With election results in, debate over religious factor begins

By William Wan In the big day after, experts across Washington – including many in the religious world — are … Continued

By William Wan

In the big day after, experts across Washington – including many in the religious world — are trying to figure out exactly what happened in last night’s election. To help make a little sense of it all, the polling gurus at Washington Post have a few interesting tidbits to share from their Religion tabs – national.xls. A more detailed version Religion tabs – v2.xls.

Some numbers and trends that jump out most:
* Catholic voters broke 53 to 45 percent for the GOP, a reversal from 2008, when they supported the Democrats by a 55 to 42 percent margin.

* White Catholics in particular supported the GOP 58 percent to 40 percent; two years ago, they backed the GOP by a narrower 52 to 46 percent margin.

*Republicans also gained the support of 59 percent of Protestants, up six points from 2008 and five points from 2006.

* Republicans also gain more support from white evangelical Protestants. Seventy-seven percent backed the GOP, up from 70 percent in 2008 and 2006. (White born-agains have tended to be more GOP in presidential elections.)

Also of note, is that while pollsters, sociologists and others have been predicting that Democrats are making inroads with white evangelicals (specifically young ones), the data, at least from Tuesday, doesn’t seem to show that borne out in the voting.

While we and others continue to pore over the data, many are already boasting, venting angst and debating over what it all means.

On his blog on Christian Broadcast Network, David Brody has numbers from the conservative religious group Faith and Freedom Coalition that claim “52% of all people who identified themselves as part of the Tea Party movement are also conservative Evangelicals.” Brody argues that while much of the conservative/tea party wave in this year’s election centered around fiscal issues, that could translate in the end into power for social conservative on issues like abortion and gay marriage with the new rise of the GOP. He dubs the imagines the combination of fiscal and social conservatives as the “teavangelicals.”

Meanwhile, separation of church and state folks who fear that very thing happening are already girding up to fight the rise of conservatives. Americans United for Separation of Church and State has already issued a press release outlining their take:

“Voters sent a strong message that they want Congress to focus on fixing the economy,” said the Rev. Barry W. Lynn, Americans United executive director, “but the election results may inflict collateral damage on the Constitution. I think the Religious Right will seize this opportunity to advance its agenda in Congress.”

Fellow Post religion reporter Michelle Boorstein took a good look a few weeks ago at this exact question over a connection between tea party and the religious right, examining numbers then that showed about half of those considering themselves part of the tea party also identified as part of the religious right – a “complex – and sometimes contradictory – blend of bedfellows in the American conservative movement.”

For those scouring for more reaction and analysis on the election, a few interesting takes so far below:

Burns Strider, who was Hillary Clinton’s faith advisor and now heads up a progressive faith consulting group, says the faithful among Democrats need to do a better job sharing their testimony.

A partner in Strider’s consultant firm Eric Sapp also posted on HuffPo, saying the Democrats reaped what they sowed among religious voters…meaning they simply didn’t sow enough and largely ignored faith voters in recent years.

In this post from that same group that Brody quotes, the Faith and Freedom Coalition argue that this was the largest ever turnout of evangelical and social conservatives, and as the coalition’s founder Ralph Reed, pits it: “This survey, along with numerous exit polls, makes clear that those who ignore or disregard social conservative voters and their issues do so at their own peril.”

UPDATE: A few more reactions and analyses…
* Pew Forum on Religion & Public Life with some dense numbers and analysis. According to Pew:

“White Protestants voted overwhelmingly Republican while religiously unaffiliated voters cast their ballots overwhelmingly for Democrats. But Catholic voters, who had favored Democratic over Republican candidates by double-digit margins in the last two congressional elections, swung to the GOP in 2010. And within all three of these major religious groups, support for the Republican Party rose this year compared with 2006, matching or exceeding their levels of support for the GOP in any recent election. Republican gains among religious groups parallel the party’s broad-based gains among the overall electorate and white voters in particular.”

* Analysis (as well as spin) from progressive group Faith in Public Life

What do you think about the election’s results and the implications for religion and politics? Are the GOP’s victories a sign of things to come?

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  • momvera

    All of America must face the fact that Catholicism is a foreign

  • Chagasman

    Obama is a communist, Obama is going to supress religion, Obama is being worshipped like a god. What a load of hooey. Near-deification? Only in the little minds of fanatical Christian right-wingers! Communist? You don’t know what the term means, much less what it was really like in the Soviet Union or other communist dictatorships. Obama is no more a communist or socialist than is John Boehner or Mitch McConnell. There’s a lot of foolish people out there, and there’s a few of them posting on this forum.Keep your religion and your crackpot ideas to yourself. Keep religion out of politics.

  • Patzer111

    Posted by: dave6729 : “from the 1960’s on have done nothing but interfere with disastrous results in the U.S. educational system and morality…”I for one would be fascinated to hear your logic on how those two things are not only correlated, but also how you think one caused the other. Please show references.We wouldn’t have to tax rich people and “point guns at them” to take care of society’s needy if they did it willingly. But, they don’t (see, for example, the Waltons of Wal-Mart fame). Therefore, we have to tax them ruthlessly because otherwise they won’t help out and will just be like giant mosquitoes sucking out the life from all of us. And religion was specifically identified in the Constitution as something that Congress would not make any laws about. Therefore elected officials should not have their religious beliefs influencing their politics at all. As long as your beliefs are reality based we’re good.

  • williamsjerry9

    KG621 wrote:YES! Finally we will have some Godly Senators and House Representitves even more so now that will make good rules that will bring back this country to it’s roots that were intended from the begining before librals got ahold of things and tore this country up!Would that be the same roots that were placed by the religous protesters that left the old world because of religous repression? Or the roots found in the Declaration of Independence, which was writen by a diest? Or the roots laid down by Benjamin Franklin who founded the first mosque in North America?The roots of our country is in religous tolerance.

  • eezmamata

    America is entering a dark age.

  • eezmamata

    C’mon now RNJ341, your very existence threatens their delusion, their ability to maintain it. Watch how long it takes for them to make atheism … and Buddhism and all those other “religions” illegal.It’s a dark age, but we’ve survived this before. It’s just that our future was in our hands alone, but no longer in the global world we live in.So they’re going to try to pray away our problems. Hah, good luck with that.

  • fmwgrove

    Still valid after 2000 years:Religion is regarded by the common people as true, by the wise as false, and by the rulers as useful.

  • gibsonpolk

    Why is it so hard for theists to imagine that their gods are simply inventions of the human mind – projections of our human experience onto the natural world around us? (Big man in the sky).It’s easy enough to see this with other people’s gods, just not with your own.All gods are fictions. Arguing about what gods do, or don’t do, is a pathetic waste of time.

  • gmwaugh71

    As a Canadian it is my opinion that the USA is still a Christian nation with “IN GOD WE TRUST” printed on it’s money.

  • crabstu

    momvera proves the Know Nothing Party is alive and well here in the States.

  • tony55398

    Why do people trust the GOP, the party that always says it will, but never did and never will. If Christ were alive today do you think He would trust Himself to them? He Himself was tempted to use government, tempted by Satan of course to further His kingdom, through force and not the power of Love. Government simply does not have the power to change the hearts and minds of its people, only God can do that, the most it can do is pass a law and punish, but that hasn’t solved the drug problem and indeed may have made it worse, more prisons didn’t solve it and big money propels it. When the right to have an abortion was ruled on at least it brought it out into the light where the Church and its citizens could finally see it for what it was, until then it was hidden below the surface of society where it was pretty much ignored, out of sight, out of mind, evil works best that way, but now is the Church and its citizens willing to put their effort into this or again would rather leave it to government and to its policy makers that are willing to promise, but never deliver.

  • lufrank1

    Oh Boy! Here is the Bane of Mankind laid bare.”You need to be educated. Read the history of the Catholic Church. The Catholic Church was not built by some stupid individual, like you, but by God Himself. . .” etc. etc.===================================

  • alb2

    Religion definitely played a big part in the GOP incumbent fool that getting re-elected. His daily tweets are Bible quotes. He constantly waves the Bible around when he speaks in committee sessions. His 2nd choice was Lutheran minister if he didn’t get into congress 14 yrs. ago. He even told people that “God wants him in congress” when he campaigned. He’s done nothing for his district, lied to the people. He’s beyond arrogant & rude. They love him for it like some holy messiah. It’s frightening & sad to watch. I truly pity these blind fools.As for the Catholic Church being built by “by God Himself” that “jojomijala” mentioned above — total misstatement. It’s an amalgamation of every mono-theistic religion that existed 2,000 ago. Some of the best parts are Pagan in origin. Most would call it a plagiarized religion founded in Jewish homes.

  • Rongoklunk

    It depresses me that Americans continue to indoctrinate their children into believing in a God, and a supernatural world where folks get to live forever. As far as we know there are no gods, and nothing and no-one lives forever.Childhood indoctrination creates a hypnotized person who believes – like the 9/11 terrorists – that these things are true, when any normal un-indoctrinated person sees it as absurd fantasy. Didn’t we learn anything from 9/11? Didn’t we learn how powerful religious belief can be? And to what terrible ends it can take us? There is no bigger threat to our planet than religion. Some deranged religionist will blow us all to smithereens one of these days – for some god or another. We have to stop telling lies to our children. We should allow them to grow into adults without insisting they be brainwashed first. We would be doing them a great favor.

  • shewholives

    That criminal organization CAIR is now sueing the state of Oklahoma because the people from that state voted against allowing Sharia law to be considered in that state.

  • shewholives

    CAIR once again showing disrespect for the supremacy of US law.

  • asoders22

    The discrepancy between Jesus’ teachings about mildness, anti-violence (don’t stone the adultress!), forgiveness, attention to essence rather then strictness, and warnings against personal wealth, and the agenda of GOP is mind-blowing. Christianity left Jesus behind a long time ago and became all about money, power, male hierarchy and world domination. Christians voting for GOP are supporting the rich over the poor. Sticking to Jesus basic rules would be good, but generally religion should go away altogether. It hasn’t done anyone any good, and is only used to strike down on protests against abuse of power. “It’s God’s will.” This goes for Christianity, Islam, Judaism. They all demand you stop thinking and stop listening to your heart, and stop protesting against being stepped on.That religion has no place in politics is therefore self-evident.

  • Freestinker

    Shewholives,The U.S. Constitution trumps both Sharia and Oklahoma law. Evidently, Oklahomans didn’t read the U.S. Constitution before they banned stuff that is already banned by the U.S. Constitution. Go figure?

  • daniel3715

    “It is the biggest joke in human history that the most dangerous agents of evil have come cloaked in the mantle of God”.

  • asoders22

    GOP only has one God: Mammon.

  • KevinOrlinJohnson

    Only people with no understanding of either politics or religion would even ask if there’s any connection between the two.

  • eezmamata

    Well, I guess hard times flush the chump. Everybody’s lookin’ for answers…

  • jojomijala

    Momvera,You need to be educated. Read the history of the Catholic Church. The Catholic Church was not built by some stupid individual, like you, but by God Himself. When you die, whether you like it or not you will, sooner or later, God will ask you what have you done with your life. Then you can tell God what you have posted today. Let me know exactly what happened. Good luck.

  • willemkraal

    religion is a total scam a fraud just hokus/pokus it should have nothing to do with politics ever.

  • DwightCollins

    dems support killing babies…

  • laboo

    philhicks28 said “It is interesting that the followers of Jesus appear to be more Republican than Democratic.”OK, I read your whole post and basically agree with the points you go on to make. But I have to go back and point out the underlying flaw in the “appearance” you talk about.There’s simply no way to lump together the followers of Jesus and generalize them as a homogenous group, “The Followers of Jesus”. And in this case, it’s particularly important to point out that there are many followers of Jesus who are politically progressive — whose churches are open and welcoming to all, but who don’t try to impose our version of morality on the secular state like the high-media-profile fundamentalist churches and groups routinely attempt to do.The progressive wing of Christianity is embarked on changes that are challenging us to demonstrate yet again the ongoing vitality of the church. We refuse to become hidebound. Of interest, these changes seem to be leading many of us in the direction of less denominationalism. Raised as a high-church Episcopalian, I was initially quite taken aback by this trend. Now as a member of a merged Presbyterian/UCC congregation (just one more step on the journey) I can see the waning denominational influence first-hand, and it seems a perfectly natural process to me.To tie this all back to your assertion, no, we don’t show up on your TV screens, nor will you point out our 10,000-seat mega-sanctuaries to your visiting relatives. But you’ll find us in your neighborhoods helping out in our low-level way as the Good News calls us to do.

  • potaboc

    In fairness to the Catholic church, issues like abortion can’t be lumped in with other political matters because, to them, abortion means legalizing killing people because of their category (not yet born). If one takes that view, opposition takes the same moral value as killing any other group. If Germany had passed a law saying Jews and Gypsies were not people within the definition of the law, would that have removed any grounds for opposing the death camps?

  • adrienne_najjar

    Religion is nonsense. The whole thing is set up to control people by tapping into their prehistoric predilection to believe in superstition, magic, and all the other idiocy that compromises the human capacity for rational thought. If these beliefs are what you need to get through life, you are doomed.

  • fortenbaugh

    If you want to talk about your politics I don’t want to hear about your religious beliefs, and vice versa. I don’t care if you worship “Aqua Buddha”, keep it to yourself.

  • rexreddy

    edbyronadams |Said” I seem to recall that the bible stories I was told of about Jesus told of a man Catholic charities and other organizations provide such things.I work my but off during the day. In the evening I work on renovating the house I am paying for with sweat and blood. My next door neighbor has a house that is already renovated and she lives in it for free thanks to my tax dollars! And I have to put up with her pit bull barking constantly because she neglects it. And all of her drug dealing boyfriends coming around.

  • danieldodia

    Some time ago politics and religion was completely separated in my country and faith or the spiritual life of politicians was rarely presented. It seems to be a tendency because nowadays my country is more open to talk about religion.But an interesting point is that, it is happening at a time when the protestantism have more adepts than in the past but as not representing the majority most of the politicians are still submissive to the catholic rule when it comes to polemic questions.Agreeing or not with their decisions the electorate tend to favor faithful candidates, it is normal since you belong to the same denomination, now religious appeals being brought into politics and being considered a tendency or a proof that we are now closer to the american political life just give me the impression that the people have never felt secure about the religious convictions of our politicians, maybe this is the reazon for phrases like God allowing me I will…! You can think that it would’nt make any difference but it will make many think , he is christian, give him a chance.

  • didereaux

    Politics and Religion? Let’s look at them: Politics is inherently a corrupting thing on human character, or at the least an enhancer of mans worst traits.Religion, well rather than give a half-baked definition I’d rather just describe a couple of the main ones. Christianity, it’s oldest church has a now proven history of harboring, and protecting sexual predators of children, also a very gory history of atrocities. It’s main opposite condones stoning women to death, beheading and hanfging them for matters considered trivial in every other culture on the planet, and allows the practice of mutilating the genitalia of young girls.Now I have a question: Is it really wise to let Religion into Politics?

  • fairness3

    Most of these right wing nuts are screaming “in the name of religion.” Watch their hate, observe their self-centered agenda, and listen to thier rant against everyone “different.” I am a practicing Catholic and I will never cease to be amazed at the ignorance and lack of civility toward others by these so called “religious” folkd.

  • JamesK1

    I have to point out that a majority of Protestants (and I am one) say “I believe in the holy catholic Church” every week when they recite the Apostles’ Creed. The holy catholic Church refers to the Church universal, NOT the Roman church.I also have to object to the “Jesus never said the government should take care of the poor” argument from Christians who happen to be conservative. As someone who is a liberal BECAUSE he is a Christian, let me note that Jesus lived and worked and taught under the foreign occupying army of a then-hereditary monarchy. In a representative democratic republic, WE are the government, and “render unto Caesar” takes on a whole new meaning. Christians should support the most effective way to help the most poor, hungry, sick, naked, and imprisoned, whether it be run by the government, a faith-based organization or a secular institution. There are some things the government does well, and Christians need to admit that. We don’t (yet) have armed forces run by individual churches either.

  • dave6729

    There is no such thing as the “Separation of Church and State” at a State Government level and if there was the ACLU would be able to remove the strong reliance on God found in all the State Constitutions. For that matter, the Supreme Court Building was designed to show the Judeo-Christian Heritage as being foremost in all religions by Chief Justice Howard Taft who felt the job of the Supreme Court was to uphold the principles found in the Constitution which he considered to be our Ark of the Covenant with God. The Supreme Court itself in 1833 made the statement that the federal Government had absolutely no right to interfere in the States as far as their beliefs or in their schooling and from the 1960’s on have done nothing but interfere with disastrous results in the U.S. educational system and morality…

  • ch4gas

    As a former Federal employee, I was prohibited from expressing my views on politics because of the Hatch Act, and I at least pay taxes. I think that any religious official (priest, preacher, deacon, …whatever) should also have a gag rule applied, or else start paying taxes on everything that church/tent/temple, …whatever gets away with currently. They should stick to saving souls, not telling people how to vote. None of their business.

  • mhr614

    Communism sought to replace belief in God with belief in government through which marxists would build a secular utopia based on equality and social justice. Progressivism is just that on a smaller scale. Under communism God’s replacment was the Beloved Leader- Lenin, Stalin, Castro, Pot Pot, Mao, Castro. The near deification of Obama was a frightful reminder of the ideology that destroyed 100 million lives. And a warning.

  • rcan2

    To ch4gas:

  • Please_Fix_VAs_Roads

    I can’t wait to watch the fundies turn against the catholics and vice versa in their quest for Theocracy.

  • ThishowIseeit

    The message is: I don’t want my tax dollars to cover health insurance for learning-challanged people less fortunate than I am : let them suffer. Just because I am a christian, it doesn’t mean I have to act like one.

  • gibsonpolk

    Wasn’t it the Sermon on the Mount where Jesus preached the Gospel of the Free-Market Capitalism (according to his disciples Adam Smith and Ayn Rand), telling his flocks that if they are unhappy with their lot in the world, they need to buck up, pick themselves up by their bootstraps, and get to work for whatever meager wage the marketplace hands them. He reminded the poorest among them that the rich will always be with us, will inherit the earth (and everything on it), and that it is more like that a camel will pass through the eye of a needle than a bunch of lazy welfare cheaters will enter the Kingdom of Heaven. Basically – you’re on your own, pal. Oh, yeah. And here’s some bread.

  • katatinka

    “It is interesting that the followers of Jesus appear to be more Republican than Democratic. I seem to recall that the bible stories I was told of about Jesus told of a man who believed in sharing food with the poor and comforting the suffering.”

  • janeway1

    “It is interesting that the followers of Jesus appear to be more Republican than Democratic. I seem to recall that the bible stories I was told of about Jesus told of a man who believed in sharing food with the poor and comforting the suffering.”The Dems I know were the only ones doing charity work for vets and their families while my family member was deployed. The GOPers I knew claimed that putting a yellow ribbon magnet on your car was enough. You’d be surprised how many in the military hated Bush and co. Consider how many Dems in Congress served while most GOpers did not. So as you said, “stop making things up about people as it is a waste of our life-time. “Religion has no place whatsoever in government, period.

  • weylguy

    Religion goes political because of the fear of God. For example, Christians who view extra-marital sex or homosexuality as sinful can choose not to engage in such behaviors. But then they begin to fear that if they do not try to put a stop to it in society, God will punish them. That’s when things get ugly.Christians also have the ugly behavior of cherry-picking their favorite sins. Leviticus-based laws against homosexuality generally require stoning the perpetrators to the death. But the same Old Testament book mandates the death penalty for plain old adultery, something that many Christians are guilty of, but choose to ignore. The mixture of religion and politics is very, very dangerous, and I fear things have already gotten way out of hand, thanks primarily to Bible-thumping Republicans who think they are saving their own souls by destroying people who don’t see things as they do.

  • kg621

    YES! Finally we will have some Godly Senators and House Representitves even more so now that will make good rules that will bring back this country to it’s roots that were intended from the begining before librals got ahold of things and tore this country up!

  • philhicks28

    It is interesting that the followers of Jesus appear to be more Republican than Democratic. I seem to recall that the bible stories I was told of about Jesus told of a man who believed in sharing food with the poor and comforting the suffering. This does

  • crossingubadly


  • greenchoyss

    One notes in passing that God died in 1687, w/the Principia; all the rest is commentary…all belief is irrational, but scientific belief works…who can deny that the Pope is authoritarian, when he insists upon it?…the two greatest evils are jingoism & religion…no matter–in the end, H. unsapiens is doomed…as for H. cyborgensis, who knows? ecce veritas!

  • ElectricBill

    And what rough beast, its hour come round at last,

  • jameschirico

    Jesus drove out the moneychangers, gave support to the poor, and believed all life is precious. The GOP embraces the moneychangers, sin by policies that create more poverty but are pro life, the one issue that drives older voters and Evangelicals that came out in force in this election putting the GOP back in power in the House.

  • jameschirico

    Funny to see the Catholic bashers on this forum, especially the other “Christians”. My religion is better than yours is the reason for much suffering in the world today as well as the past. Forcing your belief on others is wrong, sinful in Islam, yet is practiced by all religions. Creationism and terrorism pushed by us and religion hijackers are not acceptable to this American. My guess is in 20 years religion will have less emphasis in determining votes.

  • linguine33

    Communism sought to replace belief in God with belief in government through which marxists would build a secular utopia based on equality and social justice. Progressivism is just that on a smaller scale. Under communism God’s replacment was the Beloved Leader- Lenin, Stalin, Castro, Pot Pot, Mao, Castro. The near deification of Obama was a frightful reminder of the ideology that destroyed 100 million lives. And a warning.POSTED BY: MHR614 | NOVEMBER 4, 2010 10:51 AMThere’s a difference between completely eliminating religion from society and just keeping it out of government and politics.

  • ElectricBill

    Marx was right about religion.

  • rosiebutler

    Lot of opinions and name calling here, but I have a question instead of an opinion: People who vote in off-years tend to be older and better off on average than those who vote in presidential years. What happens to these statistics if you factor out age and economic status?Things don’t look too good for the Democrats, but maybe not as bad with respect to 2012 as people assume.

  • jameschirico

    If you are a Catholic an want to know the truth, please respond.Posted by: crossingubadly | November 4, 2010 11:18 AM

  • johnturkal1

    Catholic Bishops made their bed with conservative evangelicals and ultra right wing conservatives. Thinking that this union would strenghten their hand politically. They forgot these groups historically opposed the church and it’s morale theology. Now they have a problem, they aren’t in step with their members and don’t have the influence they should due to their poor choices made more than a decade ago. It’s flock will suffer tremendously because the sheppard worried about himself, not those he was to protect.

  • changeisneeded

    Jesus is not interested in our governments as far as governance, he is only interested in our behavior as individuals and if we are following him spiritually or not. Mixing church and state as if they could possibly be one and the same is anathama to anything Jesus taught or spoke of. So for the GOP to think they are more religious or godly (which they do)than any other party is poppycock and proof they are the end times apostacy. They practice paganism by on Sunday as well as their Christmas and Easter pagan worship, and their doctrines which are all pagan and man-made. Now they think they are more religious than those who just choose to follow Jesus. They are the apostacy.

  • samsara15

    I presume non-religious Americans voted Democratic, or does what we do matter?

  • Davidd1

    If god helped the republicans win, he, she or it is dumber than I thought.

  • phylb123

    When we stand before our Father, He will not ask us how many cows we have accumulated, rather He will ask how much mild did we give to the poorer amoung us. When we do not share our wealth with those who have so little, how do we rationalize that we can sit at the right hand of the Son of God? Evengal Christians certainly believe in their hearts that Jesus would wrap His arms around all of His children, regardless of their sexual orientation.. We are ALL GOD”S CHILDREN.

  • RalphWarnock

    True belief is at the root of our incoherence, our hatred and our fear. Yeats said it better than anyone: “The best lack all conviction, while the worst / Are full of passionate intensity”.

  • whitecrane123

    If one doesn’t believe in god, one doesn’t stand in fear of being judged. If one doesn’t believe in an afterlife, it holds no terror. I believe it is just that confidence that the believers envy. We who do not believe, behave without any hidden agenda. We give to charity because it is the right thing to do; we volunteer because we care about our fellow human beings, regardless of race, creed, or color. We support our schools because it is an inherent human right to learn. Perhaps the believers could take note…

  • skurtzman

    From my vantage point, as a 70+ patriotic American, I would like to comment that:

  • Counterww

    Sorry White cane- we take note- most of the atheist crowd does not give to charity at the same rate, and just sits on the Internet and shouts about religion being “evi;l”YOU don’t get it – we give to the poor and to charities because God has placed the desire in our hearts to do so; because we love God; because Christian love is giving to other less fortunate than us. I has NOTHING to do with fear, but obedience that comes from living and loving God as Christ commanded us to do.You apparently don’t get it, and you should take note.

  • TalGreywolf

    My problem with the religious right is that they are continuing their march towards turning this country into a religious dictatorship not unlike many of the Islamic countries, only instead of Sharia law they’ll be using Biblical law instead.The time of Nehemiah Scudder from Robert Heinlein’s “Future History” series gets closer and closer, along with the eventual destruction of our Constitution and Bill of Rights. This frightens me, but given how much it seems that Americans want to live in such a society, I am truly afraid that it will happen in my lifetime.

  • skurtzman

    So “I don’t get it”; you have no clue as to if I belong to your religion or any other. Just because I believe in respecting people’s right to worship as they please, or not, you assumed I don’t believe in God or am not a Christian – which is actually not the point at all!I don’t know of research re: Christians, or any religious denomination, or athiests, are more or less charitable as a group. That is not my experience at all. Do you truly believe people are so selfish and uncaring that they have to be told to be good, kind, generous? I have much more faith in the inherent goodness of mankind.If your beliefs motivate you to contribute to those in need – great. Whatever works. But I truly think you are the one that does not get it; just look at the manner in which you addressed me. Is that kind or respectful? What if I were your parent or grandparent?

  • vickie1

    And how did the Muslims vote? I wonder if liberals would post such hate filled post against people who practice the Muslim religion. Last I checked they all seem to be defending the Muslim religion as if it was the true religion. But let someone mention WHITE Christians and liberals can’t say anything good about them. And you wonder why the majority thinks the liberals are a fringe group of idiots.

  • gfhoward258

    Religious Dogma, along with ignorance, superstition, and tribalism is probably the most destructive invention of mankind. Which God of the 400+ religions currently practiced on this rock is the right one? There is a God, but he/her gave man free will and then stepped back to watch.

  • ray032RayJosephCormier

    With the extreme self-righteousness I see developing in America, we are on the path to the religious war to end it all. Both believers and Atheists know it as Armageddon.

  • ray032RayJosephCormier

    An email sent to the Prime Minister of Canada, shortened for the character limitation of this site. Unprecedented: Iowa voters oust three judges over gay marriage rulingOur Civilization is a very thin veneer, just keeping the animal-man-beast in check and it appears to be unravelling. I interpret this Judgment of the People of Iowa as the Times are getting ready to loosen the hounds.I absolutely support the ideal of government of the people, by the people, for the people, the Spiritual American Dream that has inspired the world. It bespeaks of the Innocence in the Garden God created this Planet to be in the beginning. The people have devolvedOnly then will others emulate the example and it spread among the people. Then

  • captainmarvel

    Here’s an example of what the discussion is about. Smith was the Tea Party/ Republican challenger in Virginia’s 3rd Congressional district. Scott was the Dem. incumbent. Scott won in one of the few, very few safe Democratic districts in the state. The rural county in which the ad appeared, however, went Tea Party 3-1.”Chuck Smith will vote for family and faithMany pastors in Virginia’s 3rd Congressional District are facing real concerns.Looking at Congressman Bobby Scott’s shocking voting record, spiritual leaders are seeing a great divide between what they preach from the pulpit every Sunday, and the way Scott has voted in DC for the past eighteen years.Protecting Marriage? Scott says no.Prayer in School? Scott says no.Faith based programs? President Obama says yes, but Scott says no.Keeping “under God” in the Pledge of Allegiance? Scott says no.Recognizing Christianity as a major religion? Scott says no.Even the importance of Christmas? Scott says no.This year you have choice.Vote for your faith.Vote for your family.Vote for Chuck SmithPaid for and authorized by the Republican Party of Virginia.”(New Kent-Charles City [Virginia] Chronicle, Oct. 21 – Nov 3, 2010, p.6 [half-page ad])

  • nyrunner101

    Two years ago I read a poll that found that 73% of evangical Christians supporte the use of torture. Think about it. These supposedly God-loving people SUPPORT THE USE OF TORTURE. That did it for me. These are people who worship at the feet of George W. Bush, the president that started an unnecessary invasion that needlessly killed over one hundred thousand people,and who allowed the US Army to forced an entire prison population to remain naked,threatened with dogs, and perform sexual acts for the amusement of their American captors. This is their hero. I no longer will suffer the supposed moral superiority of this group of holy rollers, who, as far as I am concerned, are morally bankrupt. Their support of torture and George Bush makes them all abominations. They are disgusting. They have NO RIGHT to lecture anyone about moral values because THEY HAVE NO MORAL VALUES.

  • martymar123

    God will judge those who cynically use his name and cause to gain political power. I, for one, will never vote for them.

  • TinMan2

    ***Asking moderates to influence religious votes embraces state controlled religion.*** We teach people to be socially organized in school. We should not be surprised that socially organized groups act in unison and often do not reflect personal opinion. If we measure people based on their military affiliation, we would probably find very significant influences that are more aggressive and powerful. I’m not sure we have found which influence is the most powerful.I am sure there are big bucks provided by well-educated powerful people running through rural communities to fund ignorant ranting. We need to make American believe in a unified and diverse culture. They believed that when they elected Obama, since then the public has suffered an economic blow. It is clear they believe that money applied to medical care will support socialized support of the upper class. If we can’t prove that secure jobs will be provided to the masses in every walk of life we don’t deserve to be running the country. The alternative is a more strained environment that will be less productive. Comedians telling people they’re ignorant and lazy has been our approached so far. We could get a lot further with respect… isn’t this how Obama won?

  • whocares666

    What was religion’s role… justify and validate the hate.

  • dansey

    fresstrinker says, “The U.S. Constitution trumps both Sharia and Oklahoma law. Evidently, Oklahomans didn’t read the U.S. Constitution before they banned stuff that is already banned by the U.S. Constitution.”There are many instances of states amplifying the Constitution within their own states, so as not to have to rely on the Federal courts to decide what happens in their state.

  • gpsman

    Belief in a god qualifies one more for the asylum than holding public office or voting.

  • magnifco1000

    The USA currently spends half her federal budget on defense and national security. It’s a country with poor or non-existent social services where losing your job could very well mean homelessness. The USA is a model rejected by all the developed nations of Western Europe, Canada and Australia. The top 1% of Americans owns 25% of the USA’s wealth. As for the Tea Party, what a bunch of manipulated, blathering fools!

  • dansey

    Rongoklunk says, “We have to stop telling lies to our children. We should allow them to grow into adults without insisting they be brainwashed first. We would be doing them a great favor.”I will stop telling lies to my children at the same time you do.

  • Vosora

    Is anyone else amused by the irony of the sign in the photo?A Republican government would, in fact, like to take away this woman’s supposedly “God-given” rights. – The right to marry whom she chooses… and so on. Sweet irony.

  • DwightCollins

    “It is interesting that the followers of Jesus appear to be more Republican than Democratic. I seem to recall that the bible stories I was told of about Jesus told of a man who believed in sharing food with the poor and comforting the suffering. This doesRepublicans give more to charity and don’t ask the needy to beg for it like the dems do…

  • TinMan2

    * The inevitable battle of ‘Forgive us our Debts’This cartoon depicts labor vrs professionals. People are won when their child is educated, they get a job from expedited job training, and their lives are more secure. When they don’t get that they look for a demon. Don’t kill your relationship with the poor by humiliating their heritage while your enemies thrive on cheap tricks.Education is the smoking gun. For example we recognize that homosexuality causes a child to be a target. We do not recognize that local educators attempting to control school ranking use the ‘gay’ word to arrange an assault. School support is based on property and social fund-raisers… that’s extremely elitist. We don’t address the corruption of the largest union in the US (education) being professional, socially funded and locally protected. Zero tolerance laws have been used to expel kindergarten students and you will find very few young people who question the wisdom of using body socks to control active children. In spite of the fact that obesity is our number one health issue in children, we are still trying educated culinary students to eat our way to health, instead of stimulate our appetite for healthy food with exercise. A good message is to address people’s issues locally and be sure checks and balances exist in every institution. It is easily possible that you can succeed at mobilizing the masses in a vote and loose the goals of human welfare. The long term goal is won by undeniable credibility,

  • lufrank1

    Just confirms that MOST humans are still in Stone Age Mentality with respect to Nature, Biology, and baseless Superstition. Just look at how many actually accept the words of religious figureheads (in the Vatican, at Mecca, in pulpits and all sorts of Shrines) as GOD’s words and instructions.Bottom line THOSE spokesmen don’t know ANYTHING more about God than any other human being! That’s a FACT. NONE of US KNOW!

  • staticvars

    “The coincidence of wealth with toleration has led to the bizarre paradox of a conservative movement that embraces economic change but hates its social consequences and a liberal movement that loves the social consequences buy hates the economic source from which they come. ‘One side denounced capitalism but gobbled up its fruits; the other cursed the fruits while defending the system that bore them'” -Matt Ridley, quoting Brink Lindsey

  • thrh

    The religions helped to get the ignorant to the polls.

  • Emmetrope

    Religion can be used and is used to get people to vote irrationally.

  • mascmen7

    Catholics who vote Democrat are committing serious sin enabling babies to be killed so these fallen Catholics will pay for their crime sooner or later. Biden and Pelosi and other Catholic politicians will be punished much more severely and are candidates for Hell. Be forewarned!

  • imZandor

    Religion should NOT PLAY ANY ROLL IN GOVERNMENT OR ELECTIONS RELIGION IS NOT DEMOCRATIC.Religion is a dictatorship NOT a democracy!IF the evangelical right take over American, all of America will be lost for ever!Democracy will be lost for ever!The American people will loose their voice and free will to evangelicals. Religious leaders will imprison those who don’t share their religious views & belief structure. Christians will call it “re-education camps” but they will still be for-profit prisons.Christians will imprison up to 1/2 or more of the population in order to maintain control. This is how Christians will maintain their power structure & majority IN ANY FUTURE ELECTION!You can kiss good by to roe v wade, Abortions will be a crime punishable by LIFE IN PRISON OR DEATH!Woman you will LOOSE ALL YOUR RIGHTS UNDER CHRISTIAN RULE! EVANGELICALS BELIEVE THAT WOMEN SHOULD BE SUBSERVIENT TO THEIR MEN!Women who are raped will be forced to bear the rapists children and raise them in the Church. Woman will have to spend the rest of their life with the shame of being raped because it was Gods will!Children will be beaten into submission because “Spare the rod, spoil the child” is how Evangelical Christians raise their children to be subservient!Never mind they don’t act like the Christians we all knew growing up, That is in the past.The new Christian is intent on controlling every aspect of your life. Like who can marry, who can adopt children, who can teach in schools and more important WHO CAN’T!Textbooks will be rewritten from the beginning of time, making religion the center focal point of everything (even if it’s a lie).The Christians say it thus it will be the truth. (look at Texas today) Indoctrinate of Children in public school is the new norm. Children are forced to memorize their version of the Bible.What’s left of the American people will be divided into classes. Such as manual labors, religious leaders, political leaders & Corporate leaders at the top of the food chain.America will no-longer be a FREE NATION OR A FREE PEOPLE. RELIGION WILL BE FORCED ON EVERYBODY…OR ELSE!YOU CAN HAVE WHAT YOU THINK IS FREEDOM…AS LONG AS YOU AGREE WITH THE EVANGELICALS IN POWER.THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA WILL BE GONE FOR EVER. IN IT’S PLACE WILL BE THE NORTH AMERICAN UNION. AMERICANS WILL EITHER JOIN THE RULING PARTY OR BE FORCED INTO RE-EDUCATION CAMPS. THE LUCKY ONE WILL FLEE THE COUNTRY AND NEVER RETURN BECAUSE THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA IS DEAD & GONE! THE SMARTER STATES LIKE CALIFORNIA WILL PULL OUT OF THE UNION AND PLACE GUARDS ON THEIR BOARDERS ATTEMPTING TO KEEP THE CHRISTIAN ARMY FROM TAKING OVER CALIFORNIA!ALL OF THIS IS VERY POSSIBLE BY 2020. IT’S THEIR STATED PLAN TO TAKE OVER OUR COUNTRY AND PUT THEMSELVES INTO POWER!THAT IS WHAT YOU GET FROM RELIGIOUS RULE AND CHRISTIAN DOMINATION!

  • vh07

    You reap what you vote. The unholy alliance of religion and the party of income disparity is sinking the nation. It’s no secret that both rely on deluding feeble minds.

  • healthyskeptic

    In 2004 I was actively involved with the Democratic Party campaign in Florida. The DNC strategy in my state was aimed at the base. About 25% of the calls I made to registered Democrats pushed back on Kerry’s abortion and gay marriage stance. Some mentioned that their pastors or priests urged their vote against the Democratic candidate from the pulpit.Ralph Reed was Bush 43’s campaign manager in the Southeast in 2004. He mobilized the clergy to his cause and was instrumental in the GOP victory in the region.Reports of political sermons that were forwarded to the DNC were ignored. I am under the impression that the Democratic Party still doesn’t understand how they lost Florida to an unpopular incumbent president with a majority of registered voters. The answer is Ralph Reed kicked their fannies with his emphasis on mobilizing the clergy.What happened to the concept of tax free institutions like churches refraining from political activity lest they lose the tax status?

  • BlueTwo1

    God may give her her rights, but it is the government that hauls her into court, taxes her income, taxes her property, and sends her son off to war.

  • quiensabe

    weylguy, Christians don’t believe God will punish THEM if they don’t stop sins like homosexuality and adultry. They know the punishment for unrepentant sins and are warning the perps so they don’t have to go thru it. The operative word here is “Repent.” We’re all guilty.

  • Counterww

    SKURTZMANI was not addressing you. Go back and read my post.