Romney spokeswoman: Voters want ‘shared values’

“What matters for the vast majority of voters is shared values. In Mitt Romney they have a candidate who believes … Continued

“What matters for the vast majority of voters is shared values. In Mitt Romney they have a candidate who believes in faith, patriotism, hard work, and sacrifice. All they have to do is look at his family and how he lives his life.”

Romney spokeswoman Andrea Saul on what she sees as overblown concerns over the former Massachusetts governor’s Mormon faith.

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U.S. Republican presidential hopeful former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney leaves after addressing the Family Research Council’s Values Voter Summit in Washington on October 8, 2011.

  • MinnyMa

    Gov. Romney used to think that voters wanted someone who could turn the economy around. That started happening without him, so now he’s changed again, and he thinks that voters want someone with “shared values” — patriotic lapel pins, America the Beautiful verses, a vague “God” to refer to. How can anyone judge his hard work and sacrifice? Was his work “hard” because the hours were long? Was it physically demanding? And what sacrifices does he feel he has made?

  • loyalsyst

    The main shared value in America today is money. The have-nots want more and the haves want to keep theirs.

  • loyalsyst

    Don’t forget the part (later rescinded) about people of color not able to be close to Christ. And suppose you aren’t a Christian?

  • persiflage

    You can sell that spin to the right wing, but what thinking people want is good public policy and fair taxes. The economy is turning around by itself – after a prolonged down business cycle. Just about the time another republican is voted in by impatient, desperate voters, the economy will take off – and of course the GOP will take the credit.

    Aside from that, Romney is a guy that pays a 15% capital gains tax on 20 million dollars a year in unearned income – and has no shared values of any consequence with the voting public and ordinary workers – none whatsoever.

    The GOP is re-packaging the Reagan myth all over again – a reification of the fiscal policies that put us in our current deep economic hole for the last 4 years – no regulations and no monetary/fiscal oversight.

    Give republicans the legislative ways and the means and they will cut entitlement benefits to the quick, while reforming tax laws to further benefit the wealthy and corporate America – they’ve already showed their hand…..all they need now is opportunity to play it.

  • savvyMichael

    loyalsyst: Show me where the Book of Mormon ever said that, in any edition. The only thing I can possibly imagine that you’re referring to was the changing of “white” to “pure” in one place, specifically *because* some readers were interpreting it as intending to be racist, which it is not.

    In fact, the Book of Mormon *specifically* says that “[Christ] denieth none that come unto him, black and white, bond and free,…” Sounds pretty Christian to me.