Bishop: HHS mandate lawsuit can be viewed as a women’s issue

“I am concerned that in addressing the H.H.S. mandate that it be clear that what we are dealing with is … Continued

“I am concerned that in addressing the H.H.S. mandate that it be clear that what we are dealing with is a matter of religious liberty and the intrusion of government into the church and that it not be perceived as a woman’s issue or a contraceptive issue. I think there are different groups that are trying to co-opt this and make it into political issue, and that’s why we need to have a deeper discussion as bishops.”

California Bishop Stephen Blaire expresses concerns about Catholic messaging and priorities in the HHS contraception lawsuits

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  • Liann

    It is really very very simple…

    Is the operation regulated by the state under the BUSINESS LAW CODE?

    Does the operation require a BUSINESS LICENSE issued by a govt entity.

    Do the skilled worker-employee class require their own licensing and/or degrees or certification by the state, such as educators, doctors, lawyers?

    If the operation mainly structured as a commercial activity, with prices, fees and transaction costs attached to the majority of the dealings with the outside public customer base, whether or not it is ultimately a “non-profit charity” for IRS tax purposes?

    If it is a BUSINESS, then it is NOT A RELIGION and shut your lying mouths.

  • usapdx

    Dear bishop, you just have it backwards. No one is above our laws and all laws must meet the supreme law of the United States which is the Constitution by WE THE PEOPLE, not of any religion what so ever. American citizen can pratice or not pratice a religion and no one can take a right from a American. Most USA citizen RCs do not agree with the RCC’s teaching on birth control in the first place. Just ask them for a honest answer.

  • DivineWordRadio

    usapdx, you have it wrong. It is We the People, and not You the Government. This is merely the Government forcing Americans to violate their consciences for the greater good. We the People should support individual rights, as the Constitution does. You seem to be promoting groupthink, that the Government should decide what is right for We the People. You have it backwards.

  • DivineWordRadio

    Liann, let me get this straight. All the Government needs to do to take away your religious liberty is to issue you a business license? Does that mean the Goverment has the right to tell you that you cannot pray, or you cannot wear religious symbols? Or that you must have an abortion, or limit the number of children you can have? Sadly, you are clueless.

  • DivineWordRadio

    What is interesting to me, is that the quote used does not match the headline. But then with this paper, what’s new?

  • usapdx

    DivineWorldRadio,……….. The American citizens are the government for WE THE PEOPLE elect the people that will run our government . The supreme law of our country is the Constitution. Consciences is only a human thought that many would like to control. Do you vote, communicate with your members of government? The U.S. Citizenship and immigration Service has a very good book that you should read called LEARN ABOUT THE UNITED STATES QUICK CIVICS LESSONS FOR THE NATURALIZATION TEST.

  • DivineWordRadio

    usapdx, you are so wrong. The American citizens are not the Government. Never have been, and never will. The reason we have a Bill of Rights is to protect We the People from the Government. You are correct that the supreme law of the land is supposed to be the Constitution. And the Constitution, through the First Amendment to it, grants religious freedom to all citizens, even Catholics. As an attorney, with a daughter-in-law who recently took that very test, I am reasonably certain I am familiar with it.

  • usapdx

    DivineWordRadio,… Yes you are correct in saying that WE THE PEOPLE are not the members of our government but WE THE PEOPLE elect our members of government in two of the three federal branches and we tell those members that we elect in the two branches what we want or do not want. All branches of our federal government are working for WE THE PEOPLE. Yes the First Admendment grants religious freedom but it does not allow religious freedom to take a right from a American. I hope all Americans take a interest in their government by voteing and or communicate with their members of government for the members of government are their for WE THE PEOPLE. Thanks for your time and you are correct.

  • unclebill1

    What the bishop said is that it could be mis-perceived as a women’s issue. Your headline
    Bishop: HHS mandate lawsuit can be viewed as a women’s issue
    is plainly false and designed to mislead. It would be like saying of someone who says, “I don’t want to be mistaken for a thief,” that they admitted stealing. I am not really surprised. Georgetown/On Faith doesn’t report on the Church, it tries to confuse people into adopting Georgetown/On Faith’s position.

  • amelia45

    The Catholic hospitals and universities in European countries, in Canada, in Australia are just as Catholic today as they were the day before the governments of those countries included contraceptives in the national health care programs.

    Religious freedom does not exist if it does not reside in the individual. There is no such thing as an “institutional conscience”. There is only the individual conscience of each of us. No institution will stand before God for judgement as an institution; no leader of an institution will stand before God to be judged on the actions of the institution. Each of us will stand before God as individuals, judged on the actions we took as individuals.

    This contraceptive issue is a woman’s issue and it is a family issue. This has to do with individuals choosing how they want to plan their lives. Some – most – will choose to use contraceptives to plan when to have children and how many children to have. Others will choose not to use prescription contraceptives. Each will make the decision suitable to their own conscience.

    As a Catholic, I am mystified by what my Church is doing. This strident call to “radical obedience” is nothing but a call to a “mindless conscience” – an oxymoron to put those two words together. Silencing of priests, bishops, and theologians who disagree. Attacks on insititutions that make an important difference in women’s lives – vowed sisters, the Girl Scouts, the Susan Komen Foundation, even this fight about contraceptives.

    Women are not going back into the box that limits our ability to direct our own lives and to participate in our communities and government. Not going to happen.

  • cricket35

    Alfiefinnell, in my church, there are rows and rows of illegal Mexicans who’ve taken advantage of all the Church provided services and Catholic schools. Parisioners are asked to subsidize the tuition for children of illegals. (The local pastor condemned Obama shortly after he was elected and the bishop reminded the congregation to vole for those officials that supported the church’s positions.) So much for breaking the law and facing punishment.

  • mary1961

    If a doctor in a Catholic hospital has a medical license, then it’s no longer a Catholic hospital?
    Sounds like CUBA!
    You are a marxist – wanting the state to take over and control all property and all commerce.
    Also, given the number of posts you have made on WP, you are either a stdent, unemployed, or posting at work…

  • MaryfromMaryland

    You are full of baloney Bishop Blaire – it is most certainly an intrusion of the church into the lives of women in a very nasty, self-serving way. Moreover your attitude and the attitude of your USCCB “buddies” is both mysogynistic and intrudes on the politics of the land.

  • revasaki1


  • jjtm562

    Your concern, Mr. Bishop, should be with your Catholic brethren, not with the government. Most agree that upwards of 90% of Catholic women use or have used contraceptives. Maybe if hou had a female Bishop or two in that all-men’s club of yours you might be able to understand the problem.

  • cfw0905

    I was raised Catholic and I agree with Amelia.

  • freebirdreads

    I am Catholic and I agree with Amelia!