Redesigning the Rosary

Artists and designers put their heads and hearts together to re-imagine the ages-old Catholic devotional.

Designers and artists participated in an exhibition in Venice recently to re-imagine the Catholic holy symbol.

“Aveamen: Design per lo Spirito invited young artists, architects, and product designers to create a rosary designed for the 21st century,” according to a Fast Company’s Design blog post.

Entries ranged from a prayer breadstick to a neon bracelet.

According to Labit Architects, the curators behind the exhibition, “It’s not easy to enclose so many symbols, sensations and incorporeal elements in an object. They belong to an experience linked both to the sacred and to the tradition.”

The rosary is a Catholic devotion in honor of the Virgin Mary; the rose is one of the flowers that symbolize her. And artists and designers were asked to “interpret one of the holy symbols par excellence: the Rosary like a holy icon, the ritual tool, the item that expresses people’s culture and tradition, it is a way to look at the world around us and, at the same time, to look into ourselves.”




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  • joecct77

    I would be very careful as to ensure that the designs do not profane the rosary or descend into sacrilege.

    Beads work 99.99999% of the time. It is what The Virgin at Lourdes is portrayed as holding. Why muck with perfection?

  • MattBlanc

    It was trendy a while back to wear rosaries as necklaces (was that Madonna’s doing?) While I’m not religious, I didn’t like to see a religious article being used merely for decorative purposes. It seems that so few items are still respected for they symbolic value. If the designs are going to actually try to address the religious use of the rosary, that’s interesting. If it becomes a way to sell junk jewelry, it’s a mistake.