Four more years of the same versus real change for America’s future

Chris Keane Reuters Bill Partlow sets up the voting area in Pineville, N.C., on Nov. 5. With nearly every poll, … Continued

Chris Keane


Bill Partlow sets up the voting area in Pineville, N.C., on Nov. 5.

With nearly every poll, from national polls to those in the all-important swing states, well within the margin of error and even tied, it is axiomatic that Election Day is going to be close. While we believe Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney will win, and that a Romney win is a victory for the entire country, there’s every indication that Tuesday night will be a nail biter for Republicans, Democrats and independent Americans. It’s an election night that may not have a winner until Wednesday or later and that’s just fine in the United States.

Hopefully, Romney is declared the winner in the early hours of Wednesday morning so we can celebrate and get a little bit of rest.

What is not close is where the candidates for president stand on critically important issues for America.

What would a second-term Obama presidency look like?

For President Obama, understanding what a second term would look like is easy. Just look at the past four years. Cut through the rhetoric; what you saw is what you will get.

When President Obama took office in January 2009 the unemployment rate in America was 7.8 percent. After nearly four years of unemployment over 8 percent, today the unemployment rate in America is higher than when Obama took office, still hovering at 7.9 percent. In fact, 7.8 percent is the lowest unemployment has ever gotten during Obama’s presidency.

It is not as if this election is the first time President Obama has ever talked about jobs. For all the talk about bringing good paying jobs back to America, there has been no action. And there is no reason to believe that President Obama will make “jobs” any more of a priority in a second term than he has in his first.

It is clear that his priorities from the first term will remain his priorities in a second term. In his first term, President Obama enacted health-care reform, the government imposed health-care policy for America and the largest tax increase in American history – remember, the only way it was saved from being declared unconstitutional was as a massive tax increase.

What President Obama imposed on the American people through health-care reform reveals much about what a second Obama term would look like. The Affordable Care Act provides the mechanism for the greatest expansion of abortion since Roe v. Wade. It is also the instrument by which the president imposed the HHS mandate that forces millions of Americans to violate their faith by paying for abortion-pill coverage. These pro-abortion regulations will not only stay in place, but increase over the next four years.

President Obama sends nearly half a billion of our tax dollars a year to Planned Partenhood. In fact, each time a state attempts to defund the abortion giant, Obama steps in, either sending in the Justice Department to help defend their funding or finding a back door to send the abortion industry our tax dollars. The radical pro-abortion policy of his first term is why Planned Parenthood calls President Obama their “champion.”

Over the past four years, President Obama has decided that his Justice Department will not enforce or defend laws with which he disagrees and that he will readily circumvent the Senate to make controversial appointment to key government positions regardless of whether the Senate is or is not in recess.

President Obama has enacted a disastrous foreign policy that leaves our allies unsure of our support, and gives promises to nations like Russia of “more flexibility” in a second term. The last thing we need is more instability in our foreign policy.

There is absolutely no reason to believe any of this will change in a second Obama term. If the misinformation and stall tactics the Obama administration has employed over the Fast and Furious scandal are any indication, we should also not expect any clarity on what really happened in the terrorist attack on our ambassador and his team in Benghazi.

What would a first term for former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney look like?

A Romney presidency will be dramatically different from the past four years. Jobs would undoubtedly be a President Romney’s first goal. His record of achievement in both the private and public sectors speak volumes for his abilities. In fact, swing states such as Ohio, Wisconsin, and Virginia have Republican governors who have been implementing some of those policies at the state level which have already led to lower unemployment. Imagine the improvement the entire country would see with the implementation of these same conservative principles by Romney.

A President Romney, with the assistance of Vice President Paul Ryan, will be firmly committed to tackling the equally important moral and economic issue we face, our national debt. In the past four years, the federal government’s debt and deficits have spiraled out of control, nearly doubling during Obama’s time in office. Romney has a significant track record of closing massive budget gaps in the Olympics and as governor of Massachusetts – that show his commitment and ability to address this issue.

Romney has been clear that the federal government does not need to be funding the abortion industry, and he has been equally clear that the federal government should never force Americans to violate their faith. He would cut Planned Parenthood’s federal funding, reverse the HHS Mandate and use every power of the presidency to undue the most damaging aspects of the Affordable Care Act.

Romney will bring much needed clarity on foreign policy, ensuring allies like Israel that we will stand with them while making sure radical nations like Iran know that their support for terrorism and instability in the world will not be tolerated. He would reestablish America as a true leader in foreign affairs, refusing to apologize for what makes America great.

There is no question that a second Obama term and a first Romney term would look drastically different. We know Obama’s agenda, and America has seen the results of his lackluster economic plan and radical agenda of social change. A President Romney, in our view, will bring America back to its bedrock principles, cut the size and intrusiveness of the federal government and protect the values that have made America a shining city on a hill, a beacon of hope for the world.

Tuesday is Election Day. While it may sound cliché, this election really is one of the most important elections of our lifetimes. As Americans, we not only have an opportunity to select our leaders but a moral obligation to make our voice heard at the ballot box.

While election night may drag on until the wee hours of the morning (or later), we will know in just a matter of hours whether we face four more years of the same failures or real change for America’s future.

As Thomas Jefferson is credited with reminding us, “We in America do not have government by the majority. We have government by the majority who participate.”

Go vote America.

Jordan Sekulow is executive director of the American Center for Law and Justice. He served as a consultant to Romney for President in 2008. Matthew Clark is an attorney for the ACLJ

  • WmarkW

    Like a lot of Republican leaners, Sekulow and Clark talk as if Time began on January 20, 2009, and nothing before that counts. Obama inherited a disastrous budget inflated by two wars, a tax break targeted at the wealthy, and a prescription drug plan unpaid by any tax increase. The 7.9% unemployment rate he inherited, shot up to 10% within his first year of office, and would have gone higher if he hadn’t stimulated. Those weren’t Obama’s doing.

    I’m voting for Romney tomorrow. I’ve been planning that day for four years. But the first term of a Romney administration WON’T look that different from a second Obama. Either President will be constrained by budget realities, a divided Congress, and the Fiscal Cliff. The best we can hope for are to spend four years re-aligning our house for the next generation. And a painful four years under Romney will get us there. Four more years of Obama (unless the Repubilcans take both houses) will being the death spiral to economic oblivion of hyperinflation caused by an electorate totally committed to getting more.

  • Atlanta745

    If Republican Ohio Governor Kasich is responsible for the lower Ohio unemployment rate without help from the Obama administration’s efforts, why has he been so reluctant to advertise his achievement on this topic? Why was the Romney campaign pushing him to downplay something that could have made him and his state look good?

  • nkri401

    “real change” for more wars, tax break for the 1%, 47% left on the street, black market contraceptives, religious laws (Mr. Sekulow’s favorit real change), great depression, you name it…

    Yea, “real change” alright.

    If you liked Mr. Bush years, you will love Mr. Romney.

  • cricket44

    Riiiggght. Why move forwards when we can go BACK! It was so much fun when women had no rights and died in childbirth.

  • cricket44

    You *are* hysterical, Scott, and your admission of it is a great first step towards recovery. Kudos!

    The rest of your post is blather but hey, you made a start.

  • dcrswm

    Since when should a thimble of cells have more rights than a a full grown woman?

  • DavidJ9

    Once again, Mr. Sekulow makes indefensible and misleading claims and attacks those who care about those in need. Apparently he subscribes to a religion that considers lying to be a sacrament. Clearly he is not a follower of Jesus.

  • DavidJ9


    You know that Jordan is untrustworthy. Why do you support his attempts to mislead?

  • DavidJ9


    That was not a news article from the Wall Street Journal. It was an opinion piece from one of the most mendacious editorial pages in the world.


    Demo platform: abortion by the millions on demand (pro death for the least of us) normalizing everything gay because 2% of our society insist on re-defining the foundation of social order (traditional marriage) and our Federal deficit/borrowing is still north of $100 Billion every month-that’s 100,000 million dollar bills borrowed every 30 days to pay our bills FYI! Both parties are broken, but the left clearly is the more immoral party!


    Killing the most innocent of us (unborn babies by the millions) and normalizing it-is that fairness and equality ?


    Ya, the last 4 years have been a boom!


    I pledge to cut the $100 Billion we borrow every month by the end of my first term-B Obama! (moral obligation, integrity, content of character, etc))


    You’re thinking of Islam!

  • DavidJ9

    You quote the Iron Lady to justify your misrepresentation of Jesus? I guess you are one of those who thinks that we need more poor people so the self-righteous supposed Christians can help a few of them.

  • DavidJ9

    The Opinion articles in the Wall Street Journal are written without regard to truth. Why do you quote such a dishonest source?

  • persiflage

    ‘For President Obama, understanding what a second term would look like is easy. Just look at the past four years. Cut through the rhetoric; what you saw is what you will get.’

    You mean, 4 more years of gradual recovery after 30 years of republican mis-management, beginning with Ronald Reagan. The fallout from the Bush years have been the challenge of the century for Obama, and he didn’t always choose the right advisors. His Wall Street people were all wrong.

    The last 4 years have not been easy, what with all the single-minded republican obstructionism. Obama has had a steep learning curve and many unproductive (GOP) obstacles, that’s for sure.

    The next four years will see far more decisiveness from the White House, regardless of a republican led House. The Senate will most likely remain under a democratic majority, thanks mainly to brain-addled religious extremists on the right that couldn’t keep their mouths shut long enough to get elected.

    The House is full of these characters – not so the Senate. And Paul Ryan is one of them. That’s exactly where we’ll find him tomorrow morning.

  • DavidJ9

    I have no reason to accept your interpretation of the Bible.

  • WmarkW

    Are you proud, Jason?

    You took a winnable election and mucked it up by making a good candidate pander to constituencies like yourself. Instead of letting the Massachusetts conservative build a form of Republicanism that could appeal to a big tent of moderate voters, you force him through a long primary cycle saying things the Fundamentalists, Tea Partiers and military worshippers wanted to hear, giving the opposition sound bites. Instead of saying “Obamacare is not quite the right idea, here’s some features to make it palateable”, you act like it’s an invasion by the Soviet Union.

    The other party had 23 Senate seats to defend, and still picked up two more, because you defeated sure winners like Richard Lugar to put up Tea Party extremists who talk about abortion with the logic and sensitivity of a Neanderthal.

    Republicans are often called “The Stupid Party” BY THEIR SUPPORTERS because they can’t make even good ideas work electorially. Because of the likes of your ideology, they spend the whole year talking like the thing was in the bag, and Time began on Jan 20, 2009. Demand whatever you want, the voters will never suffer another four years of the other stuff.

    The Republicans are heading straight to oblivion because your ideology is taking them there. You need to stop being an embarassment to what’s good about America.

  • WmarkW

    I’ll equally blame Grover Norquist. DraDrawing a line in the sand on taxes among those who can afford them was neither effective governance nor winning political strategy. He convinced Boehner, Ryan and Cantor that if they just obstructed over the issue for two years, the American people would hand them the keys to making it permanent. Wrong.

  • AgentFoxMulder

    Looks like 4 more years of resisting assimilation. I’ll console myself with the fact that the past 4 years went by so quickly. In fact, the older I get, the faster time seems to pass. Besides, resistance is can be fun.

  • tony55398

    Sounded like a lot of sour grapes, that we can legislate morality is a total falsehood. I voted for Reagon and Bush on the false belief, as it turned out, that they were really prolife and what happened, nothing, but two wars that took hundreds of thousands of lives.

  • tony55398

    If God wants to humiliate this country it may well be for the appalling amount we spend on Defense and for sticking our nose into areas of the world that we should stay out of.

  • AgentFoxMulder

    Or it could be because of the holocaust that is being waged against unborn, minority children in the name of women’s rights.

  • MommaEns

    I agree that we needed to have a President Romney. Mr. Obama’s lies, and name-calling made me sick. His cronies threw old people in the Tea Party OUT OF HIS TOWNHALL MEETINGS. A president is supposed to be a STATESMAN. That is something BO can never be– has too much hatred of white people. HE DIVIDES AMERICANS -NOT UNITE US. Just listen to his 2007 speeches before black groups when he used black vernacular and even a southern inflection in his voice to stir up Hatred. Yeah, the Republicans got your MESSAGE Mr.O. You call Republicans ‘THE ENEMY” and just because Obama got the Electoral Vote, WE SHALL NOT FORGET THAT WE ARE HIS ENEMY & HE WILL NEVER REPRESENT ALL OF THE PEOPLE OF THE UNITED STATES–by his own Words !

  • tony55398

    Just how much can we believe politicians?

  • PhillyJimi1

    I want to be an fiscal conservative and an apathetic towards social issues (if it doesn’t affect me they it isn’t any of my business how people choose to live). but the GOP has way too much baggage that comes with it. The tea party is just to extreme with their radical austerity measures.

    The attacks (see above) on Obama are just fiction. In order to be fair (what a strange thought) you have to measure Obama’s term with where he started from and what he was handed to start. Thinking you can just ignore that plain and obvious fact is just silly. He also was saddled with 2 very expensive wars. This is a fact not fiction.

    I don’t directly blame Bush for everything. I blame the American people for letting themselves get tricked by the real estate bubble. No one stopped to ask if this made any sense? Did the wars make us safer or only create more hatred towards America? Would Iran be hell bent on getting a nuke if we didn’t attack their 2 neighbors and rattle the saber in their face?

    The GOP needs to drop the guns and god as issues. Their old values (rhetoric) don’t work anymore. They need understand the age of Archie Bunker has passed. The last chapter of control by the white male America has been finished and the next chapters have started for America.

  • PhillyJimi1

    It isn’t about believing in politicians but believing in ourselves. If we want to be lied to then the politicians are going to lie to us. If politicians know they can’t lie to us then they won’t. It isn’t rocket science but it does require some effort.

  • Secular1

    Oh! hush. Just lick your wounds and crawl back under a rock. Come back in 2024. Till then even your sky daddy is not going to answer your prayers. 4 More with the big “O” and then 8 for “Billary”. Until then Idon’t want to hear from you whinoe or is it winos

  • Secular1

    AFM just stop it. Lick your wounds till 2024. They may heal by then.

  • Secular1

    Agreed WmW. Wilard had just as much to blame too. He could have stood his ground and try to appeal to the repubs moderates and organized them against nut cases that are the tea party. Instead he tried to ride the tiger. Those who try that get eaten up by the tiger, and deservedly so.

  • Secular1

    Sin-VA, you are definitely afflicted with Romnesia. Don’t panic, ObamaCare will cure it, as it covers this preexisting condition.

  • Kingofkings1

    4 more years of status quo