Clearing up the facts on Pastor Nadarkhani’s fate

In June, the Iranian Supreme Court issued an order requiring the appeals court in Gilan province to conduct what is … Continued

In June, the Iranian Supreme Court issued an order requiring the appeals court in Gilan province to conduct what is now being called a “retrial” in the press for, “further investigat(ion) to prove that from puberty (15 years) to 19 (Pastor Youcef Nadarkhani ) was not Muslim by his acquaintances, relatives, local elders, and Muslims he frequented. He must repent his Christian faith if this is the case. No research has been done to prove this, if it can be proved that he was a practicing Muslim as an adult and has not repented, the execution will be carried out.”

The “retrial” occurred September 25-28th. On reexamination, the appeals court determined that Nadarkhani was not a Muslim at the age of majority but that because of he abandoned the faith of his ancestors, he must recant his Christian faith or face execution. Nadarkhani refused to recant his faith and the trial concluded.

At this time, we are still awaiting a written verdict from the appeals court and have confirmed that the court has requested an “opinion” on the case from Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Khamenei, something unusual and unlikely to have occurred without the growing condemnation and international media coverage of Nadarkhani’s trial.

The latest reports indicating that the Supreme Court has called for yet another retrial are misleading. The Iranian Students News Agency (ISNA), which receives financing from the Iranian government, released a statement yesterday from the Supreme Court indicating that, “If there is an appeal and the case is returned to the supreme court, the case will be reviewed.” The key word from the court is “if.”

Until Khamenei gives his opinion to the appeals court, something that may not be public, or decides to resolve the matter outside the judicial process, we will not know if an appeal to the Supreme Court will be required.

As we have stated throughout the coverage of this trial, the judicial system in Iran operates in a substantially different way than court systems with which Americans are familiar.

The only new information is that the Supreme Court has indicated that they would in fact “review” an appeal by Nadarkhani. A “review” in no way guarantees that the Supreme Court would hold yet another round of hearings and we hope and pray that an appeal will not be necessary.

  • reltiv

    Where are the pastor’s parents in all of this & after 2 years incarceration? Does he have any support for his life from them?

  • javanaut

    Praying for the Ayatollah to check out the claims of Christ. Check out Allah vs. The God of the Bible. He may still have a desire to know the truth. Tough position to be in, though. Do I keep my career (and my head) – or do I seek God no matter what?

  • ccnl1

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  • keepyourpower

    Taqiyyah..all the way. Remember..they think nothing of lying. It is their narcissistic way.
    We are praying for the good Pastor in the USA.
    I doubt our government will do anything to save him.
    They are too corrupt and pagan.

  • onestar1

    Don’t you think the government has enough commitments on it’s plate?

    Gotta love the logic of conservative christian types. It’s everyone for themselves except when its for your team.

  • loveangel773

    No one should be on trial for who they believe in! Praying to our God and Savior Jesus Christ that He ,the true and living God would intervine on Pastor Nadarkhani behalf and set him free from this barbaric sentence and so called excuse to kill him ! Why would anybody want to serve a God that hates, murders those who do not believe as they do! even members of their own family! Satan came to steal, kill and destroy! These are the works of the devil, but Jesus has come to give them live and to give it to them more abundantly! The true and living God is a God of LOVE!

  • SteveB2

    wow…. well, I guess it’s a good thing we won’t be having you as the “priest-du-jour” to handle these matters….
    So, I guess my question here would be– what bothers you most:

    that a guy who genuinely believes (based on some clear evidence he has) that Jesus and YHVH are real beings is on trial for refusing to deny his views?

    Or that another nation has decided that unless you buy our way, we’ll kill you for rejecting it? Kinda reminds me of communism of the mid 20th Century.

    Or are you bothered more by the fact that the discussion is taking up newsprint on a nationally syndicated newspaper’s website?

  • SteveB2

    Thanks for the heads up Jordan. Please keep us apprised.

  • SteveB2

    As I’ve read in the news, they appear to be “good muslims” and have renounced his son-ship to their family. Kind of like what the gospel of John said about the blind man’s parents in John 9. They were afraid of the leadership, and told them- he can answer for himself, because it’d already been decided that if anyone were to confess that Jesus was the Messiah, they would be excommunicated.

  • ccnl1

    Please post on your refrigerator doors:




    Added details upon request.

  • WBTessore

    Cany you say, “Kangaroo Court?”

  • n01cat1

    God does not hate, but human beings certainly do.

  • n01cat1

    I am a Christian, but that does not mean I think you must believe as I do or believe at all; however, persecution and killing in the name of anything is an anathema and to me even more egregious when done in the corrupted idealism of a religion. Whether you believe in Jesus Christ or not, “love thy neighbor” should be the guiding rule of life.