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In Texas, a Catholic bishop made two hospitals cease doing tube-tying operations for women who are not going to have … Continued

In Texas, a Catholic bishop made two hospitals cease doing tube-tying operations for women who are not going to have more babies. In Arizona, a nun was excommunicated and the hospital where she works was expelled from the church after 116 years for allowing doctors to terminate a pregnancy to save a woman’s life. At the same time, some doctors and other health professionals have faced disciplinary action for refusing to perform procedures or provide medications that go against their religious beliefs.

Should Catholic hospitals be able to restrict doctors from performing common and legal medical practices? Do such restrictions unfairly impinge on the rights of non-Catholic patients and doctors, particularly those in rural or underserved areas where alternative hospitals are not readily available?

When any religion refuses to change with times it becomes dormant and degrades itself. Catholics have steadfastly refused to come out of the shell of antiquity to see the light of a new day. Consequently, its strength and support lies now mainly in the primitive cultures of Africa and parts of Asia. Anything, including philosophies and religion, that remains stagnant becomes fetid and eventually dies. Many ancient cultures have met this fate because they refused to meet the changing needs, hopes and aspirations of its followers. The Catholic religion is going the same way.

I have never been able to reconcile the Catholic notion that the life of an unborn child is of greater value than the life of a living adult. They are willing to go to extremes to stop abortions but they have never, in living memory, called upon Catholics not to participate in any wars where innocent lives of adults are freely taken. This is justified by the notion of “Just War.” When is a war “Just?” The popular argument is that when it seeks to eliminate an evil personality like Hitler or Stalin or, in modern times, Saddam Hussein. This line of thinking implies that people who do bad things can be summarily eliminated to make the world a better place. But what of the millions who are killed in the process of eliminating one evil leader? Can it be said that all who follow orders of one evil leader automatically become evil themselves?

It is this notion of a “Just War” and the need to eliminate all bad people that has made Christianity the most violent religion in the world. If one attempts to compute the number killed by Christian nations in the past century the number would be mind-blowing. Clubbed together the Western Family of religions — Christianity, Islam and Judaism — are responsible for at least 75 per cent, if not more, of all violent deaths in the past century. What happens to the Catholic notion of “Respect for Life” under these circumstances? I will not even go into the question: doing to the evil person what they did to us does not make us better. Like my Grandfather, Mohandas K. Gandhi said: An eye for an eye only makes the whole world blind.

Can we ever overcome the moral contradictions in which we live? If not, then our own actions will lead to the demise of the religion we cherish the most. Hope the Catholics can pull themselves out of the morass of unreasonable thinking.

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  • MarieDevine

    It is precisely BECAUSE religions have left behind the written word of God that the violence and destructions to man, beast and land came and do come. They thought they needed to change with the times. THAT is the whole message of the Bible; God does not change. Even the small books of the minor prophets are full of warnings to obey and the consequences if they did not. What HE did to one nation to fulfill His word, HE is doing to us. Leviticus 26 and Deuteronomy 28-30 have not changed. Jesus said to live by every word out of the mouth of God. All religions are told to do all things according to God’s law. His word is His law.

  • eezmamata

    It is precisely BECAUSE religions are based on myth, delusions, and fantasies …. etc etc blah blah.”If a man commits adultery with another man’s wife, both the man and the woman must be put to death.”Leviticus 20:10 have not changed either. Considering the divorce rate amongst christians once has to wonder just how much you fools believe this crap after all.

  • amelia45

    Ah, Mr. Gandi, you are right but it is not ecumenical of you to say so. The bent of those who cannot adapt their faith to new understandings of the world around us is sad. It is not pecularly Catholic or Christian not be able to adapt to a world that tells us there were dinosaurs before man, that man is akin to the apes, the birds, and the fish in a line of creation from simple to complex (Teilhard). That modern medicine can help women have only the children they want and can save the life of a mother when another child will kill her.I believe in Jesus as my savior but I also believe that God wants to be found and so comes to others in whatever guise they can know Him. (Which many people thinks means I am not a Christian.) God can never be defined by us nor limited to what we can put into words. What is this need to have some ultimate, final, absolute truth about God, to limit Him to a select group, to deny on-going creation, as if God did it all about 5-6000 years ago and that He stopped talking to us centuries ago? God is not mute – we just stopped listening.

  • david6

    MarieDevine -Since there’s not a shred of evidence that the scriptures of any religion are the Word of any God or that any of the rules in those books are from any gods, your argument is meaningless.The Bible, for example, is full of outdated rules that are clearly immoral. Societies that support or tolerate slavery are truly vile, yet the Bible had no problem with it. Women, in the Bible, were no better than slaves or chattel. Those religions that claim to be getting their rules straight from the Bible are either full of evil treatment of others or lying about whether they are getting their doctrines from the Bible. Either way, no one should be fooled into thinking that morality comes from scriptures. It does not.

  • IrishEddieOHara

    The Faith of Jesus Christ, entrusted to the Church for 2000 years, is hardly old or fetid, as you state, Mr. Ghandi. It is extremely practical, even when its adherents do not live out the tenents of the Faith. We are taught to reverence life, to eschew war unless it is absolutely necessary as a DEFENSIVE ONLY measure for the protection of our lives, to take care of the poor and hungry, to visit those in hospitals and jails.It was said of Theresa of Calcutta that an unruly mob approached the place where she was caring for lepers and demanded that she be made to leave the area. The local mayor took the mob leaders in. Inside, Theresa was tending to the ulcerous and pus filled wounds of a leper.”When you start doing that for your Indian brothers and sisters, then I will tell her to leave.”One hopes they were shamed right down to their shoes.There is no justifiable cause for abortion, and as usual, the press misrepresents the issues at stake in the Arizona hospital case, making it sound like something that it is not. All life must be respected, as you noted, which means that every means must be made to save the mother’s life first, the child second. If, during the course of the treatment, the child’s life comes to an end, this is a sad but legitimate end to that life in order to save the mother, unlike those who insist upon killing the unborn without trying to save both mother and child. Furthermore, terminating a pregnancy to save a mother’s life, after all else has been tried, is far different than the attitude of those in the culture of death whose first thought is to simply kill the child.I note with disgust the comments of other amateur theologians here who obviously don’t know a Bible from a cookbook when it comes to understanding that which is written within. It is frightening to see how many amateur theologians we have in the world who act as if they are smarter than 2000 years of the Christian Faith. St. Peter spoke of those who “wrest with his words (Paul) to their own destruction.” I see this every day in the bloviations of those who have an agenda and feel that in order to promote their agenda, they must attack the Church and the Bible. Yet what has your atheism given you? If you can look at the 70 million dead in Stalin’s regime and the over 140 million dead between Pol Pot, Mao, and other Communist leaders and tell me with a straight face that such a belief system is preferable to the Christian Faith, even with all its faults, you need your head examined.

  • wiki-truth

    Jordan, Jordan, Jordan: Nice Try Counselor!Behold; A Great Interesting: YEYo said, “Pleazza J.S. & CO.nspirator’s; YO all know, and Arroyo knowns or knew this revealtion; that O U R , NOt the Vatican’s (Holy see), via U.S. Supreme Court have 6 (or is it 5 now?) out of 9 Justices (“Majority”) sit and decide as “Catholic”s? ANDSince it was that GREAT CATHOLIC & CHRISTIAN Conspiracy (To Take Over OUR Federal GOVERNMENT via ‘Unlimited” ELECTION Contributions [Hence Why Republicans are Back again] in a 5 to 4 Decision based on a Catholic Please see: ___ R E C O M M E N D A T I O N:Note: The [Secular] The A.C.L.U. should PETITION THE [FEDERAL] GOVERNMENT and SUE that ANY “MINISTER” [Theologian//CHURCH] whom Posses an LAW-DEGREE” (STATE) is in CONTRAvention to The “SEPARATION OF CHURCH & STATE”!!QUESTION (Before The Court):HOW Can a THEOLOGIAN (IT IS HIGHT TIME TO CHANGE THAT! Where it will bee deemed/rendered/ruled as “iLLEGAL” and a CONFLICT of Interests (State + Church????) practices! Apocalypticaly speaking: This is known as “JUSTICE FOR HIRE” and “GOD FOR HIRE”. So Ye Yo Can’t Have BOTH! That will be fixed in Sweet Sweet U.S.A! PS: i [WE] SEE right Through Ye Yo God Playing HIJACKERS OF AMERICA as SATANIC versUS Lovers! (Not only applied To Ishlami’s et al).Last Note: The Truth is the Average American or HUUMATE does NOt need a “Licensed-Jealopusy” to Know and Do LAW here! Nor to Know and Do God stuff here!YE, Barry Lynn, J Brent Walker et al, besides having “Religious Jealousy Psychosis” and “PreApoclyptic Sindromes” that ye Yo All hath VOTE: Reverse NOt OBAMA-CARE, but that Devilish {Christian] WE [i] Will NOt, never let No “Symbolic Cannibalists and Symbolic Vampires [a/k/a,EUCHARISTxians] Take Steal OUR HOLYi [SECULAR] Federal-GOV(Includes STATES) by Election-Deceit!

  • andy1979

    You really think that the western religions are “responsible for at least 75 per cent, if not more, of all violent deaths in the past century”? Seriously? I should think that Stalin, Mao, Pol Pot, etc, all steadfast atheists, were responsible for at least as many deaths as the united forces of Christianity, Islam, and Judaism. Even excepting the huge number of deaths in the 20th century perpetrated by atheists, Western religions don’t have the monopoly on violence. Muslims have killed many non-Muslims in India, but you cannot deny that Hindus have done the same to Muslims many times. The Japanese were spurred on to their crimes in World War II not out of any Christian faith, but because they believed their Emperor was a God who commanded them to do so. Humanity is a violent group, and just because you want to overemphasize Christian crimes while ignoring those of others doesn’t make it true. As for “Just War,” in the real world there are times when the state must use violence to protect the general welfare. I wonder what life for non-Muslims in India would be like if there was no Indian military or police force. How many millions of people would have died if the Allies hadn’t fought against Nazi Germany? There needs to be restraint and a discrimination between combatant and civilian, but then that is where Just War comes in.Finally, religion does not succeed by binding itself with the chains of secular culture. The purpose of religion is not to conform to the world, but rather to correct the errors of the world with the wisdom it has gained from long experience and divine inspiration. The world has no attention span, and is not concerned with truth so much as it is with passing trends and selfish impulses. Religion brings a connection to the past and reminds society that its “new” ideas like abortion have all been tried in the past and rejected as the horrible things they truly are. Dehumanizing an entire group of people is as old as history itself, and yet every time our culture does so it acts as if it’s coming up with the concept for the first time. Separating religion from history and tradition not only harms religion, it also does a huge disservice to society by leaving it as a hostage to capricious human desires.

  • Sara121

    What is undesirable is not necessarily religion per se (although I don’t desire it), but ideological dogmatism and the repression of independent thinking. Unfortunately, these are traits that religion in its extreme forms, and sometimes not so extreme forms, share with the aforementioned communist regimes.