Michele Bachmann vs. Huma Abedin: ‘The Ramadan Conspiracy’

In the warped universe where this American currently resides, there remains only one heroic person brave enough to save our … Continued

In the warped universe where this American currently resides, there remains only one heroic person brave enough to save our beloved United States from secretly being taken over by a falafel-eating, Mecca-praying and Ramadan-fasting cabal of sinister Muslims duplicitously bent upon imposing Islamic sharia law upon our golden shores.

Nope, the hero of this story is not Jason Bourne. Her name is actually Michele Bachmann.

I have to admit, congresswoman. As a card-carrying member of this fictitious Muslim secret society, you caught us red-handed. But, now I do have to ask you:

“What gave us Muslims away?”

Mark Wilson


“What gave us Muslims away?” one writer asks Rep. Bachmann.

Was it our overwhelming

members of the House of Representatives (out of a total of 435 members)?

If not, might it have been our staggering number of zero senators?

Wait, that’s not it either? Could it be our zilch Muslim governors?

Or maybe its our total lack of members of the U.S. Supreme Court?

Either way, Congresswoman Michele Bachmann’s latest mission of anti-jihad holy war against the Islamization of America took place when she recently led four conservative members of Congress in making claims that Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s aide Huma Abedin and her family had ties to Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood. She further questioned whether Mrs. Abedin is “part of a nefarious conspiracy to harm the United States by influencing U.S. foreign policy with her high-level position at the State Department.”

“The [State] Departments Deputy, Chief of Staff, Huma Abedin, has three family members – her late father, her mother and her brother – connected to Muslim Brotherhood operatives and /or organizations. Her position affords her routine access to the secretary and to policy making,” according to the June 13th letter signed by Michele Bachmann, Trent Franks (R-AZ), Louie Gohmert (R-TX), Thomas Rooney (R-FL) and Lynn Westmoreland, (R-GA).

Soon thereafter, in a brave (and uncommon) move by a national Republican leader, former presidential candidate Senator John McCain (R-AZ) took to the floor of the Senate to publicly and forcefully condemn Bachmann.

During his floor speech against Bachmann, McCain defended Abedin, calling her “an intelligent, upstanding, hard-working and loyal servant of our country and our government, who has devoted countless days of her life to advancing the ideals of the nation she loves and looking after its most precious interests. That she has done so while maintaining her characteristic decency, warmth and good humor is a testament to her ability to bear even the most arduous duties with poise and confidence.”

Pablo Martinez Monsivais


Huma Abedin, deputy chief of staff and aide to Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton, take her seat as she attends Iftar dinner hosted by President Barack Obama in the State Dining Room of the White House in Washington, Wednesday, Aug. 10, 2011.

“These sinister accusations rest solely on a few unspecified and unsubstantiated associations of members of Huma’s family, none of which have been shown to harm or threaten the United States in any way,” continued McCain. “These attacks on Huma have no logic, no basis and no merit. And they need to stop now.”

But, Senator McCain, our crusading congresswoman cannot stop now that the Muslim holy month of Ramadan has begun. If Michele Bachmann stops her anti-Muslim witch hunts right now, our children will soon be living in an America with a kabob stand and hookah bar on every street corner.

You see, the Muslim holy month of Ramadan is the ninth month of the Islamic calendar year. This month for Muslims is the equivalent of Lent for Catholics and Yom Kippur for Jews. For over a billion people worldwide, this time serves as a time for self-reflection, gratitude, charity and atonement. Sounds suspicious, right?

The religious concept of fasting in Islam symbolizes many things. First and foremost, fasting allows one to truly appreciate the great bounties bestowed upon all of us every day. By abstaining from what we love and survive upon, one garners a greater appreciation for the blessings bestowed upon us that we tend to take for granted on a regular basis. For Muslims worldwide, the month of Ramadan serves as a remembrance that there are many people on Earth who do not have the same luxuries that we normally take for granted within our charmed lives.

So as nearly 7 million American Muslims spend the next thirty days abstaining from food and drink in order to recalibrate our spiritual equilibriums, we can sleep better at night knowing that our American way of life is being protected from spooky Muslims by a self-appointed vigilante congresswoman who may think she is Jason Bourne; but who actually looks a lot more like the second coming of Joseph McCarthy in a red, white and blue dress.

Arsalan Iftikhar is an international human rights lawyer, founder of TheMuslimGuy.com and author of the book “Islamic Pacifism: Global Muslims in the Post-Osama Era.”

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  • xexon

    “Crazy eyes” Michele Bachmann used to live on a kibbutz and is very pro Israel. Nuff said.


  • joy52

    This author regullarly writes in favor of sharia law and himself iis associated with the Muslim Brotherhood,. This is public record as is the Muslim Brotherhood connections of Anthony Weiner’s wife.
    WPo readers can poo poo it if they like, but take a good look at Egypt–was that what you thought would happen?
    Over half the US takes it seriously–unindictd co-conspiritors in a group found guilty of conspiring against the US. The Muslim Brotherhood is losing case after case in US courts. Little by little it comes out.

  • larryclyons

    Let me guess, you also believe that Obama is a Kenyan Socialist Muslim Communist Fascist who was smuggled into the country after he was born. He came on the scene with forged degrees etc. But in your eyes, the real crime is Presiding while black.

  • radsenior

    Bachmann’s Tea party fanatic idiocy precedes her and other TEA party extremes use the (R) instead of the (T) when running for office. TEA party extremes say they believe in limited government, but push or allow government imposed Sonogram/Ultrasound on women. TEA party extremes say they believe in Free speech, but interrupt loudly at any meeting and have disrupted meetings in the past. TEA party extremes say they believe in the 2nd amendment while taking loaded guns openly displayed to gatherings. TEA party extremes say they believe in our military, but offer nor retort to people like Jim DeMint of South Carolina, who put a hold on legislation was to be voted on for medical help or assistance to women and children as well as military personnel of Marine Base Camp Lejeune which had their water system contaminated. TEA party extremes say they believe in secure borders and support extremist like the governor and legislature of Arizona who stepped across the line on immigrant legislation issues. TEA party extremes say they believe in our country, but without regard to freedoms of others. TEA party extremes say they believe in restricting voter rights going against federal laws. TEA party extremes say they believe Muslims should have no rights in America and have been totally critical of those who do. TEA party extremes say they believe in free speech but would disallow Mosques built in America. TEA party extremes are much like Joseph McCarthy.

  • Goldeneye

    Michele Bachmann vs. Huma Abedin: ‘The Ramadan Conspiracy’ – Arsalan Iftikhar

    Can you blame Bachmann for her views? Most, if not all terrorist attacks against western nations are perpetrated by Muslim extremists. Such do not believe in the tenets espoused by Ramadan, but are fist-thumping sycophants taking orders from their rabid imans who shout “jihad” and “Death to America!” from their pulpits.

    No wonder that Muslims are being viewed with suspicion in this country and elsewhere.

  • mdreader01

    Really? Until 9/11, the biggest terrorist attack was perpetrated by Timothy McVeigh.

    In the US, you have less of a chance of being a victim of violence at the hands of a Muslim than you do in most other countries.

    By your line of reasoning, if all Muslims are tarred with the same extremist terrorist brush, then all Catholics are tarred with the pedophile brush. Perhaps that is how you think.

  • llnstoner

    Can you believe Michelle was a serious Republican candidate for President? …For more than 15 minutes?

  • persiflage

    Yes, as a Christian evangelical on a mission to the Holy Land. The poor thing has been smited by religion rather than common sense.

  • morphex

    Michelle Bachmann hates the United States of America. That’s all anyone needs to know about her.

  • morphex

    Michelle Bachmann hates the United States of America. That’s all you need to know about her. That’s why she is in Congress. That’s why she heads the Tea Party caucus in the House.

  • jralger

    “Her position affords her routine access to the secretary and to policy making.”

    So, perhaps we are leaking mis-information to the Brotherhood, in order to watch their network operate.

    I mean, that’s what I’d do.

  • jralger

    And I say this becuase there’s a lot going on in Egypt these days.

    Well, at least, that’s what the Washington Post reports.

    So to this I ask, what is the Brotherhoods influence on their new Government, and their Military ?

    Does anyone actually know ?

  • edismae

    What kind of people elect people like Michelle Bachmann and her gang of 4?

    Another reason for non-partisan, non-legislative redistricting commissions in every state to eliminate “safe” state and federal districts. Only when each district is truly competitive will this nation stop electing idiots like these 5….maybe, once, but not after they have had a chance to shoot off like this.

  • qqqmul

    Nobody should care Bachmann what thinks about anything.

    Huma’s main deity is Hillary Clinton by the way. That’s a requirement for working with her.

    Huma has really strange taste in men with her marriage to the Weiner man, but who cares?

    My guess is Hillary hired Huma mainly because she’s not Bill’s type. He likes hillbilly types on the chunky side.

  • dcrswm

    But Martial there are plenty of reasons to blame them is you’re a bat$hit crazy bigot….

  • dcrswm


  • Sonny53

    Michele Bachmann, and those of her ilk, are more of a danger to this great country and our freedoms than any outside influence. Her fanaticism is a clear and present danger to the United States. Bachmann believes that her religious fanaticism will save this country from a threat that does not exist. Anyone who thinks that Sharia Law is a threat to this country is delusional and cognitively impaired. Bachmann, and her Taliban-like followers and cohorts are more of a threat to our freedoms and our Constitution than any foreign entity.

  • humbleandfree

    Michele Bachman is a threat to American civil liberties. She is a dangerous loose cannon with a podium and a powerful position. She claims to be a Christian, but actually she practices the politics of fear mongering and does NOT do, “What Jesus would Do”

  • Candy Davis Carson

    The reporting in this article is slightly ridiculous…it leads us to believe all muslims are peaceful, sweetie-pies, just looking to be so kind and helpful to America. I know that many may be just that, but take a look through history at some significant attacks on our people and ideas, and then tone down the self-love Arsalan Iftikhar!

  • Candy Davis Carson

    The slant on this article is a little disturbing. It makes all Muslims sound like helpful little sweetie-pies, just looking to stay in the shadows and help out our great nation, while seeking peace for all. While I am sure there are a lot that may fit that description, how about check out history and look at the many significant attacks on the American people and ideas; and then after coming back to reality, decide to tone down the self-love next time, Arsalan Iftikhar!

  • Candy Davis Carson

    Sorry for my double comment, I got a message that it encountered an error the first time around, but it looks as if it really did not!

  • dcrswm

    You do know that more acts of terrorism have been perpetrated on US soil by white male christians than muslims right? Why are you giving that ooga-booga religion a pass?