London mayor axes ads that suggests homosexuality can be cured

LONDON — London’s mayor has axed an ad campaign spearheaded by two conservative Christian groups because their ads suggest homosexuality … Continued

LONDON — London’s mayor has axed an ad campaign spearheaded by two conservative Christian groups because their ads suggest homosexuality is a disease that can be cured through prayer.

The groups Core Issues Trust and Anglican Mainstream made posters reading “Post-gay and proud. Get over it!” and had planned to plaster them on the sides of London’s iconic double-decker red buses.

The slogan mimicked a recent drive by the pro-gay rights group Stonewall, which used the line, “Some people are gay. Get over it.”

The Christian groups’ campaign had been scheduled to cover the sides of buses for two weeks starting next Monday (April 16).

But the British capital’s mayor, Boris Johnson, stepped in to ban it. “It is clearly offensive to suggest being gay is an illness someone recovers from,” the mayor said in a statement on Thursday. “And I am not prepared to have that suggestion driven around London on our buses.”

Core Issues and Anglican Mainstream both fund “reparative therapy” for gay men and lesbians to “cure” them of homosexuality.

This campaign would not have been the first time London’s buses have been used in a religious war of words. Two years ago, atheists launched a similar offensive with a bus slogan reading: “There is probably no God. Now stop worrying and enjoy life.” Christian charities responded by posting their own rival ads on the buses.

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  • davidathompson

    It is interesting to see a similar constituency of Christians in London, as here in the USA, who continue to echo these sentiments. As a conservative Christian who is also gay and partnered, and having spent almost 12 years trying to “repare” my own orientation, I am very familiar with all of the intricacies of this position.

    The greatest driving factor for reparative therapy, in my opinion, is the absence of a conservative faith perspective that brings some path of acceptance for this particular human circumstance. Until we within the conservative faith can have some manner to biblically allow gay-partnered persons, there will be a continued dependence upon justifying this type of therapy. After all, if it is wrong, then it should be able to be fixed.

    On that note, I think the Biblical path lies along the acceptance of human circumstances being other than ideal (or “garden state”). The reality is that no one is ideal and there is no more garden state. With that being the reality, we ought to find ways for people to live the greatest potential they can, while fulfilling the greatest godly ideals they can. That includes the God intended need, “man should not be alone.”

    As an example, we accept divorced people in conservative faith churches, even though their human circumstance is not the creative-ideal. I for one (among many) believe it is time for us to reposition the gay issue alongside everything else that we make room for in our conservative faith pews. It was in fact for this very issue why I wrote my work, “Over Coffee”.

    I continue to work on this issue, hopeful to open some conversation and perspective on gay partnership within the conservative faith. It’s encouraging to see city officials who are willing to take the political risk of standing against these once-heralded notions of therapy.

    -Dave Thompson

  • PhilyJimi

    I am an atheist and it completely boggles my mind how powerful religious indoctrination is. It took me 40 years to shake it off.

    The 2nd thing that boggles my mind is how a homosexual could try to fit into a conservative christian world view. I am hetro but the open mindless hatred of homosexuals in the conservative christian churches has always made me want to vomit.

    Their position is immoral at its very core. To each their own. If a man is happy loving another man then I am happy for them. It is NO threat to me or anyone else. If a child asked me I would just tell them the truth, plain and simple. If the child is gay there isn’t anything I nor anyone else can do about it. I was a hetro kid and I knew I liked girls it sure wasn’t a lifestyle choice.

    davidathompson – Best of luck but I don’t have a clue why you associate with people who hate you for just being yourself. Life is too short.

  • Vote Yes Scotland 2014

    Well done ,Boris .