Cardinal Wuerl: Catholics ‘need to stand’ for religious liberty

“Today we’re simply reminded as we look back over our history and we look back over our freedom, that there … Continued

“Today we’re simply reminded as we look back over our history and we look back over our freedom, that there are some things worth standing for. There’s some things worth getting up for, and religious liberty is one of them. My brothers and sisters, we simply need to stand.”

Cardinal Donald Wuerl at a June 24, 2012,“Fortnight for Freedom” rally talks to fellow Catholics about the importance of religious freedom.

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Katherine Frey


Washington Archbishop Donald W. Wuerl delivers a Mass on Wednesday at the Basilica of the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception in memory of Haiti’s earthquake victims.

  • artsy01

    I agree religious people should stand for freedom of religion but I most ardently believe churches need to stay out of politics…espcially the Catholics and Mormons.

  • rjacobs1

    I think the Cardinal needs to kneel in humility a little more. The arrogance of these bishops is, to say the least, a bit prideful.

  • rjacobs1

    and the jews and the other christians and the muslims, etc.

  • rb-freedom-for-all

    Not nearly as important as protecting our children from the Catholic church!

  • mrbhuis

    I do think the issue at hand is about religious freedom, regardless of my position on the morality of birth control (I don’t share the Church’s view), but I was really disapointed to be preached at this Sunday about this fortnight … let’s have a fortnight of Catholic activism over the injustices of poverty, military dictatorships, the oppression of women, the vageries of immigration — that I could get behind–let’s preach the gospel at Mass! Funny, I almost dropped in at the local Episcopal Church this past Sunday, but went to Mass because of my community of *friends*. I love my friends, but wish I had visited with the Episcopalians. Maybe I will make the leap this Sunday. Afterall, my kids are at a Baptist Vacation Bible School this week because my parish couldn’t drum up enough voluntereers to have one (and yes, I volunteeed for several years).

  • Catken1

    Fine, Cardinal. May I expect you, then, to stop standing AGAINST the religious liberty of LGBT people to choose their own spouses in legal, civil, secular marriage even if their choices violate Catholic taboos? Or AGAINST the religious liberty of taxpayers not to have to fund private Catholic schools that may choose to exclude those taxpayers’ children, and teach doctrine those taxpayers may find abhorrent? Or AGAINST the religious liberties of women to be defined as free citizens, and the owners of their own internal organs, rather than as incubating machines to be used until they break for the good of other, more important lives, and then thrown out?

    When Catholics care about religious liberties other than their right to use compensation pressure to coerce their employees to follow Catholic beliefs (and make the rest of us pay additional insurance and societal costs to cover the resulting unplanned pregnancies), then I will believe that they care about “religious freedom”. As is, I see no concern whatsoever in the Church for the religious liberties of anyone who isn’t a Catholic, and doesn’t want to abide by Catholic doctrine.

  • nardone22

    Catholics need to feed the hungry, house the homeless, etc, etc, etc. Someone needs to tell the heirarchy to concentrate on good works rather than politics.

  • justaguy22

    I am not Catholic, but isn’t the Catholic Church the largest charity in the world and provide more good works than any other private group?

  • justaguy22

    But Obama was in a churchrecently saying how politics should be in churches.

  • Catken1

    Wasn’t that Mrs. Obama? Either way, I say it’s wrong. Even when someone I like does it, yes.

  • zenbeatnik

    Brilliant! Spot on!

  • richarddrake

    The persons of the cloth including the pope use verbal, psychological and spiritual abuse all long in disguise of by using sugary words of God Poor Catholics and non-Catholics alike are suffering tremendously for what they are like women and LGBT. Keep the church and state separate. God’s unconditional love for everyone no matter what but the religion keeps us apart through propaganda, disinformation (not confused with misinformation) and spiritual terror. The unconditional love from the church is absent. The church is supposed to represent everyone but it is not, only filled with “holy” arrogance

  • nkri401


    If so, does that mean Catholic Church now can tell me what to do?

    Where is my freedom of conscience?