ I would be curious as to how else they are taking Orwellian liberties with the English language.The real core of this is that the white South since Appomattox has been a country within a country, disrespectful of the ways of others. My own burning belief is that they should have their own country and leave the rest of us alone.

  • ajguse

    Neither the bible nor the koran deserves anywhere near the respect granted by their followers. On balance, the so-called sacred texts of Islam including the Koran probably incite more needless violence and hatred than the Bible, but its a close call. However, instead of burning or banning them we should be pointing out just how repugnant, backwards, and inconsistent they are. Perhaps then, their associated religions will take the back seat they deserve in civil discourse on politics and morality.

  • TheHillman

    “Can you name any events within the last four hundred years?”Bosnian Serb Christians killed hundreds of thousands of Muslims in the name of Christianity back in the 90s.The 1990s, not the 1590s.And of course there are the thousands killed in the Ireland vs England religious wars. Again, this is recent history.And like it or not Hitler claimed Christianity as a basis for killing the Jews. He mentioned this several times in Mein Kampf and in speeches after he rose to power.And the Jasenovac concentration camps were run by the Ustase, a radical group that used Catholic doctrine to justify the hundreds of thousands that the killed in ovens in their concentration camps in Croatia.Again, recent history.

  • areyousaying

    And how many of these neanderthal, racist Southern hillbillies have even read all of the Bible let alone the Koran.White “Christian” theocracy is coming to America with a Glock in one hand and a Bible opened to Leviticus in the other led by Beck, Palin and this idiot “pastor” in Florida. I suppose he prayed for the death of the President, too. If reactionary bigots want to take away Muslim citizen’s Constitutional rights perhaps we should take away those of these so called “Christians” as well.Jesus wept.

  • kgblankinship

    @areyousaying:”Like “Christians” who say nothing about Fred Phelps or about Catholics who hide ebephile [pedophile] priests from civil prosecution and then demonize their victims, they remain silent about this vile hatred as well.”===========================================As a Catholic, I certainly do not condone the practice of pedophilia, or any other violation of the Vow of Celibacy by any priest of my own faith. Nor would I condone any acts by the clergy to cover them up. The Lord said “if your eye offends you, pluck it out.” The passage (I forgot the rest) goes on to say that it is better to enter the Heaven without it, than to go to hell with it. Likewise, fallen clergy should be cast out of the Church to protect the integrity of the institution. While obvious to some, it is a lesson only slowly learned by others.There are some within the Church who actively fight for such reform: I would recommend “Confronting Power and Abuse in the Catholic Church” by Bishop Geoffrey Robinson.As for the Rev. Fred Phelps, as a native Kansan, I wouldn’t claim him as one of my own. His own behavior at a gay marine’s funeral in Maine was beneath contempt, but sanctioned by the conservative 4th US Federal Court of Appeals.

  • TheHillman

    “To try and project Christians as violent and intolerant as the Muslims is absurd.”Try telling that to the hundreds of thousands of Bosnian Muslims killed in the 90s by Christians.Oh, but you can’t. They are dead.Or try telling that to those killed in Northern Ireland, in the name of religion.And do I even have to mention Rwanda, where ethnic cleansing has been justified using Christianity?

  • areyousaying

    So, I’m sure they won’t mind if I throw fifty copies of “The Overton Window”, “The Christmas Sweater” and “Going Rogue” on their vile flames as well.

  • Straightline

    I don’t know any Christians burning Quran’s. Also don’t know of any Christians beheading people, mutilating women and blowing themselves and others up with bombs strapped to their chest.

  • areyousaying

    My long-dead father autographed and gave me a treasured King James Version Bible upon my Confirmation in 1959. I have carried it all around the world several times while giving up all my other worldly possessions including other mementos of my parents, families, military career and childhood in my travels.I’m burning it this year on 9/11. I don’t recognize any more the Christianity he taught me. I’ll email a picture of the flames to Pastor Hatebag in Florida to add to his photo album.

  • ramboreturns

    Koran is probably the only book that deserves to be burnt. Unlike any other, it is a book that harms humanity and causes death and destruction.Kudos to TJ for calling Islam what it is – mostly supremacist and violence based political doctrine thinly sugar coated with the “faith” syrup. That he is evangelical is besides the point. All free peoples including those who call themselves Muslims should burn the book of death.

  • RhymesWithRight

    To equate terrorism to the burning of a few copies of the Quran is to define terrorism down so that the term is meaningless — and also constitutes a surrender to the forces of Islamism who insist that the values of sharia trum the rights protected by the US Constitution. While I may not be crazy about the choice made by those at Dove Christian Center, I’m less enthralled by the attempts of their detractors and critics to demonize them over what is, in the end, a rather juvenile stunt. I therefore feel compelled to take a position in support of their demonstration — BURN, BABY, BURN!

  • terry_rudolph

    “Can you name any events within the last four hundred years?”Sabra and Shatila ’82 comes quickly to mind.

  • JamesCurrin

    As a Christian, the reason that I have not denounced the “burn a Koran” group, is that I have never heard of them. You may however consider them as denounced. This is a really silly article.

  • st50taw

    I read a quotation in the NYT Book Review the other day that pretty much explains recorded history in a nutshell:”People emerge from an historic ordeal still just as stupid as they were when they went into it.”

  • rednova

    Thank you for this. As a Muslim, I can of course differentiate between my overwhelmingly peaceful Christian brothers from the action of this radical pastor. Unfortunately not many can differentiate between al-Qaeda and its political ideology with that of Muslims.I’m truly believe that its not Muslims who need to understand us, I think many would be surprised to find they do if they travel the ME…it is us who need to understand ‘them.’

  • scoran

    Oh liberals: Is this group in FL in power anywhere? Governments in the ME, like in Iran, Lebanon, and Gaza are run or have substantial components run by exteremist militant groups who sponsors INTERNATIONAL terrorism. That’s quite a bit different from burning a book you yourself own. But please, delude yourselves further you spineless wimps.

  • rednova

    Scoran says: “Oh liberals: Is this group in FL in power anywhere?”You forget the Orthodox Christian Serbs and their power hungry, genocidal dictator Milosevic who butchered tens of thousands of innocent Bosnian Muslims.As for power, you only need to see how far extreme the Republican party has gone to see their constant bashing of Islam and contravening the Constitution that many of its Candidates in their platform would openly deny American Muslims their inherent right to build and exercise their faith freely….and they might just win in November.If that’s not faith denigration in an aspiration for political power, I don’t know what is.

  • Phil5

    I keep a Koran in my bathroom. I use it to wipe my a s s after defecating.

  • adamh2o

    What a ridiculous article. The reason nobody has protested it is because for one thing, nobody ever heard about it and secondly, because it’s so trivial. I mean if a group of Muslims in Saudi Arabia decided to burn the Bible, nobody here would care because it’s a non-issue. Same with this. To compare it to suicide bombers and try to equate the two because that’s all you can come up with is ludicrous.

  • Denny_98

    The ultra religious in this country seem to believe in selective Christianity. You’re ok as long as you’re one of us. There are more deaths perpetrated in the name of religion than anything else. It does make you wonder. If religion were individualized instead of institutionalized, I think we’d all be a lot better off.

  • jjedif

    Anyone who is not totally history illiterate knows that Christianity is much, much more violent and extremist than is Islam, even if we include the fringe elements like Al Qaeda. The Christian Bible may say “God is love” but the Christian’s pathetic, little god is a god of hatred and ignorance.

  • ceflynline

    “Don’t forget, fire as “speech” is protected by the 1st Amendment. If people can freely burn the nation’s flag, then this group should have the right to burn a book. Posted by: dacyzyn”I am sitting here wondering if I should even care. So many of the posts ignore the thread itself and argue their perception of Christianity.My perception of the Quran burnings just jelled.Islam and its leaders demand that every time a non Muslim in the West behaves in a manner that they find offensive, the West must denounce and punish him. I believe, at this point, that, while I think book burning is dumb and counter productive, in this case I am all for it, and no apologies.Because I have now had my fill of Islam’s one sided approach to the rest of the world. Were I in the land of Sharia, where I have no desire ever to be, I would behave in a way that was not insulting to my hosts. But when Islam comes to my home, I am expected to accept their insulting behavior, and in no way behave insultingly to my guests. And I find that I am therefor constantly insulted by Islam demanding that I am inferior, both in Islamic lands AND in my own home.And while Islam demands official apologies whenever it feels its sensibilities bruised, no official of Islam anywhere within the lands oppressed by Sharia is ever compelled to apologize for atrocities committed against “infidels”, no matter how evil or inhuman.So, when the Grand Ayotullah, or Grand Mufti, or grand whatever, in a major Mosque in Cairo, or Damascus, or Baghdad, or samarra, or Qum, condemns an act of inhuman terrorism, I may begin to rethink my stance, but those who feel besieged by Islam, WITH GOOD REASON, choose to express themselves in a book burning, It is their right and I will not counsel them otherwise nor apologize for their actions or mine.

  • WildBill1

    I agree. Burning a Quran is a waste of money. Better to just rip the pages out, put ’em on a roll, and use it as toilet paper….

  • labman57

    Once again we see the direct correlation between the extent of a religion’s orthodoxy and the magnitude of its intolerance of those who do not share their tenets, politics, or lifestyle choices.

  • samsara15

    We would do better to reject all mass religions, and all religious ‘leaders’. Religion should be a personal thing. No orthodoxy, no dogma. There may be a God, but none of us have any better insight than anyone else about the nature and intentions of that God.

  • docwhocuts

    I am sick of muslims telling me what I must do.Fight your own war… convince those burning your book to stop doing so.I cannot draw god, according to them, for goodness sakes…. they kill people that do so.Organized groups of muslims fund rewards for the murder of cartoonists… in europe, in WASHINGTON state.Have your freedom of religion.Stop telling me what to do

  • VirginiaConservative

    We see that little barry, the king of the straw man argument, has said he can’t “g around with his birth certificate plastered to his forehead.”Well, thats true. But that is not the argument. All the inner city huckster needs to do is provide his true certificate ONCE. make up some Thats it, barry. Man up and do it.Don’t make up some kindergarten logic argument.Just do it.Make us all liars, barry. Just like the 100K breitbart has burning a hole in his pocket.All you have to do is prove the bullshiite to be bullshiite.Pretty simple, no?

  • ceflynline

    “I’m truly believe that its not Muslims who need to understand us, I think many would be surprised to find they do if they travel the ME…it is us who need to understand ‘them.’ Posted by: rednova”I understand, as do the multitude of those who do travel the Middle East. Were I to go to Mesopotamia to visit an Assyrian Rite catholic Church, I would be expected to have my wife show that she is my property by covering herself, being totally submissive, and not doing anything that might be considered the proper function of men. I would be expected to carefully avoid using my left hand, (My son, the lefty, loved using his in Baghdad last year during his deployment.)Over many overseas tours and many cultural sensitivity training sessions, I have learned more than enough about the Middle East. Islam, on the other hand, flatly rejects even learning about Western Values, let alone understanding them. Muslims choose to refuse to understand us. Or to deliberately misunderstand us. That is the difference.

  • bhun2

    Frankly, there are so many dumb statements and suggestions being made in this nation, it is difficult to object to all of them.

  • veerle1

    Only in a place like Florida.

  • cleancut77

    Is the writer trying to tell me she sees the moral equivalence between burning books and blowing up innocent people?

  • Martial

    No one said those who protested against the Park51 Mosque lacked the right to do so. That such protests are worthless given the requirements of the first amendment does not preclude their being made. Similarly, no one can deny these persons the right to burn the Koran or the flag. By the same token, the Park51 Mosque is not within plain site of Ground Zero and is being constructed with the intent of building bridges between religions. This burning of the Koran, by contrast, is nothing but the expression of prejudice.

  • battleground51

    The last time Christian extremism reared it’s ugly head at the Muslims was about 800 years ago and it was called THE CRUSADES.THE CRUSADES pretty much ruined the bloody, Islamic empire forever.The Islamo-psychos really don’t want to make Christians that mad again.

  • Martial

    The ultra religious in this country seem to believe in selective Christianity. You’re ok as long as you’re one of us. There are more deaths perpetrated in the name of religion than anything else. It does make you wonder. If religion were individualized instead of institutionalized, I think we’d all be a lot better off.POSTED BY: DENNY_98 | AUGUST 29, 2010 6:49 PM____________Actually, all three sister religions, Islam, Christianity, and Judaism, have one saving grace. Careful reading reveals that the only logical conclusion is that God determined who would and would not go to Heaven at the beginning of the universe, when Almighty God’s plan was devised (Ephesians 1). 3 Blessed be the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, who has blessed us in Christ with every spiritual blessing in the heavenly places, 4just as he chose us in Christ* before the foundation of the world to be holy and blameless before him in love. 5He destined us for adoption as his children through Jesus Christ, according to the good pleasure of his will, 6to the praise of his glorious grace that he freely bestowed on us in the Beloved. 7In him we have redemption through his blood, the forgiveness of our trespasses, according to the riches of his grace 8that he lavished on us. With all wisdom and insight 9he has made known to us the mystery of his will, according to his good pleasure that he set forth in Christ, 10as a plan for the fullness of time, to gather up all things in him, things in heaven and things on earth. 11In Christ we have also obtained an inheritance,* having been destined according to the purpose of him who accomplishes all things according to his counsel and will, 12so that we, who were the first to set our hope on Christ, might live for the praise of his glory.________Properly considered, this means matters divine are irrelevant to our lives. People should forget about attempting to fulfill God’s will, for none can forestall or advance it.

  • Athena4

    First they burn books. Then they burn people.

  • spidermean2

    Where there are no Bibles, it becomes a dangerous place. When Catholicism was the only religion in Europe and burning heretics was common, there were no bibles and anybody caught having a bible can be jailed and tortured.There are no Bibles in North Korea, Saudi Arabia and see how dangerous this places are.If the world want peace in Iraq and Afghanistan, spread the bible there.But ironically, the idiotic U.S. military headed by Mike Mullen which is incidentally a Catholic burned the Bibles in Afghanistan.They have no use there so it’s beter that they leave before they are annihilated. Their stupidity only makes things worse.

  • ceflynline

    “Organized burning of a religion’s holy texts must be declared anathema by all persons of good will. Such expression of religious prejudice in a society bearing religions numberless is like tossing an open box of cobras in a room that you and your opponents and allies are locked in. Eventually a snake will bite you. Posted by: Martial”Sadly, in that you are wrong. It does, of course, somewhat depend on the particulars of the book burned. If the books burned are a case of Penguin Books paperback edition if some ancient text, bought and brought by the burners, it is one hing, whereas if it is 400 year old Torah Scrolls stolen from a synagogue it is entirely something else.The burning of the paperbacks, even if it is in front of a Synagogue in Skokie by the American Nazi Party is legally protected, even though, as an act of hatred it is to be opposed. Burning your opponents texts, though, has a long Western tradition of being how one expresses the state of intellectual warfare with ones intellectual, (or religious) enemies. The Library at Alexandria burned several times, the last by Muslims destroying non Islamic knowledge because it might teach Muslims that the Quran was not the intellectual gem Islam desired it to be. It was the deliberate destruction of knowledge and intellectual effort. Burning a case of trade paperback qurans, cheaply made for mass distribution does not destroy knowledge. It does express intellectual enmity to the ideas represented. And therein lies the reason that, though it may be silly, it is protected, because there are Christians of reasonable will who recognize that Islam does not, and does not intend to live at peace with infidels. This is indeed a war of Ideas, and declaring it in a dramatic way is a legitimate part of that war. Islam in America cannot remain true to the Islam of antiquity, which early on declared war on Christianity and Judaism, for the same reason, that they refused to bow to Mohamed and accept his divine authority. Mohamed, having included snippets of Judaism and Christianity in his attempt to draw Jews and Christians to his movement, was quite irate when they realistically refused to accept his authority or his religion. Mohamed declared the war, and Christianity decided that turning the other cheek was contraindicated in this case. Until Islam rejects the Quran’s decree of inferior status for all non Islamic religions, that war is still on by Islamic decree.

  • historyStudent1

    The Quran is not my holy book, I respect it as some one else’s, and I object to it’s intentional desecration as disrespectful and inflammatory.I pray that one day, in the Muslim world, the Bible and consecrated Eurcharist are afforded the same.

  • mibrooks27

    Christian voices? There are plenty of Evangelicals who are condemning the lunacy of this “pastor”, it’s just that the Post wont listen to them. Too good a story a guess and actually listening might screw it up! And, what about the Gay Rights crowd? Some of them are planning on a Gay Bar, next to that mosque featuring “70 virgin drinks”!

  • BerkeleyBW

    The church folks should rejigger their plans and burn burqas instead. Destroy the cloth prison that removes the individuality of millions of women enslaved by Islam around the world.

  • Martial

    The notion that one might desire death of an enemy during a moment that smells not in the slightest of divinity is actually, from the modern point of view, a blessing. Few actually fear death in this era of knowledge. Rather, today’s fear, with great justice, is but of the associated agony of death. Most who pray request on more than rare occasions a swift, relatively painless death. Perhaps a thrombus loosed from the calf veins whilst one arises to tie one’s sneakers. Maybe an arrhythmia from a scarred left atrium while dreams protects the body from visions of reality. Such prayers amount to a desire, in many cases, to die while defacating. Such indeed smells not the slightest of the divine.

  • bethwhi

    As a very committed Christian, I am appalled by Burn a Quran day. In no way do I agree with the teachings of the Quran, but I will always stand up for every human being’s right to choose their own faith as I was given the right to choose mine. What is faith to a person if it is forced upon you? Just culture. True faith is a choice of the heart and mind. Burning the sacred book of a faith other than your own shows you to be a phony, an impostor to the faith you claim to represent. To my Muslim brothers and sisters on this earth, this is not true Christianity. If you seek to know the ‘other side’, read the first four books of the New Testament. This is the Jesus I serve and would love you to know.

  • scott3

    Disclaimer: I am somewhere between an agnostic and an atheist.This author is an idiot. This is boilerplate relativism with absolutely no thought involved. A waste of my time and skills to pick it apart. Aside to the WaPo: This journalist? Really? Forget about a paywall.

  • ginabw

    I am an Athiest who will be burning 1000 christian bibles on 9/11.

  • battleground51

    Islam is, by far, the most successful cult in world history. It surpasses Buddhism, Hinduism, and Mormonism by far.Not a religion by any means because it dwells on evil and death and destruction.Burning Islam’s fake, holy book is a rather polite, civil, public protest of the sadistic, brutal, mass murdering of innocent human beings that the Islamo-psychos practice on a regular basis.Christians should be applauded for their restraint in the face of the Islamic onslaught of mass murder and mayhem in the name of the Islamicist’s fanaticism.Unrestrained, Christian rage was once unleashed as THE CRUSADES and it was a terrible disaster…………to the Muslims of the day.

  • battleground51

    To the pointless atheist who wants to burn BIBLES: go ahead if it make you feel better.It’s only paper.It’s what is in your head that counts.Your head contains oblivion.It’s your only possible fate.

  • Martial

    To the pointless atheist who wants to burn BIBLES: go ahead if it make you feel better.It’s only paper.It’s what is in your head that counts.Your head contains oblivion.It’s your only possible fate.POSTED BY: BATTLEGROUND51 | AUGUST 29, 2010 11:45 PM_____________Atheism and a belief in the Christian/Jewish/Muslim God are equivalent with respect to our actions, thoughts, and passions. If God exists as the bible says, the decision about our fate was made at the beginning of the universe. Nothing we do or say will effect any change in that plan. One might be the greatest genius to have ever lived and still be Hell bound. One might also be a great villain and still be heaven bound (for King David was a greater villain by far than anyone I have ever met). Atheism decrees the same.

  • zakaria_belal

    Quran came in 23 yrs as memorizable.In last 10 days.Now in a 1/2 million Mosques Traviih is prayed in a 1 month Ramadhan (between 10pm-11.30pm) when entire Quran by recitation will be finished (often twice in last 10 days).30 million Afghans until now had 70%men illiterate and women 85% illiterate.But 100% literate in Quran Reading like in Pakistan and else where.Even then Muslims had children grand children and great grand children and earned a living even at $1/day.Where as some like Mother Teresa (few doors away from my home)had simply had a tiny home and picked up street orphans abandoned babies and dying few .She herself took them inside of the gate.With little money she shared with a few helper whatever she had .Islam was created starting in Ramadhan when Angel Gabriel brought first verse to an illiterate person.His Christian Wife(15 yrs older)at 55 sent him to her uncle who was a Christian Reverend (priest).After he confirmed it being Authentic.The wife daughter and few friends became Muslim.Now 100 m Chinese 200m Indian Muslims Russian Indonesian Malays they themselves became Muslims.500 miles from Moscow in Tataristan once they had thousands of mosques.Rome was not built in a day so was Islam of 1400 yrs Old .

  • yasseryousufi

    Christians should be applauded for their restraint in the face of the Islamic onslaught of mass murder and mayhem in the name of the Islamicist’s fanaticism.Unrestrained, Christian rage was once unleashed as THE CRUSADES and it was a terrible disaster…………to the Muslims of the day.*************************************Dear Faux Viewer,Just wanted to remind you of your devout President’s Dream regarding what prompted him to attack the innocent people of Iraq. His Christian God came in his dream and ordered him to attack Iraq. Tony Blair has also alluded to similar reveries. The result was the death and displacement of over a million people. How should Muslims react to Christian Fanatism? If you read even basic history of the world, White Christian is unarguably the most murderous, violent and inhumane race/religion on the face of the world.Your threats regarding “Unrestrained Christian Rage” of the Crusade days aren’t new to us Muslims. Do not forget though that the Christian Army and all their Templers were defeated in all the Crusades bar the first one.

  • spidermean2

    Here is a prophecy in the Bible:Evolutionists (Europe, China and part of America) and Islamic Middle Eastern people are doomed in WW3.Read the Bible and try to understand it so you will know what is the future.

  • yasseryousufi

    Here is a prophecy in the Bible:Evolutionists (Europe, China and part of America) and Islamic Middle Eastern people are doomed in WW3.Read the Bible and try to understand it so you will know what is the future.*********************************Does anyone need more proof of Christian fanatism??

  • zakaria_belal

    Little Thing pleases little mind.One of the most obvious. is News. It says Mother Teresa Mission have 4500 helpers in across Europe and India and worldwide in all UN countries.I visited old site and understood Motive.Why is so much focus in Muslim world Muslim Mosques Muslim Floods affecting Tens of Million via Muslim Volcanos via Muslim earth quakes affecting Tens of Million Muslims .Good Samaritan none Muslim soldiers are fighting Taliban or Muslim Terrorists every where.In father Son Holy Ghost amid other new relgion Hindus and Buddhists are progressive but Muslims are not..Muslims are dying or dead in drones.Unemployed youth seem seeking refuge in selective Mosques .They are being built in Millions of dollars with Gym schools and even proposed swimming pool like in hotel in GZM or Burj Dubai for $2million /unit muslim family Mosque in 150 th floor.Although White Factories have reopened . Many locations have recruited housewives (even Old due to shortage while Muslims cannot be found anywhere coming out from these places .Is it due to scare mongering excuse.Obvious there is killing spree(ongoing).Is it destroying of graves soil cloud or under sea marine life. Do they have Presumed they are muslims of the past Soul in cloud format.Is it Burn Burn burn Green Trees and Rain forests to burn down Islam? Is it polluting marine life means killing of Muslims.In abandoned Christian Churches and for same sex movement No one is running a conventional Mother Teresa home.Even Imams talk Mosques of luxury Mosques with $10/charity buffet sponsorship. Tens of thousands being collected weeklyin some place .For Pakistan By collecting so called $900m aid for millions affected in High altitude Pakistan Flood dragging on an on like broken DVD commentary TV Commercial.This is leadership and their upfront competent soldiers of God hurting individuals like us (knowingly).Perhaps world do not like competition from Muslim folks.

  • spidermean2

    Here is a prophecy in the Bible:Evolutionists (Europe, China and part of America) and Islamic Middle Eastern people are doomed in WW3.Read the Bible and try to understand it so you will know what is the future. It is not fanaticism. You can understand the bible if you are wise enough. There were no nukes when the Bible was written but the bible has prophesied its use more than 2 thousand years ago.

  • ThomasBaum

    Martial You quoted from the bible, “15”Watch out for false prophets. They come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ferocious wolves. 16By their fruit you will recognize them. Do people pick grapes from thornbushes, or figs from thistles? 17Likewise every good tree bears good fruit, but a bad tree bears bad fruit. 18A good tree cannot bear bad fruit, and a bad tree cannot bear good fruit. 19Every tree that does not bear good fruit is cut down and thrown into the fire. 20Thus, by their fruit you will recognize them.Is this the only thing in the bible?Take care, be ready.Sincerely, Thomas Paul Moses Baum.

  • zakaria_belal

    My family with Women constituted doctors engineers Teachers Professors(nearly 2000 miles from Afghanistan.They often wore Afghan Burqa Iran chador Arab Hijab in Hindu Country.They did step out from Home t0 wear those.But they never used them at Universities or at job or for driving and for shopping or in cinemas or in indoor 500 shops malls(finest by Raj)despite many servants(affordable).Afghans sold guns bullets like fruits and vegetables in piles with food and vegetables (then).Then children took rifles to schools hanging them with warm coat or shawl out side class or madrassa.Afghan society of farms Orchards and Bustees were with built in Islam.They had memorizable Quran.They were self contained with entire Population(including children) as soldiers.Most Girls were married at 13-20 who lived with young groom and inlaws .Youth went to market for work and raise family.If $1/day was sufficient why bother to waste time in school universities or factories or waste time running big shops.Everyone seemed loaded with Guns rifles missiles.Instead they just earned sufficient day to day money.They stayed indoor with bride.With memorizable Quran one need not be even bother to be literate in writing english or Farsi (proper).Traffic of women going in each other home from narrow pathway(close proximity)were like mice going hole to hole while men had mini-mini prayer place for few everywhere .They had Just reading Memorizable Quran.Imagine memorized basic .They felt them adequate.Quran is like mini wisdom knowledge Harvard Mangement Programme entire curriculum (complied).Ask Prez Obama what had made him earliest a Harvard Grad boy.Afghan boys 6-14 or youth were ready to venture out in the world of wife wisdom income own family or fight invaders.That was Afghan that was Khan that was Turk and that was Indonesian layout.In early education in this format Prez Obama’s brain development was perfect when he was forced by muslim parents early child education format.With Money wealth for unversities (no rush for bride home or income market to raise family)they were plus for Prez Obama who became Prez of USA .Now Analyse well dressed female in Ugly Burga (scared to venture out beyond fixed hustling bustling boundry (all hidden and camouglaged).

  • macdoodled

    What are our troops fighting for, do those who live in fear of differences and hold bigotry as defense, forget so fast?Democracy has room for all.PS: from another’s thread-Jesus appears to have rejected many of the prohibitions against other religions found in the Hebrew and Christian scriptures. Examples are:

  • zakaria_belal

    Religion experts are PhDs Imam Ayatollahs Pope Archbiship and expertise from Islam Christianity Judaism with Years and centries of experience.Science experts will constitute Einstein and Past Muslim Scientists Darwin and current Stephen Hawkings.No one will compromise.Islam is based upon science Surahs and the Holy Prophet with Hadith on Hell fire Evil Satan Witchcraft what exists .Surahs have everything .It is possible to overcome and succeed go to Paradise.with alliance to the God Almighty and the Holy Prophet.In my opinion I could have given satisfactory conclusion via science religion practical and Mystery which evolved.The Govt of Canada USA and UK or few among them with church and Mosque leaders decided to promote themselves preventing satisfactory conclusion.The satisfactory Conclusion would have been Real day to day happening backed by science religion democracy intellectuals Evil and reality truth (no one want to face).Some one said in TV ”life is one world classroom and you teach”.In the past I explained UFO (equivalents in real life drama) scientific related Mother Goddesses Father God Father Son Holy Ghost including Relativity Miraj principle .I worked with PhDs and in Islam in satd US UK top thousands of Phds and Billions of $ outfits befitting best of both. I do not think any thing equivalent exist.Above all Islmic Intellectual and Ulema with evidence.Evidence can not be discarded and impost sharia after creating the situation and dilemma which exist in American West and in Islam.Today was Eid and one said Bumper collection in more than hundred thousands $ in one location since last night.One science I wrote last week that is Islamic Sun rise from east and sets in the west with complete throne aspect.What can I do with my ID stolen by very democracy Leaders who like to promote themselves and enjoy death destruction new colony civilization creation without being believer.Do you believe even Imams (bulk) are beyond new found power and wealth.Even the rhetoric of hell fire and scientific quran can be verified with ulemas.In the past Muslims were not allowed to tape or take religion to none muslims.Origin I was there.In fact I worked confronting them all without fear or favour .I just explained science and religion corelating as the world turned.Time is running out (almost there).