What voters like about Rick Perry: Video Q&A recap

In today’s video discussion, we hit three big topics, in addition to a couple of “extras” sent in by viewers. … Continued

In today’s video discussion, we hit three big topics, in addition to a couple of “extras” sent in by viewers.

We led off with Rick Perry’s popularity. Why do GOP and GOP-leaning voters favor Rick Perry over Mitt Romney even though polling indicates that Romney would more likely to defeat President Obama if elections were held today? Don’t these folks want to win? Maybe not as much as they want to be “right”.

The GOP is faced with a very real dilemma, one more associated for years with Democrats – being more in love with being ideologically correct than with winning elections. The outcome of the 2012 presidential race may turn on Republicans’ ability to figure that one out. And if compromise remains a dirty word for most of the party faithful, they may well find themselves out of power despite President Obama’s current low popularity ratings. Stay tuned.

We moved on to the Senate’s proposal for avoiding a government shutdown. Is the proposed budget deal really a “win for everyone,” as majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) declares?

Seems to me, that fighting to keep the federal government open for a few more weeks while we face long-term solvency issues, is truly like fiddling while Rome burns. How is that a victory? Of course the real issue is whether or not enough voters, both Democrat and Republican will say that to their elected representatives, or simply keep rewarding them for repeating how the “other side” is the really obstructionist party.

We rounded out the discussion with two questions. First, is President Obama the “Antichrist”? Second, is Jesus lord? The first claim was made by disturbed heckler, David Serrano, sitting in the front row during the President’s appearance at the L.A. House of Blues. The second claim was the President’s response.

Given the increasing importance of faith claims in American politics, even the most unfounded and bizarre assertions such as Mr. Serrano’s, become important reflections of what people may be thinking. More importantly, the President’s equally theological response raised few eyebrows, and that was really interesting.

The reason for the limited response to the President is that the issue is less the presence of faith in politics, than in how faith is used in politics. With no record of using his faith to polarize the nation or denigrate the beliefs of others, Mr. Obama’s response was seen as fair and appropriate. Makes sense to me, and I don’t even think that Jesus is lord.

Brad Hirschfield
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  • raughammer

    Poorly written article.

  • D123451

    What you don’t understand is the Republican Tea Party is now the party of Stupid. Sanity is not something idiots can even understand. Perry can spout Nazi fascism during his stump speeches and debates and believe it not his approval ratings would just go up. The Republican Party is not the party of Reagan any more.