Obama at National Prayer Breakfast: Presidency has ‘deepened my faith’

By Elizabeth Tenety President Obama gave Americans a peek into the spiritual life of a president Thursday, speaking at the … Continued

By Elizabeth Tenety

President Obama gave Americans a peek into the spiritual life of a president Thursday, speaking at the annual National Prayer Breakfast in Washington, D.C.

“These past two years they have deepened my faith,” the president told the gathered group of political, religious and cultural leaders.

“My Christian faith then has been a sustaining force for me over these last few years, all the more so when Michelle and I hear our faith questioned from time to time. We are reminded that ultimately what matters is not what other people say about us, but whether we’re being true to our conscience and true to our God.”

He then quoted Scripture: “Seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you, as well.'”

Questions about the president’s faith life have plagued his campaign and presidency –from his relationship with controversial Chicago minister Jeremiah Wright to a September 2010 Pew poll that showed nearly 1 in 5 Americans incorrectly believe that he is Muslim.

A jumbo screen shows U.S. President Barack Obama speaking at the National Prayer Breakfast in Washington February 3, 2011. REUTERS/Kevin Lamarque

White House watchers see the president’s recent efforts to be more vocal about his Christian faith as part of a communications strategy, and in his remarks Thursday he further explained what he believes.

Florida Pastor Joel Hunter and Potter’s House megachurch preacher T.D. Jakes, Obama said, serve as spiritual advisers. He mentioned that he and Michelle frequently attend church services at Camp David (the president’s church of choice –or lack thereof –also has been subject to scrutiny), and that Joshua DuBois, who runs the Office of Faith-based and Neighborhood Partnerships, sends him Scripture readings on his Blackberry each morning.

Connecting his efforts on health care and unemployment to a biblical command to serve “the least of these,” the president admitted that he struggles to have the “humility” to be patient with his policy priorities.

Other items of note from the president’s address:

Shared that he prays “that I might walk closer with God and make that walk my first and most important task.”

Called Sen. Tom Coburn (R-Okla.) “a brother in Christ.”

Characterized his father as “nonreligious” and his mother as spiritual, but not religious.

“I came to know Jesus Christ for myself,” while working with faith leaders as a community organizer.

Every morning and night, the president said, “I wait on the Lord,” asking for strength and forgiveness.

On the prayers of a father: “As I travel across the country, folks often ask me, what is it that I pray for? And like most of you, my prayers sometimes are general: Lord, give me the strength to meet the challenges of my office. Sometimes they’re specific: Lord, give me patience as I watch Malia go to her first dance, where there will be boys. Lord, have that skirt get longer as she travels to that dance.”

What did you think of the president’s testimony?

Read more on charity:water, an organization Obama mentioned in his speech.

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  • Daniel328

    I’m grateful that our President’s first priority is to seek God’s kingdom and his righteousness! We all fall short in many ways, but as we let Jesus lead us, he refines us. We have his Word to teach us what righteousness really is. This article made me think of Isaiah 58 and it’s admonition:”not to hide yourself from your own flesh…”I think of all the unborn babies, whose moms are pressured or deceived into doing away with their own flesh, and our President’s stated determination to let this continue. It will be tragic if he does. But history is full of leaders who turned around. Many are unhappy with how President Obama began his term, but it is how he finishes that will matter most!

  • shewholives

    Daniel328, there is more to this life than obsession over abortion. Take that same energy and focus and work at a soup kitchen or help to feed the poor.

  • hebe1

    Thank you Shewholives!

  • clarendon67

    The president should not have to be defending his faith in this country. Being a christian is not a requirement to be president, but we Americans have become so obsessed with who is a christian and who is not that he has to defend his faith. The people who question the president’s faith have put themselves in the position of being so self righteous and so taken up with the sound of their own voices that they have ‘become as sounding brass and tinkling cymbals’, because they do not have love in their hearts.

  • Daniel328

    Should the abolitionists of the 1800s have not obsessed over slavery? Should they have busied themselves with other things?Thanks for suggesting it, but I am already involved in projects that help the poor–one doesn’t have to give oneself exclusively to one effort. The rest of Isaish 58 offers even more that we can do, and many people handle more than one task well. Yet such a bloody massacre of children does seem important enough to mention first.

  • rsl903

    Shared that he prays “that I might walk closer with God and make that walk my first and most important task.”


    Such talk makes me ill; I hope this is just political BS! The last thing this nation needs is another leader pandering to God and getting his instructions and permissions from a higher source! We have lots of experience on how that works for the Zionist to the Jihadis to dear old Decider George! Come on Barry, man up, and fine some principals of some kind! Barry the ultimate flexible man!

  • jdsolano

    Obama is pandering to the Christian right.Now, Christians will be less likely to think Obama is a muslim; their attacks on Obama will fade; some of them may even… vote for Obama in 2012. Great political move!!!!Which proves that RELIGION is -well, it has always been- a tool by the smart and ambitious to… fool the naive into believing that, by following the pied piper, they are doing god’s will.What a shame for America!!!

  • FatherFrankPavone

    President Obama is not the only person of faith who excludes the unborn from the Commandment “Thou Shalt Not Kill,” but he is certainly among the most influential. Our prayer for him at Priests for Life is that he has a change of heart, sooner rather than later, and embraces those who truly are “the least of these” — children in the womb.

  • joe_allen_doty

    I live in Oklahoma and yet US Senator Tom “Dr. No!” Coburn is supposed to represent me. Coburn may claim to believe in Jesus; but he’s a very judgmental person. He even approved of a fellow congressman covering up an affair the man had.

  • D-0f-G

    Christanity and the state, going all the way back to the emperor Constantine, has always been strange bedfellows, despite any insistence in the present that they are “sparate”. It’s just been a fascinating connection, where politicians can, on the one hand, perpetuate war while killing all of the innocent women and children at their leisure, and then pray to the very God whose Soul resides within the totality of the whole universe. Fascinating!Of course, his is only possible, when first, one caricatures God by humanizing IT! with mutability, personality, volition, selectivity, and, of course, hypocrisy. Fascinating!

  • truth34

    I would ask religious democrat Mr. Carter if abandoning the Shah of Iran for the Ayatollahs with nukes was “the” religious way to go, and i would ask democrat Pres. Obama if abandoning Egypt’s Mubarak so quickly for the Muslim Brotherhood (as opposed to no calling for Ahmenijad to step down during Iran’s recent popular demonstrations,} instability, chaos and all is “the” religious way to go.

  • klausdmk

    The Fort Hood massacre was premeditated Islam terrorist attack indiscriminate killing U.S. military personnel by an Army Psychiatrist indoctrinated in the Islam religion of the Muslim world. At site of the Islam terrorist attack, the killer was yelling the name of the Islam God, Allah is great.Why did Obama cover-up all the evidence leading to the conclusion that the Islam terrorist attacker was motivated by his religion and dedication to his god Allah of the Muslim world? Many Americans think that Obama’s religion is Islam, but his says he is a Christian.Pray to God for truth and read the Holy Bible to find out for your self whether or not you’re a Christian. When a political figure talks about religion, some are more concerned about public opinion polls; than judgment that comes from God in a personal relationship with Christ Jesus.Americans question President Obama’s religion because of some of his decisions, priorities and statements as President of the U.S. supposedly representing the people. He seems to side with ACLU and agnostic and atheist groups who want to erase religion from public places. The anti-religion groups promote legal action against freedom of religion and expression as the 10 Commandments, the Cross and the nativity scene relate to the Bible and Christians. Until recently with regard to the Isalm religion of the Muslim world, Presidential comments were not related to the rights of religious expression. For example, is it against the constitution for Veterans of American to put up a Cross that represents Christ crucified and raised from the dead by God His Father? Since the liberal Democrats have been in office, Americans have witnessed more initiatives of freedom from religion, than freedom of religion. Liberal Democrats do not want to offend the atheist, instead the politicians want to get rid of religion by using the “separation of church and state” constitutional claims, and suppress religion. Have you seen the T-Shirt of Bush’s face and the words “Are You Missing Me”?We see that Americans care a lot about their religion and belief in God. As the apostle Paul said, “If we believe not, yet he (Jesus) abideth faithful: he cannot deny himself.” Your faith means your faith in God.

  • MarieDevine

    Prayer without knowing what God wants is dangerous and makes us gods instead of Jehovah-Yahweh God of the Bible; the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, the God of the whole earth. Muslims call Him Allah, “The God.”We are to SERVE HIM. Jesus taught us to pray, ‘Thy kingdom come on earth, as it is in heaven.” In heaven they obey every word out of the mouth of God. A Kingdom has a King; if God’s wisdom, commandments and judgments lead our nation, we have established the Kingdom of God on earth.In no holy book does God direct us to seek riches and honors and man’s wisdom, but tells us to avoid them. They have led us into bondage where we are slaves to our education and employment system. God’s way has true freedom. Choose trees, plants and pets that provide fresh food around us and we will quickly solve the personal, national and world problems we created with the employment lifestyle. If we are not serving to that freedom, we are serving man and money and despise God’s wisdom, guidance and protection. How can we then be really saved?

  • EastCoastCommentator

    I heard about God, the Lord, and the Eternal One this morning and have only one question:How does a Christian talk about prayer, using nearly 2,000 words and never speak the name of Jesus?Philippians 2:10

  • rlj1

    “Judge not, that ye be not judged.”

  • tenderangel46

    It is odd he waits two years to explain his faith , just when he is being questioned over the Egypt situation…

  • persiflage

    While Obama is far preferable to any republican POTUS, I just can’t imagine Hillary Clinton kissing up to the fundamentalist element within the GOP this way. This is really kind of pitiful. He sounds far more like a republican candidate for President with this ‘uplifting’ Christian faith claptrap. Bill Clinton always seemed to downplay the religious element, despite his Southern Baptist roots back in Arkansas. In my view and among elected officials, Presidents in particular need to keep a very low profile on religion and personal religious commentary, faith-based insights, etc.Whatever crowd Obama is playing to here is the same bunch that disputes evolution, opposes legal abortions and the right to choose, likes the idea of prayer in public schools, opposes stem cell research, is offended by homosexuality, and so forth. In other words, many of the folks that voted for Bush twice, but with a twist. Obama was ‘preaching’ in various churches down here in South Carolina before he was elected, to very welcoming crowds. It seems he’s at it again. Unfortunately, pandering will get you everywhere in the popularity polls – but on election day, it’s an entirely different matter. Obama had best start paying a bit more attention to his own base, rather than throwing one bone after another to the newly dominant ultra-conservatives in the House of Representatives. The fact is, the liberal element of the democratic party has largely been ignored for over two years, and this just won’t work in the long run. The tightrope that Obama is walking is just getting stretched tighter and tighter…..And again, he’s very fortunate that the GOP is thus far unable to muster a single, solitary viable candidate to run against him in 2012.

  • mercury613

    Dear Mr. President,I am deeply, deeply disappointed by your participation in the National Prayer Breakfast today, given the implication of its organizers, The Fellowship Foundation, in the government-sponsored murder of gay and lesbian people in Uganda. Your presence at this event has tacitly sanctioned The Fellowship Foundation’s morally-repugnant actions.Badly done, Mr. President. Badly done.

  • drankland

    Yuck. He’s still the best president we’ve had in years, but I can rilly live without the “lordy lordy” stuff….

  • catzilla

    I think it is inappropriate and divisive for the president to attend and speak at this prayer breakfast.

  • DwightCollins

    how does a baby killer get closer with his faith because he is President…

  • AR11

    We need religion out of politics. The magical sky fairy does nothing but cause conflict within this great country. It is a shame that Obama has to stoop so low to pander to the religious right.

  • rdb8537

    if this guy is a chiristan he is the weakest now i no that my greast and most glorified works are as filthy rags before god your faith is not worn on your shirt sleve it is worked out in secret with the chirst go to your inner closet were left does no what your right is doing faith is not a work it is a life styel

  • momintum

    Anyone who claims affiliation with some, any, or one imaginary sky-fairy concept is a strange person and should be monitored closely. This includes people of rank and caliber as well as the denizens of alleyways. Born in fear and ignorance, fed and fueled by intolerance and bigotry, many of our “elected” officials are chamelions grabbing for straws.,orts, and offerings preying/praying off the superstitions of others while basking in their own world of their own making. “Religion to the common man is truth. Religion to the wise is false. Religion to the rulers is useful” is a coined adage attributed to Seneca the Younger about 50 ce. This truth is as applicable today ad 2000 years ago. Political duplicity and manipulative stratagems are nothing new. If you can harness a crowd of zealots and point them in the direction of your agenda; this is quite an asset. Military organizations for example employ these tactics worldwide regardless of persuasion.

  • cornbread_r2

    President Obama is not the only person of faith who excludes the unborn from the Commandment “Thou Shalt Not Kill,” but he is certainly among the most influential. FatherFrankPavone More influential than the six Catholic Supreme Court justices who could — all by themselves and without any personal political repercussions whatsoever — overturn Roe v Wade overnight? Why does the Catholic pro-life movement consistently ignore the role these justices have had in permitting that law to stand for the

  • SayWhat4

    The president has great faith in the polls, thus the public confession of belief.

  • theoryorexperience

    I thought his explanation of his view of the role of government–that ‘there’s only so much that churches and non-profits can do, there’s only so much the private sector will do’–was the clearest and most emotional I’ve heard from him. He seems genuinely rooted in wanting to help people. To me, being a community organizer is one of the best qualifications a politician could have–work that’s done from a sense of empathy and fairness, and that gives him a real knowledge of conditions on the ground. Unlike the State of the Union, he talked about the poor and those losing their homes. He also mentioned the need for humility, knowing that no one point of view has all the answers. I can’t know this first-hand, but he seems open to ideas across the spectrum, his criteria being whatever works to help people. He realizes there’s truth on most sides of an argument. Sure I wish he had a little more courage in certain areas, but I felt from his words that he’s truly a good person, better than most of those he has to deal with unfortunately.

  • Ruth1940

    Jesus taught to pray in private. “Beware of practicing your piety before others in order to be seen by them; for then you have no reward from your Father in heaven… Matthew 6 The founders of our government arranged it to be separate from religion. (Many were deists and did not believe in a god that interfered with what people do.)A prayer breakfast labeled NATIONAL is most inappropriate. A president who has studied the Constitution should know better than to participate in it.

  • thejames1225

    Who could ever imagine that an empty suit, teleprompter dependent leftist community organizer with experience in nothing would be a complete failure as president. A tragedy like that tends to make one more spiritual.

  • Ruth1940

    Many concerned about human embryos and fetuses should stop to realize that about half of the pregnancies are spontaneously aborted in the first few weeks, often before the woman knows she is pregnant.The bible is not against killing anyway:

  • DCtoCA

    I find it interesting that the Post article makes no mention of the connection between the Family (of C Street fame) and this sham breakfast, which is actually a front for a dangerous confluence of religious, political and authoritarian power. Is anybody else who’s not a regular dailykos reader onto this? Scary stuff. To the extent that we waste our time arguing about abortion, it’s just a bonus for the powerful few who have a stranglehold on our government, military and financial institutions. Please wake up people. And Ms. Tenety, that’s the real story here. You’re just enabling them.

  • SCKershaw

    Sir Thomas More once said the he had “no window on another man’s soul”. It would be nice if presidents, or any politician, would spare us the act of pulling back the curtains of their pious room. Intense religiosity is driving out good faith.I don’t dispute the President’s religious convictions or the benefits they bestow on him. I just feel that there are better uses for his resources than pontificating about them to the rest of us.

  • sincerely002

    Some of you who claim Christianity speak as if you believe God is unloveable. I say this because you speak as if love for God must be faked, as if President Obama could not truly love God. I believe the president may truly love God, because I know HE is lovable–I can understand the president’s love for HIM grows as he learns to depend on HIM. Love for God does not need to be faked–God deserves it. He is worthy of it. Do you understand that love for God, and dependence on Him grows? The president’s knowledge of God, as anyone’s, may grow as he seeks HIM. Let the president be an American citizen. Let him be a Christian. Let him grow in faith. Stop searching to find anything possible, any mote, to stop him from being Christian. He is much more Christian than the negative who try to prevent him from being one.Your judgment is uncomely, and shows a lack of understanding of love for God and God’s will.

  • barrysal

    Perhaps this President who is quoting “seek ye first the Kingdom”, needs to be reminded of another scripture: “ye shall know them by their fruits”.

  • docwhocuts

    In medicine, you have to quickly discern who’s telling the truth and who is not.One quick one for you: DISTRUST ANYONE THAT SAYS:”trust me” more than once.

  • Rongoklunk

    Daniel328;Maybe you should be against masturbation and using condoms when you consider the trillions of possible babies flushed down the toilet or It ain’t a perfect world – like it would be if we had a God running things.

  • areyousaying

    Makes one wonder if Concerned14 is another nut job who has gone out and bought a Glock with 30 round clips thanks to NRA lobbied gun laws that allow mentally deranged people to do this.

  • thebobbob

    Boy oh boy! The religious whackos are out today. They should abandon their sky-ghost fantasies. Give up their near psychotic infatuation with having a ‘personal’ relationship with the son of sky ghost. Creepy!If you want to buy into a fantasy I suggest the Flying Spaghetti Monster (FSM). Pastafarianism is the TRUE path. I know because I partake in HIS body, His Noodly Appendage, regularly and HE sustains me. It’s a belief system that I can really sink my teeth into. rAMEN

  • thejames1225

    “These past two years they have deepened my faith,”Sounds like there will be an election soon.

  • eezmamata

    This ought to be fun, watching Obama try to out-religion the religious fanatics the republicans will throw against him.Soon, we’ll be seeing all these political cretins wearing a sort of christian thermometer on their sleeves, each of them claiming to be more christian than the other.Sigh, I suppose we have to go through this. And nobody will learn from it.

  • sincerely002

    After at least 6 Republican administrations have been unable (or unwilling) to reverse Roe vs. Wade, why would abortion be blamed on President Obama? It is almost as if, like the Pharisees, it is left in place as a guilt inducer. If there was no more Abortion, what would then hold the Christian vote hostage?NEXT!

  • Utahreb

    The minute ANY politician starts spouting about his/her “faith”, “religion”, “beliefs” I immediately put him/her on my “do not vote for” list.”The best sermons are lived, not preached” –

  • areyousaying

    “Soon, we’ll be seeing all these political cretins wearing a sort of christian thermometer on their sleeves, each of them claiming to be more christian than the other.”What a great marketing idea – “My Jesus is better than your Jesus”

  • detroitblkmale30

    kudos to Obama, Keep the faith!!Apparently some of the “pharisees” on this board are citicizing you for your faith and your beliefs(or lack of certain ones) have forgotten certain scriptures (“judge not lest ye be judged for one”)

  • mlbduffy

    Obama, the political Zelig, again becoming whatever he needs to become to get votes. He threw Obamacare into the speech and that gave away the reason for his supposed coming out of the closet and declaring himself “christian”. He had to do something to get support for Obamacare after the some courts and at least 28 the states are rallying against it. I guess if you don’t support Obamacare you are now not a good Christian. Wow! This man stops at nothing.

  • eezmamata

    MLBDUFFY, please list for us the politicians who won’t stop at nothing to get what they want?Just a short list will do fine.

  • mac7

    As it is and has been with my wife and I. We could have never down our jobs had it not been for God.

  • abu_ibrahim

    «How does a Christian talk about prayer, using nearly 2,000 words and never speak the name of Jesus?»«Posted by: EastCoastCommentator | February 3, 2011 4:34 PM»O Commentator, Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, said, «If you are put into a position of authority, fear Allah and act justly.» (Quoted in Ahmad ibn Hanbal, Musnad, Cairo, 1313 A.H.) Moreover, Prophet Muhammad, Allah’s blessing and peace be upon him and his Companions, said, «No obedience is to be given to any creature if it involves disobedience to the Creator.» (Quoted in Sharh As-Sunnah by Barbahari, 6th century A.H.)«Philippians 2:10»O Commentator, your reference to Christian Bible Book of Philippians second chapter, verse No. 10, claims that «at the name of Jesus every knee should bow», ¿should our President Obama give deference to the name of Prophet Isa («Jesus») in his speeches? But Prophet Isa, peace be upon him, was a creature of the Creator, he walked on the surface of the Earth beneath the Heavens, and the Creator said in his Ten Commandments about anything that is on the Earth, «Thou shalt not bow down unto them, nor serve them», Christian Bible Book of Exodus, twentieth chapter, verse No. 5, so giving deference to Prophet Isa, peace be upon him, would be disobedience to the Creator’s Ten Commandments, and so Paul was wrong in his letter to the Philippians, and so it is inappropriate for our President Obama to show deference to Prophet Isa in his speeches, it is appropriate for our President Obama to show deference to our Creator Allah, this he did at the prayer breakfast, so ¿what is your complaint?

  • jacquelynwoods

    Barry, the muslim is still trying to convince his leftest so call Christians that he is Christian.The Characterless teleprompter reader, which is even giving him problems, now moves to complete and utter dishonesty.

  • Concerned14

    Obama is an Islamic/Socialist DECEIVER!Obama is a Taqiyya(google it), an Islamic SanctionedThe acts of a Taqiyya are consistent with the acts of a Socialist/Communist who also will say or do anything to promote and achieve the Socialist/Communist agenda.Based on his acts, speeches, writings,& associates his entire life, the case for Obama believing in and standing for Islam/Socialism trumps any case that can be made that he believes in or stands for Christianity or its principles. From never attending any Christian churchAs Lincoln so aptly said, You can fool some of the people all of the time, all of the people some of the time, but not all of the people all of the time!C’mon November 2012 or IMPEACHMENT!

  • eezmamata

    Do you think CONCERNED14 was so concerned when Bush was holding hands with the saudi king? So which is gayer, bowing or holding hands?

  • Marin823

    If he hadn’t already shown that what he says can’t be trusted, this would perhaps be meaninful. As soon as he admits that while attending Wright’s church for 20 years he actually did hear what was said, maybe he’ll be more believable.

  • detroitblkmale30

    I think concerned14 aslso needs to specifically cite proof of his outrageous claims lol

  • eezmamata

    “It takes alot more strength to beleive in something in the lack of evidence”It takes a fool to believe in something ‘in’ the lack of evidence. How hard is it to be a fool?And really, how does rejecting your delusions constitute rejecting everything? How does not believing in your fairy tales means believing in nothing?You are a fool. Seeing virtue in rejecting your own reasoning mind is only something a fool, and a coward would do.

  • detroitblkmale30

    Ezzamata,How hard is it to believe in nothing? Even easier apparently . By your own logic that would make you a fool. Nope its called Faith. It happens everyday. You are welcome to your opinion, that doesn’t make you anymore right than me though.Please, “evidence” is not proof. Simply a bread crumb trail for some. Not an explanation. Its often contradicted by the next big “theory” So no, no big enlightenment there my friend. Doesn’t take much to beleive in something that is always changing relative to how many people endorse it. Funny Einstein believed in a God that created the universe(if not a personal God) Is he a fool? (careful your answer will determine your own F.Q.- Fool Quotient)Sticks and stones. No fool or coward here. Nice try though.

  • Secular

    I am deeply disappointed with this charade of Obama. I don’t give a Rats a$$ about Obama’s faith or lack thereof. It is sad that he keeps professing his faith. That only diminishes him in my eyes. It is not anyones concern.

  • detroitblkmale30

    It is not anyones concern.

  • eezmamata

    Either Obama is lying about this christanity in his life business, like most of the ‘good christian’ fools in this forum have said, or he is telling the truth, which means he’s really one of the fools who believe this nonsense after all.Either way, he’s a loser

  • carlbatey

    Barak Hussein Obama IS a muslim. Quite simply, he’s lying every time he denies it. It’s an age old muslim practice called dissimaulation. Ask any shiite.

  • detroitblkmale30

    Don’t worry about the naysayers President Obama stick to your faith. Its easy to bend to the those who call you a “loser” or a fool for being antiquated, even though you are not. Besides its just the vocal minority mouthing off.It takes alot more strength to beleive in something in the lack of evidence, than it does to simply sit back and reject everything and believe in nothing.

  • eezmamata

    Tell us how you got from Eintstein’s god to your god? How does your appeal to authority make you anything but a desperate child sucking your thumb, hanging onto mommy’s skirts, refusing to grow up.Einstein thought it ridiculous to believe in your gods, did you know that? Einstein didn’t believe in your jesus, didn’t believe in your heaven, didn’t believe in your hell, just how much of Einstein do you really know?Not much, that’s apparent.I know, you christians are taught by your preachers that “Einstein this” or “Einstein that” … and you shove it up your rectum like everything else these people tell you, never chewing it to see if it’s real or not.Tell us some more about the talking snake, the talking burning bush, those are the ones I really like. Tell us more about this corpse on an execution device you worship … tell us about cannibalizing the corpse flesh and drinking its blood.Yes, let us know how truly real these things are.

  • detroitblkmale30

    eezmamata :Your attempt to complicate a very simple premise is in itself foolish my friend. I am very familiar with Einstein’s beliefs and Spinoza’s, both of which claim the existence of a supernatural God. Repeating yourself doesn’t make you anymore right or my premise anymore wrong. The simple fact remains. Einstein believed in a supernatural God. Period. I said he did not beleive in a personal God this is true. “If you want to use Einstein’s name, his belief in Spinoza’s god as evidence that smart people believe in a god too”Yes my point exactly. I couldn’t have said it better myself. Smart people beleive in God whether that be Spinoza’s God or mine. Intelligent people(of which I am one) believe in a God(which cannot be proven) That does not make them foolish. Einstein, Spinoza, myself, all believers in a supernatual God on one side, you apparently on the other. The three of us are foolish? Is that your point? Sorry your argument to authority is not applicable as I am not making an authorative statement but rather showing an EXAMPLE. Einstein’s belief system does not proove anything. Therefore he cannot be authorative. He is simply an example of a scientist and logical person who beleived in something “illogical” that lacks evidence. I will nail your proverbial feet back down to your own words. You said:”It takes a fool to believe in something ‘in’ the lack of evidence. How hard is it to be a fool?”Is there evidence for a God of ANY kind? I would love for you to answer in the affirmative here. Alas the scientific answer is NO. Yet Einstein believed in a God. Thats the bottom line. I am NOT claiming Einstein’s beliefs “validate” ALL of mine. They do validate some(God did create the universe) They were different as I was the first one to point this out in our discussion.I do not claim that Einsteins beliefs thus prove mine. However common sense implies that if it is possible that a God does exists, it is also possible that my kind of God exists. It cannot be shown that he does not, however unlikely it might be for some(Einstein included) to believe.You might want to remember (for future reference) that wikipedia is NOT a citable source for definitve facts as ANYONE can edit it at ANYTIME. Go ask your local university professor. Sorry not wrong or foolish. Nice try though.

  • detroitblkmale30

    mrbradwii:you make some good points and overall I do not have major disagreements with you. I am not anti-science. Obviously I am a person of faith and do beleive it has as much a place in the public square as anything else particularly in this country. As you have said everyone is entitled to their opinions. In the end there are dichotomous perspectives on “value to the social universe” Christianity is of course concerned with what I will call the “Holy” universe, not the social or even moral as those terms can mean different things depending on their context(internal to faith or external)While this spiritual focus has social and moral implications for us, all of those things are superceded by divine authority, which is why there is often so much disagreement between Christian “morality” and secular “morality”.

  • areyousaying

    Obama supports the murder of the unbornAWK!Obama is a consummate psychotic insensitive liar.AWK!Obama is the epitome of a hypocriteAWK!He lies as if he has no conscience; he far exceeds the pair of the former most prolific liars ever to don the cloak of the presidency, the Clintons.AWK!Obama is a MuslimAWK!The Jews murdered JesusAWK155% of blacks have abortionsAWK!PAPIST WANT A CRACKER?

  • detroitblkmale30

    eezmamata : I guesss you don’t really READ. Please scroll back up and reread my comment. I never said all of the things you said. ACtually let me save you the trouble.”Funny Einstein believed in a God that created the universe(if not a personal God)”Where in here did I say Einstein was a Christian? Believed in Jesus? Believed in my God? hmmm.. I dont see it. Nope I never said it. I clearly say he didnt believe in a personal God which is what I belive. So no need to respond to all of the off base insulting that follows your incorrect assumptions and “Reading” of my statement. OOPS. The POINT is that Einstein did believe in a supernatural God who created the universe for whom there is NO EVIDENCE. So I ask again IS EINSTEIN A FOOL?? Yes or No????? You already added to you F.Q. by the way you addressed my last point AND by skipping the question the first time. I will give you another chance. Be well my friend and next time dont just cue up the automatic anti-faith statements before you actually read the comment.