Dec. 21, 2012 marks the shifting of eras, says Mayan spiritual leader

AFP AFP/GETTY IMAGES This picture shows the sunset from Cisternino, in the southern Italian region of Puglia on Dec. 11, … Continued



This picture shows the sunset from Cisternino, in the southern Italian region of Puglia on Dec. 11, 2012. Cisternino is one of the few places on earth believed to be spared when the world ends, which according to the ancient Mayan calendar should take place on Dec. 21, 2012.

I started hearing of this solstice time of 2012 in 1977. I was a young man, traveling with elders. Now, we’re at the doors to the star gates of a galactic planetary alignment. In that time, I have witnessed what was shared by the ancestors, spirits, natural world and the cosmic world as a reality.

We’ve been preparing the ceremonies, the vibrations, the prayers so we can gather people from the world and accomplish two things. The first, is to send out a frequency of intention to the collective consciousness of the natural world, our holy mother, the earth. The second is to connect with the supernatural beings that hold the code to the universe and harness the incredible energy that we have the opportunity to experience.

This is the shifting of eras. An era is ending. We’ve seen where we’ve been. We’ve seen what we’ve done. Do we want to continue with that? I answer to myself, “No, I want to change.” I want to do my best at this moment to send out what I’ve been trained all of my life to do. I have deep experiences with medicine teachers, fire places, ceremonial peoples, elders and communities all around the earth. We’ve been listening, hearing and feeling the changes; hearing the stories and, now, seeing its truth.

View Photo Gallery: As the Mayan “long count” calendar moves toward the end of a 5,125-year cycle, some people believe that the Dec. 21 event will coincide with a global catastrophe.

We prepare to embrace a new dawn and send out this prayer with more than a dozen faith-keepers, at Lake Atitlan. We want to prepare for humanities’ longest hour. It is coming. It is time to strengthen our relationship to the natural and spiritual worlds, the super-natural beings and send out our intention, as humans, to again find harmony, balance and our connection to the source of life again. We want to purify ourselves, cleanse ourselves. We gather to share wisdom, prophesies from our peoples, for all to hear the words that have been echoing through time, through our nations of people on the earth.

We prepare to light the fires of a new era. We let go of the old. We’re moving on now. We’re not letting go anymore, it’s done, it’s over. We’re moving on to the celebration of a new beginning. With that brings responsibility, courage, strength, dedication, and commitment, to ourselves, our family, the seven generations that follow and especially to our mother earth that we have damaged so much.

We’re gathering the faith-keepers and wisdom-keepers with all the people that want to hear them, and aligning ourselves. Like you, every single one of you, inviting you to share with your relatives.

It’s time to make the greatest effort that we’ve done in all of our history. It’s time to purify and change the way we’ve been, to become the people made out of honey; golden beings who are in harmony and balance with life once again. It’s time to receive the joy of universal wisdom, the universal energies that are now here for us once again.

“The alignment is coming.” This has been said for many years. It has been written in stone, written in long-parchments, our sacred books, and kept in the oral tradition. Now, we witness it all around.

The elements are telling us. The earth is telling us. The sky is talking. Let us celebrate this renewal! Let us feel again the power of the universal love, the spiritual love that we need to rekindle within ourselves. Let’s share the fire with each other– we call that love. To love our mother earth, to love all life that we witness, for each moment to be a love affair, a love exchange of breath in and breath out.

We prepare to light the ceremonial fires at Lake Atitlan.

We are gathering because it is time to reclaim what is ours as earth peoples: the right to breathe the air; the right to drink the water; the right to travel across the earth; the right to raise our children as we choose, without hurting any other species.

It is time to pick up the staffs and start the pilgrimages. Let’s go see the mountains! Let’s go see the caves! Let’s go see the stars and what’s happening in our mother earth. Let’s visit our relatives, all our relations, our different clans: the deer people, the turtle people, the dolphin people, the whale people, the redwood people, the obsidian people, the great-plains people. Let us become relatives again. This is the opportunity, the echo that has come through many thousands of years and now we’re going to experience it.

My relatives, let’s search deep in our hearts. Let’s search our soul, the deepest feeling within us and claim what is ours again– the right to be in harmony and respect of our mother earth. To again, have celebrations of good relationship with all of life as we come into this winter solstice. The years have gone by and it’s over, it’s done. The era is finishing, a new galactic season is beginning.

Let us celebrate like our lives and the lives of our children depend upon it. Our world depends upon what we do today, and what we do tomorrow. It is time. The mother earth says ‘look at yourself’. We have to come and heal the sacred hoop of our families. We must ask for help from the spirit. We must bring offerings to the natural world and ask for forgiveness, make new covenants, new agreements to our mother earth, father sky, and to each other. We must pray and that’s why we call upon all the faith-keepers that can work together, vision together, pray together and have those visions come through with clarity of light so that we can send out a message of inspiration to the world fueled by new agreements.

For the children yet to be born, we can say, “look how healthy the forest is, look how clean the water is, look how peaceful the land is, look how lucky we are to live here, look how we share, how we are co-creating the era of golden light, the people made out of honey.” We are the ones that will carry the pollen of medicine. We are the ones that will be reconnecting the earth peoples back to the source. We are the ones—they say– that we’ve been waiting for. So, my relatives welcome home. Aho.

Tata OmeAkaEhekatl Erick Gonzalez is spiritual leader of Earth Peoples United and a member of the Great Confederation of the Councils of the Principal Mayan Ajq´ijab’ of Guatemala.

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    ‘We prepare to light the fires of a new era. We let go of the old. We’re moving on now.’

    Thank the Great Mother – does this mean that the republican party will disappear over the horizon? That would be a great place to start.


    This guy is a phony.

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    What is this nonsense? WAPO should have enough sense not to allow every idiot with 2 drops of precoulmbian blood in their veins to opine such nonsense. Any arbitrary date cn be the end of a previous era and the beginning of a new era. Are the WAPO editors that stupid not to see this crap. The G0%^&$ nature does not give a crap about us or any other creature on teh planet. Eart isn’t breaking out in a song nor the sky is thundering warnings to us. This is pathetic.

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