Bush’s memoir says he ‘returned to his faith, time and time again’ while in office

By Elizabeth Tenety George W. Bush’s account of his life in office is scheduled for release on Nov. 9, but … Continued

By Elizabeth Tenety

George W. Bush’s account of his life in office is scheduled for release on Nov. 9, but Drudge Report Thursday revealed a glimpse into the book’s themes, including that the former president “returned to his faith, time and time again.”

Bush famously told a minister, “I feel like God wants me to run for President. I can’t explain it, but I sense my country is going to need me,” an assertion that drew support from religious conservatives backing their man in the Oval Office.

According to Drudge, the president’s spiritual life and positions on social issues formed the core of his presidency:

In the chapter “Stem Cells”, Bush describes receiving a letter from Nancy Reagan detailing a “wrenching family journey”.

But ultimately, Bush writes: “I did feel a responsibility to voice my pro-life convictions and lead the country toward what Pope John Paul II called a culture of life.”

In the book, Bush describes an emotional July 2001 meeting with the Pope at the pontiff’s summer residence.

Savaged by Parkinson’s, the Pope saw the promise of science, but implored Bush to support life in all its forms.

Later, at the Pope’s funeral — and after a prodding from his wife that it’s a time to “pray for miracles” — Bush found himself saying a prayer for the cancer-stricken ABCNEWS anchor Peter Jennings.

For more on Bush’s “closet Catholicism” read this 2008 story by Daniel Burke.

Former Bush speechwriter Michael Gerson, another evangelical with an affinity for Catholic teaching, says that the key to understanding Bush’s domestic policy is to view it through the lens of Rome.

After reading the excerpts Drudge grabbed from Bush’s upcoming memoir, including mentions of ‘the culture of life,’ that claim seems prescient.

In the video below, Bush calls the decision to quit drinking (a choice that forms the opening scene of his memoir) “a decision I could not have made without faith.”

Does the claim that Bush’s faith formed the core of his presidency shed new light on his politics? What other revelations are you interested in reading?

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  • gratianus

    I’m confident Osama also believes that he could not have made his decisions without Allah’s guidance. For Bush, and not just for Bush, believing that his decisions are divinely guided shuts the door to thought and opens another to irrationality. Bush’s black vs white approach fit so well with his religious certainty. We live in the here and the now, not in some millenial future. Until then, it’s best to view the world rationally.

  • ZZim

    George Bush was the right man in the right place at the right time. One of the significant benefits of the Obama Administration is the fact that Obama has been wise enough to make no substantial changes whatsoever to President Bush’s GWOT policies or organizations.For the record, I think Al Gore could have risen the the challenges faced by GWB as well, but I think he would not have been as effective as GWB was, due to the fact that he would have had the anti-war Left as part of his governing coalition.

  • nickandjeannene1

    If Bush kept returning back to his faith, does this mean he kept straying from his faith as well?

  • MikeV2

    Personally, I believe I’ll read Keith Richard’s book. I will not buy or read anything written by George W. Bush. And I’ve only been to San Francisco once; but I am sure rooting for the Giants in the World Series!

  • nickandjeannene1

    What a joke, Bush and Gerson who have Catholic inclinations ceratinly don’t seem to practice them when dealing with foreign affairs. What about love your neighbors, turn the other cheek?

  • jp1943

    After eight years of Bush policies we need more than faith to pull this country out of the mess we are in. We need responsible politicans from both parties to put the people of this country first and forget about selfserving power grabs. I’m not optimistic after watching this farce of an election. Negative ads distorting the truth, money from unknown sources trying to buy access to power. It is sad watching this country sink to new levels.

  • clitteigh

    C’mon now Georgie. Don’t go all Jimmy Carter on us now. You might have enlisted a decent ghostwriter and new public relations firm, but you’re still a WAR CRIMINAL to me.

  • areyousaying

    the anti-war Left .Posted by: ZZim….as opposed to the pro-war right?

  • jay_em_gee

    He talks about “a culture of life” and support[ing] life in all its forms.”And, yet, he supported capital punishment and was a war president.There are plenty of arguments for capital punishment, war and against abortion and stem cell research with embryos.But you cannot claim to follow a culture of life and then use killing as a tool.I also wonder why “support[ing] life in all its forms” does not include finding ways to save lives like John Paul II and Jennings through scientific research using embryos that would likely find no other use.Argue the pros and cons of each, but is not honest for him to claim a support for a culture of life… when his actions show that this was not what he saw.

  • ohwell1

    “formed the core of his presidency:”To bad he and/or the GOP do not feel the same on stem-jobs!

  • lufrank1

    Actions Speak Louder Than Words.There is nothing “Christian-like” about a person who throws 4,500 soldiers lives and hundreds of thousands of innocent civilians lives away in order to Preen and Pose as a Big War President Decider.Absolutely Nothing that the Bush/Cheney/Rumsfeld/Rove/Gonzales administration did was “Christ-Like”! That is a fact!Disgusting! Hypocrisy! Christian Faith, my foot!

  • jhpurdy

    It is precisely Bush’s support of capital punishment that makes a mockery of his “culture of life” claims. Who can forget the fact that Bush not only refused clemency for Carla Faye Tucker when governor of Texas, he openly mocked her pleas for mercy. Not even Pontius Pilate would stoop that low.

  • bob2davis

    Once an idiot, always an idiot. This is just one more reason for “people of faith” to rethink this lunacy!!!

  • jdwagner

    Amazing that Bush can even type with the blood of 100,000 people dripping from his hands. Can this man really, with a straight face, tell us he is for a culture of life, just because he opposed abortion? Even as he tortured people worldwide and started two wars, which have killed and maimed and destroyed so many families? If Jesus came back today and saw was Bush was doing in his name, he would not be able to stop throwing up.

  • adrienne_najjar

    Faith my left foot. This guy is as self-delusional as ever. Just go away, all of you bushes

  • rcubedkc

    I hope the drunkard’s faith includes suicide as a small gesture of atonement for lying us into an unnecessary war, killing over 5,000 brave Americans along with so many Iraqis who did nothing to us and for destroying our country.As an atheist I don’t believe in heaven or hell but if there was a hell, the entire bush family belongs there.

  • letemhaveit

    zzim it appears that you are even a greater idiot than that moron w who was the largest POS in world history.

  • OneWhoSpeaksTruth

    Bush famously told a minister, “I feel like God wants me to run for President. I can’t explain it, but I sense my country is going to need me,” an assertion that drew support from religious conservatives backing their man in the Oval Office.

  • tojby_2000

    “Bush famously told a minister, “I feel like God wants me to run for President. I can’t explain it…”I can.

  • usapdx

    Your children’s children will pay dearly for Bush Jr. two crusades and the econmic mess at the end of his second term by looking the other way. The American children will never see the American dream. I whould not want to be in his shoes.

  • AMviennaVA

    I have very serious questions about Bush’s, and Gerson’s, faith, let alone adherence to any Christian doctrine. The reasons are straightforward:1. They love the death penalty;They need to revisit the Sermon on the Mount and the Last Supper.

  • AMviennaVA

    areyousaying @ October 28, 2010 2:17 PM wrote “….as opposed to the pro-war right?”I prefer conservatives to ‘right’. Have you known ANY Republicans/Conservatives/Tea Partiers to speak against any war?

  • APaganplace

    So, in a time when the Church was bravely acting like the Religious Right, Bush may or may not have bravely secretly agreed with the Catholic Church about agreeing with what he was doing to everyone else? Talk about distinctions without a difference.

  • APaganplace

    I mean, seriously, it’s not as though the Church didn’t take a distinct swing for the Neocon during the sainted JPII’s very saintly dotage. So, maybe Bush was secretly *gasp* Not entirely Protestant… What’s the deal?

  • Janet1

    All the evil this man perpetrated and his friends like ‘Kenny boy” the thieve and destroyer – no way this man has a speck of faith about him. Cheney the spawn of evil ws his cohort. You cannot be that blind and evil and think you are Christian. Not possible.

  • Jerryvov

    Bush can’t crawl out from his crypt just now…it’s still daylight.

  • joe_allen_doty

    While George W. Bush was still the governor of Texas, he invited several preachers who believed in the laying on of hands to anoint and ordain another person to be a minister of the Gospel of Christ Jesus to his office.Because of what they did at his request, Bush was able to claim that God ordained him to be President of the USA.

  • joe_allen_doty

    In G. W. Bush’s official biography, he claims that it was Mr. Billy Graham who led him in the “Sinner’s Prayer” and he accepted Jesus at that time.But, two other evangelists actually led Bush in that very same prayer BEFORE he even officially decided to run for the office of the US President.

  • hoffmannrojas

    Like someone here expressed before me, I also think that President Bush was the right man at the right time in the US’s history. I will certainly buy and read the book. By the way I just looked at the video, he looks very trim, healthy, relaxed and sexy. Look out Mrs. Bush your husband is looking very yummy indeed.

  • exPostie

    George W. Bush wrote a book?What a load of horse poo.

  • asizk

    Yah…yah..bush is a pro-life reborn Christian: he murdered over one million innocent Iraqis,turned four million more into rfeugees and bombed Iraq back to the stone age in his Crusader’s war of choice on that nation and on the basis of flase pretext. Where is justice??If there is any justice in the world,bush and his gang should be tried as a war criminals for war crimes-along with his Catholic convert buddy Tony blair.

  • Gary12

    The worst President of the US ever and with all the blood on his hands, I’d say he has a lot of praying to do.

  • ejgallagher1

    This line of thought may well explain the use of the term Crusade which when used by Western Christians and their Pope ended up slaughtering Jews. Muslims and Orthodox Christians (including a Latin empire in Constantinople). The term still has a bad historical ring in the Middle East.

  • kjclark1963

    So, did Bush write the original manuscript in crayon?

  • willmc4

    After thinking it over for awhile, it’s nice to come forth with another scam…especially a spiritual one when faced with burning in Hell for eternity. Still a liar and puppet.

  • shadow27

    I’m certain Christ would have mocked Carla Faye Tuckers clemency pleas as well. I really get sick and tired of scumbags talking about their faith as if it gives them some kind of depth and humanity they obviously lack. “Maybe he violated the constitution time and time again, spied on americans, authorized torture, employed illegal, ideological procedures gut the justice department; but he has FAITH. Awwwww.”Makes me sick

  • GoldenEagles

    George W. Bush – Noble SoulAll the above posts remind me of the day that Jesus Christ descended into hell to preach to the demon population there. Talk about gnashing of teeth! Did they applaud him? Did they receive him with appreciation? No, they threw mud pies in his face, just like you see in the above comments. George W. Bush led America in the most noble cause there is, and that is setting millions of people free from brutal dictators, both in Afghanistan and Iraq. The battle consumed lives, that is for sure. But that is the price of freedom. Looking into the future, hundreds of millions of people will live in freedom now, both in Afghanistan and Iraq, because of the leadership of this noble soul.

  • GoldenEagles

    Hearts that cannot discern the value of freedom for others, are those who are on the path towards the losing their own. Mark my words.

  • GoldenEagles

    Hearts that cannot discern the value of freedom for others, are those who are on the path towards the losing of their own. Mark my words.

  • GoldenEagles

    Hearts that cannot discern the value of freedom for others, are those who are on the path towards losing their own. Mark my (revised) words.

  • truamerican

    Why did he keep abandoning his faith? Can’t have been all that sincere, I guess.

  • truamerican

    “George W. Bush led America in the most noble cause there is, and that is setting millions of people free from brutal dictators, both in Afghanistan and Iraq.”That’s the best thing about term limits. Americans were freed from George Bush, and it didn’t take millions of deaths to cause break us free. Just trillions of dollars of debt from the Bush budgets.

  • newagent99

    bush still makes the idiot obama look okay

  • areyousaying

    Never mind he cherry-picked his Commandments when he perpetuated the lie of WMD to avenge his father.

  • spidermean2

    Bush’s failure is geting advice from Catholicism. It is the devil’s religion. Understanding the Bible will confirm that that is true.For centuries, Catholicism’s leadership has been very busy supressing the spread of the Bible.It is the devil’s religion. Why can’t so many people, including Bush, see this?On the other hand, Christian America should be thankful to Bush for fully supporting Reagan’s “Star Wars” project. That alone makes him one of the best president and Bill Clinton the worst president for endangering America.

  • mcdermottmike1

    Does Bush mean that he has given up drink entirely, or does he mean that he has a drink now and then on occasion but has never got drunk like he use to?

  • Labrador1

    Oh, my God! Catholicism is the devil’s religion and all we need is rational thought? Well, now my life is all better! All I need is rational thought! Again, get a life that includes a life.

  • GoldenEagles

    …DEVIL’S RELIGION – REALITY CHECKThe Master Jesus Christ left us, in the record, a reality check, for the time when people would be claiming that one, or another Christian Sect, was the Devil’s Religion. We find this reality check in John 14:12 as follows.John 14:12 – “Verily, Verily, I say unto you, he that believeth on me, the works that I do, shall he do also, and greater works than these shall he do, because I go unto my Father.”This is the sign of the Christian who has got it right. That Christian can fulfill this promise, make water into wine, walk on water, heal the sick, and raise the dead, multiply the loaves and the fishes, and when struck down by the enemy, rise from the dead, with witnesses.I don’t see ANY evidence at all, that ANY member of either the Orthodox, Catholic, or Protestant branches of the current Christian Church, has got it right according to the definition that the Master Jesus Christ himself set forth.And so, what does that mean?It means that false pastors are in control of the theology in all branches of the Christian religion. And they have woven into the doctrines thereof, false belief structures which make it impossible for the congregants, in any branch, to meet the definition of belief set forth by the Master Jesus Christ as a condition for the fulfillment of his most important promise.================================

  • whocares666

    Truly so what, who cares?

  • GoldenEagles

    and cast out demons …

  • GoldenEagles

    All those who define themselves as Christians, and that is about 80% of the American population, all of these people will care.

  • GoldenEagles

    Just imagine if only 10% of Christians actually came to understand what the Master was referring to, when he said, “He that believeth on me.” You would have ten to 20 million americans who could walk on water, make water into wine, heal the sick, and raise the dead, multiply the loaves and the fishes, and cast out demons. On that day, crime in America would end. there would never be another economic recession, no more drug addiction, and all homosexuals would be set free.

  • GoldenEagles

    But the false pastors won’t allow the congregants to believe what they need to believe for this to happen. The truth they cast down, calling it a lie, and the lie, they raise up as the truth. And that’s why it has not happened, at least not yet. Though maybe the Internet will help get the word out.

  • EdgewoodVA

    “Bush calls the decision to quit drinking…”If he’s that dumb sober, I’d hate to see him blitzed!He has no excuse whatsoever for all the atrocities he committed, but if he did, being filled to the gills with booze would be the very last one left.

  • GoldenEagles

    There should be a rule on this forum, based on a little common sense, that before someone posts their comment, (edgewoodva) they should read some of the previous comments. This way they would see that their point has already been made, and obliterated.

  • jm125

    I wonder what this bible banging retard chimp thinks about all the Christians in Iraq being ethnicly cleansed and butchered by the religion of peace. No one really knows how many relatively secular muslims have been killed since we made this Iraq blunder. I still cannot believe this creature was elected president twice. Oh well, look at his competition.

  • fakedude1

    Imagine how much better off we’d be now if our president didn’t listen to the voices in his head. God told him to go to war, and the same God supposedly told the Pope it was a stupid idea. I’m beginning to thing this “God” fellow is not worth listening to.

  • GoldenEagles

    The Soul Mates of Saddam HusseinJM125 says, “No one really knows how many relatively secular muslims have been killed since we made this Iraq blunder.”It is never a blunder to set millions of people free, giving them the opportunity to establish a democratic system where the people work out their differences in a peaceful manner, rather than through bloodshed. The bloodthirsty radicals in every camp did not go down without a fight, and it is questionable if they are down for the count now. But the destiny of Iraq looks brighter today, because America, with George W. Bush at the helm, gave the Iraq people a chance and an opportunity to forge a free and peaceful future. We should all feel very good about that. God Blesses America for her sacrifice in this regard. The only people who don’t feel good about that are the soul mates of Saddam Hussein. And they are many. For example, Obama and his supporters would fit into that category. They would have fought, and did fight, tooth and nail, to keep Saddam Hussein in power. And they decry his downfall to this day, and hate George W. Bush the more for destroying their spiritual (socialist) idol.

  • GoldenEagles

    Hearts that cannot discern the value of freedom …fakedude1 says, “imagine how much better off we’d be now if our president didn’t listen to the voices in his head.”This has got to be one of the most blind and self-absorbed comments I have ever heard.It does’nt even register on your mind that 50 million people have been set free from a brutal dictator, and they have a chance now to forge a future of peace and freedom like we have in America. I suppose this makes the case for the often cited fact that the inside of the head of an atheist, is not only full of foolishness, but is a very dark and narrow place.I would repeat what I said above.Hearts that cannot discern the value of freedom for others, are those who are on the path towards losing their own. Mark my words.

  • jm125

    GoldenEagles, you are mentally retarded. I guess you don’t like the Christian variants (Caldean?) being wiped out by, to quote your hero, the religion of peace.

  • GoldenEagles

    Admit it, Saddam Hussein embodies everything you guys cherish, total state control of everything. I mean, here was a guy you could really love. His state apparatus had his finger in every department of the Iraqi culture. But, America, under the leadership of George W. Bush cast your socialist idol down, and that’s why you not only hate him, but America as well.Admit it.

  • JimZ1

    Hey GW….. That feeling wasn’t God telling you to run for office……it was just GAS!

  • GoldenEagles

    For those whose center of intellectual gravity does not rise above the need to call their opponents “mentally retarded”, I would say, that the question as to the magnitude of the intellectual fire power contained therein, and whether the magazine itself has any ammunition in it at all, is clearly laid before all as a question that needs no answer.

  • EdgewoodVA

    goldeneagles: I read all the comments, thanks, which unfortunately included about 9 posted by you…but that’s counting the one that you posted THREE times. Thanks for the how-to tip. “Obliterated?” Please. Tuck yourself in.

  • GoldenEagles

    Edgewoodva: “He has no excuse whatsoever for all the atrocities he committed”I believe I obliterated that assertion simply by pointing out that President George W. Bush led America on a noble mission, to topple a brutal dictator, and to set his millions of captives free, giving them the time and opportunity to establish a democratic form of government that would replace the culture of violence, with the culture of peace, and which would allow their children from generation to generation to live in a state of peace and freedom, the likes of which we enjoy in America.Your comment, compared to the truth, is exposed as an exaggerated absurdity.

  • Chagasman

    “returned to his faith, time and time again.”Bush famously told a minister, “I feel like God wants me to run for President. I can’t explain it, but I sense my country is going to need me,” GOD REALLY F****D UP DIDN’T HE?

  • GoldenEagles

    Edgewoodva: ” … that’s counting the one that you posted THREE times.” They were not all the same. Because this forum does not have an edit feature, I had to repost to make appropriate corrections. The version I like the best was this:Hearts that cannot discern the value of freedom for others, are those who are on the path towards losing their own. In a hundred years or so you might find that in a Book of Quotations.

  • GoldenEagles

    There should be a rule on this forum, based on a little common sense, that before someone posts their comment, (Chagasman) they should read some of the previous comments. This way they would see that their point has already been made, and obliterated.

  • Chagasman

    GOLDENEAGLES,Your assertion that Bush gave the Iraqis the time and opportunity to establish a democratic form of government that would replace the culture of violence with the culture of peace has turned a cropper….or haven’t you read the news at all lately. The Iraqis are still dying by the hundreds every day, millions are still in exile, there’s no electricity or sewage, and its been over 7 years, and Bush is relaxing at his country club, collecting his payoffs from the defense contractors while his troops commit suicide or try to find jobs in the economy he left them. Instead of God favoring Bush for a job well done, blood flows like rivers from the stigmata on his hands and feet, which is why Bush no longer appears in public. The horror, the horror.

  • JimZ1

    Hey GW…..that feeling wasn’t GOD telling you to run for office…..that was just GAS!

  • GoldenEagles

    Chagasman, I would like to point out to you, in the years following the American Revolution, that the situation was very chaotic in the United States, and there were many who believed that all of the effort was for nothing. It takes time to sort out these problems. The presence of problems is never a sign that the original effort was misguided. As it is always true, that it is never misguided to try to set millions of people free. The Iraqi people have the opportunity to sort things out. That’s more than they ever had under Saddam Hussein.

  • GoldenEagles

    If any of you foaming-at-the-mouth GWB hate mongers could use your imagination to place yourself in the shoes of the Iraqi people today, I would like to see you do it, asking yourselves this question as to whether YOU would rather spend your life in the Saddam Hussein prison of fear and terror, or have an opportunity to fight for your own freedom out in the fresh air, and perhaps thereby to secure a better future for your own children.If you would ask that question of yourself, well, what would you want for YOURSELF? Wouldn’t you want the opportunity to fight for a better future? Wouldn’t you want an opportunity to have a chance to have a future life for yourself and your country of the kind of prosperity and peace like the people in America enjoy?

  • GoldenEagles

    The next exercise is to put yourself in God’s shoes. As the Father of the Iraqi people, what do you want for your Dear Children? As the Father of the Iraqi people, would you want them to continue to suffer under the brutal terror of a Saddam Hussein? And when you ask that question, you always need to factor into the equation, Saddam Hussein’s sons, who had free access to the girls in every school, where they could go in and choose the ones that desired to have sex with, and there was no one that could stop them.Or, would you want them to have an opportunity to have the kind of peace and freedom and prosperity that we enjoy in America?The Desire of God our Father is clear. He would want for these Iraqi Children, the same that he wants for all children, for them to live in peace, freedom, and prosperity. And who will have the courage to step up and break the chains, if not America? And who will have the courage to stand by the Iraqi people, if not America, as they try to organize themselves to stand against the forces of violence that would try to enslave them again? In the Courts of Heaven, George W. Bush will have a gold medal pinned on his chest for every person in Iraq who reaches the promised land of freedom and prosperity. And these will count in the millions. But not just GWB, but all of America will be so honored for the sacrifice made. The fight is still fierce, but at least the good people of Iraq have the weapons in their hands, as well as the bad, and thus the balance of power has been shifted to the side of justice, finally, they have an opportunity to fight for, and defend the vision of a future Iraq of peace, freedom, and prosperity.If it were not for George W. Bush, they would all still be chained to the dungeon walls in Saddam Hussein’s prison of terror. At least now they are free to fight for a future of freedom for the Iraqi nation.

  • deannemarein

    George W. Bush messianism is nothing new, what is incredible is that people of faith will not condemn the blasphrmy in Mr. Bush’s statement.

  • Fate1

    Returned to faith? Isn’t that the last refuge of a scoundrel? It fits…

  • GoldenEagles

    deannemarein: “George W. Bush messianism is nothing new … “That’s the best you can do when trying to gauge the value, in the Sight of God, of the act of America setting millions of people free from a brutal dictator?Hearts that cannot discern the value of freedom for others, are those who are on the path towards losing their own.

  • GoldenEagles

    Hearts that cannot discern the value of freedom for others, are on the path towards losing their own.Mentally, emotionally, and finally physically.

  • outsidejoe

    Bush is the worst Christian I’ve seen in my life. He’s just a right wing Christian Liar! “John Paul II stated before the 2003 war that this war would be a defeat for humanity which could not be morally or legally justified.” Heckava job Bushie!

  • sally1860

    Funny, MY Christian faith is all about what Jesus actually preached, which is acceptance of ALL people, love, and forgiveness. NOT about “nation building,” invading non-threatening countries, retaliating against people who wrong us, favoring corporations over human rights, or any of the other misguided Bushisms. And God has never communicated directly with me about what I’m “called” to do in my life. Whatever I do, whether with my family or my job or whatever, I try to keep the principles of my faith in mind, and to that extent it’s a “ministry” or a “calling,” but God sure isn’t telling me what to do, especially when it comes to endless bloodshed.

  • GoldenEagles

    outsidejoe, sally1860, I am really sad to see how people can be so insensitive to the value of freedom for tens of millions of people, even from a brutal dictator. That this just doesn’t show up on your radar screen at all. Though I have a sense that you both are very strongly in favor of “freedom” for homosexuals, which is actually a state of demon enslavement.

  • rd3

    I wonder who he’ll declare war on now.

  • spidermean2

    I hope goldeneagles would post here regularly.

  • ThishowIseeit

    The fabricated WMD in Iraq proves that G W Bush is chronic fibber. His claims of being called by G-d (where in a mountain cave?), of religious faith, of being pro-life are made-up. He went to war to get Saddam Husseim because “he tried to kill my daddy and if I do nothing they all will say that W stand for whimp”. All these are not my original, is from well regarded commentators.

  • kenk3

    Who gives a flying cr&p what that moron thinks?

  • GoldenEagles

    The “Illusion” of WMD …hishowIseeit says, “The fabricated WMD in Iraq proves … “There was a universal consensus at the time throughout all intelligence agencies, throughout all the western nations, that Saddam Hussein had WMD. I suppose if you could say, with any amount of truth, that anyone “fabricated” the illusion that Saddam Hussein had WMD, it was Saddam Hussein himself, who did everything in his power to make the western powers believe it. Perhaps history will show that this was a strongman’s attempt to look stronger than he was, and instead of making his enemies back away in fear, the whole thing backfired in the atmosphere that surrounded the 9/11 attacks where the U.S. was looking to stop any state sponsor of terror that might pass WMD to their terrorist clients. His pattern of posturing as a WMD threat prior to 9/11 was used post 9/11 as a rationale to make the case that the guy had to be stopped before terrorists carried his chemical, biological, or nuclear weapons to targets in the U.S.I remember it well, and anyone who had their eyes open at that time will concur, that this appeared to be the gospel truth at the time.

  • jm125

    spiderman2 writes: “If not for Mr. Bush who fully supported Reagan’s “star wars” project, millions of Americans could die during WW3.” What are you talking about you bible banging retard. You and goldeneagles should get a padded cell together.

  • GoldenEagles

    For those whose center of intellectual gravity does not rise above the need to refer to their opponents as “retards”, I would say, that the question as to the magnitude of the intellectual fire power contained therein, and whether the magazine itself has any ammunition in it at all, is clearly laid before all as a question that needs no answer.

  • jm125

    “If not for Mr. Bush who fully supported Reagan’s “star wars” project, millions of Americans could die during WW3.”Intellectual gravity you say?

  • GoldenEagles

    I don’t see, and nobody on this forum sees anything coming out of your “mind” that would exhibit the presence of any capacity to articulate a position, one way or another. Why don’t you tell us why the referenced statement appears to be inaccurate from your perspective?

  • GoldenEagles

    Ok, the whole world is now watching and waiting for you to step up to the bat to see if you will take a swing at that pitch. And if you do, we will look to see if it is a swing and miss, or a foul ball, an infield single, or a homerun.I would note that a little practice ahead of time would have served you well … but you haven’t been spending your time on this forum at least, doing much batting practice in that regard.

  • spidermean2

    jim125, Any sane person know what is the Doomsday Clock. You should check what that is and while you are at it, look in the dictionary the meaning of moron or fool.Then check the relationship of that word and destruction in the Bible.A few years back, there were just a few morons. Now, they’re becoming very many. It is a sign of an impending destruction or Doomsday.There were only two A-bombs during WW2. The two were used. Now there are thousands with much greater power.There’s a very high probability that all will be used during WW3. That is why it is called DOOMSDAY.Morons and Doomsday. They always go together.If you guys don’t want to be nuked, stay away from morons. That is a friendly advice.

  • edallan

    Yes, this self-proclaimed” “compassionate” “conservative” “born-again” “Christian” really paid massive amounts of attention to Matthew 25 — as grotesquely exemplified by the aftermath of Katrina as just one instance, the ONLY people that George W. Bush felt compassion towards were wealthy conservatives. In terms of other people in general, especially the poor, assuming that W actually IS a believer, he enthusiastically seems to have decided to volunteer for eternal damnation: 31″When the Son of Man comes in his glory, and all the angels with him, he will sit on his throne in heavenly glory. 32All the nations will be gathered before him, and he will separate the people one from another as a shepherd separates the sheep from the goats. 33He will put the sheep on his right and the goats on his left. 34″Then the King will say to those on his right, ‘Come, you who are blessed by my Father; take your inheritance, the kingdom prepared for you since the creation of the world. 35For I was hungry and you gave me something to eat, I was thirsty and you gave me something to drink, I was a stranger and you invited me in, 36I needed clothes and you clothed me, I was sick and you looked after me, I was in prison and you came to visit me.’ 37″Then the righteous will answer him, ‘Lord, when did we see you hungry and feed you, or thirsty and give you something to drink? 38When did we see you a stranger and invite you in, or needing clothes and clothe you? 39When did we see you sick or in prison and go to visit you?’ 40″The King will reply, ‘I tell you the truth, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers of mine, you did for me.’ 41″Then he will say to those on his left, ‘Depart from me, you who are cursed, into the eternal fire prepared for the devil and his angels. 42For I was hungry and you gave me nothing to eat, I was thirsty and you gave me nothing to drink, 43I was a stranger and you did not invite me in, I needed clothes and you did not clothe me, I was sick and in prison and you did not look after me.’ 44″They also will answer, ‘Lord, when did we see you hungry or thirsty or a stranger or needing clothes or sick or in prison, and did not help you?’ 45″He will reply, ‘I tell you the truth, whatever you did not do for one of the least of these, you did not do for me.’ 46″Then they will go away to eternal punishment, but the righteous to eternal life.”Jesus had a lot to say about hypocrisy. Very little of it was positive. I’m not sure how enthusiastic Jesus would have been about bearing false witness that caused massive numbers of deaths, let alone injuries, families destroyed, etc.Perhaps W did get messages and guidance from God. But, based on results, either he decided to ignore most of them or God’s reputation for omniscience is vastly overrated.

  • areyousaying

    Under Bush, the US occupation forces diverted $1 billion earmarked for water purification to “security” and as a result one in eight Iraqi children under 5 died of waterborne diseases.Some Christian.

  • ZZim

    the anti-war Left . = = = = = = = = No, I wasn’t thinking in binary, partisan terms. There is a minority group in the Left that is reflexively anti-war. They will oppose almost any war for almost any reason. These people cannot be reasoned with or debated and they are very vocal and aggressive.GWB was able to prosecute a necessary war of choice because these people are outside his governing coalition, but Al Gore – who took a much more aggressive stance toward Iraq than GWB – would have been crippled by them. Basically, US foreign policy is hobbled during Democratic Party presidential administrations because they cannot undertake new military ventures abroad. Mr. Obama has been fortunate so far because he has only had to maintain the structures and operations he inherited from Mr. Bush. He can do that, the anti-war Left can’t stop him. But if he were to attempt a new military intervention in, say, Darfur, he would find himself vetoed by the anti-war Left. .

  • ZZim

    zzim it appears that you are even a greater idiot than that moron w who was the largest POS in world history. = = = = = = = = Not true at all. I am a principled conservative who comes on the pages from time to time to enlighten misguided people like yourself.Strange as it may seem, there are many here who continue to believe the anti-GWB rhetoric regarding the Iraq war. Even in the face of all the evidence that it’s turning out really well for both Iraq and the United States. Even Joe Biden, who famously declared the war “lost”, is giving press conferences touting Iraq as a foreign policy success. If he can be a big enough man to admit his mistake, why can’t you?

  • kycol2

    I think God wants me to run for president…” Presuming to know the will of God is blasphemy. And, this is a good example of this man’s cursory understanding of practically anything requiring thought and intelligence. Better that he should have remained silent and let people continue to speculate that he is stupid. As Paul Krugman points out today: we are probably on the brink of playing out the utter disaster this man put in to play. I hope everyone still living ten years from now remembers how they voted in the coming election.


    Religion is for followers who cannot think for themselves. Bush is a great example.

  • Jihadist

    Prez Bush, I not one of those who had, is intending to, and have no desire at all to throw shoes at you. That is so very, very, very rude. Congratulations on your success in your personal “War on Alcoholism”. May you be successful in permanently crusading against your personal “Axis of Evil” – losing faith, gettting drunk, thinking you know what God wants you to do (it could be the devil instead of God). And I fully support that “culture of life” you are pursuing, including, presemumably live culture for making yogurt which are good for your health and long life.

  • maxtel1910

    The Looney Left rants again with a Pavlovian response to the names Bush or Palin. No moon needed for these barkers. For the record, believing in a culture of life does not mean unconditional pacifism as some seem to think. While the Left decries 100,000 deaths in Iraq and maybe 100 death penalty cases, it turns a blind eye to 50,000,000 abortions in the US alone. Those innocent lives were unwanted and hence put to an end. Others will be grown for destruction pursuing the false promise of embryo stem cells. A nation which kills it next generation or harvests it to prolong the life of the aged is on the road to irreversible decline. Moral bankruptcy leads to self induced genocide.

  • usapdx

    Not elected his first term by the people and helped into his second term by the religious movement of ” DON’T GIVE COMMUNION TO KERRY ” started by the current pope at his previous job by a memo to a U.S.A. cardinal as well as a fellowing memo “that the American bishops are in harmony with us”. Your children’s children will pay for Bush’s two crusades that both will fail as well as the econmic mess at the end of his second term by looking the other way that business can do no wrong. Why do people want to put any religion of any kind in our goverment? We the people, by the people and for the people, not of any religion what so ever.

  • spidermean2

    If not for Mr. Bush who fully supported Reagan’s “star wars” project, millions of Americans could die during WW3. Imagine 16 years of Democrat presidency from Clinton to Gore, America’s missile defense shield project would have been shelved.After WW3, Reagan and Bush will be the new American heroes just for that shield alone.With Democrat states obliterated, I wonder how many years will it take for them to reclaim the presidency. Probabbly after a thousand years.

  • marcy20046

    Bush does prove to be good employee for the government, in fact, I liked what he did for medicare budget plan – it gave out option during the freeze budget plan like AARP plan for pharmacy and still have the medicare for the doctors office. Maybe he should return if it lets him to be a follower of the bible.

  • slim21

    His eight years of cavorting and doing the bidding of the Devil’s children make his “return to faith” ring a little hollow.

  • patmatthews

    “Savaged by Parkinson’s, the Pope saw the promise of science, but implored Bush to support life in all its forms.”Too bad Geoerge W. Bush did not follow the above guidance from John paul II and respect life. GWB denigrated the NAACP; life in a form; turned the Civil Rights branch of the Justice Department away from protecting the rights of citizens.I think George W. Bush’s faith failed him as he could not support eh lives here, only the lives’ GWB could perceive in his own mind, unborn children.texas has the worst record for maltreatment of children and adults.I think GW might rethink hios return to faith, as he missed th boat on the majority of people and only focused on the alive rich ones.

  • jm125

    This GoldenEagles should be locked up or at least be under some kind of supervised care.

  • GoldenEagles

    The Wisdom of Missile Defense – Part 1 of 4spiderman2 wrote: “If not for Mr. Bush who fully supported Reagan’s “star wars” project, millions of Americans could die during WW3.” JM125 expressed the illuminated opinion that this statement was the expression of a “retard”. I asked JM125 to give us evidence that in making this statement, that he was not in fact looking in the mirror. No evidence has been forthcoming.So, it is my intent here, to explain why there is, in fact, a very deep and demonstrable truth in what spiderman2 spoke. My response goes roughly 10,000 characters. However, because posts to this forum cannot exceed 3,000 characters, I was forced to break this explanation into four parts.First, I would being by saying, that it has always represented the epitome of wisdom (something the Democrat Party never could really understand) to TRY to protect major American cities from the massive destruction that would be associated with a (missile delivered) nuclear detonation. I mean, what’s better? A vast pile of rubble, or an intact city? Most Americans would take the intact city any day of the week. Especially if you lived in that city.President George W. Bush was the FIRST president that moved to DEPLOY missile defense. Democrat Bill Clinton refused to do it. But President George W. Bush did it. Because of President George W. Bush, there is a conventional missile defense system based in Alaska at this very moment. This prescient move on the part of GWB could well save MILLIONS of American lives.How so? Look to the very real potential of conflict between Communist China and America over the freedom of Taiwan.In 1949, after the Communist Revolution on the Chinese Mainland, the freedom loving nationalists fled to Taiwan. America came to their defense, and from that point forward, American power denied to the Chinese Communists their long held desire to conquer that Island nation.It should be noted that to this very day, the Communist Party of China desires to conquer Taiwan. They have placed this goal in their “Constitution” — “Taiwan is part of the sacred territory of the People’s Republic of China. It is the lofty duty of the entire Chinese people, including our compatriots in Taiwan, to accomplish the great task of reunifying the motherland.” This is a central pillar of the Chinese Communist Party identity. For them, the freedom of the people of Taiwan is a point of humiliation. These are the only people they did not defeat and bring under their control during the Communist Revolution in 1949. It is a point of unfinished business, and most of all, a reference point for the people of China as a whole, as to the benefits of freedom, a reference point which the Communists desire to eliminate.And to this day, America has treaty obligations in defense of Taiwan, and the power to back up those commitments.

  • GoldenEagles

    The Wisdom of Missile Defense – Part 2 of 4Fueled by the Communist Party’s (self-serving) move towards a market economy, Communist China has been engaged, over the last 30 years, in a vast military buildup across the straits from Taiwan. Their goal is to build up the necessary force to invade Taiwan. They have repeatedly stressed that if the Taiwanese do not willingly agree to be absorbed by the Communist Giant in a reasonable amount of time, that they would take back Taiwan by force.The only thing that has kept them from doing so is America’s defense relationship with Taiwan. For the longest time, the Chinese Communists would not think of confronting the power of America over the question of Taiwan, no matter how red hot their passion for conquest has become.But those times are changing. The Chinese Communists are building up the military forces in the Taiwan straits, conventional naval forces, submarine forces, cruise missile forces, conventional rocket and ballistic missile forces, that would neutralize America’s Aircraft carrier based deterrent. The Chinese military frequently speaks about their increasing capacity to sink American carriers when and if America would ever think of interceding on behalf of Taiwan. This is not just bluster. They are building up their forces with this in mind, and they think, even at this moment, that they could successfully destroy one or more American aircraft carriers.Many people might think that if the Chinese Communists would sink a U.S. Carrier, well, that would be WAR, and America would push the nuclear button in response, and we could all say good bye to Beijing. This is profound deterrent to be sure. However, we should realize that even that deterrent equation is eroding.The Chinese Communists are building up their nuclear forces too. They now have mobile intercontinental ballistic missiles that can target any city in the United States. Any city. At present, they don’t have many, but they have some, and they will continue to build up this aspect of their nuclear arsenal. That means if America retaliated against Communist China for the sinking of a U.S. Carrier, they have the capacity to respond, and to totally destroy one or more American cities. They have that capacity NOW. They have the hardware, the missile bases, the personnel.There is only one thing that makes the Chinese Communist threat to destroy a U.S. City to appear as an empty threat. That one thing is the fact that we have an operational missile defense system stationed in Alaska that could effectively intercept the small number of missiles that China is currently capable of launching in our direction. And that system is there, only because of President George W. Bush. Because of his insight on this matter, not only is the freedom of Taiwan more secure, the lives of millions of Americans are safe from this avenue of nuclear attack, at least for the time being.

  • GoldenEagles

    The Wisdom of Missile Defense – Part 3 of 4You can see how fundamentally decisive a missile defense system can be in the strategic calculations of a potential enemy. If there were no missile defense system in place, there would be elements of the Communist Chinese military (PLA) who would argue that their deterrent has become strong enough to force America to stay on the sidelines when the Chinese Communist Party moves to retake Taiwan. If they can kill our aircraft carriers, and if they can further deter an American nuclear response by effectively threatening to destroy one or more American cities, then some would argue, that is enough. That the balance of power is in their favor. Now is the time to take Taiwan, before America has the chance to change the balance of power back in their favor.You see it everyday, this universal human weakness, in how people see reality the way they DESIRE to see it, not the way it really is. The evil passion of the Chinese Communists for the conquering of Taiwan is so great, that it produces a self-supporting logic, where they manufacture in their minds the very equation that points to a certain victory. But it is an illusion. Japan’s attack on America in 1941 is an example. The Chinese Communist may come to the point where they actually believe the balance of power is in their favor, and they will act, but it will be a miscalculation, as there is nothing, in the final analysis, that will keep America from defending Taiwan.However, the foregoing balance of power argument cannot be made today, because of the FACT of missile defense. Because of missile defense, our nuclear deterrent, giving us the capacity to destroy a Chinese city in response to a aircraft carrier killing event in the Taiwan Straits, is enough to make the Chinese Communists back off from launching any invasion of Taiwan. American Aircraft carrier forces swing the balance of power to the side of the Taiwanese, and the Chinese cannot remove that carrier from the equation, unless they are willing to sacrifice an entire Chinese city, a threat for which they have no effective deterrent, again because of the missile defense system built in Alaska under the orders of President George W. Bush.

  • GoldenEagles

    The Wisdom of Missile Defense – Part 4 of 4As long as America keeps a strong Aircraft Carrier force in the Pacific in support of our treaty obligations, and as long as we continue to expand our north-west area missile defense keeping pace with the Chinese Communists expansion of their nuclear forces, then the freedom of Taiwan is relatively secure, and American cities remain safe from Chinese Communist instigated nuclear destruction.The key to understanding this equation is Taiwan, our historic defense commitments related thereto, the white hot lust of the Communists to conquer Taiwan, their ongoing military buildup, conventional and nuclear, to that end, and the certainty of American intervention in any situation where the Chinese Communists would try to take that island nation by force of arms. Again, this flash point has been effectively neutralized by the Wisdom of President George W. Bush in withdrawing the U.S. from the ABM Treaty (with the old Soviet Union) and moving forthrightly to the operational deployment of a missile defense shield based in Alaska.Some people might have taken the earlier reference to WWIII as an amazingly audacious exaggeration. But here you have a flash point that could easily escalate into a nuclear exchange between Communist China and the U.S. What other powers choose to do under those circumstances, which would change existing balances of power across the globe, no one can predict. The George W. Bush haters should ask themselves how their hatred of a man who moved courageously to secure the lives of millions of American’s, something the Democrat Party was polarized against, could be in the least bit justified.And they should also consider this important truth, illustrated by the wisdom anchored in the earth by GWB, that there is great value, in terms of national security, in making an alliance with Divine Providence.

  • GoldenEagles

    The Wisdom of Missile Defense – AddendumWhen it comes to the task of accurately evaluating the intensity of the commitment of the Chinese Communist Party to retake Taiwan, we must understand that the ideological governing authority of the Communists is quickly eroding among the greater Chinese population. The Communist Party of China, while they are still comprised of true believers in the socialist utopia promised by Marx, and they remain committed to that future, and committed to enforcing that future upon the Chinese people by force of arms (the events of Tiananmen Square demonstrated this clearly) they must however generate an alternative appeal among the population to hold off any mass uprising against them. This is one reason for the move to (what looks like) a market economy, which makes the Communist Party appear as if they are the creators of wealth. This illusion knocks down some of the potential opposition to their absolute rule. But that is not enough, because free market forces produce by their very nature, a logic towards greater liberalization. And so, to maintain their hold on power, they will need another shield that will protect them against a large scale public move to regain the benefits of freedom. That would be the shield of nationalism. The Taiwan situation allows them to wrap the flag of nationalism around themselves. As the Chinese Communist Party comes under more and more pressure to relinquish their hold on absolute power, and their level of desperation in this regard increases, which is the trend, they will have more and more of an incentive to play the nationalism card, in reference to an invasion of Taiwan to regain their “sacred territory.” At some point, they will calculate, that they MUST play the nationalism card to its fullest extent, to maintain their hold on power. At that point, America’s missile defense will be the only thing that stands between peace, and a nuclear exchange between the Communist China and the U.S. President George W. Bush’s foresight in moving to deploy an operational missile defense system in Alaska, is the very decision point, that we should get down on our knees every day to Thank God for, that would allow peace to prevail, instead of the horrific scenarios of nuclear devastation that would result if the Chinese Communist’s believed (erroneously) that they could deter America from coming to the aid of Taiwan.

  • GoldenEagles

    p.s. peace through strength. which is exactly the opposite direction in which Obama is taking us. He is cutting back on the funding for the Alaska missile defense system, making it thereby, less of a factor in the previously mentioned strategic decision process of the Chinese Communist Party. Of course, the Chinese Communist Party is funding ongoing research on countermeasures to neutralize the value of American missile defense. (ICMB’s that will carry various kinds of decoys). That means if our missile defense systems are to be a valid factor in the deterrent equation, we must continuously expand and modernize. And one need not wonder what task the new Chinese supercomputer, the fastest in the world, populated by American manufactured Intel microprocessors, will be chugging away at, day and night.

  • JimZ1

    Goldeneagles wrote:

  • GoldenEagles

    JimZ1 says, “Maybe if Goldeneagles put himself in the shoes of the over 5,000 soldiers that had to give their lives …”Again I would say that there is no more noble cause than giving your life for the freedom of other people. There is no more noble of a cause than to give your life, that many future generations will have a better life. These men and woman gave their lives in an honorable cause, and they are profoundly rewarded by God our Father and Mother, whom I would point out again, have a very profound and enduring interest in seeing that all of Their Children, American and Iraqi alike, have an opportunity to live in freedom.Moreover, the sacrifice made by these honorable Americans, allowed God to bestow blessings upon America, that would not have been possible, without that sacrifice. Their sacrifice in that regard, is two-fold the more noble and honorable.