Creflo Dollar denies choking allegations in sermon

Atlanta megachurch pastor Creflo Dollar discussed the child battery charges against him as he preached at his church Sunday. Dollar … Continued

Atlanta megachurch pastor Creflo Dollar discussed the child battery charges against him as he preached at his church Sunday. Dollar is founding pastor of World Changers Church International.

Two days after being arrested for allegedly choking and slapping his 15-year-old daughter, the prominent minister denied the allegations during a sermon, the AP reports. Fayette County Sheriff’s deputies Friday charged the minister with simple battery and cruelty to children. USA Today reported that Dollar was released on a $5,000 bond.

ABC News reported that “Dollar’s version was that she became disrespectful and he was tried to restrain her, the report said. Only when she started to hit him did he wrestle her to the floor and spank her, the police report said.”

Dollar, news reports noted, along with Eddie Long, “is one of the most prominent African-American preachers based around Atlanta.” Like the allegations of sexual misconduct with male teen congregants and Long’s subsequent out-of-court settlement, the allegations against Dollar cast a shadow on his ministry.

Dollar was greeted with rousing applause Sunday as he approached the pulpit and spoke about an argument with his youngest daughter and accused news reporters of sensationalizing the incident. He and his wife, Taffi, have five children.

“As a church family, I want you to hear personally from me that all is well in the Dollar household,” he said after thanking the congregation for their prayers and support.

In response, many throughout the sanctuary applauded again.

“We remain committed to raising our children in the nurture and admonition of the Lord,” he said about the boundaries and guidance he and his wife instill in their home.

After applause subsided, Dollar continued: “I would never put any fault on my children. As Jesus would never put any fault on me. I love her with all of my heart. Amen. There are two things that are certain in the life of a Christian parent. Number one is that we win. And number two: Is that tests will come to try and shake your faith.”

The incident generated widespread attention from media as well as the blogosphere where observers commented on parenting issues, faith and the blurred lines between the public face and private life of well-known religious leaders.

“I am not a fan of Creflo Dollar. But I raised two teens. So while I may not agree, I do understand. They can push you to the edge,” tweeted the Rev. DeForest Soaries, senior pastor of First Baptist Church of Lincoln Gardens in New Jersey, Friday night.


People cross the street and head into World Changers Church International in south Fulton County, Ga., for services led by pastor Creflo Dollar on Sunday, June 10, 2012.

“Why am I not surprised by this? Dollar is one of the most disciplinary, judgmental prosperity preachers on the circuit. He blames everything on everyone in his congregation if their finances are not ‘right,’ and warmth is not a word one uses to describe his sermons. Dollar’s brittle, hard theology of prosperity makes for an inflexible and disciplinary personality,” wrote Anthea Butler, contributing editor for the daily online magazine Religion Dispatches Friday afternoon.

“My thoughts on #Creflodollar incident–parents have a right to discipline their kids. But when girls get over the age of 13,” tweeted author and political strategist Sophia Nelson Friday. “Fathers have to be careful with physical hitting, slapping. Girls mistakes discipline for how a man is supposed to keep me in line. Mother’s should step up if there is any physical discipline to be administered to girls. Father’s need to talk & discipline verbally.”

“We may never know the full story in the Dollar family drama. But, in general, one thing’s certain: regardless of the circumstances, a man who raises his hand to his teenage daughter is weak,” wrote Wil LaVeist Friday on Urban Faith Web site.

The author and journalist said that “in these types of domestic cases, it’s always unwise to leap to conclusions. … You certainly have my prayers for your entire family, brother. But my respect for you as a man and a father? If the police report is true, you’re too weak for that.”

“I don’t know @Creflo_Dollar personally, but he does strike me as a man who loves his family and would not purposely harm them,” tweeted Clinton McFarland, senior pastor of Mount Pleasant Baptist Church in Atlanta and Lithonia, Ga.

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  • linden

    no one is not one.

  • linden

    no one has the right to judge the the man and his family some respect please.

  • linden


  • The Armchair GM

    Blacks shouldn’t be Christians from the get-go.

    You cannot get your “salvation” forced upon you as a result of slave revolts and expect it to work.

    You have YOUR OWN spirituality….from Africa…

    Why are you worshipping the same religion as a race of people who cannot stand you, who reenact the Civil War just to stay angry about the fact that you are no longer their slaves?

    Why worship the same religion as the white race-a religion that HAS NOT made them any less hateful, bigoted, or prejudiced against….YOU?!?!?

    Creflo Dollar is a fool, just like so many African-Americans…worshipping the religion of your oppressor….dumb.

  • Deborah Samson

    I’ve read what you all are saying but I must say, this is about a person lying on another. I don’t know what bible you all maybe reading, but lying on a man especially your father is not acceptable and breaking one of the ten commandments. Obey your mother and father. Children have become so defiant and seem to enjoying bucking the system and celebrate their parents being punished because they threw a hissy fit. This behavior is not acceptable and should not be tolerated. Dr. Dollar was falsely accused of something he did not do, what kind of country are we living in that we would condone a lie just because we may feel a certain way about something else he does? That feeling should not permit a man to be falsely accused. The bottom line is Dr. Dollar should not have went to jail for a crime he didn’t commit. His daughter needs to apologize and if the oldest daughter cannot or will not respect her parents, she needs to be removed from their home. The devil loves destruction, tearing down families, and attacks anything that glorifies God. Dr. Dollar is being attacked on his family front. He stood up for God and not only is the devil jumping on him, but also Christians. Dr. Dollar should be applauded for supporting Godly principles over social norms. His daughter is not grown, she is a child, her wanting to go to a party where nothing good would be the results, should not be of great concern for the entire nation. We need to be focusing on witnessing to the masses and attacking the greater issue, the lack of respect children/teens have for their parents and adults. This is a grave problem and if it goes uncorrected we will witness a further unraveling of our society. Giving the devil a foothold from which he will not release, we must take it back.

  • delunser

    He’ll get respect if and when he deserves it and putting your hands on a 15 year old does not deserve it.. He sounds like a nasty, greedy piece of work whose church should be investigated for abusing its tax exempt status.

  • delunser

    Boy I wish the IRS would go after these “prosperity christianity” preachers. They act like exactly the sort of people who would abuse a church’s tax exempt status for personal gain.

  • T

    creflo “apostate” dollar is displaying signs of a child molester and woman abuser. He blames the victim whio is a child. He lies, he covers up his lies, he trys to get everyone in his corner. His wife is a scary abuser with no back bone and does not care for her children, she defens this animal. They are hellbound if they don’t turn from their wickedness. God is uncovering these wolves in sheep clothing.

  • belkwriter

    Im a little perplexed..the 911 tape released today details the daughter being asked “are there any visible signs of injury” and she clearly replies “no”. Creflo Dollar is a likable figure. And contrary to the comments here, I actually don’t think there is anything wrong with prosperity; mine, my neighbor’s or my pastor’s. There is nothing noble about being poor. And this is coming from a woman who attended an all girl’s school ran by “the daughter’s of charity”. lol.. just saying..I can do and be alot more for me and my community, with material resources than without.

  • Tone

    It is amazing how people who call themselves Christians are so quick to judge others. Rev. Dollar has been a blessing to the body of Christ and needs our support and prayers not judgments. Judge not and you won’t be judged.

  • smick

    This man has been a blessing to his own wallet, just like all the other televangelists who regularly beg for money on air like dogs beeging for a bone. I am not a Christian and this man and the ones like him are the main reason. whether its Copeland, Myers, Angsley, Prince, Hinn or one of the other dozens of profiteers that fleece their flocks of followers, they are still just thieves, no more no less.

  • smick

    There is nothing wrong with success in any way, but to teach that you have a god given right to be rich is foolishness. These prosperity preachers tell people that if you give them money God will make you rich… and when you dont get rich… well you must not have enough faith, or maybe you are “out of gods will”…. these people are dangerous, they take money alot of times from the elderly and infirmed, people who need their money, and in return they send out a cd or a cheap book… its criminal at best.

  • smick

    Dollar is known for his controversial teachings of prosperity theology.[9] He has been criticized for his lavish lifestyle as he owns two Rolls-Royces, a private jet, a million dollar home in Atlanta, and a $2.5m home in Manhattan,[9] which he sold for $3.75m in 2012.[13] Dollar has refused to disclose his salary and Creflo Dollar Ministries received a grade of “F” for financial transparency by the organization MinistryWatch.[9][14] …………………..THIEF!

  • Ms Msg

    Leave Crefflo alone and take note, if half the parents in this country would discipline their children, they wouldnt be in the streets creating havoc for innocent people, and slowing killing themselves and others in gangs and drug abuse,discipling is not abuse

  • Ms Msg

    I feel sorry for you

  • Ms Msg

    If more men cared enough to discipline their children and attempt to keep them out of the streets more of them would be alive.Crefflo Dollar is a man of integrity and what goes on in his home is his business.

  • belkwriter

    I see what you’re saying and tend to agree in parts. However, rich I believe is relative. Technically, for most of us who live in the free world and can enjoy a 5 dollar coffee here and again, are rich. Many countries have people who survive off for a month, for what many of us spend in a day. Is the average American rich, in terms of making it on the Forbes list the next go around, no. But from an international standard of living, absolutely.

    And though I don’t pretend to be a biblical scholar and struggle with the notion of bible thumping holy rollers everyday, because religion can be dangerous. However, the bible actually does speak of wealth, abundance and right action.

    There is something wrong all day everyday, about praying to be rich. The bible speaks of “faith without works” being dead. And even “as a man thinketh, so is he.”

    So to an certain extent, yes there is direction on success in the bible, prosperity too-being of service and monetizing that is how wealth is created. Moreover, the bible does speak about doing the right next step and believing in yourself and tithing too.

    I would also tend to agree that “prosperity theology” has gone left. For those preachers who rely on “love offerings” and preach that that’s the only way for people to get their blessing, need to really think twice on Karma and all of God’s other cousins.

  • Lori Atwood

    Pastor. Creflo Dollar,

    Allegations are about him attacking his daughter. I don’t think no one is concerned about his life style or wealth. The reality of every thing is that something happened in Pastor. Creflo home that the media didn’t invite or impose on him or his family. We all know how challenging it can be to raise teen’s period if we’ve had to raise any. Only God know’s what happened behind those closed door’s If it’s a lie I pray that God would correct his daughter’s and If their telling the truth I pray that God would instruct Pastor Creflo Dollar on how to deal with both of his children. The bottom line is something happened. I know he’s a man of the cloth but this man is also human just like me and you. God bless the situation. In Jesus name. Amen

  • Lori Atwood

    I don’t think It’s criminal that’s a very big word to use on anyone. That is why the Bible, clearly tell us to study to show our selves approved. People rely soley on the word of the pastor thinking that his sermon or prayer’s are going to get them wealth or healed. It’s time for christian’s to take responsibility for their on failures and stop faking and shaking and pray and serve God just like that man or woman guiding you under the care and instructions of the Lord. God can bless you or me just like any wealthy pastor if we serve Him with every thing we got in our hearts, mind, soul and spirit. People stop using excuses we all should know what the Bible, say about our finances if we study. Our prayer life, service and walk with God, not with man has to be right. My Prayer’s would be that people quit making these pastor’s their God and start serving God so, that He can bless them for seeking and believing in His One and Only Begotten Son. John 3:16~ People need to keep it real don’t blame no one becuse of your blessings…….

  • Janet

    Jesus was a middle-eastern Jew from the area now called Palestine. He was not white or European. Black people descent from Native Americans, Africans & Europeans basically speaking, so why just go with the African? Christianity as Jesus taught it is not a religion. What the Europeans did with it is totally against Jesus’ teaching.

  • Janet

    First of all the 15 year daughter should not be in that home. Is she still there? I believe the protocol when a child reports abuse by a caretaker is to take the child out of the home (even if it is a mansion) & to put the child in foster care until it is proven that the home & all in it are safe. Since none of us were there, we don’t know what actually happened. We don’t live with these people. I grew up under someone who looked gorgeous & had most people on the outside thinking she was a goddess when she was the most abusive witch. She covered it up by helping people a lot. Some of these folks are simply sick & in their own mind they are actually telling the truth. Spoiled teens can also be lying monsters.
    I don’t think that Mr. Dollar should’ve been so quick to say that the police shouldn’t have arrested him because I do believe that after the accusation is made by the child, protocol requires that she be taken from the home & the accused be arrested until proven otherwise.

  • Janet

    We don’t know what actually happened in the Dollar home, so it does need to be investigated by the proper authorities. Otherwise I do agree with you. We now live in an insane feel-good society where therapists are telling parents not to punish their children for wrong-doing, just raise them to look pretty, be academically smart & earn a lot of money. Children are growing up in a society that teaches them it’s all about feeling good & following your feelings…Any discipline or standards are wrong. America is suffering greatly for this.

  • Plzhandlethetruth

    Not all men have to get arrested for abuse to show they care for their daughters. As far as being human doesn’t he teach he and other believers in Christ are little gods. You people can’t have it both ways.
    He teaches power & dominion over everything so at least he can conquer his temper and have enough self control for the Police to come out and take him to jail for abuse.

  • Plzhandlethetruth

    I mean since he teaches so much word of confession and power why was it necessary for the Police to come out and get involved in an arrest for abuse report by his daughters? Being a little god and all he could have got control of that girl at age two.

  • Plzhandlethetruth

    Dear Ms Msg.
    He teaches others how to live and is even on secular television as well as Christian tv preaching to others so no it is not his personal business. When you are a celebrity it comes with the territory, especially if you tell others how to behave & control themselves!

  • Plzhandlethetruth

    My God! Can’t people stop putting these flawed humans on pedal stools like they are Jesus himself. That is why 900 people drank poison koolaid and followed Cult leader Jim Jones to his death.
    I pity all non-thinking robots. Trust God & Jesus all others are human not God.

  • Plzhandlethetruth

    You forgot he teaches to tithe for God to bless his members as if God must be paid in cash before he lends a helping hand and these robots eat it all up like candy. This guy even joked with a serious face he would shoot all members in his church with Uzi’s for not tithing regardless to their financial situation.

  • Plzhandlethetruth

    Hi Janet, people can’t have it both ways. They complain about Television shows becoming more violent and kids beating up others but this is how they learn that physical violence solves problems with their fist. They learn this behavior from somewhere. It is called role modeling from what they see at home.

  • Plzhandlethetruth

    It’s amazing how you give Dollar a pass for calling people crooks who should be shot for not tithing. I guess that Judgment is fine cause it came out of the mouth of your false idol???

  • Plzhandlethetruth

    Ms Msg I feel sorry for anybody exalting a mere man who is not Jesus cause disappointment is surely to follow!!

  • Plzhandlethetruth

    Likable figure. There’s tons of negative blogs on his teaching and putting a price tag on getting blessing from God will cost you ten percent if you are gullible enough to believe him without reading all of the bible for yourself.

  • Plzhandlethetruth

    Please tell us how you know this girl was lying??

  • Plzhandlethetruth

    I would venture a guess these same people justifying this are outraged when a parent kills their child and snaps.

  • Stephaine

    As a mother of five children, three girls and two boys, none of the four oldest having had the disipline they needed as children or teenagers are now in their young adult lives and out of control. Alcohol, drugs, lying, and stealing.
    Children absolutely need parents that parent, not another best friend. It’s a little too late after they become of age to back up and regroup. If my husband and I had a do-over with those 4 it would have went very diffrently. If any teenager is big enough to get in their parents face and tell them what they will or wont do, they need to crap slapped out of them. The schools blame the parents and the police blame the parents when these kids get into trouble yet the parent can’t make them behave because of situations like this. This raise them but dont dare touch them mentality is ruining our future generations. It’s OK to take the Bible of of the schools, have parents doing drugs with their kids, and teach them the ropes on how to screw the Government out of assistance rather than work and become productive member of society. Also, have drug addicted babies with no intentions of taking care of them so people like me can foot the bill. No thanks, I dont want that responsibility. My uncle once said, whip them everyday if they need it or not, I didn’t agree then but I sure do now! Kuddos to Creflo……


    You people and Creflo Dollar are sick sadistic individuals who sound like you get your jollies (maybe sexual) by beating on children and justifying your proclivities by referring to an ancient book of myths.

    You all threaten your children with beatings if they don’t do what you command and beat them and call that discipline.

    Sometimes your “discipline” turns into torture and you put out your cigarettes on the children or pour boiling water down their throats or you lock them in an animal cage and starve them.

    People like you kill hundreds of children every year.


    Boy, you’re a really crappy parent! Really, BIRTH CONTROL WORKS, you should have been on it like forever.

  • KBlit

    Just another ‘preacher’ who has found a way to get money.