Pastor: Ron Paul most ‘God-fearing’ candidate left

“After Santorum, Ron Paul is the most God-fearing presidential candidate [and] the Republican Party should endorse him. […] If Republicans … Continued

“After Santorum, Ron Paul is the most God-fearing presidential candidate [and] the Republican Party should endorse him. […] If Republicans don’t give a Christian candidate, Christians should look elsewhere — even to a third party.”

Pastor Steven Andrew of USA Christian Ministries encourages voters to support candidates like Ron Paul.

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Mary Ann Chastain


Republican presidential candidate Rep. Ron Paul, R-Texas, speaks during the American Principles Project Palmetto Freedom Forum Monday, Sept. 5, 2011, in Columbia, S.C.

  • Lino1980

    Every Christian involved in politics should really question themselves about their ideas of government. I recommend a really well written book by John William Robins a Christian apologetic and politician. The book is called “Freedom and Capitalism”. He supported Ron Paul when he was alive and many of the presbyterians also supported Ron Paul as a republican.

    Ron Paul was a libertarian for a while, but couldn’t deal with the moral dilemma of abortion, which many libertarians blindly support it. Ron Paul does have a lot of libertarian views, in which I do agree, and if every Christian will get informed they will realize that Ron Paul is the only God fearing candidate in the platform. Not Santurum, not Romney, nor Ginrich, have the knowledge and theology like Ron Paul does. His Christian views are all align
    Please Christian brothers read about Ron Paul. God has sent this man to wake us up of our laziness. Read, Read, Read, and stop listening to televised, and radio media. These guys are evil, the way they are trying to manipulate our vote.

  • persiflage

    The real foundations of early libertarian thinking owes much to Herbert Spencer, Darwin’s contemporary and the man that coined the term ‘survival of the fittest’. He was a social philosopher that supported the principles of classical liberalism and a voluntary spirit of cooperation.

    Spencer seemed to think the industrial revolution would make all of this possible, but exactly the opposite occurred, and capitalists ruled with complete, autocratic authority. Was Spencer really a social Darwinist? It’s interesting to compare Spencer’s thinking with one of his most famous contemporaries, Karl Marx – a man whose ideas also failed when put to the test. We can still see something of Spencer’s ideas alive and well among tiny insular groups like the Amish (although founded on biblical principles).

    Corporations run the country to this day, although unions made things much better for the working man for about 100 years. Those days are apparently coming to an end, and the captains of industry are in charge all over again. Ordinary citizens are losing rights and benefits, and republicans in congress are making all of it possible.

    Ron Paul snatched a few ideas here and there from Spencer, Austrian economics, and various other sources, but has been completely ineffective as a republican legislator from Texas – his values are very similar to his fundamentalist Christian constitiuents. Otherwise, how would he continue to get re-elected for over 25 years? Apparenlty his success rate in congress has nothing to do with his popularity as a congressman!

    He is a figurehead for a certain kind of idealism, although his leadership capacity is about zero, and his chances of being president are equally slim.
    The country would never elect a leader that was nearing 80 years of age under any circumstances – and Ron Paul knows this. Dr. Paul seems to flourish under all the publiciity, for as long as it lasts. The country will no doubt see his son Rand Paul carry the family crest int

  • Sanssq

    persiflage…… It is you have selectively picked through. ideologies and events to come up with a distorted version of history. Authoritarian capitalism is based on empowering of the State. Central planning, regulatory agencies controlled by corporations and other special interests and control of the money supply by central banks and the financial sector are the tools that have made this possible. Those are powers given by government by people like you…….. The inference that there is no progress with powerful government is also absurd. Most advances in the human condition are the results of the advances in technology that have happened regardless of government. In fact, true community and charity have done far more than government has. And with more efficiency and minimal corruption.

    Ron Paul has resisted this drift toward statism. While you claim that he has been ineffective as a leader, note by your logic those in Germany who failed to halt the advance of totalitarian would earn your condemnation also.

    You really don’t know or choose not to understand Ron Paul and those that he has attracted to the cause of liberty. I happen to be agnostic. I voted for Dr Paul in 1988 and supported his efforts in both 2008 and now. Clearly you don’t get it. Paul is a Christian. He, however does not seek to force his beliefs on others. The same cannot be said of those that worship the State as I’m guessing from your comments, you do. That attitude is plain by your allusion to effectiveness of a Congressperson.

    I believe the foremost duty of a Congressperson is to defend the Constitution. That limits the government to protecting the country and the rights of the people. Paul stands virtually alone at the heights of principle in this regard. Notice most in government have passed increasingly restrictive legislation that violates the principles of the Constitution and especially the Bill of Rights. Doubtless you applaud those Congresspeople that were

  • itsthedax

    Why is “God-fearing” a good thing?

  • damnpayne

    @persiflage You sound reasonably intelligent, yet just like the media you are spewing all kinds of misinformation. You need to take the blinders off, and then maybe you will be able to understand the truth.

  • damnpayne

    Ron Paul is clearly the only real choice. Vote for more puppets, and figureheads or vote for Ron Paul.

  • jleemd99

    @sanssq Very well said. Nothing in history happens in a vacuum. Although people blame capitalism and free markets for corporations taking over our nation today, the United States has been anything but a free market or capitalist for the past 100 years. We’ve embarked on the idea of central planning of the economy, which has seen rise to more power in the federal government to influence economic activity, and then people don’t take note that there are lobbyists in DC gaining a competitive advantage through these laws and regulations?

  • Vote Yes Scotland 2014

    If God is love ,why fear him ?

  • Lino1980

    What many people fail to understand is that God has many virtues. God is love, yes. God is also just, holy, omnipresent, omniscient, eternal, and many more characteristics. So the fear that we do have towards God is that of reverence, and that God will punish dose that do not believe in him. God’s justice is revealed at the cross. Jesus wasn’t sacrificed merely by men, but by his own father. So God loved his people that he sacrificed his own son, to be reconciled with him. For justice to be served, it had to be a man because sin entered through man, and it had to be God, because the sin that was committed was done against an eternal God. Payment had to be eternal.

    Theology is important when describing God. It is through God’s word that we can know him. No where else!

  • hbcsteve

    This comment sounded intelligent at first, but then I read it and thought: How can this person sound like they had knowledge and then blew it with their sad outlook. Look up jleemd99 things are getting brighter and the people are waking up. Ron Paul has all the leadership skill to be my president and he will surround himself with more people like him…Honest and Real.

  • Lino1980

    For many reasons, but if you are asking out of actually seeking, are you ready to listen?

  • Lino1980

    *”…..but if you are asking to actually seeking an answer” that’s what I meant to write.

  • itsthedax

    Sure. Go ahead.

  • persiflage

    For all of you Ron Paul devotees – realism resides in what’s possible, and the rest is consigned to the dust bin of history. Ron Paul is not possible…… it’s that simple, no matter how complicated you’d like to make it and regardless of where you’d like to place the blame.

    Paul’s alliance over the years with the John Birth society reflect very poorly on his judgement – this is not anti-Paul fiction, this is part of his history. He is really a classic states rights proponent of the revisionist kind – and he offers absolutely no follow-up on how he’d implement the ideas that he so fervently espouses. How would this man lead, when he has never led before?

    Legalization of recreational drugs and his ideas on Iran’s nuclear weapons ‘rights’ are fairly bizarre, and don’t seem to be at all well thought out. I’m afraid that his isolationist views regarding the rest of the world will not fly in the age of global terrorism – not that the USA has made all the right decisions in this particular realm either.

    But you can’t avoid what is staring you in the face – real enemies abound, although nation building is not the right approach to combatting religiously driven fundamentalists……this is naive to say the least and hasn’t worked where it’s been tried.

    I have yet to see objective evidence of Ron Paul’s actual mastery of the Constitution – what he has is a layman’s subjective opinions, rather than a well educated legal mind.

    His strong anti-abortion, anti-choice stance completely nullifies any pretentions to libertarianism – this feeds right into the religious mania opposing a woman’s rights to reproductive self-determination. So in that regard Ron Paul is part of the problem, rather than part of the solution.

    All in all, his idealistic followers have seen something very significant in his campaign that the rest of the nation appears to be completely unaware. Blaming it on negative media coverage is just another kind of conspiratorial fantasy – and there’s far to

  • capitalism101

    Before anyone slanders Paul or regurgitates the standard smear campaign be sure to preface your statements with, “I have never read any of Paul’s books and I do not genuinely understand his actual beliefs, I simply distort them to bask in my own ignorance…”

  • itsthedax

    Given an omniscient, omnipresent and eternal deity, how can man be guilty of sin?

    If a deity creates me, knowing everything that I will do in my life, then he creates me with the intention that I should do all those things. Therefore, he is the author of my every thought and deed, and creates every good or bad action that I perform.

  • JohnGalt18

    if you were to come face to face with the creator of the universe, who created you and all living things, would ‘respect’ (another term for fear) be something you might have in the back of your mind?

  • JohnGalt18

    I’m 55 years old, I am a follower of Jesus Christ and I have accepted Him as my savior and as my Lord based on a very exhaustive analysis of very large amount of strong evidence. Google “I don’t have enough faith to be an atheist”.
    That said, I cannot, in good conscience, possibly vote for anyone but Ron Paul for president. Please understand, I’m an electrical engineer with 30 years experience using mostly my left (analytical) brain for work – so my decisions are based in objective thought and not emotion. I’ve studied the fed, 911, economics, foreign policy and US history and am thoroughly convinced that we are being run by criminals (the banks and their corporate minions) since 1913 (federal reserve act) and have been officially bankrupt since 1933 – owned by the banks since then literally. Ron Paul’s focus on monetary policy and the federal reserve is the main reason for his appeal for me, but it goes way beyond that – he is the only one running with integrity, honor and compassion. If you can just grasp how crucial this election is and how far the US has gone down the wrong path, you would understand the urgency of electing this man – his ideas are solid and his grasp of history is outstanding. Please people, let’s get out from under the slavery to the banks and get back to freedom that our founders fought and died for.

  • Geeza

    It’s a sign of the times when someone who appears to be fairly intelligent, then goes on to talk absolute nonsense. Or maybe I am just mistaking someone who seems intelligent for someone who is just articulate.

    When you wonder why tyranny often rules, you will often find people who just go along because ‘realism resides in what is possible’. Why bother fighting tyranny? The very same people are then also easily frightened by ‘real enemies abound’.

    Same old tactic, yet people keep falling for the same old lines.

  • countficula

    The fear of the lord is the beginning of wisdom.

  • countficula

    Here is some realism for ya

    Freedom of Association:
    Government may monitor religious or political institutions
    without suspecting criminal activity to assist terror investigations.
    Freedom of Information:
    Government has closed once public hearings, has secrectly detained
    Hundreds of people without charges, and has encouraged bureaucrats
    To resist public records questions.
    Freedom of speech:
    Government may prosecute librarians or keepers of any other records
    If they tell anyone that the government subpoenaed information related
    to a terror investigation.
    Right to legal representation:
    Government may monitor federal prison jailhouse conversations between
    Attorneys and clients, and deny lawyers to Americans accused of crimes.
    Freedom from unreasonable searches:
    Government may seize Americans’ papers and effects without probable cause
    To assist terror investigation.
    Right to a speedy and public trial:
    Government may jail Americans indefinitely without a trial.
    Right to liberty:
    Americans may be jailed without being charged or being able to confront
    Witnesses against the
    Ron Paul 2012!!

  • dlpartyka

    People need to get this straight before making any decision. There are MANY reasons to vote for Dr. Ron Paul all are valid. Being a Christian is just one that really only matters to Christians as he believes in Constitutional Government including separation of Church and State which is to say not only will he NOT force Prayer in School,l he would NOT DENY the right for those who wish to practice. The Constitution states separation, this means NEUTRALITY (as in stay out of it!) His Christian beliefs are his own and have absolutely no bearing on his Political views.

  • scibenas

    They mean fear in the since of awe, which is defined as “an overwhelming feeling of reverence, admiration, fear, etc., produced by that which is grand, sublime, extremely powerful, or the like”

  • ThomasBaum


    You wrote, “Theology is important when describing God. It is through God’s word that we can know him. No where else!”

    How can you limit God so?

    Are you saying that God can not make a “personal”, so to speak, revelation of God to whomever God wishes to?

    Actually, if you are talking about the bible when you say “through God’s word”, it is written in the bible, “No one knows the Son except the Father and no one knows the Father except the Son and whomever the Son wishes to reveal Him to”, or words to that effect.

    Are you saying that this is impossible for God to do, even tho it clearly says in the bible that this is not only possible but is something that the Son, Jesus, actually wishes to do?

  • andrew56

    @Sanssq and @jleemd99 Excellent points.

    @persiflage –
    It doesn’t sound like you have read any of Ron Paul’s books like “Liberty Defined”. Have looked into his budget or other plans to eliminate waste? You obviously don’t understand why we need a declaration of war before we attack other nations.

    My take is your hung up on the pro-life stance. You probably haven’t read his testimony on why he takes this stance.

    Your last statement that “his followers must know something that everyone else is missing” is the only correct thing you said.

  • dlpartyka

    PS that is yet another reason for a non-Christian like myself to Vote
    Ron Paul…. 2012

  • ThomasBaum


    You wrote, “God’s justice is revealed at the cross.”

    Seeing as God became One of us in the incarnation and went to the cross by His Own free will and in the process took ALL of the sins of ALL of humanity upon Himself therefore becoming the Saviour of the world, I believe that this would be GOD’S MERCY being REVEALED ON THE CROSS.

    Do you know that when Jesus said, “IT IS FINISHED”, on the cross that those words translated from the Aramaic, I believe that that was the language that it was in, is PAID IN FULL?

    God’s Justice and God’s Mercy are so intertwined as to be ONE.

    Seems kind of sad that so many want God’s Justice for the other person and God’s Mercy for themself or at least what so many think of God’s Justice and God’s Mercy to be.

    Jesus did say something to the effect that what one wishes on the other they receive on themself, interesting don’t you think?

  • itsthedax

    Then why not say that? Why say “fear”?

  • itsthedax

    JohnGalt, I’d more likely present him with a punchlist of items that need fixing.

  • persiflage

    countficula – I will grant you that the government has gone completely overboard with all the various components of the Patriot Act, originally a product of the Bush administration. I also see a kind of rampant terrorism-inspired paranoia in government that does not make for good public policy……and this has afflicted both parties.

    On the other hand, similar measures were also developed and adopted years ago to fight organized crime back in the day, by way of the RICO act and associated anti-crime bills. As with terrorism, it’s proved almost impossible to keep up with the growth of criminal enterprise in the USA. Every country now wants a piece of the action and the drug trade is only one component.

    The forces at work here are so far beyond the control of one individual that portraying Ron Paul as the savior of the nation, especially with his histoy and at such an advanced age, makes his supporters out to be not only uninformed, but living in an alternate universe that only an elect few are able to enter. Idealism is one thing, but delusional thinking is not rational, and deals in impossibilities.

    Here’s the thing – we still are limited to two political parties in the USA and that will not change. Individuals within those parties have limited influence – and some seem to have none at all.
    If you can’t find an individual that supports your values, and is the default leader and/or presidential nominee of either one party or the other, then your options for electing your preferred politico to office are extremely limited.

    Frankly, I doubt that Ron Paul will even go along with the idea to run as a third party candidate, but you never know. It’s more realistic for him to want some kind of guaranteed voice in a republican administration, should that unlikely reality actually occur.

  • andrew56

    Same “fear” you have when you disappoint your parents who also love you.

  • persiflage

    ‘The very same people are then also easily frightened by ‘real enemies abound’.’

    Geeza, have you actually fought any enemies abroad, at any time in your disenchanted life? Being easily frightened is a quality that is better left unassigned to strangers…… that for people you actually know.

  • andrew56

    Any Christian that supports the endless wars is … not following Christ’s ways. A piece of bread has 100 times more impact than a bullet.

  • persiflage

    fear in the face of awe is for sissies……..

  • cmotter37

    Actually, seperation of church and state is a phrase, not a law, likely you know that but many don’t, just wanted to clarify it as that phrase it often used to forbid religious practice in public such as prayer in schools.

  • iwg54

    My concept of religion is far removed from Ron Paul’s beliefs. But, I know that he would never limit my individual rights to pursue my own belief system, as long as I don’t infringe on others rights to do the same. I’m sure we all share more spiritual principles to agree on than not, if religion is left out of politics as Dr. Paul adheres to.

    No one but Paul – 2012

  • Lino1980

    @itsthedax thats a great question and logical! I can start by saying that the root of your question is as follows. If God is all good and if God is all powerful, why are sin and suffering in the world? that is an ancient question, which has been answered many times. Maybe, not to your satisfaction. I wont be able to answer that question in a sentence, but I can point you out to books that helped me out with my quest of finding the very questions you are asking. It is a bumpy road, but one that is pleasing when you get to the end. The book is called “Good and Evil: The problem solved” by Gordon H. Clark

    Praying that God helps you find your answers.

  • Lino1980

    @itsthedax I will first ask you some questions, to know some of your fundamentals. First questions What is Good?, and What is Evil?

  • rkm2

    RP will not pander to a religious group, but if evangelicals (of which I am among) push for RP, I’m all for it!

    Go Ron Paul!!!

  • Lino1980

    @ThomasBaum You are right I didn’t mention the word Mercy, but I did mention that “So God loved his people that he sacrificed his own son, to be reconciled with him.” which shows Mercy towards God’s people. I was emphasizing God’s Justice on the Cross, and did mentioned his mercy. I wouldn’t want God’s Justice to be revealed upon me, because that would mean that I deserve Hell. I seek his Mercy which has saved all those that the Father has revealed to.

    To know God personally is through the Bible. We can see nature and know that there is a God, but not in a personal level. To know God’s virtues is through scripture. God can do whatever he pleases, but he has chosen to reveal himself personally through scripture.

  • trvcampbe

    I dont believe in religion at all.I DO believe in RP2012.

  • itsthedax

    Lino, that may be the question that you Wish I’d asked, but the truth is my query had nothing to do with the rather insipid “Why, oh why, does he let evil happen????” question.

    I’ll make it easy for you:
    a. An omniscient, omnipotent, omnipresent creator means that all existance was created as a single complete tapestry, past and future. All events and activities are predestined according to that creator’s plan.
    b. Predestination means that no one has freedom of action. All human thoughts and deeds are determined by the creator.
    c. Therefore, no one is responsible for his/her actions. No sin is possible.
    d. Without sin, there is no need for redemption.
    I invite your coment.

  • itsthedax

    Nope, I asked the question. You offered to answer. Please go ahead.

  • scpatriotgirl

    Ron Paul’s Christian beliefs have everything to do with his political views. I refer you to the first sentence of his ” Statement of Faith”,where he says,” I have accepted Jesus Christ as my personal savior,and I endeavor every day to follow him,in all I do,and in all that I advocate.” I recommend everyone read his statement of faith,as it lays out his plan for our nation,in a brief,yet thorough manner.

  • dlpartyka

    That means HE follows his Christian Views. NOT that he will force them on others through his political position.

  • JDtheTeacher

    So we should accuse Paul of being a conspiracy theorist, because you say “paranoid fixations” are “driving” his campaign, a claim you back up with a context-free quotation using the term “New World Order” from an anonymous person online who you’ve decided exemplifies the whole campaign. The phrase “New world order,” of course, has a multitude of different meanings, and it’s unclear whether the connection you make between the person you quote and the conspiracy theory is a legitimate one.
    So basically, what we have here is a string of tenuous connections with nothing given to support them. It’s quite odd…some of your earlier posts were reasonably coherent.

  • persiflage

    JD – you’d have to read through the posts all way down to the bottom, where you will find countficula’s post in it’s entirety.

    On this thread and many other Ron Paul threads, one can often find the mention of one kind of conspiracy or another allegedly designed to thwart his campaign. Whether or not Ron Paul is himself is a believer in conspiracies is another issue.

    I would say the thought of conspiracy has probably crossed his mind on occasion, given his own penchant for anti-government themes – some of which may even be based in reality.

    If you have read the link, you will see that the idea of a New World Order is hardly new, although I wasn’t aware that the concept had been re-constituted yet again as an imminent threat to democracy, during the current campaign cycle.

    I do think that the idea of conspiracy makes undesirable and complex developments easier to understand – at least as a theory or hypothesis.

    One thing that is true – big money talks and everyone else walks.

  • JoshInPhilly

    Beautifully said.

  • catatonicjones

    Though I find myself agreeing with Paul on many issues, I strongly disagree with him on this one. Religious fanaticism can never be contained, just how libertarian can an evangelical christian actually be when he thinks he has the right to tell other people how to live?

  • catatonicjones

    you truly believe a religious fanatic can keep his religion to himself?

  • FreeFinEducation4You

    Civil Religion? Kind of reminds me of a candidate that ran in 2008…. At least Paul is logical. Obama supporters epitomize the definition of “Blind Faith”

  • dcrswm

    If you actually believe ron paul’s policies would work you are delusional. If human nature was removed from the equation, maybe his plans would work. As that will never happen voting for ron paul makes about as much sense as living your life based on a 2000 year old ghost story.

  • ThomasBaum


    You wrote, “To know God personally is through the Bible. We can see nature and know that there is a God, but not in a personal level. To know God’s virtues is through scripture. God can do whatever he pleases, but he has chosen to reveal himself personally through scripture.”

    One might learn something about God thru the bible but unless one has a “personal” encounter with God then it is not “knowing” God on a personal level, so to speak.

    As far as a “personal encounter” with God, I would say that there are unlimited ways of having one, considering that it is God Who, ultimately, is the initiator of any “personal encounter”.

    The original Apostles were supposedly with Jesus on a daily basis for quite a while and they didn’t have a clue until they had a “personal enounter”, so to speak, with the Holy Spirit, did they?

    By the way, Love is NOT an attribute of God, Love is God’s Very Being, I came to realize the literal Truth of the statement “God Is Love” after meeting Who is referred to as God the Father.

    You also wrote, “I wouldn’t want God’s Justice to be revealed upon me, because that would mean that I deserve Hell.”

    Isn’t that what Christianity teaches that we “deserve hell” and that Jesus “paid the price”?

    As a matter of fact, God’s Justice was PAID IN FULL by Jesus on the cross for ALL OF HUMANITY, the words Jesus said, “It is finished” translates as “paid in full”, did you know that?

    Jesus, Himself, went to hell and to Spiritual Death on the cross, there was more going on there than just physical stuff.

    You also wrote, “which shows Mercy towards God’s people.”

    “Let Us make man (humanity) in Our Image…”, seems to me that according to the bible, man (humanity, all of it) is made (created) in God’s Image therefore ALL OF US are God’s people.

  • catatonicjones

    Christians are the definition of blind faith. True Belief, you should understand it better than you’re willing to admit.
    Paul maybe logical, to a point, but this ‘god fearing’ crap proves him to be just another loser addicted to the fairy tales infecting him since his youth.