Bill Maher mocks Tim Tebow’s faith in controversial tweet

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Comedian Bill Maher’s controversial tweet about Jesus and Tim Tebow has some calling for a boycott of HBO.

Atheist talk show host Bill Maher is hardly known for his reverence for religious belief, but a profanity-laced tweet about Tim Tebow’s faith has him in particularly hot water.

After Tebow’s Denver Broncos lost to the Bills on Saturday, the ‘Real Time with Bill Maher’ host tweeted: “Wow, Jesus just f—– #TimTebow bad! And on Xmas Eve! Somewhere in hell Satan is tebowing, saying to Hitler ‘Hey, Buffalo’s killing them’”

Maher’s tweet led some to call for a boycott of HBO and is the latest –and perhaps most crude –in a stream of criticism about the religious quarterback.

Tebow, who was raised by missionary parents and readily shares his Christian beliefs on and off the field, has been on the receiving end of considerable criticism for wearing his faith on his uniform sleeve. In a recent Saturday Night Live skit, Jesus, (played by Jason Sudeikis) suggested that Tebow “take it down a notch” on the religious fervor. Former NFL MVP and Christian Kurt Warner also suggested that Tebow demonstrate his faith less in words, and more in actions. Even on the field, Tebow has been satirized, with several Detroit Lions players mocking his “Tebowing” prayer pose during an October game.

Tebow has not responded to Maher’s comments. But he told On Faith’s Sally Quinn in an interview earlier this year that he “plays ‘to honor God. But I’m very competitive. You can play to win and still have high character, integrity. You treat others the way you want to be treated.’”

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  • Danmynder22026

    Speaking of Daniel M Snyder, PLEASE SELL THE TEAM!!!!

  • Buygawd

    Teblows. Maybe he should be a preacher cause he sucks as a quarterback. Am I right God?

  • jy151310

    That Tebow is evil. Bill Maher is the real role model.

  • stork46

    I agree with Maher’s point, that is an immature faith that credits an imaginary being with having any interest or active role in the outcome of a sports event.

  • rcuadra5

    What’s all the fuzz about. Its like people think it’s unfair that God is on his side and therefore he gives his team a lope sided advantage over his opponents. Its fear of God that they have, and that’s why they criticize him. Relax we don’t even know if God is interested in football.

  • noahjacobs

    His own pastor said it was “God’s favor” that explains his success—so no, I don’t think Maher’s tweet is any more offensive.

  • DCoe1

    Maher wouldn’t have said anything if the player were Muslim. He would not have profaned Mohammed’s name. If he had, HBO and TWC would have come down on Maher like a ton of bricks and fired him. NPR fired J. Williams…is this an example of a double standard? TWC did $27B in revenues… they won’t miss or care about my cancellation or reprimand Maher, but it is a vote of no confidence.

  • KBurchfiel

    First, there is nothing wrong with being religious in public, and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.
    Second, the Washington Post and other media sources are (I would like to think) amplifying Tim’s message to a nationwide audience by extensively covering and analyzing him.

  • JoeBlack2

    Wrong, HBO airs Maher comedy show mocking muslims. He criticizes muslims regularly on his HBO show. It is a good idea to at least try to know even a minute bit regarding what you are attempting to talk about. That will help to keep you from stating falsely.

  • JoeBlack2

    Tebow his on film thanking the lord for scores on the football field. He told his teammates that god talks to him and tells him that god will make it so his receivers can catch his passes on the football field. He told them to believe that god tells him that, and to believe that god will do it.

  • JoeBlack2

    I give Tebow’s lord and savior jesus christ all the glory and honor for what the Bills did to him. I praise the invisible man for Tebow’s dreadfully inaccurate passing abilities. I’d like to thank Tebow’s imaginary friend that his god figment had the wisdom to choose the Bills. Thank you jesus, we owe ya one.

  • henrydalton58

    Just because you have the right to say what you want in this country, doesn’t necessarily make what you say “right”. A lot of people are saying “Ahh, blow it off, he just a stupid comedian.” The problem is, how far are we, as an American society, willing to let our morals and values slide downward before we say “Enough!” Whether or not Bil Maher had the right to say what he did is of no consequence. It was crude and vulgar. He was wrong to say it, and he owes an apology to everyone that read or heard it. To use the logic that its ok because its just a joke is ridiculous. With this kind of logic, then its ok to make racist or sexist jokes as well. I think not. My late father was a WWII veteran, and even well into his seventies he would not hesitate to ask a man half his age, who was using vulgar language in public, to “step outside”. Someone needs to ask Bill Maher to step outside.

  • CtProud

    Like Tim Tebow alot but unless he is wins all the time he is not going to be a no. 1 QB in the NFL.The problem is when it’s crunch time and and his team mates need his encouragement, there he is on the sideline praying.Just saw it in the KC vs Denver game.In a game of emotion and team spirit, his relationship with God is admirable but can’t work if it his is first priorty all the time.

  • ma1123

    it has been somewhat reported that the tim tebow foundation only houses and treats orphans, poor people and the homeless if they declare their love for Jesus, Buying their favor much Timmy?

  • ma1123

    Wrong, being openly religious is dangerous to the modern world and the advancement of humanity. religion has always and continues to discourage education and lead to violence. Being openly Religious is exactly what we are trying to prevent in the Islamo-facist world.

  • congero

    I’ll file your comment and put it in the “let’s watch everything Tebow does now and pounce on it with self righteous criticism” file. Please just give it a rest. What do you know about being an NFL QB?

  • Twogolfcatsaolcom

    Bill Maher is Decadent, Indecent peice of Un-human garbage who thrives on causes that only get him attention from the Decadent fans that follow this CLOWN or follower of saranic thinking!

  • Heres2_2012

    As a Christian, what people fail to realize is there will ALWAYS be people who will mock and Criticize us. Jesus teaches us this in the Bible. When you choose to follow his teachings, you will be mocked. Remember his Speech regarding the Pharisees?? What confounds me, is those who profess to be Christians, find the fact that people will ridicule us.

    Furthermore, I’ve re-watched the SNL skit for a 4-th time. There is NO WHERE in that “skit” where the Jesus character makes himself look back (ie. making Christianity look bad).Even the Joke (which was very Funny, the Jesus character said “I have a Birthday to plan for”—That’s FUNNY!!! (right before Christmas).

    The skit is simply intended to make fun of Tebow, who coincidentally has a VERY GOOD sense of humor about himself.. Before the SNL skit, Tebow had a Horrendous 1st 1/2 performance. A reporter chose to mock him saying “Hey Tebow, I guess God forgot to pull up a chair and turn on the NFL game today”

    Tebow’s response? He Laughed and said “That’s a good one, good one”.

    I’m so confused about Christian outrage to these people mocking him. God himself ASSURED US IN THE BIBLE that it WILL HAPPEN if you chose to follow him.

    The *BEST* way to fight people like this is to simply Ignore them. Look what you’ve done. You’ve provided Bill Maher and both SNL “FREE PUBLICITY” (both of which they normally pay MILLIONS for. How much does it cos to place and ad with Washington Post..I’m sure it’s not cheap, yet they get FREE Publicity front and center.

    I think Christians are to blame, more so than PEOPLE WHO ARE PAID to create jokes and to be “Sensational” and “Stir the Pot”

    Just like Tebow “touches a nerve” with some people Bill Maher GETS PAID to “touch a nerve” with people and SNL writers *GET PAID* to “stir the Pot” and “touch people”.

    The unfortunate part of this, is you took it hook line and sinker and provided Maher with more FREE PRESS than he could have EVER afforded to purchase.

    Think about it and chew on that logic for awh

  • susanmoulder

    Bill Maher, you are going down