Joel Osteen on Mitt Romney: Mormons are ‘brothers in Christ’

“When I hear Mitt Romney say that he believes that Jesus is the Son of God–that he’s the Christ, raised … Continued

“When I hear Mitt Romney say that he believes that Jesus is the Son of God–that he’s the Christ, raised from the dead, that he’s his Savior–that’s good enough for me. […] Mormonism is a little different, but I still see them as brothers in Christ.”

-Pastor Joel Osteen
talks to CNN about the ongoing debate among over whether or not Mormons are ’Christians.’

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  • msgbill

    Cmon Joel answer the question. By Definition you a Christian “Pastor” do you believe what you said? Politics aside or is it all about the money? Your flock seems to be pretty well heeled–on TV. Does TV Jake believe your findings?

  • agapao13

    I feel Mitt should not be held back due to his religious beliefs, but, he also should not be held out as a bible believing Christian. There are major, deal breaking, factors that do not allow Mormons to be considered believers in Christ of the Christian faith. Primarily, Mormons believe Jesus Christ to be the god created spiritual brother of Satan. Secondly, Mormons do not believe Jesus Christ of the bible is one essence of our triune God. Thirdly, Mormons consider the Book of Abraham equal, or superior, to the Christian Bible.

    As for Joel Olsteen and his beliefs about Romney as a Christian, Joel needs to look at self first. The Christian bible is adamant concerning honoring riches as being the work of the devil. Compare this to what Olsteen says in the above video clip.

    Sure Joel sells out stadiums. People want to believe life is meant to be good. If one reads the Christian BIble thoroughly, they will realize riches and comfort in this life and not promised Jesus Christ our Savior not Jesus Christ our God.

  • agapao13

    There are many questions that Joel needs to answer to himself.

  • Watcher1

    Wow, Reverend “Blinky” endorses Romney, there you have it.

  • caribonst

    The family is very critical in regard to how it is supported by Government through national policies. The debate about family should not be based upon incresed revenues and it should be premised upon the consept of the spirity and the protection of the soul. Religion is very important in this debate because it gives light and spotlight towards how we are going to grow our children into adults. Check out my poem about Mother on my web site at

  • momshugs

    And this is news? Why? Joel Osteen is one of many such religious “brands” following in the “Dreamer” mode of religion founded by Robert Shuller & his “Hour of Power” which is now bankrupt & Shuller’s family is estranged. Saddleback’s big guy shown in the photo between McCain & Obama is just another mega-merchant of so-called “faith” in God brings your wealth. What a hoot that Joel is hoping he’ll get to give the benediction at Romney’s inauguration. I smell a book coming!!

  • dargregmag

    They’re all in it for the money Osteen,Rick.Jakes, Long the whole bunch of them are the biggest phonies. I’ll be impressed when they share their wealth with the least of them. Give up your jets,limo’s and your mega life styles then you will impress the masses.

  • Secular1

    So how is this huckster qualified to endorse anyone to a political office? Why should anyone care about this moron’s endorsement. I do not care about any celebrity endorsing the candidates, unless they do that on basis of their non-celebrity work. Does anyone ask george clooney to recommend them for a programmer’s job? Does a hiring manager care? No, same with this moron’s endorsement.

  • DecafDrinker

    They’ll share about as much as Jim and Tammy Bakker did!

  • DaveHarris

    Mormons may be “brothers” in the Republican party’s appeal to the dim-witted, but the Mormon Jesus is certainly not the Christian Jesus. For one thing, he’s Satan’s brother. Yes, look it up, Mormons believe Jesus is Satan’s brother. To them, the whole story is a big family feud involving an overbearing father playing his two sons against each other. Apparently, this happens alot with Mormons. Does Osteen even know any theology at all, Christian or Mormon?

  • IrishJeff

    As an ex-Mormon who left because I finally realized that they were not Christian because the Jesus they believed in was not the “true” Jesus Christ. In fact, after a long struggle it was faith in the REAL Jesus Christ that gave me strength to leave them and to proclaim to anyone and everyone that the LDS church is dangerous and deceives the general public in its beliefs and converts. If you say they do not, then tell me what the temple rituals are that are performed in their temples? Don’t know? I do…i was in one several times. It was in that temple that I discovered who they really were calling out wasn’t Jesus. Now we have a possible candidate for President of the US whose beliefs are protected because its politically incorrect to bring religion into politics. Nothing is said in the media about the fact that Romney is a holder of their believed “Melchizedek priesthood” as an Elder in the church. His position in the church is no different than that of a priest or pastor. As a Mormon, he also believes that their “prophet” is the true mouthpiece of God himself and that his wishes supercede any laws and even our constitution. Remember this one fact…you think Mormons are Christian..yet they don’t believe in you. It was declared by their founder that your church is apostate, an abomination in God’s eyes and non-Mormons are gentiles who will not receive a place in their “celestial kingdom” with God.

  • flipper49

    What hypocritical nonsense from Osteen!…But what would one expect?
    Osteen is popular for two things: Placating people and helping them find ways to make money…to to into his pocket.
    I don’t hate Osteen. I DO, however, hate what he stands for.
    The whole Bible is about God’s law, man’s failure to keep it, the consequences of breaking it and the rewards for keeping it. The Old Testament points either forward to the Christ, and the New Testament tells of HIs arrival in human form. The stories tell us that we are sinners who cannot in any way measure up to God’s standards. We have broken God’s law, separating ourselves from God, the Lifegiver. So we have nothing left but death…but God Himself made us a way of escape so we can spend eternity with Him.
    Here’s how it works:
    1. God is holy – pure and perfect. He created angels who were pure and perfect until rebellion arose in the “chief angel” – Lucifer. God had made him with a freedom of choice – obeying God or not – and he chose poorly. Satan convinced 1/3 of the angels that he was correct in claiming he was just like God. Since sin and holiness cannot coexist, Lucifer became Satan – the “adversary” of God and he and his cohorts were expelled form Heaven. God could have eliminated sin by thinking them out of existence, but then the other angels would be afraid of God. God had by this time created man, who He also gave the freedom of choice. When tempted by Satan to do what God has said not to do, man was lost to sin. God forsaw this and the Word…a part of the Trinity (John 1:1) took on human form as the Savior Who would live a sinless life, thereby defeating sin. He was to be sacrificed as were the scapegoats in the holy temple. Any man who accepted this sacrifice would have life. Jesus the Messiah fulfilled the law on man’s behalf.
    Now we get to Osteen. He doesn’t mention “sin” or “sinners” in his sermons; he’s afraid of *offending* his members, thereby losing popularity. He presents Jesus as a friend…NOT the One wh