Obama dreams of his father? Keep dreaming

Move over, Pastor Terry Jones. Conservative stalwarts Newt Gingrich and Dinesh D’Souza have knocked you out of the headlines with … Continued

Move over, Pastor Terry Jones. Conservative stalwarts Newt Gingrich and Dinesh D’Souza have knocked you out of the headlines with a stunning new assault on the president’s beliefs. Oh, the media blitz that followed! The angry White House reaction, the publicity!

In case you hadn’t heard, D’Souza wrote a piece about the president in Forbes magazine. “Incredibly, the U.S. is being ruled according to the dreams of a Luo tribesman of the 1950s,” he wrote. “This philandering, inebriated African socialist, who raged against the world for denying him the realization of his anticolonial ambitions, is now setting the nation’s agenda through the reincarnation of his dreams in his son.”

Gingrich swooned. “Stunning,” he said. “The most profound insight I have read in the last six years about Barack Obama.” And “what if [Obama] is so outside our comprehension, that only if you understand Kenyan, anti-colonial behavior, can you begin to piece together [his actions]? That is the most accurate, predictive model for his behavior.”

Kenyan behavior? With that barely disguised racist allusion, they are painting Obama as “the other,” not like you and me.

These two Republican stalwarts just can’t allow Barack Obama to be a real Christian.

Twice before, conservatives have alluded to Obama’s religion in making attacks with racial overtones. D’Souza and Gingrich have done it this time too.

Remember how Obama’s opponents pounced on the Reverend Jeremiah Wright for being anti-American? If Wright was, then so must be his parishioner. Not only that, but he was a liberation theologian. (As if most people knew what that meant.) Horrors! How could you be a “normal” Christian if you were a liberation theologian?

The constant drumbeat of the president being “the other” has only gotten louder. Maybe he wasn’t a Christian after all, they said. Maybe he was a Muslim. They latched onto that one until they had 20% of the country believing he was. It reached a crescendo over the Ground Zero mosque debate. When Obama proclaimed that this was a country founded on the basis of religious freedom and that those who wanted to build a church, a synagogue or a mosque should have the right to do so, that did it. He was branded a Muslim, and yes, sadly, there were many Americans who did think there was something wrong with that.

The president finds himself time and time again in the unacceptable situation of trying to prove that he is a Christian without making it look as if he thinks there is something wrong with not being one.

But the attacks on Obama weren’t sticking enough: Glenn Beck tried the liberation theology smear on Obama around the time of his rally a few weeks ago and nobody really got it. The president’s detractors had to come up with something better than that. And they did.

Luo tribesman! That could work. First Obama wasn’t a “normal” Christian, then he was a liberation theologian, then a Muslim. What’s even worse than those? An animist.

Among Luo animists religion is extremely powerful. They believe in witches, sorcerers, medicine men and diviners. Their social life is proscribed by their rituals, taboos and rites. They sacrifice animals on special occasions and spit toward the sunrise and sunset. The most important of their beliefs is the worship of ancestral spirits. Those ancestors are said to wield enormous power over the living for generations to come.

D’Souza didn’t mention animism, but he implied it: “The invisible father provides the inspiration, and the son dutifully gets the job done. America today is governed by a ghost.” Somebody’s bound to pick up on the animism thing.

The most interesting thing about what Gingrich has to say is this: “I think he (Obama) worked very hard at being a person who is normal, reasonable, moderate, bipartisan, transparent, accommodating – none of which was true.”

This is what the shrinks would call “projecting.” Gingrich is projecting what he believes about himself onto the president. Gingrich, a known philanderer himself, recently converted to Catholicism and calls himself a Christian. If he says so, I’ll have to take him at his word. But to impugn the religious beliefs of others, whether liberation theologians, Muslims or Luo animist tribesmen is not exactly what you would consider following the teachings of Christ.

Gingrich, whose political ambitions are always lurking in the shadows, said the president “was being the person he needed to be in order to achieve the position he needed to achieve. He was inherently dishonest.”

Projection, anyone?

Sally Quinn
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  • TriCorneredHead

    As a Proud Tea Party Patriot, I think it’s perfectly plausible that Mr. Obama received his indoctrination in Kenyan Anti-colonialism via telepathy (perhaps even unconscious to his awareness) from an absent father who was first somewhere else in the world, and then later dead. After all, I MYSELF am receiving messages from all kinds of sources all the time through those brainwaves that people (and the departed) are transmitting.These transmissions inform me about all kinds of stuff. Like that Obama is a Muslim (even though he went to that radical Christian Church for 20 years), that he’s a Socialist (even though he bailed out Wall Street and gave us a health care bill straight out of a 1993 Republican proposal) and so forth.If not for these constant brainwave transmissions people like Newt Gingrich and I receive, I would be forced to go with just logic and information that’s available through conventional physical-world means. I would think for instance that Obama’s proposed tax increase on the wealthy puts their new tax rates far below what they were under Eisenhower, Nixon and Reagan, a boring fact which you can look up. Instead, these helpful brainwave transmissions allow me know instead that OBAMA IS A SOCIALIST.Sometimes, the brainwaves come over well-understood frequencies like the one FoxNews transmits to me on. But other times, they use frequencies in another dimension that I don’t fully understand. But I very much appreciate them, no matter the origin, so that I can know what’s REALLY going on.So yeah, it’s quite possible that Newt Gingrich and Dinesh D’Souza are onto something with their Absent Father Kenyan Anti-Colonialist Telepathic Channeled Indoctrination theory. Newt and Dinesh are such thoughtful, sane, sober people. I sure hope they run for office under the Tea Party banner. They would fit right in and make great additions to our cause.

  • efaden1

    We need to debate this in the WASHINGTON POST? The topic seems like something from kindergarten: we all learn to accept one another. Blood libel and Obama? I don’t think so. As far as I can see, Mr. Obama has been more consistent and transparent in his life, ambitions, goals, and successes than any news commentator – or all of those nasty ones combined. Let’s move on with talking about the poor in our nation and let Mr. Obama use his winning strategies to help our nation – survive.

  • MinnyMa

    Yes, Ms. Quinn, Newt Gingrich is projecting. Newt’s birth father was also absent, and when his mother remarried, Newt took the surname of his step-father. Has his entire life’s work been an effort to channel his birth father as well? Or to insulate himself from bizarre accusations by throwing them at someone else?

  • uncleebbie

    TheHamptons1 you have been fed a line of BS, you have absorbed it and you are now spewing it.

  • socallivin

    What to say to this tired and sad way the ultra conservatives keep attacking moderate and liberal civil servants with insults and lies. This is the part of our country that must not be listened to and can no longer have a voice. We will disappear from the world stage as a world power as we should if we continue to be governed by the hatred and anger that is expressed by these small minded people. We should stand up against this type of thought the same as we should stand up against the ultra liberals who want all drugs legal or no one to make a profit. It is easy to give into this kind of hatred when things are rough but this is so bad this whole tea party veiled hatred of 80% of America.

  • thehamptons1

    Ms. Quinn you have been fed a line of BS, you have absorbed it and you are now spewing it. I don’t know if you consider yourself a journalist or not, but if you do you need to take a Journalism 101 refresher.Do some real journalistic work and check Obama’s real and total background. He was born to communists, mentored by communists and supported by radical socialists. These are all facts, many documented in his writings.Obama is entitled to his beliefs as we all are. He is entitled to run for president and to serve if he meets all requirements.At least, any good journalist would have sourced and explained what Obama meant when he said he would “fundamentally transform America”.

  • btrask3

    Every man, if they are honest, has a father wound, Obama’s is deep and probably governs most of his decision making.

  • noro

    Dinesh’s assumptions makes me wonder who is the animist here: Dinesh or Barak?

  • jihobbyist

    Really Sally, really? Obama is just like you and me? Seriously?He is NOT like you and me. I’m very comfortable with that.

  • jon28

    Sally, please note that “Kenyan” is not a race, but a nationality. Nothing in D’Souza’s article, and nothing in Gingrich’s response talked about religion – just economics. You are ranting at shadows in this article and your readers deserve better.

  • jon28

    One more thing – The vast majority of Kenyans (reminder: Kenyan is a nationality, not a race!) are Christian with 45% regarding themselves as Protestant and 33% as Catholic. You are connecting Gingrich and D’Souza’s comments to Obama’s race and religion with lines that exist only in your own (apparently fertile) imagination.

  • RickBangkok

    Dinesh proves once again he is pure folly in his political though, and in a new twist proves one does not have to be a white male to be a bigot! Way to go Dinesh!

  • jmkark

    I wonder how many of these people who say these crazy things about Obama have read his book, Dreams of My Father. If they had, they would know that Obama, like other children who were abandoned by their father when only a couple of years old, wondered who he was. However, Obama was raised by his white grandparents and went to a private, almost all-white school in Hawaii. In his book, he doesn’t even come close to saying anything about anti-colonial sentiments. And, this was written while he was at Harvard, before his political aspirations. This is what happens when people don’t read.

  • swan3620

    I believe President Obama’s book is titled

  • paulflorez

    The only way to move this country further to the extreme-right is to attack moderate Americans and accuse them of being “too liberal” even if it’s not true.

  • faisalalsarraf

    I have a dream.. that the Father will judge both him and his father, and get out of the way

  • Thependulumswings

    My father died when I was 15 and essentially was raised by my grandfather who lived next door to my mother and her 4 boys. My grandfather was the dominant force in my life.

  • yvonneconery

    Extremists obviously are one dimensional entities that can figure only one factor at a time into a decision. Imagine if we based all our decisions on only one factor. Like what is for dinner? Well it will be hot today, so we are going to cook out on the grill, o.k., but it is raining. I don’t care, it is hot out and we will cook on the grill. But it is hot because there is a hurricane outside. I don’t care we are cooking out because it is hot out. But the river is rising and there is 6 feet of water inside the house. I don’t care… so you can see how that all happens. The only thing we can do as reasonable folks is to show support to John Stewart and Steven Colbert and ATTEND THE RALLY TO RESTORE SANITY AND THE MARCH TO KEEP FEAR ALIVE, October 30TH IN D.C. on the mall.

  • zakaria_belal

    No body before me.Obama won said Paktribune.com.I commented Prez should hire Hillary Clinton in his team and boost popularity.He did.Both parents were Muslim.Then I suspect something else.Religion of Islam Pure is pure impure is impure and in between is impure.All blood group is adam and eve related.Ex King Hussein and Agha Khan claim Abrahamic Prophet related by blood.Marriage is a must by a muslim religion and mixing with adultury is death.How many people likely have religious blood of direct descendents if purity line maintained.Those in religion likely have had region gene of an ancestor.The polluted one is consdiered heading towards hell.Some is changing to Buddhism some Hinduism some multiple wives Mormon.Islam recommends purity of blood as well as by kosher or halal white Hindu go vegatarian by own belief.Imagine direct descendents of Moses Jesus Abraham Mohammad pbut from `129k prophets and some from other religion if maintaining blood line still in operating format.With prayer it is possible with the help of our Lord to be channeled in the right course if slightly polluted asking for repentence and if pushed back from discourse to right channeled towards right situation.Better still if channel to Alpha and first since origin and what if related to Darwin or Einstein or bad bad ones.imagine placement of own.

  • w8less88

    @Btrask3If this phrase were true, logically, it would follow that Every (honest?) man’s father governs most of his decision making. This is patently false for almost all men, honest men and liars. One’s father is an important element in one’s life and this affects decision making. Communist Russia affected America’s decision making in the fifties. We acted and reacted to an entity called Russia according to our own lights. This does not at all mean Russia “governed” America, does it? Is the word “”govern like some kind of mesmeric echo here? The other comments in this thread revealed themselves to be foolish or wise. This one was a snake in the grass, I thought.I won’t even get into “father wounds”. It’s like Newt Gingrich saying all women get “infections” instead of periods; without proper contextualization, behold! An insult using its own gibberish as an alibi.

  • jdubow

    One should not forget the term principles and consistency here. Obama stood up for free speech and freedom of religion yet has no comments about Muslim intolerance of Jews and holocaust denial, positions visible on many American campuses and in the Middle East every day. Commenting on them would add tons of credibility to his stand on principles. Ditto for standing up to people who dare to criticize or draw cartoons about Muslims. In addition, to preach to someone who is not already a member of the choir Sally Quinn of needs to address the points made by D’Souza on an ad-valorem basis. Ad hominem bristling and snide put downs do not address the issues or deal with them in a dispositive way. Because of inconsistent applications of principles, or, to put it colloquially, failure to walk the walk as well as talk the talk, her implicit assumption of being on the moral high ground no longer holds.

  • rw-peterson

    I Have a Dream….. No Obama!

  • mattt1986

    Really, Sally? Really? That is the best you can do? Counter some fairly legitimate (or at least well-articulated) theories with “RACISM! RACISM”. You and your cronies have been using this template for years. It is worn out. Give it a rest…or at least try to come up with something better.

  • smith4321

    I don’t have a projection, but I have a prediction. The prediction is that fewer and fewer people will read Sally Quinn’s opinion articles. How about some analysis and steadfast refutation of facts instead of simply whining and poodling? It won’t happen…and that’s why people tune out of comments like the ilk of Quinn.

  • dmmnyc

    Wow! Congratulations! You’ve added 2 and 2 and come up with 5! Impressive! Possibly you’ve simply missed the boat, but at least in the quotes you open your article with, neither religion nor race is mentioned. You insist on saying that racism is under the covers, and you end your column with “Projection, anyone?”, but it’s clearly YOU who are projecting! Despite your emotional writing and leftish sentiments, you have NO evidence to impugn these guys with charges of racism or anything else! When you say “Somebody’s bound to pick up on the animism thing”, that’s all coming out of your own little head, sweetheart… nobody else is implying it! Heavens forfend that Gingrich and D’Souza might only be talking about political leanings!