Pew study: 99 percent of Afghans want sharia to be ‘law of the land’

In this Friday, Oct. 26, 2012 file photo, Afghans listen to preacher while offering the Eid al Adha’s prayers outside … Continued

In this Friday, Oct. 26, 2012 file photo, Afghans listen to preacher while offering the Eid al Adha’s prayers outside of Shah-e-Dushamshera mosque in Kabul, Afghanistan. As the country braces for next year’s presidential election and the planned withdrawal of most foreign combat troops by the end of 2014, the panel urges the U.S. government and its allies to work harder to promote religious rights in the war-torn nation. (AP Photo/Musadeq Sadeq, File)


-A new Pew Research Center survey of Muslims around the globe.

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  • brianmark

    Meh. The same survey done here would probably show that a majority of Americans want our laws replaced by the Bible. (Even many of our elected legislators would say so.) This survey doesn’t say much about Muslims. Ask closed-minded people anywhere if their ideas are best, and of course they’ll blindly say yes.

  • 3vandrum

    let them have sharia in afghanistan or timbuktu but not in america

  • Crickey7

    I think this represents areas where there has never been such a thing as stable national government, ergo no rule of law. When you have tribalism, any constistent, understandable and unbiased set of legal rules is an improvement.

  • divine0001

    Remember you cannot have Sharia and democracy going hand in hand. It will produce freedom to defy the world in the name of Islam, and they will again be back to violating the human rights, individual freedom, demean women, and lead to mayhem again. Reinstae a puppet king.

  • divine0001

    Poison in one place has potential to spill over in the other. Sharia is the poison that suppresses human values. Women will be reduced to baby machines, with no respect.

  • NewYorker2

    What percentage of Christians in America want Christianity to be the law of the land?

  • NewYorker2

    Balderdash, you do know that Protestants aren’t the only Christians, right?

  • luxloo

    It’s higher than one would think! Much higher

  • smithgp2u

    Good question, NewYorker2. To me, it looks like much the same thing. Wherever you stand, there is a temptation to assume that God (or Allah or whomever) is on your side. I will go down to my church (Saint Agnostica, Mother of Doubt) to pray on the matter. I just wish that more of my neighbors were aware of the numerous wars of religion over the centuries, including this one. They might begin to view the civic virtues of a tolerant secularism as perhaps not such a bad thing.

  • YouSee09

    I am not a Muslim, but I don’t understand why people would be surprised that Muslims want Islamic law to be the law of their land?

  • dfoster2

    Huda Hafiz, baby!

  • dfoster2

    Since supporters of the name Washington “Redskins” are troglodytes, does this article bear out the common wisdom that 99 percent of Afghans demand the name be changed? To “Moosh?”

  • jkw

    What happens if they don’t want Sharia to be the law of the land? I’m surprised that it wasn’t 100%

  • jkw

    “….but I don’t understand….” Yep

  • jkw

    luxloo says ” it’s higher than one would think! Much higher.”

    luxloo is right…..there are others, however, who want unicorns and fairy dust

  • Athelread

    Because it is agressive ,oppressive and grossly unfair to women and anyone who is not a muslim,namely the rest of the world. Christians and Jews have a hard time in many Muslim lands under sharia.

  • Athelread

    You make a huge mistake when you compare Christianity to Islam.Sharia controls every aspect of life,every detail. It is very generous to men,but oppressive to women. Sharia maintains that christians ,Jews and others are virtually non-citizens,with restricted rights .

  • walter-in-fallschurch

    there’s that 1% they haven’t killed yet. then it will be unanimous.

  • Hooville1

    Hopefully, the same percentage. That’s why we should deport all Muslims.

  • Don_in_Odessa

    There is no law that is good, save that one law that allows total freedom to the individual. Total freedom, that is, that does not impinge on the freedom of another.

  • Catken1

    Christian fundamentalist would control every aspect of other people’s lives if they could, and would be just as oppressive to women (and more oppressive to Jews, Muslims and others – at least Islam acknowledges Jews’ and Christians’ right to exist).
    We can see that from past history (take a look at the writing of Le Menagier de Paris if you want an example of what a medieval husband expected from his wife under Christian rule – namely, total, mindless and absolute obedience, with the role model being a woman who cheerfully and unquestioningly handed over her children to her husband to be killed).

  • Julia Holcomb

    Some Christians think Christianity is the law of the land here already. Regrettably, some of them are in Congress.

  • Secular1

    For all the comments here equating x’tians here to the muslims in general are being delusional. This pew study validates every negative stereotype there is of muslims. To say that 99% of fundamental x’tians hold similar views that general muslims view is I think without merit. I would hazard a guess that less than 50% of fundamental x’tian would hold similar obscurantist views like the muslims do. Please do not bring in how bad the x’tians were in 11th century. We are talking about today, 21st century. Do not offer up lame excuses because islam is a new religion nonsense. Even the bible literalists would not advocate the laws as enunciated in OT, as opposed to muslims gleefully exacting the punishments thought up by the misanthrope Mohammed. Even the muslims in the west only fare only marginally better. Hope this is really a puts to rest the stupid liberal notion that islam is just misunderstood over here

  • Secular1

    Do not kid yourself. This survey includes such giants of moderation as Malaysia, Indonesia, etc, etc. There is indeed such a thing as “not all religions are the same”. A jain could not read Mahavira and the 22 other Thithankaras and go become a suicide bomber. Whereas, if a you are muslim you don’t need to read much out of Koran to strap on bombs and go toe bazar to blow up.

  • 3vandrum

    Sharia cannot be “law of the land” in any western country. If muslims want sharia they have move back to
    muslim countries. Sharia and democracy do not mix