Beck’s Christian credentials scrutinized

By Elizabeth Tenety What, exactly, are Glenn Beck’s credentials as a theologian? That’s a question that that many are asking … Continued

By Elizabeth Tenety

What, exactly, are Glenn Beck’s credentials as a theologian?

That’s a question that that many are asking today in the wake of Beck’s continued assault on the president’s religious beliefs.

At his public events this weekend, Beck emphasized that he viewed his ‘Restoring Honor’ event and the emerging movement behind it as spiritual, rather than political: “This is the beginning of the great awakening of America,” Beck said Friday night.

But to what version of religion should Americans be awakened?

In a Fox News Sunday interview after the rally On his Fox News television show last week, he criticized President Obama’s religious beliefs, which he characterized on Fox News Sunday as “liberation theology”:

“You see, it’s all about victims and victimhood; oppressors and the oppressed; reparations, not repentance; collectivism, not individual salvation. I don’t know what that is, other than it’s not Muslim, it’s not Christian. It’s a perversion of the gospel of Jesus Christ as most Christians know it,” Beck said.

Beck, who converted to Mormonism in the last decade, may believe that Obama’s religion is a “perversion,” but given the criticisms of his own chosen faith, he should perhaps tread more lightly when critiquing another man’s Christianity: Mormons frequently have to contend with allegations that they are not ‘real’ Christians: 45% of white Evangelicals say that they do not believe that Mormons are Christians, according to a Pew poll.

“Mormonism is not a Christian faith,” Focus on the Family’s Tom Minnery said during the 2008 election campaign, when GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney’s Mormonism became a political liability.

R. Albert Mohler wrote in 2007 that he did not believe Mormons are Christians, as he found their theology “incompatible with “traditional Christian orthodoxy.”

So Beck finds himself being asked the same question he is asking of Obama: Is he a “true” Christian? How important is the faith life of our presidents — or our talk-show hosts?

More on the Glenn Beck and the debate over the president’s religion:

What is liberation theology?

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  • dh1976

    If you want to see the ‘religion’ of Beck, you need only read his followers’ comments on this site

  • ravitchn


  • ravitchn

    It is scandalous of liberals to attack Beck as non-Christian using the words of Southern Baptist reactionaries they otherwise scorn.

  • ridenm

    Anyone demanding a religious litmus test for a presidential office holder is guilty of subverting the Constitution. Beck’s religious preference is not germane; neither is Obama’s.

  • JBUD

    RAVITCHN, IF YOU TOOK THE 2ND M OUT OF MORMOM, took your caps lock off, change the last m to n, and skipped your second sentence, you would be right, ’nuff said’

  • enelson52

    A recent study reveals that Glenn Beck is a highly regarded individual among Tea Party supporters, scoring a 75 percent very or somewhat warm rating, with 57 percent rating their feelings towards him very warm. And Beck has leveraged that very warm feeling to the tune of $32 MILLION a year between books, endorsements and shows. Ain’t a bad payday for what amounts to a frat boy & morning zoo DJ, with most of the heavy lifting done by millions of poor, middle class dopes in the Tea Party who follow blindly and open their wallets for any crap the self-described rodeo clown puts out there, most of which Beck probably doesn’t believe himself!! (and BTW, I’ll bet a lot of hard working and highly trained Rodeo Clowns are insulted being compared to Beck).WOW!! Knowing that Glenn Beck, frat boy and Morning ZOO DJ, is your movement’s intellectual & spiritual leader must be damn embarrassing, dontcha think?

  • anarcho-liberal-tarian

    Guess what…neither man’s religious beliefs are important.Obama is the President.Beck is a conservative shill who race baits.Obama has avoided race in his governance.Beck has attacked “illegals” and the President.Beck is white. White’s are immigrants to North America.End of story.

  • summicron1

    actually, the person who said mormons aren’t into socialism but are into self-help is half right — they are into self help, and their first incarnation of that, upon moving to utah, was a religiously dominated socialist government and society — complete with co-ops where people brought their produce and goods to be distributed to all according to their need.This is why the large department store that used to be a major factor in Utah, until sold about a decade ago, was called ZCMI — Zion Cooperative Mercantile Institute.The last holdout for this socialistic form of commerce was Brigham City, but before the railroads came and brought outside capitalism and the need to go along with that, it was the way the entire state was run. Bishop’s Storehouses are still operated in that fashion to a certain extent, with volunteers doing labor and the needy given what they need.

  • lavistabb

    This is one of the sillier articles on this so called religion page of the Washington Post. Hmm What are Sally Quinn’s credentials on religion? Shall we not go there? All Americans need to know about President Obama’s religion is out there in the public domain. His mentor for twenty years was Jeremiah Wright, a former Muslim who espouses Black Liberation Theology, which is a take off on the Marxist Liberation Theology of certain Catholic religious orders in the 1960’s who were stationed in parts of third world countries where great poverty existed. They began to craft a philosophy that indeed was based on redistribution of income (anyone hearing anything remotely familiar yet?) taking from the wealthy and giving to the poor. Their take was condemned by numerous popes and victimhood was indeed the focus of this philosophy similar to what we have seen across the board in the Democrat Party including Hmm, Hmm, Hmm, Barack Hussain Obama but I digress. Black Liberation Theology is explained on DVD’s at the shop in Rev. Wright’s former church. Some of us have seen the DVD’s. They include Rev. Wright screeching anti-American tomes and using God’s name in vain while members of his congregation nod and shout Amen in the church pews. Sally Quinn and the Washington Post steadfastly refuse to honestly examine these numerous sermons or to condemn their content. Some of us have also read Mr. Obama’s books and learned about his Muslim father and step father and his mother’s and grandparents’ devotion to Marxist philosophy. Many of us can understand poor Ms. Quinn’s lack of knowledge on all these topics because she is so taken with her own self importance and is such a know-it-all, that this fact would preclude her doing any credible research on either the topic I bring up or the devoutness of her idol Mr. Obama. Quite frankly, I do not care what Mr. Beck’s religious qualifications are because the last time I looked, we were still able to conduct our own research and to delve into subjects of interest without first having to obtain permission from the likes of Sally Quinn or anyone else. It is only a matter of time before this Washington Post column will have to be abandoned since it has been a laughing stock of those who follow the direction and quality of journalism and journalists for some time now and it continues not to disappoint.

  • patrickmacsmith

    Ten years ago I took a Christian Fundamentals class at my private Methodist-affiliated college in southwest Virginia – aka Bible Belt. I remember well the day the the professor created a list of Christian denominations. He put Beck’s church, The Church of Latter Day Saints, in the non-Christian group. Later in the term we spent a full class on why he felt that they were not a Christian denomination. He acknowledged that there were many who disagreed with him and he encouraged us to make our own judgements. I’m an Episcopalian and would count Beck however he wants to be counted, but I seriously doubt a majority of his listeners would recognize his religious background as being legitimate – on fundamental Christian grounds.

  • ClarkKent1

    Ravitchn: so you think it’s scandalous to bring this up – OK. What about the substance of the “attack” – that influential fellow right wingers consider Beck to be non-Christian?”It is scandalous of liberals to attack Beck as non-Christian using the words of Southern Baptist reactionaries they otherwise scorn.”

  • gpsman

    Beck is a Moron, not a Mormon, although I have to admit the difference is not great.

  • Garak

    He has an audience. That’s all the credentials he needs.

  • onetime1

    Who cares what ’45 percent of Evangelicals’ think about any other religion? I bet that if they asked Mormons if they think that they themselves are Christian, 100% would say yes. Who made the Evangelicals experts on judging others, anyways?

  • ravitchn

    Mormon theology is indeed weird. Romans thought the same about Christian theology. But if we judge groups by their deeds (their fruits the bible says)Mormons seem to be good people. I feel vindicated in my view that liberals will use any and all arguments vs. their opponenents without regard for truth.

  • xxy123

    Glenn Beck is an embarrassment to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (the “Mormon” or “LDS” Church).Unfortunately, in the name of proselyting, the LDS Church made a long “conversion” DVD video featuring Glenn Beck talking to an obviously LDS audience from a stage and recounting (he is essentially a histrionic exhibitionist) his “conversion story.”The DVD has the LDS Church’s angel Moroni logo on the side and is published by LDS Church owned Deseret Book in conjunction with Glenn Beck’s enterprise.On the back of the DVD is more LDS proselytizing (the reason for making the DVD) with words to the effect: “Careful, Glenn Beck’s enthusiasm for his religion is contagious.”The LDS Church should renounce this embarrassing histrionic exhibitionist. I’m sure the LDS hierarchy wishes they never had gotten involved with him in making the “conversion” DVD.BUT, the LDS Church does not admit mistakes! [The so-called “Mormon” doctrine of infallibility.] Why? Because that could possibly infer that there is not 24/7 continuous inspiration and revelation, a position taken by the more “absolutist” wing of the LDS Church.

  • osheasean

    I think we all seem to forget that our country was founded on religious freedom. So, trying to make heads or tales of the importance of an individual’s religion is missing the point. The United States is not supposed to be a Christian nation; it is a nation for all religions. If we, Americans, live up to our Constitution and citizenship, then xenophobia, that currently plagues our nation, will melt away.Beck, Obermann, et al. are entertainers. I think we should stop giving credence to the entertainers and pledge our time to help resolve issues that concern us.

  • js_edit

    It is pretty funny to see Evangelicals cozying up to a Mormon. Politics and strange bedfellows and all that.

  • tmarshallva

    Norman, is that you?

  • zabazoom

    Beck is the white devil with a twisted tongue.

  • dewdrop2

    Why people are giving Glenn Beck more than the 15 minutes of fame he doesn’t even deserve is beyond me. But judging from the number of chowderheads that were at his little self-lovefest two days ago, it takes very little to stir up the rabble these days. It’s so assuring that when they’re all done trashing Obama and everyone else who tries to make an honest effort to “renew America,” these yahoos can go back to drinking, shooting off their guns and complaining about anything that infringes upon their god-given right to throw temper tantrums about how evil the government is. Ah, progress!

  • ruralamericans

    America’s intellectual slide is evidenced by the self-ordained elite — posting here — attempting to bloviate about Beck’s or anyone else’s Christianity credentials. Callow insights into Christianity the diagnosis.Unlike the media’s favorite professional politicians, Christians admit their imperfections, yet keep the bar for honor very high.

  • drg1111

    Mr. Beck, instead of our president, why not come after me? I am an atheist and know I am entitled to this choice. Having studied comparative religions, I feel well prepared for your attacks and limited wisdom. Richard

  • yokohlman


  • CPOSharkey

    What’s really interesting is that Glenn Beck also Intimated that the current Pope has expressed the same views of President Obama. You’ll notice the Elizabeth Tenety failed to mention that in her report. Perhaps she felt it was unimportant to the story at hand or perhaps she feared that adding those notes would provide a degree of street credit to Becks assertions.

  • fairfaxgoper

    WEll, how clever, Washington Post, I guess that Beck does not have the same credentials as the Rev. Jackson, he did not have a child out of wedlock while an ordained minister, He does not have the same credentials as the esteemed Rev. Sharpton, who lied about the Tawana Brawley story among other things, but yet every time one of these two clowns open their mouth, the post and the rest of the mainstream media are there to cover their every word, I did not know you had to have credentials to speak about one’s faith, What a double standard and you wonder why your subscribers run away from your paper every month.

  • citizeness

    Psalm 12:5

  • diazr1

    Beck is a whole different person during his Sunday school but that does not mean that we Mormons claim him. Beck is not our voice and those that do support him reflect their lack of respect for finding truth.

  • Chuckitoff

    Glenn Beck is behaving as the south end of a north-bound horse. The little jig of self-delight that he danced at his little TT party last Saturday reminded me that I’ve seen that dance before. It was Adolph Hitler and he even had the same expression on his face. What a crock!

  • mypitts2

    There is no doubt that Mormonism is “incompatible with traditional Christian orthodoxy.” That’s not an insult, but simply the truth. For instance, Mormons do not recognize the Trinity — God in three persons — a core belief in traditional Christian orthodoxy.

  • AgentG

    It is not Mr. Beck’s religious credentials that are worthy of public scrutiny, but the content of his message. That message appears to change and flutter in the wind as is opportune for Mr. Beck. And a careful observer will note that Mr. Beck operates in a consistent pattern of spewing hateful and racially charged comments, only to later back away from them with less than sincere apologies. The combination of Mr. Beck’s masterful improvisation of the facts and historical analysis along with his huge following of white Americans facing their own inevitable minority status, gives Mr. Beck the potential to become a gigantic American demogauge. The question is: will the media (except for John Stewart and Stephen Colbert) and the silent majority let that happen. All it really takes is a simple fact-checking of his message and holding him accountable to what he says. It boggles the mind that someone who has spoken in such an incoherent and self-contradictory manner could be considered a leader by a sizeable portion of the electorate. In fact, it is this accountability that Mr. Beck fears the most, because he knows, he will be unmasked. His arguments are not rational, but are completely emotional. That is why the language at this rally was so nebulous. But watch closely Mr. Beck’s timing. This rally was precisely held prior to the mid-term elections, and Mr. Beck clearly mentions an apocalypic scenario coming up in about two years, when Pres. Obama’s term ends. It is not a coincidence. And Mr. Beck clearly has grand political aspirations.

  • mypitts2

    “Mormons seem to be good people.”ravitchn: Even Beck would say this has nothing to do with whether one is Christian or not.

  • martymar123

    “The spirit of the Lord is upon me because he has anounted me,Read the book, folks. The Bible is nothing if not about liberation theology. God is indeed the “God of the Oppressed.”

  • BGMParis

    What fascinates me, watching from Europe, is the fact that a Glenn Beck has any traction at all in America. The French have Le Pen, another right-wing extremist who spouts “truths” like Beck, but they have sense enough to keep his popularity to about 5% of the population. Then again, not long ago the Germans had a guy with the same on-camera persona as Beck, too, and the “ordinary people” followed him to Hell. Beware. He who fails to learn from history is doomed to repeat it. (And Beck’s presentation of history on his shows wouldn’t get him a passing grade in any decent American junior high school.)

  • dcharlson

    Christians, Jews and Muslims all believe in the same God. As the Muslims say: we are all people of the book.If Obama believes in collective salvation and liberations theology, his god is Karl Marx.

  • stp26

    Mr. Beck is a Provocateur that has become rich off the demagoguery of uninformed American’s. Look no further than Nauvoo, IL to get a full understanding of a Socialist,Theocratic, Plural marriage attempt by the Mormon church. What does Beck and the Mormon church have in common? A desire for POWER. One failed, let’s see how Beck makes out.

  • afordfoster

    Whether your a fan of the President, or not, or Jeremiah Wright, or not, get the facts straight. Wright became pastor of the Trinity United Church of Christ in 1972. He has ministry degrees from mainstream schools in Chicago and Dayton, where he studied under a MLK Jr., protege. Wright’s father was a Baptist minister. You may intensely dislike these people, but don’t lie and say they’re Muslims. That’s your ignorance coming out.

  • Thinker_

    Beck is a Coo Coo.What does religion have to do with it?The sooner people grow beyond infantile definitions of God and Religion, the sooner we’ll be able to see the commonality of mankind. We all want and need pretty much the same things. The debate about how best to provide these things for ourselves is only made more difficult when one’s religion is used as a wedge to separate “Us” from “Them.”But, of course, Beck knows that. What is a shame is how people like him have no qualms about exacerbating problems and inciting fear and hatred… All in the name of Country. Talk about a perversion.Obama, for my money, is probably closer to an Atheist than anything else. But, in our perverted society of religious credentials, all politicians are forced to go to “church,” in order to show they are OK. It is disgusting.

  • smiley6

    Religion is a choice. Those who claim to be of a particular faith appear to be the most intolerant of any other group. Beck’s claim of religion is playing well for his pocketbook. I wonder if he gives his 10%. My concern is that an elected official does a good job and does not fill his pockets. None of us should give a damn about anothers religious views just the job they do. President The President has show great tolerance for the views of others.

  • nana4

    The President does not have to do anything to self declare and define his faith or brand of whatever is his religion. His entire Administration, so far, as been one that answers to The Eight Beatitudes taught to me in my childhood by the Catholic Church, back then. Feed the hungry, house the homeless, comfort the afflicted, care for the sick, and free the victims and the oppressed. I do not think those Eight Beatitudes belong only to the Catholic Church. All of the great religions of the world teach that. I do not know what religion Beck and his people follow but it is not the best of Christianity; it is not Judaism; it is not Islam; it is not Hindu or Buddism.His filthy mouth and demoralized soul, full of lies, slander, defamation of characters, and greed, makes him unworthy to call anyone to come to God. Since when did this charlatain, this fraud, become such an expert? He gives Mormons a bad name.

  • jrzwrld

    Wouldn’t the founding fathers have been freaked out by Mormonism? They were largely Protestant and the Catholic Church was often thought of as un-American because of the allegiance to the Pope – rather than country – that it demanded. Mormonism is even more overreaching than Catholicism in its demands for allegiance, from what I can tell. Glenn Beck might think Obama’s version of Christianity is wrong, but the Founding Fathers would be far more disturbed by Beck’s version… Just sayin’.

  • SoCal3

    Look, I’m a Mormon (the Harry Reid variety) and I think Glenn Beck is an idiot. He belongs on some “Glenn & Wendy In The Morning” radio program, not on the national politcal stage.And yes, if he challenges Obama’s religion, then Beck’s beliefs are fair game.

  • Bob22003

    It is scandalous of liberals to attack Beck as non-Christian using the words of Southern Baptist reactionaries they otherwise scorn.Posted by: ravitchn | August 30, 2010 2:45 PM

  • kingcranky

    Beck said “reparations not repentance”.Okay, since “reparations” is obviously a reference to slavery in the US, then what does Beck feel slaves need to be repentant about?And if Beck, or his easily led rabble don’t want his religious beliefs examined, then he, and they, should just STFU about the religious beliefs of anyone else.Oh, that’s right, I forgot, according to Beck and his sheeple, free speech for him, and them, also means the right to be free from any and all criticism, meaning everyone else should practice their free speech by shutting up.

  • tncdel

    Beck would do better to focus on the issues, not religion, if he wants to be taken seriously politically.

  • ineedtorelax

    So let me get this straight. You now have to prove your credentials before forming any opinion on religion? Man, and the left says AZ is tough about credentials…I think what you are forgetting madam, is that Beck does not hold any public office. I could not care less what Beck, Jon Stewart, Stephen Colbert or even your religious beliefs are. Unless you want to be the leader of my government. Then I take a vested interest in what you believe and how you live your life. Beck and Obama are not an apples-for-apples comparison and those that try to make it so, only prove how infantile and completely baseless their attacks are.

  • lufrank1

    May God deliver us from Idiots like Beck AND OTHERS who claim (or if dumb enough, actually believe) that they know who/what God is, know what God wants, and can speak for God ????Ultimate IGNORANCE!!!!!!!!And as one can see in Beck and other ignorant religious fundamentalists . . . THREATEN OUR SECULAR GOVERNMENT, CONSTITUTION, AND FREEDOM REGULARLY!

  • charlie448

    Beck can prove his religion, Obama can prove nothing.

  • alientech

    Yeah, there is a group I want to join – bunch of self righteous Evangelical Taliban wannabes lead by a false prophet Beck. Never voted for Democrats before but with this bunch taking over the right, I might do just that this November.

  • bran-solo

    Since becoming a Latter Day Saint I have yet to have any issues with my “progressive” or “liberal” friends, associates, etc. They pretty easily accepted my right to choose my beliefs and even show interest from time to time in learning more about my faith. I sure have had some interesting encounters though with fire breathing “evangelicals” or whatever during times that I have been out with the missionaries. Not even proselytizing, just on our way to visit or giving service to our members. I’ve also spent time with other converts who have been all but disowned by their families for joining the LDS church. Catholics, Baptists, and Mormons might all be holding hands over the whole gay marriage business but we’re never really far from turning on each other. Especially in the South- give up iced tea? You must be joking.This might all be well and good for the further enrichment of Glenn Beck who is not running for anything, but I’ll sure bet Mitt Romney is not feeling great about the idea of returning religion to the frontlines of the public debate. I can see 2012 now- both candidates holding primetime addresses trying to convince the public that they really really are Christian.

  • VeloStrummer

    Was Glen Beck wearing his magic underwear when he had the unmitigated gall to question another man’s faith?

  • cprferry

    “Anyone demanding a religious litmus test for a presidential office holder is guilty of subverting the Constitution. Beck’s religious preference is not germane; neither is Obama’s.I don’t think there’s any litmus test. But if Obama’s statist/socialist agenda results from his views of liberation theology, if Obama sees Christianity as fulfilling its earthly goals by the state forcing people to act to serve other people’s needs (and their wants) then he is practicing a theocracy. And that is worrisome, most of all to Christians who saw Europe’s state-run churches harm both the people and faith.

  • thrh

    “Who cares what ’45 percent of Evangelicals’ think about any other religion? I bet that if they asked Mormons if they think that they themselves are Christian, 100% would say yes. Who made the Evangelicals experts on judging others, anyways?”Same people who made Glen Beck an expert on judging others. Anyways.

  • medogsbstfrnd

    Mormons are to Christians as Black Muslims are to Islam. They are not orthodox. They stand outside the mainstream and their own histories are blighted by racism. It is hilarious that Beck denounces someone else’s faith as a “perversion” when the lemmings who follow him would denounce his own faith. Moral of story: WE DO NOT ELECT A COMMANDER IN PRIEST. Who cares??? our founding fathers are spinning in their graves to think that a significant percentage of Americans think a president’s religion is the crucial piece of information about him/her. If you want a theocracy, do us a favor and move to Iran or Afghanistan or join a Mormon commune.

  • daneM

    Mormonism is an un-Biblical cult! Jesus said,

  • daneM

    Calling yourself a Christian does not make one a Christian [what a laugh]. Making Jesus 100% Lord

  • wonderingstevie

    Talk about liberals grasping at straws. Beck’s religious credentials are completely irrelevant. A little Saul Alinsky at work here.

  • gefitz

    Beck is the new breed of televangelist. He feeds upon the fears of his constituents, his flock, and uses his supporters for financial gain.He’s about as close to Jim and Tammy Faye, and to Jerry Falwell, as anyone can be in this day and age…and making just as much money at it.

  • mzwiefka

    The Mormon faith is different. I could be wrong, and please correct me if I am, but, they believe that Native Americans are from a lost tribe of Israel, that migrated to the Americas. I only read this on the internet, since I was interested in learning more about Mormons. Again, please correct me if this is way off base.

  • TomG2

    Sorry Mormons, you will have to wait your turn. ‘Muslim’ is the new Black. After Muslim probably comes Woman, and Gay has been up near the front of the line recently too.

  • jakemehoffer

    It will be funny when the monster Beck is creating turns on Mormons.

  • plaza04433

    Beck has no credentials to be a spiritual leader, or comment on anyone’s spiritual or religious views-except for his own. For Beck anyone else to suggest that he does is sheer idiocy. No matter how many holy books you pile on a donkey, it is still a donkey.

  • mzwiefka

    About American Natives being a lost tribe of Israel. I can only think that they were trying to protect them, which was great.

  • billwald

    What red blooded American male wouldn’t want to die and go to be the god of a planet of his own populated by righteous women anxious and able to fill the planet with his own children?

  • bendan2000

    Mormons believe in the angel Macaroni and Cheese.

  • johnbrown2010

    I think Beck is Communist. Just like Mehlman who called other gay. lol. It’s easy to see. Mao called all of his oponent Communist. Stalin called of his enemy the enemy of state. Remember all the people who called Jesus the sinner? It’s just like Beck. One day he called Obama racist. The next day he changed his position. lol. On Sunday on MLK day he wanted to restore honor and go back to God? Calling Obama Moslem? Or even “Perversion”?? lol. It’s a big joke. This guy is delusional just like John Nash in beautiful mind movie. The combination Nash and McCarty. It’s freaking crazy. He is the product of Fox and news Corp. Murdoch wants America to go down with Beck. The narsistic radio host. When American goes down with Beck? We won’t be able to pay our debt to China. I am really curious with Murdoch motivation in Glenn Beck sponsorship. What make him do not like America so much? Glenn Beck mission is clear. He wants everyone to know he is for God and other who is against him is not for God? lol. He wants to call Obama “Atheis” now???? Is that your target aka goal Mr. beck?? And Republican and Tea Party are okay with that? lol. He is freaking crazy.

  • PurlGurl

    Elizabeth Tenety writes, “Beck, who converted to Mormonism….”WOW! Racism based upon personal religious faith. Dang, Elizabeth, you sure do not make any effort to conceal you are a racist.I am a red skinned girl, a pagan American Indian. I do not believe in your Christian god.Does this disqualify me from commenting on aspects of religious faith? Will my pagan way earn me hatred from you Elizabeth?Both you and readers are invited to sling racial slurs at me; I find this amusing.Okpulot Taha

  • Functioningbrain

    Old Joe smith was a con and so is beck. read ‘ no one knows my history’ or check out the south park episode on mormons. It’s right on the money.

  • plaza04433

    Posted by: cprferryOh Good Grief!Because Beck asserts that Obama is a follower of liberation theology, that does not mean that is true. Considering how many times Beck has gotten simple facts (like his assertion that America has never sworn in a President without a bible) totally wrong, it is amazing anyone listens to Beck at all. Some of you people have completely lost the plot.

  • CharlesYFarley

    ¶ There is no recovery, and there won’t be one until the complete disappearance of the threat of any misguided, uninformed, counterproductive policies like the ones that got us into this mess. ¶ In case my comment went right over your head, here it is in plain English: our world does not want any American conservatives anywhere near any market, government office or anywhere else they can do the kind of damage we have seen in the last 30 or so years. ¶ American Republicans have the kiss of death for sensible, sustainable growth in concert with protective, thoughtful regulation of markets and their assets. ¶ Until Republican misrule is vanquished, our world will founder on the rocks of utterly decimated financial systems.

  • dante99654

    Go find Lawrence O’Donnell’s diatribe against Mormons. Did you ever question O’Donnell’s credentials? It is on YouTube I m sure, if you want to look. Yes, the ultra-Left feels contempt for Mormons – all Christians – religion in general. One would never find an attack on Richard Dawkins credentials, for instance, in a Post column, because the Post agrees with his atheism, while it scorns Mormonism.To the point though. You lie (misrepresent is too soft a word) about Beck questioning Obama’s Christianity. He merely says what is indisputable – that Obama was converted by a proponent of liberation theology, that he was a member of a liberation theology church for many years, and only withdrew when the presidential election campaign made it expedient to do so. Beck’s characterization of liberation theoloy is not an attack on the sincerity of Obama’s religious faith or the sincerity of his Christianity, but merely a question of what religious tenets Obama may derive from liberation theology. Beck points, by the way, to Obama’s own words, in Obama’s own books, to show the importance of Rev. Wright in Obama’s religious conversion.

  • LeastOfThese

    Beck was Raised Catholic !! Converted to MormanismThat to me is staggering..

  • curtisjasper

    Glenn Beck is a Mormon. Mormons venerate a false prophet, and hence are not Christians. Is this really that difficult a debate?BTW, Mormons are by nature absorbed with the “commune,” and hence are quite socialistic. Glenn Beck himself supported the Bush bail out and farm subsidies, and is certainly not the libertarian that he claims to be.

  • Whitecoat

    After scrutinizing everyone’s religious credentials, can someone please fix the economy?

  • cms1

    I happen to one of the few, I guess, who never watched Glen Beck on television, only because I hardly EVER watch television news period since it degenerated into info-tainment.

  • PurlGurl

    Famous Mormon Get-um Young is quoted,”There is a curse on these aborigines of our country who roam the plains, and are so wild that you cannot tame them. They are of the House of Israel; they once had the Gospel delivered to them, they had the oracles of truth; Jesus came and administered to them after his resurrection, and they received and delighted in the Gospel until the fourth generation when they turned away and became so wicked that God cursed them with this dark and benighted and loathsome condition.”Very entertaining! I like being described as “so wild that you cannot tame them”. This fits me perfectly!We know those words of Get-um Young are not true, just as Mormons know his words are not true.Then there is the Virgin Mother. Yes, ma’am, Mary did not do the hanky-panky with Joseph! Nope, she did the hanky-panky with God! Whooo Hoooo! Immaculate sex!I would love to speculate about God’s talents at sex and what wonderful miracles he could work for a girl, but this is public forum.Believing my peoples are descendants of the Hebrew is no more ridiculous than believing God knocked up Mary.You faithful people are outrageously comical!Okpulot Taha

  • cprferry

    “Oh Good Grief!You might want to put things in context. The post in reply to a question why it mattered what Obama believed. Beck’s claim of Obama’s liberation theology leanings isn’t unproven. In fact, his former preacher was quite a fan of at least one version of it.

  • kimberlee_holland

    I INVITE ANYBODY interested in scrutinizing whether or not the Mormon faith (Officially titled “The Church of JESUS CHRIST of Latter-day Saints”) is Christian or not to visit the Mormon Church’s official website ( to decide for themselves. Most of the “hub-bub” is really a lack of information and, or, the dissemination of misinformation about the Mormon Church that is fueling this really non-debate. Christ is the absolute CENTER of “The Church of JESUS CHRIST of Latter-day Saints.” Beck is a firm believer of Christ, family, and virtue…everything the Mormon faith teaches.I invite everyone to take a look for themselves (

  • afa123

    Mark Twain had it right:”Faith is believing in something you know ain’t true.”And Glenn Beck is an idiot.

  • thebobbob

    Are you suggesting that Beck, the right wing Shock Jock convert to Mormonism is masquerading as a radical Christianist?? Shocking!!

  • PurlGurl

    Get this, I am a girl, my original mother is made of mud and a rib from Adam. Boy howdy, you talk about rancid masculine sexism! “If not for man, woman would not be.”Then there is some commandment thing about thou shall not covet thy neighbor’s wife. Some words like that. God never tells you faithful, “Thou shall not covet thy neighbor’s husband.” Hot dog, I can go after my girlfriend’s husband! No sin there.God is a male sexist, “Leave my wife alone, I own her. However, if a girl wants to fool around with me, God, hey, go for it!”God’s word is you boys cannot fool around with another boy’s wife, and God’s word is this just fine for a girl to fool around with the husband of another girl!Then there is parting seas, rivers of wine, locusts and all that mule manure. A fun story is Moses going up a mountain for forty days and forty nights, no food nor water, then talking to a burning bush! Moses probably was starving to death and ate a bunch of loco weed, or maybe that burning bush was marijuana lighting the way for a boy to deliver pizza and soda pop.Forty days and forty nights. This seems a favorite measure of time for Christians, just ask Noah and all those two-by-two animals.Easy enough to ridicule any religion. Why, shoot, any idiot can ridicule religion.Okpulot Taha

  • bowlhawk

    I have a lot of respect for how Mormon’s help each other and some things about their life style. I accept them as Christians as there are many forms of Christianity. However I find the story of their founding one step above Scientology’s story. I believe that Glenn Beck has little room to question another persons Christian belief. Glenn Beck needs to remember “Judge not lest yea be judged.” If He believes he is a Christian I accept that just as I accept the statements of the President that he is a Christian.

  • PurlGurl

    AFA123 comments, “Mark Twain had it right: ‘Faith is believing in something you know ain’t true.'”Mark Twain is a favorite of this English professor!AFA123 adds, “And Glenn Beck is an idiot.”A very wealthy idiot! Are you sure Beck is an idiot?You know any person who is not an idiot? Heck, I am an idiot for coming here to read idiocy. Kinda fun, though, this poking fun at the hypocritically self-righteous, especially those chuckle head left liberals who write with crayons upon wide ruled notebook paper.Okpulot Taha

  • felix63

    We can guess at motives and rattle on until they close this comment section.Glenn Beck has wacky political and spiritual ideas. Obama has mildly-socialist ideas and muted spiritual ideas.Glenn Beck mocks and insults everyone who disagrees with him, and says anything necessary to boost his following. It is TV afterall. I don’t really believe a word he says.Obama has mocked the Bible before the senate (google and watch the video), supports abortion, and holds homosexuality at arms length but does not condemn it. He spends like a homeless man who just won the lottery and has little to show for it. He does not however mock everyone and anyone who holds an opposing view.I do not follow either one. Neither is worth emulating. They are free to adopt any belief system but neither obeys the precepts of said beliefs. Sure, they choose a favorite part every now and then but overall leave much to be desired.People come out of the woodwork when their beliefs, opinions, or philosophies are momentarily in the spotlight.Just don’t get to close or you might see the rest. It isn’t pretty.

  • jameschirico

    My religion better than your religion, my religion’s better than yours, my religion’s better because I belong to this sect, my religion’s better than yours. Unless you are a fake Islam perpetrator of terror or similar you should have the right to practice your beliefs with a degree of privacy i.e. no radical churches ruining the funeral of an American hero.

  • MHawke

    My Jesus cared about his fellow man. Salvation came to those who cared for the least of his brothers.

  • jim32

    Beck took one college course and decided he couldn’t “cut it.” He dropped out and his level of education shows nearly every time he opens his mouth. The man is ignorant and trying to educate himself — a project that is not going well (For example, he claimed on TV that Andrew Jackson was our president in the 17th century.) The man knows nothing about liberation theology, hasn’t studied a single book by Christian theologian Reinhold Niebuhr (who influenced President Obama) and only shows his arrogant stupidity when he tries to talk about what he knows absolutely nothing about — the highly personalized Christianity of Barack Obama. That such extremely stupid persons as Beck and Palin are major influences in America makes one appreciate the importance Obama puts on increasing the education and quality of that education in America. Our future well-being depends on it.

  • tradeczar

    I was thinking back – maybe 15 years or so – I would stay up on Sunday nights and watch those televangelists. They would cry, plead, do whatever they could to keep the money rolling in. I watched in amazement, the crowds of scared people, people so desperate for an answer that they would follow charlatan who had a well rehearsed pitch. I saw fear and I saw ignorance. But it was only a few shows and they were on late at night.Glenn Beck and Fox have brought this side show into prime time. They have shown the ignorant that there is strength in numbers and that – as Keynes posited — supply creates its own demand. Beck, Murdoch, Limbaugh, Ailes — are pretending to pray all the way to the bank. There is no hope.

  • jameschirico

    After seeing the Beck show a few times, I can safely say this isn’t Davy and Goliath, Toto. A person that preys on people’s prejudice is a sinner in my book.

  • plaza04433

    Posted by: cprferryThe only one who knows what’s Obama’s (or Beck’s for that matter) theological leanings are is Obama,(or Beck) themmselves and that is a fact.Speculation, inference and resort to association is not proof of anything.

  • PurlGurl

    JIM32 comments, “…the highly personalized Christianity of Barack Obama.”Personalized or politicized? Is this Obama is faithful to God or is this Obama is faithful to a god of political expediency?A self-proclaimed faith in God earns a lot of votes. Challenge is figuring out which god; power, money, ego, hookers….Don’t know why, I am reminded of a question I often ask of people:”Would you rather have career politicians in charge or have traditional American Indians in charge?”Answer is literally always, “Indians”.Are you folks sure religion truly has much of anything to do with politics? I think religion is simply a vote earner, and a means to an end of power over the masses.Okpulot Taha

  • Nobama11

    Pope Benedict stated that Jeremiah Wright/Obama’s espousing [collective salvation and social justice] are not in the realm of Christianity but of the image of being DEMONIC.

  • Nobama11


  • LMW6

    Wow, I came in here thinking you would have taken one sentence out of context only to find you took an entire paragraph out of the context of the hour long show! Why don’t you investigate the claim that “collective salvation” is a perversion of the teachings of Jesus Christ where he says “no man cometh unto the Father but by me”….he does not say “but by the saving of other souls”.No, if you did that, you might have to admit that Beck is correct when he says that Obama’s collective salvation is not something that the majority of those who are Christians believe….instead, you’ll point the finger at Mormons while you kick the Southern Baptists…nice journalism.

  • PurlGurl

    NOBAMA11 comments, “Pope Benedict stated that Jeremiah Wright/Obama…image of being DEMONIC.”Over here in California, Cardinal Mahony covered for and protected priest pedophiles, as did the Pope.Tit for Tat, yes?NOBAMA11 continues, “BECK HAS SLICED AND DICED….”Why are you YELLING AT US?You will not get much of anywhere in this political arena while this is so easy to turn the tables on you. You can do better than engaging in claims of higher authority, such as God, and YELLING.God is not a politician. God has no business in politics, nor does YELLING.Okpulot Taha

  • mypitts2

    BGmParis said: “but they have sense enough to keep his popularity to about 5% of the population.”BGM: What makes you think Beck’s popularity exceeds that? Even if Beck drew 300,000 to 500,000 we are a nation of 300 million. His show, while popular, is way behind even a mid-level reality show, much less a hit like “Jersey Shore.”The media gives the Tea Party crowd a disproportionate amount of coverage.

  • mypitts2

    “Mormons are to Christians as Black Muslims are to Islam.”This seems to me a fairly accurate analogy. Mormons hold a number of beliefs in common with Christians but also a number that are quite heretical. And no orthodox Christian I know accepts the beliefs that Joseph Smith says came to him through his headwear.

  • PurlGurl

    ROBINSON8 writes, “The Christian religion is defined by who Jesus is! Mormons believe that Jesus is the brother of the devil.”Jews believe Jesus is not the son of God.Based upon your logic, we are to reject Judaism as a true faith in God.Are you sure you want to go there as did Germany circa 1930 – 1940?There are hundreds of religions and spiritual systems which do not believe in your Christian God. Are we to reject those belief systems as invalid?Reads to me you believe only your version of faith is the correct version. I have issues with this type of thinking.Okpulot Taha

  • PurlGurl

    REBENNETT2 screams, “Glen Beck is a dangerous American…example of the danger he poses to a free society.”Reads to me you believe Mr. Beck is about to single handed overthrow our government via a bloodless coup. Should we toss Beck into prison to protect ourselves? This would be the good Christian thing to do, yes?Okpulot Taha

  • PurlGurl

    MYPITTS2 comments, “His show, while popular, is way behind even a mid-level reality show, much less a hit like ‘Jersey Shore.'”Based upon your statement I could present a logical and rational argument a majority of television watchers are mindless couch potatoes.My argument would include mindless couch potatoes who spend their time fat, dumb and happy are not the best judges of character, nor the best judges of the quality of television shows.Might this be couch potatoes don’t have sense enough to watch quality television shows?Okpulot Taha

  • PurlGurl

    PTGRUNNER writes, “I’m an atheist and apparently have the moral high ground.”You need to zip up; your arrogance is showing.Okpulot Taha

  • JBaustian

    I’m proud to be a fan of Glenn Beck. I don’t get much information from him, but then I don’t get much from Newsweek or the WaPo either. What I do get from Beck is an inspirational message about the virtues of constitutional government… which I happen to think is a good thing.

  • PurlGurl

    LMW6 adds to reader interest, “Beck is correct when he says that Obama’s collective salvation….”This “collective salvation” is code talk for “liberation theology” which is a politically correct expression for “socialism”. As you know socialism is one phase of Marxism, a phase which falls between capitalism and communism.However, our American version of liberation theology is a twisted and perverted version which is based upon racism. This American liberation theology is not a true faith in God rather is theocratic tyranny which gathers power through oppression of specific cultural groups, in this case, oppression of White America.Jeremiah Wright taught this hateful American liberation theology to the Obamas for twenty years, including the full lifetimes of their daughters.Okpulot Taha

  • rethman

    Having one-time home-wrecker Sally Quinn editing/writing on religion is irony at its finest. But now to today:Beck’s not the President, Obama is. Beck’s not to be held to the same standard. But if one is born Jewish, does one ever stop being Jewish even if one worships as a Baptist?Obama was born to a Muslim dad and an atheist mom. Maybe he’s really an atheist.Actually, Obama worships himself — and as it becomes increasingly clear even to those in the mainstream media [who intentionally blinded themselves to what little we know about the reality that is Obama (from 2007-on)] and those who follow their tripe that Obama is no god or even demi-god, it’s a hard loss.Obama, if indeed Christian, believes in the Marxist theology of Rev. Wright’s self-serving “liberation theology,” better Obama be a Muslim — or an atheist.

  • cythera45

    Glenn Beck worships his father, Satan.

  • JimHale1

    Glenn Beck is a Latter Day Saint.Many say Mormons are not Christians.We say that while Jesus and his Father are one in spirit, they are separate beings. That is the only view really sustained by a close reading of the New Testament.Most other Christians believe that, too.But their denominations teach that God and Christ are the same entity…which has been taught only since the Council of Nicea in 325 A.D. At that time, the Emperor Constantine, himself not yet a Christian, personally intervened to foist the incorrect belief in The Trinity on Christianity.And BTW: Beck did not learn his views on immigration across any Mormon pulpit. Many Mormons may share his views. But as far as many are concerned, his views on that subject are decidedly non-Christian.

  • usblues1

    If this country moves any further to the right it’s going to fall right off the edge of the earth.Pretty sure that 30 years ago there was never so much co-mingling of religion and politics.I would like my government to mow the grass along the highway, something they are now too broke to perform regularly. I have not heard Mr. Beck’s position on lawn mowing or road paving, I suppose the Lord will take care of it once we get taxes low enough; He’ll start up the miracle machine and when you wake up the lawns will be mowed and the pot holes filled.

  • HMTec3CS

    Why is Glen Beck on Foxnews?Foxnews is partly owned by a Muslim who funds terrorism

  • areyousaying

    If Beck tithes 10% of his millions to the Mormon church, they will remain silent about his cheesy shock-jock hysteria using Jesus Christ as a political wedge issue. Most Mormons believe in his radical right-wing extremist politics anyway.

  • nana4

    This is not about reigion. It is a shame that we are now demonizing other religions becuse Beck claims to be a Mormon, was raised Catholic, and spouts Christianity, calling this nation back to God. No matter one’s religion or lack of it, Character and Integrity are what counts. A modicum of mental health, emotional stability, and, if you are going to weigh in so publicly on issues of government, some knowledge and intelligence.Beck/Palin have none of these. They do not conduct themselves as anyone who aspires to higher teaching of any spiritual guidance; they demonstrate no character or integrity other than one with more flaws than is the usual; mental health and emotional stability is blatantly off-balance; and knowledge and intelligence tells us they are too lazy to engage in this pursuit. They are opportunists, sick ones, and the world has seen plenty of them before. The symptoms are so overt, the least of what Beck is—a wannabe, who strives to become what he mocks in another, The Great Pretender. Nothing he does or says can or should generate serious discussion of religion or politics. There is no content. There is only hype and emotionalism, carefully crafted, so he can be what he wannabe: everything he mocks in another.Less than inspiring, this latest gathering may be exactly what the world needed to prove he is as fraud. He may have set himself up for the fall.

  • littleoldlady

    Does anyone know whether the entire Utah Congressional delegation is LDS? LDS people are friendly and very helpful, but usually onlky to each other. They have a very tight network of fellow LDS members. I’m not sure whether this is good or bad or both. But I don’t think the state of Utah is particularly pluralistic, and that might be worrisome. The more important concern would be that an entertainer is taken so seriously.

  • Robinson8

    Purlgurl writes -Jews believe Jesus is not the son of God.Jews do not claim to be Christians. Glenn Beck does. His definition of being a Christian does not match historic Christianity. He believes Jesus if the brother of the devil. Research it! Historic Christianity believes Jesus was God in person. I say it again it is as preposterous as telling a lady that is about to be married to “Kevin,” (Six foot tall and black hair) and she sees “Kevin,” (five foot tall and red hair) waiting up front to be married, “It does not matter because, that is “Kevin!””

  • PurlGurl

    Previously I write, “Jews believe Jesus is not the son of God. Based upon your logic, we are to reject Judaism as a true faith in God.”ROBINSON8 responds, “Jews do not claim to be Christians.”You make this annoyingly clear you believe only Christians can have true faith in God, just as you make this crystal clear you do not have the slightest clue about this difference between “faith in God” and “Christianity”.The moment I spied that funny looking postage stamp mustache of yours, I just knew you are anti-Semitic. Obama makes this clear he does not like Jews. You are a left liberal Obama supporter, yes?I note you copy and paste the same words over and over, something about a girl marrying a boy named Kevin.My hunch is you are a left liberal parrot sporting a rather comical looking mustache.Okpulot Taha

  • PurlGurl

    On Judaism, Jeremiah Wright is alleged by left liberals to be a good Christian, a man of God, but left liberals will not mention Wright saying to America, “Them Jews aren’t going to let him talk to me.”Left liberals will not allude to Jeremiah Wright being a Jew hater. However, left liberals have no choice but to concede Wright is the Obama family spiritual mentor of twenty years.Left liberals also will not allude to Jeremiah Wright being a hardcore black racist, just as Wright is the Obama family spiritual mentor of twenty years.So, let’s talk religion, truthfully. What do you readers say? Shall we discuss religion truthfully? Mine is rhetorical question begging “No” answer.Okpulot Taha

  • writinron

    In a country where religious freedom is a fundamental right and where the gov’t is forbidden from endorsing or promoting a particular religion, why should the President’s religion even matter. If Obama believes that going to heaven means caring for others as much as yourself, that’s between him and God.If a Beck believes he can follow a camel through the eye of a needle, he’s welcome to hold to that delusion.We had eight years of a president whose Christianity was very apparent and easily recognizable by the majority of Christians. It didn’t make him a good president. But the rich did get richer, and well, you know what happened to the rest of us.

  • mmoskal1

    If you’d watched the entire interview on FOX, you’d know that Beck did “tread more lightly” and admitted that many don’t consider Mormons to be Christians.

  • PurlGurl

    CurtisJasper comments, “Glenn Beck is a Mormon. Mormons venerate a false prophet, and hence are not Christians. Is this really that difficult a debate?”Christians perpetrated four-hundred years of genocide against my peoples. Estimates are Christians slaughtered between 15-million to 20-million of my ancestors. Another 10-million or so of my ancestors succumbed to diseases imported by Christians to America, just as with Hawaii.My peoples were once 30-million strong. By 1900, only a quarter of a million of my ancestors were left alive. Many of our tribes are extinct, gone forever. A result is I am only one of about fifteen-thousand native tongue Choctaw speakers. English is not my native tongue.I would like to debate Christians slaughtering tens of millions of a peoples in the name of God.This would not be a difficult debate, yes?Curtis Jasper, you begin our debate. You tell us how wonderful are Christians.Okpulot Taha

  • Robinson8

    Purlgurl needs a lesson in writing logically

  • PurlGurl

    ROBINSON8 retorts, “Purlgurl needs a lesson in writing logically”This is your best intellectual retort? Your best display of smarts is a stereotypical left liberal one liner bit of Ad Hominem?Don’t be offended by my not being impressed.I am confused. Is your complaint my writing style is not logical or is your complaint my thinking is not logical?You clearly face challenges expressing yourself, logically.Okpulot Taha

  • rebennett2

    Glen Beck is a dangerous American who continues to show his ignorance every time (not just once in a while) he opens his mouth. Cloaking himself in patriotic and religious piety is just another example of the danger he poses to a free society.For all of those who claim to be patriots; Mr. Beck and his FOX gang are putting our soldiers at risk with his latest gaff described in his challenge to our president’s religion. His comments tell the enemy that our country should be afraid of anyone who has religious beliefs that are not like his. Mr. Beck’s simpleton thought process is exactly the position that radical religious zealots take in defending his view of God. He actually puts each soldier, diplomat and yes, each one of us, at greater risk by degrading over 1.5 billion, yes b as in billion, people. Could there be a few radicals out of that 1,500,000,000 number that might want to do an American harm? Think of that the next time you get on a plane, go to Times Square or enter your church.Humanity has demonstrated the interesting paradox of being the most productive and destructive force just behind nature itself. Our country is the best attempt in history to allow its citizens to free themselves from the nature of our beast. While Mr. Beck embraces his dogmatic agenda, his approach has failed throughout history. That is why religious freedom is one of the tenets of this land.To set Mr. Beck straight, we have live in a country where we not only worship as we choose, but even while it’s blasphemous to utter, the freedom from religion. Our founders separated church and state because they recognized the value of both religious thought and secular responsibility.Mr. Beck, you are losing your country it’s true. I continue have the right to tell you and your flock that I don’t want your view of religion. My relationship with God is my personal business. This right is extended to all citizens of our nation. Thank God we can freely worship and speak as we please. Thank those founders who created a document and form of government for the people, by the people and from people like you.You Mr. Beck are on a self-consuming arc of destruction. I have frequently thought that you will eventually say or do something that will cause your professional demise. Be careful though. The clans that you attract are far less understanding than the citizens who understand what the constitution means and are willing to live by it!

  • Athena4

    “What’s really interesting is that Glenn Beck also Intimated that the current Pope has expressed the same views of President Obama.”Talk about damning with faint praise! Of course he’d agree with Der Popenfuhrer. Both of them share the same ideology. I’m sure that the LDS Elders are out in Salt Lake City face-palming over the Million Moron March.

  • ptgrunner

    Religion as a weapon! How fitting. Nothing new. Keep hammering at each other…it’s entertaining. BTW, I’m an atheist and apparently have the moral high ground. Here, I don’t even have to fight for it.

  • souljahzonfiya


  • Robinson8

    Even though I am not an Obama fan and I do like Glenn Beck, Glenn should tread softly. Most in the Christian faith do not believe that Mormons are Christians. The Christian religion is defined by who Jesus is! Mormons believe that Jesus is the brother of the devil. Historical Christianity views Jesus as God in person, part of the Trinity. To say that definition does not matter is as preposterous as telling a lady that is about to be married to “Kevin,” (Six foot tall and black hair) and she sees “Kevin,” (five foot tall and red hair) waiting up front to be married, “It does not matter because, that is “Kevin!””

  • spraguelt

    Thanks for posing this question. Truly, as a young Catholic converted from atheism, I believe it is Beck’s theology that more of his followers should scrutinize.Listening to his rally speech it was difficult to see how his worship of the one Jesus called the Father, wasn’t being blurred with his worship of the American Founding Fathers.Read my view on this matter on my new blog:


    The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is by its definition a Christian church. There are about 14 million members world wide that study the Old Testiment, the New Testiment and their own Book of Mormon which extols the virtues of the Savior and mirrors much of the New Testiment. Their entire humanitarian program is based on Christianity. Only bigoted morons imply otherwise.


    The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is by its definition a Christian church. There are about 14 million members world wide that study the Old Testament, the New Testament and their own Book of Mormon which extols the virtues of the Savior and mirrors much of the New Testiment. Their entire humanitarian program is based on Christianity. Only bigoted morons imply otherwise.First at Katrina and the Tsunamis and bringing food, clothing and medical supplies to the poor all around the world, the Mormons have not flown planes into American buildings, have not had to pay out 2.5 billion dollars and climbing to victims of child molestations, fought bankruptcy court judges that held them in contempt for lying about their real estate holdings, covered up for child molesters and moved them around, conducted Inquisitions and engaged in crusades, or murdered six million Jews. Mormons are among the best people on the planet.

  • DanielintheLionsDen

    LETFREEDOMRING2 Yes but …… there is always a “yes but …”The Mormon Church is ill-prepared for the existence of gay people in the world. When it comes to gay people, Mormon theology has a great big hole in it, and Mormons have a difficult time dealing with.The reaction to the emergence of a gay child or other family member is often tragic in Mormon culture. It is a big flaw, and it is sad. To have any credibility in the modern world, that has got to be worked out, and I am sorry, calling gay people an abomination is not a viable or reasonable belief or opinion.

  • KaySharpe

    There is no reason why Mormons, Christians, Jews, and a-religious people should not follow Beck as a conservative leader. He’s great! Love him. We just can’t follow him as a CHRISTIAN leader, because he is not a Christian. He’s a Mormon. There is a difference, and it’s a huge one. I’ve written an extensive article on it here: Please feel free to comment on the blog if you find it interesting or useful. (And if you’re Mormon and disagree, there is a “Challenge to Mormons” here:

  • areyousaying

    Coming soon to the Sally Quinn Show:Who has the bigger willy?

  • Rongoklunk

    Only an American (or a Muslim) would brag about being religious as if it meant being honest and decent and insightful. What it really means is believing that fairies and gods exist despite a complete lack of evidence for any kind of supernatural world running parallel to the real world. Religion is also the first refuge of the huckster or con man who wishes to exploit folk’s beliefs for his own ends. He might just end up being the next president with Palin as VP.

  • cprferry

    Okpulot Taha,If you propose that Pope Benedict XVI’s words are meaningless because of what another bishop or Pope did or did not do, how are we to trust you? After all, some Indian at some point did something wrong.How odd you proclaim the supposed failures of one who you classify with another reflects upon all individuals on a topic relating to Martin Luther King, Jr. It would seem that you need to take Glenn Beck’s challenge to shed the inherently racist ideas of the modern leftist elitism and race-baiting politics of Marxists and stand for the equality of all persons as MLK dreamed.

  • PurlGurl

    CPRFERRY comments, “If you propose that Pope Benedict XVI’s words are meaningless….”Yes, this is a SNAP.”We are SNAP, the Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests. We are the largest, oldest and most active support group for women and men wounded by religious authority figures….”The Pope has a decades long documented history of both condoning and concealing sexual predation upon children within the hierarchy of the Catholic church.Are you sure Mormons are the only peoples who are not true Christians?Okpulot Taha

  • ThomasBaum

    JimHale1You wrote, “We say that while Jesus and his Father are one in spirit, they are separate beings. That is the only view really sustained by a close reading of the New Testament.”So are you saying that there are two gods, more than two, just what does this “one in spirit” mean or are you saying that Jesus is merely a man?Isn’t it reported that Jesus said, “I and the Father are One”?Jesus didn’t say, “I and the Father are “one in spirit”, did He?What about when Jesus said, “I will send the Holy Spirit to guide…”, how does this fit into your scenario, I don’t think that Jesus said, “I will send that “one in spirit” between Me and Dad to guide you”, did He?You added this, “Most other Christians believe that, too.”By this I assume that you mean “most other Christians” believe that “Jesus and his Father are one in spirit, whereas God being a Trinitarian God is at the very “HEART” of Christianity and I would say that “most other Christians do believe that God is a Trinity.God becoming One of us is the very essence of what Christianity is about.Jesus is both created and non-created, God and Man.I have met God the Father, I have met the Holy Spirit and the Holy Spirit revealed to me that the Catholic Eucharist is Jesus so I can say that I have met the Trinity.Even tho I have met the Trinity, I would not even attempt to “explain” the Trinity, I just know that God is not only a Being of Pure Love but is a Trinity.Didn’t Jesus say, “This is My Body, This is My Blood”, He did not say that it was symbolic either, as a matter of fact, it does say that many stopped following Him then, does it not?Take care, be ready.Sincerely, Thomas Paul Moses Baum.

  • ThomasBaum

    LETFREEDOMRING2 You wrote, “Their entire humanitarian program is based on Christianity. Only bigoted morons imply otherwise.”There is more, much more, to Christianity than humanitarianism.Christianity is part of God’s unfolding Plan which God has had since before creation.Take care, be ready.Sincerely, Thomas Paul Moses Baum.

  • eezmamata

    my god has a bigger wee wee than your god. I can prove it! I have this book, you see, and some time in the distant past a lot of very wise but technologically ignorant (and geologically, and astronomically, and biologically … and scientifically) graybeards sat down together at the local bordello and decided to start a religion.In fact, at least three religions. All based on the Bigger Wee Wee theology.So if you don’t accept my god’s wee wee, why, he’s going to destroy the earth and only we the True Believers will be with him in his eternal bathroom … I mean paradise!

  • clairevb

    Separation of church and state. For anyone to question the religion of another is poor taste. We do not require a religious litmus test in this country though I know the fundamentalists wish to inflict their religious intolerance on the rest of us. We don’t need an American Taliban running things in this country, shooting doctors, protesting soldiers funerals. Your religion is your personal relationship with the Creator and should not be relegated to street talk. Blasphemous.

  • richard36

    Baptists, Methodist, Catholics, and all of the other common religions in the US have been in disagreement for many many years. Each finding fault in the others. Each making claims and counter claims. For one group to call another non-Christian is nothing more than salesmanship. Only by a personal investigation of Mormonism will anyone be able to make their own decision. The same is true with Baptist, Methodist and Catholic Churches. Are the Methodists more Christian than the Baptist? You have to decide for yourself. Good luck, my friend.

  • frank69

    as a Christian I believe the Mormon faith to be a cult and outside the mainstream yet Beck in my view is an honest campaigner for justice and has a sharp eyed view of what is wrong with your country(Im a Brit)and a large majority of Americans believe what he says.The left and those Ivy league elitists cant stand him because they like the Pharisees of old feel they know whats good for the American people and they should sit down shut up and listen.Beck has shown them to be charlatons and deceivers and now the chickens have come home to roost.They can abuse Beck all they like but in doing so they show they have no answers left just insults.The party is over for the left and November will see its decline and they wont be for a very long time if ever.

  • knjincvc

    Anyone who claims to be a christian and questions another persons Christianity … is not a christian.

  • eezmamata

    Sorry Brit, you don’t understand American politics very well do you?We, the people of the United States of America, threw out the republican congress in 2006, and threw out the republicans overall even further in 2008. After 6 and 8 long years of Bushie republicanism and republican failures we were completely sick of them.Now, after even fewer years of democratic failures and incompetence, we the people are ready to throw them out just as far.What makes you think for a second that the american voter can remember more than 4 years? After the republicans fail once again, we’ll throw them out and give the democrats another chance … to fail another time, still another time.And then once again the republicans.Get it?

  • frank69

    ezzmata.I dont think you get!!I see a change in American politics that you havent seen before (possibly when Reagan was President)the conservatives are on the rise and will alter the Republican party.You might not like it but the signs are there for all to see.Whether gaining power will cause them to be just another politician you could be right (like Obama seems to have become).But at least give them the benefit of the doubt who knows they might actually reduce your massive debt.

  • frank69

    BGMPARIS..Im a Brit and from Europe and dont see what you see through those left leaning eyes of yours.Hitler spouted evil and wanted war Beck asked people to be peaceful and not to bring slogans to the rally.The left have no answers to him because what he has said has come about.He is hated by the left because he has turned a light on those fanatics that surround Obama like Van Jones etc and they just want to sneak about in the shadows.Now it appears the left and their cronies are also going to have a march and rally at the Washington memorial(whats that saying)”Imitation is the best form of flattery”.I wonder if like Becks rally no arrests will be made and there will no vile rhetoric against him DONT HOLD YOUR BREATH.

  • guest12234

    To PATRICKMACSMITH . When you mentioned the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints(The Official name) in your statement that some believe the church is not christian, you wrote it as The church of Latter-day saints. You left out Jesus Christ in the title name. How can a church called the Church of Jesus Christ, not be christian? I am a christian, who belongs to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day saints. We, as members of the LDS church, fully believe in and worship Jesus Christ. He is everything to us. I hope I have made that clear. If you have any questions on what the church really believes, please visit the churchs’s official webiste

  • thomasmc1957

    If Beck is such a great Christian, then why does he LIE constantly?

  • Arisnotle

    Just wanted to thank everyone for their mostly intellectual comments. It is entertaining. I live by the practice of judging a person after I see what good they produce. I have seen that most Mormons are Christian because they believe in Christ and worship Him openly and live by His teachings. Beck is not a spokesperson for their religion and has never claimed to be. He is a member no greater than the other 13 million LDS members. I try to understand Obama and his objectives and as we can see with the current state of affairs, he has yet to produce any great accomplishment (accept him preventing banks from collecting ridiculous overdraft charges-I used to work for a bank and that is an evil practice)