Pakistan probes alleged Hindu exodus to India

Pakistani President Asif Ali Zardari has appointed a three-member Senate committee to look into reports that nearly 250 Hindus have … Continued

Pakistani President Asif Ali Zardari has appointed a three-member Senate committee to look into reports that nearly 250 Hindus have fled to neighboring India to escape harassment and discrimination.

The panel is meant “to instill a sense of security” in the Muslim-majority country’s Hindu minority, according to The Times of India. According to reports, Hindus from troubled Balochistan and Sindh provinces traveled to India on 30-day pilgrim visas granted by the Indian government.

Pakistani officials detained the Hindus at the border for hours on Aug. 10 and made them sign declarations that they would return to Pakistan.

However, some of the Hindus told Indian media that they would prefer to stay on in Hindu-majority India to escape harassment at the hands of Islamic fundamentalists.

“The crime level against Hindus is worsening here. We informed the media about our people traveling to India,” Ramesh Kumar Vankwani, chairman of Pak Hindu Council, told ENInews on Monday (Aug. 13).

“Our people are facing serious problems of kidnapping, conversions and forced marriages,” said Vankwani, speaking after a meeting of Hindu leaders.

Hindu families told The Times of India that Islamic fundamentalists extort money from Hindus, kidnap young Hindu women, convert and marry them.

More than 96 percent of Pakistan’s 180 million people are Muslims, while Christians and Hindus account for about 1.5 percent each.

“We fully support the Hindus in this,” Joseph Francis, founder director of CLAAS (Center for Legal Aid Assistance & Settlement) based in Lahore, told ENInews. “Both the Hindu and Christian communities are undergoing the same suffering. Christian women are also kidnapped, converted and married as second and third wives.”

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  • mrrogers1

    What can be expected from a so called “nation” that was designed and created by its present real owners and rulers ( IMF, Great Britain, UAE, Saudi and some US agencies) on the false basis of religion and promotion of superior, upper caste Punjabi ethnicity.

    The upper caste Pakistani Punjabis have always, systematically enslaved Bangladeshi, Shia, Christian, Ahmedi, Hindu, Sikh, Baloch, Pathan, Sindhi, Mohajir and scores more, who are mistreated and punished with state sanctioned impunity.

    Only if Jinnah and Iqbal had been wiser in knowing what a disaster they would create by listening to their masters in London in dividing Muslims into mainly 3 pieces ( Pakistan, India and Bangladesh) and destroying millions of innocent lives in the process and ongoing persecution of minorities bringing continual spotlight of shame and suffering upon their nation.

  • guidingstar81

    This does surprises me that there is no news posted about the killing of Muslims in Burma???? I mean if something as small as an insect is killed in a Muslim state will become a headline and more then 20000 thousand people killed in mayanmer and Burma by the budhist and Hindus is not mentioned?? I am disgusted with this attitude of the media. This Is one sided news. The Hindus of Pakistan are Pakistani and we love them. If any Hindu is suffering in Pakistan is exactly like any Muslim of Pakistan is suffering and exactly like any other racism victim in UK. I’m a victim of racism in London and nothing was done to catch the responsibles. I know Indians effected due to the racism in uk. What about the Israeli Jews killings of Muslims babies and people??

    @ mrrogers1 where did you get this perception of cast system in Pakistan?? Oooooo you mean the one which was introduced to us from the Indians.. Originally the cast system was introduced by the indians by killing and putting the Shoders in the worst life situation. Search on youtube people you will find disturbing life stories of Shuders. Islam stops racism and let me quote here that Islam says that “no white is superior than a black and no black is superior than white and no rich is superior than poor.. every one is equal” you get me. The blacks suffered tough life during the racism times in west. Who rescued the black?? A black man who became Muslim and found his Rightssss… His name was “Malcolm X”