Bone to pick with Chick-fil-A

Chuck Beckley AP Customers line up outside the Chick-fil-A Restaurant at New Bern Mall on Wednesday, Aug. 1, 2012 in … Continued

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Customers line up outside the Chick-fil-A Restaurant at New Bern Mall on Wednesday, Aug. 1, 2012 in New Bern, N.C. Supporters of Chick-fil-A are planning to eat at restaurants in the chicken chain as the company continues to be criticized for an executive’s comments about gay marriage.

Thousands tweeted, texted and shared pictures of how they observed “Chick-fil-A Appreciation Day,” an occasion announced by former Republican presidential candidate Mike Huckabee amid furor the company’s president Dan Cathy sparked when he denounced gay marriage in July. Before supporters and critics stood lines to dine or organized counter protests, Rabbi David Wolpe of Sinai Temple in Los Angeles penned the following poem about the controversy.

Writes Wolpe:

The fast food chain Chick fil-A
Apparently is anti-gay.
So I interviewed (to make things clear)
Some pullets and a chanticleer.
They said the quarrel made them sick,
They wished there were no bone to pick:
But this gay diversion left them stricken
Because to poultry, the place is anti-chicken.

Rabbi of Sinai Temple in Los Angeles, David Wolpe is the author of seven books including “Making Loss Matter: Creating Meaning in Difficult Times” and his latest, “Why Faith Matters.” Follow him on Facebook.

David Wolpe
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  • Conway193

    I cannot believe what is happening to this dying nation. For the record, I am not a believer of any kind, and I couldn’t care less about gays, or the “marriage” of gays.

    However, in a “free” country, people have the RIGHT to express their opinions, for good or ill – it is called freedom of SPEECH. Consult the First amendment if you disagree.

    Conversely, for those who do not like what Mr. Cathy said – don’t patronize Chick-fil-A, and acknowledge that he has the right to his opinion.

    In other words – learn to be TOLERANT of opinions that differ with yours.

  • Bob_Amsel

    No one suggests taking away anyone’s First Amendment rights to free speech.

    But free speech doesn’t protect anyone from criticism, does it? Not even you.

    Your line: ‘I couldn’t care less about gays, or the “marriage” [in quotation marks!] of gays’ tells us quite the opposite.

  • Conway193

    No, I said that I DO NOT CARE about them, or their getting married. Don’t try to project your thoughts into my response.

  • Bob_Amsel

    Then explain why “marriage” is in quotation marks. That’s hardly projection. That was your choice to write it that way.

  • Conway193

    I think “marriage” is a joke for either sex, or the same sex – look at the divorce rate. Marriage is a pointless, artificial construct that truly means nothing – except when it is used against people in court.

  • Bob_Amsel

    I agree that the divorce rate belittles the so-called sanctity of marriage, but those loving couples who want to be married should have that right. Also, I think if you if check statistics, you will find in Massachusetts, for example, which has the longest legalized same-sex marriage of any state, the divorce rates for gays are a tiny amount compared to those of straights.

  • Conway193

    “Sanctity” of marriage – that one made me laugh.

  • Bob_Amsel

    Then we’re in agreement on that.

  • Conway193

    Yeah, we are.

  • astroglider

    Dreadful meter. If Lefties can’t even produce poetry, what can you do?

  • Conway193


  • Art Shifrin

    Becky Bowen: are you suggesting that the basic tenets of Orthodox Jewery accept and endorse Gay marriage?

    Johnhunsaker4: what’s the difference between authors, screenwriters and performers being blacklisted by McCarthy-ites and threatening to deny franchises the rights of doing business? Were Jewish owned businesses not shut down during the Third Reich? The methodologies threatened by Quinn, Moreno, Emmanuel, Minino and their ilk are equally intolerant. Their goal is to deny people whose certain religious beliefs (that are widespread let alone esoteric and unusual) the opportunity to conduct a legal business. YOU lack the objectivity to comprehend and acknowledge the sameness of the methods. You’re so sagacious, so YOU explain how Chick-Fil-A discriminates. Your fatuous reference to their serving bacon is as sensible as contending that people who don’t observe the laws of kashruth / kashrut / kashrus are discriminated against because they can’t get REAL ice-cream sodas and milk shakes with their corned beef and pastrami sandwiches in Kosher delicatessens.

    It’s very unfortunate that (based on reportage that I’ve seen and read today) many of those who are supporting “CFA” are doing so out of religious conviction. This is a matter of RELIGIOUS TOLERANCE AND FREEDOM OF SPEECH.

  • Curmudgeon10

    What happens when the latest fad runs headlong into strongly held religious beliefs, Rabbi? In the 1930’s and 1940’s, the fad was Nazism and Fascism, and the losers were your people.

    Just based on principles of religious freedom, how are things that much different?

  • MrT

    How in the hell is stating your beliefs on the traditional family unit connected in any way to Nazism and Fascism? That is just delusional.

  • schnoodc

    It must be getting really tough for people socially to be anti-homosexual if all they have to complain about now is that their wish to have gay people denied full civil protections is not accepted everywhere they go.

    I didn’t reject one of my friends for supporting Chick-fil-A when we discussed it recently. We discussed it in detail until she revealed, in the coarse of the discussion, that she thought gay people were mentally disturbed. It’s that last part that ended our friendship because she insulted many dear friends of mine when she said that.

    Yes, you have the right to have free speech. We have the right to disagree. I also have the right to shut out noise that his hateful and insulting to my friends and family members. It’s a trade-off.

  • edgar120

    How best to separate a country? Start a fight over chicken and make it seem like it is an amendment.

  • Quoodle

    LGBT supporters aren’t protesting Dan Cathy’s opinions, but the fact that he donates company profits (not his personal money) to hate groups that work against gay rights.

  • I Hate Hypocrisy

    Here’s my problem with the whole debate:

    The “Christians” protest gay marriage on the grounds it goes against God, but in the next breath will tell someone who lost a loved one “its all Gods plan and only he knows why it happened”. If you really believe everything happens according to Gods plan, then how would you explain homosexuals????? They are obviously here according to Gods plan, just because he didn’t let you in on the secret doesn’t make it any less valid… The whole debate is stupid,marriage requires a license from that state, it doesn’t require a religious zealot be present at the ceremony. Therefore religion has no place influencing any LAWS period. Separation of church and state, and all that jazz….

  • fdsaf4324

    @MrT: lol. You don’t know anything about Nazism, do you? The Nazis were Christians who defended a traditional family structure and exterminated gays in concentration camps. Maybe try reading a history book sometime.

    “A Volkisch state must therefore begin by raising marriage from the level of a continuous defilement of the race, and give it the consecration of an institution which is called upon to produce images of the Lord and not monstrosities halfway between man and ape.” – Adolf Hitler

    “Today Christians … stand at the head of [this country]… I pledge that I never will tie myself to parties who want to destroy Christianity .. We want to fill our culture again with the Christian spirit … We want to burn out all the recent immoral developments in literature, in the theater, and in the press – in short, we want to burn out the poison of immorality which has entered into our whole life and culture as a result of liberal excess during the past … (few) years.” – Adolf Hitler

  • Tobit

    So many CFA supporters want to turn this into a freedom of religion issue. As if opposition to CFA’s policies is anti-Christian. In America, you are free to practice your religion as you see fit. But we also have civil rights. If CFA wants to take an anti-civil rights stand, they should understand that it will negatively impact their business. You can’t slap your customers figuratively in the face and expect to continue getting their business. Any idiot knows you don’t mix politics, religion and business. I post here under my business name knowing full well someone may take me for a bigot. CFA wants to have their cake and eat it too. Customers are like gold. That is the business credo. If Jesus wants a chicken sandwich, you can bet he’ll go to Kentucky Fried next time.

  • bunyak

    “…all that jazz”? You obviously haven’t read the first amendment to the Constitution lately which says “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof”. Religion can influence laws, but gov’t cannot show partiality (i.e. an ‘official’ state chuch). Plus you have no clue about what licensing means. If people believe religion plays a part in being married, then they should answer to that authority. That authority is the ‘right giver’ – much like a driver’s license, issued by the gov’t, means they grant the right to use public roads – and they can take that ‘right’ away. As for God’s will, did He want Sodom to burn (if you even believe it happened) or let the occupants reap the consequences of their actions. God said He didn’t create robots or clones.

  • Watcher1

    You don’t have to ban them, just don’t go, especially if you don’t like grease anyway.

  • Watcher1

    Religion can’t make laws that affect the rest of us. They specifically cannot force us to accept their religious views. By the way, where does it say “God didn’t create robots?” Never heard of that one. If there are robots (and there are), if you’re a christian, isn’t God responsible for their creation?

  • upholdingAstandard

    that’s the most idiotic thing i’ve ever heard.

  • alessandrareflections

    Conservatives need to support CFA and to boycott:

    Oreos (Nabisco, earlier this summer, put them in a bag featuring a cookie with a multicolored gay-pride stuffing)
    Cheerios, Pillsbury pastries and Green Giant vegetables (owner General Mills is opposing a Minnesota constitutional amendment that would outlaw gay marriage).
    JC Penney, which has put pictures of gay dads in its catalogs and uses Ellen Degeneres as its spokeswoman

  • Art Shifrin

    Rabbi Wolpe’s ‘poem’ is a woefully inadequate substitute for
    serious commentary. It trivializes the matter.

  • MRStrasburg

    It’s a time to make a stand. The times require it, no longer can one hide in the shadows of neutral indifference, no longer can those that call on God as their Father stay silent as Sodom encroaches upon God’s prerogatives and institutions….Yes God loves homosexuals just as he loves adulterers and drunkards and pedophiles and every other sinner, but we are not called to accommodate sin, but to turn and repent from it. It was to Abraham of old that God revealed His plan as He spoke of impending judgement upon Sodom and Gomorrah, for their sins had risen to heaven like a stench that God could no longer tolerate, and now he was wanting to rescue the just from that impending judgement, and Abraham tried as hard as he could to intercede for a region that was about to be consumed by God’s righteous fury, for repentance was no longer an option, for the hardest thing to repent from is a reprobate mind, no longer is there a conscience of sin nor pangs of remorse due to the reprehensibly abominable deeds that are committed as the natural is exchanged for that which is unnatural, and from his continual sinning, the sinner becomes indistinguishable from his sin as he now yells defiantly “I’m gay, God made me this way,” can we say the same of any other sin, “I’m an adulterer and I’m proud to proclaim it,” even Kirsten Stewart and her married director with whom she had been having an affair, issued apologies as their shame was exposed,” so you see hope there yet, but sad is the condition of the heart that does not only not see the wretchedness of it’s state, but it militantly fights to have it’s sinful practice accepted and embraced by all,” when Jesus said that before His return it would be like the days of Sodom and Gomorrah, where they would be marrying and giving in marriage,” it’s prophetic to see how it has unfolded today, as Sodom is fighting to be recognized as a legitimate union between two men or two women, something marriage was never meant to be, nor was it ever end

  • Aunti E

    Actually, it is not about “freedom of religion”, it is about freedom of speech; his, yours, mine, and theirs.

  • NPLenz

    Please, enlighten us all…

    Exactly which Chick-fil-A ‘policies’ are ‘anti-civil rights’?

    Last I heard, Chick-fil-A doesn’t tell homosexuals they can’t eat there, nor do they tell them they can’t work there.

    Please, tell us, which civil rights have been violated by Dan Cathy’s statement upholding the biblical view of marriage?

  • Art Shifrin

    Tobit: to use your crude term, IDIOTS DON’T KNOW that businesses
    frequently mix politics and religion. Have you not heard of
    business lobbyists and poiltical donations?

  • birchbank

    But those businesses try to be as discreet as possible, especially when it comes to personal issues like discriminating against people. And numerous former employees who are gay HAVE stated that CfA discriminated against them when they were employed there, even though they did nothing to openly display their sexual orientation while on the job.

    But even more important, CfA has given millions to extremist groups that have among other things claimed that gays are pedophlies, an outrageously false charge, as any doctor or psychiatrist or criminologist (and the latters’ records) will tell you.

    Although I am straight, I have a relative who is gay and 2 friends,and they are the nicest people you could meet and know. Their only difference is their sexual orientation, which modern scientists realize is just another human variation like red hair, not an illness, and probably genetic.

    Gays are not trying to bother or discriminate against anyone ELSE, they just don’t want OTHERS to discriminate against THEM, as guaranteed by our Constitution, and want the equal rights that staight people have, such as marriage. How in the world does that any harm anyone else?

  • penniless_taxpayer

    I hate hypocrisy too and you are are full of it.

    Marriage is a religious institution. It existed long before there was a government. The government does not own marriage.

  • PhilyJimi

    I am straight but support anyone who is gay or bi-sexual. Thus, I won’t eat at CFA because of this issue.

  • PhilyJimi

    Abraham, the most immoral man in mythology. He was more then willing to kill his child because he heard voices in his head. If you believe in an all loving and good god, then that god would never ask you to kill your child or anyone else. (not talking about defending yourself). But killing and murdering innocent children.

    When are you bible bashers actually going to read your bible for what it says and not what you want it to say. You’re god kills children and he isn’t moral. Remember the 1st born in Egypt? Exactly what did those babies do to deserve death? I mean if he is god couldn’t he have thought of a better soloution to the problem beside killing children? What a monster!