Dolan’s RNC participation gives appearance of ‘baptizing the Republican nominee’

“When Catholics in the pews see bishops repeatedly hammering the Obama administration, then find Cardinal Dolan there at the Republican … Continued

“When Catholics in the pews see bishops repeatedly hammering the Obama administration, then find Cardinal Dolan there at the Republican convention, that’s not a particularly subtle message. Whether it’s intended or not, this gives the appearance that the nation’s most prominent Catholic leader is baptizing the Republican nominee.”

John Gehring, Faith in Public Life’s senior writer and Catholic outreach coordinator, commenting on the church’s involvement in politics.


Cardinal Timothy Dolan, gestures during an interview at the North American College in Rome in February 2012.

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    Everyone already knew that the white boy Catholic bishops were in the tank for the white boy Republicans. That’s why they started the war on women.

  • willingone

    the only war on women ive seen lately was when the shrill feminists in Congress knocked down the law that would prevent sex selection abortions

    now since those ‘sex selection’ abortions are not favorable to little girls, THAT is the real war on women!

    But you go on and have one shrill pro-abortionist after another dominate your dem convention.
    You’ll drive most of the women away as you have for years when they realize that your below a woman’s waist politics does NOTHING to address their real, everyday concerns

    But dont worry, you’ll probably get all three of the N.O.W. members raptly watching, with tears in their eyes as they tell each other that now that they have free contraception they feel so fulfilled


  • onions

    too funny Will

    i did not know that N.O.W. had that many members


  • onions

    too bad Gehring didnt speak up when Notre Dame, GU and others honored and supported the left wing politicians.

  • practica1

    What, no Jews in Tampa fit to pray with the GOP?

    Dolan is a fascist. He will reify the message that there’s a war on women among the conservative republicans.

    Another pale fat man who thinks he’s G-d’s mouthpiece – he’ll fit in just fine.

    But this does suggest that the KKK and Birchers are losing their grip – a Papist, after all.

  • practica1

    Why are little girls aborted more often than little boys? Daddies have their preferences. So you see, it’s not the feminists, after all – it’s the patriarchs.

  • reformthesystem

    The Vatican’s 1980 order to priests to step down from elected offices was in fact targeted at Rev. John Drinan, Democratic Congressman from Massachusetts, yet the Vatican’s Hitler Jugend educated Ratzinger (a/k/a Benedict) now authorizes this Dolan person’s advocacy for Republican Party candidates.

    As a matter of politics, the Vatican is a foreign power and Mr. Dolan is acting as an unregistered foreign agent in violation of US Federal law.

    As a matter of faith, abandonment of the social ideals of Jesus Christ, again published in Rerum Novarum in the 19th century, calls to mind the Vatican’s more recent tragic history in politics when Pope Pius XII who had been a personal friend of Hitler turned a blind eye to the Holocaust he clearly knew about and, after Hitler’s defeat, had Vatican agents sponsor clandestine “rat lines” for the escape of thousand who had committed atrocities against humanity. Dolan’s unholy alliance with Romney again brings out what the Great Christian Reformer Father Martin Luther once referred to as the Anti-Christ in the Vatican.

  • IntellectOne

    To: reformthesystem
    You are one mixed-up cookie or should the word be coo coo.
    Nancy Pelosi was Rev John Drinan’s closest collaborator and he was told to get out of the office of politics by the Pope, but not out of bringing Catholic Teaching into the public square. However, Drinan and Pelosi’s policies were never Roman Catholic and he should have been fired from Georgetown University many years ago. The Vatican told him to get out, but he did not listen and the Bishop of DC must have been absent mentally and physically, same as today, not to have thrown the so-called Rev, a Judas, Drinan out and confined him to a convent in an obscure country. The man was insane and when that happens the bishop should not allow him to continue. Look at Georgetown University, they lost their Faith. Faith is a gift and they did not take care of what was given to them so they attracted and produced people like Sandra Fluke, the pill pusher, Obama’s right hand person for the DNC Convention.. The rest is history.

  • reformthesystem

    There’s nothing mixed up about an objective look at Mr. Dolan’s continuing participation in the long history of endemic organizational corruption all the way from “Pope” Roderigo de Borgia’s son’s arrogant orgies in the Apostolic Palace, to political support of dictators like Francisco Franco and those in Haiti and Chile, to the Vatican’s ill-advised political dealings with the German Nazi Party in 1932 and its later participation in covering up the Holocaust, to unaccountable use of American parishioner funds to pay off civil judgments based on arrogantly unrestrained and despicably filthy conduct of thousands of current RC clergy toward children in their care, as well as Dolan’s apostasy by abandoning Leo XIII’s Rerum Novarum for a quasi-alliance with the manifestly uncatholic Republican Party platform and the Disneyland fantasies of the LDS sect.

    Dwelling on Drinan, now dead and unable to defend himself, is nothing more than a Red Herring attempt at nit-picking to cover up that Mr. Dolan’s “blessing” of devotées of the ideologies of atheist Ayn Rand, as well as devotées of a sect that denies the Sacramental wine of the Holy Eucharist, will amount to a Pact with the Devil. The name calling in this response with its pretence of authority confirms its uncatholic character and its writer’s lack of genuine faith in the humility and compassion for humanity of Divine Jesus.

  • mhop

    Long live Cardinal Dolan and the Catholic Church, the one constant voice of truth through the years.

  • gthornton2

    So much for the separation of Church and State.

  • pryorca

    What a nonsensical this to say. Shows no real understanding of what the separation of Church and State really is…

  • Joep de Koning

    In 1777 – 14 years before the promise of religious freedom in the First Amendment of 1791 – New York State already made the union of religion and politics unconstitutional:

    XXXIX. And…no minister of the gospel, or priest of any denomination whatsoever, shall, at any time hereafter, under any presence or description whatever, be eligible to, or capable of holding, any civil or military office or place within this State.”

    This is further explained on TolerancePark dot Org. It seems that after 235 years our secular democratic republic is still having a hard time accepting the fundamental principle of separation of church and state.

  • a-littlebird-ptolemy

    the hierarchy is always political. and since the bishops actually care more about repressing female sexuality than they do about achieving economic justice, of course they send a cardinal to the rich people’s convention. as a lifelong catholic i do not know why anybody is surprised by this.

  • Joep de Koning

    Pryorca, could you please expand on your “real” understanding of what separation of Church and State entails? Generalities won’t do. You must be specific in order to be sensible, please.