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In the wake of his weekend rally, Glenn Beck kept up the drumbeat of criticism about President Obama’s religion, calling … Continued

In the wake of his weekend rally, Glenn Beck kept up the drumbeat of criticism about President Obama’s religion, calling it a “perversion” and saying that America “isn’t recognizing his version of Christianity,” which Beck characterized as “liberation theology.”

Despite critique of Obama’s Christianity, a recent poll showed that nearly 20% of Americans believe falsely that the president is Muslim.

Why is there so much attention on Obama’s religion? Does it matter what religion the president is?

If our constitution proclaims that we must keep religion out of the affairs of the State, and I believe it does, then insisting that our President should be a member of any one religious group is going against the Constitution. Not to speak of how ridiculous it seems for an advanced country to elect a president with ancient religious beliefs. Should humankind remain stagnant in their religious beliefs while advancing in every other field? I would, and I am sure a majority of Americans would, like to have a president who has the ability to lead a country, to deal with international relations and handle world and local issues efficiently and compassionately.

I have always marveled at the purile and ridiculous attitudes of conservative Christian groups. Some years ago I was invited to deliver a lecture on Gandhi and nonviolence at a prestigious Nebraska University. Among the audience was an old couple who came up to me after the lecture and shook my hands. The husband asked: “Are you a Christian?” I said: “No, I prefer to be known as a Universalist since I respect all religions as equal and honorable.”

“Oh, what a pity,” was his response. “You would have been such a wonderful Christian.”
I wonder what he, and people instigated by Glenn Beck, would have thought of the Rev. Louis Fisher’s description in his biography of Gandhi as: “The most Christ-like person”?
I often do marvel at the number of Americans who choose to remain blissfully ignorant of developments around the world, and in our own country, because they are so disgusted with and distrustful of the media. They depend so much on someone telling them what is happening and then it does not matter if that someone is biased or not. With a middle name “Hussein” it is somewhat understandable that many believe the president to be a Muslim. But then this was known to everyone even before he was elected to the office so why does it make such a big difference now?

Finally, it does make me wonder how can God (and what kind of God would that be?) who would open a hot line with Glenn Beck and inspire him to spread hate and prejudice, especially in an election year? Does Mr. Beck’s God awaken only when America is about to go to the polls?

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  • hanocul6

    God is perfect. You are imperfect and to even think that you can understand God from afar shows your imperfection and lack of wisdom and knowledge. To know God is to know what is good because God is good. God will not inspire any one to be evil because it is contrary to who He is. Evil does not come from God, therefore God will not inspire hate and prejudice, because that is evil. Glenn Beck, spoke about God and the goodness of God. He spoke about this country, the United States of America returning to what is good and that be God. That message came from God. Without God there can not be good, because goodness comes from God. The goodness you feel or see comes from God because that is His very nature. This country was founded on the goodness of God; in the mitts of turmoil and war, in the very center of evil and hatred God parted the darkness and established His goodness; America was born. This was the message inspired by God and spoken through Glenn Beck. Not because Glenn Beck is good, but because God is good and His message is perfect and He can use anyone He sees fit. So, to associate goodness and perfection coming from a man is impossible, because perfect good only can come from God. But see you can not begin to understand this unless you are called of God, because without Him you can only know darkness.

  • EvilOverlord

    @ Hanocul6I hope that was parody. Otherwise, you can use the same process to argue that the 9/11 terrorists were expressing God’s will, which is equally ridiculous.

  • hanocul6

    EvilOverlordYou can not use the same process because it will not add up. The process only points to God being good. The actions of 9/11 and its association to “terrorists” already exclude it from God. 9/11 was a tragedy spurned by evil men bent on terror who claim to know a god but deny the existence of the one true God who is good. To know that God you will know what true love and goodness is.