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Last week while the left was mocking the reading of the U.S. Constitution during the opening of the 112th Congress, … Continued

Last week while the left was mocking the reading of the U.S. Constitution during the opening of the 112th Congress, Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords crossed the aisle to make constitutional history with Republicans. It was Congresswoman Giffords who read the First Amendment – protecting our right to free speech, religious freedom, and peaceful assembly.

On the right, we use tough, hard-hitting terminology to define our views. We believe that that life begins at conception and abortion is murder. We support a more limited role for the federal government. We will fight for the continued acknowledgement of the Judeo-Christian heritage of our country. We support broad Second Amendment rights.

The tragedy on Saturday will not change our views or the ways in which we express them. Congresswoman Giffords is someone we have praised on radio as one of the Democrats who was willing to take the Obama administration to task over border security. She is not a hero of the Left or the Right. By all indications, she is a true representative of her constituents. She is the kind of Democrat who is as comfortable communicating her message to Fox News, as she is MSNBC.

The individual charged with shooting Giffords, Jared Loughner, is reportedly an “ardent atheist” who did not vote in the midterm elections. There is no evidence found that indicates conservative politics had a thing to do with his monstrous actions. Loughner’s bizarre obsession with Giffords appears to have started in 2007, well before the Tea Party existed and the ObamaCare debate began.

Why are we shying away from the mental illness discussion that America so desperately needs to have? A former college professor called Loughner “mentally disturbed,” someone who “needed psychological help.” Loughner’s classmate wrote, “He is one of those whose picture you see on the news, after he has come into class with an automatic weapon.” The warning signs were present. If any laws come from this tragedy, they should be laws authorizing a more pro-active response to disturbing public behavior.

Congresswoman Giffords is a strong Second Amendment supporter. Politicians and pundits trying to score political points for stricter federal gun laws or tougher speech restrictions are not actually honoring what the congresswoman stands for.

Americans are tough. It is time to get back to work fighting for what we believe in. We certainly have the capability to do that while praying for the congresswoman’s recovery, the others who were injured, and the dead.

  • apbenlulu

    The left has hi-jacked the attention of many, whatever the cost, at a time where healing is needed. Not so much for us who watch, but for those who have suffered great loss. Those pointing fingers are so blinded by their ambition to make this tragedy work for them, that they do not realize that the world can see quite clearly that they have no interest in anything but themselves. Public servants they are not and they do show boldly why they (on both sides if they forget the heart of this tragedy) should not be trusted to carry out the will of the people. That is obviously secondary, as they have forgotten those that mourn need to be comforted.

  • JimTrott

    “On the right, we use tough, hard-hitting terminology to define our views.” Jordan, I listen to your show almost daily. It’s a steady flow of fear and hate mongering presented with a near-manic urgency and an undercurrent of “the Enemy(Satan)” is at the root of it all and “we need your support right now, more than ever.” Let’s not forget your boss is Pat Robertson, who is known for his use of evangelical terrorism. I’m surprised he hasn’t yet suggested that God lifted his cloak of protection from Ms Giffords because she is pro-choice.And when did it become the “JUDEO-Christian heritage of our country”? When it was no longer considered proper for your denomination to deride Jews? This country was founded upon principles. There is no ONE WAY which has a copyright on character and morality.We are a nation of religious equality. The Constitution and government do not endorse one man’s God over another.Those who demand an audience for public displays of piety are demagogues who incite others to treat their faith as superstition. Jesus spoke with contempt for such conniving leaders.

  • JimTrott

    In light of a call for a greater sense of civility, the tone of my earlier message could have been eased a but. The underlying concerns remain, however. Faith in Jesus has long ago been reduced to a commodity by those who wish to broker power. The celebrity preachers view us not as brothers and sisters but more as “giving units”. I can’t imagine Jesus would abide.

  • JimTrott

    One other thing, Jordan, regarding “shying away from the mental illness discussion that America so desperately needs to have”.If this country had Universal Health Care (like most every modern nation, including Israel) with a mental care component, perhaps those like Jared Loughner would avail themselves of the help they need before they reach a level of danger to themselves or us.

  • maryp123

    Since when has America desperately needed to have a discussion on mental illness? Is that really what you’re taking from this? How about the fact this murderer purchased an assault weapon LEGALLY?? I really don’t believe that the 2nd amendment intended to allow individuals like Jared Laugher to carry concealed assault weapons. I agree that its ridiculous to try to blame either party’s rhetoric for this violent attack, but certainly we can have a discussion about gun control.And about the rhetoric, (which again, I agree- totally unrelated to this attack) I think that we have to realize that there’s news and there’s entertainment. The major news channels are money makers- they’re not there to provide you with impartial facts or even reasoned analysis. The people hired at these stations are simply the people who draw the biggest audience- that’s why we have lunatics on both sides of the aisle spouting the political ramblings on TV. People like watching this stuff.These people aren’t elected, but I think its fair to say that many of these unelected individuals have a much stronger influence over public debate and opinion than actual elected leaders. As long as we have a system where the only news that can survive is the news that brings in the most money, this problem will persist. Remember when journalism was a venerable profession? I think we need a national public broadcasting system, with well-paid, talented, hardworking, committed journalists to present actual news. Just tell us what’s going on. I’m not saying that the Glenn Becks and Keith Olbermans shouldn’t have a voice – but raving lunatics shouldn’t become political leaders, and right now it seems that thats exactly what they are, and I do think its weakening and undermining our democracy.

  • stevor

    I read that both Loughner and Giffords were both from the same synagogue.What is truly deplorable about this matter is the way Obummer turned a solemn memorial to a Political RALLY!

  • ericspa

    Most states, including Arizona, have assisted outpatient treatment laws that any citizen or public safety officer could have used to petition local mental health authorities to treat Loughner for his obviously serious mental illness and use the power of the court if necessary. His bizarre behavior are classic signs of major mental illness, yet he probably did not believe that he was mentally ill due to a “lack of insight” condition which can affect nearly half of those with major mental illness. Similar violent events caused by the untreated mental ill are occurring monthly throughout the US, but do not get as much national attention as the Tucson tragedy. Mental illnesses are treatable biological brain disorders

  • ConcernedChristian

    As one who was saved because of the Jonestown Massacre, I am always amazed at the deception that surrounds these evil, heinous acts. In the former, all sorts of things were blamed as the cause, even Christianity and evangelism. Instead, for the first time in my life, I saw a “personal” satan pulling it off in front of the whole world with hatred and malice for Christianity and Christians. I have a dear friend who is 84 years old. She has told me that in 1937, her father, who was among the captains of industry, sat her and the rest of his family down after he had read one of the first English copies of Mein Kampf. He stated to them that this man, Adolph Hitler, was going to destroy all the Jews in Germany and then in Europe. She said he was not normally a man of the prophetic, never mind overtly religious, but he got that out of reading that book.Now the deception is that there are all kinds of reasons for this current event, when really the target was the daughter of one of the most influential Jewish families in its third generation in Tucson, Arizona. Why, in spite of the history of anti-Semitism, holocausts and pogroms against the Jews do they still exist as a distinct people and are back in their own land after nearly 2000 years of exile? In the natural (even mathematically) it just doesn’t make sense. But if looked at as a spiritual condition it begins to become clear. If God has implied that His Chosen People’s existence is a sign that He exists and satan, as God’s supplanter, desires to nullify that belief, he must destroy the Jew. This to me is a clear case of demonic anti-Semitism, but the attempt will be made to explain it away in ways to make it seem as anything else but.

  • ConcernedChristian

    As one who was saved because of the Jonestown Massecre, I am always amazed at the deception that surrounds these evil, heinous acts. In the former, all sorts of things were blamed as the cause, even Christianity and evangelism. Instead, for the first time in my life, I saw a “personal” satan pulling it off in front of the whole world with hatred and malice for Christianity and Christians.

  • MoeMan

    Perhaps there are faiths other than Judaism and Christianity that value human life as much as the God of the Old and New Testaments, Who instructs people not to go around killing one another (‘Thou shalt not murder’), although I can’t name one. Jared Loughner supposedly hated Christianity, which has its roots in Judaism, also hating Jews, I understand. Since God is love and loves all people everywhere, wanting them to live and not die, it stands to reason that Loughner wasn’t hearing from God when he repeatedly pulled the trigger, a person who outwardly refuses to even acknowledge God’s existence. Had he done so, listening to the voice of his Creator and the lover of his soul instead, many folks would be alive and uninjured today. The further from God and His laws America moves (foolishly preventing ‘Thou shalt not murder’ from being exhibited, for instance), the more senseless murders and other forms of violence this country will witness.

  • cattaluna

    Dear JimTrott, our nation has been shaped and molded by Judeo-Christian principles. Like it or not we were founded by a bunch of Christians. Just read the Mayflower Compact. Try this Patrick Henry quote on for size: “It cannot be emphasized too strongly or too often that this great nation was founded, not by religionists, but by Christians; not on religions, but on the gospel of Jesus Christ. For this very reason peoples of other faiths have been afforded asylum, prosperity, and freedom of worship.” Public displays of piety are imbedded into the White House, the National Monument, the Capitol, etc. The only ones trying to “change” the religious bent of America are those who are against Christianity.

  • Passionate

    I live in Arizona and we’re praying that Congresswoman Giffords and others wounded will recover quickly, as well as praying for God’s comfort for those mourning. This should be the focus, not the person’s political stance. I could care less about the political leanings or creeds of the victims, I just want to pray for them. Congresswoman Giffords is for border protection and I’m for border protection. She is against SB 1070 and I’m against S.B. 1070 too. She is pro-choice but I’m pro-life. She supports the health care bill and voted with democrats for its passing but I’m opposed to the health care bill. However, none of these differences matter to me, I’m praying for her quick recovery as well as all the other wounded.Irrespective of political stance of politicians, it’s my duty as a christian to pray for all those in government that we may live in peace, and also pray for their protection against wicked and unreasonable men. If you’re only going to pray for this congresswoman because she shares the same views with you then that’s sad because God so loved the world (people) and reached out to the world, even when we didn’t want Him.

  • Patriot_Son

    The history of all nations is replete with danger and intrigue. The life and death of nations is directly related to their national unity and intrinsic ability to remain together; that is, rooted in their national ethos, regardless of the ebb and flow of ideas in and around them. Americas ethos relies on the intent of the constitution as it was and is written today and the national intent of those who guard and protect that ethos, day by day. Americans are held to a high standard of global conduct because our particular national intent is to procure for ourselves and our posterity the rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness guaranteed not by the constitution but by our heavenly Father and His Christ. Christian faith guides and directs the ebb and flow of our sovereign national governance around the world and it is well recognized that many nations not only disagree with Americas national faith-based preeminence but are actively fighting to destroy US.Nevertheless, America is committed to a course of Christian governance that exemplifies the Law of God towards mankind that, “while they are sinning, Christ died for them!” We hold this truth to be self evident, that all men must grasp the magnitude of Gods sovereign control over events taking place in our land and that His abundant love forever seals the lives of those that serve Him. That is the message for Jared Lee Loughner and all those who seek to destroy the icons of our faith and our government.

  • GEStickles

    The events in Arizona were heinous and unacceptable. To the non-believers I would like you to remember that it was an armed citizen who used his firearm to try and stop the atrocity that was being committed. A deranged individual with the intent of the person that did the shooting in Arizona would have been just as likely to have used a knife or some other type weapon to inflict grave bodily harm on whom ever got in his path.

  • OliviaRodanJacobsAuthorofTHEPOISONERSAGENDA

    I am flabbergasted that the only thing the Left seemed to hear of Sarah Palin’s sober, compassionate, and passionate speech today was the phrase “blood libel.”Blaming an innocent person for someone’s death is a blood libel, and that’s exactly what was done (to Sarah Palin) immediately after the Arizona tragedy. I am a Jew. And I am NOT offended by her use of the term.

  • MrCool1

    America needs to remember all those lost in this terrible crime, and remember that we will never forget them.

  • LMTB4

    I would just like to make the comment that it is a complete Myth that all people with Mental Illness are violent. The overwhelming majority of people with any type of mental illness are usually in need of protection from others, and are vulnerable. Most of all, just like anyone else, people with a mental illness certainly know right from wrong, and they would never do what Jared Loughner has done. It’s obvious that this young man was deeply into the Occult-he had an altar to Satan in his back yard, complete with a skull (not real), incense and candles. Loughner’s high school friends said that when they knew him, he was nothing like this at all. Does anyone put any blame on his Satanic involvement as the likely reason he shot all these people, and the Congresswoman execution style? It is well documented that people who are into Satanic Worship first kill animals, then they move on to human beings. Don’t you think that he had an Evil grin on his face? Please don’t blame all people who have a mental illness for the evil that this man has done. Yes, there are people with mental illness who have done things like this before; but, #1 They always seem to be male and #2 They get into evil things such as Devil Worship, the Occult in general, or are fascinated with Hitler etc. and admire great evil & power. You cannot make sweeping judgements against whole groups of people; plus, there are many, many types of mental illness, both mild and serious; yet still, this is not the cause of violence. Everyone has a free will to do evil or to do good. Do you think that everyone with a mental illness should not be held accountable for what they do because they have a brain disorder? That would sound really quite a Liberal excuse for him. Please become more educated on mental illnesses.

  • Jill007

    With respect for those who mourn the loss of loved ones in this horrific tragedy, it is still good to see the recovery of Congresswoman Giffords. Thank God she pulled through this ordeal. Having worked in the mental health field as a professional, I strongly agree that mental illness should not and cannot be judged collectively. Individuals are remarkably, and sometimes radically different in varying degrees of mental illness, just as they are outside of the realm of serious mental illness. Additionally, the crime rate in America is rising at an alarming rate. This type of extreme criminal behavior is difficult to predict and prevent overall, because unfortunately people do sometimes just snap and lose control of their sanity, as is the case in a crime of passion. Perhaps this is a grim reminder to politicians and political professionals that they require greater security in their lives, for their own protection. We’re living in some very troubled and trying times, and with crime rising so fast, all Americans really need to take extra precautions, remain vigilant, and continuously aware of our immediate surroundings. Those working in the political arena/ spotlight should probably take extra precautions for their own safety, and regarding peace of mind for their loved ones. May the Lord comfort all who have lost loved ones in this sad tragedy, and are still in mourning, may He bless you with His most compassionate and merciful peace.