Paul Ryan is one of us

Joshua Roberts BLOOMBERG Representative Paul Ryan, Republican from Wisconsin, chairman of the House Budget Committee and Mitt Romney’s running mate. … Continued

Joshua Roberts


Representative Paul Ryan, Republican from Wisconsin, chairman of the House Budget Committee and Mitt Romney’s running mate.

We have explained in previous articles why social conservatives are
should be
behind Mitt Romney.  And now there is one more compelling reason: Paul Ryan.

The left hoped that conservative grassroots activists would not be fired up about this election. Their hopes have vanished; the right is downright excited to be working to elect the new Romney-Ryan ticket.

The representative from Wisconsin is well known in political circles as a federal deficit hawk, a budget expert and a fiscal policy wonk. But he is probably best known for taking on out of control entitlement spending to ensure that America’s safety net programs are sustainable (i.e. that they will be around when we retire) through what has become known as the “Ryan Budget.”

But what is less known, but equally important, is that Ryan is a social conservative and staunchly pro-life.

For Ryan, the two are inseparable: To be a fiscal conservative is to be a social conservative. As he put it, he is, “an unswerving proponent of both free market choice and the natural right to life.”

His commitment to family values is no less strong. As Ryan stated, “The American family must remain at the core of our free society, and I will remain ever-vigilant in its defense.” He has joined the American Center for Law and Justice in defense of our nation’s religious heritage, signing on to our amicus brief that defends our national motto, “In God We Trust.”

Pro-life groups across America have praised him for his unwavering commitment to protecting the lives of the unborn. Ryan has consistently scored a 100 percent pro-life rating
in his 12 years in the House of Representatives, based on his voting record.

While his record speaks for itself, Ryan’s rhetoric makes it clear where he stands on these important issues. He told the Weekly Standard, “I’m as pro-life as a person gets.” When there was a suggestion that the GOP should call a “truce” on social issues, Ryan emphatically stated: “It is a false choice to ask which natural right we should discard. ‘Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness’ is not a menu of options.”  He continued, “You’re not going to have a truce. Judges are going to come up. Issues come up, they’re unavoidable, and I’m never going to not vote pro-life.”

Afew years ago, he laid out a compelling case for why “the cause of life can’t be severed from the cause of freedom.” In that pro-life thesis, he stated:

Ryan echoed these ideals when he was first introduced as Romney’s running mate. “Our rights come from nature and God, not from government,” he said. Ideals we have supported in an earlier “On Faith” piece on natural law.

If his own statements and response don’t tell enough, Planned Parenthood vehemently responded to Romney’s choice for vice president, stating, “Paul Ryan: we’ll do whatever it takes to keep you from gaining the power to deny women access to [abortion].”

He is also someone who is not afraid to take on President Obama’s spin machine. He once told President Obama about his signature pro-abortion healthcare, stating that “hiding spending does not reduce spending.”

Moreover, he has taken the president to task over his abortion-pill HHS mandate, stating,“This is much, much bigger than about contraception. This is about religious freedom, First Amendment rights, and how this progressive philosophy of fungible rights of a living breathing constitution really clashes and collides with these core rights that we built our society and country around.”

The choice could not be clearer for America.  It is either a presidential ticket that promises more taxpayer funding for abortion and abortion businesses, opposes traditional marriage, builds more debt, and espouses the “you didn’t build that” mentality of more, bigger government, or a ticket that is pro-life, pro-family values, seeks to lessen the burden of debt and deficit on future generations, and promotes the ideals of freedom and the American Dream.  It is the Romney-Ryan vision that social conservatives, and in reality most Americans, can get behind.

Our nation’s current economic problems are moral problems too.

As the ACLJ’s chief counsel recently said, “we have the perfect CEO [Romney] and the perfect CFO [Ryan],” ready to get America’s economy back on track in a way all Christian conservatives know takes more than good economic plans, it takes good moral leaders to get there.


  • Iowaprolife

    Cricket44 you sound hard and angry. I don’t know what happened in your life, but I want you to know that Jesus loves you. Abortion isn’t about a woman’s right to choose. No one has the right to take the life of another, especially a defenseless, innocent child. Like I said, I know this personally. Saying that a woman has the right to choose to murder someone, especially someone who is depending upon it’s mother to protect and carry them, doesn’t even make sense. You just can’t go around murdering people because you see them as unwanted or inconvenient. If we apply that philosophy to our lives, then what stops us from murdeing our spouse, elderly parent, annoyng neighbor, etc., etc., etc. No one has the right to murder another, no one. In Proverbs there is a verse that says, “defend those who cannot defend themselves”. That applies to all who are defenseless. Cricket44 I am glad you are alive, and that your mom didn’t abort you. I am glad that you can wake up every morning and enjoy life and it’s beauty. I am sorry that something wounded you deeply. Jesus loves you. He still heals the broken hearted today. I encourage you to turn to Him and find peace.

  • persiflage

    ‘ Abortion isn’t about a woman’s right to choose. No one has the right to take the life of another, especially a defenseless, innocent child’

    A fetus is not considered a child, no matter how much you beat the personhood drum. A woman has the natural right to determine whether or not to give birth – in other words, giving birth is a voluntary decision, and so may it always remain.

    The days are long gone when men in government and/or religious organizations have proprietary rights over a woman’s reproductive processes. This amounts to totalitarian control, the polar opposite of our democratic foundations. People are far too willing to give up their freedoms for an idea or a set of beliefs.

  • cdt701

    Mrs. Persiflage do you base your answer as to who Jesus would vote for on your knowledge of the book Jesus inspired? I just asked a question hoping somebody could offer an answer. Instead, you equated Christians (sorry, “so-called Christians”) to rich people. True, Christians are rich, but it’s richness that comes from the peace of seeing into eternity without fear, and walking through the present with Divine help, inspired to change the world with love. It’s all due to a free gift from God designed to free us from the guilt of our screw-ups. Isn’t this a message everyone should not only accept, but long for? Why is this idea so repellent to so many of you?

  • samthewxman

    I am 72 years old and until this year I have been a Democrat and voted each and every election. Since the Democratic party was hi-jacked by the OBAMA group I voted Republican in my State Primary because of the Religious Liberty issue.
    I don’t care what a person does sexually,as long it is within the law and they can live with thier conscience. After all this is America and we have our freedoms,or do we.I don’t think I should pay for something that I find morally wrong (ABORTION). I spent 8 years in the USN supposedly protecting OUR FREEDOMS.
    I was 5000 miles away when my first child was born 49 years ago today. Like a few million other vets I don’t want any special treatment, ALL I want is what I have already purchased and protected with my time..

  • DavidJ9

    Paul Ryan has repeatedly made it clear that he is an acolyte of Ayn Rand, the religion-hating immigrant. Are you finally telling us that your apparent religious beliefs are a scam the same way Ryan alleges that he is Catholic?

  • DavidJ9

    If you really are who you say, you have been misled by fraudsters who use religion to mislead others.

    No one is requiring you to pay taxes for abortions, but I do object to reactionaries who allege that they are believers but start whining about welfare as soon as they are done telling women that they have to have babies that they cannot afford.

  • mars259

    Good Evening all,

    I’m so excited about Romney and Ryan – if we do not get this country back on track – we will no longer have a country – We need to have leaders that remember the morals and ideals that started this country in the first place. Socialism does not work – ever; look at Russia and any other Communist Country (even something simple like light bulbs are sold on the Black Market due to supply and demand) . You can’t run a business or a home without a budget and why the current administrastion thinks that you can run a country on deceipt and run away spending is beyond me. The Congress repealed Obamacare and now it’s dead in the water with the Liberal Senate as Harry Reid is in Obama’s pocket ( I have thought for a while that Harry needs to be investigated). Most Americans have no idea the cost of Obamacare, and also what horrible things were written into it to steal our freedoms. I have been telling everyone I know for 2 years how bad this administration is. Now many people are listening as they are also seeing what’s going on. This current president has cost million’s of American jobs and what’s worst he couldn’t care less as long as he can spend like crazy and continiue with his Power hungry ambitions. Go Mitt and Paul!!!!!!!!!

  • persiflage

    ‘If a woman engages in sexual intercourse, she has consented to live with the consequences of her actions.’

    The woman will make her own decisions in that regard – you personally have no first-hand knowledge of being pregnant, nor do you know anything about the individual circumstances of each pregnant woman. The problems with interpreting civil laws and individual rights through the prism of religion are many.

    One rule fits all, is never the answer…….

  • persiflage

    ‘……. It’s all due to a free gift from God designed to free us from the guilt of our screw-ups. Isn’t this a message everyone should not only accept, but long for? Why is this idea so repellent to so many of you?’

    The answer is simple Ed – not everyone is brainwashed in the blood of the lamb, and not everyone shares your beliefs in the fictions of religious mythology. We all have to live with our screw-ups…….a law of nature. With any luck, maybe we’ll do better next time.

  • cricket44

    Iowa, you are welcome to your opinion on how I “sound” to you. My life is awesome, my spiritual beliefs are solid and personal and of no concern to you . Abortion is *absolutely* about a woman’s right to physical autonomy. We are not things to be bred against our will. There is no “murder” in an abortion. Murder is the forced death of a born individual. Abortion is the removal of a zygote/embryo/fetus before it has developed enough to survive outside the womb. Your attempt to project this to our spouse, neighbor, etc. is dishonest and farcical. None of those folks are residing INSIDE another person. “Inconvenience” is a word used by those who enjoy judging others and it means “any reason I, the person judging, can’t understand” so it’s nonsensical. What might seem “inconvenient” to you may be crucial to another person. How dismissive. Had my mother needed to choose to abort, I never would have known about it so that’s a rather silly statement. Sure, I’m glad to be alive, happy and quite un-wounded, thanks, but that has nothing to do with the topic at hand. You choose to see this issue one way. I have researched the facts, seen what these women go through and spoken to them. You may think you are doing right but people suffer for that type of ignorance. I encourage you to be brave enough to leave your comfort zone and base your opinions on *reality.* Pro-choice is the only truly compassionate stance.

  • cricket44

    You have been completely misled and are actively misleading others. There are no freedoms being stolen. Do your own research and your own thinking.

  • Secular1

    SamtheWaxman, you must be really waxing here. I do not see that you have ever voted democratic, in your entire life. If you have , that means you were in general agreement with Democrats. In which case the Obama has not departed at all from what has been the party line for decades. Your feigning outrage that you are being forced pay for what you think is unethical is wrong. I say that because there is nothing in that stupid vile book that suggests that contraception or birth control are unethical. First of all teh book itself is immoral, unethical and vile. I am astounded that anyone draws moral guidance from that piece of crap, but I digress. Beside your feigend moral objections. This a democracy that we live in. Which means we have a social contract, where other than being forced to personally disobey moral compunctions, we go by the majority. Hence, even though i objected to the two wars of Mr. Bush (unwisely and immorally entered), I could not withhold my taxes or other duties as acitizen. Perhaps if they wanted to force me to personally help with those war efforts, I could not withdraw myself. Even then, if i was already in the armed forces or other such organizations, i could not withdraw myslf from participation. In the same manner as a citizen of this republic you are bound to live with the social contract. You could have organized to change teh laws and regulations, but obey you shall, of course unless teh government was telling you use contraception personally. Until then you stop bringing your feigned outrage, to yourself. BTW nobody is paying for abortions. Evene that I do not find as prohibited by that vile book of yours.

  • cdt701

    We live in a Republic, ma’am. At least read or founding documents if you are going to comment about them. I’d ask you to read that other book you seem to have so much knowledge of and disdain for, but I must assume you don’t have the time for that either. If you do have time, please ask me why prescription contraception is medically and socially damaging (there is enough documented sociological and clinical proof so that morality doesn’t even need to be a factor). Then you might have a little insight into why so many pro-lifers that seem to be an enemy actually have a “secular” reason for their beliefs and shouldn’t be thought of as evil. And if you have a FACTUAL reason it’s defense, please offer it as well.
    Thank you.

  • Chip_M

    “He’s One of Us” says Jordan Sekulow and Matthew Clark. As if I needed more reasons not to vote for Romney.

  • persiflage

    Romney and Ryan, the Taxya Twins – both paid under 15% in taxes on unearned income and now they’re going to fix things for working middle class Americans that pay over 30%.

    The calculations clearly show that their future plans include further lowering income taxes on the rich while raising costs for all healthcare and Medicare recipients on the other end. Many at the bottom of the economic pile will not receive Medicaid coverage in the future.

    ‘Ryan echoed these ideals when he was first introduced as Romney’s running mate. “Our rights come from nature and God, not from government,” he said.

    All of this to stuff the pockets of the rich. What monstrous hypocrites they both are. Ryan is downright dangerous to the secular functions of government.

  • Sherry Stroh

    I am so excited about the choice of Paul Ryan as a running mate for Romney! Paul has the deep conservative convictions for our aged, for our families, and for our unborn. I was afraid that Mitt was going to select a woman or Afro-American just to strongly indicate that this is not about race or gender. I am VERY happy that he took the high road and chose a great running mate and, at the same time, proved this is ONLY about policy–NOT prejudice! Go GOP team!!

  • Secular1

    CDT701, I am assuming that above post is directed at me, even though you got my gender wrong. Here is the distinction between the two, “In a Republic, the Majority is Limited and constrained by a written Constitution which protects the rights of the Individual and the Minority. The purpose of a Republic form of government is to control the Majority and to protect the inalienable rights that they are born with and liberty of the Individual.” I had made that distinction in my earlier post, even though I used the word democracy. I wrote that if an individual was forced to practice something personally against the persons choice that would out of bounds.

    Besides, you all had no problem back in the 19th century nor now the restriction put in place of polygamy. If anything is lot more personal behavioral dictate, than telling an employer to provide insurance, which includes birth control benefits.

    As to your contention about contraception is medically and socially, is so full of nonsense that it borders on hallucinations. That contention of yours implicitly accuses the entire medical practitioner class is guilty of malfeasance and wanton malpractice. This I would not buy. This malpractice is not limited to US but is spread across the entire world. As I would say in a more color full choice of words “Sir your full of SCAT”.

    Of course there is a secular case that can be made for pro-life position. The trouble, for you folks who make religious case for pro-life, is a secular pro-lifer does not resort to extra constitutional means to force it down our throats, unlike you. We pro-choice folks of course do not force contraception on you down your throats.

    Of course I have read every scripture more than once for your information. To be honest was a great feat for me to have kept my meals down while reading them. What moral does a book provide which presents that it is grotesque that hebrews should be shackled into slavery, but at the same time also contends that it is ok

  • XVIIHailSkins

    The system is broken when we discuss political parties in the same terms as NFL teams.

  • ForFreedom

    thank you Jordan! as a pro life citizen i am glad to vote for Romney/Ryan!

  • Americo A. Fusco

    Social conservatism, freedom and pro-life, as Paul Ryan states, are inseparable. As an old song goes, “Love and Marriage go together like a horse and carriage, you can’t have one without the other.” You may live together, but without marriage, true love and respect is lacking, and without love, you don’t have a real marriage.

  • separker021

    I don’t see how Romney/Ryan can be said to be all about protecting life when their policy changes on Medicare/Medicaid could be disastrous to middle/lower class workers. My daughter’s husband left her this year, and though she’s working almost 40 hours/week, she cannot make ends meet with two small children.

    We have noted, too, that there are now 11 states – run by Republicans – that have dropped the threshhold for qualifying for Medicaid to ridiculous levels. In most of these states, if my working daughter made more than $5500 PER YEAR, she would be making too much to qualify for Medicaid, and her children would have no medical coverage.

    That’s not protecting life – just ask many Catholics how they feel about the economic policies these two wish to enact.

  • cricket44

    Hey, look, Ryan’s buddy Todd Akin is one of you, too! It’s like an entire club of women-haters.

  • Cindy 58

    Obama write into the Obama care that if everyone did not get health insurance you will be taxed on your income taxes when filing your tax return do you think that is right? What about people that can’t afford Health insurance like me should we be wrongly taxed because we don’t have health insurance. We should all have a choice to have or not have health insurance. And What about Obama trying to take away our choice to bare arms. Romney and Paul at least are trying to help get rid of the illegal health insurance that Obama put in place Obama is also for Planned Parenthood and aborting babies which is murder just ask any christian or catholic around you

  • amelia45

    I am not going to vote for someone to be President of the United States who keeps his hundreds of millions of dollars in Swiss and Cayman Island Bank Accounts. That is not someone who believes in and supports this country and the people of this country. That is someone who is only out for himself.

  • persiflage

    ‘ What about people that can’t afford Health insurance like me should we be wrongly taxed because we don’t have health insurance.’

    There will be a means test to determine if you meet the financial criteria for an exemption from penalities. On the other hand, states will not be required to add new low income folks to the Medicaid roles – which will eliminate insurance coverage for about 19 million poor people.

    By the way, Obama has done nothing to change or otherwise block 2nd ammendment rights (the right to bear arms)……unfortunately, even assault weapons are still legal.

    Abortions involve terminating in utero fetuses – and has nothing to do with murdering babies. What you really needed was a better education……..

  • persiflage

    Emergency rooms are where poor people are currently treated for acute medical problems – and who picks up the tab? The state where the service was rendered. This is a very poor substitute for real health insurance……and the country really has to insist that people begin to carry some of the weight for their own healthcare.

    Health insurance can no longer be a strictly voluntary decision – although many people will still get exemptions or free healthcare.
    The fact is, America is the only modern, developed Western nation without a national healthcare policy, and Affordable Care will begin to change all of that – better late than never.

  • cricket44

    Don’t be silly, Cindy. You can go sleeveless whenever you like! Also, you do not speak for all Christians, you speak for yourself. Aborting a fetus is NOT murder.

  • wt_rd

    I for one don’t want a Christian theocracy, and that is what Ryan and Akin’s agenda consists of.

  • maxielou

    I love it! For those of you who don’t understand the issues and how Obama is trying to dismantle this country, you need to go see the movie “2016”. The liberal media does not tell the truth or allow anything bad about Obama’s true agenda! If re-elected you can kiss your rights and freedom good bye!