Patriots owner: Tebow’s Christian faith makes him ‘appealing to me’

Over the years, NFL quarterback Tim Tebow’s Christian faith has been part of his intrigue to his supporters, and a … Continued

Over the years, NFL quarterback Tim Tebow’s
Christian faith has been part of his intrigue to his supporters, and a turnoff for those who think he is too open about his personal beliefs.

Wednesday the New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft put himself on the side of those who admire Tebow for his faith, telling reporters that the quarterback’s spirituality is part of his appeal.

Here’s what Kraft told reporters, according to ESPN:

Robert Kraft, owner of the New England Patriots.Nam Y. Huh / AP

Kraft, who is Jewish and has reportedly made large philanthropic donations to Israeli sports causes, has spoken positively about Tebow’s faith before. Ahead of a 2011 showdown between the Patriots and the Denver Broncos, where Tebow then played, Kraft said:

The majority of employers are barred from discriminating against a potential employee based on their religion. (The murky middle ground being the ongoing debate over religious groups that take government money for charitable work.) The U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission’s Web notes that: “Religious discrimination involves treating a person (an applicant or employee) unfavorably because of his or her religious beliefs.” But what about favorably?

UPDATE: Charles C. Haynes of the First Amendment Center says that he thinks that Kraft’s comments on the role Tebow’s faith played in his hiring are perfectly legal. Haynes writes:

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  • Crickey7

    G_d apparently lost Tim’s cell number, cuz he isn’t calling anymore.

  • Warwick07

    I hope he hired him because he can win football games. I fear, however, that should Tebow not do well, he will be benched…again.

  • solidny

    When he doesn’t do well, they can genuflect, kneel and pray about it.

  • RetiredOfficer

    The New England Tebow Teapots.

    First Congress, now football. Whats next?

  • Rongoklunk

    Somewhere in the US is the dumbest person in the country. I have no idea who or where that person is. But one thing I’m sure of is that he or she is religious, because any idiot can believe in a skygod. It actually helps to be dumb and gullible if you want to be a believer. If you have a brain, and can avoid the indoctrination, you’ll be curious and questioning, and a fan of knowledge and science, and will value truth. All religions are about lies and fantasy and wishful thinking. It retards the natural development of children to tell them there’s a God who lives in the sky, etc., when we know no such thing.

  • No Guff

    Merely posing the question in relation to Kraft’s comments is absurd. It’s called “freedom.” We need less “Thought Police” in our lives and more freedom, yes?

    Besides, homosexuals do it routinely. Ever wonder why you go into a shop owned or run by a homosexual the staff ends up being mostly homosexuals? Please don’t tell me you never noticed.

  • mipost1

    Want to find the dumbest person in the country? Look in the mirror. With asinine comments like the one you made, it has to be you.

  • nkri401

    Change “Christian” to “Muslim” and see how this article read…

  • preacherskid

    The Patriots are going to get little out of this in terms of the bottom line–football victories. At least there won’t be a question that Tebow might be the better choice–Brady is without peer. I am surprised the Pats let themselves in for such a distraction. Might be another sign that Belichick thinks he can outcoach ’em all.

  • Counterww

    R is a elitist that thinks what HE believes, or does not believe, makes him the knower of all things.

    Another sad atheist that will say “oops” when he passes from this life, sheds his earthly body, and meets God face to face.

  • 1southmt1

    Don’t know about having Christian faith. However, could Tebow be the second coming of Paul Hourning?.

  • leibowde84

    And you just automatically jump to the reasoning behind those hiring policies being homosexual simularities?! Absurd.

    Maybe they do feel more comfortable hiring homosexuals. No problem there, buddy. The problem arises when those stores refuse to hire straight applicants. If you can come up with any evidence (whatsoever) that cooberates any kind of refusal of this nature, then I (and the rest of the gay supporters … not activists) are all ears. Anything short of that is merely speculation about a situation of which you play no part. In other words, no one cares.

  • wt_rd

    I don’t really follow football, but once I saw Tebow kneeling in the end zone after a touchdown and apparently praying, and thought of the verse, “And when you pray, do not be like the hypocrites, for they love to pray standing in the synagogues and on the street corners to be seen by others.” Furthermore, thanking God for something as useless and trivial as a score in a game seems to me to be a complete mockery of religion.

  • Joe Painter

    The attacks on Tim Tebow and his faith have long sense grown old. It has become more of an attack on the Christian faith; however, we were told by Jesus that such would happen.

    The cherry picking quote from Scripture about praying in public, is taken way out of context, gets its usual display.

    I shall refrain from calling most of you bigoted. I do not judge people. God bless Tim Tebow.