First Resort: Syria, red lines and the drums of war

  • Ilikethenats

    If I were Obama, I would hesitate until I knew with absolute certainty that chemical weapons were being used by one side or the other. For all those who disagree please think back a little over ten years ago to the WMD fiasco with Iraq. I would hazard to say that those advocating for a strong U.S. response flunked History in grade school. Haven’t we put our Military through enough already? What’s wrong with some other country/organization leading the way. It worked (sort of) in Libya. I am perfectly fine with leading form behind. I suspect our Military would too for the next couple of conflicts.

  • Another friend of Bill’s

    “Quit banging the drums of war. It doesn’t help.”

    Beautiful statement. At long last, someone has said it.

    Finally, an article from the WP written by someone who actually has a brain!