George Zimmerman: For Catholics, killing someone is ‘always wrong’

Jacob Langston/ Orlando Sentinel QUOTE OF THE DAY | “GEORGE ZIMMERMAN: In Catholic religion, it’s always wrong to kill someone.” … Continued

Jacob Langston/ Orlando Sentinel


“GEORGE ZIMMERMAN: In Catholic religion, it’s always wrong to kill someone.”

DORIS SINGLETON: “If what you’re telling me is true, I don’t think that what God meant was that you couldn’t save your own life.”

-Police officer Doris Singleton recalling a february 2012 conversation with George Zimmerman during his trial for the murder of Trayvon Martin.

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  • yeahwecool

    And, with that statement of the officer, Travon Martin was probably trying to save his own life…is the way I see it. Zimmerman was a punk, who probably flashed that weapon on the young man. A can of tea vs a gun.

  • WmarkW

    Why not quote the “witness” who couldn’t read her own letter?

  • warking7

    There is the “way you see things’, and then there is the truth.
    You also forgot to mention that Martin was an angel from heaven, not just the greatest young man Florida ever saw.

  • GerriM

    The greatest young man”????

  • GerriM

    This is so irresponsible to mention so few words and we’re supposed to know what this means?/
    How lazy.

  • Indy6

    Okay. Somebody follows you for blocks and blocks. You walk and walk. Then you run around the corner and walk to you Dad’s place. You’re on safe turf. Then, you see the guy … and size him up (looks kinda wimpy) … and say “What’s your F-ing problem.” And he says (TBD) So for (TBD) you punch him out for good reason. In the old days, that’s a fight. But in the “Stand Your Ground” days, people get shot. Moral: Are you a man or are you a concealed weapon?

  • Alesia52

    Historically the RC Church has never been shy about butchery if it seemed to serve their interests.

  • tombukowski

    Zimmerman heads for a safe refuge, religion. Not buying it.

  • tatooyou

    Nine Crusades, two World Wars, the Inquisition, the sanctioning the conquest of most of the world, the Catholic Chaplains in all the armies of the world, the deaths of hundreds of millions during it’s existances, and this idiot says “For Catholics, killing someone is ‘always wrong’”.

    Really ???

  • cricket35

    As a Catholic, Mr. Zimmerman is an embarrassment to fellow Catholics. Each human being makes their own decisions and suffers the consequences of those decisions but wished he hadn’t invoked religion. To shoot and kill anyone, especially an unarmed teenager, is deplorable. Thou shalt not kill is the commandment for anyone, Jew or Christian. To take someone’s life via stand your ground puts one in a strange limbo that’s not justified by anyone of faith.

  • 2mad to sad

    he shot a thug.

  • JupiterIsCool

    Trayvon wasn’t a thug.

  • map529

    Isn’t it funny how people seem to use religion when it’s convenient? Isn’t it nice the Catholic church (and so many other religions) have this nice doctrine against killing, then lace it with exceptions? If killing was so morally reprehensible to all these devout people, then why do we have all the wars? If this country was founded as a Christian nation, why is there still the death penalty? Rick “I can’t remember” Perry who calls himself a true Christian reigned over Texas’ 500th execution with not a doubt in his mind of the rightness of a state-sanctioned killing.

  • Mikado Cat

    Trayvon isn’t dead because he punched someone watching him that he confronted (by Jeantel testimoney), he is dead because after that person was helpless on the ground he continued to beat him and in the process discovered the person was armed and reached for the gun. Trayvon is responsible for his own death.

    This Trial is about the Martins seeking to live off Trayvon’s death for the rest of their lives, both quit their jobs and haven’t worked a day since now living in style and traveling the world. Sybrina kicked Trayvon out of her house to live with his uncle, Tracy left him in 14 year old Chads care and left for the weekend, yet they blame the person Trayvon attacked, and some believe it.

  • Mikado Cat

    If you attend a church for social reasons then Zimmerman’s comment may confuse you, but to any who are devout Muslims or Catholics you must accepts that the events of your life are gods will. Not that you don’t have free choice in your actions, but the reason why something happens to you vs someone else is gods plan.

    I see no difference between the attacks on Zimmerman’s religious beliefs and mean comments made about Jeantel, but speak more about the person making the mean statements.

  • cricket35

    2mad to sad, a thug? Really? What classifies someone as a thug? They’re black? Male? Wearing a hoodie? Wearing a hoodie in the dark, in the rain? Someone wearing a hoodie because they’re cold? Someone you don’t know? Just wondering.

  • JupiterIsCool

    Zimmerman is trying to make himself look like he really cares. See through him.

  • jldlott1

    Zimmerman is misstating what the Catholic faith believes in. Catholics do not believe that killing is “always” wrong. Self defense is a justified reason for killing if it has to go that far.