Eddie Long faced fifth accuser, says Fox report

John Amis AP In May, pastor Eddie Long settled a sexual misconduct case out of court. Eddie Long, the Georgia … Continued

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In May, pastor Eddie Long settled a sexual misconduct case out of court.

Eddie Long, the Georgia megachurch pastor who settled out of court with four young men who accused him of sexual misconduct, may have faced allegations from a fifth accuser, Fox 5 Atlanta is reporting.

The news station aired and published a story on its
Web site Wednesday evening on the outcome of their seven-week investigation of the case:

The Washington Post could not confirm the allegations in the Fox report. Requests for comments from Long on Thursday were not immediately answered.

In May, the influential Christian leader settled out of court with the original group of young men. The Washington Post’s report at the time noted:

In a 2010 sermon addressing the accusations, Long said, “I have never in my life portrayed myself as a perfect man.” But, he added to cheers from his congregation, “I am not the man that’s being portrayed on the television. . . This thing, I’m gonna fight.”

B.J. Bernstein, attorney for the original four plaintiffs, said in a statement in May: “The matter has been resolved. Neither attorney Bernstein nor the plaintiffs themselves will be available for interview on this matter, now or in the future,” making it unlikely that the truth of what happened between Long and his accusers will become public.

Long pastors over 2,5000 members at his New Birth Missionary Baptist Church in Lithonia, Ga..

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  • rlj611

    WaPo what was the point of this story? You can’t confirm anything reported by someone else yet you decide to ‘publish’. How unprofessional.

  • bannedagain5446

    A self-loathing religious bisexual, what’s new about that story?

  • HookedOnThePost

    From Eddie Long’s church’s website: “The sin and fall of Adam resulted in the fall of creation and mankind, both physically and spiritually. (Genesis 1:26-27; Romans 3:10, 5:12, 8:18-23)”

    I’m always amazed that people blame Adam whenever they’re feeling unlucky. How lucky was he? One chance was all he got? And all he did was eat some fruit (passionfruit is what I hear). It was Adam’s SON who killed his own brother. Now THAT would have been a reason for God to curse mankind! And there was no woman involved in that tragedy, just some sheep and more fruit.

    Can you imagine some ancient desert dweller sitting around the campfire digesting the dinner his wife made for him saying to himself, “If I just didn’t have her and those kids around, life would be great. Certainly my wife is punishment from on high.” And once the dude learned to write, boom: Genesis! and thousands of generations of women will be mistreated by their own religions until humans stop blaming poor Adam and Eve for their own weaknesses.

  • HeyNow

    WaPo reported on this because it’s news that some of us want to hear. Personally, I like being kept in the loop about issues that these “pastors” wish could be swept under the rug and gone forever. How in one breath can you vow before your congregation to “fight this thing” and then 20 minutes later choose to settle out of court? An old adage that still rings true is when there’s smoke, there’s fire. Frankly, I think this “Bishop” has a lot to hide, but who am I to judge? That’s between him and his God. All that said, I ask the WaPo keep this story in the forefront. There are plenty of us still interested.

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