Graham: Operation Christmas Child represents God’s gift to humanity

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Franklin Graham, president and chief executive officer of the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association and Samaritan’s Purse, spoke with On Faith foudner Sally Quinn on Nov. 13, 2012 at The Washington Post.

The national collection week for Samaritan’s Purse’s worldwide children’s project Operation Christmas Child is underway.

Each gift-filled shoeboxes containing school supplies, toys, necessity items and notes of encouragement is hand delivered to children in more than 100 countries.

Franklin Graham, president and chief executive officer of Samaritan’s Purse and the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association, said the annual holiday project serves as a reminder of God’s gift to humanity, a reminder that hurting children throughout the world are not forgotten.

In an interview with On Faith founder Sally Quinn, Graham discussed the annual holiday outreach program that reaches children around the world. Graham said the first deliveries took place in Bosnia during the war 20 years ago; this year Operation Christmas Child expects to collect and deliver its 100 millionth shoebox gift. The program expects to collect 9 million shoeboxes this year, he said.

“I want children around the world to know that God loves them and this is Christmas. God gave his son. He came to this earth to take our sins. So God gave his sin and I want the world to know that Christmas it’s about God loving us and giving to us.”

How to help:

National Collection Week started Monday and ends Monday, Nov. 19. Shoeboxes may be dropped off at more than 3,200 sites throughout the country and in Puerto Rico. To find the nearest drop-off location, call 1-800-353-5949 or visit the Operation Christmas Child Web site. After Nov. 19, shoeboxes may be packed through “Build a Box,” an online tool. Gifts are also received throughout the year at Samaritan’s Purse headquarters in Boone, N.C.

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    Christmas gifts are pagan in origin – mainly based on the Roman tradition of Saturnalia, but also Norse.

  • Secular1

    i implore everyone on this forum not to donate anything to this scoundrel’s charity. Believe it or not the scoundrel get a bite at every dollar you funnel through him. We don’t need this bigot to get unbelievable rich any more than he already is. Just remember every cent u send this creeps way is a cent spent promoting his brand of bigotry, superstition, and ignorance.

  • Sunny2468

    I read this on a break from packing my shoeboxes for this year. For years I have become more and more jaded and disgruntled with the crass commercialization of Christmas in the USA, where the Savior’s birth has been removed from the celebration. Black Friday is an abomination which is creeping back into Thanksgiving Day, which will soon be renamed Black Thanksgiving.

    Operation Christmas Child has become the only joyful celebration of Christmas for me outside of actual celebrating Jesus’ birth at my church.

    Christians could bring corporate America to their knees if we stopped celebrating anything but the birth of our Savior during December. So much of the world hates Christians, but they would not survive without our monetary support.

  • quiensabe

    Just a few days ago, Sally, you slammed Franklin telling him he should stop this exploitation (of his dad Billy) now.

    Then today, you plug him: “Graham: Operation Christmas Child represents God’s gift to humanity”

    You’ve added another dimension to “I just want to thank you girl for showing me brand new ways to be cruel.”

    I think you’ve captured what Dwight Yokum had in mind.

  • Jimboseekus

    Franklin Graham is one of the finest gentlemen I have ever met. When I was coordinating a major relief effort for Project Hope in Sri Lanka following the 2004 tsunami, we found he and his team extremely helpful. I can not say enough good things about the Samaritan Purse and Franklin Graham. I appreciate his outspokenness also.

  • Jimboseekus

    Oh, my, such highbrow intellect. I am so unimpressed. Incidentally, there are a few other earned Ph.D.’s around that may differ with you slightly. (tongue-in-cheek)

  • Secular1

    That bigot was trolling for converts for his jesus, so he can then fleece the poor folks for their tithes. Don’t be so generous in his praise. The scoundrel always has an angle when he does anything that seems like a noble deed, just like his pappy.

  • Sunny2468

    @ccnl123–I certainly hope that you didn’t waste a lot of time and bandwidth to try to convince me that some “contemporary scholars” are the last word on the birth, life, death and resurrection of Jesus the Christ, because I didn’t read but a few words.

  • Secular1

    quiensabe you are an idiot. This article is written by Jeanine Hunter and not by Sally Quinn.

  • aby2

    No matter what his “angle” is at least he is helping some child somewhere. This is in contrast to those who do not help and yet criticize those who do help.

  • Who Is Jesus?

    “So God gave his sin…”

    Im sure thats a typo.

    God has no sin, and is only holy and righteous.

    Christ has no sin. Not even original sin, as he was born of the Holy Spirit.

  • Who Is Jesus?

    You’re a big fan of theory. Even blasphemous ones.

    We Christians are faithful, even if no proof is given. (but proof IS given to those who have accepted Jesus! Ask us who are born again!)

    We are faithful the Creator of the universe loves us,will not forsake us upon our death, and sacrificed Himself on the cross to cleanse our sin, to prepare us, His creation “man” to enter into the kingdom of heaven. As it is written. Hallelujah!

  • Who Is Jesus?

    Says the bigot who hates Christians.


  • Chaehun Cho

    What does it mean to become a true Christian? I’d like to confess I’m a weak (in my will to love God in all strength) and selfish being, shallow in depth of my faith, stubborn to accept truth revealed in itself into words..Yes I try to believe God’s words are truth, the way, and the life blood for my salvation. But I always end up being a’Protocol Son’ who goes the other way ..the opposite way God wants from me..

  • Chaehun Cho

    Though my belief in shatter and my commitment to God in disarray, I know this truth: God wants us to love each other, to forgive one another, and live by example for others to see God through (window of) US! And God’s wisdom in the holy bible tells us not to judge others, otherwise we shall be judged upon by others.. Some people might ask otherwise then: How come many teachers, apostles tried to teach people upon the name of Jesus? Wasn’t they also judging those by their very act of teaching?

  • Chaehun Cho

    Firstly, it can be said that they were given the right and wisdom that was endowed to them from God, and they showed the right passage, way of life to people..
    Secondly, I presume they simply delivered God’s words, and acts on God’s words to the people, and they didn’t in any means put their own personal judgement on others they tried to teach.. They never intended to rein on the behalf of self conscious but merely as a channel to deliver God’s words to people.. The basic criteria to judge upon was from God’s words. Upon teaching people and guiding people to the path of salvation, disciples were led by Spirit of God, which is the LIGHT OF TRUTH

  • Chaehun Cho

    Are the same descendants of Christians, re born in the name of Jesus Christ are in their all strength and heart following the lead by example that disciples left us in their footsteps through the presence of holy spirit? Aren’t today’s Christians and Catholics forgotten the God’s words and try to play God’s role by way of imposing on people?
    Aren’t they in the state of self appraise and in a sense of false belief they were given the power and status to compel their own congregates to live the way of being Christian? What does it really mean to become a true Christian?

  • Chaehun Cho

    It’s the value of self conscience, responsibility, diligence, belief in individual freedom and right to live American dream in free market system democracy that make republican value so great, but not any single republican leader’s self dictation to lead the country..the example to follow for people must not be ‘personal’ standard but invisible values agreed upon unanimously from both sides. In the similar respect, if a father be felled into his self conscience to teach his sons and daughters by playing God’s role himself, by mistakenly thinking that he was endowed from God that kinds of role and responsibility, (without due communication or guiding light from God’s spirit) there always will arise problems (human induced problems) even though the father never intended to impose his own value and belief system on them.

  • Chaehun Cho

    The Priests and church ministers will have to keep in mind to become a constant channel through which the presence of God’s holy spirit will dwell on their congregates to lead them to true belief and love in God, love one another, trust and reconciliation.
    There is not a magic key one wants to fulfill in one’s own self interest that is intentionally or in voluntarily disguised in the name of God.. God’s name is not a warranty to exercise one’s faith on others. It has to born alive into one’s own act of love to others they want to deliver good message of God to.

  • DickE1

    Don’t forget to include $7.50 to Samaritan Purse for “shipping and handling” for each box.

  • quiensabe

    Yea, but she approved it. She’s editor, ain’t she?

  • Watcher1

    No he wasn’t, come into the 21st century already.

  • Watcher1

    No it doesn’t, it brings indoctrination into a religious cult.

  • Watcher1

    You’re an idiot arent’ you?

  • Watcher1

    Sunny, that’s because you’re wilfully stupid, like most Christians. Do you believe the Earth is only 6,000 years old? Do you believe man and Dinosaures roamed the Earth together? How about “God forgave his only son” Oh wait god and his son are the same, so god forgave himself? Are you kidding me? You took high school biology and you still believe in the invisible man in the sky? No wonder the republican party want’s the evangelicals as their base, they’ll believe anything.

  • quiensabe

    1 Corinthians 4:10