No place for religion in politics

“Our political system is rife with religion and it depends too much on religion and not enough on substance. Religion … Continued

“Our political system is rife with religion and it depends too much on religion and not enough on substance. Religion is silly and religion has components that are inherently divisive. …There is no place for any of that in the political system.”

David Silverman, President of American Atheists, on the Organization’s New Billboards Challenging the Role of Religion in the Presidential Campaign

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  • wjmdjm

    How many GOP nominees publicly stated that God wanted them personally to run for president?
    What happened to them?

    If you are a thoughtful person they are insane.

    If you are a religious person they made a mockery of God.

    Can anyone disagree?

  • DigitalQuaker

    So how about answering your own question. HOW MANY GOP nominees stated that God wanted them personally to run for president?

    How about Dem nominees?

    Don’t veil your own predjudices with a mock question.

  • kitchendragon50

    A person’s religion and their practice of it gives us insight into the person’s beliefs and values. Romney is a Mormon, Ryan is a Catholic, and Obama is an undefined Christian (which religion does he practice?).

  • aa260022

    They’re officially protestant christian, however I get the sense he raises the kids on a more “embrace all religions” kind of message

  • aa260022

    I find the only reason i care about politician’s religions is when they use them for support. The politician’s I most like for their religion are people like Obama who aren’t religious at all and never really reference it

  • cdprotocol

    Well Bush 43 famously said that, but not until after he got elected.

    As for this cycle, pretty sure Bachmann said she was divinely inspiried. Maybe Perry too, but I’d have to check that.

  • BeaverJR

    I am amazed that so many people do not seem to comprehend that this Nation was born of men and women willing to give up everything, money, status in society, and their own LIVES to establish a CHRISTIAN NATION, You know the old in GOD we trust and how about any of you taking a trip down memory lane and READ how our for fathers believed and what our Nation is and why we have been so BLESSED because of them. WHY we are now in such a discusting state because there is no longer any foundation of GOD left,
    We the people of the United States in order to form a more perfect union and to establish justic and to insure domestic tranquility and to provide for the common defens promote the general welfare (NOT GET WELFARE) and sucure the BLESSINGS for ourselves and our posrerity ( YOU KNOW OUR GRANDKIDS KIDS KIDS) Do ordain and establish this Constition for the United States of America and WHILE your at it take the time to actually READ what these men belived and PUBLICLY sated about their belief tah WITHOUT GOD IN POLITICS YOU WILL END UP WHERE WE ARE RIGHT NOW! WE WERE WARNED ABOUT WHAT WOULD COME TO A NATION WITHOUT GOD!! WAKE UP AMERICA BEFORE IT IS TO LATE

  • Cerk

    “Responsible Government” is the presence of Religion (God’s Law) and Legislation (man’s law) and can not exist just as life itself can not exist without the Earth AND Oxygen…

  • Rangdrol

    Though I have a rich spiritual life as a Buddhist monk, I tire of the manner in which the believers force their religious beliefs on the rest of us.

    Right-wing Christians and evangelicals are boring, ubiquitous cheerleaders, flashing their message at every game, presidential debate, and TV show like “The View,” where some hosts channel Jehovah instead of engaging invited guests. And when intelligent debates are possible, religious undertones dilute the issues.

    Religion in the US is a blend of the earthy, puritanical views of our ancestors, charlatans who used their platforms to empower allegiances, quarter nations, and conquer the non-believers—like the promise of the Evangelical S. Korean president—to “rid the country of every last Buddhist.”

    Failing to crush the gay rights movement in the US, they flew to less civilized countries like Uganda & South Africa, where it was easier to bribe officials and draft laws that would execute gays and lesbians. Their hate-based rallies drew fringe Muslims and evangelicals, cutting ribbons, moving forward.

    Many of our own politicians embrace extremist religious beliefs, but cannot carry out the lynchings possible in Africa. Beliefs as idiotic as those of the Iranian and S. Korean presidents’.

    Whether looking at the predictions of Nostradamus, Republicans claimed Obama the Doomsday Don—he did, after all live in Chicago: zip code 60606.

    Yes, many Americans live in terror, and it is no surprise. Signs of imminent danger loom, everywhere, earthquakes, tsunamis, shootings in cinemas. Even the new TV pilot warns of certain terror: “666 Park Plaza”.

    Some believe the end is near, and have been saying so since the 13th century. Whether in ten years, or twenty-five, it matters little.

    Others, like myself, suffer prophetic dreams. In a five-minute trailer, giant asteroids of ice belt the earth, forcing the few who survive to live in a world of ice and snow, somewhere in a subterranean shopping mall in downtown Montreal.

    My dreams? Proba

  • SodiumPowered

    BeaverJR, I basically agree with you, but you need to check your spelling. You have about a dozen or so typos in there, which does not give much support to your credibility or insight. Personally I know a number of very bright individuals who can’t spell for their life, but many people are not so opened minded as to overlook poor spelling. You are asking for prejudice.

  • Rangdrol

    @ BeaverJR

    It’s unclear why you blame the state of our nation on the supposed lack of religions fervor, but God doesn’t belong in political discourse, thus the separation of church and state.

    The fact is that we have been blessed (sic) with the likes of Regan, Bush Sr., Bush Jr. , Clinton, etc. all avowed “Christians” and now we might even get a Mormon in there. Maybe it would be better if we didn’t have Christian’s in there…give atheists a chance?

    The idea should be to elect men and women who have the ability to represent the people. “All” the people. And for that, we need individuals who are open minded, intelligent, etc., and compassionate. I cannot say I have ever seen or met a Republican who cared for the people. —Wait, there’s the Senator from Maine. but other than her zipppppp!

    It does not matter the religion, because many like Bush Sr., who professed to be a Christian, who led an assault on Iraq, killing tens of thousands of men, women, and children, fleeing for their lives.

    Bush could have avoided the war. One of his staff had spoken to Saddam just days before, hust days after Saddam had entered Kuwait, in an attempt to protest nationalization of Kuwaiti oil fields.

    When Saddam asked (US State Dept. female staff) whether or not this was contrary to US policies, etc, the Bush staff member replied that there was no problem at all and that the US was not going to intercede, but this was a lie…

    The reason for invasion was purely financial, Though it is not discussed much, President George Walker Bush, who was the son of Prescott Bush. President Bush, ex CIA director, amassed his millions much to the financial security of his grandfather and great-grandfather by financially aiding the Nazis.

    In George Bush: The Unauthorized Biography, it is revealed how Prescott Bush, George W. Bush’s grandfather, and other men in the Union Banking Company of New York, were Nazi collaborators.

    Prescot Bush was elected Director of the Union Banking Company in 1926. For more

  • OMaoildeirg

    I have always held the view that religion and politics do not mix well. Until religious leaders are elected democratically by ALL the people, they should be reminded that the state has no power to give religious groups a say in the governing of its country. Similarly, politicians who claim to be communicating with the Almighty God as did George W Bush should be instantly removed from office and barred from holding any position of power in the government. Almost all of the wars of today have their origins in religion.


    People elected to public office must fully live up to their oath of office, comply with our laws and keeping their religion out of our government.

  • OMaoildeirg

    I must say that there is not a single word you have written that I could disagree with. A man for whom I have great respect made a very wise remark to me one day. He said “There is nothing on this earth that happens without a reason. There is a natural explanation for everything”. In miracle cures I defy anyone to show proof that a person’s severed limbs had been miraculously restored without the assistance of modern science.

  • OMaoildeirg

    You say “Romney is a Mormon”. Surely you meant to say he is a Moron. As to Obama; There is no such thing as an Undefined Christian. He is either a Christian or he is not one. There is no in-between

  • OMaoildeirg

    There is no doubt that religion has been one of the more powerful tools used by politicians in the furtherance of their careers. This is true for Muslim, Jew and Christian.

  • reformthesystem

    The principal founders of the USA, a secular republic in 1789, were adherents of the 18th century Enlightenment and not religious.