Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting shocks a nation

REUTERS A young boy is comforted outside Sandy Hook Elementary School after a shooting in Newtown, Conn. on Dec. 14, … Continued


A young boy is comforted outside Sandy Hook Elementary School after a shooting in Newtown, Conn. on Dec. 14, 2012.

Since before 10 a.m. Friday, the Web has been abuzz as people learned about a shooting at a Connecticut elementary school.

On Twitter, people shared, retweeted harrowing details as the events unfolded; sentences such as “an entire classroom is dead” and “one entire classroom is unaccounted for” drew widespread attention as the death toll climbed.

Early afternoon, the Associated Press was reporting that 27 people died including 18 children, making it one “largest and deadliest in recent U.S. history.”

Hashtags such as #PrayforNewton and #PrayforSandyHook trended rapidly as people called on President Obama to start a national discussion on gun control. Others railed against reporters interviewing children. And many mused that as we approach close out Hanukkah and approach Christmas, parents should tell their children NOW that they love them and that the children of Sandy Hook will need more than presents, but the presence of caring people who can counsel them after this tragedy.

But more said that the shooting made them want to drop what they were doing to pick up the kids from school. And others asserted that not the time for politics, but for prayer.

Updated: 3:43 p.m.:


U.S. President Barack Obama speaks about the shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut, during a press briefing at the White House.

With red eyes, he paused and wiped away tears as President Obama spoke at the White House briefing room Friday afternoon.

“Our hearts are broken today,” he said.

“I know there’s not a parent in America who doesn’t feel the same overwhelming grief that I do. The majority of those who died today were children, beautiful little kids between five and 10 years old.”

President Obama, after listing shooting in 2012, said, “These neighborhoods are our neighborhoods, and these children are our children.”

He closed by saying, “May God bless the memory of the victims.” He didn’t take any questions.

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* Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting shocks a nation

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  • Msevilla

    What makes you want to kill some incocent children

  • teri9

    My heart breaks for the families of the dead in this shooting. I cannot comprehend such evil. And my heart rages with fierce anger and the fire of ire as I ponder the probability that this is a set-up, following other shootings the past 12 months, in an effort to shock citizens’ hearts into agreeint to stripping us of the 2nd amendment. Do not allow that to happen. We must look beyond the grief, while still grieving, and yet protect the liberties of those who remain alive. Please do not fall for the trap. And please pray for the families of those who lost loved ones. What a terrible, terrible, tragedy!!! :'(

  • cfrost1

    A setup. Really? Honest to Christ, what rock do you live under?

  • teri9

    That’s what people said when I said the Cinemark movie shooting in CO was set up. Do the reserach. Now the truth is out. It was a complete (and failed in that they got found-out) set up. Time will prove me right. You need to get out from the under the illusion that our government is actually honest and doing their best to “help” us. They are the very definition of corruption and “suicide bombers” have nothing on the hypocracy of our “U.S. government”. Yes, it’s planned, and carried out. They give a rat’s behind whether innocent children pay the price, so long as they get to strip the 2nd amendment away from we the people. And once stripped, the rest of their infrastructure, which is already in place, can be turned “on” and at that day and time, you will think back on this warning I have offered. Beware, you liberties and those of your children are at stake, all while innocent little kids are being murdered in cold blood. God bless their families and those of the teachers/leaders who no doubt tried to protect them.

  • cfrost1

    Oh great. We’ll wring our hands, pray, lower flags, light candles, make pretty speeches, send the press out to cover the burials, place flowers and teddy bears at the school, beat our chests, etc., etc., etc. In short we will never, ever do a single thing to get guns out of the hands of disgruntled fruitcakes. Not a single politician or even newspaper editor will go out on a limb and say that the NRA is full of c**P. And so we wait for the next massacre which will surely come, and soon. Merry Christmas.

  • teri9

    Also, remember I said “probability” where the set-up is concerend. But I do not extend that word to the fact that our Govt *will* attempt to use this to strip us of our 2nd Amendment. That is where you can mark my word and watch it come to pass.

    This is a terrible, horrific, sad, evil thing that has happened. And right now only God can help comfort and sustain the families left behind. I pray for that to happen.

  • cfrost1

    teri9, get some help.

  • mrk37

    When I saw news about shooting at an elemetry school, I thought here we go again, but when it was reported that gunman killed his mother, who was teaching the elementary class and all the childern in her class, it became clear that is a monumental crime. Nation should die of shame and humiliation for not controling use of guns in USA, and let NRA and their friends destroy whatever is left of this country America.

  • Atheismo

    Teri I hope you get cancer.

  • ewplastering

    All I hear is blah blah blah….Gun control! SHUT UP already! dozens or little children (out future) are dead today cuz of a pissed off mammas boy.Not gun control! Show some respect to the dead and mourning! Talk politics on Monday you savages!

  • crosson777

    Are you for real? If the teachers were armed (like in Sweden)..this would not happen…ggrrr..We are left defenseless as a people, thats why people know they can do these things..Criminals WILL have weapons whether or not the general public could or not..Lets just unarm us all you moron!!..This way we are ALL sitting ducks to these cowards!!

  • crosson777

    Your a fruit just like mrk37…Are you unarmed? I hope you never need to defend yourself or family from a “fruitcake”. They will get guns no matter what!!.Its NOT the general public whom are loonies!.(Except for comments like yours)

  • crosson777

    First of all its not a, its a reason why we ourselves are armed. I pitty the fool that tries to mess with this multiple generational military family!!..Guns DON’T kill without a trigger puller. Seriously people, get a grip!!..babies are dead due to a boy who is not used to not having his way…sound familier?..Its OUR responsibility to raise citizens who are responsible self controlled adults. Our spoiled whinie kids are growing up and getting dangerous. Who runs your household, you or the kids?..hhmmm

  • think18279

    for all the people who are saying gun control laws need to be made. how many criminals follow laws? are they not criminals for breaking laws? if someone was willing to kill a person do you think they wouldn’t be willing to break a gun control law?. if gun control laws are made a lot more strict then all that will accomplish will be making us and our family more open to get shot and killed by a criminal that has a gun. the good people in America would have no guns while the criminals would have all the guns. how would we protect our families and ourselves if people don’t have a gun to protect ourselves from criminals? we couldn’t. criminals would be free to do whatever they would want as long as they have a gun because people wouldn’t be able to protect themselves from the criminals trying to (kill, rob, rape, etc) them and their families. to use this instance as an example do you think there would be as many dead if the principal or another staff member would have been aloud to carry a gun to defend all those children that the criminal (who was killing people so therefor he didn’t follow the laws that say he cant kill people) killed? no, they could have been protected. say a criminal has a gun and is going to kill you and your family and you don’t have a gun then there is nothing you can do to stop them but if you had a gun then you have a chance to protect yourself and your family from being killed by that person. the constitution gives Americans the “right to bear arms” so we can protect ourselves and our families from people that mean to do them harm not so people can have guns to use them the wrong way. our forefathers saw that there was no way to stop criminals from committing crimes and having guns so thats why they gave us the right to protect ourselves from them.

  • luvsbeingme

    Very well said, and I couldn’t agree more!

  • Coop68

    The guns belonged to his mother who was NOT a disgruntled fruitcake. Criminals and psychos will always find a way to get their hands on guns if they want them. Stricter gun laws will only prevent law abiding citizens from having them. Drugs are illegal and look where that’s gotten us.

  • cs9243

    According to sources Connecticut has toughest anti-gun laws. If this is true how do you explain this lady who once worked as a volunteer at this school was able to obtain legally, aleast two semi-automatic handguns and a semi-automatic rifle?. Why does she need those guns, for self defense? Her son the killer is just 20 years old,looks like a school boy and he was able to get hold of thse guns. I do not feel safe about the “strict” anti gun laws of Connecticut. Presumably other US.States are even worse. If this is the case every school in this country, including kindergartens should have an armed security man guarding the school. It will look like Afghanistan. The correct solution is to amend the Second Amendment and make gun possession illegal for average citizens.

  • OttoDog

    Does the term, “knee-jerk reaction” mean anything to you?

  • OttoDog

    ..and, as the previous poster noted, this guy stole the weapons from his mother. He wasn’t the “legal” owner of these weapons, so a ban such as yours would’ve had zero effect.

  • cs9243

    Why does this mother need all those guns for self defense?
    The boy stealing the weapons is besides the point. The guns should not haveen easily available to this boy.

  • BSEE-

    Well did Sandy Hook get you up on step, if not why not? What do we need another 20, maybe 40 or even 60 more innocent lives, or should it be at your place of worship, your local grade school, shopping mall or at Micky D’s – in other words you might understand what will it take to make you understand that owning a multi-round semi-automatic weapon, with 25 or 30 round clips walking about the highways, byways or hallways of America has nothing to do with the 2nd Amendment, but just an ego-inflated concept that you and you alone will stand in your front yard or the game room in your house defending the borders of this land against any and all invaders including your local, state or federal government – isn’t that it? From what I read here and there that is what it boils down too, if not what is it? Oh I get it that part in the Bill of Rights that lays that right squarely on your shoulders, is it you hang-your-hat on that right, what do you say to that youngster or oldster that lost their life because your personal belief is that just around the corner from you abode is a gunman out to blow you away, or a federal agent who is going to march into your home a rip your favorite hunting rifle from your gun rack and stroll out of your home plastering your hunting dog – is that your paranoia? Gee I’m sorry you feel that way, might be you’d better install a steel front door and two or three more deadbolts before they become against the law – just a suggestion.

  • arm320

    Christians love their guns. Sick people

  • Secular1

    ottodog, have u ever consider the possibility that this guy would not have a chance to steal them mass killinh weapons if his mother never had them? Just asking.

  • TonyTeso

    Where was God in Newtown on Friday? If not absent, what part of the Devine plan did this fulfill? If present, why didn’t he/she/it act?