Eddie Long’s wife says divorce is back on

John Amis AP In this Sept. 26, 2010 file pool photo, Bishop Eddie Long walks to the pulpit with his … Continued

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In this Sept. 26, 2010 file pool photo, Bishop Eddie Long walks to the pulpit with his wife, Vanessa Long, at New Birth Missionary Baptist Church in Atlanta.

Vanessa Long’s last 48 hours seem a spiritual saga that only religion could produce.

On Thursday, the wife of embattled megachurch pastor Eddie Long filed for divorce, her attorney announced Friday.

By Friday afternoon, Vanessa had withdrawn her divorce papers “upon prayerful reflection.”

But on Friday evening, her attorney announced that Vanessa had “determined that dismissal of her divorce petition is not appropriate at this time.” In other words, the divorce was on, again.

Eddie Long’s divorce drama is only the latest in a long line of controversies for the preacher.

In May, Eddie Long, pastor of the 25,000-member New Birth Missionary Church in Lithonia, Ga., settled out of court with four young men who had accused him of sexual misconduct. The allegations included claims that Long, then a married father of four, had “abused his spiritual authority to seduce [teenage boys] with cars, money, clothes, jewelry, international trips and access to celebrities.” The settlement with the men included a non-disclosure agreement.

When the allegations first emerged, Long admitted in a sermon that he was “not a perfect man” but added that he planned to fight what he said were false accusations.

Eddie Long is also being sued, the Wall Street Journal reported in October, by ten members of his congregation who say they lost more than $1 million in fraudulent investment schemes orchestrated by the pastor.

Long’s wife is an elder at New Birth, having been confirmed, according to the church’s Web site, by “divine appointment” in October 2004. She runs the women’s ministry, Heart to Heart, and has hosted a number of women’s conferences.

Vanessa Long’s full original statement, sent through her attorney, is below. Church officials would not answer questions about her future ministry, and a church spokesman did not return a phone call requesting comment.

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  • ostracario

    Not suspicious at all.

  • shadon1

    She has realized that this man will not change and that she indeed hiding behind the Church instead just coming out of the closet and being who he really is. It’s hard to believe as a Minister “he says” he is not doing the right thing. No one feels sorry for him; he knew what he was doing and wanted to do.

  • nkwari

    When predators settle a case out of court and the victims are silenced, that doesn’t really help society because now the child predator can continue predatoring.

  • brewstercounty

    I’m confused. The headline says “Eddie Long’s wife rescinds divorce papers.” “Rescinds” means to withdraw or cancel something, but I see no reference to such an action in the article. It sounds like she’s simply filing for divorce.

  • Xlnt

    Actually, as of 3:49 pm, the front page of the WashPo website says:

    “Wife of pastor Eddie Long files for divorce”

    When you click on the link, you find out she withdrew the filing, with one graf. Then it goes on with the original tease.

  • pinza3

    Just send old Eddie to Michele Bachmann’s husband. He’ll straighten him out and create lust for females again. Or just send him to Citizen Cain. He’ll show him how it’s done.

  • rufpyt66

    Exactly….I read the same thing., Which is it????

  • edbyronadams

    She decided on a career as a rag bag…or something like that.

  • commonsense42

    According to what else is out there on the internet, she has withdrawn her filing.

  • AsperGirl

    She is rescinding the papers. The first set scind in got lost in the mail so she is scinding another set.

  • calhere

    Praise the little baby Jesus….and pass the plate…. Jim & Tammy Fay all over again…..Don’t give up on that money tree until you’ve shaken every last dollar from it.

  • medogsbstfrnd

    Here’s what you can infer from this episode: things are very, very grim in the Long house. There are two enormous pressures on Mrs. Long: first, as the wife of the Bishop of a mega church her family, her congregation and her bishop husband would put severe emotional pressure on her to maintain the facade of a happy home. Secondly, she has benefitted by the arrangement she and her husband have with this mega church. She has profited. So for her to file divorce papers means she must be hating it at home. For her to rescind the divorce papers, hell, they might be using thumb screws on her. It’s worrisome and I hope someone who is more concerned about her life than the reputation of her crazy church is keeping an eye on her.

  • CalypsoSummer

    It used to be that parents worried about their daughters being taken advantage of, by various Persons of Bad Intent. Now it looks like people have been lining up to take advantage of our sons, as well — priests, coaches, preachers, teachers. It looks like we’d better be warning all our children to watch out for predators. “If someone gives you a present, you tell me! And here’s what you do if someone tries to touch you — “

  • kaystar

    Ms. Tenety, you need to do a rewrite of this article. It’s confusing – did she file or did she rescind?

  • KBlit

    What is it about religion that seems to attract the pastors or whomever to little kids? Where did Eddie get his Theology Degree? Probably another ‘pastor’ degree off TV or a revelation that called him and his wife to make money off god.

  • KBlit

    The ‘pressures’ were and are that the money tree will quit producing all that cash. TV religion attracts the con artists selling to the weak and gullible.

  • ki-liu

    “Vanessa Long’s last 48 hours seem a spiritual saga that only religion could produce.” What in the world is that supposed to mean? What a useless, gratuitous jab at “religion”!

  • jax75420

    The only reason I clicked on this article is because I saw a link at the top of the page saying “Eddie Long” and I had no idea who he was or why he was in the news. I’m sorry I even wasted my time.

  • cab50151

    She rescinded and then changed her mind again. Read it again.

  • DebraM210

    What is this world coming too.. You men .. It was witten !! For the Power of God is not in you!! Stay away from all uncleaness!! Men loves of themself instead loves of GOD..

  • ray31

    So-called “Bishop” Long’s demise is simply a fulfillment of scriptural prophecy. He is a blind leader who is leading blind followers (Matthew Chapter 15, Verse 14).
    “Bishop” Long is serving his own interests and NOT the True and Living God (Romans Chapter 16, Verse 18). He is another shameful example of self-promotion whose end will be destruction (Phillipians Chapter 3, Verse 19).
    God, through his word, NEVER TOLD MEN TO START OR BUILD A CHURCH!
    His son, Jesus, has already done that and has ALL authority in it (Matthew Chapter 16, Verse 18; Ephesians Chapter 1, Verse 22, Colossians Chapter 1, Verse 18; Acts Chapter 2).
    The church that bears Jesus’ name is The Church of Christ (Romans Chapter 16, Verse 16). It is the only church that He built and give His blood for (Acts Chapter 20, Verse 28).
    So, who is the real “Bishop” Eddie Long???
    Well, he is a rerun in a long line of false prophets/ministers.
    If you need any further references, please see the following list (the list is not comprehensive):

    T.D. Jakes
    Cleophus Miller (?)
    Jesse L. Jackson
    Al Sharpton
    Jessie Duplantis
    Benny Hinn
    Pope Benedict (not sure what number is he now)
    Joyce Meyer
    Juanita Bynum
    Creflo Dollar
    Joel Osteen
    Bernice King
    Robert Schuller
    Jerry Falwell
    John Hagee
    So-called “Reverend” Ike
    Joseph Lowery
    Oral Roberts and son
    Billy Graham and son

    Why are they false prophets/ministers/teachers?
    They promote false doctrines (teachings), teach man-made philosophies and preach another gospel than that the apostles taught (Galatians Chapter 1, Verses 6-9; 1 Timothy Chapter 4, Verses 1-3, Matthew 15:9).

  • ray31

    Simply true!!!

  • ray31

    The attraction is called filthy lucre and blind followers enable blind leaders to chase that filthy lucre.

  • ray31

    Yes, yes, yes to everything you wrote.

  • ray31

    Citizen Cain is too busy explaining his adulterous behavior to Mrs. Cain.
    His explanation would go something like this:

    …”don’t blame Wall Street, don’t blame the bankers. If you don’t have a wife, if you’re not believable, blame yourself.”