Vatican says it hasn’t lost the gay marriage fight

VATICAN CITY — Despite recent setbacks in the United States and Europe, the Catholic Church is not losing the fight … Continued

VATICAN CITY — Despite recent setbacks in the United States and Europe, the Catholic Church is not losing the fight on gay marriage, the Vatican semiofficial newspaper claimed on Friday (Nov. 9).

On the contrary, according to an article in L’Osservatore Romano by historian Lucetta Scaraffia, the church has emerged in recent years as the only institution on the global stage that’s capable of resisting the forces that threaten to “break up … human society.”

Voters upheld gay marriage in referendums in four U.S. states, while the French government recently introduced legislation that will allow gay couples to marry and adopt children. Spain’s Constitutional Court on Monday (Nov. 5) rejected a bid to repeal the country’s 2005 gay marriage law.

“You could say that the church, on this level, is bound to lose,” writes Scaraffia. “But this is not the case.”

According to the historian, the church’s fight on moral issues such as gay marriage and abortion has drawn support and “admiration” from many non-Catholics

By opposing legislation allowing gay couples to adopt in the United Kingdom or fighting the birth control mandate in the U.S., the church “made it clear for everyone that this is not about progress” but about “the loss of one of the founding freedoms of the modern State, religious liberty.”

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  • Inis Magrath

    In a related development: The Vatican also says it hasn’t lost the fight for the Earth being the center of the universe. Archbishop Sagittal Crest said in a prepared statement: “The Church is the last institution to defend this moral principle — the bible teaches us that the earth is central, the sun revolves around us, and those who says otherwise are devolving into sin.”

  • SJames6621

    Foreever backwarrds. xhould be the sign over the vatican gate.

    Go to wiki and check on the relgiion of the following monsters

    And check via wiki etc if any have been excommed.

    Hitler, Mengele, Eichmann, Himmler, and Goebbels.

  • SimonNorwich

    Yet another media article amongst thousands on this issue where nobody asks the obvious question:

    What possible difference could it make to YOUR life whether or not a gay couple living on your street are married?

    If your life or your own marriage is going to fall apart just because a gay couple’s relationship is classified as “married” rather than “unmarried”, it suggests you have serious very problems in your own life.