New Vatican sex abuse prosecutor praises media

VATICAN CITY — In his first public appearance since arriving in Rome, the new Vatican prosecutor for sexual abuse cases … Continued

VATICAN CITY — In his first public appearance since arriving in Rome, the new Vatican prosecutor for sexual abuse cases in the Catholic Church praised the media’s role in uncovering the scandal.

American priest Robert W. Oliver was chosen in December by Pope Benedict XVI to replace the Rev. Charles J. Scicluna as “promoter of justice” at the Vatican’s Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith after Scicluna was appointed a bishop in Malta.

At a press conference on Tuesday (Feb. 5) at the Gregorian University in Rome, Oliver — who took up his post on Feb. 1 — acknowledged the “service” of those who “continue to put before us that we need to confront this problem.”

“They helped to keep the energy … the movement going so that we would honestly and with transparency and with our strength confront what is true,” he said.

Oliver handled abuse cases as the top canon lawyer of the Boston archdiocese after The Boston Globe unearthed the abuse scandal that eventually led to the resignation of Boston Cardinal Bernard Law in 2002.

Church law requires Catholic bishops to refer credible accusations of abuse by priests to the Vatican doctrinal office.

At the Vatican, Oliver will also be in charge of reviewing the rules for handling and preventing abuse drawn up by bishops’ conferences around the world.

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  • poperape

    I will see this as the truth when it happens .. Until than I do think this is another Damage Control Ploy. After Years of Denial.. Millions spent on keeping the Victims from Justice, Intimidating those innocent, and Hiding the truth for decades there is No Retrun for the Catholic Corporation to be respected as it once was . Not until they do the right thing anyway .. The Catholic Corporation MUST 1.) Release all the files of all the Catholic Preist’s and Lay people in thier employment that Molested and raped children

    2.) do everything in its power to SUPPORT changing the statue of limitations for child sex abuse and torture!

    3.) Support and assist any and all vicitms and survivors of Catholic Priest Sex abuse and Torture until the day they die just like they are the Pedophile Priests they have promoted and continue to support . Than and only than will the Catholic Corporation have any Validation as Respectable insititution .. World wide!


    The silence of the truth to protect the image was wrong from day one. The RCC should practice what it has preached. All nations must fully protect their children by law of a crime or the cover up of a crime without any time limits no matter who.