ADL provides guidelines for holiday displays to educators, other officials

The Anti-Defamation league makes its voice heard for the upcoming winter holiday season.

To help government institutions and public schools manage issues raised during the winter holiday season, the Anti-Defamation League provides counsel surrounding December celebrations.

Founded in 1913, the ADL is the world’s leading organization fighting anti-Semitism. The organization sent letters to public school superintendents and governmental officials about how to manage the “December Dilemma.”

“The letters forwarded to school districts throughout the state explain how they can adhere to the U.S. Constitution while ‘creating a school environment that celebrates diversity by respecting differing points of view concerning religion,’” according to a statement from the organization.

Issues highlighted and explained include:

*The difference between practicing religion and teaching about religion

* Guidelines for holiday assemblies, concerts and other public school activities where religious themes or music may be performed

*Choosing appropriate holiday activities and symbols to decorate school grounds


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  • xexon

    I find it rather odd that a Jewish organization would attempt to modify how people see a Christian holiday.


  • Catken1

    Nonsense. They are trying to modify how public schools and government agencies deal with MULTIPLE holidays (and yes, there are holidays in December that aren’t Christian!) without privileging one religion’s holidays over another.

    Individual people, acting as individuals, may celebrate their holiday/s of choice as they see fit, without needing any help from the ADL at all. Indeed, they are not talking to you as an individual, nor, I think, do they give one rat’s patootie how you celebrate on your own time with your own money.