Trust the Egyptian people

Egyptian anti-government protesters chant slogans as they stand atop an Egyptian army tank during a protest in Tahrir Square in … Continued

Egyptian anti-government protesters chant slogans as they stand atop an Egyptian army tank during a protest in Tahrir Square in Cairo. Mohammed Abed / AFP/Getty Images

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton made the rounds on the Sunday shows and the administration’s line has taken shape. “What we’re saying is that any efforts by this government to respond to the needs of their people, to take steps that will result in a peaceful and orderly transition to a democratic regime is what is in the best interest of everyone, including the current government,” said Secretary Clinton.

This morning, American leaders began pointing to a scheduled September presidential election. Based on the current state of affairs, the Egyptian people are not interested in waiting to see change in September nor do they trust an election. Under the Mubarak reign, there has never been a free and fair election.

The United States can save face by calling on Mubarak to announce that he will not seek reelection in September. If we continue to be portrayed as supporting the Mubarak regime, I fear that we are providing fodder to extremists who have continued an attempt to co-opt the protest movement. Ultimately, our government may be setting the stage for the worst-case scenario in Egypt – the rise of an Islamist government in Egypt.

Protesters in Egypt are not burning our flag or Israel’s; they are burning images of the dictator Mubarak. If we fail to stand in solidarity with what has been primarily a secular uprising, America’s lack of support for change will be touted by Islamic hardliners.

The ACLJ works very closely with Coptic Christians in Egypt and America. Our European affiliate has engaged the United Nations and Council of Europe on behalf of Coptic concerns. This is not Pakistan. In Egypt, at a minimum, 10% of the population is Christian. When we discuss Copts in Egypt, we must remember that this is a substantial religious minority.

Based on every conversation I have had with Copts in the last few days, Egyptian Christians have joined the protests, defying the instructions coming from the Pope of the Coptic Church.

Following the terrorist attack on a Coptic Church in Alexandria on New Years, Copts protested. The protests were aimed at Mubarak and the Egyptian government, not Muslims. Remember that Muslims protected Coptic Christians during their Christmas service on January 7.

It is the Mubarak government that until 2005 required any new church construction in Egypt to have presidential authorization. Egyptian authorities relied on an 1856 Ottoman law. Mubarak’s “revolutionary” reform was transferring authorizing power to Egypt’s governors in 2005.

Christians and Muslims are uniting in Egypt. Reports of chants like “Muslims, Christians, we are all Egyptians” have been heard all around the world. Certainly, these Christians understand the risk of what a Muslim Brotherhood-led government replacing Mubarak would mean for them. It is a risk that, by all accounts, they are willing to take.

After all the talk from President Obama about a new relationship with the Muslim world, we appear to fear a predominately secular Muslim uprising. Will we stand with a dictator or stand with the people of Egypt?

“Learn to do right; seek justice. Defend the oppressed.”

This is a Luke 18 moment, the persistent protest of a people seeking justice.

  • rogrdane

    One has to wonder how long the unity will persist “if” something similar to Iran’s transition after the Shaw were to occur?A tightrope of politics will ensue and America must be very careful not to repeat the mess we helped create in Iran when then President Carter deserted a long time ally.This will be a hard job for what appear to be outclassed components of our current administration. God Save the Kin… err, God Bless America!

  • stevebuck

    In every country there is a threshold for just so much oppression. It seems that the Mubarak regime has gone too far. It doesn’t look like they have a chance except to leaver the country.

  • laurig


  • jfrobe

    It seems to me that If we believe our own values, our choice is simple. We should follow the path that allows the Egyptian People to decide their own destiny EVEN IF it doesn’t go “our” way.If Egyptians want Mubarak gone then gone is what we should be encouraging. Give him Assylum if necessary but encourage him to go. Have the Red Cross or the Salvation Army set up free and fair elections that guarantee the will of the Egyptian People is honored by all sides. No interfering by Clinton nor do we allow any interference from the Muslims or any other interested party Allow the Egyptian People to decide for themselves under which form of government they wish to live.Naturally, if they were to choose a form of government that is opposed to US interests we simply take our money and go home!God knows America has NO shortage of things we need to address here at home. We always try to sway other Nations to do things the way our Government prefers. That is Imperialistic and it is wrong. America has always stood for the will of the People, Majority rules, fairness for all etc etc. Now is a great time to actually put these concepts into practice and not interfere with the will of the Egyptian People.

  • carv2046

    Why do we always meddle in the problems of others when we ourselves are guilty of the horrendous crime of abortion (slaughtering the MOST innocent in our own countries).Ask Obama & Clinton to clean up our act first. What right do we have to ask others to be civilized when we cannot be so.

  • RingABell

    We criticize China’s human right problem. If we support a dictator, we are contradicting ourselves. Should we give up principle for self interest?

  • cdemitri

    Christians are citizens of the Kingdom of God. Their brothers are the children of God. Their friends are all others who are friendly to them. Their enemies are those who hate them and their King Lord Jesus.Thus what benefit do Christians derive from siding with unknown entities (demonstrators of unknown motives or agendas)?Actually, this is the time for Christians to pray for the leadership of the land whom God allows to be in charge.Please understand that ‘siding with’ and ‘praying for’ are synonymous. Christians are urged to pray for their leaders, but admonished from having their shouts fill the streets, lest they bring God other than the Glory He IS worthy of, now and forever.Christians strive to remain blameless, even if the dogs lick their wounds, even if they are burnt to ashes.

  • Redfox007

    What we are seeing now, is not a peoples revolution, as much as it is God speaking out. This is happening all over the world, including in the US. The hardships we face, the terrorist activities, this shows the countries are not following God as they are supposed not.We have seen this in the Old Testament how god’s chose Israel, went astray, and look at what it cost them. Lives, time, nationality, all these from their own rebelling against God. This is not Allah, I speak of, it is the One and Only God. The great I AM. You can learn about Him by reading the Bible. He destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah for failing to get straight, now do you think He will allow the world to go their own way?Here is His answer:2Chronicles 7:14 If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.

  • caroline15

    I am with the Egyptian people. Mubarak is a dictator who has broken his people through poverty and terror. He needs to go, and face the consequences of his inhumane actions. I will pray for the safety of the Egyptian people, and that this dictator will not be replaced by the Muslim Brotherhood, who’s respect for the rights of women is well known. For those not familiar with the actions of the Brotherhood, I suggest you read, “Infidel,” written by Ayaan Hirsi Ali.

  • ericspa

    I believe that we have to stand with the mainline Egyptian citizens of all faiths who want a change in their government. I believe that they are pro-US, but could turn against us if we do not support them, opening a way for Muslim extremists to take advantage, seize power and turn this long-time ally against us..

  • mrcrider

    What is allowed is allowed.What is not allowed is not allowed.Did GOD ALMIGHTY CREATE the EARTH? DID HE allow man to Live on it? What is AGREED upon is AGREED upon. WHAT? is not AGREED upon is not AGREED upon. Shall we do what I say,are shall we do what you say are, shall we AGREE with GOD ALMIGHTY who made the EARTH and, Allowed us to Live on it and, SAY and, DO what HE SAYS? K.E.C.

  • elf46

    We seem to criticize every country’s human rights problems without taking care of our own. After reading that we have been supporting Egypt with nearly 2 billion dollars a year (see below), while Americans go homeless, children have nothing to eat and jobs are outsourced, it may be time to rethink our position in the universe.We, who have fought for our freedom many times in the last 200+ years, need to think and pray before we support a country espousing dictatorship and lack of religious freedom.Maybe, just maybe, it’s time to pray and to bring God back into our country. What goes around, comes around, we may be next to lose our religious freedoms, if we don’t be careful.* Egypt is the one of the biggest recipients of US economic and development assistance – $28 billion since 1975, according to USAID. Only Israel, Pakistan and Afghanistan have received more cash.** Egypt is the second-biggest recipient (behind Israel) of US military aid – over $1.3 billion a year.

  • stright77

    It is virtually impossible for the United States to alter the outcome of the present chaos in Egypt but what we can and should do is decry the excesses of the present regime and express our concern about a possible Muslim take-over. If, and it isn’t much of an if the Muslims are closely watching and at the very least trying to influence what is happening we should go on record as being against such interference. As a democratic country that has experienced our own struggles to be free we should simply align ourselves with the people of Egypt as they go forward with their just cause. Further action than the above is simply not on the table yet. Of course what we are seeing instead is dithering and waffling. So sad.

  • jahoosafatz

    Psalms Ch 30, Vs 1: I will extol the ‘o Lord, for thou has lifted me up, and NOT allowed my enemies to rejoys over me!With THAT being said, we MUST encourage these fellow Christians to do His work. To have the freedome to praise & worship Him in ALL His glory. That’s my story & I’m stick’n to it!!

  • aegroup1

    As we watch what God himself is doing through out the muslim world, and now in Egypt,I have to wonder if he is, in his way, gathering those who were chosen, even before the creation of the world, bringing them to him. We have a tendency, watching what is happening, to overlook what God is doing, and what he is doing is truly amazing, but you never hear about it in the media. All we as a people can do is pray that God’s will will be done, and pray for the freedom of the Egyptian people. Seems we are getting closer and closer to the time when God will call all of his own to him. These are both fearful and exciting times.

  • lovelystill

    Look what happened to Pakistan when the military ‘dictator’ was gone.


    Our wide-ranging neighborhood group conclusion is that the coptics are being used/tolerated until the Muslims win. We all know from history and daily/current acts of the heartless, brutal, scorched-earth focus of the extremest faction which will be alive & incharge. The masses ‘want’, not rationally knowing or facing the truth. Is there more than ONE choice in radical muslim leadership?

  • vicki_dixon

    The Egyptian people have spoken. They are in our prayers, but more importantly are and will always be in God’s hands. I remember singing “He’s Got The Whole World In His Hands” with my children when they were little. How blessed we are to be in His hands. May the Egyptian people find strength and courage in God’s promise to those who follow Him. Jeremiah 29:11-14. We must call upon Him, pray to Him, He will listen. Search for Him with all of our hearts and He will free us from captivity. God offers no evil thoughts, but thoughts of peace. He promises hope and a future. The people of Egypt can be sure that God keeps His promises. Christians must pray that God will give our brothers and sisters in Egypt strength and courage. God Bless Egypt and

  • lovelystill

    “Seems we are getting closer and closer to the time when God will call all of his own to him. These are both fearful and exciting times.”

  • Ruth1940

    “The ACLJ works very closely with Coptic Christians in Egypt and America.”Why does the ACLJ not work with the Christians in the West Bank and Gaza? (Stop pretending they aren’t there! Sabeel has been peacefully protesting Israeli treatment for years, but ACLJ doesn’t care about them.

  • lovelystill

    “Why does the ACLJ not work with the Christians in the West Bank and Gaza? (Stop pretending they aren’t there! Sabeel has been peacefully protesting Israeli treatment for years, but ACLJ doesn’t care about them.”Suggest they move to Israel. Christians are treated well there.

  • RichardFL

    This is where true leadership should reign. Egypt does not need a democracy any more than we do. We are a representative republic. The vast difference between that and a democracy is that intrinsic to a representative republic is the protection of minorities. Without those protections minorities like Christians are at serious risks of never seeing the freedom which they are fighting for. A pure democracy in which the majority runs roughshod over everyone else could develop death squads to perform ethnic cleansing simply because pure democracy is simply mob rule. When will our US leadership learn this? Iran toppled, Lebanon toppled, Egypt… Our country’s constitution provides for a balance of power which works when everyone in office is committed to their role and not merely a rubber stamp for another branch of government.

  • greenhouse1938

    News media must publish full details on the Muslim Brotherhood who are in ALL countries TO KNOW OUR ENEMY. All news media must publicly expose all people in the United States having ANY connection to the Muslim Brotherhood or subcontracted in any way with Muslim Brotherhood.WE URGENTLY NEED ALL FACTS POSSIBLE.At this critical time no American should say things in public such as – WE WANT… WE WANT… Egypt to act as we say SINCE we bribe them with billions every year. What if China said publicly to the world – WE WANT… We want – America to act as China says – since we owe China billions!(OUR ONLY HOPE is to believe in the power of prayer to our Father in heaven NOW for the real answers we need, in the Name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Amen.)

  • mobhoop

    The Question is asked what should christians do?Read 1Timothy 2:1-3 Also Romans 13:1-7. This is simple language, albeit hard to swallow at times like this.Christians are never called to protest violently we can use every available means allowed by law national and international to bring change Romans13 does not just apply to good government! Christians can do nothing until they have prayed. Remember the battle is the Lords So Christians all over the world should be on thier knees praying that God will intervene on behalf of the Egyptian people

  • JordanSekulow

    to Ruth1940:The ACLJ-Jerusalem does a lot of work with and on behalf of Palestinian Christians. Here’s one resource We also work with the Palestinian Bible Society. There’s even a DVD called “Unshaken” about our work in the West Bank.

  • jmrgolf1

    This us all AWESOME! I simply say “Hallelujah”, PRAISE THE LORD! Anyone

  • abrahamhab1

    So far this seems to be a grassroots secular rebellion against a dictator. It is part of the Arab culture for a leader to rule for life and possibly hand over the post on to his children as part of their inheritance. Their holy texts are the main source of their constitutions and other legislations and this is why their history has been rotating around itself and moving nowhere. Democracy is an alien concept to them and the Islamists are willing to play the democracy game to gain power and then they revert to the traditional habit of maintaining their choking grip and asserting it is their “way or the high way”. Hamas is a case in point. Let us hope there are enough enlightened people among the Egyptians not to replace their present dictatorship with a Dark Ages one.

  • kathryn31

    This is an excellent common sense approach regarding the US to ask Mubarak to step down in September. This will also aide in promoting democracy in allowing the people to vote for their new leadership choice. Great suggestion!

  • TVelemirov

    I must agree with Sekulow that we will be adding “Fodder to the Extremists” if we show support for Mubarak. As Christians WE should stand in solidarity by following not religion but rather God’s word on government issues and our place, as Christians in these circumstances. Saying No to government authority when it tries to override God’s ways is our right and duty, however, we must be “set apart” from the world and show by example and not by acts of violence, who we as Christians really are. It’s time church to stand but stand by going on your knees. The real power is God’s not ours and it is his fight! We are fighting An incredibly strong spiritual battle, not with the Muslims, Egyptians, political parties and or candidates or even the neighbors and, most often, against own family members (aahhh yes, satan is working overtime for sure)but against those unseen spiritual forces that “Control” the thoughts and actions of a people. There are things we can do and there are other things we should not fall prey to. We can petition, write our Congressmen/women, we can say no to ungodly acts and practices , for how else will the world tell us apart? We can and must pray! These are the end of the age, and yes the tribulation is rolling faster and faster towards us and it will be by our steadfastness and “prayer and supplication in all things” that will pull us as Christians through. Do not be mislead, Bible prophecy is going to be fulfilled under God’s authority no matter what. Take a long, hard look at what’s going on in the mid-east and here in the United States. Let us stand for righteousness and to glorify our God,because He is faithful and true to do battle on our behalf but for His glory.So to Egypt, I will pray for you and for my own great nation, The United States I will pray for you but mostly I will be praying for the wondrous day when The true ruler over all of the earth and over all kings and kingdoms will be the One to rule for ever. Praise to The Lamb, who sits on the throne”!


    Amazing how people have been falsely predicting the end of the world since Jesus told us we will mistake its signs.


    Amazing how people have been falsely predicting the end of the world since Jesus told us we will mistake its signs.

  • sweetir

    We are at a crossroad and one wrong turn would have an impact not only on USA but on the whole world. We must remember Egypt has been our friend and ally. The Brotherhood has only one agenda and that is to rule the whole world. The muslim world would be against all of Christianity. Sweetir

  • LeavingSouthCarolina

    I am reminded of when I was a student and the US supported the dictator Batista in Cuba because he was anti-communist (we were deathly afraid of communism at the time). We were on the wrong side of freedom, and the freedom loving students and the democracy loving oppressed in Cuba were deceived by those who helped them get rid of their dictator. The Marxists of that day installed Castro and Cubans have suffered ever since.

  • SharonMcG4592

    I am always saddened when the U.S. government does not stand up with oppressed people who bravely demonstrate to try to get some democratic reforms and more order and justice in their countries. If we would be better friends to the Muslim people of the world by standing up for them when they try to break free of oppression, our Congress might not feel so compelled to try to “buy” their friendship with all the foreign aid they give away, which usually doesn’t reach the people who need it anyway. In my opinion, Congress shouldn’t have the right to give so many billions away without the consent of the governed.

  • jbynum61

    I pray for the Lord’s protection over the Christians in Egypt and I pray that whatever happens to them that it be the Lord’s will, and that He enables them to endure it with joy.


    Think Iran … remember the anti-semite Jimmy Carter … remember the hostages and Khomeni … think about the Muslim Brotherhood and what it stands for, it’s association with Hitler and the Nazis … think about the consequences of control of the Suez canal falling into the hands of the Islamic extremists, etc., etc., etc.The Coptic Christians are not organized. The Muslim Brotherhood and Sharia Law are waiting in the wings. Support Mubarek and push for reform, don’t give the Islamofascists an opening !

  • msufoster

    As a Catholic, I am praying for my Coptic brothers and sisters. Please Lord, help them discern your will for them and their country. Thy will be done.

  • dwcraig43152001

    Mon, January 31, 2011 Making and Story Telling of MarginalizationThis may help understand the politics of Obama’s Cairo Speech in light of:Also the AlJasera take on protest which was printed before the Cairo Riots might be helpful in knowing what is going on in events like this in Muslim countries.Pastor Don Craig

  • dwcraig43152001

    Mon, January 31, 2011 Making the Story and Story Telling of MarginalizationThis may help understand the politics of Obama’s Cairo Speech in light of:Also the AlJasera take on protest which was printed before the Cairo Riots might be helpful in knowing what is going on in events like this in Muslim countries.Pastor Don Craig

  • nusharon

    If as Americans we stand for Freedom of Speech we must also stand for Freedom of Religion. Without both we are merely the worst kind of hypocites. The American government must issue a statement to the Mubarek regime to stand down. Allow a provisional government to intervene for 6 months to prepare for “FREE” elections, where the people of Egypt choose a true leader, restablish election cycles and term limits.What freedom loving country tolerates the tyranny of military force against their own citizens?

  • drenanb95

    This,as anyone can see is another attemt

  • MrCool1

    Egypt will be a better stronger country after this revolution is over. It is truely a miracle it took so long for the people to wake up and take their country back. Now both Muslims and Christians and all Egyptians will enjoy the fruits of freedom and victory over oppression and tyranny.

  • shadowseye

    As Americans we should stand with our Egyptian brothers and sisters for democracy and freedom, ideals we both share. This is a chance to show the people of Egypt and the people of the Muslim world that we support them and real democracy in the Middle East, that our interests are not opposed to each other, but rather that we share the mutual interests of democracy, human rights, and peace in the Middle East and around the world. This is one of the surest ways to take away the power from not only dictatorship but from the extremists who profit from stirring up false perceptions of enmity between America and the people of the Muslim world.

  • yeshuailove

    I have been reading a blog by Michael Youssef, a man born in Egypt and well aquainted with the interior workings of the government. He has a completely different perspective:

  • dchiro

    They, may be in the hand of god as some readers have suggested, but they may also be in the hands of the muslim brotherhood.I would prefer the former,and until that question is settled I will reserve judgement. Remember how many of our christian brothers and sister have died in surrounding counties at the hands of this peaceful religion!

  • GidMwololo

    The nation of Egypt needs our prayers at this time . We should specifically pray for righteousness to be established in Egypt. Let’s pray that the enemy will not take advantage of the situation to install an Islamic regime , which will be worse for Christians and Israel.Pres.Mubarak needs to read the signs of the times and step down for free and fair elections .

  • anotherway1

    May our Lord grant you the wisdom that comes from the holy Scriptures in Romans 13 and Titus 3. You are in our prayers. May God be with you..

  • abrahamhab1

    Egypt has long been the land of extremes. Their rich are very rich and their poor are very poor. Their enlightened people are very enlightened and their ignorant people are very ignorant. Let us hope that somehow the wise among them would prevail because the others would surely bring catastrophe to the Egyptians before being catastrophic for the others.

  • TheRevDeb

    The World should intervene now!I urge the US, and other nations, to stand up for the Rights, and protect the people of Egypt.Everyone needs to pray for protection!

  • ritaporter

    As any Bible literate Christian knows, the Lord is against Christians joining with ANY AND ALL other religions. Egyptian Christians need to humble themselves and pray and seek God’s face… according to 2Chronicles 7:14. History has shown that the revolutions in Iran, Cuba, and countless more have never accomplished what they promised. Those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it!

  • fyvonne

    I agree with jfrobe and we need to be very careful in prayer and listening to the Holy Spirit to be sure before we make a wrong decision.

  • arturor44

    can ye not see or not hear, in the last days their will be rumors of war , war and then a false peace treat will be signed between Isreal and the Arabs nations, then the end.

  • jp19

    Based on my Middle Eastern Background my opinon is that the Christian Coptics in Egypt they may be going from bad to worse situation… God help them… hopefully this new regime would bring them peace. Look what’s happening to the Kildanians Christian in Iraq…

  • Secular

    Hear Ye, Hear Ye, the stupidity of some of the bloggers. They want us all to pray for the Egyptians. Idiocy, is does your skydaddy need your implorings, come on. If she doesn’t give a rat’s a$$ to their plight, do you think it will give one after you pray? What is the thinking, either an arrogant believer, who think her implorings will sway the might skymommy, or that the skydaddy needs the believers to remind her what is going on on the planet. Either way runs against all logic. But then these believers are not looking for logic, they are looking for psychological crutches to do nothing.

  • sendit2brian

    Mr. Sekulow,I’m sure that your heart is in the right place, wanting to defend the right of Egyptians to demand free elections, and conceding that they know their culture and nation better than we could and are apparently willing to take this risk.But it is also true that being too close to a situation can limit your perspective. Perhaps all they see are the examples of violated individual rights and other abuses Mubarak has committed. And I agree, he is an awful president, and a dictator. But there is one thing that people seem to keep overlooking. Islam, which is the majority religion in Egypt, is absolutely incompatible with Jeffersonian democracy. Government by the people and for the people can never happen in a Muslim culture. If the current leader is removed, either a similar dictator will take his place, or a worse one will. There is no possibility of truly free elections in Egypt, and even if there were, it would not result in a new democratic government. Once elected, the new leader, who would certainly be Muslim, would be compelled by Islamic principle to rule in a way that would serve Allah… even if it meant manipulating the people. The Christians in Egypt may think it is worth the risk of possibly coming under the leadership of the Muslim Brotherhood, but I do not. I would rather see the dictator remain in power, than give any chance to Muslim Brotherhood, who has openly stated that their ultimate mission is the establishment of a global caliphate.Of course, I am not living under the current dictator, so that is easy for me to say. But I believe, from a global perspective, even Egyptian Christians would have to agree with me:We must do everything we can to interrupt the efforts of the Muslim Brotherhood to establish a one-world Islamic authority.

  • AlyceNwundrland

    My parents were Christian missionaries in a Muslim community of 300,000 in London Endgland for 9 years until 2000. Their first two churches were bombed and burned by the extremist Muslims who continually threatened them. The early Christians lived under extremist athiest rulers and God instructs us that “entreaties and prayers, petitions and thangivings be made on behalf of all men, for kings and all who are in authority, in order that we may lead a tranquil and quiet life in all godliness and dignity.” 1 Tim. 2:1,2.

  • brandon091405

    (This is part 1 of my post because the excerpt I wanted to post wouldn’t fit in one comment.)People should not protest violently. Dictators should not abuse human rights. America doesn’t have any authority over the Egyptian people or its dictator so I don’t see why we have to take anyone’s side.However, this does remind me of an excerpt I was reading from Kenneth E. Hagin’s “The Art of Prayer: A Handbook on How to Pray” a few days ago:Excerpt from “The Art of Prayer: A Handbook on How to Pray” by Kenneth E. Hagin pages 190 – 193 I sat with my eyes shut, praying in tongues, for what proved to be several hours. (It was just after midnight when we started praying. When it was all over and I opened my eyes, it was after 4 a.m. Yet it seemed as if it had been only 10 or 15 minutes.)(continued in my next post)

  • brandon091405

    (This is the part 2 continuation of my post in this article thread) Then He said, “When you tell that to some of the Christians, they will laugh. But when they stand before my judgment seat and they receive the condemnation rather than the man who was then President, they won’t laugh.

  • rdb8537

    they american goverment has long been bank rolling mubarak for decades that alone closes any thing our goverment can or should do our goverment does things like this and then crys and stomps around like a 2 year old brat taken to task what we see going on is how democratic goverment are founed this should be allowed to take its course ever one needs to stand back shut up and watch history being made this needs to be a lesson in forgein relaitons on why are goverment needs to stop backing coummnist and dictators

  • bottomlinethinker

    The website ( will help you with the facts on much of what you are discussing here. We all need more good information and less lies and deception. Then we can connect all the dots and discuss the whole picture. Christian are experiencing genocide in Egypt and Iraq and maybe other places I am not aware of. Nobama has us on a course of destruction- remember the 1965 song written by Barry Maguire called “The Eve of Destructio”- pull it up on Youtube and listen to it again or for the first time- prophetic words for our time. Christians are under seige in America too- if you haven’t noticed- by the liberals and the evil 42+ czars. Satan and Nobama know their time is short- watch out. To be fore warned is to be fore armed- keep your heads up because your deliverance is near. Keep the Faith

  • DontMoveToSouthCarolina

    Freedom of religion is a God give right regardless of what religious God you worship. Of great concern is the loss of that freedom through a democratic counties own laws meaning people of intolerant religions migrate to other countries, refuse to adoption their new “home land’s” beliefs however obtain that countries freedoms and rights (such as the right to vote) through citizenship, populate and then use that freedom loving country” own laws to enact religious intolerance. I would suggest an amendment to Article Five of the United States Constitution making it more difficult to reverse this country’s basic laws as stated in First Amendment before the USA is compromised by the process listed above and it’s too late.

  • victoriahkern

    Go to the bottom of the page and read, where it begins withDear Friends,I am writing this to you as a witness to what is going on from the streets of Cairo over the last few days. We have been following the developments since January 25th, which started with a large group of Egyptian youth taking to Tahrir square in an anti-government protest with specific demands. I know some of these people who were in that group and I talked with them. What is happening now has nothing to do with this original protest! What is happening right now is a conspiracy to topple Mubarak from outside the country!! I am not a conspiracy theorist, but let me tell you what I have personnally witnessed on the streets of Cairo.I want to share first what the LORD told me on Friday morning.I went to the LORD in prayer on Thursday evening, praying like many others for protection and for the restoration of peace and security in my land. I told the LORD: “Father, answer my prayers with rain”, which He has several times before. I went to sleep. I woke up on Friday morning and went directly to prayer. Immediately, I sensed a strong urgency from the LORD saying: “As the people of Egypt presented their requests to Mubarak, I am calling on My people to rise up before me and present their requests to me for their nation”. I went on to hear the LORD: “Let the Holy Council assemble”. I didn’t understand who this Coucil was, but I knew in my heart that the LORD meant that there are people in my land that are called by the LORD to stand before him as His Holy Council with authority to make declaration over the land, to establish the Kingdom in the land. My demands to the LORD were not political ny nature. I prayed for “good news to the poor, freedom for the oppressed, healing for the brokenhearted, and the acceptable year of the LORD” as the Holy Spirit gave guidance. The LORD spoke to me the words “JUSTICE” and “TRUTH”. A

  • victoriahkern

    As I went to talk with Rania afterwards, she told me that she had been awake all through the night, and that IT RAINED around 12:45 am. It was very strong, but not for a very long time (a few minutes). I knew then that it was the LORD. The LORD spoke Psalm 97:1-2:The LORD reigns, let the earth be glad; Indeed, there had been unusual clouds and very thick fog in December over Cairo, unprecedented in frequency and intensity. Again, the words TRUTH (or righteousness in the English translation) and JUSTICE resounded.As we followed the unfolding of events including the announced change in government and president Mubarak’s speech, we wondered why the international news media is focusing only on the thousands in Tahrir square who are escalating their demands and refusing dialogue. The news media is reporting this as “the people of Egypt” wanting Mubarak to leave immediately. Did they ask the “people of Egypt?”. For one, they did not ask me! Where are those, like myself, that want change and reform, but accept the changes that Mubarak is proposing, and want a peaceful transition through elections in September?We decided to take to the streets to voice our opinion. On Tuesday February 1st we went to Mustafa Mahmoud square in Mohandessin. There were about one thousand people there around 3:30 pm. (yes, we broke the curfew). the crowd grew to about 2500 by 5:00 pm. People were calling their friends over the phone telling them to come. We left at about 6:30 pm and returned yesterday, Wednesday, starting at 11:00 am. The small group had swelled to TENS OF THOUSANDS OF PEOPLE standing together with banners saying things like:- yes to stability, yes to Mubarak- give change a chance- we are sorry Mr. president- we accept dialogue, we trust you- no to ElBaradei, no to the muslim brotherhood (many like this one)- we are the Egyptians, where is Al-Jazeera, let them come and see- no to corruption, no to vandalism- we got what we asked the president for, so why are people still in Tahrir? Who are they? What do they want?etc., etc., etc.By 2:00 pm, the crowd had grown to SEVERAL HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS OF PEOPLE, maybe up to a million, stretching from Sphinx square to Sudan street. We had a great sense of unity and victory. We met with people who were in the original protest in Tahrir square who decided to join us saying: we got what we asked for, and now we accept Mubarak’s changes and proposals”.We left around 4:15 pm. The numbers had grown even more, POSSIBLY OVER A MILLION. As we drove home we saw the same slogans on banners all over the city, on cars, on walls, on shop windows. We learned that similar demonstrations are taking place ALL OVER THE COUNTRY, IN MAY DIFFERENT CITIES. THIS IS THE CRY OF THE PEOPLE OF EGYPT THAT IS BEING TOTALLY IGNORED B