The high priest of evolution

Richard Dawkins is a high priest worshipping at the feet of Charles Darwin. Dawkins, who seems in his recent post … Continued

Richard Dawkins is a high priest worshipping at the feet of Charles Darwin.

Dawkins, who seems in his recent post to be more of a liberal hack than a scientist, took a question on the proper role of evolution in education and used it to attack all of the “uneducated fools” who question the theory of evolution. He finds people like us, “in every country and every period of history,” and warns “we are not unknown in higher offices.” Dawkins and his contemporaries are trying to beat religion at what religion does best, conversion.

Option 1: There is no God; your life is relatively meaningless; pain and suffering is the norm; then you die (Dawkins).

Option 2: God loves you; every single part of your life is meaningful; pain and suffering is temporary; there is a path to eternal life (Christianity and other faiths).

It doesn’t take a degree from Oxford to figure out why “Option 2” is more appealing to mankind.

While Dawkins continues his crusade against God and the faithful, his hard work (targeting religious people) and fame have accomplished nothing of significance. A recent Gallup poll found that 92 percent of Americans believe in God. That’s right Mr. Dawkins, 92 percent of the citizens of the most powerful country in the world reject the atheism that lies at the heart of your Darwinian worldview.

To make matters worse for Dawkins, only 39 percent of Americans believe in the theory of evolution (and that includes religious people who see no conflict with evolution – the kind that doesn’t require rejection of a creator – and their faith).

Dawkins’s whole post is an attack on conservative Republicans. He writes:

“In today’s Republican party . . . Ignorance and lack of education are positive qualifications, bordering on obligatory. Intellect, knowledge and linguistic mastery are mistrusted by Republican voters, who, when choosing a president, would apparently prefer someone like themselves over someone qualified for the job.”

That short diatribe by an elitist Brit underscores the importance of America’s victory in the Revolutionary War. Although Dawkins despises 76 percent of Americans because they are Christians, he shares King George III’s disdain for the ordinary citizen, and declares that, “there is surely something wrong with a system of choosing a leader when,” the “uneducated fools” choose an “uneducated ignoramus” as their Commander in Chief.

I’ll close with a Twitter reply I received from a good friend commenting on Dawkins’ blog:

@donny_anderson wrote: @JordanSekulow Switch “Darwin’s Idea” with “The Bible” in Dawkins’ penultimate paragraph. Dawkins worships Darwin as if he were divine.

Let’s try it.

The simplicity of (the Bible), then, is a virtue for three reasons. First, and most important, it is the signature of its immense power as a theory, when compared with the mass of disparate facts that it explains – everything about life including our own existence. Second, it makes it easy for children to understand (in addition to the obvious virtue of being true!), which means that it could be taught in the early years of school. And finally, it makes it extremely beautiful, one of the most beautiful ideas anyone ever had as well as arguably the most powerful. To die in ignorance of its elegance, and power to explain our own existence, is a tragic loss, comparable to dying without ever having experienced great music, great literature, or a beautiful sunset.

The irony is that this elitist, who generally refuses to debate Christian theologians, is really the world’s most loyal devotee of “The Church of Evolution.” The praised intellectual serves on the Honorary Board of the “Freedom From Religion Foundation,” a group that sells “Bible Warning Labels” to pay for lawsuits against the Pledge of Allegiance, National Motto, National Day of Prayer, and churches.

Is Dawkins’s Darwin worship really about religion or politics?

  • ezrasalias-socialize

    What is interesting with this blog is that only Sekulow and Thomas deny the facts about evolution, whereas the rest of the religious bloggers accept the evidence. The frightening part about Sekulow and Thomas is that almost all of the Republican front runners think like these two.

  • BillS6

    The assumed 14 billion-yr age of the universe is woefully inadequate to make the undirected generation a single self-replicating system of RNA molecules remotely probable. Inadequate time + very small chance means the probability in that time is practically zero. We should look for a more probable cause. There had to have been an intelligent designer.

  • alankehr

    Sadly, it’s Brits 1 and US 0 in this discussion.

  • emacguire

    ‘woefully inadequate’ – says who? What proof do you have of this ?

  • loveangel773

    PSALM14:1 The fool has said in his heart, there is no God.They are corrupt,they have done abominal works, their is none that does good.With out God we are fools! Mr.Dawkins! the fool is a man that lives such a hopeless life without Christ, then he dies,goes to hell and continues forever in hoplessness,torture,pain ,knowing in himself it could have been differant if he had only believed in his creator! Your life must be very meaningless and hopeless in your concepts of life! you live then you die and after that nothing.What ever we believe we have accomplished in this life without God is as nothing! WHAT IF? YOU MR. DAWKINS ARE WRONG IN YOUR BELIEFS? Proverbs 1:7 The fear of the Lord is the begining of knowledge: but FOOLS DESPISE WISDOM AND INSTRUCTION. When you speak of evolution and how the world came into being, how many years it took or whether it happened in one day,realy does not matter! as GOD HIMSELF still created ALL THINGS!Iam a Chrstain,have been for about 36 years now and will continue to walk with my creator that has made himself so real to me! and do believe that i can speak for most Christains concerning you! It saddens our hearts that you do not believe there is a God! but God says that even the devil believes and trembles! Iam sure that it saddens Gods heart also, for he is not willing that any should perish but that they should come to the knowledge of Christ! and the word of God says that his wrath will be poured out on all unbelievers that rejected the price his son paid at the cross for us! Mr. Dawkins, you do not know when you will take your last breath on this earth,and i strongly advice you, not to let another day go by without looking for the truth that is in Christ Jesus.Humility and love is what our God is all about! Pride arrogance and every evil work is of Satan!Let God make himself REAL TO YOU Mr.Dawkins! It Will Be the BEST THING THAT EVER HAPPENED TO YOU! Search for the REAL TRUTH AND YOU WILL FIND IT! CHRIST IS THE TRUTH!

  • amelia45

    Oh, for heavens sake. What a bunch of hog-wash.

    Science is not religion and does not try to be religion. Why does religion try to be science? Both can and do exist. As does Christian faith in millions who also believe that evolution makes sense as a description of the development of life on earth.

    It is a poor faith in Jesus and resurrection through the Cross if it depends on the story of creation in the Bible. All those who hinge their faith on inerrancy of the Bible are like Thomas. Jesus is not going to come and let you put your finger in the wound in his side. “Blessed are those who have not seen and yet have believed.”

  • jazmo99

    To Mr. Dawkins I would just like to say that from this day forward, you will be in my prayers. Secondly, we Christians do not have to strut like a peacock or crow like a rooster, in order to be a Chrisitan. We live each day as best we can, our lives should reflect our love for God and our respect for our fellow man. We are all born sinners, but through the grace of Jesus Christ dying on the cross, we have been pardoned from our sins. It seems, that you feel you have a need to try to tear down our faith. It will never happen. May God bless you, sir.

  • BillS6

    Why would a person believe one part of the Bible is true and not another part. Who is the authority, who is the truth-teller. If God is all-powerful, cant he write a book and get it right. Anybody can write a book. If he cant get it right using the tools (man) he created, it impugns his character and ability. That is really what drives the inerrancy issue . Jesus affirmed Old Testament accounts more than once. Was he wrong, uninformed, misleading.

  • bail_ed

    When Mr. Dawkins refers to a group of people as “uneducated fools”, the question must be whether he understands the very concept of that phrase. Even the youngest of children understand that one cannot take nothing, condense it and watch it explode. Again, how were orange fruits able to distinguish themselves from growing on avocado trees? Is it too much to ask wether or not we are progressing toward a utopian perfect body, or declining from a better one, give all the, well, facts. Mr. Dawkins, regardless of your belief, yours and my days are numbered on this earth. Neither of us know ow many we were given. When the fullness of our days come to a close, … (you fill in the rest)

  • gonnagle

    I am heartily sick of self rightious bible thumbers quoting psalm 14 as though it somehow proves something. It doesn’t. As for your your quoting of proverbs 17, I find it appalling that that anyone can think the fear should be the start of knowledge unless you mean the fear of the unknown which led to all sorts of ludicrous explanations for the world around us. Some of these ended up becoming your religion. Many of us have moved on from these non-explanations. It is a shame that you can’t.

  • emacguire

    The inerrancy of the bible and the infallibility of the pope are 2 of the most non-sensical propositions ever put forward. On the other hand, they do help to keep the peasants in line.

  • ChrisGouldSr

    …Jordan, thanks for your honest and direct response to Mr. Dawkins’ continual blather. For years, I have been saying to myself “This arrogant Brit doesn’t make any sense whatsoever – and he spends an awful lot of time running around America spewing his doubts and disregard and disdain for people of faith”. Should Mr. Dawkins re-consider his debating criteria, I think you would make a brilliant opponent! Keep up the great work!

  • maryp123

    Creationism = zeus, santa clause
    Evolution = theory of gravity, theory of relativity.

    Comparing evolution to creationism is like comparing cats to France.

  • bail_ed

    Mr. Dawkins has yet to prove that one species can jump tracks and become another altogether. Try as he might, whether by foods, medicines or what have you, an evolutionary jump can not likely be accomplished. Macro-evolution is adaptation. For instance, when one moves from a hot climate to a cold climate, the body responds and adapts. When the elephant lived in cold weather, it adapted and grew heavy hair. It didn’t need that hair in Africa. Did the hippo become an elephant? That would be micro-evolution. You can believe that if you like. It appears that, along with many others, that Mr. Dawkins is neck deep in a radical religion that forces its tentacles on those who don’t believe.

  • holyspiritdenier

    >Option 2: God loves you; every single part of your life is meaningful; pain and suffering is temporary; there is a path to eternal life (Christianity and other faiths).

    Throw in a pony and I’ll consider your offer.

    Why do christians believe that their god created the universe for their convenience? Talk about a childish way of thinking.

  • holyspiritdenier

    >The fool has said in his heart, there is no God.

    Yes, even fools have started to catch on.

    >Your life must be very meaningless and hopeless in your concepts of life! you live then you die and after that nothing

    So you think people become atheists because we just perversely decide one day to have “meaningless” lives? Or does it suggest instead that we have other problems with theism?

  • holyspiritdenier

    Even without the theory of evolution, the observable facts of human reproduction show that we “get here” through random chance, except for the people conceived artificially in a clinic or lab. The genetics chapter in introductory biology textbooks shows that we inherit genes pretty much like we get dealt poker hands.

  • nawdew

    “You live and die, after that is nothing.” Now that is pure hopelessness in its base form. You name indicates the very essence of what is WRONG with society in general. And yes, the fool, said in his/her heart. People are atheists because they, deep down inside that persons heart does not want to confront a Holy God. By becoming a part of the atheists religion (and yes, it is a religion, look up what defines “religion”), you remove the consequence’ of your actions. So be it. Again, they are you consequences.
    As for Proverbs 7:1, the word fear is not what our dictionary defines as fear. It it’s base form it means reverence. But like most people, you fail to read the Bible for all it’s worth. Not surprising, Americans think they have some sort of monopoly on “education”, sadly we do not. If evolution and all it’s useless teachings is so true, why is America 18th in Math and Science in the 35 industrialized nations? I thought evolution was “IT’, the answer, I think those involved are digressing in intelligence rather than evolving. And since evolution is a continuous process, what are we going to become? I mean, evolution doesn’t have an end right? I got a good laugh from the statement how it is random chance concerning birth, that is a rich one. Some of the most brilliant experts on Science are Christians, but you wouldn’t know anything about that. I see that these so-called evolution experts an atheists seem to avoid arguing C.S. Lewis teachings and writings, gee I wonder why, could it be that he, Lewis was a former atheist and actually understood how STUPID, wait sorry, FOOLISH it is go on believing that God does not exists. Be a man, look at both sides of the issue objectively before making a claim. Many of us did, we chose the better way, or rather, the only way John 14:6. What atheists are afraid of is that ole “S” word…SIN. It’s pretty easy to deal with actually. But before you can say “oh how we atheists are such good people”, WHERE were you when the Tornado

  • loveangel773

    Whatever the problem it rests in us not God! He has given his all for us! everyone has recieved a measure of faith to believe and except God,he came in the flesh! he lived ,he died and rose again and to all that believe that will reign with him forever! Our love ones also that believe not only through the word but through the realness of Gods work in us, he changes us!The only thing i can say to you mr. holyspiritdenier is if you are really seeking truth,you need to seek Jesus who is the word and the truth! Jesus said if you seek me with your whole heart you will find me.He also said the word is near you even in your mouth! its your confession of faith. Faith and obedience to his word.Faith is an action word.Without faith we can not please him.His word says He is a rewarder of them that dilegently seek him.He has so much more than the world could ever offer us! Ask yourself what if? there is a real hell and a real heaven,the one thing i do know as you believe the truth He will make himself real to you! Would you not want yourself your wife and children and friends to go to a beautiful place of peace and happiness forever! and even now knowing him as our Lord and savior brings that peace and assurance that he is with us working the good out of the bad! I do believe somewhere in your life you have been hurt deeply and maybe by some religious person! and that is sad,but we all have been hurt and only God can mend us.However i am not talking religion or religous laws as God has come to fullfil the law by his love in us.If we truly love one another with his loving spirit within, then we would not do anything that would bring hurt into someone elses life! Love and prayers go with you and hopefuly you will find that new life in Christ!

  • nawdew

    Great reply loveangel, couldn’t have said it better myself.

  • loveangel773

    Thank you! Mr. nawdew! praise our God! Do i know you Mr.nawdew?

  • loveangel773

    I liked your reply also mr. nawdew!

  • steve10brink

    Mr. Sekulow should expand on option 1 to make it more meaningful and accurate. He states it as: ” Option 1: There is no God; your life is relatively meaningless; pain and suffering is the norm; then you die “. To most atheists it really is: Option 1: There is no God. You are responsible for making your life meaningful. Life is full of happiness and joy but also pain and suffering. Dying is a part of life.

  • amelia45

    Well, you are fools about science, even if you are highly educated theologians and ministers of your faith.

    You will not get the body of scientists worldwide to agree that creationism is science or that intelligent design is science, because they are not science. One is a matte of faith, the other – hmm – philosophy? But evolution, that most of the real scientific world believes is the best theory to explain man on this planet, that is real science.

    So, no, you should not be able to teach creationism or intelligent design in a science class and you and your ilk are not qualified to comment on the viability of the theory of evolution – in science. Spill your guts all you want from your pulpits – but stay out of the science classroom.

  • nawdew

    The inerrancy of the bible – so you have studied Greek and Hebrew, know personally that the Bible has erroes…TELL ME AN ERROR…ROFL. Another “The Bible is Worng” cheerleader without BACKING up their claims. So you know the Bible has erros but Science has never made one…ROFL. The Pope has nothing to do with the Bible, even Martin Luther was against the Pope, and the opening page of the King James Bible makes a poke at the Pope. You, emacguire really have no clue or back-up of your claims. This is what fools do, shout out the absurd claims as if they were true and expect even a grammar scholl child to say “yes, he is right.” Really, if you such claims, back it up. At least the people that believe in evolution can have some sort of web site or article, I will at least respect that.

  • MattanyahuwDarak

    Amelia, either the Bible is God’s word or it is not. God is not a man that He should lie. If one word in the Bible is true then all are true because God Himself spoke them and that’s no hogwash.

  • Monkeyshine42

    Consider the woolly mammoth. A slight adjustment of your meds and you might actually get it.
    Good luck!

  • Monkeyshine42

    Fools seldom differ- The Book of Bellylaughs

  • MattanyahuwDarak

    Amelia45, either the Bible is the Word of God or it is not. God is not a man that He should lie. Either every word in the Bible is true or none of them are true. That includes creation. By the way, there is a religion of science out there. Furthermore, Christianity is not a religion it is a relationship with Jesus Christ, a relationship with our CREATOR. The funny thing is that you Big Bang Evolutionists say that we people of faith are not intelligent and that we believe in fairy tales but yet you want to be a monkey and can not explain how something banged from absolutely nothing. Therefore, your very scientific theory is based on an assumption from the start and according to the rules of science that is a big no no as everything must be proved. I guess I am to assume that something has always existed and that my anscestors were apes and I am the one without intellegence? It is also said that people of faith do it for a crutch or a security blanket but I would say that the opposite is true, in that, godlessness is a cop out as it frees you from any accountability, so you think. I believe that every word of the Bible is God’s Word and is truth and so I’ve picked out one of those truths just for you and whoever else reads this believing they banged from nothing into a monkey and then a man. 1 Corinthians 2:14 But the natural man receiveth not the things of the Spirit of God: for they are foolishness to him: neither can he know them, because they are spiritually discerned. Now that’s no hogwash. Also, can any of you worldly brainiacs out there tell me what our decendents will be in the far far future. Will we turn back into monkeys? Will we become robots? Single cell amebas? Will we go forward or backward? Perhaps we’ll just be a brain floating around in space, but then how will we reproduce? I guess we could always adopt and raise a child in an environment that not only goes against God but also against the very nature He created, huh?

  • holyspiritdenier

    I’ve met a few people who had the good fortune to grow up as atheists. To me they seem like characters from an advanced civilization out of science fiction. In fact, I look forward to the coming “Jesus who?” era when the New Atheism becomes the dominant world view. Only we’ll call it something like the New Normal instead.

  • MattanyahuwDarak

    holyspiritdenier, Is that all it would take to get you to believe in God? A pony? Maybe He’ll randomly produce a pony for you. If He did, would you deny it and say it was a coincidence?

  • skippyjon

    Praise Be To CHANCE! All Hail the blessings of Meaninglessness! Sound forth the trumpets to praise the great humanitarian works of Atheists around the world! Note the countless Atheist Orphanages dotting the globe and bringing hope and smiles to children everywhere! And the multitudes of Atheist hospitals such as the Who Needs Mercy? and the Atheist Charity organizations like the Red Plus Symbol and the No Need For Salvation Army. Yes these selfless shining examples of godlessness only prove how dastardly and poisonous those few isolated bands of “believers” really are. Those pitiable life forms that plague our society must be shown all the great and helpful things that ATHEISM has done for humanity through the ages of history. Why, all our early ancestors were ALL atheists. They even had that much figured out at the beginning of our species. Praise CHANCE. All Hail Meaninglessness! hahahaha

    Ok, sarcasm & kidding aside – how arrogant is it to say “there is no God”? How could any human intellect possibly know this? To know this for a fact, one MUST have access to all information in the universe. So actually, atheists are people of FAITH, since most of the functions of the universe are still shrouded in mystery.

    seems like their whole lives are about poking religious people in the eye with a stick.
    Ironic though, that as atheists, they see God everywhere.

  • Secular1

    And how do you know that there is a god? It isn’t arrogance to say that it is unlikely that there is any super natural being. It is arrogant of you folks to not only claim that there is a god, but that you know exactly what it wants of us and how to please it and curry favor from it. Not only is it arrogance but it is also belittling the omniscient one by claiming to know how to please it and beseech it to do your bidding each time you pray to it. The practices of you believers is incoherent and contradictory.

  • Secular1

    “we Christians do not have to strut like a peacock or crow like a rooster, in order to be a Chrisitan.” But you do that all the time. You were strutting as you wrote your comment.

  • JohnBGriffith

    You’ve got the whole macro/micro false dichotomy bass ackwards. Speciation events would be at the macro level, non-speciation events would be at the micro level.

    So you think the species we see today are the only species there ever were? What you call “macroevolution” is nothing more than evolutionary changes that make one population unable to produce fertile offspring with another population of (formerly) the same species.

  • JohnBGriffith

    You need to chill out and calm down nawdew. And use some paragraphs for crying out loud. When people like those in Joplin are hurt, what does anyone do – they reach out a hand and provide human comfort: blankets, food, shelter, a change of clothes, a shower, a cell phone to contact loved ones. Apparently some people like yourself are comforted by wishful thinking; others prefer reason-based assistance and comfort. Different strokes for different folks. You really don’t need to act like the playground bully by trying to pretend anyone different from yourself has got nothing. Live and let live. Chill. Drink a beer and try to calm down. All this angst will give you an ulcer.

  • JohnBGriffith

    News flash:

    The Red Cross is a secular organization. Look it up.
    The two most generous charitable foundations in the world are headed by atheists: Bill and Melinda Gates and Warren Buffet. But only a conceited believer would try to trumpet the superior morals of his faith. Good for goodness sake — people helping people. Why must everything be them versus us?

    The U.S. government gives quite a bit of foreign and domestic aid — secular organization.

    Secular = non-religious (not atheistic).