Louis Farrakhan blasts Jews, Obama

Jewish leaders on Monday (Feb. 27) denounced Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan after he delivered a four-hour speech on … Continued

Jewish leaders on Monday (Feb. 27) denounced Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan after he delivered a four-hour speech on Sunday that was laced with anti-Semitic statements about Jewish control of the media.

Speaking to thousands of supporters during the 82nd annual Saviors’ Day celebration in Chicago, Farrakhan accused “Zionists” of trying to push America into war with Iran and dubbed Al-Jazeera, the Dubai-based news channel, as Al Jew-zeera.

“I’m not anti-Semitic, I’m just telling the truth,” Farrakhan asserted, alleging that Jews were responsible for a controversial 2008 cover of The New Yorker that depicted President Obama in Muslim garb.

“In 100 years, they control movies, television, recording, publishing, commerce, radio, they own it all,” Farrakhan added.

Farrakhan also alleged that 9/11 was carried out by the U.S. government, criticized Obama for letting down blacks and Muslims, and warned the president about being influenced by Satan.

Deborah Lauter, civil rights director at the New York-based Anti-Defamation League, said she wasn’t surprised by Farrakhan’s remarks. “If there’s any surprise, it’s that he continues to attract a following,” she said.

Farrakhan also used the annual address, which commemorates the birthday of the group’s founder, Wallace Fard Muhammad, to bemoan the ongoing Arab Spring protests, which last year claimed the life of his “good friend” Moammar Gadhafi, the longtime Libyan dictator.

“The Arab Spring didn’t start in the Muslim world. It started from plans in the United States to take over the Middle East, its natural resources,” Farrakhan said.

Ticking-off a long list of inflammatory statements made by Republican politicians against Obama, Farrakhan suggested that President Obama would be a target for assassination — possibly at the hands of an unwitting Muslim dupe.

“If an atmosphere of hatred is being created for Obama, then what is the next step?” Farrakhan said.

While Nation of Islam members call themselves Muslims, mainstream Muslims reject the group’s racist overtones and its belief that the late Elijah Muhammad was a messenger of God.

Farrakhan also warned against going to war against Iran over its nuclear ambitions or threats to Israeli security.

“If America goes to war with Iran, all the young people in the Nation, I’m telling you, you do not fight in America’s wars against another Muslim country. We are all conscientious objectors,” he said.

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  • speakthetruth3

    This article isn’t even close to objective. He wasn’t anti-semantic at all. I’m no muslim, but I watched the speech because there is always so much made of what he says. So I tuned in. Farrakhan drew a distinction between noble Jews and followers of “the synagogue of Satan.” Also, pointing out that Jews own multiple media outlets and entertainment companies doesn’t make him an anti-semite. He also pointed out that the first movie released by MGM was one of the most racist films ever made, used by the KKK to recruit members…where is your mention of that? He also mentioned the article where a prominent jewish leader in Atlanta called for the assassination of President Obama. Where is your mention of this? He also went on to show and prove multiple instances where the Republican Leaders use racist rhetoric as well as pray for the death of Obama. Also, creating racists drawings calling he and the first lady terrorists and muslims. You write to smear and don’t present all the facts. Omar Sacirbey, if you’re going to write what’s supposed to be news, present fact and write from an objective standpoint please sir. thank you.

  • Achmed_Goldberg

    You mean that the MGM silent-era comedy ‘Along Came Ruth’ from 1924 is still being replayed to a cult KKK crowd, like The Rocky Horror Picture Show or Star Wars or something?

    Oh well, at least with it being a silent movie it won’t interfere with their hate speeches as the movie plays as a black-and-white comic backdrop no-doubt? I didn’t think the KKK ‘did’ black-and-white on general racist principle? Live and learn I suppose. It’s nice to hear that those white supremacists appreciate silent-era comedies though.

    “…Also, pointing out that Jews own multiple media outlets and entertainment companies doesn’t make him an anti-Semite…”.

    I see. Accordingly, it is presumably no-longer racist to expect African-American people to be great athletes or singers or dancers, nor is it racist to state that there are many Latinos doing manual labour jobs in the USA, or that Koreans and others from the far East are good at maths and physics and know Kung-Fu, or that Italians are hot-tempered and foul-mouthed, or that the Irish are heavy drinkers and are always red-headed.

    These are just facts presumably, and no-longer carry any racial stereotypes, so there’s nothing to worry about. Please move-along everyone. Nothing to see here.


    Who are these members of the ‘Synagogue of Satan’, pray tell? Do they play death-metal music as they slice-up Friday night hala bread mercilessly with a chainsaw while tossing their heads up and down, making the devil finger sign? Sounds way cooler than the services at my local synagogue. Maybe I should try to attend a different one. Please ask Farrakhan for the address for me.

    It also sounds to me like he tried to pre-excuse any Muslim that may potentially one day try to assassinate President Obama – by utilizing an official “Made in Farrakhan-Land” connection to the Republicans.

    It seems like – if anything – he is trying to incite a Muslim person to have a go at the president, so that he can blame the republicans and say “I told you this would happen!!”.

    I think he is trying to pre-empt this with his statement, and that he is a highly dangerous man that should be addressed by US law.