Christian compassion requires the truth about harms of homosexuality

By Tony Perkins The media has recently been filled with reports of several recent suicides by teenagers who are reported … Continued

By Tony Perkins

The media has recently been filled with reports of several recent suicides by teenagers who are reported to have been victims of “anti-gay” bullying. Some homosexual activist groups lay blame at the feet of conservative Christians who teach that homosexual conduct is wrong, as well as pro-family groups such as Family Research Council which oppose elements of the homosexual political agenda, such as same-sex “marriage.”

The Christians and pro-family leaders I know are unanimous in believing that no person, especially a child, should be subjected to verbal or physical harassment or violence–whether because of their sexuality, their religious beliefs, or for any other reason. Such bullying violates the Christian’s obligation to love our neighbor as we love ourselves, and receives no support from the pro-family political movement.

Where bullying has occurred, the blame should be placed on the bullies themselves–not on organizations within society who clearly oppose bullying. I suspect that few, if any, such bullies are people who regularly attend church, and I would not be surprised if most of the “bullies” did not have the positive benefit of both an active mom and dad in their lives. Religious faith and a return to traditional family values are more likely to be a solution to the problem of bullying than a cause.

However, homosexual activist groups like GLSEN (the Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network) are exploiting these tragedies to push their agenda of demanding not only tolerance of homosexual individuals, but active affirmation of homosexual conduct and their efforts to redefine the family.

There is an abundance of evidence that homosexuals experience higher rates of mental health problems in general, including depression. However, there is no empirical evidence to link this with society’s general disapproval of homosexual conduct. In fact, evidence from the Netherlands would seem to suggest the opposite, because even in that most “gay-friendly” country on earth, research has shown homosexuals to have much higher mental health problems.

Within the homosexual population, such mental health problems are higher among those who “come out of the closet” at an earlier age. Yet GLSEN’s approach is to encourage teens to “come out” when younger and younger–thus likely exacerbating the very problem they claim they want to solve.

Some homosexuals may recognize intuitively that their same-sex attractions are abnormal–yet they have been told by the homosexual movement, and their allies in the media and the educational establishment, that they are “born gay” and can never change. This–and not society’s disapproval–may create a sense of despair that can lead to suicide.

The most important thing that Christians can offer to homosexuals is hope–hope that their sins, just like the sins of anyone else, can be forgiven and their lives transformed by the power of Jesus Christ. Jesus’ command to love our neighbor clearly embraces the homosexual as well. But love does not require affirming every behavior in which an individual engages. For a parent to encourage a child to indulge their every desire would not be love, but its very opposite. The same is true of self-destructive behaviors in which adults may engage–whether it is the excessive use of alcohol, drugs, reckless driving, or heterosexual activity outside of marriage.

Since homosexual conduct is associated with higher rates of sexual promiscuity, sexually transmitted diseases, mental illness, substance abuse, and domestic violence, it too qualifies as a behavior that is harmful to the people who engage in it and to society at large. It is not loving to encourage someone to indulge in such activities, no matter how much sensual pleasure they may derive from them. It is more loving to help them overcome them. This is why, in the public policy arena, we will continue to oppose any policy or action that would celebrate or affirm homosexual conduct.

The model for a Christian response to homosexuals may be the story of the woman caught in adultery. When the crowd responded with violence, by gathering to stone her, Jesus said, “Let him who is without sin cast the first stone.” Knowing that they were all sinners, the crowd melted away. But Jesus’ words to the woman he saved were crucial. He did not say, “Go, for you have not sinned.” Instead, he said, “Go and sin no more.”

There is no contradiction between Christian compassion and a call for holy living. But the life which is holy (from a spiritual perspective) or even healthy (from a secular perspective) requires abstinence from homosexual conduct. We would do no one a favor if we ceased to proclaim that truth.

Tony Perkins is President of the Family Research Council.

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  • gladerunner

    “Religious faith and a return to traditional family values . . . “Woohoo! Does that mean we can start stoning our wives again? Polygamy? Child abuse? Marrying my brothers widow? You were referring to OT traditions, weren’t you? I love me some Leviticus!

  • CarolAnne1

    Speaking of Old Testament traditions, ever read about David and Jonathan and how much they loved each other?

  • tomsj

    Parental compassion requires that I shield my child from religious bigotry such such as this masquerading as christian compassion. I do agree with Mr. Perkins that “where bullying has occurred, the blame should be placed on the bullies themselves.” Unfortunately, christianist organizations like the Family Research Council are doing everything they can to protect those bullies from just prosecution.

  • PolishBear1

    Tony Perkins talks about his ever-so-compassionate “model for a Christian response to homosexuals.” I guess it must be similar to his model for a Christian response to Hindus or Jews or Muslims: REPENT! CONVERT! Worship in church the way JESUS intended! You aren’t supposed to seek spiritual redemption on the terms of YOUR own faith, but on the terms of TONY’S faith. Likewise, Gay people can’t seek love and companionship and happiness with other likeminded Gay people, CASE CLOSED.But remember: It’s only because Tony Perkins LOVES you!If you’re Gay:But remember: It’s only because Tony Perkins LOVES you!

  • WmarkW

    This article reads like a Jack Chick comic about Mormonism. I find Mormonism pretty idiotic; but not following the Gospel of John is not a good reason for saying so.

  • swalke01

    The crimes against those with same sex attractions are often extremely violent. This is not simply bullying but bullying fueled by hated. God loves diversity. This Thanksgiving that is what I thank him most for. No two snowflakes are alike. Just look at how unique we all are.

  • PastorAlex

    Please report offensive comments below. This article is offensive.

  • sam3915

    Like the Mormons, these folks are also evil, idol-worshipping, pseudo-Christian, anti-gay & anti-transgender bigots. Unless they repent and become true Christians, meaning they follow only the Ten Commandments & what Jesus taught in the Bible, the only parts of any book which originally came from God, they’re going to go to Hell. They need to stop bearing false witness against gay & transgender people and effectively killing them either directly or by driving them to self-destructive behavior & even suicide, and they need to start treating gay & transgender people the way Jesus said we should treat others. The only harms of being gay or transgender come from these & other bigoted, scapegoating a**holes.

  • t_parker16

    Offensive and insulting!Why does the WaPo continue to reprint this unsubstantiated drivel from a man whose profession is fund-raising through demonization of gay and lesbian individuals? And let me point out that these supposedly “pro-family” Christian individuals are among the most horrible of enemies to MY family, my husband and sons – since we are apparently not the “right kind” of family to deserve their respect. “Whatsoever you do to the least of your brothers … ” and “Cast the first stone …” apparently goes only so far when fundraising dollars are at stake.And THIS is the tripe that you publish on National Coming Out Day? What horrible people you are.

  • JenWhite

    Is your “marriage” a “political agenda” Tony? Did you fall in love with your wife and marry her as some sort of diabolical and political plot to in any way affect the lives of others? That’s sure not why I married my wife, and yes she is my wife, and yes we are both women. My marriage and family is no less meaningful or significant than yours, and isn’t something that can be trivialized with phrases such as “homosexual conduct” she is my other half. The fact that you and your organization, and those like yours, seek to dehumanize us, and consistenly demean who we are and our most significant relationships, not only makes you a bigot in the most profound sense of it’s meaning, but that behavior combined with the constant diatribe calling us “abominations” “sodomites” and stating we will all burn in hell, directly fuels and validates the hatred towards us in the minds of the bullies. “christain” leaders who promote and preach bigotry and hatred for our people are the driving force behind the bullies who create so much anguish in the lives of people in our community that the most vulernable, usually the youth, just sometimes can’t take it. Yes, the individual bullies are responsible for their actions, but the religious and community leaders that perpetuate the dehumanization of our community and the bigotry and hatred towards us are just as responsible if not more so. In fact Tony, the hatred you create in our culture that drives these people to bullly others to the point of suicide, makes you a murderer by proxy. If there is a heaven, you and your kind will never see it. Your soul is corrupt, and you will languish in any hell that exists as it will have been created explicitly for people like you. The deaths of those children are on your head.

  • t_parker16

    Happy National Coming Out Day! Hey look! The Post is celebrating by letting Tony Perkins reprint his homophobic hate speech for the 10,000th time! Hey Mister Perkins: I like this idea about reviving Biblical tradition. Especially in the Great Recession, shouldn’t we allow fathers to sell their daughters into slavery again? Yes, yes, as long as she’s at least 12 years old. Wouldn’t want to suffer that punishment! (cf. Exodus)

  • Sayitloud

    The story this pseudo-christian quotes, about the woman caught in adultery–John 7:53-8:12 is FALSE and a LIE from HELL.This lie was never in the earliest biblical manuscripts. That fairy tale was added to the bible later, and Jesus NEVER uttered those words because that story is a LIE. But what do expect from an ignorant pseudo-christian whose life purpose is to destroy those he does not like, in the name of a god he claims to speak for. Learn your bible and its origins before you spew your ignorance, you messenger of evil.This is what this Pharisee writes:”The model for a Christian response to homosexuals may be the story of the woman caught in adultery. When the crowd responded with violence, by gathering to stone her, Jesus said, “Let him who is without sin cast the first stone.” Knowing that they were all sinners, the crowd melted away. But Jesus’ words to the woman he saved were crucial. He did not say, “Go, for you have not sinned.” Instead, he said, “Go and sin no more.” ” I suggest this man read “Misquoting Jesus,” because that’s what he does.

  • katamini

    shame on the Wash Post for giving Perkins another platform to repeat his vitriol. I respect this paper less for giving this guy a voice.

  • bobbarnes

    Tony Perkins? The man who want to re-cimalize homosexuality?This man is taking the FRC to hate-group status and the Wapo feels his voice is important? When can we see regular pieces from the KKK and Nazi groups, they have a voice too?

  • brew2431

    my biggest bully was the church. bombarded consistently with negative comments. nothing demoralizes you quicker than hearing that you are a deviant, a sinner, an abomination, an unclean being.

  • brimadison

    What Tony doesn’t understand or care to admit is that commentary like this from influential “leaders” like him give people free license to hate, discriminate, and escalate their ignorance and fear to the logical next level: violence. What Tony also doesn’t understand or care to admit is that when LGBT youth hear from “leaders” like him that their lives are “sinful” and “wrong,” they feel worthless, hopeless, and are driven to harm themselves. This isn’t because of some inherent mental illness that plagues the gay community as Tony erroneously claims in his column, but it IS because these kids are beaten down with negative messaging time and time again.Oh, and Tony? The most vicious bullies I had run-ins with at school all went to church every week and had two parents, so your hypothesis on the origins of bullies is completely without merit…just like all of your other arguments.

  • feetxxxl1

    “Since homosexual conduct is associated with higher rates of sexual promiscuity, sexually transmitted diseases, mental illness, substance abuse, and domestic violence” ……………………and heterosexuality is not…….what about africa?????????????????perkins fails to mention that homosexuals have been persecuted for 600 years starting with king henry the 8th(1500’s) head of church/state who enacted a law that made homosexual sex a hanging offense. it has only been in the 1990’s that it has been legal. they say it takes a village to raise a child. what happenstrauma begins to cease 50 years after the persecution ceases. perkins is detemined that that will never happen.and all this in the name of his belief system, a belief system that has nothing to do with the principles of the new covenant of christ, which repeatedly say that homosexuality is of god and of christ.but perkins, like those who hold his same beliefs, rick warren, joel ostein, albert mohler, franklin graham, etc will never subject their understandings to open discussion, but instead hide behind walls of unavailabiity, censorship, and accusation, because in no way could these beliefs ever hold up as being the truth about the gospel of jesus christ.

  • drbenz3

    I can’t believe the Wash Post published this garbage. What’s next, an op ed about the smaller brain sizes of black people or one claiming that Jews use the blood of childen in ritual sacrifices? And I am so, so, so sick of the privileged and the prejudiced refusing to take responsibility for the consequences of their actions. Does anyone really believe that there is no connection between adults calling us depraved sinners (or pornographers and perverts, less “valid” than heterosexuals, per Carl Paladino)and children picking on their gay classmates? Really? You think the men in the Bronx who tortured and sodomized three gay men last week got that idea from…nowhere? Religious bigots have blood on their hands. The question is, why is the Post giving them a platform to do more harm?

  • HunteratRandom

    I’m mystified that the Post would offer space to someone like Tony Perkins to comment on bullying of gay teens — he’s one of the worst anti-gay bullies in the country.He’s also a documented liar. If you click on the links that he provided, you’ll see that the studies he’s citing don’t prove his argument — in fact, they undercut it. Jim Burroway at Box Turtle Bulletin has actually read them (which I doubt Perkins did): Frankly, to find one of Perkins’ screeds under a headline proclaiming “compassion” makes me want to heave. Why didn’t the Post offer this spot to someone who actually has some compassion in them, instead of a huckster whose income depends on ignorance, distortions, and outright lies?

  • DanielintheLionsDen

    Tony Perkins and the Family Research Council are directly responsible for the suicide of many persecuted gay people, and are guilty of mureder, the same as if they had taken out their guns and shot them.So much for their bogus culture of life.

  • areyousaying

    I suspect that few, if any, such bullies are people who regularly attend church, and I would not be surprised if most of the “bullies” did not have the positive benefit of both an active mom and dad in their lives. I would suspect that many, if not all are people who have regularly heard hatred of gays from their parents, extended family and from their classmates. It is the likes of you who “exploits” gays for a sermon, money and a political wedge issue. Your “traditional family values” include hatred and are not true Christianity.By the way how’s your old buddy Ted (Haggard)?

  • t_parker16

    Oh, as another commenter noted, do check out the fact-checking at Doesn’t the Post do fact-checking any more? or has Perkins repeated his lies so many times that they actually sound true by now?

  • rextrek1

    WOW….To give Tony Perkins space to Spew his Vile BS…WOW…its like giving that Fox keys to the Hen house. This man Perkins represents Nothing but Hate,Bigotry, and self promotion of his hate tactics. A Big FU WaPo for giving this A-hole one inch of space. This guy’s Phoney “Family Research Councel” is nothing but a Right Wing Propaganda machine….after all he has his own site to Vent his Craziness on. I don’t need to hear about his Voodoo Discriminatory religion…just the site of that man makes my skin crawl.

  • bigolpoofter

    I’ve never been more glad to have not paid for a print copy of the Post in over 10 years. Giving Tony Perkins the space to sling hate under the guise of factoids without analysis is an utter betrayal of any shred of trust which LGBTQ people might have had in the Post organization. Sure, we suffer from higher rates of all sorts of nasty things–and it’s because of people like Perkins and organizations like FRC that seek to keep us oppressed, marginalized, and unsupported. I knew I was attracted to other boys when I was 6 years old without being molested or otherwise influenced by anyone else. From 8 to 14 I had a loving relationship with a peer–we knew what we were, but we also knew that the world around us would be hostile to us.So, it wasn’t until age 19 that I finally came out. In the interim, messages of intolerance from religious and political forces and the inability to trust my family led me down a path of self-destruction which I narrowly survived. I even tried to pray the Gay away, but the answer I got back was the knowledge that a loving creator would not make me as I am just to hate me.Shame on Perkins and FRC for twisting for their own gain the pain of LGBTQ people created by religion-based bigotry. Shame on the Post for giving this bigotry and ignorance pixels and print.

  • mikepost1

    I’m a 69 year old grandfather and I firmly believe that adults like Tony Perkins should be careful that things they say cuz children will listen. Preachers like Perkins who target gays for spiritual abuse and politicans like Tony Perkins who advocate civil discrimination against gays create a climate of Open Season on Gays for others including children to use verbal sledge hammers on gays which leads to bullying which sometimes leads to gay teen suicide.

  • jamestog3434

    Why is this commentary something the Washington Post feels compelled to post? In the middle of this epidemic of hate you print this stuff.At what point did you say, hey, we’re not printing racist, KKK stuff anymore? Was there a tipping point? Or did you help create that point by NOT PUBLISHING THIS HATEFUL CRAP? Editors please think about it. Just because someone is prominent or calls himself a Christian does not mean you have to print his hate.

  • unreligious

    Unlike a lot of the posters here I am not surprised that the Washington Post published this hate filled article. The Post never misses a chance to condom Gay people. Birds of a feather flock together.

  • unreligious

    Sorry that should be condemn Gay people.

  • CShelCShore

    Could we PLEASE change the name of this article to:”HERE IS WHY KIDS ARE KILLING THEMSELVES: WHY IGNORANCE, HATE, AND RELIGIOUS “MORALS” KILLTony Perkins you are disgusting.

  • nokkonwud

    National Coming Out day and you print this crap.Shame on you.

  • SportinLife

    Does this individual, Tony Perkins, have any qualifications on this subject matter? Of any kind?He makes his living trying to refute and undermine everything that gay and lesbian people have to say for themselves, about themselves. And spreading his own dogmatic, non-negotiable “truth” about tens of millions of American citizens who are total strangers to him.And now the Washington Post gives him a platform from which to blame gay and lesbian adults who challenge his propaganda for the despair of gay and lesbian youth?

  • Continuum

    The only sin comes out of the mouth of these bigoted, hatefilled, so-called Christians like Perkins.Gay children feel abnormal and sinful, because shameless bigots like Perkins encourage the hatefilled behavior from both adults and children who follow his vile words. These faux Christians hide behind a cross while encouraging their followers to ostracize these children up to and including bullying, beatings and death. If you wonder where the bullies who killed Matthew Shepard got their instructions, then merely read the words of these Perkins led hate mongers.Perkins is no true follower of the Words of the Christ. Perkins drapes himself around the cross but spews the bigoted hateful words of demons.

  • coyotl

    Why is the Washongton Post giving column space to this hateful bigot, a man who is personally responsible for the deaths of gay teenagers? He is a monster, a tool of Satan, and giving him a podium makes the Post a tool as well. For shame.

  • Gruntled2

    A careful review of this person’s credentials reveals that he is not a theologian nor preacher (so who is he to speak for Christians?), nor a psychologist (so who is he to evaluate mental health research?), nor a public health practitioner nor medical doctor (so who is he to discuss health?). He is an unsuccessful politician, a hate activist, a self-promoter, and a consort to the Ku Klux Klan. I didn’t even have to clean up after the dog today for the Post to be full of sh*t.

  • leliorisen

    Your decision to publish the writings of this hateful, anti-gay bigot, accompanied by charges that have proven to be false (which you didn’t even bother to fact check), puts the Post at an all-time low.Would you post an article by a ‘guest voice’ that perpetuates myths and stereotypes, and encourages hatred, against any other group? Of course not. You wanna know why there are attacks on gays and gay suicides? It is directly due to the venomous garbage that this man spews.He may call himself a Christian, but he is as vile and evil as they come. And making good money off of his hate speech as well.

  • haveaheart

    “Since homosexual conduct is associated with higher rates of sexual promiscuity, sexually transmitted diseases, mental illness, substance abuse, and domestic violence…”Let’s examine this introductory clause and see if we can figure out what is being claimed:”Higher rates”? Higher than what? What is being compared/contrasted here? Higher rates than in other groups? Higher rates than in other countries? Higher rates than at a different time in history?Then there is the phrase “associated with,” which is a grand old bugaboo term that attemopts to mislead people into believing that a cause-and-effect relationship exists where none has been proven.Then there is the complete absence of any attempt at bolstering these claims with actual evidence. Better to suggest…and let people be swayed by their rampant desire to swallow what you’re offering.Finally, there is the utterly ludicrous implication that these mysteriously acquired “higher rates” are what drive domestic violence, substance abuse, mental illness, etc. Anyone who believes that the 10% of Americans who are gay account for all of these social ills, then you truly cannot have a single brain cell in your head.

  • LaSing78

    “There is an abundance of evidence that homosexuals experience higher rates of mental health problems in general, including depression. However, there is no empirical evidence to link this with society’s general disapproval of homosexual conduct.” This idiot forgot to add that the article that he’s referencing immediately goes on and says that discrimination fuels these higher rates. There’s a strong relationship between the two, but of course he’s going to leave that out because he’s a bigot!

  • homer4

    Will the Washington Post next run editorials by the head of the KKK telling us why Black folks are dangerous and evil?Tony Perkins is an EVIL man. How many teenagers have killed themselves because the message he promotes filters down through society. The Washington Post should be ashamed for publishing this HATE speech.

  • pearsonm1

    It’s offensive that a mainstream newspaper would print garbage like this. As a gay man, I am sick and tired of my right to safety and equality–even my very existence–being treated as a matter of controversy and a fit subject for opinion pieces. Tony Perkins is a known hack whose “evidence” has long since been discredited. You have no business giving him a forum. Shame on the Washington Post for giving voice to such disgusting bigotry. And the fact that you chose to run this column on National Coming Out Day, as the nation is grieving the recent loss of so many young gay men, shows a lack of respect for the gay community bordering on contempt.

  • BruceGarrett

    A rash of gay teen suicides, and on National Coming Out Day the Washington Post has to print this man’s garbage. Is this a newspaper? Really? There is not a single solitary fact in this man’s rant that withstands even casual fact-checking. But there you are, throwing it in the faces of gay kids and their parents in the middle of a rash of suicides as though you check your conscience at the door every day you come to work.The Advocate is reporting this morning that another gay teen has killed themselves. A young girl who went to school there in Washington D.C., at Howard University. How much more of this kind of poison are you going to passively feed your community? It’s one thing to report on what people like Perkins are saying about gay people, it’s another to keep your readers in the dark about his dishonesty. Is this a newspaper or a trash talking tabloid? Are your journalists or gossip columnists?

  • BenInOakland

    The headline reads “Christian compassion requires the truth about harms of homosexuality”There is nothing Christian about this. There is nothing compassionate. As for truth? It is the usual conglomeration of lies, distortions, and half-truths about our lives. As Jim Burroway has pointed out, the researchers even warn their readers that people like Perkions will take their research and turn it into more poison.Does the Post even care?I’m 60 years old. I’ve known I was gay since the age of about five, though I didn’t know what to call it until I was 10.I am happy, I am healthy, I am in a good same-sex marriage. I am a tax paying, law abiding, productive and contributing member of my ocmmunity, well thought of by family, friends, colleagues, and neighbors.I am the living evidence that every word this man says is a lie, including “and” and “the”.The only detriment in my life is the existence of anti-gay bigots, who think it is their life’s mission to make the lives of people like me as difficult and unpleasant as possible, all to satisfy some bad translations of 2000 year old books, or to exorcise their own personal demons.Putting it mildly: the post should be ashamed of itself

  • kladinvt

    Will the Washington Post give equal time to an expert on the ‘christian reich”, who can point out their hypocrisy, greed, blind-hatred, incitement to violence, mental and spiritual anguish, bullying of children, serial lying and 13th century mentality?

  • gracehowe

    If this article is an example of Christian understanding and love, it might be time to re-evaluate the value of clinging to such harmful attitudes.

  • JayJonson

    It is shameful to publish nonsense by hatemonger Tony Perkins. Is your intent to promote even more suicides? Even more bullying? And then, like Perkins, wash your hands of any responsibility? Sad, sad, sad.What sort of standards do you have? Do you do any fact checking? Is Paul Cameron your expert on homosexuality? Do you accept a holocaust-deniers statistics on the number of Jews murdered in Nazi Germany? Do you publish op-eds by members of the Ku Klux Klan?Have you no shame?

  • beargulch

    Tony Perkins diatribe is one big offensive comment.”There is an abundance of evidence that homosexuals experience higher rates of mental health problems in general, including depression.”And hate-mongers like Tony Perkins are the cause of gay peoples’ mental health problems.So, Washington Post, when will you print a guest comment from a white supremacist?

  • klugrimsky

    Mr. Perkins apparently didn’t read the Dutch study he cited, which states:”To the extent that the level of social acceptance of homosexuality induces differences in mental health status in relation to homosexuality, the observed differences might be greater in other Western countries than in the Netherlands.”From this, he states that:”In fact, evidence from the Netherlands would seem to suggest the opposite, because even in that most “gay-friendly” country on earth, research has shown homosexuals to have much higher mental health problems.”

  • areyousaying

    A rash of gay suicides and the “Christian” responses of Paladino, soon and future “Prophet” Boyd K. Packer and car salesman Perkins. More proof poor old Jesus was hijacked by KKKarl Rove and is still held hostage by the teabaggers.

  • pben

    Homophobia is STILL the biggest threat to the mental health of our gay brothers and sisters.

  • mcudney

    Perkins and his perverted sub-sect of Christianity is deplorable. There is nothing Christ-like in his comments, and represents nothing less than that of modern-day Pharisees, those who condemned Jesus who stood with the outcast and outsiders.

  • clintatl

    Seriously Sally Quinn!? You published this pile of hate-filled lies and crap from the world’s biggest gay basher? What? Not enough kids killing themselves? Not enough gay men and women being physically attacked on our streets? Not enough kids in school being bullied mercilessly because they are gay or even perceived as gay? The Post should be ashamed of itself for allowing this screed.

  • barbnc

    Tony Perkins and his ilk are giving Christians a bad name.

  • jove4015

    This man gives Christian compassion a bad name – and he clearly knows nothing of it.

  • JPJones1

    Though obviously some will disagree (for reasons they can never explain) I believe that a person is born with their sexual orientation. However, no one is born a bigot – as the song goes, prejudice is something which has to be carefully taught. How revealing that the WaPo would choose National Coming Out Day of all times to enable Tony Perkins in doing just that.In classic “I am not a homophobe, BUT…” fashion, Perkins would have us believe that, having spent his adult life working against the fight for gay equality and dignity, he has now penned this hateful screed because of his “Christian love” for me.Well, Mr. Perkins, to paraphrase Norma Rae, “You’re lovin’ my community to death.”And to Jon Meacham and Sally Quinn – attempting to increase your number of web hits by printing irresponsibly inflammatory diatribes full of fact-free assertions will NOT help you reclaim your lost relevance. It only makes you look pathetic.

  • popkultur

    Mr. Perkins:I have read your column, and I decline your suggestion that I live a life of loneliness, celibacy, shame, and ostracism – based solely on your interpretation of the Bible.I will continue to live my life in accordance with the values of respect, tolerance, love, honor, and integrity. No matter how loudly you bellow, or how cleverly you disguise your hate with the veneer of “compassion”, nothing you say can change who I am – and more importantly, I have no reason to change. My life is fine just the way it is. My life is full of love and happiness.See you in heaven!

  • thebuckguy

    This section of the Post always seems to print drivel, but this cheap attempt at being provocative is particularly low. Perkins, like many evangelicals, has a very limited and deconstextualized understanding of Christianity. he doesn’t know the Bible or where it came from or how Christian thought has evolved. Instead he gives us his dumbed down Cliff Notes version.

  • charlekenghis

    If Perkins had meant to show how “harmful” homosexuality is, he failed miserably. If he meant to show how folks on his side of the argument distort and omit data to push their talking points, he passed with flying colors.

  • dcheretic1

    The largest threat to the family and marriage is divorce and research has indicated that Christian conservatives have a divorce rate that is higher than that of the general population. A prominent theologian affiliated with the Southern Baptist Church acknowledged as much last week. If Tony Perkins was truly concerned about the family, he would focus his efforts on divorce. Instead, he spreads bigotry and hate under the guise of religion. What a despicable man. To all of the gay youth reading the Post today: There is a large, vibrant community of happy, healthy gay people in this country. Don’t let bitter, angry, and ignorant people like Tony Perkins define you. Being a kid is tough and being a gay kid is doubly tough. Hang in there, you have a bright future ahead of you.

  • BurfordHolly

    It’s your right to disagree with Tony, but Tony knows everyone that does is going straight to “H-E-double hockey sticks.” And that applies to all you Jews, agnostics, Unitarians etc etc.Seriously though, any organization that makes such a big deal about excluding gays is gay gay! GAY! Homosexuals that come out are big threat to organizations like FRC, which depend on lots lots of closeted gay members who need to prove that they don’t have teh gay. So come on in, there’s lots of room in FRC closet.

  • Maren1

    I understand this article. I understand what the religious are trying to say. They feel it is up to them to “warn” everyone else of everyone they believe themselves to be true. Did they mention that straight, married men and women, are more likely to kill their own children? Have you ever heard a story about gay people shoving their babies in dumpsters? What about straight men being serial killers? What about obesity being really high among christian men and especially christian women? What about straight people committing hate crimes against people and torturing and killing animals being higher among straight people? Did they mention that studies show children raised by two women do better in school and are better adjusted? No, I didn’t see that in their article. I think that what they also forget is that the Bible has been altered and translated over 30 times. Things have been omitted, words have been translated incorrectly and the books have been arranged out of order. Revelations is not the last book in the Bible, it was placed there during a translation. The Bible’s words can be taken in the wrong manner. What about the ancient texts found, that are older than the Bible, that have the very same stories as the Bible? Plus, I see posts above using books of the Bible that have been proven to be very hard to translate and when I read the passages of Leviticus posted and I didn’t get the same thing out of it. Remember, also, that EVERYONE thinks that what they believe is true. The problem is when people starting going on a rampage and telling everyone else they can “save” them. You don’t know what it is to be gay unless you are gay. I am gay. I believe in God. I do not pretend to put words into God’s mouth. That seems pretty dangerous. I have a great idea. Let’s allow EVERYONE to have the same rights. Then let us stop telling everyone else what to do and how to live their lives. After that, let’s work on educating our children that it is okay if someone is different then them. Teach your kids that they don’t have to tease and bully other kids when they are different. Teach the kids to stick up for someone. What being Christ-like means is to be Christ-like, not Christ. From what I have read of Jesus the most important thing he said was to love one another. Let’s do that stop all the yelling about whose church is “true” and deciding who and who will not be “saved”. Trust me, I live next door to a man that harasses me every time I am in my yard. He sends missionaries to my house. He doesn’t stand back and think about what that is like on the receiving end of things. How would he feel if I was constantly telling him that he should be gay? I assume he would not be happy! So next time you feel that you need to “save” someone or picket a funeral with signs containing words about how you think God feels about a certain group, stop, take a good long breath and put yourself in their shoes.

  • sparkplug1

    Perkins is himself reputed by many in the know to himself be a homosexual. Perhaps his homophobic outbursts are the painful cries of a man in the throes of a painful denial?

  • member8

    The Post should be ashamed of giving the representative of a religious based hate group a column to spew his lies.

  • Terry24CA

    This filth by Mr. Perkins is just another reason to ignore everything in the WA Post. It is irreponsible at best and criminal at reality to publish a screed that subtly calls for more hatred, more bullying, under the false “cover” of scripture.

  • PacNW


  • cstation

    I have to wonder if we Christians gave homosexual unions the same support and affirmation we do divorced folks who remarry, if the instances of social problems might be much lower.monty keeling

  • PacNW

    Matthew Shepard Was Pronounced Dead at 12:53 am This Morning

  • ForFairnessandReason

    Since when does accuracy take a back seat to opinion? I think that it’s great that the Wash Po gives space to bigots. No sarcasm intended. I actually think it’s healthy to read opinions with which I disagree. But I’d think that a paper as rigorous as the Washington Post might bother to fact check some of the “science” being doled out as truths. I.E. “There is an abundance of evidence that homosexuals experience higher rates of mental health problems in general, including depression. However, there is no empirical evidence to link this with society’s general disapproval of homosexual conduct. In fact, evidence from the Netherlands would seem to suggest the opposite, because even in that most “gay-friendly” country on earth, research has shown homosexuals to have much higher mental health problems.”Huh? I’m kind of stunned that the Washington Post would let this stand. Perhaps the Post is bending over too far in an effort to appear to tell both sides of the story.

  • alyoshakaramazovdse

    I look forward to Mr. Perkins’ next article, “The evils of the abomination of eating shellfish”What? No article forthcoming? No protests at the funerals of shellfish eaters?What a travesty!!!!Deuteronomy 14:9-10 says:

  • PacNW

    Look at the very next story in the Washington Post:Report: Accused priests served in more than half of Chicago’s parishesDear Tony – you and your fellow compatriots in hate have a gigantic plank in your eyes.

  • MiuBot116

    10/11/2010 — HAPPY NATIONAL COMING OUT DAY!Glad to see that we are fighting speech with speech — Views like those of TP (heh) are thankfully dying out & drying up, as the comments seem to indicate!As a young straight person, I want to say to all LGBTQs out there : ignore this loser. He’s just PO’d because his bronze-age worldview is finally being supplanted. NEVER BE ASHAMED OF WHO YOU ARE, be loud and proud if ya want, because nothing will get this guy’s goat faster! And remember that he is the MINORITY.

  • MrDarwin

    That’s right, trying to give gay kids a positive message of hope is what is driving them to suicide. Certainly not the viciously ignorant and hateful anti-gay bile being spewed by people like Tony Perkins.

  • garak99

    This may be a politically correct version of Carl Paladino’s comments on being Gay but no different same hurtful thinking

  • CPT_Doom

    “I suspect that few, if any, such bullies are people who regularly attend church, and I would not be surprised if most of the “bullies” did not have the positive benefit of both an active mom and dad in their lives.”Really, Tony, because that would mean times have really changed. 30 years ago, in the late 70s, when I was being relentlessly bullied in Junior High, every single one of the bullies I knew personally came from the same kind of family as me – mom, dad, on their first marriage. The exact kind of family that Tony thinks is the ideal. Unfortunately all those moms and dads taught their children the same thing that Tony teaches his and all such haters teach their children – not “that homosexual conduct is wrong,” but that homosexuals are wrong, that LGBT human beings are wrong, perverted, disgusting. Tony’s own organization demands that any law protecting LGBT people – even when they are the same laws that protect those who share Tony’s perversion of religion – must be stopped. Tony’s organization claims that LGBT human beings are a danger to society, that to treat us as equal human beings means the end of civilization as we know it. Now Tony says he doesn’t want kids who are LGBT bullied – really? Because your entire career has been based on bullying people (remember folks, this is the same Tony Perkins who bought David Dukes’ mailing list to start his own political movement – that would be David Duke, the former Klansman who made a splash running for public office a couple decades ago). Of course Tony denies any responsibility for the tragic deaths we have finally seen covered in the media – trust me, this has been going on for decades, and the media hasn’t cared. He has to pretend to be a rational, decent human being in order to get supporters and their $$. The problem is, when you traffic in hate, as Tony does, you inevitably end up looking like a scumbag, just like Tony.

  • angie12106

    Ohhh, Tony’s got all the answers inside his rightwing whacked out brain.

  • Mykelb

    Dear Mr. Perkins,Your brainwashed ideas promulgated by an idolization of your brand of chrisitanity are disgusting, illogical, and highly refutable. You take your statistics out of context ala Paul Cameron style and spin your dusty 4000 year old truths to fit your personally distorted worldview. When you get deprogrammed, come back and tell us some more truths.

  • tomsj

    Wow! Just realized that this is the Washington Post. I thought it was OneNewsNow. I’m surprised, frankly, that the Post would legitimize a religious screed like this by publishing it. Interesting.

  • angie12106

    Per Perkins’ statement about gays’ mental health, he used 8 year old data to confirm his pre-existing beliefs!!The Christian Right is neither.

  • Mykelb

    Dear Mr. Meacham and Ms. Quinn,I suppose the next thing you will do is publish a piece by the Grand Wizard of the Ku Klux Klan on race relations, right?

  • bEEarCUB

    I can’t fathom why that (near?-)genocidal Tony Perkins gets a pulpit these days. And don’t give me that “opposing viewpoint” BS. You might as well be asking David Duke his opinion on race relations (heck, that slimeball is probably more moderate on that issue than TP is on gay rights).As others are talking about family / job / etc. protections the direction Tony fixates on is dreams of mass imprisonment or worse. Him being out-of-touch, with Americans and reality in general, is an understatement.

  • wdjohns1

    As well as we can tell from the Bible, my impression is that Jesus Himself was gay. The Bible says that there was one special loved one in the life of Jesus and that person was a MAN. The gospel of John is the testimony of that man. Jesus and this man shared physical affection in the presence of the other disciples. When Jesus was dying on the cross, He asked His mother and this man to treat each other as mother and son, and they did. You cannot be anti-gay and Christian at the same time.

  • thriftyrocks

    I cannot believe the Post would stoop to such a low! This man is on the Southern Poverty Law Center’s list of Hate Crime’s list watch along side the KKK, etc.He lies. He uses “proof” which is laughable and he really spews hate when we should be talking inclusion and compassion. WRONG MOVE for this paper to give him and his hate mongers ink!

  • DanielleA_Moodie

    Washington Post, I am absolutely disgusted with you for allowing this article to be posted. In a time when children are committing suicide and innocent people are being beaten because of who they are…it is unbelieveable that you would think it ok to publish this hate that cloaks itself in “faith”. It is because of organizations such as these that people see it fit to harrass, bully, and kill people that are different. Real faith does not preach such vitrol lies! This is no different than allowing a white supermacist to explain to all of us why people of color and various ethnic groups are inferior! You should be truly ashamed! You just contributed to the spread of intolerance and hate!

  • aharmon1973

    Why did the Post publish this on National Coming Out Day? Fairness? Seriously, what were you thinking? I’m sick of you giving anti-LGBT activists, religious or otherwise, *any* kind of mainstream platform. They’re not mainstream or shouldn’t be. People are being tortured and are killing themselves, and people like Tony Perkins refuse to acknowledge their part in it. Seriously, how is it fairness to publish this on National Coming Out Day? How is it appropriate at all? Where’s your mea culpa? You *did* screw up in an entirely inappropriate way. Why should any of us read your paper if this is what you think of as worthwhile speech?

  • micherutledge

    What a sad and pitiful God, Tony Perkins claims to worship and seeks to supplant with his own limited human judgment. He ignores Paul’s point in 1 Romans that the Law does not apply to Christians, be they formerly Jews or Gentiles, for whom the Law never applied. Instead, God sent the Holy Spirit to convict man individually of his sins. Sin for one is not sin for another unless convicted of it by God.Tony Perkins, like so many other Christians and Christianists, seeks to be God in rendering judgment of what is a sin on other humans. He supplants God with his own fallible and weak thoughts and in doing so, breaks the First Commandment – to put no other God before the true God. He proffers himself as God and shows us he has fallen from God. What a sad and impotent God Tony Perkins believes in to think that his God needs his puny and insufficient assistance. That is a crisis of faith, damning only his own soul and no other.I believe in a strong omnipotent God, who does not need my insufficient assistance. He is capable of doing what needs to be done. I need not step into the fray and mess things up.God loves us all. After studying the Old and New Testament scriptures and their original words with alternative meanings, I came to the conclusion that the lies about homosexuality being a sin are false. The churches and Christianist organizations perpetuate the lies against homosexuals to gain money and power. Homosexuals need saving from Christians, not the other way round. Tony Perkins bears rotten fruit and cannot be trusted to give any opinion worthy of consideration to anyone else. He needs to pray to clear his own sin before he dares try to stand in the place of God and convict others.

  • sandbar987

    There is nothing in this opinion piece that speaks for Christians or Christianity. We are called to love one another, not provide cover for judgmental bigots who want to preach against not only the perceived sin but the sinner themselves. There is simply no way in a fallen world for so-called compassionate Christians to parse a message that calls for vilification of homosexuality without vilifying homosexuals themselves. There is no way for advocacy of the closet to be a compassionate or caring message. We must, as followers of Jesus, demand that our leaders drop these hateful messages in his name. That is where the sin lies – spreading hate. We are called to love and accept each other and allow each of us to work out our own salvation, confident in the promise that the grace of our Lord is for EVERYONE. Stop it Tony Perkins and stop it now.

  • intengu

    I have read the New Testament and the Old Testament. I derive much direction from the life of Jesus. The Old Testament is full of stuff like permission to enslave the people of neighbouring nations and the like which seems selectively set aside by evangelicals. In the New Testament I can’t find anything said by Jesus, or said to be said by him, on sexuality, full stop. It seems like he left us to figure it out, compassionately.I am beyond outrage. One day I will marry my man and be an equal citizen.Perhaps the title of this article should be “Homosexual compassion requires being kind about Tony Perkins’ neeed to go on about homosexuals all the time”?

  • PacNW

    For a so-called “Christian”, Tony Perkins is seething with hatred to publish this disgusting screed on National Coming Out Day. He is an evil, angry man plain and simple. JUDGE NOT, TONY – DID YOU MISS THAT PART?????????????????

  • nonnie9999

    Tony Perkins? Was Fred Phelps too busy?

  • jake14

    Others have said what I was thinking, so all I can do is add my voice to the chorus of voices. Why, WP would you publish this hateful, ignorant, inaccurate and inappropriate essay? This is not

  • PacNW

    WE SHALL OVERCOME the haters like Perkins who so fervently desire a less perfect union.

  • boltondc

    Tony Perkins talking about compassion for Gays is sort of like Joseph Mengele talking about minimally invasive surgery for Jews.

  • lightenup2

    Tony Perkins today, David Duke tomorrow.Just when it seems the WP can’t go any lower, they prove me wrong. Congrats to the Post for a new low.

  • krista1203

    Wow. I was going to address the total failures of simple logical point-by-point, but I then realized there are so many I simply don’t have the time or energy to take it all on right now.

  • oldsoutherner

    BULL CRAP Mr. Perkins!! Complete and totally unadulterated BULL CRAP!

  • gjcomm

    Oh, just change your name from the Post to the Times already. This paper can’t end it’s run fast enough for my taste.

  • mexantique

    Oh my good God.The question is:WHY did the Post choose THIS person, who writes such an intolerant falsehood-filled hate screed, and publish it on National Coming Out Day?I ask this as a straight mother of three who is beyond appalled….

  • saskatch1234

    SHAME on you washington post. This article is desperate and the people running this paper are beyond disgusting. I hope you dry up and go out buisness just like the rest of print media. I hope you all loose your jobs and become homeless.

  • speedboat1

    Well, gracious, understanding, and all-inclusive folks at Washington Post, before you start name-calling and pontificating about the ‘wrongs’ of homosexuality, perhaps you should do a bit of research on Christian values and of the ‘normal’ people you hold in such high esteem.My ‘Christian’ family consisted of my father, my mother, my younger sister, and myself. My father sexually abused me from the time I was 3 until I was 15 and told me he’d hurt my sister if I ever told anyone. My mother beat me because I ‘let’ him do it.My sister suffered the same abuse from both of them. Neither of us knew about the abuse of the other until we were adults because, of course, we were good little girls and did exactly what our parents toldd us to do.We were raised in the 50’s when such things were never talked about and where the picture perfect family was not questioned.It tooks us both years of counseling as adults to overcome our ‘perfect Christian childhoods.’

  • phil47

    I see all these places to click “Report offensive comment”where is the button to report offensive articles? No matter … I’ll never be back.

  • ron2013

    How can you possibly excuse this vile sputum as an article of faith? This used to be a decent newspaper, but you may as well sell it to Rev Moon to complete his monopoly of Washington newspapers.Shameful.

  • janinsanfran

    The views — and repulsive actions — of people like Mr. Perkins are what causes gay depression, a few suicides, and not a few gay bashings. They also are a gross misrepresentation of the teachings of his purported Lord and Savior. God doesn’t love hatred as I hope Mr. Perkins someday recognizes

  • emcglaughlin

    Why is the Post publishing this hate-monger?!?

  • kiminportland

    As a Christian I am deeply ashamed by and for Mr. Perkins. To deny the volumes of sermons that get preached about Lev. 18:20, 1 Cor. 6:6-10, etc. is a lie. Mr. Perkins is very much aware and while he claims those verses justify his bigotry, bullying, and hatred towards gays, they are the foundation of his message. Interestingly that he happily ignores the section of 1 Cor. 6:10b that condemns lying and slandering. Perhaps, he feels that it does not apply to him?Mr. Perkins so full of hubris may think that he speaks for Christianity, but he does not. He speaks for himself and his Family Research Council, a known and identified hate group. As a reader of WaPo I’m deeply disappointed that Mr. Perkins erroneous data was not fact checked before submission. I shows poorly upon you. It also shows poorly on you that you would allow a submission from an identified hate group, without providing balance or acknowledging that status of such group.

  • nspang

    Tony Perkins fails at using reason when backing up his points. He is tangled up in correlation, causation, and ignoring key issues that affect what he criticizes about the LGBT community.It would be easy to go point by point about how flawed Tony Perkin’s arguments are… but why? this man is exempt from needing to actually make sense. His entire world-view is predicated on blind faith. In the mean time this depraved bigot will keep hurting people.

  • neptuneflytrap

    I was raised, and still consider myself to be, Christian. Yet, I am regularly ashamed of the actions and mentalities of other “Christians.”Mentalities like Perkins’s, here, are what make me hang my head in shame and even sometimes question my faith. And it’s no wonder: Does Perkins ever stop to think about the picture he’s painting about what it means to be Christian? I know Christians aren’t supposed to admit this, but I DON’T want to be perceived as “Christian” if this is what people will associate with that label. Fortunately for me, Perkins’s teachings are not the mentalities or lessons I have ever heard at my own church.Christianity is about love. I know religious discrimination is not new, but it sickens me that religious leaders/speakers are using their power to discriminate against people solely based on who those people love.So, I must thank the other commenters on this post! Reading your comments brought a smile to my face. I hope that soon, we will all live in a reality where people no longer associate Christians with this kind of discrimination, and people with offensive/outdated views like Perkins will never be considered true messengers of Christ.

  • Gary12

    Homophobic hate-monger!You MUST be a closet case.Full of venom and hate.

  • kentuckienne

    As Jesus said about homosexuality, “”.

  • nc-germanro

    Why does the Washington Post carry this hateful tripe?What’s next–Joseph Goebbels?

  • dcknower

    I am outraged by this article. Tony Perkins’ editorial on National Coming Out Day, perfect. I thank god everyday that I quit reading this rag years ago. Perhaps the Post should do a name change Washington Post/Fox News at 11. And, yes, he does look like the last closet case on the planet, though I wouldn’t sleep with him, too many stds from the bathroom affair.

  • shaiarra

    From the Gospel of LUKE 17:verses 30, 34, Jesus said, “In the day the Son of man is revealed, in that night there shall be two men in one bed, the one shall be taken, and the other left.”, So ok 2 GROWN MEN in 1 Bed {TOGETHER}? (what does this sound like?…AT THE RAPTURE SAME SEX “JESUS” says he takes one and leave the other in the same bed on that night ON THE RAPTURE, HMMMMM, ok?)SEE LUKE 17:30-34, TWO GROWN MEN “LYING” IN BED TOGETHER AT NIGHT, HE TAKES ONE AND LEAVES THE OTHER…IT DID NOT BOTHER “JESUS”Men are told to KISS Each other!!! ( BIBLE NEW TESTAMENT ) ROM16:16, 1Cor 16:20, 2Cor13:12, 1Thes5:26 1Pet5:14MOST SAME SEXERS DETEST ANAL BUT PREFER GIVING ORAL SEX WITH SOME PEROXIDE MOUTH WASH ITS MORE SANITARYSodom is a lesson regarding inhospitality, abuse, offense against strangers, and insult to the traveler – not homosexuality.Ezekiel (16:48-49) states: “This was the guilt of your sister Sodom: she and her daughters had pride, surfeit of food and prosperous ease, but did not aid the poor and needy.”Wisdom (19:13) states that the sin of Sodom was: “bitter hatred of strangers” and “making slaves of guests who were benefactors.” Jesus said in Matthew (10:5-15) that the twelve angels sent to Sodom were sent with the following instructions: ” Whatever town or village you enter, find out who in it is worthy, and stay there until you leave If any one will not welcome you or listen to your words, shake off the dust from your feet as you leave that house or town. Truly I tell you, it will be more tolerable for the land of Sodom and Gomorrah “Further confirmation of this is found in Isaiah 1:10-17 and 3:9; Jeremiah 23:14; and Zephaniah 2:8-11. It is ironic that those who oppress gay people today are the true violators of the lesson of Sodom.

  • jmatazzoni

    The Netherlands study Mr. Perkins cites doesn’t prove what he seems to suggest. Mr. Perkins argues that “even in that most ‘gay-friendly’ country on earth, research has shown homosexuals to have much higher mental health problems.” Higher than heterosexuals, yes. But the study in question, if it is valid, includes no comparative data among the Netherlands and other countries. Netherlands may be relatively gay-friendly, but that doesn’t mean there is no prejudice or discrimination there. So, the unfortunate rate of mental health problems among homosexuals there is still most plausibly and simply explained by the discrimination they face – however mild Mr. Perkins seems to assume it is. That is certainly easier to credit than Mr. Perkins’ convoluted hypothesis.

  • maxblair1

    Perkins is a hate monger and a fool. He does not understand the basic underpinnings of the science behind the issue, of which two basic facts are key: 1> Correlation is not causation. Even though out gays are messed up in various ways at higher rates than the general population, it does not follow that coming out causes someone to become messed up. 2> Being gay is neither a disease that can be cured, a defect that can be treated, or a consensual misbehavior that can be resisted. It is a deep, inborn drive that is normal and healthy for the person born to it. It is normal and healthy for a gay person to seek love and intimacy among persons of his or her own gender and unhealthy to do otherwise. This is the current understanding of gayness by the best science of the day.As bad as Perkins’ is science, his theology is worse: less accurate, more twisted, more hateful.In particular, he misses the key truth of Christian doctrine regarding homosexuality: Jesus says nothing specific regarding the love that dare not speak its name.Leviticus condemns it outright, just as it condemns wearing cotton with wool and eating of shrimp. This condemnation is only bolstered by a trio of verses of Genesis and a pair of verses from the Epistles.Jesus says nothing specific to homosexuality in particular. But Jesus does commend the faith of a Roman Centurion and heals his catamite (sex slave). Jesus speaks of the Good Samaritan. Jesus forgives the adulteress, a behavior specifically forbidden by the Commandments. Jesus tells us, “Judge not, lest ye be judged.” All of this leads to the inescapable conclusion that the only acceptable Christian attitude towards homosexuality is tolerance mixed with a healthy dose of acceptance. There is no other way in this time and these circumstances to deal with the gays and walk with Christ.

  • whowhat

    Upcoming guest columns in the WaPoo:”Race relations would be vastly improved by a return to slavery””How to tell your Jewish friends they’re going to Hell””Women: Can’t live without ’em and the damn cops won’t let you beat some sense into them””This country would be a lot better if we got rid of the dirty foreigners””Jesus hates you because you’re not just like me”

  • shaiarra


  • adlynn24

    To focus on only one of Mr. Perkins’s many lies about LGBT people, he claims that “homosexual conduct is associated with higher rates of sexual promiscuity….” In fact, lesbians demonstrate higher rates of monogamy than both opposite-sex and same-sex male couples. Doesn’t it follow that lesbians are more moral than straight people?

  • procupcake

    I find Mr. Perkins opinion no more important nor valid than any other bigoted and fear-based sexist comment. I’m old enough to remember racists being given the page to express their hateful, fearful opinions about inter-racial marriage. As a society, we’re no longer tolerant of people who express blatant racism. I look forward to the day we no longer tolerate blatant sexism, cloaked in guise of religious righteousness. Distasteful and old-fashioned are the most generous adjectives I can use to characterize this piece.

  • dougmuder

    Unlike Mr. Perkins, I suspect the bullies are church-going kids who have been told by both their opposite-sex parents and their ministers that homosexuals are evil. My opinion has the same basis as Mr. Perkins’ — nothing beyond my own experience and common sense.

  • persiflage

    The entire column is hyperbolic hogwash. Condescending, supercilious tripe from a white heterosexual male that feels partcularly superior for ‘having found Jesus’. Men with this demographic have always had every advantage to begin with – so how can they be wrong about much of anything? This special status apparently entitles Mr. Perkins to his evangelical rhapsody about hating the sin and loving the sinner. Fundamentalists have not the remotest idea how truly stupid and uninformed all of this sounds in the 21st century, when a good many of us know better. Nature is full of all kinds of anomalies that defy convention – and conventional values.Homosexuality exists throughout the animal kingdom, and that includes us – always has and always will. Nothing unnatural about it whatsoever. What’s unnatural, is how too many societies go about handling this fact of life. We are what we believe, and what we happen to think is true. The very fact that much of what we believe is founded on no evidence whatsoever, does not seem to make an impression or cause a moment of self-reflection. Instead, many folks barge ahead and act on what they’ve been taught, and where they’ve made their emotional investments. The values of religion become the values of religious believers, and yet religion is not immune from the bigotry, the prejudice, and a whole host of skewed values that may be mirrored in the larger culture. Religious homophobia is one such case.

  • arsubscriberfor30years

    One word says it all: BIGOT.

  • cincykid1

    And this, ladies and gentlemen, is precisely why, after 35 years in Washington, I refuse to subscribe to the incredible shrinking Post. This guy is a crackpot and a bottomless well of hate and intolerance.

  • shaiarra


  • ASja2002

    I have read the article (“Christian compassion requires the truth about harms of homosexuality:The Washington Post;October 11, 2010) and have also read the comments from many who are outraged that the piece would come out on a so-called National Coming Out Day. Ultimately, no person has it 100%. I do agree with the fact that Christian compassion comes with speaking God’s truth with love. A true repentance means that you turn away from all sinful, worldly things and seek God’s forgiveness. It is a daily accounting of every word, thought, deed, and omission; and its weight against the Holy Bible, the sole source of faith and ultimate rule of conduct in this life. I fail daily. There is only on person who ever walked this earth that could ever meet all of the qualifications of Holy righteousness in the Mosaic Law, his name was above all names and worthy of all praise. Jesus Christ. I have friends and relatives who have chosen an alternative lifestyle and choose to be Homosexual. I do not criticize them, I don’t shun them, I don’t call them hurtful names, and I don’t do as certain gangs in New York did to a selected few last week. I pray for them. I cherish the friendships that I have with them, some dating back over half my lifetime. I share with them what I know in my heart and soul to be the truth. Then I shut up. I don’t expect them to change just for me. I am human, I am not perfect. NO ONE IS. The story of Jesus and the Adulteress is the ultimate summation of God’s eternal forgiveness and lovingkindness. She was given the ultimate pardon, with one condition. Go, and sin no more. For everyone will have to reckon an accounting of their lives in this world in the last days. One who calls himself a Christian and does not follow God’s command is just as guilty as one who never followed at all. He is a just God and knows everything before your muscles move your lips to breath in the air for which you are about to utilize to speak. Bullying people who have chosen that route and spiritually crushing them is no where near what is expected of a person, Christian or no. Someone who acts in that way is just as condemned as the person committing the sin. As bad as the sin may be, there always in this life is the chance for forgiveness, not giving them that opportunity is cruel and unusual punishment.It is not our job to judge others, leave that to God alone. Steven J. Anderson

  • oregonian1

    How soon until Fred Phelps is given a forum in what used to be a reputable newspaper?From Dinesh D’Souza to the Tea Party “leader” who’s been disavowed by the rest of his movement, the Post seems to be giving every discredited crackpot a podium. I guess the paper thinks it needs to turn into a cable news station if it wants to survive.

  • mitchellowens

    I am deeply saddened that The Post has given a podium to Tony Perkins on this subject. His bigoted rants are well known, his bitterness so evident, his lack of Christian kindness and generosity so blatant. With this article I’ve given up reading The Post. I no longer have time for this kind of “fairness,” in this form of presenting another side to the story. Hate speech, the half-baked misuse of “statistics,” and opinion masquerading as fact should not be condoned by The Post.

  • georgiaed

    This is one of the most patently offensive things i have ever read. How do these things get published in a mainstream newspaper or online endorsed by a major organization? Where was the compassion in this? Where was the tolerance?

  • bloviator

    hahahahahahahaha!I couldn’t possibly respond to the transparently absurd “substance” of this article. And anyway, I am too busy laughing at the Post, or what’s left of it, for finding new ways to mock itself and journalism, desperately chasing the latest phony trend. Hire a teabagger! Give a post to an evangelical! What could possibly go wrong? These guys are MOVERS!When is the last time the Post tried anything that smacked of journalism instead of gimmickry? Maybe the results wouldn’t be so unintentionally comical.[p.s. You GO ALL CAPS GUY!!!]

  • NoxiousNan

    EXPLAIN YOURSELF WAPO!!There is no excuse for giving this vile bigot a forum. And on National Coming Out Day? Disgusting. I will not forget.

  • srwdc2

    Christians love to reference a book and value system written 2000 years ago to validate their current bigotry. I could appreciate them a lot more if they lived by everything they found in Leviticus. And while they’re at it why not rely on 2000 year old medical technology to treat their more worldly afflictions?

  • kathy64

    I am not at all surprised that Mr. Perkins wrote an offense hate filled article. He is a monkey and monkeys fling poo. However, I am surprised that the Post decided to spread that poo all over their paper. Yes, if you spread poo in your paper, people will talk about it, but then that paper no longer belongs in polite society. For shame Washington Post. I cannot believe that the great paper that broke the Watergate story and took down a corrupt President would stoop to this level.

  • mrqcguy

    Wow, I am on the edge of my seat waiting to see the reaction when the Post gives David Duke a gig writing an op-ed on civil rights for African Americans. Tony Perkins and the AFA has consistently aligned itself with known hate groups as has been proven time and time again by the Southern Poverty Law Center and the Post would have us believe that these guys over at the AFA didn’t used to wear klan outfits?

  • BurfordHolly

    I think Bill Mahr hit the nail on the head a couple weeks ago:”If your minister has anything to say about homsexuality besides ‘Who gives a crap?,’ then he’s GAY!”

  • nyssamol

    Readers,First and foremost, as a Christian and follower of Christ, the greatest commandments start and end with love– love of God, and love of others. With this in mind, if Christians remained true to these commandments, the view of Christianity as a whole wouldn’t be as it is today. However, while we are called to love as Christ loved, we are also called to obey as Christ taught. Whether you are a Christian or not is up to you, but based on my faith, this is what the Bible states– Homosexuality is a sin. Now mind you, nowhere in the Bible does it state to hate a homosexual. No where in the Bible does it state to bully a homosexual. And for any Christian to do such a thing, know that God will hold you accountable to it. But let’s not put all Christians in one category based on the past mistakes of others and place blame on them for being the cause of young people taking their lives. That’s absolutely absurd.It is not a faith that has caused these children to take their lives. It is not a belief system. It is because of a bully (s) who was raised to hate. If you disagree with a person’s belief system, then that’s fine. That is up to you. You are entitled to believe what you want. If you are fine with homosexuality, that is up to you as well. But please recognize that bashing Christians is just as bad as bashing the gay community. Neither one is better than the next. In the end, we cannot alleviate one wrong by committing another wrong. That only spreads further hate, and we know what has happened as a result of such hatred.

  • thatcatdavid

    Very even,honest and straight forwad article with a confident and mature tone. Kudos to the Washington Post and Tony Perkins, one of the few papers in the country with a section on faith which is even today playing a major role in our lives as Americans. Now, no gay gene.And the students at Rutgers did not like the way the gay community exploit young Tyler Clemente. Rest in peace T.So now we have God and science on our side.

  • mercury613

    “The religious right points to the suicide rate among gay teenagers—which the religious right works so hard to drive up (see above)—as evidence that the gay lifestyle is destructive. It’s like intentionally running someone down with your car and then claiming that it isn’t safe to walk the streets.Which is why I argued that every gay teen suicide is a victory for the religious right. Because, you see, your side does use those suicides to “perpetuate [your] agenda.” Tony Perkins and all those other oddly effete defenders of “Christian values” and “traditional marriage” will point to this recent spate of gay teen suicides to argue against gay marriage, anti-bullying programs, against allowing gay people to serve in the military—basically, they’ll gleefully use these tragedies to justify what they like to call the “Christian, pro-family agenda.”– Dan Savage

  • ANDYO1

    Tony Perkins is an embarrassment and discredit to Christianity. He is a false prophet using the Faith to promote hatred and bigotry. He is very selective in the Old Testament passages he leans on to claim God’s sanction of his prejudice. Leviticus is, frankly, bizarre and I doubt Mr Perkins accepts all the passages from Leviticus. Mr Perkins drives people away from Christianity when he politicizes the faith and uses it to oppress people. The idea that a Christian would oppose tolerance is appalling. Tony Perkins is a false prophet. He ignores so much of Jesus’ teaching in favor of a right wing political agenda.

  • RonGeatz

    I’m all for a mix of viewpoints, but the Post has no credibility when it publishes the voice of someone who supports his message with “research” that has been full discredited. Here’s how the Southern Poverty Law Center describes this researcher: “Paul Cameron is an infamous anti-gay propagandist whose one-man statistical chop shop, the Family Research Institute, churns out hate literature masquerading as legitimate science.” After 17 years as a loyal daily subscriber to the Post, I stopped when they featured an op/ed from Sarah Palin debunking Climate Change. She has about as much credibility on that subject as Mr. Cameron does on homosexuality. Again, I want to read opinions of people with whom I may disagree, but they need to have some level of credibility. Holding up an idiot half-term governor as an expert on Climate Change and a pseudoscientist as an expert on human sexuality only makes the Post look foolish and INcredible.

  • JayC4

    What a shame: it would be one thing if the Post ran this piece of sanctimonious bigoted drivel with SOME sort of editorial comment; but to print this gay-bashing nonsense as if it had something behind it other than self-righteous hatemongering dressed up in the language of “religion” is a disgrace; even by the degraded journalistic standards which are the sad norm at the Washington Post these days.

  • Reality6

    Tony Perkins is a homophobic, religious nut case.

  • referencegirl

    I think that sense of despair comes from that fact that people like Tony Perkins are so far off the mark and that the world is full of people just like him. Despair knowing they will have to live the rest of their lives wondering what danger they risk and wealth the sacrifice by being themselves. All the progress that has been made has happened at great personal risk and undaunted courage by those brave enough to step up and proclaim themselves without apology. When you brainwash children at an early age about what is right and what is not, their natural response is to be cruel towards those they see as different and with-in the realm of what is not right – that is just how kids are. It is not just towards homosexuality. I was beat many times because I did not grow up Christian and openly admitted that I didn’t believe in the resurrection of Jesus. If adults have a difficult time acting as “compassionate Christians,” how on earth can they expect that level of maturity in their kids?

  • jimdim

    Mr. Perkins chooses to believe some of the words written by goat herders 2000 years ago.Why would anyone think that Mr. Perkins has anything relevant to say?

  • revbookburn

    Presenting a column by Taliban-wannabee Perkins is like asking Mullah Omar to write about abortion, gays, and “family-values.” Interestingly, Omar and the “Christian Right” are in full agreement.Perkins represents the lowest in the American population. This is like inviting Mel Gibson to write a column about domestic abuse.

  • david6

    So the Post offers smug hypocrites like Tony Perkins a chance to spread his evil doctrines, but is afraid that Wiley’s cartoon might offend? No, Perkins is much more offensive than anything Wiley could ever say. Perkins claims to be a Christian, but then goes on to prove that he hates what Jesus taught.

  • ki-liu

    Even as recently as a generation ago, Christians who espoused “love the sinner, but hate the sin” were criticized by most Americans for being too radical in reaching out to homosexuals in love and kindness. It is amazing that a generation later, culture has flipped and these same Christians are being lambasted for being bigots. It is a horrible tragedy that Tyler Clementi felt compelled to take his own life. But his situation could have happened equally with any heterosexual having his/her bedroom encounter secretly transmitted on the web. The wrong committed here was the act of publicly broadcasting someone’s private moment, not gay-bashing. It is shame that so many Americans, including so many Post readers, have now turned to “Christian-bashing” as a sport. Ironically, it is often those who most ardently champion “tolerance” that are the most intolerant of those with whom they disagree.I thank the Post for giving a open forum for people to air various perspectives on an issue.

  • boltondc

    Bullies like Tony Perkins and his christian minions berate and harass Gays until they’re psychologically distressed and then have the nerve to blame their victims for being psychologically distressed. Now that’s what I call perverted.

  • bobbarnes

    @KI-LIU, we now live in a grown up world, please join us. Oh, for your information, we hardly find Mr. Perkins to be anything remotely Christian. His hatred and need to discriminate cleverly rolled up in the guise of Christendom is a hoax. So, no, this is not Christian bashing.And another thing why is it that minorities are suppose to be”the better” of the parties. If you don’t think that hundreds of years of oppression doesn’t make you fighting mad, you are incredibly wrong.

  • demostheneswashdc

    For the misinformed and propagandizing Mr. Perkins, as a young man who went to church, joined the youth group, and even worked at summer Bible school, the issue of suicide and faith never arose in the method he states.While having feelings and knowing my sexuality was not like those of other boys in my small town, the “Christian” response to this dilemma could be summarized by the notion that if I prayed right, then God would fix me. If, however, what seemed to be my innate orientation remained along with my eye color, then I was obviously not worthy of being fixed through divine intervention. This hopeless situation presented an option of misery for a lifetime followed by eternal damnation or committing the sin of suicide with the hope of forgiveness for that sin.Mr. Perkins and others should understand that there was no equality movement, accepting church, support groups, or other parts of the so-called homosexual activists in my small town with one traffic light and six churches. The antiquated and selective reading of the Bible by those making a living by demonizing gays was and continues to be one of the most destructive and un-Christ-like elements of our society.It is disappointing that Mr. Perkins continues to be given a platform from which to spread his bigotry that lacks any scientific foundation that withstands scrutiny. Out of curiosity, did the Post provide space for people opposed to the mixing of races through miscegenation? There are many so-called Christians who still claim that the “races” should not mix because God made them different for a reason. Those racist “Christians” have continued to be allowed to discriminate in their churches (no church has to marry anyone for any reason), but they have been relegated to the shadows where they belong.How long will we have to wait for Perkins et al to join them in their exile? Hopefully not much longer in order to save more young gays and perceived gays from bullying, home abuse, self-loathing, and suicide.

  • StudioTodd

    Underneath every comment there is a link which says “REPORT OFFENSIVE COMMENT.”Where’s the link we click on to “REPORT OFFENSIVE POST?” I can’t think of many things anyone could say on this subject which would be more offensive than the words Perkins chose to write for this disgusting piece of anti-gay garbage.

  • featherstudio

    SHAME, Post! This man has plenty of places to smear good Americans with his twisted ideology, subtle and overt bigotry, and lies; and you have to foul the Faith section with it? We’ll never pick up the Post, again.

  • pnthrmn7

    I am disgusted that the Washington Post gave this man an opportunity to spew forth his hateful opinions. Perkin’s opinions today will be viewed in the same light as those opposing women’s suffrage a century ago and racial equality 50 years ago. You should be ashamed for enabling him.

  • solsticebelle

    Every time I think the Bushington Post can’t sink any lower, it does.But this stinking sewage of a column is the absolute lowest.You have given space to many sociopaths, but Tony Perkins takes the cake.

  • EastCoastnLA

    One of the crux of Tony’s and many Far Right “Christians” is that being gay is a choice, as if they chose to be straight and be sexually atttracted to women at some point in their life and to turn way from their sexual attraction to men. Of course this is nonsense, they were never attracted to men probably, it was never a choice, they discovered their God given sexuality just like everyone else. Being a Bigot and having a closed mind, closed from the message of Jesus Christ, so to promote their own brand of bigotry and hypocracy is a choice objectively made by Man in his relationship with other human beings. If God created them in his image, why did he play a dirty trick on me and not create me in his image too. I believe he did.

  • Nicole9

    What a ridiculous piece of bigoted CRAP masquerading as an “article”! Have you NO shame, WP??Last time I’ll visit this site for a long while. Clean up your act!

  • Nicole9

    Also. Where is the “report offensive article” button? The article is far more offensive than all of the responses combined.

  • AndrewKY

    Tony Perkins and Fred Phelps – probably the only two people on earth who Jesus would beat the cr*p out of. Congrats WaPo on hitting a new low, I didn’t think you had it in you! As an aside, why do people like Perkins think about nothing but c*ck all day?

  • 012009

    Tony Perkins is one sick f***.

  • tw25

    “However, homosexual activist groups like GLSEN (the Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network) are exploiting these tragedies to push their agenda of demanding not only tolerance of homosexual individuals, but active affirmation of homosexual conduct and their efforts to redefine the family.”How dare a group ask for tolerance and affirmation!This editorial ignores the culture of intolerance that leads to bullying by suggesting that individuals, rather than groups of like-minded people, are responsible for a culture of hate. The rampant use of quotation marks in this editorial, around terms like “anti-gay” bullying and same-sex “marriage,” belies the author’s hypocrisy towards and revulsion of the gay community. I hope that he is not or never is in any power to determine the course of life for a group of people that he so clearly despises.

  • HeavyD1

    I want to gay marry Tony Perkins – and according to the right-wing propagandists under Sharia law Tony cannot refuse me. On a more serious note, the Christian-Right seem to be in close accord with their Taliban brethren on this issue.

  • Nicole9

    Lunatics like yourself, Mr. Perkins, is one very big reason why I dislike organized religion. YOU, Mr. Perkins, do not get to judge who is worthy.

  • lkreisberg

    Mr. Perkins is clearly a bigot, and supports his claims using false data. How could the Washington Post let this person, of all people, publish his opinions on National Coming Out Day? It is not only in poor taste, but lacks the journalistic ethics and standards that gave this paper its once great reputation. There are many other places for me to get my news, and because of this piece I will not be reading the Washington Post again. Ever.

  • jhchristancho

    I donot agree with the author he is assuming that we got all the data about mental health and we do not. I was ruled out by the A.S.A way back, that this orientation and condition is not a sikness .

  • neologism

    Is the Washington Post considered a reputable newspaper? It won’t be any longer. Reputable newspapers don’t publish fact-free opinions by mendacious, hypocritical, slandering, hate-filled scum like Tony Perkins.

  • AlSo

    “Since homosexual conduct is associated with higher rates of sexual promiscuity, sexually transmitted diseases, mental illness, substance abuse, and domestic violence, it too qualifies as a behavior that is harmful to the people who engage in it and to society at large.”First of all, your stats are misleading, as the percentages listed do not correlate exclusively w/being LGBT as opposed to straight, but rather compare outcomes w/in given communities (i.e., urban), and more notably, do not compare straight populations to those demographics. Second,correlating these problems with being gay or lesbian or transgender instead of with just being people who are addicted, or abused, or struggling with mental illness, both minimizes the impact of these issues as real public health concerns and creates a label ripe for targeting hate and bullying.Don’t you get it?By the way, all the same issues that you quote could equally be said about another demographic: the poor. So where’s your long, preachy article about the scourge of the poor on society? Or about how it’s a choice that you can encourage people away from? Nah. Pretty sure your Jesus wouldn’t approve of that message.

  • dasievert

    Huh this is actually an interesting op-ed despite what some of the comments would seem to imply. liberals seem to have hit a new low to claim that if someone doesn’t affirm their lifestyle, then they’re a bigot. how does that make sense at all?? The research cited actually makes sense and is actually done by organizations that are recognized as unbiased and fair. All of his claims are backed up and his reference to Holland is fair enough. A quote from the study itself,” Compared with other Western countries, the Dutch social climate toward homosexuality has long been and remains considerably more tolerant.” Couple that with the findings of the study and its clear that Perkins is not being prejudicial.The claims by Perkins that homosexuality is a sin is grounded in scripture. These verses are apart from the law handed down to the Hebrew nation. Romans 1:24-27 from the English Standard Version is found in the New Testament and is just as applicable to the 21st century culture as the 1st century. Perkins does not affirm the homosexual lifestyle and if you are so willing to slander him as a bigot then you are making a mistake. Perkins is not prejudicial and if you take time to understand his arguments, you’ll understand that too.

  • somethingrefreshing

    Dear Washington Post,I will never read your publication again.This is the most blatant display of editorial opinion I have seen in a major news publication.I had expected more from this paper.Not that I have anything against hearing from both sides of the political/spiritual divide, but giving Tony Perkins a platform to spout his hysterical jibber jabber is a step farther than I could have ever expected.This is most certainly goodbye.

  • wiscoman

    I see a link for “REPORT OFFENSIVE COMMENT,” but where’s the “REPORT OFFENSIVE OP-ED?”

  • tniel

    The inclusion of this baseless piece of propaganda by the hyper-partisan fundamentalist Tony Perkins represents a new low for Fred Hiatt’s WaPo. Katherine Graham would be appalled, and with good reason.

  • tiredchristian

    I’m a Christian in spite of the years of bullying from fellow Christians. I’m not gay, I’m a straight educator who steps in to deal with bullying on a regular basis. Kids are forming their ideas, they can be vicious to anyone that they consider different. When parents and pastors teach them that a person is an abomination then that makes that person a legitimate target. I wouldn’t go as far as Dan Savage and say that Christians are responsible for bullying, but I would say Christians need to take a long hard look at what our actions are allowing our children to do. Teach your children that bullying anyone for any reason is wrong and will not be tolerated in your family. You regularly ask for the same kind of consideration and respect for yourselves and your beliefs.

  • seokso

    “Such bullying violates the Christian’s obligation to love our neighbor as we love ourselves.”Yes, it does. Then again, hypocrisy has never been a problem for Christians, has it?If this issue were truly about concern for the emotional and physical health of homosexuals, then Christian bigots like Perkins would describe homosexuality in the same neutral terms as smoking or an unhealthy diet. They don’t. They label it a sin, and they harass homosexuals in every way they can.

  • RJ24

    I hope the Washington Post didn’t pay this fruitcake a dime to write this piece of garbage. (I do love that he shares the name of one of Hollywood’s biggest closeted queens though.)

  • watchmaker

    Quoting Mr. Perkins:”Where bullying has occurred, the blame should be placed on the bullies themselves–not on organizations within society who clearly oppose bullying.”So by that I take it you mean the “God Hates Fags” preacher and his entire organization? Fine example, upstanding, righteous, good Christian folks. Un-American, too. No doubt they don’t bully anyone … wait, that is _all_ they do.Turn on a TV every once in a while, or read a newspaper…

  • MrDarwin

    This column finally pushed me over the edge to cancel my subscription; I called to cancel this afternoon, effective tomorrow. It’s absolutely disgraceful that a supposedly respectable newspaper like the Washington Post would print something so offensive (we already have the Washington times to fill that role). Thankfully Mr. Perkins’ benighted comments represent a rapidly dwindling minority of Americans but striving for “balance” in reporting doesn’t mean providing a platform to the most extreme purveyors of a viciously ignorant minority viewpoint. What’s next, a guest column by a KKK leader on Martin Luther King Jr.’s birthday?If there’s any compassion to be had, I suppose we should extend it to people like Larry Craig, Ted Haggard, George Rekers and now Eddie Long who apparently feel the need to go through their lives living a lie (and who seem strangely overrepresented on the religious right and especially in its anti-gay underbelly) because of sentiments like those presented here by Mr. Perkins. (One does have to wonder if the lady doth protest too much.) But it’s hard to feel any compassion for somebody like Mr. Perkins who claims that trying to give gay kids a positive and hopeful message–that they can find love, that they can have happy and successful and dignified lives–is what led them to suicide and not the ignorant and hateful comments like his own about homosexuality and gay people.

  • freedom4all3

    1 Corinthians 6:9-10 – “Do you not know that the wicked will not inherit the kingdom of God? Do not be deceived: Neither the sexually immoral nor idolaters nor adulterers nor male prostitutes nor homosexual offenders nor thieves nor the greedy nor drunkards nor slanderers nor swindlers will inherit the kingdom of God.” (NIV). Do you think these suicide victums know deep down inside that what they are doing is wrong? Do you think the reason the gays are so out spoken is that the little natural mechanism in the brain that God gave us knows that life will not exist without male and females as couples and they have hard time trying to justify their sins. Where do we stop rewriting the Bible to fit our needs? History repeats itself and we are heading right into the same direction that Rome did. The Bible says the Christians will be pursecuted more and more towards the end times … looks like that is a good prediction.

  • ravensfan20008

    So they call for an end to hatred based on sexuality…and then proceed to launch a screed on why being gay is evil.This man is exhibit A as to why I don’t give a damn about people’s sexuality. The hypocrisy, the hate, the just all-around stupidity is enough for me.

  • fenrox

    Horrible. Should I find a grand dragon to do a “Guest Voice” on why black people are sub-human? I mean you gotta be fair and balanced right? Issues can’t just be one sided right? I think we should all focus on Mr. Perkins opinion on being pro-child suicide.

  • kiminportland

    @Freedom4All,You can have your opinion. You can claim that your heart and soul knows the “truth” and everyone else needs to live by it all you want. But, those of us that know that 5000 copies of the New Testament exist in ancient Greek and not one of them matches. None are original documents and no copies date before 200 CE, that’s almost a century and half after the Pauline letters were written. Those of who know that 13 different letters of what we call 1 Corinthians exist and not single one is the same. We know about the evidence of interpolations and textual expansions within the New Testament. We can wonder about your ability to torture your own mind into accepting that your version, in English mind you, is the one true version.You asked. “Do you think these suicide victums know deep down inside that what they are doing is wrong?” The answer would be no, because 1 Cor. 6:9-10 contains an ancient Greek word that appears nowhere else in all known collected works from ancient Greece, just in the New Testament (1 Tim. being the other location) and no definition is given. No-one knows what “arsenokoitai” means. For followers of Martin Luther it was defined as masturbation. So, for you to claim that you do, and that your definition convicts gays of being “wrong” is hubris. Anyone who claims they have the truth is in denial. Truth is the best guess we can make on the data we have, in this instance the ancient word “arsenokoitai”. Data is what is given, but the paradigm it exists in changes the meaning, hence it is different meaning during the Reformation. You see, reality is always framed by the constructors of the reality, it is framed by our interpretations. You find what you look for, you construct it. You permit yourself to believe that “arsenokoitai” means that being gay is a sin, but you can’t prove it. And, without evidence to support your “reality” no-one else is morally or ethically obligated to accept your condemnation. We can also condemn those who share your “reality” and use it to justify bigotry, discrimination, bullying, and inequality as acting hateful.Notice we didn’t say you couldn’t have your opinion that you know the “truth”, just that we don’t have to accept your opinion as fact.

  • varan

    This is awesome.Next up: an article by Phylis Schafley that the fact that women’s pay is 75% or less of men’s income for similar occupations is a result of the innate intellectual inferiority of women and their inherent inability to follow men’s orders as is prescribed in the scriptures, and those who are complaining about this are actually exploiting women.

  • kiminportland

    To conflate being gay with pedophilia is extremely offense and untrue.”A. Nicholas Groth is a pioneer in the scientific study of sexual offenders against women and children, who has treated over 3000 child molesters over the course of two decades. A former director of the Sex Offender Program at the Connecticut Department of Corrections, Groth is the author of Men Who Rape: Psychology of the Offender, a work widely regarded as a classic textbook on the psychology of sexual violence. In his work, Groth has found that approximately one‑third of all cases of child molestation involve an underage boy and an adult male, a statistic which has been used incessantly by certain conservative activist groups in an effort to prove that homosexuals are disproportionately responsible for acts of child molestation. However, Groth explicitly states that it is a myth that men who molest boys are homosexual.According to Groth, child molesters can be divided into two types: “fixated” and “regressed.” The fixated offender is attracted primarily to children and has little or no interest in adult relationships; such a person is known in clinical terms as a “pedophile.” The regressed offender is interested in and capable of adult sexual relationships; however, this person may on occasion regress to sexual encounters with children, often as a result of difficulties and frustration in his adult relationships.Groth writes that the fixated offender, or pedophile, tends to select boys more often than girls, but for reasons having nothing to do with homosexuality:In general, fixated child molesters are drawn to children sexually in that they identify with the child and appear in some ways to want to remain children themselves. It is for this reason that the trend for fixated offenders is to target boys as victims. . . . They see the boy as a projected representation of themselves. They feel themselves to be more child than adult – more boys than men – and therefore find themselves more comfortable (especially sexually) in the company of children…Groth stresses that “these same individuals are uninterested in adult homosexual relationships. In fact, they frequently express a strong sexual aversion to adult males, reporting that what they find attractive about the immature boy are his feminine features and the absence of secondary sexual characteristics such as body hair and muscles.” The second type of offender, the regressed offender, is predominantly heterosexual. However, he may temporarily turn to boys or girls as a result of complications in his adult relations. Although regressed offenders are more likely to choose girls than boys as victims, writes Groth, what attracts the regressed male offender to boys are the feminine characteristics of pre‑ pubescents. Groth found no cases of boy molestation in which the offender had an adult homosexual orientation. Homosexuality and homosexual pedophilia are not synonymous.” Heterosexual men are the greater threat.

  • mercury613

    How interesting that Perkins quotes this line from the study on lesbian, gay and bisexual mental health:”Several studies suggest that gay men, lesbians and bisexuals appear to have higher rates of some mental disorders compared with heterosexuals”But *omits* the rest of the sentence, as well as the next one:”…, although not to the level of a serious pathology. Discrimination may help fuel these higher rates.”More lies from the religious right, as usual.

  • kathleenmmch

    I’m astounded that the Post would print such false and bigoted drivel against an entire class of Americans. Did anyone ask Tony Perkins to provide evidence for any of his bizarre claims? Tony Perkins lacks any credibility beyond being an anti-gay zealot and propagandist for Christian fundamentalists. Did you seriously think you’d get credible, legitimate information from a man who makes his living slandering and attacking GLBT citizens? The Washington Post used to be a credible newspaper — at least when I was in college. What happened?

  • t_parker16

    “Christian compassion requires the truth about harms of homosexuality.” Indeed. But there is no truth here. And no compassion whatsoever. Maybe “Tony Perkins’ Christian compassion” is to compassion what tofu ice cream is to ice cream.

  • FarnazMansouri2

    NT HIGHLIGHTS on Gays (Religion of Love strikes again.)1 Corinthians 6:9-10 (TNIV), Paul says:Realizing that law 1 is not intended for a righteous person, but for lawless and rebellious people, for the ungodly and sinners, for the unholy and profane, for those who kill their fathers or mothers, for murderers, 1:10 sexually immoral people, practicing homosexuals, 2 kidnappers, liars, perjurers – in fact, for any who live contrary to sound teaching. 1 Tim 1:9-10Romans 1:26-27: “For this cause God gave them up unto vile affections: for even their women did change the natural use into that which is against nature: And likewise also the men, leaving the natural use of the woman, burned in their lust one toward another; men with men working that which is unseemly, and receiving in themselves that recompence [sic] of their error which was meet.”

  • edallan

    Can you please let us know when the Washington Post plans to feature a Holocaust-denier? After all, you gotta aspire to being “fair and balanced.”Since Tony Perkins has made his life career out of intentionally bearing false witness and since through his actions in many domains, he has cheerfully condemned himself to the fires of hell everlasting (Matthew 25), it is right that he should hope for a compassionate God.

  • kathleenmmch

    Tony Perkins is essentially lying. He cherrypicks data that supports his bigotry, while ignoring facts that don’t fit his fundamentalist notions. Example: his claims about disease ignore the fact that heterosexual women are more likely to contract sexual diseases than lesbian women are. Heterosexual women are also much more likely to be the victims of domestic violence and abuse. So Perkins doesn’t include women because they refute his conclusions. You can make stastics say anything you want when you ignore all evidence that contradicts your presumptions. As for sexual promiscuity: of course gay men have more partners than heterosexual males — because women are much less likely to engage in anonymous sex than men. If heterosexual males could find willing partners, they’d have as much sex as gay men. Perkins, with his usual faith-based logic, mistakes lack of opportunity for restraint. Any decent report knows, or should know, that Perkins is wholly unqualified to speak on matters of sexuality. He’s nothing more than a lobbyist for anti-gay and anti-choice religious zealots. Is anybody at the Post playing the role of fact-checker? Hello? Are there any editors at the Post? Or maybe it’s just the Religion section where all standards of good journalism are thrown out the window.

  • JenWhite

    It’s funny people quoting Paul, do you know Paul preached complete celibacy? He didn’t believe in any form of sex, regardless of gender. The translation of the bible being quoted are what, the new international version? A translation of a translation of some other translations? The original texts in Greek and Hebrew said nothing at all about homsexualty. All of these heretical translations are fallacious, and worthless, dangerous in fact. Then there are all the lost books and texts that changes meanings and misconstrues history. Do not quote a book to us that you do not even understand, and that is nothing more than a distorted fragment of the original. Since many of you are too simple to really understand your religion, then you should simply follow the ten commandments as they are the only direct commandments from God, and in addition the two great commandments from Jesus which are to love God with all your heart and mind, and to love your neighbor as yourself. Religion should never be used as a weapon, and those of you that insist on continuing to use it in that manner are guilty of murder and of driving people away from religion and faith.

  • al-dc

    And I thought the Post couldn’t go any lower after publishing Dinesh D’Souza. This is 2010, there should be no place in a respectable paper for this bigoted crap. Who does Tony Perkins think he is?

  • FarnazMansouri2

    JenWhite:”It’s funny people quoting Paul, do you know Paul preached complete celibacy? He didn’t believe in any form of sex, regardless of gender. The translation of the bible being quoted are what, the new international version?”The only good thing about this disgraceful persecution of gay American citizens is that the marriage issue will go to the Supreme Court. If justice prevails, depending on the wording of the decision, it may pave the way for honoring the Establishment Clause–finally–thereby, separating church and state, at long, long last.As a result, we might see the scrutiny of all bills in which the imprint of the RCC “bishops” and Fundies is evident, an end to faith-based programs and “conscience clauses,” the expulsion of Congressional lobbyists for religious institutions, and an end to nonprofit status for same.

  • Gary12

    This article is offensive and hateful. Shame on The Washington Post for publishing this drivel and perpetuating lies and hate!

  • lazaruslong

    This article is offensive. The real danger is in extremists like Tony Perkins.

  • joeyalphabet62

    I cannot for the life of me understand why the Washington Post gives a voice to such a hateful man. The AFA pays lip service to tolerance, and then proceeds to spout attack after attack which aims to disparage, demean, marginalize and criminalize gays. It all comes right after the word “however.”The AFA isn’t about tolerance. It’s about ‘my way or the highway’ mentality. It’s about viciously attacking anyone who disagrees with their narrow, judgmental morality. The only ‘agenda’ I see from homosexuals is wanting to live their lives without being afraid of assaulted, harassed, humiliated and killed. Why else would so many gay young people stay in the closet, especially in school? What conservatives like Mr. Perkins do by calling gays ‘perverts’, and accusing them of ‘pedophilia’ and ‘brainwashing children’ is to give people permission to beat them, kill them, and drive them to killing themselves.

  • areyousaying

    May God bless Perkins with a gay child or grandchild to open his closed, cold, “Christian” heart. It worked for his Lord Cheney so there’s hope for him, too.Then he’ll need to pray the child is not bullied by one of his hateful evangelical followers.

  • rte148

    This is a patently offensive, blatantly bigoted piece. While I’m not surprised that it comes from the FRC, I am that the Post would publish this.Not all opinions are equal and deserving of a soapbox.

  • KilgoreTrout_XL

    So the WaPo has decided to post more bigoted filth. Shocker. This paper is a total joke.

  • MrDarwin

    Don’t have the exact numbers at my fingertips but something like 99.99% of women who have been raped were raped by heterosexual men. And around 95% of male-on-male rapes in prisons are committed by men who would be heterosexual if they were not in prison. Hey presto! Heterosexual men are evil. Aren’t statistics fun?

  • ladybug301

    Awful,narrow-minded commentary.

  • panu

    I just canceled my subscription to the Post, effective immediately, because of Tony Perkins.The Post as the right to confuse sex with religion. Tony Perkins has a right to his opinions, and the Post has the right to publish them. Tony Perkins even has the the right to lie, to misrepresent reality, or to make up facts, but the Washington Post has a duty not to publish it without a disclaimer.If the Washington Post allows a contributor to represent fiction as fact, it is not a reliable news source. Where else are they letting people just make things up?Canceled today, effective tomorrow morning.

  • jessicaeve

    This is bad science, misuse of statistics, and bad argument (in the classic sense). Why the Washington Post would choose to support such drivel (and hide behind “Op Ed” baloney) is beyond me.It’s disgusting, harmful, and bad journalism. For shame.

  • LostSoul1

    Maybe it’s time for the “Report Offensive Comment” button to be joined by one reading “Report Offensive Article.” Lending a public platform to the bigoted nonsense of professional liars like Tony Perkins just strips away what little credibility The Post had left.

  • capnganch

    I’m reminded of this:

  • jsclms

    What an error of judgment on the part of the editors of this blog to allow this crap to be posted. Tony Perkins is perverted and wouldn’t know the message of Jesus Christ if it slapped him in the face.

  • schnick

    From Mr. Perkins’ “article:”From the APA page to which that first sentence linked:This is just completely unconscionable professional neglect on the part of any editors who had anything to do with this story. Producing this piece of self-contradictory bull-pucky for Seventeen Magazine would get you fired. At the WaPo, it’ll probably lead to a promotion for generating “buzz.”

  • bgd1964

    The fact that the Post would publish such an ignorant, hateful and harmful opinion is completely irresponsible. I am cancelling my subscription.

  • MissJess

    Christian compassion requires true compassion, which I see none of in this article…I’m a Christian and I support gay rights. Contrary to popular belief, those two things do not need to be mutually exclusive.I, unlike most Christians today, do not expect everyone to agree with me. I’m not perfect, and I surely don’t believe I understand everything the way God intends I do. I don’t think I ever will, at least not while on Earth. Anyone that thinks they truly know everything about Christianity, humanity, and the interaction of the two, needs a reality check.I think the one thing we can all agree on, is that God commands us to love, not judge. I see no love, and a whole heck of a lot of judgment, in this piece.

  • sshippy

    Tony Perkins has the right in our country to believe what we wants.Shame on the Washington Post for printing this.

  • wmorgan03

    Shame on the Washington Post for publishing this screed!Shame on Tony Perkins for writing such filth!Mr. Perkins has a raging classic case of projection. All he need do is look within to find the source of problems he finds in society.

  • klaws

    I am disgusted with Tony Perkins and the Washington Post for deciding that gay teen suicide is a two sided issue. Shame on you. This paper has no credibility.

  • jaynashvil

    Tony Perkins (leading his “Family Research Council”) has perpetrated and encouraged hatred towards gay people for years, and now wants to wipe his bloody hands on the backs of gay people themselves. Mr. Perkins, we will not accept the responsibility for your actions! How he is able to look at himself in the mirror everyday is beyond me.

  • stoner829

    Tony Perkins seems obsessed with bashing gay people. As far as I am concerned people like him have the blood of young suicide victims on them. Tony says..”you can change your orientation”..this has been debunked by every reputable psychological organization. I think more people are starting to figure out that people who are that obsessed with putting down gay people are most probably closeted gay people dealing with internal homophobia. Tony…be honest with will feel much better. Don’t take it to the grave…

  • MichaelT3

    Shame on the Washington Post–and Sally Quinn and Jon Meacham in particular–for allowing this distorted, offensive opinion piece to run. As noted in previous comments, Perkins has cherrypicked quotes, purposefully leaving out other parts that refute his arguments. (Do you not have fact checkers?) Teens are dying because they continually hear the sick, twisted message that being gay is wrong. It’s flabbergasting that you would give credence to this very same sentiment, especially from such a discredited person as Tony Perkins.

  • calvarychristian

    I think Tony is absolutely correct, and I thank the paper for having the courage to print this. Have we lost the ability or willingness to identify disgusting, perverted behavior? And when we do identify it, why do the extremists insist that we “hate” those who are involved in disgusting behavior? If someone comes to my mother’s funeral and picks their nose and eats it, it’s disgusting. However, my calling their behavior disgusting doesn’t equate into my hating them. However, in the extremists’s world I guess it would.

  • djriz

    ‘Where bullying has occurred, the blame should be placed on the bullies themselves–not on organizations within society who clearly oppose bullying. I suspect that few, if any, such bullies are people who regularly attend church, and I would not be surprised if most of the “bullies” did not have the positive benefit of both an active mom and dad in their lives. Religious faith and a return to traditional family values are more likely to be a solution to the problem of bullying than a cause.’

  • eaorourke

    As always LIES FROM THE RIGHT! There is NO such thing as unbiased anti-gay research. Dig deep enough, and you’ll find all those so-called “studies” spring from BIASED sources, usually funded by religious institutions or Right Wing groups like the FRC. In fact, if the FRC is so eager to end bias harassment and bullying, why have they spent decades opposing legislation designed to reduce just such activity?As with Fox, Beck and the entire Right – if you cannot win on the merits of the argument – LIE!

  • eaorourke

    In addition, if you deny someone with same-gender attractionality the right to marry, or even create an environment hostile to developing and nurturing long-term relationships, you contribute to self-loathing, which often leads to risky sexual practices.The truth is, if you are going to argue using biblical logic, as least acknowledge that there are only a small number of passages that discuss homosexuality (NOT Sodom and Gomorrah, which was mis-translated from Hebrew/Greek to English), that these passages are written in both the context of encouraging procreation for a tiny Judeo-Christian population and in the context of discouraging illicit behavior of ANY kind, and that Jesus himself did not ever mention it whatsoever, though he does same something about being good to other people around 900 times!But arguments for government decisions are not based on one group’s religious texts but common ground based upon rational thought that strives for the best for many, while ensuring protection of the basic rights of the few.

  • liandro

    How the mighty have fallen. The once great WaPo, a leader in investigative reporting and journalistic integrity, squanders its credibility by publishing this nonsense; and it’s not just nonsense, it’s harmful and hateful. There’s no excuse for this. You might as well publish Fred Phelps for all the truth in Tony Perkins’ long running diatribes. In fact, you might as well publish anything that your increasingly out of it editors deem worthy, since you are doing your best to fulfill the predictions of the death of newspapers. Odds are good that WaPo will be one of the next big papers to go, and I’m not sure I can say that it will be missed anymore. And that’s the real shame.”Have you no sense of decency, sir, at long last? Have you left no sense of decency?” Nope.

  • coerulea

    Thankfully fewer and fewer Christians each day share Mr. Perkin’s point of view – Saying out of one side of your mouth that you are compassionate, and the bullies should be blamed, but with the other side of your mouth calling those being bullied “abnormal” and “predisposed to mental health problems” not only makes you a hypocrite, but terribly narcissistic that anyone could take your position seriously. This is classic doublespeak, saying love but meaning hate. Apparently Mr. Perkins thinks that only what he says should matter, not what he means by those words, or what he does. Many Christians now believe that the verses condeming homosexuality are as relevant to modern life as those verses commanding women be silent in church, or that a child born out of wedlock be barred from the church, or that eating oysters will damn you to hell.Just as some Christians used the Bible to “help” witches and “deliver them from an evil lifestyle” during the witch trials. As some Christians used the Bible to “help” african americans or women know their “true place” in society so they could be “happy” during the fight against slavery and interracial marriage and womens right to vote… Some christians are now using the Bible to “help” gay people realize their inherent “brokenness” or “inferiority”… this kind of “love and compassion” is finally being seen for what it truly is, thinly veiled bigotry, discrimintaion, and hate…

  • Night100

    Is this Tony Perkins character actually for real? Where in the world does he get his false views from? How big is his IQ? By simply writing an article like this he’s contributing to the violence against other human beings. Tony Perkins is one of many who are responsible for all gay and teen suicides. He knows nothing about Christian compassion. Jesus is surely shaking his head after this drivel.

  • calvarychristian

    It’s interesting: all of those who have commented about Tony’s article, calling it “hateful”, come across as sounding pretty hateful themselves. Of course that couldn’t be. After all, they appear to want to come across as haters of hate. Or maybe they just reserve their hate for those who are courageous enough to speak the truth.

  • trowland

    if being gay is a choice, why on earth would anyone CHOOSE to be part of a community that has to fight for simple tolerance, even in a society as open and free as our own? why would anyone CHOOSE to be part of a community that they are afraid of declaring their allegiance to?

  • djoh1226

    Mr. Perkins is entitled to his opinions as anyone else in this country; however, we have to tone down the hateful and violent tone by which most homophobic ministers rant their position.Enclosed is an article which hit the Internet this morning concerning Bishop Eddie Long and the rumbling that’s going on in his New Birth Missionary Baptist Church over allegations he had sex with four young men in his church. Bishop Eddie Long Scandal Takes Toll on Church Members:

  • SueG1

    Amen Mr. Perkins. I have asked our local schools why they promote homosexuality when kids are not allowed to smoke on school grounds-they have no good answers. Both are killers.

  • LisaJain1

    Human compassion requires the truth about harms of Christianity. A religion whose founder told 12 other men to leave their wives and families and come hang with him perhaps has historic reasons for being so insistently anti-gay in the nineteenth through twenty-first centuries.

  • LogicalSC

    You are wasting your time.The reality and facts that homosexual activity leads to a lower average lifespan of nearly 20 years, and that 1 in 4 homosexuals are infected with sexual disease or AIDS isn’t going to deter them in the least. If watching people around them drop like flies for the past 30 years due to AIDS without once changing their lifestyle does not have an impact they are beyond reach.The reaction tells us alot. They simply made up the lie that hetrosexuals were just as likely to contract the disease as homosexuals in order to get funding and government help and whitewash their activity even though they knew the were KILLING the people around them. Pretty heartless people whom were willing to put their gratification above those they interacted with and at the risk of death and sorry for the dying. In reality the spread of the freestyle rampant promiscuity of the gay community has exploded even with the huge increases in disease and death.Wonder how Obamacare’s Death panels will come to deal with giving healthcare to a group whose very lifestyle leads to huge medical costs? Most likely they will be a protected class and the rest of America will be required to pick up the tab and subsidizing their mischoices???

  • rmnelson

    I’m tempted to sign up for a hardcopy subscription just so I can call up and cancel it with some choice words for the WaPo’s staff. Perkins is a hate monger.

  • allenjohnson

    In a society that worships victim status like ours does, a person would happily CHOOSE to be a homosexual to get all the credibility that comes when one’s status as a victim is confirmed. Don’t give me any of that “why would they choose to be gay” nonsense. People CHOOSE to associate themselves with victimization all the time to get the “special” privileges afforded to all victims. It is more proof that homosexuality IS a mental disorder.

  • markpkessinger

    In the wake of the numerous suicides of LGBT youth, the Washington Post, in the interest of “balance”, runs an op-ed from a homophobic bigot.Shameful! Absolutely shameful!

  • jjn77777

    The anti-Christian zealots commenting on this article are as bad as the radical Muslims in Africa and the Middle East who think Christians should be killed. You persecute the Christians for their beliefs because they disagree with you on the issue of sexual perversion. You are trying to force your beliefs on the rest of society. Those of you who think that homosexuality is not perversion think that you are the only ones with the truth. How arrogant to believe that you are the only ones who know what is right. How far will you go to silence those Christians who dare to disagree with you?

  • RobRedState

    What’s really frustrating is that Perkins uses these “Links” to “evidence” to support his claims in this article. If you actually FOLLOW the links, most (if not all) of them lead you to information that REFUTES his claims. For example:[Perkins’ Claim]: “There is an abundance of evidence that {link]homosexuals experience higher rates of mental health problems in general, including depression{end link}. However, there is no empirical evidence to link this with society’s general disapproval of homosexual conduct.”[That link takes you to a study that says] “In a study that examines possible root causes of mental disorders in LGB people, Cochran and psychologist Vickie M. Mays, PhD, of the University of California, Los Angeles, explored whether ongoing discrimination fuels anxiety, depression and other stress-related mental health problems among LGB people. The authors found strong evidence of a relationship between the two.”What is truly infuriating about this is that people who don’t know better or who don’t want to know better think to themselves “Well, he had ALL THESE LINKS to supporting evidence — so it must be true.” and they don’t bother to look. I know at first I was thinking that his supporting evidence was at least actually SUPPORTING evidence. I checked two of his other links and found very similar types of articles.He’s not only dead wrong, he’s actually just pulling stuff out of thin air, making it up and utterly grasping at straws to make his point. This article wouldn’t pass the most basic of journalistic integrity reviews. He didn’t even do any real research — I think when people are DYING… literally killing themselves because of the “articles” that men like this are writing in the name of Jesus, it’s high time they ….. awww, skip it. I don’t know. I honestly don’t know how he goes home and night and kisses his kids and sleeps and actually thinks that God and Jesus think he’s doing a good job. He really ought to sit down and have a good cry or something — there’s something stuck up in him that needs to get out. Its a true shame that anybody who claims to love mankind would spend even a minute a SECOND of their time spreading this kind of crap around.

  • LogicalSC

    “numerous suicides of LGBT youth”Highly likely that the mental issues these youth were experiencing went untreated because of the agenda of LGBT groups who were more concerned with growing the “community” that allowing these obviously troubled youths to seek the psychiatric help they needed and wanted. Having conflicted and confused youths seek mental resources is viewed as unacceptable from the LGBT community. Pretty heartless group who places their self-gratification above the medical and emotional effects on their “partners’.Homosexuals did not change their choices even when they were aware that partners and friends were dying in huge numbers for the past 30 years. How selfish does a person have to be to put self-gratification above all else?Yet it is the “Christians” who point out this reality who are the “haters” and “bigots”????

  • mrse1

    wow. apparently when you disagree with someone’s opinion, all you have to say is HATEFUL, HATEFUL, HATEFUL, hatespeach, bigot and add lots of capital letters and exclamation points. oh, and it always helps to hurl the “intolerant” label and call them a holocaust-denier for good measure. there is a whole lot more hate flying in your comments section than in the above article. and i am not at all suprised. i think mr. perkins has struck a (hyper-sensitive) nerve.

  • CarolLovechild

    I commend the Washington Post for publishing this important, measured post arguing against acceptance of homosexuality. There are two sides to every issue.I don’t think this goes far enough, however.Where are the letters arguing against full equality for Blacks, Jews, and women? Surely there are reasonable letters then can be published on the opposite side of these important issues.I consider myself a moderate – in the middle on these issues of the day; as such, I feel the Washington Post would benefit from the balance provided by more such letters by men on the opposite side of the issues.

  • LogicalSC

    “….believe that you are the only ones who know what is right”They have to OVERLOOK over 4,000 years of history for their “right” opinion.

  • goodnoyz1

    Great article. Glad to see someone speaking the truth. It is clear a monogamous heterosexual relationship is the healthiest way to live. For those who dispute that, look at data concerning AIDs and venereal diseases. The vast majority of people afflicted with these diseases are promiscuous gay or straight people. Get a clue.

  • florin1

    Tony Perkins believes with honesty in what he says – you can’t doubt that. If you want to blame something, blame the source of his value system: the Bible. The Bible sets itself against all people, charging that all people are wrong. All people, including you. Forget about Tony Perkins. Now, the Bible says that if you break one rule, you are a rule breaker. Are we not all rule breakers regardless of degree? Where does that leave you? To be sinful, means to miss the mark, the expectation. Are you missing the mark? So you know where you stand. Not only do you break the Bible rule, you break your own too. You are sinful and you know that so why do you get so angry? Why not be honest?If God was, and he told you you’re wrong, will you stand up against him too? And if he really cared for you, and told you the truth that hurt you, what would you say?And what if he told you that gay was wrong? You see? Most likely, you’d not count him as your friend.Yes, I find you prejudiced against such a God.

  • kiminportland

    LOWFINANCE,I’m very sorry, but you apparently you missed the fact that I quoted, Dr. A. Nicholas Groth who is a pioneer in the scientific study of sexual offenders against women and children. He has treated over 3000 child molesters over the course of two decades. He is the former director of the Sex Offender Program at the Connecticut Department of Corrections. Dr. Groth is the author of Men Who Rape: Psychology of the Offender. You can look him up yourself, even buy his book if you wish. You may call me any name you wish. It is a free country. But, it isn’t my problem if you don’t agree with Dr. Groth and the following: Jenny, C., Roesler, T. A., & Poyer, K. L. (1994). Are children at risk for sexual abuse by homosexuals? Pediatrics, 94(1), 41-44Groth, A.N., & Birnbaum, H.J. (1978). Adult sexual orientation and attraction to underage persons. Archives of Sexual Behavior, 7 (3), 175-181Groth, A. N., & Gary, T. S. (1982). Heterosexuality, homosexuality, and pedophilia: Sexual offenses against children and adult sexual orientation. In A.M. Scacco (Ed.), Male rape: A casebook of sexual aggressions (pp. 143-152). New York: AMS Press.Freund, K., Watson, R., & Rienzo, D. (1989). Heterosexuality, homosexuality, and erotic age preference. The Journal of Sex Research, 26 (1), 107-117.Carole Jenny et al. Are Children at Risk for Sexual Abuse by Homosexuals?; 94 Pediatrics 41; July 1994; study of 269 sexually abused children when an adult offender was identified.McConaghy, N. (1998). Pedophilia: A review of the evidence. Australian and New Zealand Journal of Psychiatry, 32(2), 252-265.Groth, A.N., & Birnbaum, H.J. (1978). Adult sexual orientation and attraction to underage persons. Archives of Sexual Behavior, 7 (3), 175-181.Klassen, A. D., Williams, C. J., & Levitt, E. E. (1989). Sex and morality in the U.S.: An empirical enquiry under the auspices of the Kinsey Institute. Middletown, CT: Wesleyan University Press.Herek, G.M., Public Opinion Quarterly, 2002.Nebraska Psychological Association; Minutes of the Nebraska Psychological Association; Oct. 19, 1984Lincoln Star; “Sociology Group Criticizes Work of Paul Cameron”; “Sept. 10, 1985K. Freund and R.J. Watson) The Proportions of Heterosexual and Homosexual Pedophiles Among Sex Offenders Against Children: An Exploratory Study, J. of Sex & Marital Therapy 4; 1992)(a) Sorensen, Inga. Just One More Lie. Just Out, 1991.(b) The Rev. M. Scroggie. Letters to the Editor. The Oregonian, 1991.(c) Director of the Sex Offender Program, Connecticut Department of Corrections, CoDirector of the St. Joseph College Institute for the Treatment and Control of Child Sexual Abuse. (Groth, A. Nicholas & Birnbaum, B. Adult Sexual Orientation and Attraction to Underage Persons. Archives of Sexual Behavio 7:175181, 1978.)(d) Head Physician, Community Consultation Service, Harbor UCLA Medical Center

  • emm126

    From the article: “Since homosexual conduct is associated with higher rates of sexual promiscuity, sexually transmitted diseases, mental illness, substance abuse, and domestic violence… we will continue to oppose any policy or action that would celebrate or affirm homosexual conduct.”Straight men commit rape, murder, child abuse, physical assault, robbery, domestic abuse, and many other felonies at much higher rates than straight women, so in addition to banning gay marriage, should we also ban het marriage and oppose any policy that would affirm heterosexual conduct, since that involves a straight man?

  • goodnoyz1

    The SPLC is not the “keeper of hate-groups” as you state. They are a left-wing organization with an opinion and agenda. Just as the Family Research Council is advocating for their beliefs. It’s a free country. Why can’t we all leave each other alone? If I believe that homosexuality is a behavior that is sinful, I have the religious liberty to do so. You may disagree just as I disagree with your view. So be it. But it seems that the GLBT activists have moved past “tolerance” and are now insisting that everyone stand and applaud.

  • morri094

    Each and every member of the Family Research Council has blood on their hands, and the editors of “On Faith” are accomplices. You may hide behind your so-called faith and religious devotion, but where will that leave you on your judgement day?

  • letsendbigotry

    There is nothing compassionate about Tony Perkins. He is a bigot and a bully.Shame on you, Washington Post.

  • BlueShoe

    Man, I know this is a hot-button issue, but it’s clear that many of the commentors just saw “Tony Perkins” and didn’t even bother to read the whole article before posting about “hatefulness” and “bigotry.” Nowhere does Mr. Perkins espouse violence or hate towards homosexuals.Monogamy is a pretty standard cultural norm in the West, so you don’t see people labeling Christians and Jews as bigots and haters for standing morally opposed to polygamy. But in recent years when it comes to homosexuality, all of a sudden people can’t judge for themselves whether it’s right or wrong – if you think it’s wrong, you’re a horrible person, apparently. Tolerance.

  • chloe30

    The majority of posts on this article only reveal how close God is to returning. Homosexuality is one of the many lies Satan has convinced people of througout the ages. All people sin, including Christians, no one is exempt, but that’s why Jesus came and paid for our sins. The difference is those who realise this, give themselves to Christ and ask for forgiveness and strive to turn away from their former life. But those who completely deny God and continue in their sin cannot enter Heaven. Not because God hates gay people, but because when you keep turning from God, He will give you what you want eventually. This article is instructing Christians to NOT come at gay people with a spirit of hate because that is not what Jesus was all about. Jesus never converted his followers with hate speech, but with truth and that is what this article is about.

  • goodnoyz1

    RobRedState — I have a friend who’s wife left him and kids after 15 years because she “discovered” that she was gay. This was her choice. Another person I know sometime likes men and sometime likes women. Currently she has a girlfriend, but will occasionally switch and have a boyfriend. This is a choice. Again, it’s a free country. And if I believe that this behavior is sinful, I have the religious liberty to do so. It seems that the GLBT activists have moved past “tolerance” and are now insisting that everyone stand and applaud.

  • ddlembo

    I would really like some citations on these supposed facts that Mr. Perkins refers to that difinitively show that homosexuals have higher rates of suicide, depression, STD’s, etc. You cannot just throw things like that out there as fact without being able to back them up and it is journalistically irresponsible to do so. Making blanket statements like that is ridiculous and lends absolutely no credence to his arguments. He is “obviously” not condoning violence against the GLBT community, but he is painting them in an unflattering light that stirs up emotions on all fronts. In my opinion, AND I’M STATING MY OPINION, the most “Christian” thing people can do is keep their noses out of other people’s bedrooms and mind their own business. This is religious hypocrisy at its veiled worst.

  • WakeWashington

    The reality check at the heart of this opinion piece was way overdue. Instead of attempting to bully and intimidate the rest of America into accepting the propaganda that promotes their life style, gay activists ought to consider focusing on efforts to end discrimination. It would improve the quality of gay life much more quickly and effectively. It is time to harness some of the energy spent seeking attention for the cause, and redirect it to effect positive change.

  • SlappyLipschitz

    Hey, Tony. Why hide behind the bully pulpit? Being the kind, compassionate Christian you are, it seems more appropriate to take your wise counsel directly to the aggrieved parents of these weak-minded sinners who found the burden of their depraved chosen lifestyle so heavy they chose death by their own hand.Go ahead. Ring Joe and Jane Clementi’s door bell and ask for some coffee and a chat. Tell them all about how Tyler, by his very existence, made the right choice to take his life, as he was destined to a life of shame (gee, I wonder where he would learn THAT) anyway.Or how about Van Harrington? I’m sure he would love to hear all about how his son made a choice about who to fall in love with, and how he is inherently inferior (to you! Pah!) for it.What about Tammy Aaberg? Perhaps you can suggest to her that if Justin had merely had a father at home to shower with (as your FoF colleague, James Dobson, suggested in 2008) he would not be recruited by the army of sinners that preys on weak-minded souls like her late son.Go ahead, Tony. Personally lecture to those parents whose kids killed themselves thanks to slimy rhetoric from swine like yourself. I dare you.

  • pvd1925

    Many differences of opinions about how a person becomes a homosexual. As information, I have no opinion one way or another. I do have a question though. How does being a homosexual benefit the human species?We are taught in school that every atribute, body shape, appearence and function of all species of life are the result of the evolutionary process. We are taught that everything about about us evolved for a specific purpose, and that is to benefit the species in a manner that there is a desireable benefit to the speceis. In other words there is a specific benefit that promotes the chance that the improvement for survival of the particular species is greatly improved by the trait or change in the original design so as to give that speciese a better chance of surviving as a species. My question —how did the homosexual trait evolve and how does it benefit the human species?

  • pvd1925

    We are taught in school that every trait and body function of every species of life evolved for a specific purpose. My question, how did homosexuality evolve and how does it benefit the human species?

  • TresLuxe

    I used to buy the Post at newsstands 4 to 5 days a week. That went on for 10 years. Nowadays, it’s a weekly occurrence. Reading columns like this, and Courtland Milloy’s “myopic twit” screed are enough to make me reevaluate my loyalty to the Post. Fortunately, there are other options out there. Now I get an increasing majority of my news from Google News and NPR podcasts. I like having an old fashioned paper to fold over with meals, but it’s just not worth it anymore.

  • mercury613

    Hey Tony, the Dutch study you cite mentions the “Biological and genetic factors in the causes and development of homosexuality”. Does that meant you’ll concede that people are born gay, or will you simply cherry pick your research like you do your bible?

  • bowlhawk

    The Family Research Center and Tony Perkins have spent the years creating an atmosphere of fear and hate towards GLBT people. Their actions and words make them, among others, responsible for the bullying and violence towards GLBT people today. I have no doubt that a returning Christ would condemn Perkins and his kind for their life time campaign of hate and would open his hands wide in welcome to GLBT people. Why the Washington Post would give Perkins a platform to speak is questionable. Not every side deserves to be balanced. I would ask if the Washington Post would allow accessories to murderer a platform to justify their actions but this article already shows the answer would be yes.

  • MichaelT3

    Sad. It looks like the Washington Post’s “On Faith” blog publishes quite a great deal of anti-gay voices:

  • billbrock1958

    Why should bullying bigotry be humored by the Post? While I’m an atheist, I know the Gospels well enough to know that the historical Jesus would have little use for such Pharisaical literalism.A true imitation of Christ might involve using one’s critical faculties. Loving your neighbor as yourself is one way that a believer can love God with all one’s heart, mind, and soul. Certainly theists and atheists of goodwill can find common ground here.

  • kiminportland

    BOBBARNESI’m confused by your statement. The link I provided was critical of Paul Cameron. {Lincoln Star; “Sociology Group Criticizes Work of Paul Cameron”; “Sept. 10, 1985}Am I to understand that Dr. A Nicolas Groth is “the biggest homophobe”? This Dr. Groth?Groth and Birnbaum (1978) found that none of the 175 adult males in their sample – all of whom were convicted in Massachusetts of sexual assault against a child – had an exclusively homosexual adult sexual orientation.In one review of the scientific literature, noted authority Dr. A. Nicholas Groth wrote:“Are homosexual adults in general sexually attracted to children and are preadolescent children at greater risk of molestation from homosexual adults than from heterosexual adults? There is no reason to believe so…The research to date all points to there being no significant relationship between a homosexual lifestyle and child molestation. There appears to be practically no reportage of sexual molestation of girls by lesbian adults, and the adult male who sexually molests young boys is not likely to be homosexual (Groth & Gary, 1982, p. 147).”Homosexuality and homosexual pedophilia are not synonymous. In fact, it may be that these two orientations are mutually exclusive, the reason being that the homosexual male is sexually attracted to masculine qualities whereas the heterosexual male is sexually attracted to feminine characteristics, and the sexually immature child’s qualities are more feminine than masculine. . . . The child offender who is attracted to and engaged in adult sexual relationships is heterosexual. It appears, therefore, that the adult heterosexual male constitutes a greater sexual risk to underage children than does the adult homosexual male” A. Nicolas Groth PhD, Men Who Rape: Psychology of the OffenderWell, Dr. Groth doesn’t sound like a homophobe to me, but I don’t actually know him. But, you’re welcome to call him one, and you are welcome to call me one as well. You’re most welcome to claim the following as well “We understand that you hate for gays is what motivates your obvious hate speech.” You get to have your opinion. I know you are wrong and that is all that matters.Have a great life.

  • sansargasso

    I hold the Washington Post in the highest regard; however, I am APPALLED that your editors have deemed Mr. Perkins to be worthy of voicing his abhorrent rhetoric in this space at a time when many of us have been saddened and hurt by this epidemic of suicides. I can think of no analogue other than a newspaper publishing an editorial by a member of the Ku Klux Klan after a series of murders of Jews or African Americans. I think the Post owes its readers an apology, and I hope that in the future your editors exercise more tact and intelligence. Thank you.

  • thbowman

    It’s shameful for the Post to provide a platform to a bigot, hate monger like this character on National Coming Day and in light of all the recent teen suicides! Another reason for me to cancel subscription and read the NY Times!

  • sharkcellar

    @PVD1925, It would probably be helpful to analyze the other examples of homosexuality in animals beyond human beings, as it is not an uncommon trait in nature, that is unless you are simply being snarky and not interested in a genuinely scientific analysis. Homosexuality is not unnatural by any stretch and one basic way that it makes sense is that it is just another trait of what communal creatures do, look for companionship. We are hard-wired to look for love and affection.

  • sarenth

    You can try to say out of one side of your mouth “Bullying is wrong” while saying “LGBTs are less than human out the other side” but when both sides talk at once you can clearly be seen as a hypocrite. Besides the wealth of comments pointing out your incredibly erroneous “information” on gays, perhaps you would like to actually do some research on current numbers of infection rates for STDs, AIDS and the like, and see the numbers that come from reliable, honest studies?

  • whisper74

    “..evidence from the Netherlands would seem to suggest the opposite, because even in that most ‘gay-friendly’ country on earth, research has shown homosexuals to have much higher mental health problems.”Dear Mr. Perkins:Do us all a favor and wait for such a study to be compared to a baseline before making such a statement. Or at least state when the study occurred. After all, it no so un-common for some people to skew statistics to suit their needs.

  • lovegod

    Tony Perkins shows poor taste to offer his “bad news” at a time when the country has its eyes on gay youth struggling to feel welcome in the world. This should be a time of reconciliation, not of fanning the flames. The timing of the recent tortures of 3 gay men in NY should highlight the dangers.I would like to hear more preaching against murder and violence. Using this time of increased compassion for gay children as an excuse to get on a soapbox and push one’s anti-gay agenda is shameful.

  • Justafan

    You’re a sick dude, Tony Perkins. Follow Jesus’ lead — he never said a bad word about homosexuals, nor should you. How can fail to appreciate that gay and lesbian teens feel under assault when mainstream the Post gives voice to one of the leading vendors of hate?

  • bobbarnes

    @KIMINPORTLAND, my apologies. I am aware of Dr Groth’s research and I concur. It was LOWFINANCE I should have addressed. I will refrain from posting from a phone in the future… small screen technologies does have its drawbacks.

  • areyousaying

    “..evidence from the Netherlands would seem to suggest the opposite, because even in that most ‘gay-friendly’ country on earth, research has shown homosexuals to have much higher mental health problems.”He heard it from Limbaugh or Fox News, or…oh wait..the AEI…oh no, could it be from Liberty University…maybe from American Crossroads…or Sarah Palin’s witchdoctor…Leviticus…oh I think I know, a Rasmussen poll? Just where does your “evidence” you quote without a source come from Reverend Perkins?

  • ttomjjewell

    my life and the lives of hundreds of my friends and family are proof that Tony Perkins is a liar. But hey, his living depends on it. He ONLY has lies. These “arguments” have been disproved and exposed for the political marketing technique favored by the GOP that they are. Rove (who’s own father is gay) knows it’s one of the few ways to get poor uneducated voters to go against their own interests. Oh hey, btw, wish me and my husband happy 36th anniversary. 36 years of destroying traditional marriage! and wish my straight brother luck on his 4th hetero marriage. How’s that for sanctity? Huh Rush?

  • areyousaying

    my bad, I see the link to the “evidence” now and Perkins cherry picked it for his own agenda like he cherry picks his Scriptures and the Constitution

  • areyousaying

    “…a call for holy living…” like:- rabid homophobiaHOLY, HOLY, HOLY, HOMOPHOBIC, HYPOCRITICAL, HATEFUL TEABAGGER PERKINSYou set a fine example for your Christ.

  • lilnemo

    There is a reason I, and many other residents of the Washington DC metro area, cancelled our subscriptions to the Washington Post long ago, never to renew. The modern Washington Post is a travesty, and a dangerous one at that, as this piece of bigotry posing as (phony) science clearly demonstrates. The justification for publishing a hateful screed like this in order to achieve some illusion of journalistic “fairness” is laughable. For God’s sake, the topic was the bullying of youth perceived to be gay and the resulting increase in suicides!! Perhaps the Post can find some modern proponent of Eugenics to offer an insight when the topic is Racial Discrimination. Shame, shame, shame on you Washington Post! Add this to the Post’s recent list of travesties, like cheerleading for the disasterous Iraq War, and you will see why the Post is a shadow of its former self…soon to go the way of the dinosaurs (which Tony Perkins probably believes lived at the same time as the “cavemen” and were wiped out in a flood some 7,000 years ago…perhaps the Post can let Mr. Perkins comment on this the next time the issue is Theory of Evolution. After all, this illusion of journalistic balance and the equal validity of all viewpoints must be maintained regardless of how much it cheapens public discourse).

  • RobRedState

    @GOODNOYZ1I don’t agree that “discovering” you are a lesbian or bisexual is a choice.I *do* agree that deciding to DO something about (or, for that matter, not act on it) it is a choice. And yes, it is your right to consider that a sin. I’m in no way saying you don’t have the right to think that — I’m just also saying that *I* have the right to think differently.But if your friend had NOT chosen to do something about it — had instead chosen to stay with her children and her husband, she most likely would have been incredibly unhappy — and most likely would have made her husband and her children incredibly unhappy as well. Do you think that’s what God would want for her? I think God wants us to be HAPPY and to love one another and treat each other with kindness. Why ruin their lives too? It wouldn’t have been kind of her to stay in the marriage. It was an act of courage and kindness to leave. If instead that woman can have a chance at a happy life and the children can see her have a happy life and can see their father have a happy life as well and he’ll find a wife whom he loves and who loves him — won’t that be a better environment than keeping this lesbian in a relationship in which she’s miserable and lying to everyone and potentially cheating on her husband all the time? If being a lesbian is simply in her nature and NOT a choice — its who she IS and she made a mistake by marrying the guy in the first place?If we allow for Gay Marriage — and have better societal acceptance of gays, this will happen much less often. My belief is that most likely this woman was HIDING because she was afraid to tell her family or even admit to herself the truth… but if being a lesbian wouldn’t have been such a bad thing… if it was just an “Oh! I’m probably a lesbian” — she might not have put her husband through any of that in the first place.I also have the right (as do you) to live in the world, and have the freedom to be who I am and seek happiness in my life (it’s in the constitution — life, liberty, the pursuit of happiness). I realize that many people think I’m going to hell or that when I die I’m not going to know Jesus or that I’ll be turned away from the pearly gates. I disagree. I have a very strong relationship with God and with Jesus. It’s incredibly presumptuous of anyone else to assume they know better than God. For anyone to read the Bible, read one or two vaguely written sentences that have been translated many times by human hands (that were driven by political agendas at times) and then tell me that those hands were guided only by divine will and that this English translation we’ve got in front of us today and this vague sentence that says thou shall not lie with a man as with a woman (paraphrasing)– it is an abomination is why they think I can’t be gay is simply ridiculous, particularly when they literally ignore the part about not eating lobster. It’s idiotic and reductive and it makes no sense.

  • RobRedState

    @ PVD1925That’s a GREAT, non-inflammatory question, which is probably why nobody has attempted to put their opinion out there about it 🙂 HAHAHA!Seriously, though — I’m gay and I’ve OFTEN wondered about this myself. I mean, when I was 11 or 12 years old and started to figure out that I was “different” in “that way” I started to get a little bit fascinated with WHY … first on a spiritual level and then (when we were studying evolution in school and such) I got really fascinated with the question of WHY ON EARTH WOULD “Mother Nature” ever have any use for gay people (or animals or … anything?)I’ve only ever been able to come up with three possibilities. To my mind, it’s either A) A genetic “fluke” (or a mistake if you like) orLet’s face it — causing someone to be gay is a pretty effective way of taking them out of the gene pool. Not all gay people (including my father) remove themselves from the gene pool — which is why I really think we should push for total societal acceptance of gays but only let them (us) adopt, not procreate. Make sense? It’s genetically sound. I could be shot for thinking that though, I guess.There *is* some research to show that it could be micro-population control — It’s called the “immune hypothesis” and it relates to the birth order of boys — supposedly when a woman has a male child, each subsequent male child has a 33% greater chance of becoming homosexual. So — for example, in HUGE families, nature appears (I say appears because I have no real evidence, I’m just trying to make an interesting point) nature appears to say “Hey, we’ve got enough testosterone running around here — we don’t want any wars starting in the next generation” so it does some micro-population control to limit the number of offspring those boys will have. Here’s a link to that research. Weird stuff. My burning question is this:I read a study once that said something interesting: They studied the eye movements of gay men when they were glancing at photographs of men and discovered that EVEN THOUGH THERE WAS NO CHANCE OF ACTUAL MATING — Gay men were looking for the same traits in a man’s body that straight women look for genetically — traits that make for a good hunter /fighter / protector / provider. It’s automatic and they didn’t even know they were doing it.

  • light_bearer

    Against all odds, the Washington Post managed to find a new low.

  • nedlum

    I’m not upset with the Liar Tony Perkins. It’s like Vonnegut said, after all: Fish gotta swim, birds gotta fly, Tony Perkins gotta lie, lie, lie.But I am upset with the Washington Post for it’s lame “even-handedness” in which “stop bullying gay kids” needs to be balanced out by “gay people are bringing this on themselves”. Shame, shame, shame.

  • dcvoice

    no real Christian believes that to be gay is to be inherently sinful. God didn’t create some people to be more “evil” than others. this is bad theology, and it is not Christianity. I don’t understand why TWP is giving this uninformed person this platform. he does not speak at all for his fellow Christians.

  • calvarychristian

    It’s nice to hear how all these “tolerant”, “compassionate” people respond to Mr. Perkins views (which I agree with). They’ll never be accused of hating gays. They reserved all their hateful venom for Mr. Perkins. Wait a minute – isn’t that being a bit hypocritical?

  • Justadad1

    Having Tony Perkins pen a commentary on National Coming Out Day is like inviting the KKK to write an op-ed during Black History Month. Some subjects don’t require “balance” and blatant bigotry is not Christian and has no place in a discussion about faith. People like Perkins use God to support their bigotry. It’s not the other way around.

  • markasf

    “I suspect that few, if any, such bullies are people who regularly attend church, and I would not be surprised if most of the “bullies” did not have the positive benefit of both an active mom and dad in their lives.”


    There is nothing hypocritical about forcefully denouncing the views of bigots, @CalvaryChristian. Just as it is not hypocritical to forcefully denounce Nazis, Klansmen, etc. Couching your bigotry in a lame interpretation of Christianity, doesn’t make criticism of people with your views anti-Christian? Why, you may ask? Because there are millions upon millions of devout Christians who don’t agree with your hateful worldview. In my view, if there are opposing views within a faith, then the issue is not one of faith. Christians can hold many differing views on issues relating to homosexuality (and sexuality/sexual roles/women’s rights); but only the most conservative Christians (Evangelical Protestant or Roman Catholic, usually) insist that their particularly bigoted view of scripture is the only valid interpretation. In the end, conservative Christians express far more intolerance for their fellow Christians than progressives ever do.

  • valandsend

    This copout by Tony Perkins is just sickening. Distributing it through your newspaper is even worse, even for this proponent of the First Amendment.

  • johnhunsaker4

    what a cheerful blend of obfuscating correlation with causation when it supports one’s belief, yet drawing a distinction when it does not.The fundamental flaw with people like Perkins is that they are intellectually dishonest. The only “personal choice” anywhere in this scenario is that intellectual dishonesty – willful, gleeful rejection of the world as it is.

  • Hazmat77

    When and where did God state that Homosexuality was wrong? And to whom did he say it? Also, assuming he made the Rule, exactly how did he equate that with the obvious lifestyle of his only son?PS…the Christian theology Perkins refers to for his anti-gay platform is pure nonsense, isn’t it?

  • gupton2

    If homosexuality were the abomination these people claim, we’d have an 11th commandment–Thou shalt not covet thy neighbor. How dare these people declare that they know what God thinks. What about “Whatever you do to the least of my brethren, so also you do unto me”, and “Judge not lest ye be judged”. I think Tony Perkins and his ilk should be more worried about their own receptions in heaven rather than condemning others.

  • jnardo

    If Perkins wants to do something for the American family, he would do well to turn the entirety of his organization towards a war on bullies. He wouldn’t have to comb the scriptures. Jesus was down on bullies, no question about it. Bullying husbands abuse and kill their wives regularly. Bullying is definitely “associated with higher rates of sexual promiscuity, sexually transmitted diseases, mental illness, substance abuse, and domestic violence.” I don’t know that religion can change bullies, but it’s sure more likely than changing homosexuals – bullies are probably made, not born, as he implies. And bullies do actual damage to marriage and to society. Homosexuals don’t. So it’s a good time, now that he and his FRC are becoming superfluous, for Perkins to change directions. Of course he won’t do that, because it’s not really true that he’s trying to help with real problems. He’s either caught up in some kind of self-righteous religious whirlpool, or more likely, has some personal knots of his own. Tony Perkins is likely going to keep trying to sell us on his Christian compassion until the money runs out. I do hope he read the comments on his article. He’s not winning many souls with this outing…

  • Caliguy55

    There cannot be anything sinful about homosexuals or homosexual relationships because it is embraced by so many christians, especially preachers and priests. Every day, we hear of new events involving christian leaders caught publicly demonstrating their preference for homosexuality or caught privately engaging in such behavior with young people. They seem to really enjoy what they’re doing so how can it be sinful. We also have the example of Jesus Christ, who almost always was found in the company of young men and who allowed only young males to become his “disciples”. As for Tony Perkins, it certainly wouldn’t surprise me, if he is involved in a homosexual relationship with a young male. I don’t know what it is about these christians, but they sure seem to have an attraction to young males (for some of them the younger the better). So, I would appreciate it, if media outlets such as the WaPo would quit giving hypocrites like Perkins a forum. It’s such a waste of paper and ink, when we already know what they’re all about.

  • wrekehavoc

    it says at the top: “Please report offensive comments below.” is it possible to report a completely offensive column instead?WaPost, what exactly were you thinking by giving a legitimate venue to this man who spreads hate?DISLIKE.

  • chriswhite56

    I’d comment on this article, but I’m afraid I would be reported for offensive language; I say, give as good as you get, though I tend not to couch my offensiveness in such careful language as the article above.

  • AJNorth

    If this subject were not as serious – deadly serious – as it is, the very title of this diatribe, “Christian compassion requires the truth about harms of homosexuality,” would be amusing. It is not.Perkins has no conception of “truth,” particularly where human sexuality in general, and homosexuality in particular, is concerned. He, his organization and fellow travelers have purposefully chosen to ignore every reputable study on the subject, instead attempting to foist quack psychology by charlatans on the gullible. The damage these hateful and contemptible people have done – and continue to do – is as stunningly tragic as it is sickening. The great irony, of course, is that many (if not most) of those who decry homosexuality the loudest and the shrillest are themselves described by the Bard himself in the line, “The lady doth protest too much, methinks” (Hamlet: Act III, Scene II).The basest claim that Perkins and his ilk make is that of being “Christians,” for there is absolutely NOTHING Christ-like about any of them. The claim is not only obscene, it is outright blasphemy – and there is blood on their hands.

  • Andrewmilbauer

    I have read the studies referring to an increase in depression and reckless behavior in youth when they come out earlier in life. If you took the research in the context in which it was originally intended you’d see the increases in this negative behavior have been correlated to family rejection and harassment in schools, this is the causality you said was lacking. Please don’t use the word “compassion” to mask your true intent of marginalization.It is true GLBTQ people are at a higher risk of mental health problems. Briefly after delisting homosexuality as a mental disorder they listed a different disorder describing this tendency of decreased mental health. Ultimately the APA realized this mild equivalent of gay stress is almost a mild form of post traumatic stress disorder resulting from being a marginalized demographic in a society where heterosexual privilege casts us out whenever possible. Culturally it would be the equivalent of blaming any ethnic minority for being depressed by racism, or a woman for being depressed by misogyny. You do not blame the victim of marginalization for the status quo established by the majority. For this reason they delisted this disorder as well, realizing it was society to blame. Again, this is the empirical evidence you state does not exist.You are completely in your rights to believe what you will about us. I take offense to you taking National Coming Out Day to step again on your bully pulpit. It is the goal of the GLBTQ community that all youth are treated with compassion and acceptance. You took this day to tell us once again that we are prone to issues with mental health. You fail to realize that your words are the ones that marginalize us, oppress us, harm us, and even tell our parents to kick us out of the home if we come out and refuse reparative therapy. One of the greatest predictors of suicide ideation in GLBTQ youth is familial/caregiver rejection {Ryan, C., Huebner, D., Diaz, R, and Sanchez, J. (2009). Family Rejection as a Predictor of Negative Health Outcomes in White and Latino Lesbian, Gay, and Bisexual Young Adults. PEDIATRICS Vol. 123 No. 1 January 2009, pp. 346-352. Retrieved on October 11, 2010 at One of God’s children,

  • paneuro99

    I can’t believe (well, in God in the first place) but I can’t believe that a newspaper that is (or is it was) held in such high esteem could print something so offensive as this. “”research has shown homosexuals to have much higher mental health problems.””Was this research gathered from a source as reliable as the bible? The sooner the USA embraces a more secular approach to brotherly love the better.

  • dschec

    Wrt the public policy arena, how about mandatory statistics classes for editorial staffs? In the future someone at WP can red flag the argument that correlations between a behavior and certain outcomes are caused by that behavior and, say, not print it. I heard one used to be more likely to be lynched if one was black. Guess some black people just couldn’t handle their undeniable inferiority? If that sounds like hate speech, so is this.

  • danny7

    Mr. Perkins, it’s apparent that you haven’t had any real world experience in a school in a while. If you had, you wouldn’t have stated “I suspect that few, if any, such bullies are people who regularly attend church, and I would not be surprised if most of the “bullies” did not have the positive benefit of both an active mom and dad in their lives.” I attended a private Christian school (4th through 12th grade) where attendance at church was required both during and outside of school. Parents at the school were deeply involved in their kids’ Christian upbringing, yet bullying in regard to sexual orientation was an every day occurrence. The school administration did try to minimize this, but in the end, it was the Christian values that their parents imparted to them that drove these kids to bully others. If you teach a kid that his classmate is an abomination, do you really think he will sit next to him at the lunch table or treat him with respect? No, he will do what all kids do: they will do their best to fit in with what they see as normal, and will attack others who do not fit that norm to keep them out. Telling kids that someone is not normal will only increase this tendency to bully.I can tell you from experience, Christian schools with Christian parents and values perform no better in regard to bullying.

  • sembtex

    Whoever thought that Mr. Perkins would bring an increased level of ethics and intellectual honesty to these pages needs to be fired as an editor.

  • tpetdoctor

    Mr. Perkins has an incredible talent for self-delusion. That he doesn’t see any link between his ignorant anti-gay theology and the epidemic of bullying of gay teens today is mind-blowing. I work in schools, and I would say it is now the #1 put-down to be called gay. Mr. Perkins is an ignorant bigot, plain and simple. At least this article helps us see him for what he really is.

  • irate1

    What’s next? An op-ed to the effect of “Let’s face it, those colored folk just ain’t real bright”? I’ve reached my limit with The Post. This is not the way to boost your readership. I have stayed with the paper through its journalistic death spiral, but must now cancel my subscription.

  • LawsLuvr

    Bullying others ALWAYS makes the bully feel better… for a few hours anyway, until they compulsively need to do it again. That’s an addiction. Do you feel better now Mr. Perkins?

  • pluschez

    Ew, not reading this terribad publication anymore.

  • barbarac1

    What a shame that the Washington Post chose to give you a forum in which to post your veiled hateful rhetoric. And yes, Christians do bash gays repeatedly. Snidely. And they have learned it from the types of families that subscribe to you. And you should do a little more research Mr. Perkins and get your facts straight, since it seems you can’t even do that.

  • FriendofKeyserSoze

    Tony Perkins worships gold, guns and gasoline.

  • LillyP

    This is terribly offensive and I will never read the Washington Post again. Whoever allowed this to be published along with Tony Perkins and his ilk are partly responsible for the suicides and hate crimes against the LGBTQ community. Shame on you.

  • jenlynnewilson

    The insensitivity of posting this on National Coming Out Day and in the shadow of the tragic suicides in recent days is appalling. I already think very little of the Washington Post and canceled my subscription earlier this year but will now actively encourage my friends and family to do the same. This is one paper that should be put down before it further disgraces its once great legacy. You all should be ashamed of yourselves.

  • curtpenn

    My, my! Mr. Perkins speaks truth to the homofascists and gets totally slammed with mostly ad hominem attacks here in the comments. Why am I not surprised?

  • AJNorth

    So, Perkins speaks “truth to homofascists” and gets slammed by “mostly ad homonym” comments, eh?Well, now another of Perkins fellow travelers has jumped in with a typically boorish and nasty comment that proves the point others have been making.These self-made ignoramuses are certainly entitled to their own opinions (and beliefs) – but not to their own facts. To claim that what they assert is anything remotely approaching “truth” is patently absurd on its face and easily demonstrably false. One might say that their rhetoric does not pass the laugh test, but this is NOT a laughing matter: people’s lives are at stake, and there is already too much blood on their hands.Those who base their world view on empirical reality may inform themselves of data from sources above reproach (such as the studies cited below in a previous comment, at

  • Jane_B34

    Oh please. I love how its fine for everyone to practically scream hateful, sarcastic comments at Perkins, and get so morally offended at the bullying of gay people at the same time. It is a tragedy that bullying of gay teens led to suicides. it is also a tragedy that open-mindedness is apparently only a requirement when considering anything BUT Christian beliefs. Then, its all about verbally or textually attacking with as many Christian cliches as possible thrown in for good measure.

  • Baralty

    I admire the Washington Post for printing this article. I live in Boston and the Boston Globe would never have the courage to print this. I am a Catholic and the Church teaches celebacy outside of marriage. Many of us fail but 50% of young people do not have sex before marriage. Also for homosexuals there is a wonderful organization called “Courage” If you go on their website you will see how brave many of them are.they are

  • GroovyChristian

    Wow, not one good argument to refute the author. I’m kind of disappointed.p.s.

  • netherbrad

    AJNorth – I guess its okay to use big words to try to bully people online because some people won’t bother to actually read your link to evaluate your empirical evidence. I agree that Mr. Perkins’ article would be better if he cited more of the sources for his claims so that an informed reader could evaluate the strength of the empirical evidence supporting his claims compared to the strength of the your empirical evidence. (FRC certainly provides empirical evidence on their website in their pamphlet about what they call gay myths). Whether a person finds the evidence in the FRC pamphlet or the cites you provide to be more compelling is for each reader to decide, but those studies you cite are nothing close to “beyond reproach.” I won’t waste my time detailing all of their flaws but studies that use non-random samples and don’t control for basic things like the characteristics of the population in the area don’t convince me of much. I think anyone with a basic knowledge of statistics can figure that out whichever side of the debate they are on.It’s unfortunate that people can’t be civil in discussing gays and their place in society. I happen to agree with most of what Mr. Perkins says, but am willing to listen to people who can disagree with me in a civil way. I just can’t find many people who can talk about it without cussing at me or using the word hate at least 5 times in the first two minutes of the conversation. I certainly do not hate people who I don’t even know. Please grow up and learn to be civil and maybe this debate will actually be a debate rather than two entrenched armies who just hurl epithets at each other about which side is more evil or hateful. The same applies to anyone who uses to Bible or other religious text to justify saying or doing terrible things to gays. I can’t think of a single issue that even comes close to the debate about gays in bringing out the very worst in people. Athletic rivalries are second, but a very distant second in my experience.By all means, stand up for what you believe in. Leave the name calling and questionable empirics to 4th graders.

  • AJNorth

    Very well, NETHERBRAD; perhaps you hadn’t noticed, but I had not addressed my comments to anyone by name. Until you made this personal, that is. You are certainly not handicapped in any way by the use of language either, and your personal attack on me is not only totally unwarranted, but its nastiness speaks volumes (the icing on the cake being your plea for me to “grow up and learn to be civil”).To be brief, the link in my comment was provided by another in an earlier post, which I explicitly stated. How nice that you seem to be versed in the science of statistics. Actually, I agree that, from a purely statistical perspective, some of the studies listed might have had larger (and more randomized) sampling groups, but that in and of itself is not a basis to discount the results, a priory. There is, however, more than ample evidence that the “studies” put forth by FRC and its allies are virtually worthless, at most often amounting to little more than prooftexting (a practice you may be familiar with) and mining totally discredited sources.Suffice it to say that the American Medical Association, The American Psychiatric Association, The American Psychological Association, The Canadian Medical Association, The British Medical Association – and virtually every other professional medical, psychiatric and psychological association of the Western democracies have de-listed homosexuality as a mental disorder or disease. (By the way, they are also unanimous in their condemnation of so-called “reparative” or “conversion” therapy.)

  • AJNorth

    It may come as something of a shock to some, but the Earth is not six-thousand years old (actually, it is 4.54 Billion years old, +/- 1%). Another piece of empirical reality is that homosexuality is part of nature – for which there is ample reputable and widely-accepted interdisciplinary scientific evidence (by all means look it up – and be sure to use only standard modern references or reputable websites). This may not comport with your religious dogma, but these are the incontrovertible facts nonetheless.The “Courage Apostolate” is based on the mental-illness model of homosexuality. It is such discredited and dangerous beliefs – and the organizations that advance them – that have contributed to more than a few suicides – and continue to cause a great deal of long-term and profound misery.The American Psychological Association, for instance, declared in 2006: “There is simply no sufficiently scientifically sound evidence that sexual orientation can be changed. Our further concern is that the positions espoused by NARTH [the National Association for Research & Therapy of Homosexuality] and Focus on the Family create an environment in which prejudice and discrimination can flourish.” The American Medical Association, for its part, officially “opposes the use of ‘reparative’ or ‘conversion’ therapy that is based on the assumption that homosexuality per se is a mental disorder or based upon the a priori assumption that the patient should change his/her homosexual orientation.”It is cruelly ironic to try to make Perkins the victims here, for there is nothing “passive and reasonably considerate” about his screed. He peddles misrepresentations, half-truths and outright lies (emphasis on the latter). Some may find this essay by the Southern Poverty Law Center of some interest: It is certainly one’s right to base their world view on the uncertain translations and editing of stories, fables, allegories, metaphors and myths written by people who thought the Earth was flat (amongst other things), but it is NOT their right to force those beliefs on others – in particular by incorporating them into law.Not that it should matter in a secular society such as ours, but just what DID Jesus say about homosexuals? The short answer is also the complete one: nothing. He did, however, say a great deal about love, tolerance and acceptance – and lived (and died) those words Himself.

  • SMM3

    Tony Perkins, Thank you for the courage to stand for timeless truth while extending grace and compassion to those/us who need it. Jesus did that with the woman who had many lovers of which you referred. He did not distance Himself from those who struggled. Rather, He drew near to them and offered true hope that no culture or agenda could offer. Thanks for reminding us of that. We don’t fully understand how or why something as crazy as God becoming a man, giving His life, and then coming back to life… could possibly happen. But, it happened. Thank God. And it still affects millions today in every place. That much is obvious. I have hope because of Jesus. May the many who experience the alternative life experience the peace of Jesus, the ultimate alternative.

  • JamesMoores

    Tony Perkins,Thank you for the courage to stand for timeless bigotry while pretending to extend grace and compassion to those/us who need it by laying blame on the victim. Jesus didn’t do that with the woman who had many lovers of which you referred because he didn’t exist. He did not distance Himself from those who struggled because he didn’t exist. Rather, His story was made up and offered the same false hope that several other cultures and agendas had already done, but with more widespread results. Thanks for reminding us of that.We don’t fully understand how or why something as crazy as God becoming a man, giving His life, and then coming back to life… could possibly happen. Because, it didn’t. Thank Flying Spaghetti Monster. And it still [a]ffects millions today in every place, usually for the worse hence all the suicides and religious wars. That much is obvious. I have hope because of an invisible man who lives in the sky and takes score of everything I do so that I can feel superior to others while also nursing a deep rooted guilt complex. May the many who experience the alternative life experience the peace of their own guilt complex manifested into a psychosis, the ultimate alternative.Hey look SMM3! I fixed your letter! Now it actually makes some sense! But no seriously, this article is disgusting and the only reason I can imagine Perkins got this space was because the Post needed the money. I have no doubt Perkins and his hideous little foundation of closeted self hating gays paid through the nose for it.

  • truth2010

    Tony,Thank you for having the courage to post this truthful article. America has become overrun by special interest groups with “politically correct” agendas to the point that healthy, traditional family values are almost non-existent in our culture now. And if we voice our constitutional rights to speak our opinions or truthful views as penned in the Bible, we are subject to breaking laws now. Satan is definitely digging in to wreck this country swiftly and cleverly. To the readers: Why so many posts against Tony’s article? I’m guessing the GLBT and liberal groups have reached out to encourage as many as possible to log on and unleash attacks on articles such as this that stand up for family values and Christian truth. Try as you may, the truth shall always come through.I have known people from all walks of life and had friends that were homosexuals. One of my best friends, a boy, was “approached” by an older man when he was just a young teenager. He later ended up coming out of the closet as this experience manifested during the impressionable years of puberty. I firmly believe he was persuaded into entering into an alternative lifestyle and would not have done so if he had not been approached by the older man during his vulnerable teen years. As a result, this young man had a timultuous adolescence and adult life and died before turning 30. Another person I know lived an alternative lifestyle in his young adult life and later repented and turned his life around. He will tell you today that homosexuality is a choice and not how he was born. I know of a girl from high school that was born to a lesbian mother and had no male father-figure in her life growing up. As a result, she followed in her mother’s footsteps and chose an alternative lifestyle as well. I know straight females who, after seeing so much experimentation and acceptance with sexuality in the media, will admit they might like to try being with the same sex. Had they never seen the forbidden images, I’m sure they would not make such a statement or have such desires. Tony is right. Sin is sin, and those who bully should be held accountable. But no group should be made to pay for the actions of a few all in the interest of special interest groups’ agendas!Thank you.

  • JamesMoores

    Tony,Thank you for having the courage to post this article. America has become overrun by special interest groups with “politically correct” agendas to the point that guilty, hateful behavior are almost non-existent in our culture now. And if we voice our constitutional rights to speak our bigoted opinions or contradictory views as penned in the Bible, we are subject to breaking laws now. Satan is definitely digging in to wreck this country swiftly and cleverly.To the readers: Why so many posts against Tony’s article? I’m guessing you think it’s ok to treat everyone with respect instead of secretly hating yourself while at the same time acting superior. Try as you may, the truth shall always come through.I have not known people from all walks of life and have never had friends that were homosexuals. I was “approached” by an older man when I was just a young teenager. I later ended up coming out of the closet as this experience manifested during the impressionable years of puberty. I firmly believe I was persuaded into entering into an alternative lifestyle and would not have done so if I had not been approached by the older man during my vulnerable teen years. As a result, I wish I hadn’t done those things and am laying blame on all homosexuals over the act of one pedophile I met in the park.Another person I made up lived an alternative lifestyle in his young adult life and later repented and turned his life around. He won’t tell you today that homosexuality is a choice and not how he was born because he is not real. I also made up a girl from high school that was born to a lesbian mother and had no male father-figure in her life growing up. As a result, she followed in her mother’s footsteps and chose an alternative lifestyle as well. I made up some straight females who, after seeing so much experimentation and acceptance with sexuality in the media, will admit they might like to try being with the same sex. Had they actually existed, I’m sure they would not make such a statement or have such desires.Tony is right. Sin is sin, and those who bully should be held accountable. But no group, except homosexuals, should be made to pay for the actions of religious groups’ agendas!Thank you. Hey look TRUTH2010! I fixed your letter too! Not only does it make more sense now, but it actually sounds…you know…Truthful!But no seriously, the entirety of your letter rings of lies, lies, lies. You don’t know any homosexuals; in fact all of these “people” you supposedly know sound like characters in a Jack Chick tract. Why are so many people against Tonys article you wonder? Why that’s simple! It’s because people are getting better at seeing through lies! Lies like in the false promises of religion, lies like in the heavily edited junk science Tony cites, and lies like the ones you just posted. The day of ignorance is over pal, your fear mongering and self loathing just don’t cut it anymore. ^_^ Sorry!

  • walterpc

    Perkins pretends to denounce bullying, but then spends the rest of his article bullying gays!Perkins disingenuously states, “Where bullying has occurred, the blame should be placed on the bullies themselves–not on organizations within society who clearly oppose bullying. I suspect that few, if any, such bullies are people who regularly attend church.”Tell that to all those LGBT children who have been told by bullies that they should kill themselves so they can go to hell, where they belong! Tony, you might spend some time actually looking at those IGBP videos you are denouncing and notice how often a particular religious interpretation of the Bible lies behind the bullying.Tell that to all those LGBT children who have been told by their churches that they are sinful, and that if they are gay not only will they lead lives of despair, debauchery, and sickness, but will actually be responsible for the destruction of society. You, sir, are fearmongering hypocrite.Perkins also says, “There is an abundance of evidence that homosexuals experience higher rates of mental health problems in general, including depression. However, there is no empirical evidence to link this with society’s general disapproval of homosexual conduct.”Yet another homophobic lie. According to the CDC: “A study published in 2009 compared gay, lesbian, and bisexual young adults who experienced strong rejection from their families with their peers who had more supportive families. The researchers found those who experienced stronger rejection were 8.4 times more likely to have tried to commit suicide.” The public needs to be made aware that those perpetuating the anti-gay agenda have no qualms about using junk science and outright lies to try to shore up their bigotry.

  • walterpc

    Fascinating. Jane_B34 said, “Try being on the continual recieving end of rude, arrogant, judgemental, and completely inconsiderate diatribes from practically any journalist writing on the subject of Christians or Christianity. Such a disgusting double standard.”Let’s look at this a different way:Try being on the continual recieving end of rude, arrogant, judgemental, and completely inconsiderate diatribes from practically any right-wing Christian writing on the subject of homosexuals or homosexuality. Food for thought.Right-wingers are always on the attack, but any time someone strikes back, they play the victim. Boo hoo! Such a disgusting double standard.

  • Alex511

    fr the article:>…Instead, he said, “Go and sin no more.”Yes, Tony. YOU should go and sin no more. No more sin means no more bigotry, hatred, vile speech and homophobia from YOUR mouth.

  • walterpc

    Perkins states: “Within the homosexual population, such mental health problems are higher among those who ‘come out of the closet’ at an earlier age.” Typically, he offers no evidence to support his bold assertion. I would need to see his statistical evidence before I believe anything he says. More likely than not it is the type of junk science fabricated by such disreputable (and widely debunked) organizations as the Family Research Institute (look up Paul Cameron) or the deceptively named American College of Pediatricians, an agenda-driven, virulently anti-gay political organization that has been denounced publically by the NIH (the *real* professional organization is named the American Academy of Pediatrics, which together with the American Psychological Association [APA] has also publicly denounced them).Listen to what *real* scientific associations have to say: In 2006 the APA declared: “There is simply no sufficiently scientifically sound evidence that sexual orientation can be changed. Our further concern is that the positions espoused by NARTH [the National Association for Research & Therapy of Homosexuality] and Focus on the Family create an environment in which prejudice and discrimination can flourish.”Even if Mr. Perkins’ “statistic” turns out to be true, it still does nothing to shore up his argument that it is homosexuality itself (not homophobia) which leads to depression and thoughts of suicide, since a young person who is out of the closet is more likely to experience homophobic taunts than someone who hides their orientation.PS: Mr. Perkins doesn’t mention that one the stated goals of the Family Research Council, which he heads, is the outlawing of homosexual sexual behavior and an enforcement of “criminal sanctions against homosexual behavior”. American activists like Tony Perkins are directly responsible for Uganda’s proposed draconian legislation that would impose the death penalty for certain homosexual acts. Good thing he’s not a bully!